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The Left are now attacking Trump from the right – the war mongering conspiracies of Rachel Maddow

Now the Left are attacking Trump from the right through the war mongering conspiracies of Rachel Maddow and MSNBC

By Dark Politricks
Video from the Jimmy Dore Show

Rachel Maddow has somehow managed to tie Russia into the North Korean peace talks, once again attacking Trump from the right.

What has happened to the left?

Was it just the colour of Obama’s skin that they fawned over, forgetting all the wars he started, and promises he never delivered on?

All those extra bombs he dropped, much, much more than George W Bush.

All the Drones, the collateral damage, the failure to pass a public option in healthcare when he had the power to do so.

What about the removal of civil liberties and his absence from protests he promised to be at the front of when teachers protested and Ocuppy, Occupied Wall St.

The street was swarming with people pissed at being stripped of their money by Banksters, and the police just battered them.

Obama just did nothing to help the protesters who had lost their homes due to numerous de-regulation, that is apart from collecting half a million dollar speaking fees from his Goldman Sachs “friends when he left the White House.

He certainly did nothing substantial to stop Wall St excess and now under Trump, any weak regulations that he did put in are being removed – tick tock – another crash is coming.

There was the North Pole ice drilling, fracking, oil spills and disregard for the Ozone and Climate Change.

Drones killing babies and women all over Africa and the Middle East and being called enemy combatants. Why? So they didn’t have to be counted as accidental innocent death or murder, by the USA.

The lovely law called the NDAA, allowing his “Kill List”, and no intention of repealing the dictatorial like powers given to Bush after 9.11 which are no longer needed.

His locking up of whistle blowers and journalists and all the other non-liberal acts that they seem to forget about.

It seems these faux liberals on “liberal” networks are the new FOX news.

I bet Rachel just stares at a poster of Obama on the ceiling above her bed and wishes for a better time when the President had shaved hair not a wig.

That is the basics of it as US Foreign and domestic policy hardly ever changes when Presidents come and go.

The deep state control the levers of power and Israel controls Congress.

America was destroyed as a moral compass years ago and many Americans don’t seem to care or don’t realise what has happened to their country.

Obama did nothing to stop it and if Hillary Clinton had been elected we would probably be in a nuclear bunker right now due to her angry nasty demeanor, her terrorist gun supplying through Libya to Syria, and her cranking up of war threats to Russia who have done nothing that the US doesn’t do by a factor of -500%.

Russia was invited to Syria to help defeat ISIS which would be complete now if the Axis of War hadn’t just decided it was their right to bomb any country they want without permission, whilst sections of our security state armed and trained the “Moderate Opposition” which numbered a dozen from the lips of the DOD under questioning. This means our enemy, al-Qaeda, which we started all this chaos for is now upside down as the DOD fight the CIA/MI6/Mossad trained enemy that they control.

Trump is low hanging fruit to mock but if he actually delivers peace (we will have to wait and see), then shouldn’t the likes of Rachel Maddow be happy about de-escalation of nuclear war or will she find another way to tie Russia into some narrative so we can all burn in a radioactive cloud.

Lets see Jimmy Dore discuss her new attack on Trump from the right for trying to gain peace with a nuclear power and enemy. She is either insane wanting nuclear war, or as a kid she had a Russian made doll that drove her crazy. You decide.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

121 Bombs Dropped A Day, That’s How You Create New Jihadists

121 Bombs Dropped A Day, That’s How You Create New Jihadists

By Dark Politricks
Redacted Tonight

Bombs, bombs, bombs.

The US Congress and the Military Industrial complex cares more about the bombs they drop on hospitals by “accident” than the collateral damage they cause.

Collateral Damage that will turn orphans into Jihadists for no other reason than they lost their family, whatever the intentions, he might not be a religious nutter before the bombing but he will want revenge and the cycle will go on and on.

The Congress and President definitely care more about their bombs and defense spending than the people in the USA, and the lies Trump told to get elected are just ignored. No real news comes from TV channels like CNN, MSNBC, FOX anymore, not that much did anyway.

In this show of Redacted Tonight Lee Camp shows us how under President Trump, the U.S. is dropping an average of 121 bombs a day.

Naomi Karavani explains a new study on local newspaper closures leading to increased government corruption. Natalie McGill reports that “surgery centers,” often owned by doctors who trade patient safety for big bucks, now outnumber hospitals in the U.S.

Watch on Redacted Tonight.

