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Happy Birthday Frederick Douglas

Happy Birthday Frederick Douglas

By ns_admin

February 14 marks the 200th birthday of Frederick Douglas. Douglas was born a slave and went on to become one of the most eloquent opponents of slavery and champions of human liberty in American history.

Last year, I wrote about why Douglas is a role model for Libertarians in a post:

Black History Month is an excellent time to revisit Damon Root’s 2012 Reason Magazine essay Fredrick Douglas: Classical Liberal

In April 1865, as the Civil War was reaching its bloody climax, the abolitionist leader and escaped former slave Frederick Douglass stood before the Massachusetts Antislavery Society and delivered a rousing speech entitled What the Black Man Wants. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us, Douglass told the crowd. I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief. In fact, he continued, if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!

To modern ears, statements like let him alone and do nothing may sound suspiciously libertarian. Frederick Douglass has long been accused of harboring certain libertarian tendencies. University of Virginia historian Waldo Martin, for example, charged that Douglass do nothing rhetoric revealed an unfortunate procapitalist bias in his otherwise commendable thinking. Yale University historian David Blight, meanwhile, has criticized Douglass for preaching a laissez-faire individualism that echoed the reigning Social Darwinism of the day.

Its true that Frederick Douglass simultaneously championed both civil rights and economic liberty. But the proper term for that combination isnt Social Darwinism; its classical liberalism. The central component of Douglass worldview was the principle of self-ownership, which he understood to include both racial equality and the right to enjoy the fruits of ones labor.

Douglasss arguments against slavery are, in a very important sense, arguments for liberalism, writes Linfield College political scientist Nicholas Buccola in The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass, his engaging new study of the great abolitionist. Taking seriously Douglass dual commitment to both a robust conception of mutual responsibility and the ideas of universal self-ownership, natural rights, limited government, and an ethos of self-reliance, Buccola offers a nuanced portrait that illuminates both Douglass and his place in American intellectual history.

Born in February 1818 in Tuckahoe, Maryland, to a slave mother and a white, likely slaveholding father, Frederick Douglass escaped from bondage at the age of 20, making his way first to New York City, where he got married, and then to the whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he changed his last name (he had been known as Frederick Bailey until then) and found a job loading ships. I was now my own master a tremendous fact, he later wrote. The thoughts I can work! I have no Master Hugh to rob me of my earnings placed me in a state of independence.

Within a year he was attending abolitionist lectures and subscribing to The Liberator, the abolitionist weekly edited by William Lloyd Garrison, the countrys most famous antislavery leader, who became a friend and early mentor. Encouraged to share his own remarkable story, Douglass soon became a fixture on the abolitionist lecture circuit, captivating audiences with his gripping account of the outrages he suffered and witnessed under the peculiar institution.

Socialism was then becoming particularly attractive to many New England reformers. Yet Douglass rejected the socialist case against private land ownership, saying it is duty to possess it and to possess it in that way in which its energies and properties can be made most useful to the human family. He routinely preached the virtues of property rights. So far from being a sin to accumulate property, it is the plain duty of every man to lay up something for the future, he told a black crowd in Rochester, New York in 1885. I am for making the best of both worlds and making the best of this world first, because it comes first. As Douglass glowing description of his first paying job indicated, he also considered economic liberty an essential aspect of human freedom.

Nor was Douglass a fan of organized labor. Since most labor unions at the time excluded blacks from their ranks, while lobbying the government for exclusive privileges, Douglass justifiably saw unions as yet another racist obstacle to black economic independence. As he argued in his 1874 essay The Folly, Tyranny, and Wickedness of Labor Unions, there was abundant proof almost every day of their mischievous influence upon every industrial interest in the country.

As for Garrisons pacifism and anarchism, Douglass thought them preposterous in the face of the state-sanctioned outrages perpetrated under the slave system and later under the Souths incipient Jim Crow regime. Yes, let us have peace, but let us have liberty, law, and justice first, he declared on Memorial Day, 1878. Let us have the Constitution, with its thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments, fairly interpreted, faithfully executed, and cheerfully obeyed.

A highlight of The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass is Buccolas sharp analysis of how Douglass belief in social responsibility shaped and informed his political judgments. Douglasss hope, Buccola writes, was that men could be so devoted to freedom the value he identified as the center of the northern social system that they would be moved to action on behalf of their neighbors. Unfortunately for both Douglass and the country, things didnt always work out that way, and his optimism diminished as he aged.


Buccola is slightly less persuasive when it comes to Douglass complicated relationship to government power. Douglass had a reform liberals sensitivity to the ways in which social and economic inequality can undermine the promise of liberty, Buccola argues. As such, he defended an active role for the state to combat inequality and promote fairness.

Douglass did defend an active role for the federal government, including subsidized land grants by the Freedmens Bureau and universal public education for African Americans. But there is an important distinction between his justifications for these programs and the arguments made today by advocates of welfare-state liberalism.

As far as Douglass was concerned, the former slaves had been robbed, not just of the fruits of their labor but of their very minds and bodies. They were therefore entitled to some serious compensation from the federal and state governments that had aided, abetted, and profited from those crimes. So he wasnt talking about redistribution; he was talking about restitution paid directly to the victims.

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