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My Thoughts on the London Spy Poisoning and #Russiagate

My Thoughts on the London Spy Poisoning and #Russiagate

By Dark Politricks

1. Since the Democrats lost the election to a orangutan games show host they have been blaming Russia despite the lack of evidence. 

Officials acknowledged to Reuters in May that: “they had seen no evidence of wrong doing or collusion between the campaign and Russia in the communications reviewed so far.” Former DNI chief James Clapper, former CIA director Michael Morrell, Representative Maxine Waters, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, and many others all say this is a #nothingburger, and no evidence of collusion will be found. It has already been a year year and we have had nothing but Twitter adverts to keep Russia on the hook, despite half of them being bought after the election.

2. Hillary Clinton did exactly the same as Trump in going after info on her opponent. The only thing she did different was go through an ex UK spy who paid Russian contacts to make up lots of info for their dossier. The MIC Dem’s wanted (and still want) an establishment, Wall St funded, reverse socialist war monger in power. They had to coerce Trump into all these anti Russian bills, when on the campaign trail he was talking about getting on with Russia. He has probably done a 360 either because he is a major bull-shitter or due to the 3 letter Spies probably having 50 years of useful blackmail to use on him.

3. When WikiLeaks leaked the DNC emails, Hillary said she wanted Julian Assange droned. She also has a psychopathic tendency to want to start World War 3. Does she not realise that any first strike by the USA will be met by a 2nd strike from Russian Subs, Satellites and whatever else they have got going on. She will have to live in the wilderness or underground with survivors for years if that happens. Maybe she has a secret colony on the Moon to escape to. Just as David Wilcock and Corey Goode say there is, so she can watch the earth burn from afar, cackling like the witch from the Wizard of Oz.

I remember her laughing when Qaddafi died We came, we saw, he died – LOL“, yes a war monger for Obama. Who instead of working out why half the country hate her so much and prefer her opponent Trump, and primary opponent, Bernie Sanders. Instead she is getting the MIC Government and MSM to shout Russia Russia” even though the evidence for such a claim has been disproved by many people who worked in the intelligence agencies many times over.

Hillary thought she deserved her place as President, and when she didn’t get it she threw her toys round and looked for someone else to blame. She couldn’t accept that most of the country including Democrats and Liberals hated her and her war mongering sociopathic tendencies.

4. Seth Rich died in a botched robbery, where no fight seemed to occur, nothing was stolen, and all that happened was that he was shot dead. Julian Assange seemed very angry at this and offered money for info on his death. I would say the likelihood of the DNC worker being an establishment CIA hit, seeing that he worked at the DNC and was unhappy at how the place ran is pretty high.

I would put the chance of a botched robbery at 0% and another Clinton hit job at 100%. I would say he was the more likely person to have downloaded DNC data to a USB and sent to WikiLeaks. It has already been proven that the amount of email data would have needed a faster speed that any hacked Email Server from across the ocean could handle. A USB is the more likely device the data was taken to WikiLeaks with and then dispersed.

5. As the US media and MIC establishment has shouted “Fire” so much, people who don’t read real news, actually believe Russia hacked the elections. This is despite when the DNC claiming they were being hacked and not letting the FBI investigate the servers whilst they destroyed the data instead – surely a crime – but then the Clinton’s are above the law, and we know this as Bill was only allowed to become President due to allowing the CIA to use his Arkansas Mena airport to drop coke off by Barry Seal to be made into crack for the inner cities. Drugs sold through the CIA by Freeway Ricky Ross, and the money used to buy guns for the Iran Contra scandal and to be brought down south for the Nicaraguans.

6. America is starting to realise that the rest of the world thinks they are both a danger to world peace and a complete joke. When they first put sanctions on Russia the EU was furious as most of Europe gets their energy from Russia. The USA needed a plan. They needed allies in their push for WWIII. Who could they call?

7. The UK is usually their first port of call when they want to start a war as our special relationship involves the UK getting buggered and then sleeping in the wet patch to put it crudely. We have always (apart from Syria when MP’s were actually voted against it), backed up the US first when it comes to war due to our special forces, military bases, plus hundreds of years of exploitation and Empire which the US is doomed to follow. Only in 2006 Litvinenko a Russian spy, turned Russian traitor and hidden out in London was given a special chemical Polonium, only found in Russia.

Of course Putin was blamed before any proper investigation just like the Sergei Skripal case, where Russia is blamed, and a neat little trail of poison led all the way back to the Kremlins doors, expect this time there is no trail. Plus the head of Porton Down, where thousands of British Soldiers were experimented on, and died horrible deaths, with LSD and various microwaves and chemical agents came out and said they could not be sure where the novichok nerve agent had come from.

