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Propornot – The Cover Up Shows a Guilty Mind

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

Preface by Washington’s Blog: A leading cybersecurity expert has publicly said that Mr. Eliason’s research as  presented in this article does not violate the law.  Washington’s Blog does not express an opinion about whether or not the claims set forth in this article are accurate or not. Make up your own mind.

Finally, Washington’s Blog is not encouraging anyone to hack in order to damage anyone’s website or otherwise.  

It goes without saying that when fascist clowns attack an icon like Robert Parry it needs to be answered. These media attack dogs were conjured up to normalize destroying journalists reputations and publications that epitomize why the 1st amendment was set in the Constitution to begin with. Without a free press, there is no free country. It goes without saying that attacking the legacy of a Robert Parry is asymptomatic of what is playing out today. Fascism and nationalism need your help to succeed. You have to allow it.

Or you can decide to fight to remain in a civilized society where laws and justice have to mean something. When narratives take over, facts on which justice is based begin to crumble. If all you want to know is spoon-fed propaganda then you are a NAZI and your children can thank you for destroying any chance they had at a decent tomorrow.

A difference has to remain cut between us and them. You can’t claim any right to a great or just society if you’re happy or indifferent when the tools of terror are used when you dislike someone or some group. The way they are labeling Russians evil and journos, publications, or ordinary citizens as enemies of the state in the US or Europe is illegal. It is as much of an assault as a mugging is. Why go that far? Is turn-about fair play? I found a Russian-American in Long Island, a Ukrainian-American, and a German with 85-90% certainty on my part. But, that’s still reasonable doubt isn’t it?

Propornot plagiarized their little list from A. Weisburd and J. Harding. They don’t even have the two sticks to rub to get that far on their own. If you want to stop them from destroying the world for pocket change, make it costly for them.

Four consecutive web application scans at the Propornot website over 10 months consistently show Propornot is situated inside the sunny InterpreterMag break-room of the Atlantic Council. Is there any need to provide further hard evidence? This is getting boring. Let’s up the stakes a lot. What if InterpreterMag and Propornot changed the website to destroy or hide evidence because of the exposure they are getting? If the changes they made were documented, it shows them reacting to the expose and trying to cover up. Does that mean there is enough circumstantial evidence coupled with the documentary evidence the scans provide to “book’em Dano?” You decide.

Many people asked how the scanners work because I have remained vague about that. For my purpose the application scanners act in the same manner reverse phone search works to provide a name and address to go with the phone number you input. The only information I put in was the propornot website address. I’ve been vague about the scanners for a reason. Propornot and their handlers are trying their best to make the public grab onto non sequitor information and defend themselves not realizing that I wanted them to keep escalating in that direction.

Propornot tried to build a defense on the basis of HTTP GET requests which appear on the right side of the IronWasp Scans. I’ll be showing one of those scans I haven’t published but it is important to understand what the Atlantic Council was trying to do. My response to Propornot has always been that InterpreterMag is the only entity that shows up inside Propornot’s admin (website administration). If I responded that HTTP GET delivers proof of what I was saying, Propornot would be technically correct. HTTP GET isn’t proof they work for Michael Weiss.

From late January onward, I have been working to make Propornot, Michael Weiss, and the Atlantic Council waste as much time and money as possible trying to plug holes and get rid of evidence on the propornot website I didn’t care about. The only thing that mattered to me was documenting them trying to make changes to destroy the proof. I like the idea of them losing money doing this because of the money they were forcing news and commentary websites to spend. The catch is I knew they were expecting me to act like them. I didn’t need to. I just needed to slow down and let them play checkers in the corner by themselves.

When I checked to see who Propornot added to the twitter conversation after the May article, I was surprised to see their good friend Bill Browder of Magnitsky Act fame as well as listening post persona for the UCCA (Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America) which represents Ukrainian nationalist Diaspora. If they weren’t concerned, they wouldn’t bother, would they? As you see below, Propornot TOLD ME to show them how vulnerable HTTP GET makes them.

Showing what HTTP GET does at the Propornot website means exposing the vulnerabilities to hacking. That’s right baby! I was beside myself with glee until I remembered I don’t know how to hack. But, I found their arrogance priceless because as you’ll see, they not only destroy any excuse they could make for InterpreterMag, they agreed if I was right, they were lying by telling people the HTTP GET (testing requests) was ever the proof I offered and shows why they are Atlantic Council second stringers. Propornot was trying to blind people to the Sitemap at their website. So, what does HTTP GET requests do during a scan?

The HTTP GET requests test the website and show how it can be hacked! Propornot literally demanded that I show information that I otherwise would not have felt comfortable doing without their permission. It could even be construed as them daring me to hack their site and follow the trail back that way too. The Propornot website has an obvious CSS (Cross Site Scripting) problem. Propornot is hackable. They now need to go back to Michael Weiss, Bill Browder, the InterpreterMag, the Atlantic Council, as well as the Ukrainian Diasporas and beg for more money to secure the site again.

This is compounded because Propornot’s webmaster left notes hidden on the website and when considered with the scan documentation look like a work order about removing the InterpreterMag from the admin by saying “admin should not xist.” References to the InterpreterMag dominated the website. Keep in mind there is no Propornot admin showing up at all. The only admin that “should not xist” at Propornot is who? They want to try to “hide” again, but unfortunately for them, I documented what they did.

As you can clearly see in the scan below for the 2nd article in the series, other than the website address itself, InterpreterMag is the only entity that has internal admin privileges like uploading. I did not get robust references to InterpreterMag for the April 28th scan. How much did the website change since January? As you can see with the January scan InterpreterMag is everywhere on the Sitemap.

After that scan in January, changes to the site were implemented. It was done a little differently than I expected. I did get a single Sitemap reference to InterpreterMag in the admin position of Propornot using Vega on April 28th, which was more than I expected. What changed on the website?

The underpaid webmaster simply deleted the Sitemap to get rid of the references without making many changes. Maybe they are bargaining for more money to work out a grownup level fix, but who knows? The Ukrainian nationalists at the UWC, UCCA, Ukraine, and Atlantic Council won’t like the idea of having their asses handed to them made to look so effortless. Having it done by an American journo living in Donbass using a 6 year old computer really rubs salt in the wounds. Priceless.

Trapping InterpreterMag at Propornot

Let’s get into the trap I set for Michael Weiss at the Propornot website. Notice, I did say the Propornot website and not InterpreterMag. On May 5th, after never mentioning the scans again since the late January article came out, Michael Weiss, Cathy Fitzgerald, and InterpreterMag started tweeting excitedly about “the scan” and involved Propornot and Hank Debwankey in the conversation. Why did they get into an excited conversation about it literally within one week of the final scan if they didn’t know about it?

I set the last scan so it might be noticed on April 28th by people looking for this kind of thing. The natural reaction if there was any at all should have been Propornot starting a rant on Twitter. How did anyone else know about it before Propornot?

I was going to post the whole twitter show but how much more does anyone need to see? It started out with the InterpreterMag (Cathy Fitzpatrick) pushing it into a conversation with Michael Weiss. As you read through the tweets notice it is the InterpreterMag that brings up the scan. It is the only thing they discuss on May 5th and they attribute it to @russiaexplainer.

All they had to do was ignore the scan because it was harmless. Instead, I got much more of a reaction than I counted on or could have hoped for. They were all keeping quiet about being exposed in the 1st article since January. Literally, within one week of the last scan on May 5th, this all changed.

If you’ve never seen @michaeldweiss on a twitter rant or conversation with people he’s not sure he likes, he leaves you with the impression that Tourette’s Syndrome is his greatest asset. But, if you read the above conversation he comes across as labored and “breathlessly unintentionally hilarious” as Eddie Murphy in “White Like Me.” You can almost picture the beads of sweat forming on his brow and the all too constipated look while stringing sentences together without an F-zinger in the mix. Why does it look like Weiss and Debwankey are together? They both work for the same groups of people.

From February until early May, Michael Weiss never felt a need to mention Propornot, never mind include them in a string of tweets. @catfitz Cathy Fitzgerald continued in-house banter with Propornot. Is she managing that particular shift of Propornot? Does it look like she trusts them to work on their own? Or does it look like they work for her?

Case closed until the courts decide. Michael D. Weiss turned out to be overpaid, overvalued, and overestimated. Instead of protecting his employers, he’s left a trail of dog poop all the way through the house making the place documentable and providing links to the responsible parties.

Over the last 4 years I’ve researched and written many stories that are still breaking in other media today. I’ve written stories from the front lines in Ukraine as well as showing snapshots of what life is like here. I broke the story about Russian trolls and what would lead to Propornot in 2015.

If you want to support investigative research with a lot of depth, please support my Patreon page. You can also support my work through PayPal as we expand in new directions over the coming year. For the last 4 years it’s been almost entirely self supportive effort which is something when you consider I live in Donbass.

A lot of detailed information doesn’t make it into articles just because of the sheer volume of webpages it adds or even continuity with the current subject matter. Ole’ Hankey Debwankey is a sock puppet on a mission to convert the unconvertible. Hank was born on the internet in April 2017 and is a product of the Ukrainian Diaspora. The Debwankey puppet with its one word forensic expertise doesn’t need further explanation here other than the following. I’ll open it up a little more to patrons next week.

We’re winding our way up from Propornot to Indentifying Fancy Bear in the next couple of weeks. The first stop on the way is looking at how invalid the Mueller Probes are. What should have been the biggest story of the year- IDENTIFYING- “the Russian hackers of the 2016 elections” is just the step off point to even bigger stories it gave birth to. You need to decide based on my history of uncovering stories whether or not you believe that statement and if you want to be a part of solving this mystery.

Next up– A look into the evidence behind any investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. The evidence shows the investigation is fraud-ridden because the proof used was manufactured.


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