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UK Porton Down experts cannot prove Russian nerve agents are from Russia

UK Porton Down experts cannot prove Russian nerve agents are from Russia!

Are the Russian agents that incompetent when killing people compared to the MI6 or CIA?

By Dark Politricks

Experts from the UK chemical testing high secure lab at Porton Down, cannot even prove the nerve agent which hasn’t killed anybody yet but is supposed to be severely deadly and more dangerous than VX gas, and came from Russia. Problem is, Porton Down can’t prove it and the dose was so small it didn’t kill anyone at all.

Knowing Porton Down, who killed at least 20,000 soldiers during the Cold War due to chemical tests, some involving LSD, others involving deadly microwaves and nerve agents including biological weapons. I would not be surprised if we had a copy of most deadly agents from double agents and other means.

So to any sane person it looks like an MI6/CIA false flag hit to make Putin look the bad guy over here just before the major Russian held sporting events. Also it has brought the USA’s McCarthy Red Scare that Rachel Maddow is obsessed about on her show to the UK and Europe as well. Say it enough times and people start believing it.

She has not talked about the protests going around the country, the fracking protests, the oil pipeline protests she is on £30k a day and doesn’t want to lose her job speaking the truth about why the Democrats lost i.e having no policies, ignoring progressive ideas like Medicare for all and actual campaigning in the states she needed to win.

The Democrats have become Republican light, and now they are demanding retaliation on something that has no evidence.

It has been a year since the elections and the “left” media e.g MSNBC, instead of concentrating on why the Democrats lost an election to Trump, have instead brought out an already dismissed claim by military intelligence heads, that Russia hacked the election.

A few BOT farms were found that placed adverts on Facebook but that would have hardly swayed the election and half of the adverts were after the election was over.

Hillary forgets that it was the WikiLeaks email dump that showed her, Podesta and ex DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz were colluding to get Hillary elected in the primaries despite her empty town hall meetings compared to the packed out arenas for Bernie Sanders. She also got super delegates early on and smearing Bernie as a sexist and marxist made the DNC look for a way out.

That way out was calling “Fire” when there was none.

They said they were being hacked by the Russians but would not let the FBI see their servers, many holding classified information which they should not had on it. The whole thing was a #nothingburger and she should be investigated for all of this as she had classified information on her servers, and they were busy deleting it all.

It was more likely the closing of many poll stations, discounted ballots, and maybe some machine meddling which has been proved over and over by the establishment that it was NOT the Russians that were “hacking the polling machines”. A pencil and a piece of paper is how we do it in the UK and the exit polls usually match the results. Not in the USA where the polls showed Bernie Sanders leading by a huge amount and then suddenly when the result came out it was Hillary with the winning margin.

When Trump released the Nunes Memo, it proved that the Democrats had used a trick with their middle man Christopher Steele, an ex British spy, to make their own dossier. Something they attacked Trump for by going straight to the Russians for information on Clinton. Clinton did the same but they just used a middle man who had contacts and I am sure the Kremlin boys spread a lot of gossip, rumors and bullshit to both parties to make some money.

They had gone to the FISA court to get a warrant authorizing electronic surveillance on Carter Page. They used a leaked article to Yahoo news about this to back up their own evidence. A truly devious trick.

However it meant the whole Trump team could be bugged and surveilled. 

Why? Because as William Binney said about the Thinthread program he designed to spy on Russia but after 9.11 it was turned around and used on Americans. The two step process meant that the warrant would include Donald Trump and anyone connected to him, and then the 2nd hop would include all the people that they contacted as well. So a whole lot of people were bugged.

So when the memo came out that he had been bugged in the Trump tower, he was basically right, just using the wrong terminology. The NSA used fake info from the Clinton’s middle man Christopher Steele, just like in the USA, and get the EU and UK on the USA’s side despite no evidence coming out after a year that Russia played any significant role in the 2016 US Presidential elections.

The Red Scare…brought to the UK and EU, without proof.

I thought we were all innocent until found guilty.

Why is it that the CIA just’s throws people off buildings or shoots them without being caught but Russia always has to use elaborate methods and poisons, only created in the USSR, to incompetently attack double agents, swapped for their own caught agents. They don’t even manage to kill Skripal, just his pets.

They could have easily used a higher dose to kill him or just do an easy double tap to the head of all the people they wanted dead. Instead they seem to leave weak nerve agent poisons or a trail back to Russia letting everyone know it was them. It seems very odd they are so incompetent compared to the other agencies that kill people all the time like Mossad, MI6, CIA etc.

The Russians had most of these people in jail for years, they could have killed Skripal at any time. Why wait 8 years later after a spy swap which Putin knows .

I think Jimmy Dore’s video piece of #altnews on the whole debacle sums up my thoughts on it nicely.

Although I think it was more about getting UK, and then the EU, to become a willing ally in any future US/Russian war than to do with taking focus off of BREXIT and our failure of a Prime Minister, Theresa May. Whose policies and high costing negotiation price for leaving the anti democratic EU were filling the newspapers daily. Now it’s all Skripal, Skripal, Putins bad, stand with the US over hacked (unproven) elections, and Russian meddling in EU affairs – as if we don’t do the same.

Those workers at GCHQ are sure to be just watching the handful of possible terrorists in the country at the minute and never reading through a naughty email, or watching a Skype video they shouldn’t. I’m sure it’s all above board.

Here is Jimmy Dore’s take on the news story, and the lack of any back track by the US MSM, when Porton Down admitted they didn’t know the source, angering many EU nations who had expelled Russian diplomats and depend on Russia for their gas.

Watch the full #altnews piece that seems more logical than the official conspiracy theory on the Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks

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