Are the FSB that incompetent an intelligence agency, that unlike the CIA who can kill US citizens on US soil and blame it on botched robberies, kill Presidents and remake their head-shots with clay to make exit wounds look like entry wounds. Oh and allow Mossad and Saudi Arabia to kill over 3000 people in 9.11 for an excuse to get a foothold in the middle east and take all their drugs and oil, using CIA created Jihadists to fight fake terrorist wars for their masters in Jerusalem. It seems they can only use exotic means to kill traitors rather than a simple two shots to the head suicide like journalist Gary Webb who exposed the Mena Airport – Barry Seal – George H Bush – Iran Contra  – Crack scandal in the first place.

Why do the Russians have to use chemical agents ONLY found in Russia to kill their traitors.

Why do they wait almost a decade before doing so, rather than sooner when all secrets would have been told.

Wouldn’t a gun shot and a bag in the Thames suffice or does Putin want the whole world to know it was on his orders that Sergei Skripal was killed, and welcome the sanctions and threat of World War III. By the way if I can get out of the way, which I wouldn’t be able to, I would love to know what this super weapon Putin reckons he has that would defeat the US.

Police outside Sergei Skripal's house
UK Police outside Sergei Skripal’s house in Salisbury

8. Now that the finger of the UK is pointed at Russia with the Litvinenko case to seemingly back it up, the investigation need go no further, and the whole of the EU can sanction Russia, and become allies of the US in their insane desire for World War III.

I just hope Rachel Maddow is in her MSNBC studio live on air when the shock wave of a retaliatory strike hits her. So the whole of Europe is now sanctioning Russia, no Russian agent will ever be extradited just as in Litvinenko matter. The usual dismissal of diplomats (or spies) from both the UK, US and Russia have all been carried out and Trump’s pre-election message of getting along with Russia seems to have been ruined by the MIC Liberals and many Repubicans who are against war, especially a nuclear one.

9. So the scene is set. The CIA or MI5/6 could have easily through double agents got their hands on this mysterious Russian only poison and used it to frame Russia in a classic false flag. It would make more sense than Putin just before an election killing traitors around the world and basically begging the US and their lapdogs to grow mushroom clouds.

10. Final thought – no proper investigation can be completed so quickly. There are plenty of Russian Oligarchs and ex spies in the UK that they could have easily planned it themselves seeing that they robbed Russian wealth in the Yeltsin years and then had to escape or be jailed as Putin took the money back, therefore there is plenty of hate for Putin in the ex Russian spy community.

Today the UK Foreign Secretary Boris-Joker-Johnson was made a laughing stock and UK TV programmes debated on whether he should be sacked as the head of Porton Down seemed to dismiss his early assessment that the chemical could have only come from Russia. The rest of Europe has followed the UK in unity by dismissing Russian spies and now they are regretting it by acting too early without firm evidence.

Whatever happened to innocent before being found guilty?

I think it is much more likely that the Axis of War (US/UK/Israel/France) had a plan to blame Putin for a crime to justify their sanctions and any possible European Red Scare.

The US has been on McCarthy level 1 for a year now. They needed to spread the “red under your bed” meme around the world just in case a war did start out. Putin was the leader who stopped Israel/US from starting a war with Iran over their nuclear power, something every country is justified to have.

They also pushed ISIS right out of Syria after incompetent US bombing from the air strategies that never work, killed US citizens as Trumps first bomb did, and allowed a NATO member to use Sarin gas to kill Syrians and try to blame it on President Assad. It was only the Russians that prevented escalation by destroying Assad chemical weapons on a US ship designed for that purpose.

The US also turned a blind eye to a NATO member shooting down Russian planes, buying ISIS oil and then locking up journalists, judges and prosecutors who mentioned this illegal scam run by the President and his son. Russia blew this snake of oil trucks heading to Turkey up, they didn’t allow them to cross the border and this got Turkey’s leaders pants all itchy.

The US didn’t care much about the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have come in large numbers to Europe, changed the face of many cities, caused many crimes and made political correctness in places like Germany and Denmark a tight rope walk.

Why not send a few ships to the land of migrants, the USA, it was born out of immigrants so why can’t they take more in?

So that is my notes on the events so far.

There are far easier ways to kill a dissident than by using a complex compound found (possibly) only in one country. Why would Putin want to show the world he could strike anywhere just before his own election? Commentators have said if this is proven Kremlin ordered assassination it would harm rather than strengthen Putin’s position just before the Russian elections.

They have been surrounded by US and NATO bases despite James Baker’s promise to Gorbachev that if the Berlin wall fell NATO would not move one inch to the east. Instead we moved it a fair few hundred miles and set up NATO bases and missile systems right on the Russian border.

From the point of view of a Russian you can see why you might feel that you are being surrounded and set up for a preemptive strike – which is in Trumps power following the Cheney 1% doctrine.

What do you think?

Russian extravagant over the top poisoning of a double agent who has lived her for years or a CIA/MI5 false flag to get the Europeans into the US Red Scare mood for a fight to the death – literally – we will all die – the planet will die.

Lets just hope at the time of Pagan Spring Solstice (or the fairy story Jesus dying on a cross and being re-born) that if there is a God he makes himself known just before the first missiles are fired.

I recommend watching this video from Jimmy Dore.

By Dark Politricks

© 2017 By Dark Politricks

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