By Dark Politricks

©2018 Dark Politricks

Israel Massacre Kids and Women with Snipers – World Says Nothing

Israel Massacre Kids and Women with Snipers – World Says Nothing

By Dark Politricks

As Israel carries on massacring women, children and disabled people, using the excuse that they were all Hamas, when that was plainly wrong.

There may have been some Hamas fighters in the protest but for snipers to kill women and kids is just disgusting and I expect a security council vote and veto by the USA as they always do.

The protest is about their storage in the biggest open air prison on earth and Israel is using the excuses of Syrian fire, people with burning tyres attacking them (against one of the most sophisticated armies in the world), Hamas organisation when it was the adversary of their displacement.

Why do we let Israel get away with this?

Why does the US shut their mouth – the Saudi Petrodollar agreement, Israels hold over the US Congress and the fact that the US thinks that it and Israel can just start wars and kill innocent people with no recompense.

The USA is the most dangerous country in the world. They believe they can just enter other countries and bomb them for the sake of Israel or mineral resources.

No other country does this.

Others may follow along the US Axis of War like the UK, French and Israelis but now that Iran has stopped selling it’s oil in US dollars (the Petrodollar), the US press and UK press are going to be pushing hard on Iran and maybe even going so far as to start a war with Iran as they have with previous nations who dared stop using the petrodollar. This is where all oil has to be bought in dollars, so countries have to transfer first from their own currency to US money before buying the oil.

In return Saudi Arabia, a 7th century hell hole that jails and whips gang raped women, and sends US armaments, that they buy in the billions, to Jihadists in Syria and other nations, and send Wahabist terrorists across the world.

Saudi Arabia and Israel want to stop Iran becoming a strong player in the region, however they forget that it was the war in Iraq that was holding a balance between Kurds, Sunnis and the Shi’ites in the south near Iran.

Iran shouldn’t forget what happened when Iraq and Libya stopped using the dollar, they used false flags and WMD BS, bombings before UN reports their data to be incorrect like the recent Syrian attack and then convince the masses on their owned MSM news channels to follow along.

Killing hundreds of thousands of people, leaving Libya a terrorist playground, turning Iraq and Syria into a bombed out mess, the creation of ISIS which even the CIA funnels weapons from Libya to Syria to, before training their supposed enemy to fight President Assad and Russia.

If we had any morals at all we would be bombing Saudi Arabia and forcing Israel to stop their massacres on innocent people.

However we make money from war, our arms industries are some of the most profitable in the world. Why stop the Saudis and US massacring the poorest nation on the planet, causing disease and famine in Yemen for morals.

It seems only the US can dictate moral behaviour, start preemptive wars which they banned after Nuremberg and drop freedom and democracy from the air on the end of a drone when they don’t even have it at home.

The UK has already started printing stories about English prisoners in Iranian jails and US news shows attack Palestinians for daring to try and break out of their open airprison.

I mean a man killed by a sniper sitting in a wheelchair must have been a suicide bomber waiting to attack….

I have here a list of Jimmy Dore Videos which lay it out for you.

The Jimmy Dore Show

Watch the The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

©2018 Dark Politricks

American professor debunks latest chemical attack, and Jeremy Scahill reminds people how USA killed 1,000 civilians in a single month

American professor debunks latest chemical attack, and Jeremy Scahill reminds people how USA killed 1,000 civilians in a single month

By Dark Politricks

In this episode of Jimmy Dore’s show he shows Jeremy Scahill probably giving his last appearance on CNN as he tells the truth about Syria, the civilians killed, and the USA training our supposed enemy Al-Qaeda to fight President Assad.

Jimmy Dore then talks about how the US news is basically state media when it comes to war.

As soon as one breaks out and they get hard on’s, like Brian Williams, over the missiles exploding killing civilians, and they all suddenly follow the pro-war neo-con establishment line.

They sack journalists who dare to speak out against the wars and attack Russia Today for its pro-Russian state TV line which is no different from the US media when it comes to war.

6 supposedly independent news outlets from left-wing to right all suddenly becoming state sponsors of war and never mentioning the casualties they are causing with their blanket bombing and “collateral damage” i.e massacres.

People like Larry King, Ed Schultz, Lee Camp are all Americans who work on Russia Today, commenting on American news but are called “Foreign Agents” by the US government.

Watch the discussion about how the US media never tell the other side about wars, despite false flag attacks such as the recent chemical attack already being debunked by US professors. 


Watch on The Jimmy Dore Channel.


