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Operation Protective Edge – Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities

Operation Protective Edge - Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities

By Dark Politricks

I have just spent a few hours watching the nightly news on a few UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV and CH4 plus and Al-Jazeeraa for some opposing points of view, and then of course FOX, MSNBC and CNN for a one sideded laughable attempt at anything like news reporting.

I am sick to the bottom of my stomach.

Gaza is one big rubbish tip.

Children are playing in the rubble, remnants of their old homes with raw sewage running down the street.

The sad thing is that their whole lives have been full of this type of Israeli bombardment and treatment. In their little minds this is “normal life”.

IDF Troops are patrolling their streets menacingly treating each Palestinian they meet as the potential head of al-Qaeda. Maybe they should be looking a bit closer to home for that one……

At the moment we are met with overran with Hasbra social media BS and PR Quotes from the Israelis like “Gaza will feel the full force of our army until our troops are returned”, as they blow massive holes into the Palestinian bomb sites they used to call villages, all trying to stop Hamas sneaking the kidnapped IDF Lieutenant, Fawzi Barhoum, away from them. OR maybe it’s just another excuse to go “medieval on their arses” with impunity.

Something called the Hannabal Protocol means that IDF Generals can do anything they want to find and release the captured soldier whether OR not if it brings the captured soldiers own life into risk by their tactics.

It seems they would rather kill the captured soldier than allow him to become a Hamas prisoner.

They are even allowed to continue to destroy the schools that Palestinian kids have been told to hide in to protect themselves from Israeli shelling as even staunch ally the White House now admits was hit deliberately by IDF shell fire.

After the capture of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli solider who was released for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners (probably just innocent teenagers caught throwing stones as a tank), The Jewish News says IDF commanders reviewed this policy which declared that everything possible must be done to prevent soldiers from being abducted - even if it means endangering them.

The swap of Palestinian prisoners stuck in the throats of many and new tactics were drawn up that allow for total destruction of anything that could save the kidnapped soldier before they were held for ransom.

It doesn’t just mean just endangering the Israeli’s of course it means killing dozens, hundreds if not thousands of Palestinians who are treated as “collaborators” or “terrorists” just because they are forced to allow masked Hamas fighters into their homes to fire rockets from their roofs. All in the knowledge that within 10 minutes an Israeli missile will come and destroy their house.

Why the rockets are not fired from Palestine into disputed areas and illegal Israeli occupied territories which would be outside the main Israel air space protection and would cause more damage I don’t know. But then we do know Hamas was helped in it’s creation by the Mossad to split up Palestinian solidarity and drive the Fatah secular movement that was delivering towards peace talks straight to failure.

The Israelis wanted in-fighting between the Palestinians, secular and religious. It worked and when recently the two groups made up their differences which has kept them divided since the “free elections” that the US so badly wanted except the result that is.

Our election result or the highway it seem when it comes to “spreading freedom and democracy” as a major tenant of US war policy. The west hated the outcome of the election result yet the Israelis were secretly very happy when it broke the solidarity of the Palestinian resistance,

However now that the two sides are once again “making up” the Israeli’s are fuming.

Divide and conquer is their tactic not peace, making up and detailed discussions over fair and balanced treaties and border lines that have been agreed already by the International community.

Having a secular group fight an Islamic group bent on Israel’s total destruction is the perfect excuse to keep the Israeli population frightened with “outside enemies” and the Palestinians pre-occupied with in-fighting.

It’s not as if every Palestinians loves Hamas, but saying “no” to a group of armed men when they enter your house to fire missile when it could risk you being shot or thrown off your own roof top, is not exactly an appetising prospect in front of your own family.

Hamas maybe controlling the Gaza Strip with an iron clad fist but it doesn’t mean Israel should control them by deciding which food, medical items and other products should be allowed in or out of the territory.

Israel may claim they don’t “control”  Gaza any-more, but they certainly control the air space, waters and entry points into the territory. So if that isn’t control I don’t know what is.

And when people come together in peace, to send vital items such as food, medicine, glasses, wheelchairs, saline, rubber gloves and so on into Gaza by the way of peace flotilla’s they are met by force on the high seas.

Force which by law can be met by equal force to repel it and prevent such illegal pirate attacks – the same kind of force we are told we can use against Somalian Pirates.

Make no doubt about it the attack on the Mavi Marmara was illegal piracy in international waters by the IDF who attacked a peace flotilla perfectly within its right’s to deliver its cargo and defend itself against an illegal attack on the sea near Gaza.

And if the USA cannot even stop their own citizens being assassinated by their “close ally” then what can they do to stop the massacres, illegal settlement buildings and other international war crimes by the one ally who spies on it more than any other “friendly” other country in the world.

In fact will America EVER stand up to Israel?

Previous history has shown they haven’t so far despite the worst ever spy in US history Johnathan Pollad spying for Israel, and over 60 CIA spies being executed due to his revelations.

He is such a sore point due to Israel celebrating his birthday as a national holiday and that every time peace talks are brought up over Palestine their bought off Congressmen and Senators bring up his release from life imprisonment as a pre-condition, something the CIA  will never agree too.

It’s probably the whole  reason this demand is always brought up at these peace talks in the first place due to that fact they know it will never happen.

The Israeli’s don’t want true peace only peace on THEIR terms.

Killing US citizens whether they look slightly “Muslim” or not doesn’t seem to change the balance of power in the US/Israeli relationship.

Below are the details of the assassination of Furkan Dogan a 19 year old Turkish American who was the youngest person killed by the IDF on the Mavi Marmara, in the Gaza peace flotilla raid.

Here was a US citizen executed by IDF troops caught on camera and nothing was done or said about it publicly by the USA.

How would you feel if your country allowed you to be treated like this by a supposed ally?

The UN Report carried out by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) revealed that Dogan, the 19-year-old US citizen of Turkish descent, was filming with a small video camera on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara when he was shot twice in the head, once in the back and in the left leg and foot and that he was shot in the face at point blank range after lying on the ground in a conscious or semi-conscious, state for some time!




So should IDF generals use the kidnap of second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, 23, the soldier that the Israeli army said went missing in the Rafah area of Gaza be allowed to use Israel’s Hanibal Military Protocol to destroy everything in sight “just in case“.

The Palestinians see this kidnap as just another cover for more massacres of Palestinian people.

A Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, would not confirm or deny Goldin’s capture, saying that it was being used an excuse to attack the prison population of Gaza who have nowhere to run and hide from the constant shelling of their territory despite the “caring” IDF spokesmen who are constantly on US TV saying how they drop leaflets telling the people of the area that they should move to safety.

The problem is that these areas are usually schools that the IDF then go on to bomb and shell-like the 6 so far confirmed by Israel alone in this conflict alone.

I mean is it okay if someone drops a leaflet on your house saying it will be attacked and destroyed by the IDF in 10 minutes time ? Does that make it completely okay under international law for them to blow up your hard-worked for home?

I wonder how many of the thousands of Palestinians who have been beaten and jailed since the latest operation started are actually linked to Hamas in any way whatsoever or are they just poor lads who were beaten in the past by the IDF and have their names down on a list somewhere.

Probably the latter I suspect.

Anyway watching one-sided institutional news programming for the last few hours has made me sick.

I just hope it has made a few other people sick as well.

I hope some of you do something about it….

Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine

Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine

By Dark Politricks

38Degrees are trying to get the UK Parliament to actually act on the current Israeli conflict with the Palestinians rather than keep their nose up the USA’s ass hole.

You can help by signing a petition to tell our UK Foreign MinisterPhilip Hammond. what you think of this situation.

This is what 38Degrees say about the situation:

In the past 20 days of fighting in Gaza and Israel more than 1000 people have been killed and tens-of-thousands have been injured – many of them children [1]

Yesterday there was a brief 12 hour truce. Foreign ministers from around the world, including Philip Hammond MP, met in PARIS to try to reach a long-term ceasefire. Fighting started again overnight. [2] But just this morning both sides agreed to a further 24 hour truce. It’s not clear yet if it will hold. [3]

38 Degrees is a movement which stands for peace. In the news day after day we’ve seen men, women and children from both sides being killed. The natural reaction is to want to help – to do something.

The war is over 2,300 miles away from the UK. The conflict is long, bloody and seemingly never ending. It’s easy to feel powerless. 38 Degrees members have been sharing feelings of frustration and despair at what’s happening.

“The killing of innocent people, in particular children, totally unacceptable regardless of the argument.” Aidan

“If we could persuade our government to change course, against immensely powerful lobbyists, many other governments would probably capitulate, bringing a well deserved peace to the region at last.” Robin

I am a 38 Degrees member and really concerned by the general apathy of the UK and European governments in the face of Israeli aggression in Gaza…Ashley

David Cameron has urged “restraint” from both sides. [4] And Philip Hammond MP, our foreign minister, has said that “the necessity right now is to stop the loss of life.” [5]

Many 38 Degrees members are demanding a stronger response from the UK government. Some think this should take the form of sanctions, others think we should be pushing for war crimes investigations. Some of us think the UK should stay out of it altogether.

Philip Hammond represented us at the talks yesterday in Paris. And he will continue to represent us until a peace deal is agreed by all sides.

Whatever your view, Philip Hammond and the government should hear what we expect of them. 38 Degrees members haven’t written to the new foreign minister before, but with the death toll increasing by the day, now is the time to tell him what you think.

Click here to send Philip Hammond a personal email:

The situation in Gaza and Israel is complex. But we fail as humankind if we don’t devise a way to bring peace to this long troubled region. Let’s stand together with people all over the world calling for an end to the violence – for good.

With hope for peace,

Belinda, Maddy, Ali, Susannah and the 38 Degrees team

PS: If you want to see what other 38 Degrees members are saying and join the conversation, then you can on the 38 Degrees blog:

PPS: Here’s some context:

- A twelve-hour truce was agreed by both sides and began at 5am yesterday morning. An offer to extend the truce was rejected by Hamas. [6]
- This morning a 24-hour ceasefire was agreed by both sides. [7]
- The new UK foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has called for a swift ceasefire. [8]
- Thousands took part in a protest on the streets of London yesterday against Israel’s military campaign in Gaza [9]
- On Friday, the World Health Organisation has demanded a humanitarian corridor in Gaza. [10]
- Last week, the UN Human Rights Council voted to pass a resolution to investigate Israel for possible war crimes. The UK was one of 17 countries to abstain. [11]

[1] The Independent: Israel-Gaza conflict: Death toll hits 1000 amid 12-hour ceasefire:
[2] BBC: Hamas fires rockets into Israel after Gaza truce bid:
[3] BBC News: Hamas announces new 24-hour Gaza ceasefire with Israel:
[4] The Scotsman: Gaza: Cameron urges Israel to ‘exercise restraint’:
[5] BBC News Philip Hammond on ceasefire: ‘stop the loss of life’:
[6] Sky News: Israel resumes Gaza fighting after rocket fire:
[7] BBC News: Hamas announces new 24-hour Gaza ceasefire with Israel:
[8] Huffington Post: Philip Hammond warns the West is ‘losing sympathy’ with Israel over Gaza:
[9] Evening Standard: Thousands line London’s streets for pro-Palestine protest during 12-hour Gaza ceasefire:
[10] Yahoo! News: WHO calls for humanitarian corridor to evacuate Gaza wounded:
[11] UN News Centre: As civilian casualties rise in Gaza, UN Rights Council agrees probe into alleged ‘war crimes’:

This is my own response to the petition:



First some figures:

Israeli Death Toll = 42 (soldiers)
Palestinian Death Toll = 1000 and 5,870 injured (nearly all civilians, women and children)

I am shocked at the indiscriminate and deliberate shelling of hospitals, mosques, schools and farms in Palestine.

Yes the Hamasfirecracker” rockets are indiscriminate as well but then two wrongs do not make a right and the size of the two opposing “armies” is not exactly equal is it.

On one side a huge conscripted army of many Jewish people who are brought up to believe Muslims are all evil terrorists and therefore treat them so.

Examples include this beatings of teenagers (even US citizens) like 15 year old Tariq Khdeir. You can watch it here:

Watch on here:

This was taken from the Israeli newspaper

Tariq was the cousin of Muhammed Abu Khdeir a 16-year-old who was kidnapped and burned alive in revenge for the 3 Israelis who were kidnapped and killed >

Why was there no media outrage about this beating caught on tape by supposed “Israeli Defence Forces” or the sadistic killing of Muhammed Abu Khdeir as there was with the Israeli trio?

Are the lives of Israeli’s worth more than Palestinians?

Then we have a small enclave of people with nowhere to hide that is constantly bombed and shelled by the IDF.

The IDF say they drop notes before the bombings warning them of the attacks but if someone gave you a note at your door saying they would blow your house up in 10 minutes would that be fair or legal?

Also because the Gaza Strip is so small and built up there is nowhere for these people to hide.

Even the places they are told to wait are attacked by the IDF as the Goldstone report showed about the last big IDF attack on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead. Some main findings were:

  • Shooting unarmed and even tied up civilians.
  • Shooting teenagers who were carrying wounded civilians.
  • Bombing Hospitals and homes.
  • Collective punishment of a whole population for the misdeeds of some.
  • Israel was also accused of using banned weapons in civilian areas such as the White Phosphorus attack on the UN compound and on civilian areas which is expressly forbidden by international law.

The IDF say that they target schools, hospitals and mosques as well as people’s houses because Hamas fire rockets from these buildings.

Usually these firing zones are detected very easily and very quickly by flying IDF planes scanning for them. These firing places are then met with an IDF missile on the firing zone, which is usually someone’s house. Probably someone who had no say whether Hamas could use their home or not.

Many people in Gaza are scared of Hamas but because they are their rulers, many secretly hate or are scared of showing their true feelings about them in case they are killed.

This is exactly the same with most despotic governments.

Of course many Palestinians see them as the only people fighting for their freedom, resistance fighters who are trying to liberate their land and all because the International and Arab community are doing nothing to help them. They see Hamas as the only people willing to die to secure their freedom.

So many people cannot say no when a Hamas firing team come to their home to use it as a launch pad and then its blown to bits along with their family by an IDF missile minutes later.

So is it always fair that the US press always calls these people “sympathizers” and “collaborators” of Hamas when they haven’t even interviewed them to find out what happened. I guess it’s hard when the people you want to interview are dead but still at least try to get a balanced perspective on the actions of the people on both sides of the conflict.

Personally I think the problem is religion and people who abuse and mis-use that religion for their own ends.

Muslims are evil, Jews are scum, Christians are infidels and so on.

How we can reverse that I don’t know but we can stop powerful armies attacking smaller weaker groups of people who are locked in what is basically a ghetto with no way to get out and whose territorial waters are not actually their own.

Many flotillas to bring in food and medicine which the people of Gaza need badly are stopped in what should be Gaza’s own water and then arrested and treated as terrorists.

Even when the IDF execute and kill US citizens on these flotillas such as the murder of Furkan Dogan which you can actually watch here, the USA does nothing.


Why did the US ignore the assassination of one of their own citizens in international waters, in what was basically an act of piracy?

Would we let UK citizens be killed and beaten like the US has? Even when it has been caught on camera?

Are we that scared or Israel?

Can we not even say what we truly think about this situation or are we subservient to US/Israeli policy on the matter?

It sure looks like the latter to me.

Please change this and do something about the slaughter in the Middle East.


Israeli Death Toll = 42
Palestinian Death Toll = 1000 and 5,870 injured.

Is this a  fair and balanced war or is it a genocide we are supporting by our indifference and subservience to US/Israeli foreign policy?


From 38Degrees

Sign the petition here:

The MH17 Malaysian Plane Crash – Hallmarks of a stitch up?

The MH17 Malaysian Plane Crash – Hallmarks of a stitch up?

By Dark Politricks

Now believe it or not, I’m not a CIA stooge for writing about Putin’s involvement in the Ryazan apartment bombings that brought him to power in the corrupt days of post USSR. This was during a time where US economic hitmen were running the show, and the majority of KGB became the Russian Mafia.

This is what someone called me on my article about the bombings.

Neither am I a pro-Russian, FSB agent, who hates America and only believes anything Russia says as many others claim on my other postings just because I post videos from It’s a bit hard to have it both ways.

This is probably due to the fact that I like to get my news from multiple sources and then make up my own mind. The problem with US mainstream media is that is only shows the US perspective and never alternative views.

Both Democrats and Republicans fight over tiny inconsequential differences whilst both agreeing on:

  • War as a first resort
  • Using CIA stooges and agents to other throw “unfriendly” governments
  • The use of drones to kill terrorists AND US citizens.
  • The NDAA
  • The militarisation of US Police Forces
  • The 1% taking all the wealth and being paid to by US tax payers as they are thrown out their homes, and all the other major crimes that should be divisive topics across political lines.

So as much as I wish someone paid me a few bucks to write articles for this blog they don’t.

Why do I do it? Because I believe in always telling my own point of view whether others like it or not and not following the established line when it comes to events of immense proportions.

You read both sides of the story from mainstream to alternative news, from “left-wing” to “right” and pro war / anti-war sides before coming to your OWN conclusion. Therefore anyone who wants to get a fair and balanced view on the recent shooting down of Flight MH17 needs to watch both Russian media reports and Western media reports before deciding for themselves which seem the most logical, rational and less likely to lead us to World War III.

The Downing of Flight MH17

First here is a Russian news report in which Russia and their allies in the East are begging for an investigation into the crash.

And here is a US report in which John McCain is literally itching to start a new war with Russia. Psychopaths often end up in positions of power remember.

Despite both Kiev and anti Kiev troops denying shooting down the plane. In John McCain’s mind it doesn’t matter who shot it down as all roads lead to Putin drawing the blood from the victims by his own cold hands.

Even Barack Obama who claims the US has firm evidence that the plane was shot down by a missile which was fired from an area controlled by anti-Kiev fighters agrees with Putin’s calls to conduct transparent investigation and says it’s too early to say who and why shot down the plane.

Both Putin and Obama are agreeing that a ceasefire needs to be implemented so that a proper investigation can be held before responsibility can be laid at anyone’s door. This is a very sensible claim seeing that some questions need to be answered first by the Ukrainian Air Authorities such as:

Why did the plane fly over a war zone?

Why did the Ukrainian air traffic controllers asked the plane to fly lower over the war zone area?

Why were they asked to fly to a lower altitude from the height they were at?

This comes directly from the planes own company.

Was Flight MH 17 Diverted Over Restricted Airspace? MH%2017%20flight%20paths 0


Was it in the hope that the separatists would think it was a Ukrainian transport plane and shoot it down? It reminds me of that time when Blair and Bush talked about getting Saddam Hussein to “start” the Iraq war by luring him into downing a plane painted in UN colours.

Things like this do happen and it seems our leaders do talk about them. This includes Dick Cheney who had a crazy plan to stage a shoot up in the Straits of Hormuz between fake Republican Army boats and US ships, all so that they could blame Iran and start another war.

Here is investigative journalist Seymour Hersh talking about the plot.

And lets not forget that we have already heard claims that the new Kiev government is prepared to use false flag attacks to get its way as the leaked phone call between the Estonian Foreign Minister and EU Foreign Minister showed.

You can read more about it here or even on NSBC but you can listen to the two leaders discuss the false flag attacks below.

So with Kiev already using dirty tactics we have to ask ourselves “how far would they go” to get legitimacy to “cleanse” the East of Russian speakers as some Ukrainian Government ministers have even gone so far to say.

Even the Ukrainian Defense Minister has publicly voiced his plan to corral the citizens of Donbass into special “filtration” camps prior to forcibly resettling them in different parts of Ukraine. Even the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk declared the pro-federalists in the East to be “subhuman”.

And what about the massacre in the Trade Union building in Odessa that killed between 50 and 120 people.

39 Die in Odessa as Pro-regime Rioters Set Trade Union Building Ablaze

How mad did the west go about the Ukrainians killing over an innocent 100 men, children and women.

Not far it seems from their reporting.

  1. CNN: It is unclear how the fire began, but it comes amid ongoing clashes between pro-Kiev and pro-Russian protesters.
  2. Globe & Mail: … most caught in a building set on fire after pro-Russian activists and supporters of Ukrainian unity fought running battles across the southern port city.
  3. BBC: At least 31 people have been killed in a fire in an official building amid violence in Odessa in south-west Ukraine, the interior ministry says. The deaths came as pro-Russian protesters clashed with Ukrainian government supporters in the city.
  4. Global Post: At least 30 people died in the port city of Odessa on Friday, most of them from smoke inhalation after a building caught fire amid violent protests.
  5. USA Today:Police in the Black Sea port of Odessa said late Friday that 31 people died when a union hall was set ablaze as pro-Russia demonstrators battled in the streets with Ukrainian loyalists.

Not exactly the same sort of rhetoric used when pro Kiev fighters, bombing, shelling and killing Eastern Ukrainians are themselves killed in return is it?

Lets hear what they said when two fighter jets who were probably on a mission to unleash more bombs on defenceless Ukrainians were shot down by the separatists.

  1. NYTimes: The Ukrainian government said on Thursday that a Russian military plane had shot down a Ukrainian fighter jet in Ukrainian airspace the previous evening, a serious allegation of direct intervention by Russia’s armed forces.
  2. BBC: A Ukrainian security spokesman has accused Russia’s air force of shooting down one of its jets while it was on a mission over Ukrainian territory.
  3. TIME: A Russian plane shot down a Ukrainian jet as it was flying on military operations over east Ukraine, Reuters reports. Ukrainian military spokesperson Andriy Lysenko confirmed Thursday that a SU-25 war plane was shot down Wednesday evening by a Russian jet.
  4. Telegraph: Telegraph: A Ukrainian Su-25 war plane. . A war plane of the Russian armed forces carried out a rocket attack on an Su-25 of the Ukrainian armed forces, which was carrying out missions on Ukrainian territory… was downed by a rocket fired by a Russian fighter
  5. Huffington Post: A Ukrainian fighter jet was shot down Wednesday by an air-to-air missile from a Russian plane, Ukrainian authorities said.

Not exactly even and balanced reporting, taking quotes directly from the coup installed illegal Kiev government.

One which I might add due to the USA’s own laws shouldn’t even be supported. Not that the US would listen to its own laws of course.

“in accordance with the amendments introduced to the 1961 law (Foreign Assistance Act) a few years ago the provision of foreign assistance is prohibited to ‘the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree.’ The relevant provision is contained in 22 US Code § 8422,”

So in spite of Ukrainian provocation on a massive scale I believe that if it wasn’t for Putins current calm and rational behaviour in these tense times we could already be involved in World War III.

All because of the US neo-con and Ukrainian neo-nazi’s hatred for Russians.

It seems that even American pro-Israeli Zionists, people who would throw themselves on a bomb to protect the state of Israel, are willing to stand alongside neo-Nazi’s and anti-Semites to get their wish of a war.

In case you forgot here is John McCain with far right leader Oleh Tyahnybok in Independence Square in Kiev rousing the crowd to other-throw a legitimately elected government. One that was due to have an election in a years time anyway.

What right does an US politician have to enter another country and demand changes in leadership?

Can you imagine if Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro or President Putin stood in Washington rabble rousing and telling the masses to other-throw the US Government?

John McCain Oleh Tyahnybok
Here is John McCain in the Ukraine meeting (on his right) far right leader Oleh Tyahnybok in Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013.

Now just because the self-defence forces shot down Kiev “fighter” planes with their rockets it does not mean they did shoot or would shoot down a passenger jet. Would the separatists be crazy enough to shoot down a civilian airliner knowing what kind of trouble it would cause?

From a military article on “What would it take to shoot down a passenger jet”

To shoot down a commercial airliner at cruising altitude would require advanced anti-air missile systems. Among the easiest systems to employ would be man-portable air-defense systems, known as MANPADS. But some experts ruled out that possibility.

“First off, a MANPAD did not shoot down that airliner,” a former Marine Special Operations member trained in air defense systems said. “A MANPADS original purpose is for low-flying aircraft with high-heat signatures.”

“Like helicopters,” he added.

MANPADS have been known to target commercial aircraft – but usually only during takeoff and landing, when the jets are moving the slowest and are the most vulnerable. A DHL transport plane was struck by an SA-14, a type of MANPAD, shortly after departing Baghdad international airport in 2003.

MANPADS don’t have the fuel to continue tracking a fast-moving target at high altitude,” said the special operations member, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

For further reading on Russian hardware that could have shot down the MH17 Plane read this.

pro-Russian separatists have denied allegations that they brought down the aircraft, saying they lack weapons systems that would be able to target an airliner at a cruising altitude near 30,000 feet. At the same time, rebels in eastern Ukraine claimed that they had shot down a Ukrainian transport plane earlier this week. That plane, an IL-76, was shot down at 21,000 ft, according to U.S. officials. Three crew members were killed.

So the Russian separatists deny they have the weapons to even shoot down the plane. However in my eyes they have a perfect right to shoot down any enemy planes that are bombing and killing their women and children in their towns.

“It is war after all” – as the Israeli’s say whilst blasting homes to pieces, but not before dropping leaflets on top first warning the occupants that their house is about to be destroyed. How kind of them.

Also why would they do something that they would know Kiev and the US would use as a pre-text to launch an even bloodier war on the East of Ukraine than they already have? Are they just stupid.

So then that leaves Russia and Kiev who have the capabilities of shooting down such an airliner.

Mistakes do happen. Remember when the US shot down the Iranian airliner Iran Air Flight 655 in 1988.

The attack took place in Iranian airspace over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. It was on the flight’s usual flight path and giving out the correct signal to identify that it was a commercial airliner and not military.

The aircraft, an Airbus A300 B2-203, was destroyed by SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles fired from the Vincennes who “mistook” the Iranian Airbus A300 as an attacking F-14A Tomcat fighter.

I don’t remember too much crying in the US media about that attack, but then again Iran are our enemies just like the Russians are.

We don’t or shouldn’t shed tears for “terrorists” or “separatists” who just want feel safe and secure from the neo-nazi influenced Kiev government that we shouldn’t forget was installed after a coup removed the legitimate leader of the country.

And as for Russia shooting down the plane? Well they are being the calmest most rational politicians on the world stage at the moment.

  1. They are calling for a ceasefire so a proper investigation can be held.
  2. They have not invaded (as claimed) the East of Ukraine – although in my eyes they have the right to if they believe the Russian speaking people who WANT to be part of Russia are under deadly attack.
  3. They have not retaliated for all the sanctions the US and Europe have placed on them. They could have switched off all gas to Europe, sold all US currency and got China to as well, and then banned every single American government worker from the country including all the CIA agents on the hunt for Edward Snowden.

Instead they have just put troops on the border – a logical action considering they feel very likely an attack might be coming. Don’t forget 20 million Russians were killed by Nazis who came through the Ukraine in World War II so having a neo-Nazi government next door is not exactly comforting.

Plus the USA NEEDS Russia at the moment.

- Who was it that prevented the US being drawn into another war in Syria when they brokered a deal to get rid of Assad’s chemical weapons? Russia!

- Who is it that the US needs to help solve the Iranian nuclear weapon crisis? Russia!

- Who is it that Europe needs to fuel them every freezing winter with their gas? Russia!

- Who would it be mad to start a war with considering they have some of the most sophisticated missile technology in the world plus thousands of nuclear weapons? Russia?

So as neo-con war mongers and their limp wristed bitches Lyndsey Graham literally beg for a first nuclear strike on Russia despite any evidence they shot the plane down Obama has to be strong.

Can he?

Can he stop the neo-cons from ending the world or can he and Putin put their differences aside and admit that the Ukrainian situation is a mess and one that the US shouldn’t be supporting.

So as another Gladio 2 operation unfolds in the Ukraine and Iraq and Syria are fighting a bastard child of the CIA’s al-Qaeda e.g ISIL/ISIS. Plus Israel is bombing the hell out of Palestine due to 3 dead teenagers compared to thousands of dead Palestinian teenagers it’s madness not to have some calm at this point and wait for the facts to come in.

Whoever shot the plane down was either doing it deliberately to cause war or it was done by mistake DUE to the war on the Eastern Ukrainian people who just want to vote to be free like the people of Crimea, Kosovo, Scotland and all the other countries we are supposed to support self-determination for.

Wasn’t that the reason we supported Syrian rebels, Libyan rebels and countless other rebels when it suited us?

Are we that much of a bunch of hypocrites?

The answer seems an affirmative yes.

Wait for the black boxes to be analysed and hope the results are not tampered with when the Dutch handed them over to the UK to be analysed. They are actually local to me as we are one of the only places in Europe who analyse black boxes which included the PAN AM Lockerbie disaster.

However all the boxes will tell us is the chat between the pilots and the Ukrainian air traffic control and the flight, height, speed and other parameters the plane was flying at before it was hit. It may tell us a missile hit the plane but it’s not going to tell us WHO fired the missile.

So those photos from an US analyst who claims he saw Kiev controlled soldiers with a BUK missile system and empty beer bottles surrounding them should be a piece of evidence AND so should the intercepted calls that the Ukrainians had shot the plane down.

Add to that the question that two Ukrainian fighter jets were following the plane and then dropped altitude after it was hit to survey the wreckage should also be investigated.

Photos from social media of Ukrainian BUK missile systems “being moved into Russia” which have been used by the US State department despite claims that the photos show Ukrainian road signs, that prove the missiles were in Kiev controlled territory not Russia, should be dismissed as Twitter NAFF.

If the USA’s total intelligence against Russia is just Twitter photos and other social media then they need to up their game. At least the Russians have asked some questions that deserve answering. 

The question is – will they be answered – or will media hype and neo-con NAZI BS –  drumbeat war into US citizens heads take control instead?

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Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators – Use The Pirate Bay

Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators – Use The Pirate Bay

By Dark Politricks

Free The Pirate Bay Founders
Gottfrid Svartholm Ward and Peter Sunde

Help these two prisoners by sending them comfort items whilst they rot away in prison. Gottfrid can only receive letters whilst Peter can get letters, books and vegan candy!

So why not help these two out whilst they are stuck in jail as political prisoners for doing something Google a multi billion dollar company does constantly but on a much larger scale but is allowed a free pass from the Government.

A search engine like Pirate Bay or Google is just that – a way to search for items hosted on other computers. The search engines don’t host the files themselves they just supply a mechanism for searching for certain files JUST like Google.

I wonder how many “illegal” documents, vidoes, films, music, pictures and other items can be found with a Google or search? Lots – I know because I find them constantly!

So if you want to screw big business and the crackdown on Internet freedom help these two prisoners and continue to use the Pirate Bay by going through “proxies” – just search for “Pirate Bay Proxies” or if you have WAMP Server on your PC or a LINUX server that can run PHP scripts download this script to find out which proxies are not being blocked by your ISP.

You can download the PHP script to run from your own server and get ISP details from here. Just change the file extension from .txt to .php before you run it from your server.

If you are on a Windows machine you can download WAMP, set the port to 8888 so you can run APACHE and IIS alongside each other and run PHP from your Windows computer. Setting WAMP up on a Windows PC is pretty straight forward but if you do run into problems this article will help you troubleshoot some common issues you might face.


Using Pirate Bay

Despite it supposedly being banned more and more people are pointing their servers to it so that you can use it. If you want do to the same hire a server in a freedom loving country like Iceland (not the USA or UK!) and set your DNS to point at the Pirate Bay IP address.

Now to use the Pirate Bay without getting caught – and by that I mean not getting a letter kindly warning you not to use it through in the UK. To do so you can do all of the following.

If you are being blocked from the Pirate Bay by your ISP then you have a number of choices.

1. Find a working mirror to the site – e.g search for Pirate Bay Proxies on or try this page: to find some not blocked by your ISP. Many mirrors will first open up in something called with a JavaScript countdown. After a few seconds a link will appear saying “click here to continue”.

On clicking the page will change (usually to an advert with a blue bar at the top) and in the top right corner will be another countdown saying “Please Wait”. Usually after 5 seconds it will say “SKIP AD” and on clicking it you will end up at the Pirate Bay mirror site.

2. Use a proxy to access the Pirate Bay. There are many free proxies out there and you can find a good list at Use a tool like FoxyProxy to manage your proxy lists and toggle between them. Or you can go into your browsers network / proxy settings and manually enter the IP address and port number you want to use.

3. Download the new Pirate Bay Browser or the Mozilla TOR Browser. Both of which access the TOR network to help disguise your internet footprint by bouncing your HTTP requests through a series of servers.  As the TOR website explains.

“Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol.”

With all the outrage surrounding the NSA spying on ALL American citizens and the recent revelations that they are using this information not only to catch terrorists but to catch petty criminals, drug dealers, tax avoiders and to spy on and blackmail politicians and judges it is in everyone’s best interests that they tighten up on their Internet Security.

As this article I wrote explains there are a number of measures you can take to reduce your Internet footprint and whilst you might be totally invisible you can blend into the background.

So do yourself a favour and use the Pirate Bay browser or the TOR Mozilla Browser. Not only does making use of the TOR network help protect your privacy but the Pirate Bay Browser will let you access a number of Pirate Bay Mirror sites and bypass any censorship that your ISP or country may have introduced.

Download the TOR Browser

Download the TOR Browser

Once installed when you open the .EXE you will connect to the TOR network.

Joining the TOR network

Once connected you can use the Firefox browser to surf the web. All your Pirate Bay Mirror sites and other Torrent sites are linked at the top in the icon bar. Pick one and then carry out your search for movies, applications or other content.

As you can see it’s just a search engine like Google which makes it very unfair that the Pirate Bay is being blocked by ISP’s as Google also indexes illegal content such as porn and copyrighted material.

This is a search for the US TV show Dexter.

The Pirate Bay Browser

Like most search engines once you run a search you get your results.

The Pirate Bay Search Results

As you can see from the results on the right there are two columns, seeders and leachers.

You want to choose an item with as many seeders (uploaders) and as few leachers (downloaders) as possible to get a quick download.

You can also tell from the names of the file what sort they are e.g if the file has the word CAM in it then it’s a poor quality camera in a cinema job.

If it’s HDTV quality it will be a bigger better quality file and BRRip is a BluRay copy. Check for comments under each torrent download page to see what people have rated the audio and video quality.

Clicking on the file you want will open up the result page. Hopefully you will get comments telling you the quality of the file. Click on “Get This Torrent” to download your torrent file.

Downloading a Torrent from the Pirate Bay

When you want to download a torrent from the Pirate Bay you will first need to have a torrent client. There are many out there including:

Once you have one installed your application of choice you can just click on the torrent in your search results and it will open up in the client and start downloading.

As you can see whilst you download the file you will also be uploading at the same time. This way you are not just taking without giving back the files you have already leached. You can control the bandwidth ratio between upload and download as well as set limits on the rate you upload.

Downloading a Torrent in UTorrent

However be-warned, ISP’s are also on the lookout for people downloading (leaching) and uploading (seeding) torrents so you need to protect yourself.

Preventing Being Tracked Downloading

Some of the ways to stop or reduce people or companies from seeing you download torrents include the following and as always with security (in this case your own) it is better to use a variety of defence methods than just one:

-Using someone else’s WIFI or network.

-Using an anonymous proxy that doesn’t leak identifying information or even better a VPN. A paid for tool like BTGuard which is both a proxy and encryption tool which helps prevent your ISP throttle your traffic.

-Using a block list which will mean that all traffic is bounced around ISP routers so that they cannot scan the traffic, PeerBlock is an application that you can download that will do this although other Torrent applications can accept files of IP addresses into the application,

-Setting your download port to a common port for other traffic such as 80 or 8080/8888  (HTTP) so that it doesn’t look obvious that you are downloading P2P data. Most people use a “random port” but it is better to look like you are downloading HTTP content especially if you are encrypting your traffic as well.

-Limiting your upload rate to a minimum. Although this violates the spirit of P2P (sharing) the people going after you for stealing copyrighted material are more interested in those spreading (uploading) the content rather than downloading it.

-Ensuring you force outgoing traffic to be encrypted. This will help prevent your ISP see that you are using BitTorrent traffic and may prevent them throttling your bandwidth.

-Set a download cap on your traffic. Even if you are encrypting your traffic some ISP’s may see the amount you are downloading and throttle it if they think you are up to no good.

-Using an application like PeerBlock which will block traffic from known bad IP addresses such as P2P blocklists, known bad IP addresses, spyware, FBI and copyright monitoring sites and so on. It is worth downloading and just sits in the background running as you do you’re downloading.

As with most security measures a wide range of different measures is much better than just relying on one system.

Hopefully this article will help you make use of The Pirate Bay if you have been blocked so far from accessing it by your ISP.

Why do Americans still celebrate the 4th of July?

Why do Americans still celebrate the 4th of July?

By Dark Politricks

On the 4th of July there is only one question that needs to be asked by all Americans who are actually celebrating this holiday.

“What are you actually celebrating and why?”

You may not be ruled by King George any-more but the recent 2 Presidents have acted far more like Kings than the English monarch ever did.

It cannot be the freedom of speech you used to cherish. No you have to have permits and free speech zones for protests now. Plus your constant chatter on the phones, Internet and talk in public is constantly monitored by technology like NSA’s PRISM, TRAPWIRE and the much older ECHELON.

It cannot be the free movement around the country without fear of harassment, secure in your papers from unreasonable searches. Not when the Police, TSA, Transport Cops, Border Guards and other agencies can now forcibly take blood and DNA samples from you, scan your naked body and grope your genitals if you refuse to be scanned, stored and studied as you go about your way.

Add to that the fact that most people are carrying the equivalent of chips in their skin by having smart phones on their person 24/7.

Phones that record your every movement to local databases on your phone that can easily be extracted by the Police or if you turn off this feature (check once logged into Google to see if your history is currently being recorded) then it will still be logged at the phone company.

Turn your phones GPS off and your location can still be located down to a few square metres from pings to phone masts and a simple triangulation formula. Turn your battery off and there is still enough power to enable this to happen – maybe this is the reason most smart phones make it so hard to remove batteries nowadays.

It cannot be freedom from a tyrant, a King George like figure who thinks he has a God-given right to take your life. No the President now has the authority to take your life without even bothering with the charade that passes for a trial if he thinks you are a danger to your country. He just needs to consider you a danger to the country and sign a bit of paper and “boom” a drone is coming your way.

Freedom from drone strikes? Nope – not even if you’re a US citizen. Your just an enemy combatant who doesn’t have the right to argue your case in a court of law.

Freedom from assassination squads? Nope. Navy SEAL Teams and other commandos are scouring foreign countries to assassinate “terrorists” and the CIA are doing the same on the homeland for “malcontents”.

What about freedom to blow the whistle when you find that your government has broken the law, spied on people without warrants or committed massacres in war zones? No – if you write the wrong article in a paper or expose secrets that have been passed to you by a whistle-blower you are more likely to be considered a traitor than a hero in this new age.

It seems journalists who try to print the truth are considered nothing more than spies and the papers and journalists who dare to print your stories of government abuse will also be attacked, spied upon and harassed.

Even people who should know better will call for your execution on live TV. Who even knows whether these talking heads are even real TV personalities anymore rather than COINTELPRO agents stirring up hate against “enemies of the state” who dare speak truth to power.

What about the freedom to work long hours for little pay? Forced to hand over large amounts of your earnings for goods that your Government mandates you “must” purchase and then watch as the endless cycle of your Government buying its own printed money through the convoluted and corrupt Federal Reserve system means that the value of your wage decreases in real terms every month as your jobs are shipped overseas to people who are willing to work even longer and for much less?

It has now come to the stage that you are monitored so much in real life through linked up CCTV systems like TRAPWIRE, massive city sized computer systems that can log every purchase you make, every movement you make through your cars GPS tracking systems or even that useful bug you so happily carry around with you for others to track you with, your phone, that you cannot even escape into cyberspace any-more.

The virtual world is just as monitored as the real one.

I have to wonder whether the places you visit in virtual games  like Second Life are also bugged and monitored by virtual agents of the state? I’d guess the answer is most definitely especially after news that the NSA and GCHQ were using the chat services that online games employ to spy on the players.

Facebook, Google, Skype, Apple and all the other big techno giants we are being shepherded into using 24/7 are all just front ends to those 3 letter acronyms that litter the American landscape.

Acronyms like NSA, CIA, FBI and the  TSA are all hankering after those data packets that log every URL, website, file, instant message and email you have ever written.

These are the modern-day “papers” of the 21st century, and secure is not something you can expect to be, especially when you willingly hand over your data to the “cloud” for safe storage.

So if you celebrated “Independence Day” then I would be interested to know what is so special about your independence when compared to a dictatorship?

You have been living under emergency laws since 9.11.

Laws that give the President dictatorial like powers through Orwellian pieces of legalese like the PATRIOT ACT which was written years before the date and then eagerly dusted off when the events of 9.11 unfolded.

All to be enacted under a climate of fear and patriotism, where politicians didn’t even bother reading what they voted for and detractors were attacked with Anthrax or declared “unpatriotic”. All because they were not willing to hand over their basic rights such as habeas corpus, a fair trial, freedom from torture or the right to know what you have been accused of in an open court of law.

This was back when we had a far right government running the USA. Now we are supposedly living under a liberal, left wing, Democrat!

How I laugh when I hear Americans call Obama left wing or socialist! Society is not something he is promoting with Homeland Security asking neighbours to become de-facto spies and inform on each other or where over a million Americans have top secret security clearance.

There is nothing democratic or liberal about the NDAAdrone strikes at will or the President declaring that he can spy on anyone in the world without due process.

I have to wonder what President Obama see’s when he looks in the mirror.

Does he see the leader of a once great free nation that has succumb to fear, militarism, war mongering and the all-pervasive surveillance state.

If not, does he honestly believe he’s a liberal in charge of a “free nation”?

If so does he not feel the slightest bit of guilt when he looks at that Nobel Peace prize he was so, so prematurely given in the hope that pre-election rhetoric would be converted into real “hope and change” from the Bush/Cheney years?

Instead he has taken the ball from the GOP and kicked it out the stadium, far surpassing anything the Republicans did to kill liberty and freedom in America.

Wars have increased, with covert action and drone strikes occurring in more places across the world than ever before. All under the never-ending “war on terror” banner.

Liberty at home has decreased and a true liberal POTUS would have at least stood up for the freedoms he attacked Bush for removing when he was only a Senator. Does he honestly not believe he is the hypocrite is blatantly is.

It is funny how power corrupts.

It is not so funny to look at the state of Amerika on Independence day.