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Participants in 2014 Ukrainian coup confess

Participants in 2014 Ukrainian coup confess

By Eric Zuesse.

Eric Zuesse

The overthrow of the democratically elected President of Ukraine in February 2014 was one of the most important geostrategic occurrences during the past century, because it led to the breakaway from Ukraine of the two regions Crimea and Donbass that had been the most opposed to the overthrow, and that had voted over 75% for the President who had been overthrown. And those two breakaways from Ukraine were then presented in the U.S.-allied The West as having resulted from Russian aggression, which then became punished, first by economic sanctions against Russia, and then by massive NATO military buildups on Russias borders. But, now, some of the participants in the coup are going public about the matter, because the people who had hired them cheated even them.

The Italian newspaper Il Giornale, and Italian Mediaset Matrix TV, Chanel 5, issued, on November 15th, confessions by a few of the snipers who on 20 February 2014 fired down into the crowd of Maidan demonstrators and police, in order to sow chaos, as they say that they had been instructed to do.

The Georgian mercenary Alexander Revazishvilli said: Everyone started shooting two or three shots at a time. It went on for fifteen, twenty minutes. We had no choice. We were ordered to shoot both on the police and the demonstrators, without any difference. This account is entirely consistent with the leaked phone-conversation on 26 February 2014 in which Urmas Paet, the investigator whom the EU had assigned to determine whom to blame for the snipers and their massive bloodshed during the overthrow, informed the EUs Foreign Affairs chief, Catherine Ashton, that the anti-Yanukovych, pro-U.S. and pro-EU side, were to blame, and that Paet had just been informed of this by Petro Poroshenko (who shortly thereafter became elected as Ukraines figurehead President). Paet said:

what was quite disturbing, the same oligarch [Poroshenko and so when he became President he already knew this] told that well, all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers, from both sides, among policemen and people from the streets, [this will shock Ashton, who had just said that Yanukovych had masterminded the killings] that they were the same snipers, killing people from both sides [so, Poroshenko himself knows that his regime is based on a false-flag U.S.-controlled coup detat against his predecessor]

Revazishvilli, and the others confessing, have never yet received the $5,000 each, that they say theyd been promised, and so they finally are going public against the person whom they say had actually hired them for the coup. They name him as Mamuka Mamulashvili, Saakashvili’s military advisor.

Thats Mikheil Saakashvilli, the U.S.-imposed President of Georgia, during 2008-2013, who, after becoming extremely unpopular in Georgia, and convicted in absentia there for corruption, became subsequently the U.S.-imposed Governor of the Odessa region of Ukraine. He always suppressed speakers of the Russian language (such as Odessans are), in both countries, both of which nations border Russia (which is why the U.S. regime especially wants to place its missiles there). He now has no citizenship of any country, because he is outlawed both in his original country, Georgia, and in his adopted country, Ukraine. As being the 30 May 2014 appointed Governor of Odessa (where on 2 May 2014 had been perpetrated by the U.S-imposed regime a horrific massacre of locals there against the coup), he turned out to be too rabid a hater of Russians to be acceptable even to the U.S. regimes figurehead President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and so was removed and expelled from Ukraine.

The coup itself had been in preparation by the regime of U.S. President Barack Obama ever since 2011. It was a major plan of Obama but kept secret from the public until the coup was sprung in February 2014, such as is shown in this recorded phone-conversation, where Obamas agent on Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, tells Obamas Ukrainian Ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt, whom to place in charge of Ukraine after the coup will be completed, which occurred 22 days later. The coup itself hired far-right mercenaries from not only Georgia and Lithuania (such as are here confessing to these Italian newsmedia), but also from Israel and unnamed other countries, but above all from Ukraine itself members of both of Ukraines two racist-fascist or idelogically nazi Parties, the Right Sector, and the Freedom or Svoboda, Party (which latter had previously been called the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine until the U.S. CIA told them to change their name to Freedom, which sounds much better to Americans).

The two heads of the coup, organizing it on the ground in Ukraine, were the Right Sectors founder Dmitriy Yarosh, and the co-founder of Svoboda, Andriy Parubiy.

Parubiy, who had actually planned and led that violence, had hired Mamulashvili and others like him; Parubiy was referred to, even by wikipedia, in this way: “From December 2013 to February 2014 Parubiy was a commandant of Euromaidan.[16] He was coordinator of the volunteer security corps [i.e.: of the mercenaries] for the mainstream protesters.[17]. In addition, there were paid protesters, to add mere bodies and voices to the crowds. And, Parubiy co-led the Orange Revolution in 2004. That was a straightforward CIA operation. So, Parubiy was an expert at organizing a coup for Washington. But, the people who now are going public about their participations in the coup didnt know anything above the man who had hired them: “Mamuka Mamulashvili, Saakashvili’s military advisor. In March 2016, Parubiy (the man who had actually hired Mamulashvili and a few others like him) was specially honored and received in Washington as a hero of democracy, by NATOs PR agency, the Atlantic Council.

All of this is kept secret, from the American public, by the U.S. regimes newsmedia. This is important for them to do, because when Obama in 2014 imposed economic sanctions against Russia, and when the U.S. regimes NATO military alliance against Russia, began sending missiles, troops, and bombers, to and near Russias borders in order to defend NATO against the Russian threat and Russias aggression against Ukraine’, it was all justified on the basis of that coups having been not a coup at all that the U.S. had perpetrated right on Russias border, but instead a revolution that brought democracy to Ukraine by (unconstitutionally) overthrowing Ukraines democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych.

George Orwells 1984 Big Brother is alive and well in the free world, the democratic West. But apparently, Italy isnt quite as much of a dictatorship as is today’s United States.

This news-report is like all that I do being sent free of charge for publication to all U.S. and many of its vassal-nations newsmedia; and, so, if you dont read about it, or any such news, in the New York Times, or in the New Yorker, or in the Washington Post, or Mother Jones, or National Review, or CNN, or Slate, or the Guardian, or the Independent, or etc., then you know why you dont. Its not because the reporters and the editors and managers who hire and fire them, really believe that the coup in Ukraine wasnt a coup, and that Russia, instead of the U.S., is the worlds ultimate aggressor-nation; its instead because they themselves are part of the aggressor-regime, the national government (both public and private) thats overwhelmingly recognized, by people outside the U.S., to be the biggest threat to peace in the entire world. They know this that theyre propagandists for America’s dictatorship but Americans dont; because the news they receive never reports it (just like they never report that they had covered up George W. Bushs lying about Saddams WMD etc.). The biggest news-stories are therefore the ones that the press wont report, because the press are a crucial part of the perpetrator-regime itself. And this is called democracy. Its democracies such as this that perpetrate such atrocities as Iraq 2003, Libya 2011, Syria since 2012, and Ukraine 2014; and they couldnt do it without the crucial lying. Up next are Iran, Lebanon, and maybe, finally, Russia itself; and the lying against Russia is and has been nonstop, especially after 2011. Russia lies about small matters such as about sports-doping, but America lies about big matters, such as about which of the two nations is the aggressor against the other. Regarding the serious matters, Russias newsmedia are vastly more-honest than are Americas, and should therefore be read in preference to TIME, NYT, WP, CNN, etc. But, of course, none of the U.S. regimes newsmedia will allow this fact to be published. And a world-ending nuclear war could result from that.

Ukraine was seized by the U.S. regime as part of the plan to conquer ultimately Russia. This plan crucially includes adding, to NATO, Ukraine which has Europes longest border with Russia. The only way to end that neo-Hitlerite plan is to end NATO now. In the U.S. regimes newsmedia, any such proposal cannot be debated, much less advocated. So, wherever you are reading this, is definitely not a part of the regime. It is an authentically free and independent newsmedium, a reliable news-source regarding serious international matters. All the rest theyre liars; thats their job.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of Theyre Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRISTS VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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