By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks

Shock to News Puppets when commentator tells the truth about Syria, how the CIA started it, and how the Saudi’s will pay for it all!

Shock to News Puppets when commentator tells the truth about Syria, how the CIA started it, and how the Saudi’s will pay for it all!

By Dark Politricks

This article is about the Axis of Wars unnerving step towards WWIII led by psychopaths, how we are NOT the good guys that many SUN and Daily Mail readers probably think we are, and to see some of the weapons the USA has no defence against.

I remember getting a cease and desist letter with about 100 US Army Newspapers from the US Army, US Navy, USAF and many more departments, My first thought was – is there actually that many papers for the whole US military, my second was how can I keep this site running as the stupid techie boy ran round looking out of windows for black helicopters before being booted off the companies server which they had been letting me use for free.

This is why I ask for donations for my material. I have copies of documents that many in the US have never seen or like to. Plus historical records such as speeches and a few news series from papers that were taken down after AIPAC and Hasbara pressure such as FOX News four part series on the fake ecstasy selling art students who were really a Mossad operational group whose main aim it seemed was to follow the hijackers (or patsies) around the country. At one point living next door to one.

Or the 28/29 declassified pages of the 9.11 inquiry which had many a talking head nodding or shacking no on their puppet string but since releasing them their has hardly been a peep out of MSM due to effects the Petrodollar if families were allowed to sue and the instant observation by millions that it was Saudi Arabia that needs “regime change” and “democracy” that we bomb from the air without getting our feet dirty like in Libya or Syria.

I also have the written declaration from the US ambassador to Iraq’s Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz and Saddam Hussein which states that it has no interest in protecting Kuwait if Iraq acted on their theft of Iraqi oil though slant drilling, where the pipe is at an angle to go under Iraq waters.

I also have the interview with Usama bin-Laden from the 28th December, when the whole worlds intelligence agencies were supposedly looking for him, and had been for years.  An interviewer manages to just walk into bin-Ladens’s cave and interview him. A man requiring kidney dialysis, when the CIA were hunting and letting him escape all over Afghanistan and Pakistan by donkey. Read the interview here it was taken from the BBC website (link in article) on the day of print, 28th September. 

It’s amazing how Clinton didn’t know where he was as he lobbed missiles into the Sudan and training camps in Afghanistan. Then Bush didn’t really pay much attention when he came into office, probably because he knew his whole Presidency would be on a war footing, stripping civil liberties and committing international Geneva Conventions such as pre-emptive war.

A US judge held that action after WWII in the Nuremberg trial by a country to be the most heinous crime and torture of enemy soldiers illegal, that’s why the term enemy combatants comes from, a way to bypass crime and war. It was later found out that most of the Gitmo prisoners were farmers and non jihadists picked up by Northern Alliance soldiers to sell to the US for cash to send them to be tortured at Gitmo. They couldn’t find enough terrorists on their own probably because there weren’t any so some had to be made up to justify 17 years of guarding Afghanistani Opium Fields.

US Soldiers protecting Afghani Opium Fields
Opium Fields being protected by US Soldiers

Do you notice anything in the following graph.

US Soldiers protecting Afghani Opium Fields
How Afganhi Opium productiuon has increased since we invaded the country

I remember Tony Blair saying to the UK populace the war in Afghanistan was not just about finding Usama bin-Laden, who we kept letting escape, if he was ever there at all. On top of that Blair used to play on our morals and said it was also to stop the massive flow of Heroin into the UK which had become a pandemic at the time e.g late 90’s.

Don’t you think it’s weird how:
-Larry Silverstein bought the whole WTC, which he knew would cost billions to have all the asbestos removed from the buildings in 2001.
-How he insured them for terrorist attacks in 2001.
-How the Taliban who the US were in the middle of talks with on getting an oil pipeline from the Central Caucuses to the sea through Afghanistan were scrubbed in 2001.
-How the Taliban almost banned the whole of the Opium crop in 2001.
-How the attacks came in September.
-How the rise and rise of crop production goes against everything our leaders told us about. IS the USA really staying in the Stan for 17 years just to ensure girls get to school. If so what about the chemical attacks at home in Flint, Michagan, don’t they deserve first attention than any chemical attack elsewhere.
-How many peoplehave died from Heroin cut with Fentanyl in the US and UK over the following years. Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Hillbilly Heroin, A rise in famous people dying from it’s use such as Prince, George Michael and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
-How many other people have died from opiods this and previous years due to an increase in Opium production.

