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Israeli Hasbara Brigades Attack YouTube channels that tell the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel

Israeli Hasbara Brigades Attack YouTube channels that tell the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel

By Dark Politricks

Know More News

Adam Green runs the Know More News YouTube channel which looks at the Israeli occupation of Palestine, their disgusting Rabbinic laws within the Talmud as well as recently just visiting the country with Jake from Blackstone Intelligence.

He has also been instrumental in ousting Alex Jones as a paid and bought acting shill for the Israelis, never mentioning the word Jew but always replacing it with “New World Order Globalists” or even claiming China is now taking over the US. Forgetting that AIPAC control the US government.

They even send letters to prospective Congressmen and ladies asking that they always vote in Israel’s favour and if they refuse they soon find out as Cynthia McKenny did that halls and speaking arrangements were suddenly shut at the last-minute and that claims of her being anti-Semitic were banded about despite her being a black woman and against all forms of discrimination.

That doesn’t seem to matter thought the discrimination against Jews seems to register in the public’s consciousness much higher than the suffering and massacres of other people such as the Armenian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide and going back to the times where supposedly (downgraded many times, even by Auschwitz, which was destroyed by the Soviets and rebuild as a “Theme Park”, where the furnace chimneys in which the people were supposedly gassed to death are not even above the furnaces, and also there is no trace of Zyklon B the supposed chemical used to kill these people. Claimed to have been dropped through the roof by Germans and the bodies dragged out by Jewish inmates to be burnt in the less than 10 ovens 2 on top of each other. Search Google or (preferably), if you don’t believe me, but here is link to a modern-day Crematorium that says:

On an average, it takes about one to three hours to cremate a human body, thereby reducing it to 3-7 pounds of remains. The cremation remains are usually pasty white in color.


So despite Soviet Russia inflating the numbers to 6 million, and this special number being bandied about before WWII in newspapers around the world, for example:

Newspaper showing 6 million Jews to die

6 million Jews to die

This number must be special to the Zionists and Jews otherwise how did they know or claim for 6 million to be dead at the end of the war, during which millions of Russians were already dead from starvation.

We don’t even mention the 45 million people killed during Mao’s great leap forward which was funded by the west, as was the Communist take over of Russia nowadays, it’s only the “Jewish Holocaust‘, which means sickly “Burnt Offering”.

Was this some kind of offering to the Germans by the Rothschild Zionists to obtain Israel, cashing in on their Balfour Agreement made with the British during WWI to get the USA into the war on the UK’s side despite a gesture by Germany who was winning at the time in 1917 to just call off the war, no winners or losers, keep your British Empire and lets all go home as it’s been a colossal waste of manpower, money and energy.

However the Brits thinking very closely about this agreement, were approached by the British Zionist lobby and told “Don’t give in now”, “We can bring the US in on your side to win the war and reap massive reparations against the Germans” – something Hitler never forgave the German Jews for betraying him. All they wanted in return was a “receipt'”or “Promise” that after the war which Britain was going to obtain most of the Ottoman Empire which had sided with Germany, Palestine so that they could migrate they. A land with no name and no people they called it, despite the millions of people living there. As for no name, it was part of the Ottoman Empire so you only had to look a few hundred years back to find the word Palestine. You van read or listen to this speech from a Zionist Jew convert who explains the plan to get US sons fighting Israels wars in detail here.

Anyway this isn’t a history talk about Germany and the Jews, It’s a talk about the Silicon Valley – MIC – AIPAC -US/Israeli governments crackdown on any YouTube channel, Facebook Page or Google+ community that they decide constitutes “hate speech”. No matter that the things talked about maybe true such as the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty to try to kill everyone on board, sink the ship and blame it on Egypt so that the US would nuke them. Or the Lavon Affair where Mossad used patsies to plant bombs in US and UK buildings in Egypt to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, again killing their supposed allies in false flag attacks to get them drawn into wars. Just read some of the top articles linked on the front page for more info, including testimony from ex Mossad officers. 

So how is that no criticism of Israel is ever heard on US TV, even after the recent fighter plane bombing of three Gazan children catching birds to eat due to the Israeli blockade of their previous daily imports of basic foods, no building material and massive lack of medication by fighter jets.

So Adam Green is now the most recent victim of this Silicon Nexus – APIAC/JDL – Israeli thought police who have Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg in their pocket deleting accounts criticizing Israel and leaving Israeli ones up that criticize Iran with no proof whatsoever. The same goes for Google who is now working hand in hand with the CIA and NSA on their own algorithms to search your networks, phones and computers without warrants.

All Adam does is use Jewish/US mainstream media against itself and show the despicable words that some Jewish people actually believe from their holy book, more holy than the Torah to most, the Talmud. It is one of the reasons so many Jews were kicked out of nearly every European country over the centuries due to their slander of Jesus, Rabbis saying that’s it OK to have intercourse with girls as young as 3 (It’s as if someone poked them in the eye etc), and how in court it’s okay for a Jew to lie, rob and steal from a non jew (#GDL Goyim Defense League).

The Talmud is is the Jewish “Holy Book”, and is used due to them not having a 3rd temple to slaughter innocent animals and mutilate boys sexual organs without their consent as babies.

We stand up against Female circumcision as barbaric but allow Jews to carry it out on boys before they are old enough to consent. They claim health reasons but what about the lack of sexual pleasure they lose, just like women who have been circumcised, and with power showers there is no need to claim it is dirty to have a foreskin.

Therefore he is just reporting on the Jewish world, the words that come from their papers we don’t hear about such Haaretz,  The Jerusalem Post, the vile statements made in the Knesset by far right, in power Russian Jews calling for the death of all Palestinian babies and calling them ville snakes.

I hope you have all read recently about the IDF snipers being awarded medals for murdering women and kids within Palestinian territory as they protested the decades of occupation near the border – you didn’t? Well shows like Blackstone Intelligence and Know More News will tell you about this.

This news,along with the boys destroyed by a fighter plane missile is NOT reported on the MSM so people who love all races have to switch to #altnews channels like this to see what the Jewish people really think about us and the world from their own mouths.

For a Hasbara brigade to descend on Know More News purely for snowing the world what Jewish people really think of Americans and others, attack his family, his livelihood and try to use Jewish owned tech companies in bed with the Israeli and US governments to stop free speech is disgusting, especially whilst white hate and black racist videos still exist.

It is an attack on us all.

Do not forget the Israeli attempt to sink a whole US ship the USS Liberty in 67 to bring the USA into the war on their side as the Americans listened to Israeli massacres of captured Egyptian soldiers, or the Lavon Affair, where they planting bombs to kill US and UK citizens all to blame it on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Or more recently or the dozens of Israelis arrested after 9.11 who failed polygraph tests, were seen flicking lighters and laughing when the 1st plane hit the WTC before anyone knew that it was going to happen and they had cameras all set up in the perfect position to record it.

After their release on “Visa Violations”, helped along by Dual Israeli Nationals in government, they went on Israeli TV saying we were just sent to “document the event” , as well as reports on 9.11 of Israeli vans painted with a plane sticking out of the WTC that was pulled over on the Washington Bridge full of box cutters and explosives.

Of course most of these news including FOX’s 4 part series into Isrseli spying on the hijackers in 2001 was gone a couple days after once the official “conspiracy theory” was in, and AIPAC & the JDL had pressured FOX to remove Carl Cameron’s 4 part piece on Mossad spying as art students.

People this is just an attack on citizen journalists who don’t hate the Jews but just report on their crimes that the MSM ignore time and again, or due to Jewish ownership of their TV or Radio shows are too scared to talk it about for fear of being labelled anti-Semitic and sacked.

Free Speech in America…..I don’t think so. I will wait for the Hasbara brigades to roll in soon.

Help Know More News out and write to YouTube telling them of their mistakes if possible!

Know More News can be found here (for now) on YouTube.


By Dark Politricks


© 2018 By Dark Politricks

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