Remember Air America, Sciracio, American Gangster, Narcos and the rest. We all some gangs in Mexico, revealed in the Fast and Furious ATF plan to allow certain Mexican drug gangs to take over a city but not others, and only interfere if two gangs start fighting over the town.

Back to the incompetence of Russian FSB officers who can only kill a hamster through starvation from a nerve agent Novichock supposedly more deadly than VX gas.

Before any sort of “innocent before proven guilty” investigation is carried out, just as the Taliban asked for  little bit of proof that bin-Laden had carried out 9.11 before they were bombed to rubble. The Russian Scare from the US has moved to the UK and now Europe, some furious Porton Down could prove the origins of the nerve agent came from Russia. Moves such as sanctions and diplomats have been expelled and it definitely does not put Putin in a good light, especially as they do, if the breadcrumbs neatly laid out for MP’s to follow back from the UK to Moscow.

I have the whole Russian scare spread from the “unexplained” defeat by Donald Trump over Hillary. Clinton to their defiance to say they lost on false pretenses and use a scapegoat i.e Russia. There is no proof apart from a few Facebook adverts, half bought before and half after the 2016 US election by Russians.

All other proof has been debunked and dismissed and heads of intelligence agencies have not managed to find anything in a whole year apart from expose how the two hop, Operation ThinThread that spies on you and all your friends (1 hop), then all of them and all of their friends (2 hops) is used by the USA on it’s own people. So Trump basically got it right when he claimed Clinton had bugged Trump tower.

A dodgy FISA court warrant backed up by the leaking of itself to Yahoo News and then Yahoo used in the FISA request show other people were investigating could have led to thousands of Trumps associates, family and friends from being bugged by the NSA.

However shout “Russia did it”, aloud enough and people start believing it. The left wing papers and supposedly liberal talking heads plus journalists like Brian Williams who get rock hard when they see a missile dropped onto an enemy hospital holding at most a few dozen jihadists and a lot of women and children. Trumps first bombing and he kills a US citizen as well. All to prove that he will toe the “deep or permanent states demands” of constant war, tax cuts for the rich, more jobs and money off shored, and more de-regulation.

So Who Created ISIS Then?

It is no surprise that the CIA trained jihadists that ended up as ISIS were the smaller groups of al-Nusra-Front, FSA, al-Qaeda and so on. Russia was invited by the Syrian regime to help get rid of ISIS.

Why don’t we just pull out and let the Russians who could communicate with Syrian soldiers on the ground do a much better job than our attempt of dropping democracy and freedom from the sky with bombs called “The Mother Of All Bombs”

When a President says if gas is used then that’s a red line for war. Then gas seems to be used straight afterwards. Odd timing don’t you think.

Strange don’t you think since the UK papers and the UN debunked the previous gas attacks by Assad saying it was probably the rebels that had committed the atrocities to get the US into the war on their side.

Also that  despite their supposed total destruction and disposal on a US ship with Russia’s helpsome years back when liberal ne-cons cried so much the dead sea overflowed, they seem to still possess them and only seem to want to use them at the most inopportune times for the Assad regime e.g such as just before peace treaties or talks on Russia begin.

One of the following videos has an University professor commentating on Morning Joe, telling the shocked MSNBC staff, how the USA and CIA started the wars in the Middle East breaking all global treaties incidentally. Russia was invited by Syria to help and did a far better job coordinating with Syrian forces on the ground to almost push ISIS out of the country.

We just bomb freedom and democracy from the sky. Don’t worry SkyNet is just fantasy…

It was probably the CIA arming and training of jihadists who are one minute the worst people in the world and enemies to the state and then we find out they are being trained by the Axis of War, UK planes being shot down by Iraqi forces dropping supplies to the enemy and the DOD actually ending up fighting the CIA.

The sad thing is that the US is funding the rebels who morphed from al-Nusra Front, FSA and Al-Qaeda into ISIS, who the CIA still train and give weapons to.

As John Kerry laughed in Congress, he said the Saudi Arabians were willing to pay for the destruction of Assad’s regime and the full cost of a US invasion.

This is not just about competing pipelines from Iran and Saudi Arabia but the money made my the MIC from selling weapons to the enemy – whoever they are.

I thought they were Al-Qaeda and ISIS but with the CIA training them they seem to be the rag tag Gladio 2 group of Afghanistani rebels from the 80’s who helped repel the USSR from Afghanistan and give the opium trade over to us.

There is only so long the US can stay in the Stan, it’s already the states longest war, and to claim that it’s to protect girls schools and not the opium they bring back in NATO planes is plain lies.

Guess what?

The Saudi’s offered to pay for the whole operation (straight from John Kerry’s lips in Congress), to wipe out Syria. All tied in with the Petrodollar and the forcing of nations to buy oil in dollars. Still think the Saudi’s have no plan for dominance and the crushing of Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah. Split the enemies around them and they don’t have to worry about getting attacked.

As I have been saying since day 1.

We should just leave as we have done no good but kill hundreds of thousands of people. Russia, Iran and the Kurds were doing a good job of clearing out ISIS until the Russians had two planes shot down by NATO ally Turkey and they proved the Turkish President and son were buying oil from the jihadists, shooting down planes with US weapons, and filming themselves killing surviving pilots.

Are we that sick a nation that the rules of international law no longer apply to the USA?

As Trump said on the campaign trail and Tweeted to Obama whilst he was in office. “Get out of Syria”, “no more foreign costly miss-adventures”.

That soon changed once the deep state got their claws into him with phony dossiers and claims of Russia collusion making it hard for him to fight for his campaign promises.

Drop a few bombs, show us your not a pussy, said ex peace candidate for the Democrats Howard Dean. I have a collection of videos from the Jimmy Dore show in-case you have missed them, not seen him or been unsubscribed without your permission and added to CNN or MSNBC’s list of millions of subscribers.

To say there is no link between the Silicon Valley Complex and the US Government is plainly proved otherwise by Google taking CIA seed money to get started and now helping on their totally AI drone system. Killed by SkyNet on your holiday in India or Pakistan, with no apology. That’s the powers the US president now has.

They are probably using AI to catch up with the Russians and their super weapons. I have said many times that the USSR and Russia decided it was a waste of money and resources to try and keep up with the US army gun for gun, plane for plane so they concentrated on the US military and their weaknesses. This meant refusing to sell the US their anti US Aircraft Carrier Group missile the Sunburn, instead selling it to Iran and China.

The number of nuclear weapons each side have is surprising considering America is the richer country.

However it is the video underneath showing off the new Russian super weapons that should be watched. Russia can already apparently shoot satellites out of the sky with lasers, whether you believe that or not is up to you but having no GPS would be a u huge dent in NATO forces.

Russiam Satellite Shooting Machines

And if you are wondering who has the most nukes considering the US spends more in total than the next 20 or so countries a year on military spending.

Russia’s Nukes

Total nuclear weapons: 7,300, according to the Federation of American Scientists.
Number that are operational: 1,790

USA’s Nukes

Total nuclear weapons: 6,970
Number that are operational: 1,750

Facts taken from

Watch this video to learn more about what the US army will face.

Watch this video on YouTube.


You have no civil rights left in the USA.

There is a deep permanent state, the ever present groups of people that make money from war and depressions and as Presidents come and go they use their trade craft or blackmail to ensure their policies are carried out whoever wins the election. Just compare Obama’s first campaign and what he was promising to what he actually did, do the same for Trump.

Obama didn’t close Gitmo or stop the wars he expanded them. He didn’t help the poor get free health care he helped Insurance Companies get more money. He didn’t put Bush and Cheney on trial for international war crimes under the Geneva convention he let them go on their golfing tours and retire. He jailed more journalists and whistle-blowers than any President before him, whilst demanding more came forward.

Police shoot unarmed people and get told by squadron chiefs to plant guns near the bodies. No suspensions. They get tanks and ex US Military equipment from the government to make you fear your local cop more and more.

There will soon by totally AI Robocops patrolling your street. In microsends they could hook into the web or the NSA’s database of journalists and trawl through Facebook, Twitter and your files saved on Google Drive to see what kind of person you are.

Is a future Robocop /or AI like Judge Dredd character patrolling your sites. They will analyse you like the Terminator film, before considering whether you require you worthy to kill, be put in prison to make free goods for the Prison Industrial Complex owners or be let off for crossing the road or being too drunk. This is like a Nazi solider deeming whether you are fit enough to work in the slave labour camp or be killed.

AI was said by Stephen Hawking, who recently died, said in a speech: “The rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.”by the new AI police patrol or not – hopefully the cops union will stand up for them and stop it, because that is coming. Artificial Intelligence and your job might be going.

Here are some videos I think are worth watching from the Jimmy Dore Show.

Proof American Wars Are All Lies & For Oil

Professor stuns MSM with the TRUTH about Syria

Chemical Attacks In Syria Proven To Be False

Watch on The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks