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A Documentary On The New World Order

A Documentary On The New World Order

By Dark Politricks

As I have been recovering from a major operation that seems to have gone wrong (just my luck), I have spent hours in bed with my legs raised watching YouTube on my TV. I have an idea for an article about the NHS and my experience of it (lots) which I am working on.

Howver as I do that I have been head rushed with movies about Nazi bases on the moon, alien shoot outs in deep tunnels in the US and even in space caught on NASA cameras. I even saw (easily faked) a short old clip which seems to show a joint Russian/US probe landing on Mars and a suited (60′s/70′s) presenter (looks like the BBC) calling out NASA to comment on it.

Either we had lots of Soviet Union astronauts working all through the cold war with NASA and the space race was just one big fat lie or the two space exploring nations were working together all the time as people have long suspected.

However as I have laid here drugged out my mind I came across this recent 4 hour documentary on the New World Order.

A Documentary On The New World Order

Personally I think it is well put together with clips from movies, songs, politicians and even the great George Carlin as he talks about the politicians screwing over the poor.

It talks about the history of propaganda, strong leaders that the public seem to love, the crap being put into our food and water. Big Pharma not caring about cures for AIDS as it would mean they would lose profits on the pills given out to HIV carriers each day.

From BBC Documentaries, US TV shows, David Icke, Alex Jones, Mark Dice and many more people you will probably have heard of it’s a good video to watch if you have no idea about the New World Order.

Its pretty long but it’s worth a watch if you have the time.

From the Video’s Author

WELCOME TO TRUTH | Full Documentary 2014

View Welcome To The Truth on YouTube

Published on Sep 13, 2014

(27-11-2014) In the past 7 days, this video has received 28,286 views. Only 1.7% of the views have been from external sources. If you have enjoyed this work, then please help promote this video to help awaken others. Share this on the social media that you use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc…

Attention: This video was blocked in some countries before. After dealing with the copyright issues, it now should be viewable in all countries as the status of this video is now ‘v’playable and aailab’, according to Youtube. If you are not able to watch it, please post a comment and let me know where you live. Video does not work on mobile devices due to cle’opyright issues.

This is an informative and coherent documenctary that exposes the hidden truth that you will never or very rarely get to see in the mainstream media. It has to do with the rule of secrecy behind the scenes of world politics, that has been steadily working on a covert plan to dominate the world and rule over us all without our consent. The world needs to wake up to this reality before it’s too late.

0:00 Open your Eyes
7:20 One World Government/New World Order
11:15 Who Really is in Control?
21:07 Economic Slavery to the Elite
36:00 Satanism &Occultism
1:40:04 The Truth about 911
2:04:02 War on Afghanistan
2:19:50 War on Iraq
2:54:51 War = Profit
3:00:19 Depopulation Agenda
3:22:55 Global (Electronic) Currency
3:25:13 RFID Micro Chip
3:31:48 Big Brother
3:43:03 Media Monopoly
3:47:04 The Influence of Media

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”


Watch the full documentary “WELCOME TO TRUTH”

View Welcome To The Truth on YouTube

Watch the full documentary on and add your comments to the already long list.

Just remember NOTHINGt in this film is racist or anti-Semetic.

What this video is, is a film about 9.11, the un-answered questions people seem reulctant or blank refuse to answer when asked. The rich people involved in the NWO and their reponses when questioned.

All quesrtions nned to be answered before Americans evem think about restoring their Republic and Democracy.

Remember this is just a starter film amd if you want more information then spend some time searching this site for more videos and essays.

Watch the latest films cheaply without downloading from P2P – Total BS!

Watch the latest films cheaply without downloading from P2P – BS!

By Dark Politricks

There is a lot of talk around the use of Pirate Bay and the new “Instant TV” channels like Netflix or Amazon Prime TV.

These people want you to think you can watch the latest films for a cheap amount rather than downloading them from illegal web or Torrent Sites.

The problem is it’s just not true.

Being laid up in bed for 3 weeks recovering from an operation has seen me watch a lot of TV. To be honest I have chosen to watch YouTube and shows like The CorbettReport rather than the rubbish on Freeview.

However I do have Netflix on my 3D SmartTV (what a waste of money the 3D Blue Ray player and 3D glasses were!) and I do love it.

I have been known to spent days (and nights when I cannot sleep) watching whole series of shows from the US I have never seen.

On that point why is it that the US love their cop shows so much?

You have CSI in 3 different locations. NCIS in 2. CSI Special X n Y units and so many more to name. I have watched many and the difference between US and UK cop shows is immense.

The US love seeing at least 3 people shot dead per show, the bad guys are either terrorists or threats to national security (fear porn) if not they are pedophiles, murder gangs on a killing spree or lone serial killers/rapists.

Either the US loves being scared shitless before going to bed each night or the US really is that violent.

The problem is that many reports over the years have shown that London is more violent than New York and that although we don’t open car windows and spray Uzis at Burger Kings we tend to use fists, shivs, knives, spoons and whatever is on the nearest table to fight and stick in an opponent.

Walk down any towns high ST on a Saturday night and you will see Police Vans, Fights, Drunken Idiots starting on people for no reason and a lot of drunken girls throwing up on the side of the road.

If our Police shows were realistic they would be full of bored cops taken drunk fools to Emergency Rooms to get their heads bandaged up after a baton accidentally hit them a few times. Instead we just have dozens of deep, mysterious, solo cops who solve crimes whilst keeping their distance from their colleagues and looking moody in every other scene e.g Luther (great show),

Anyway I got given a 30 day free Amazon Prime card in the post the other day. I used it mainly for Christmas shopping but I also got to access their new Amazon TV programmes and films. So I have been “lucky” enough to watch both Netflix and Amazon Prime over the last few weeks. This is my comparison.

It seems the reason they always show the new Amazon made series “Ripper St” on their adverts is because that’s the only show they have actually made themselves.

Most of their new shows are Netflix productions like “Orange is the new Black” and many more Netflix shows. Either Netflix made shows or those that are already on Netflix meaning Amazon Prime is redundant.

In their “latest films” section they are showing films such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey Jnr. All these films are 2-3 years old and many of them are already on Netflix.

I have Netflix and I wouldn’t swap it for any of these other productions.

If I want catch up TV that isn’t on my smart TV like ITV or CH4 OD I just use my PC and an HDMI cable to watch it on my TV.

If I want a film that is not on Netflix or Amazon I use Pirate Bay.

The authorities and Big Film companies keep saying “there are many legal ways to watch your latest films” - BULLSHIT.

Your choices to watch a film are:

  • After they have been run for months in the cinema.
  • After the DVD has been out.
  • After Sky / BBC / CH4 / Netflix has bought the rights for a year and shown it.
  • If you get a naughty scamp to put the film on YouTube or DailyMotion and you get to watch it.
  • Or you find a version on one of the many other free to view sites out there that show films illegally.

So if you want to watch films that are new you can do the following:

Pay £12 for a seat at the cinema, £5 for ice cream and sit in a cramped seat with teenagers throwing popcorn around and chatting all the time.

Or go to a Torrent site and watch a downloaded shaky camera shot version of the film with heads and talking from the cinema where it’s secretly being shot.

Or you can wait a little and:

  • Buy the DVD for £15
  • Wait for the DVD to come out, wait a day or two, then download the latest P2P BlueRay HD version on PirateBay.

So it’s Netflix and Pirate Bay for me.

If you cannot get past ISP blocks?

Use the Pirate Bay Browser which uses TOR to bounce you to a country that lets you access it & use PeerBlock to stop your ISP thinking you’re downloading BitTorrent data.

Make sure you change your settings to NOT use a random port and set it to 8000, 8888 or 8080. All common HTTP ports when port 80 isn’t in use.

Always set a limit on your download rate so your ISP doesn’t get suspicious and set your upload (seed) limit lower than your download limit (leach). This is because ISP’s are more likely to go after people putting the videos up on PirateBay and then seeding (uploading) than downloading.

Here is a guide to using it >

So when it comes to watching the latest films I don’t see how 2/3 years is “latest” and therefore I will be sticking to Netflix and Pirate Bay until Hollywood realise that they are on a losing battle.

Until they offer people other ways to watch new releases rather than fork out lots of money at cinemas, pay £15 for a DVD or wait 2 years until TV gets it then people will continue to bypass their pathetic attempts at blocking people downloading new Cinema and DVD releases.


9/11 The Anatomy of a Great Deception – Please Watch This Is If You Want To Know The Basics About 9/1 Conspiracy Theories

9/11 The Anatomy of a Great Deception – Please Watch This Is If You Want To Know The Basics About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

By Dark Politricks

I do apologise for some of the grammar mistakes in the first draft of this article but I did state that I have been in and out of hospital lately which has affected my ability to write due to the high doses of pain killers I am on.

Therefore I want to re-introduce newcomers to the 9/11 conspiracies to a great video that gets you up to speed on some of the key points ASAP.

It doesn’t go as far as naming real names such as the head of the Israeli Mossad Operation team who has admitted carrying out 9.11. Neither does it mention how Mossad were following some of the hijackers around for up to a year before the attack which even FOX News reported on before being forced to remove the articles.

However this video does open the door far enough for people to  be intrigued enough to want to investigate more to go out and do that research.

Most people know all about the various parts discussed in the aforementioned film but for others this is a good starting place for anyone interested in 9.11.

Why ?

Well it’s all about one man’s personal story from how he went from an average American husband and father who believed the Governments line on the 9/11 attacks to someone who nearly lost his marriage and friends over his investigation. It had most people he knew thinking he was going loopy for speaking out about the glaring inconsistencies in the 9.11 story.

These were lies being told to the American people to get them to fight wars in foreign lands.

He talks about the fast falling of the three World Trade Tower buildings, the super fast clean up, the ejected steel poles embedded in other buildings, the samples of dust consisting of a substance called nano-termite a substance only produced in top US military laboratories to the amount of people who had pre-knowledge of  the attacks – especially WTC-7.

This was a building not hit by a place that collapsed looking like a perfect controlled demolition in almost free fall time, with no resistance from all the floors to slow the collapse down. 

The institution called in to explain this mystery (that included a free fall unexplainable by physics) for over 2 whole seconds, was called NIST, yet the computer projection they came up with had no bearable resemblance to the actual way the building fell, and even they could not explain the 2 seconds of free fall.

He talks about how vans were turning up at 3am every morning after the janitors of WTC had left and then left again before they returned.

What were these people doing?

Has anyone asked and actually found an answer?

The people in the Government who tried to ask questions were silenced and prevented from speaking out about what they knew. These were CIA and FBI analysts trying to do their job as American patriots.

He also discusses how all the companies running the security of the WTC buildings, and even airports that the hijackers used were owned by Bush family members. Also how the close connection between Saudi Arabia where the hijackers came from, and the Bush family, allowed members of the bin-Laden family to fly out of the country without the FBI being able to ask them questions about the supposed architect of the whole attack.

Also it ponders on the question of why so many of the of the families of dead victims from the attack want a fresh investigation. Even the people of New York who voted to hold their own investigation were prevented from doing so.

What makes this video different from the others you might have seen about 9/11 is how it’s set from the perspective of one mans journey from an air of nonchalance about 9.11 and his belief in the honesty of the US Government to the total opposite. All because he saw one bit of video footage that changed his whole world view.

What was this thought? Just the single one about why George W Bush carried on reading to school kids when the country was under attack.

Any other President who had just been told there were multiple hijacked planes in the sky would have been taken out from the building to a secure location ASAP.

Who would have known whether the hijackers knew the location  of the Presidents whereabouts that day?

Why did the Secret Service feel so safe remaining in the school and more concerned about scaring the children than getting the Present to protective custody in a time of “war”.

So he watched more videos, read more articles, and went down the “rabbit hole” until it almost broke his marriage apart by his obsession with the 9/11 conspiracy.

Therefore he started making his own video for his wife and family to explain to them WHY he was so obsessed with the 9.11 attacks. This is the video you will watch.

It worked, they watched it and changed their minds.

His marriage and family were saved.

Because of this he recently put this it up on YouTube for others to see and I suggest that you do spend the time to watch it, especially if you still believe the official report of what happened on 9.11.

For someone new to 9/11 and the discussions about all the various topics about who did it, why they did it, and who had something to gain from starting what is now becoming a 3rd World War between the West and Islam this is a great starter video.

It goes at a nice pace, fills you with facts and quotes from the mainstream media around 9.11 and then shows how the same media turned on anyone attempting to claim it was an “inside job” as nutters and weirdos. These were ex Government officials, Generals, Pilots, CIA and FBI investigators. Not your average garden variety loon.

One of the funnies pieces of the film is how a CNN team managed to drive into Afghanistan and interview the worlds most wanted man Osama bin-Laden and yet the worlds most sophisticated security apparatus couldn’t even locate him for capture or take him out.

Very odd how people managed to interview bin-Laden before and after 9.11 but the CIA went to war for a decade and let him escape to Pakistan before the shooting a couple of years ago.

CNN beat the CIA to Osama-bin-Laden

A Starter Guide On 9.11

I would 100% suggest this video as a starter guide for anyone interested in the events, whether you believe in a conspiracy and especially if you don’t.

Afterwards there is enough people mentioned in the film, organisations, companies and other websites that you can go and visit them to get more detailed knowledge of  the facts.

If you want one article on a theoretical debate between a conspiracy believer and non believer read this article of mine.

Then if you want a real debate just read the comments below the article.

Just before I show you the video I want to show you a some film of what happens when a plane flying at the same speeds the hijacked planes were going when they hit the WTC and Pentagon hit solid concrete.

Does the plane enter the wall or does it just crumble into dust on the outside?

Now watch the video and send it to your friends, family and other people who believe the official conspiracy story.


9/11 – Anatomy of a Great Deception – Complete Version


Use The Pirate Bay Browser and stick two fingers up to the authorities and corporations who jailed the Pirate Bay creators

Use The Pirate Bay Browser and stick two fingers up to the authorities and corporations who jailed the Pirate Bay creators

By Dark Politricks

Free The Pirate Bay Founders
Gottfrid Svartholm Ward and Peter Sunde

Help these two prisoners by sending them comfort items whilst they rot away in prison. Gottfrid can only receive letters whilst Peter can get letters, books and vegan candy!

These two prisoners are in jail for doing something that Google and BING do everyday and make millions from. The only difference is that Google and Microsoft work hand in hand with the US Police State authorities such as the NSA, GCHQ and the CIA.

As these companies are doing the bidding of the empire whilst The Pirate Bay isn’t they have been targeted and the owners unfairly jailed.

So why not help these two out whilst they are stuck in jail as political prisoners for doing something Google a multi billion dollar company does constantly but on a much larger scale and is given a free pass from the Government to carry on doing it.

As Julian Assange just recently said in an interview, Google is basically a privatised NSA that collects as much data as possible from everyone it can. He said:

“It is collecting as much information about people as possible, storing it, indexing it, and using it to create profiles of people and then selling that to advertisers and others.”

“Those are the same procedures that security agencies go through. That is why the NSA has latched on top of what Google is doing.”

Watch the interview below.

Julian Assange: Google Is Like The NSA

A search engine like Pirate Bay or Google is just that – a way to search for items hosted on other computers. The search engines don’t host the files themselves they just supply a mechanism for searching for certain files JUST like Google.

I wonder how many “illegal” documents, videos, films, music, pictures and other items can be found with a Google or search? Lots – I know because I find them constantly!

So if you want to screw big business and the crackdown on Internet freedom help these two prisoners and continue to use the Pirate Bay by going through “proxies” – just search for “Pirate Bay Proxies” or if you have WAMP Server on your PC or a LINUX server that can run PHP scripts download this script to find out which proxies are not being blocked by your ISP.

You can download the PHP script to run from your own server and get ISP details from here.

Just change the file extension from .txt to .php before you run it from your server.

If you are on a Windows machine you can download WAMP, set the port to 8888 so you can run APACHE and IIS alongside each other and run PHP from your Windows computer.

Setting WAMP up on a Windows PC is pretty straight forward but if you do run into problems this article will help you troubleshoot some common issues you might face.

If you want to know other ways to protect yourself online when you are constantly being monitored server and client side, by your ISP, by your search engines and the websites that you visit ontop of the emails you send and receive then you might want to read this detailed article by myself on ways to limit the snooping that is possible.


Using Pirate Bay

Despite it supposedly being banned more and more people are pointing their servers to it so that you can use it. If you want do to the same hire a server in a freedom loving country like Iceland (not the USA or UK!) and set your DNS to point at the Pirate Bay IP address.

Now to use the Pirate Bay without getting caught – and by that I mean not getting a letter kindly warning you not to use it through in the UK. To do so you can do all of the following.

If you are being blocked from the Pirate Bay by your ISP then you have a number of choices.

1. Find a working mirror to the site – e.g search for Pirate Bay Proxies on or try this page: to find some not blocked by your ISP.

Many mirrors will first open up in something called with a JavaScript countdown. After a few seconds a link will appear saying “click here to continue”.

On clicking the page will change (usually to an advert with a blue bar at the top) and in the top right corner will be another countdown saying “Please Wait”. Usually after 5 seconds it will say “SKIP AD” and on clicking it you will end up at the Pirate Bay mirror site.

2. Use a proxy to access the Pirate Bay. There are many free proxies out there and you can find a good list at Use a tool like FoxyProxy to manage your proxy lists and toggle between them. Or you can go into your browsers network / proxy settings and manually enter the IP address and port number you want to use.

3. Download the new Pirate Bay Browser or the Mozilla TOR Browser. Both of which access the TOR network to help disguise your internet footprint by bouncing your HTTP requests through a series of servers.  As the TOR website explains.

“Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol.”

With all the outrage surrounding the NSA spying on ALL American citizens and the recent revelations that they are using this information not only to catch terrorists but to catch petty criminals, drug dealers, tax avoiders and to spy on and blackmail politicians and judges it is in everyone’s best interests that they tighten up on their Internet Security.

As this article I wrote explains there are a number of measures you can take to reduce your Internet footprint and whilst you might be totally invisible you can blend into the background.

So do yourself a favour and use the Pirate Bay browser or the TOR Mozilla Browser. Not only does making use of the TOR network help protect your privacy but the Pirate Bay Browser will let you access a number of Pirate Bay Mirror sites and bypass any censorship that your ISP or country may have introduced.

Download the Pirate Bay Browser

Download the TOR Browser

Once installed when you open the .EXE you will connect to the TOR network.

Joining the TOR network

Once connected you can use the Firefox based browser that comes with The Pirate Bay software to surf the web and access various torrent sites like Bitsnoop, Torrentz and of course various Pirate Bay proxies where people have pointed their own domains at the site as mirrors to keep it alive. The more they shut the sites down the more they will spawn like a virus.

All your Pirate Bay Mirror sites and other Torrent sites are linked at the top in the icon bar. Pick one and then carry out your search for movies, applications or other content.

As you can see it’s just a search engine like Google which makes it very unfair that the Pirate Bay is being blocked by ISP’s as Google also indexes illegal content such as porn and copyrighted material.

This is a search for the US TV show Dexter.

The Pirate Bay Browser

Like most search engines once you run a search you get your results.

The Pirate Bay Search Results

As you can see from the results on the right there are two columns, seeders and leachers.

You want to choose an item with as many seeders (uploaders) and as few leachers (downloaders) as possible to get a quick download.

You can also tell from the names of the file what sort they are e.g if the file has the word CAM in it then it’s a poor quality camera in a cinema job.

If it’s HDTV quality it will be a bigger better quality file and BRRip is a BluRay copy.

Check for comments under each torrent download page to see what people have rated the audio and video quality and the type of file you will be downloading.

There are plenty of programs that will play all formats and I suggest downloading VLC Media player as well as your standard software to play .avi and .mp4 movies as it will play almost any format of movie file you might download.

Clicking on the file you want to download will open up the result page. Hopefully you will get comments telling you the quality of the file, the type of file, the quality of sound and video and other information.

Click on “Get This Torrent” to download your torrent file.

Downloading a Torrent from the Pirate Bay

When you want to download a torrent from the Pirate Bay you will first need to have a torrent client. There are many out there including:

I use utorrent myself as it’s very easy to use and configure. It lets you set a folder for movies currently being downloaded, then you can move them to a “finished” folder once complete.

You can easily see which files are seeding or leaching at the time and you can change download and upload rates from unlimited to 1KB as well as set a proxy up to pass data through and change the port number all traffic passes through.

Once you have one installed your application of choice you can just click on the torrent in your search results and it will open up in the client and start downloading.

As you can see whilst you download the file you will also be uploading at the same time. This way you are not just taking without giving back the files you have already leached.

Downloading a Torrent in UTorrent

However be-warned, ISP’s are also on the lookout for people downloading (leaching) and uploading (seeding) torrents so you need to protect yourself.

Preventing Being Tracked Downloading

Some of the ways to stop or reduce people or companies from seeing you download torrents include the following and as always with security (in this case your own) it is better to use a variety of defence methods than just one:

-Using someone else’s WIFI or network. If your neighbour has an unlocked wi-fi or you can get onto a cafe, hospital or other open WI-FI networks with applications like “The Cloud” that let you use their WI-FI network for free.

-Using an anonymous proxy that doesn’t leak identifying information or even better a VPN. A paid for tool like BTGuard which is both a proxy and encryption tool which helps prevent your ISP throttle your traffic.

-Using a block list which will mean that all traffic is bounced around ISP routers so that they cannot scan the traffic, PeerBlock is an application that you can download that will do this although other Torrent applications can accept the uploading of lists of IP addresses into the application as well. PeerBlock just runs on your PC as you run your P2P software.

-Setting your download port to a common port for HTTP traffic such as 80 or 8080/8888  so that it doesn’t look obvious to your ISP that you are downloading P2P data. Most people use a “random port” but it is better to look like you are downloading HTTP content especially if you are encrypting your traffic as well.

-Limiting your upload rate to a minimum. Although this violates the spirit of P2P (sharing) the people going after you for stealing copyrighted material are more interested in those spreading (uploading) the content rather than downloading it.

-Ensuring you force outgoing traffic to be encrypted. This will help prevent your ISP see that you are using BitTorrent traffic and may prevent them throttling your bandwidth.

-Set a download cap on your traffic. Even if you are encrypting your traffic some ISP’s may see the amount you are downloading and throttle it if they think you are up to no good.

-Using an application like PeerBlock which will block traffic from known bad IP addresses such as P2P blocklists, known bad IP addresses, spyware, FBI and copyright monitoring sites and so on. It is worth downloading and just sits in the background running as you do you’re downloading.

As with most security measures a wide range of different measures is much better than just relying on one system.

Hopefully this article will help you make use of The Pirate Bay if you have been blocked from accessing the website by your ISP then The Pirate Bay browser, UTorrent and Peerblock will help you out.

Remember the founders of The Pirate Bay do not deserve to be in prison. They are like the criminals that refuse to grass when they are interviewed. Because they won’t play ball with the authorities like Google and BING they are just criminals in the eyes of the Empire.

So stick two fingers up to the Empire and use  to download your movies and hopefully Hollywood will soon get it into their thick heads that people want to watch films ASAP without going to the cinema all the time.

Netflix and Amazon TV do a good job for a cheap price but they don’t have the latest programmes and films on as soon as you want.

If they can sort that out people will be willing to pay a small fee once a month instead of using P2P.

Therefore the authorities need to come up with a cheap fix for their biggest problem instead of jailing people and just getting ripped off.

Internet Censorship and Surfing Anonymously

Internet Censorship and Surfing Anonymously

By Dark Politricks

Sometimes it feels like the good old days of the Internet and being anonymous have passed – and you would be right.

With restrictive and snooping laws being passed all over the world, firewall filters wrapped around whole countries, Twitter users sued for Re-Tweeting libellous claims and big tech companies working hand in hand with the biggest security forces on the planet there really is no way to escape.

The recent Edward Snowden and PRISM story has got everyone up in arms as they realise that America has basically been spying on all of us for years.

Whether you live in the USA or not the NSA has basically been trawling through our personal data without a warrant for years.

If you watch the recent interview with the prisoner Julian Assange he also claims Google is just a privatised version of the NSA and collects as much information on you as possible.

“It is collecting as much information about people as possible, storing it, indexing it, and using it to create profiles of people and then selling that to advertisers and others.”

“Those are the same procedures that security agencies go through. That is why the NSA has latched on top of what Google is doing.”

Ever since the 90′s the US intelligence agencies have been inserting backdoors into your home computers so that they can bypass secure encryption and access your PC without your knowledge.

Even the BBC reported on this back in 1999 about a backdoor the NSA inserted into Windows 95 and 98.

With Google taking seed money from the CIA and helping the US intelligence agencies improve their search algorithms and Microsoft buying up Skype, which used to be a way for people to talk securely over VOIP, there are now major doubts about Microsoft’s reasons for buying this loss leading company.

Why build in backdoors to popular applications when you can just buy out the company and have access through the front door to all the traffic and conversations users have by using the application.

However despite the gloom and talk of cut off switches and the blocking of social media in times of trouble, there are ways to minimise your “Internet footprint”.

Remember the saying from those who don’t seem to care about this invasion of privacy

“If you are not a serious criminal or terrorist then you shouldn’t have anything to fear” - A quote by idiots

However we all have something to fear when our governments share data between each other without our knowledge and systems like PRISM, ECHELON and TRAPWIRE monitor all our movements on and offline.

Do you really want private naked photographs or videos of you and your girlfriend passed around the offices of GCHQ and NSA for everyone to have a giggle. The workers are still human believe it or not. Even if your not into sending pictures of your junk to strangers or partners online you still might have a love note, a private business deal or idea that you want to keep quiet and not intercepted by the NSA.

Who knows what back-doors the big tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook have allowed the US Government to install into their code and do you really want some nerd in Langley delving into all your data and Internet history just because you mentioned words like terrorist or bomb in an email or message?

However if you’re a reporter daring to expose the state crimes of the USA or the axis of war then you’re probably being watched through your webcam right now whilst your iPhone’s microphone is being channeled into GCHQ or Langley for analysing – tough luck!

The best defence against this is a bit of masking tape covering the webcam! If you don’t think they do this then you haven’t read a lot about modern techniques MI5 and others used to trap terrorists by reverse engineering their mobile phones so that they could not only track their movements but listen to their conversations through the microphone speaker on the mobile.

From a users perspective the Internet contains a myriad of security and privacy issues which if the user is not aware of could cause potential problems on all manner of levels.

For the privacy conscious person who wants to be able to surf the net without worrying about someone looking at the content they have visited in real time or at a future date e.g your work, government or Police then there are a number of issues they need to be concerned about.

When even the head of the CIA, America’s most powerful spy, David Petraeus gets sacked due to technical snooping we know that no-one is safe.

However knowing how he was caught is very helpful for everyone. The more ways you know of that help the Government and Corporations spy and sell your data for money the better. You can then decide whether to take the risk or take measures to protect yourself.

This is an update of an older article and with the Internet constantly changing the ways you can be tracked this article will also constantly change as newer technologies come out.

For example with a few lines of code you can find out details that can be used to identify your computer, even down to geo-graphical location.

Visit this page to get the info programmers can easily get from you: Get publicly accessible details from your IP address.

As with most web content if you wanted to be 100% anonymous on the web it will be pretty hard to do.

If you want to stay totally anonymous you should probably move underground somewhere as there is always a satellite up there somewhere and with Google Earth you cannot even escape commercial companies any-more! So moving to the woods to live in a hut without electricity or broadband is not even a safe option, let alone a comfy one!

However there are various forms of tracking that you should be aware of so that you can limit the risks to you whilst surfing or using the Internet or phone. These don’t have to be to hide from the Government but could just be to prevent your personal details from being sold to advertisers or having horrible popup boxes show when you close a window.

This is not a comprehensive list but it is a start and it is also one that is constantly changing as technology changes. When I  originally wrote this tablets (iPads etc) were not that common. Now they are just another place to accumulate your browsing history and a tool to be used against you if you are ever in that unfortunate position.


This is how the head of the CIA was caught out. He wasn’t sending the emails but he was saving them as a draft under an anonymous Google account and then letting his mistress login and read them.

This way there was no Internet trail as when you send an email the mail is routed from server to server and the IP addresses of the mail servers it traveled through are recorded in the headers of your mail.

Check it yourself. If you use a mail client find the option to “View All Mail headers” and then view an email that has been sent to you. At the top you should see the details of the route that the email took which should show the originating mail server, the receiving mail server and the IP addresses of any it traveled through in-between.

For example here are some of the headers from a spam email sent to me earlier.

Return-Path: <[email protected]>
X-Original-To: [email protected]
Delivered-To: [email protected]
Received: from (unknown [])
	by (Postfix) with ESMTP id C488B59538B
	for <[email protected]>; Mon,  9 Dec 2013 23:48:13 +0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2013 18:48:01 -0500
From: "Home Lifestyle Report" <[email protected]>
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.9; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/24.1.1
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: [email protected]

So I can still find out some useful information such as (sometimes) the senders real email address if they host their own server and other mail server addresses that the email passed through on the way to your own account.

Usually hackers use email to spread viruses in this day and age by attaching files to the email and tricking you into opening them. If you get an email from your best freind with an attachment, check the headers, it will tell you whether someone else sent the email and just changed the “From” name to one you trust which is easily done.

This is a common trick to try and get you to open files attached to the email that because of your admin privileges (if it’s your computer) could install nasty software on your PC and possibly use your own address book to spread the virus on to others.

Even if your friend HAS sent the email, remember that they themselves might have been hacked, and remember your bank is never going to send you an email requesting you go to a page (that may look exactly like your bank) and ask you to re-enter your PIN code and card number and other personal details that could be used in identity and bank fraud.

Remember every time you visit a website every file that makes that page up (images, HTML, scripts and CSS) is downloaded into temporary files on your own PC before being rebuilt by your web browser into a usable format. This is you browser cache and it makes re-visiting commonly visited sites quicker as if you already have the files it saves time re-downloading them. However the larger this cache gets it can slow down your surfing if you don’t clear these files out regularly.

There is also software out there that takes seconds to rip off any site. I could just point it at the HSBC bank website and it would make me a copy of their client side HTML within minutes. I could then buy a domain with the name HSCBC in it somewhere so it looks “semi” legit and then send spam emails asking people to re-enter (or change) their security details as a “safety” precaution.

Remember any real email from your bank would never ask you to do this and just because the name of your bank is mentioned in the address e.g (made up site) as opposed to (real site) does not mean that the bank OWNS that domain.

Phishing relies on people not checking email headers, or trusting that their friend or bank would never send them dangerous content by email. However you should never rely on that and remember that HSBC will own their own mail servers so would never send you an email from hotmail, gmail or yahoo.

However the head of the CIA was caught out by NOT sending the email. The reason was due to that all invasive “cloud” we keep hearing about that stores everything on multiple servers owned by big companies like Google allowing you to use multiple devices to access the same information without actually having to have the data you want on your machine.

When people use this draft save only technique they are trying to avoid this trail. However you are defeating yourself in the first instance by:

a) Using an online mail server such as Gmail or Hotmail. All the data including drafts are saved on THEIR servers i.e “in the cloud” so if they disable your account, or are served with a warrant there is a good chance your draft emails will be accessed and read along with your sent, read and junk emails.

b) If you don’t hide your origin when signing up for a throwaway Gmail or Hotmail account (you have to fill in a form to get one in the first place) then they will still get your IP address unless you have gone through known secure Proxy servers or used someone else’s computer without their knowledge (e.g an open Wi-Fi router). Do a scan on your PC / Phone now and see if there are any around you. Open ones won’t have a lock symbol next to them.

c) Remember that Microsoft computers store all deleted emails, web history and other files even when you think they have been deleted on your computer. Here is a very old article from 2000 which shows even back then Microsoft was hiding emails, web searches and other files from users. The scripts and batch files you might find if you search for “Microsofts Really Hidden Files” probably won’t work anymore but they probably have no need for such old methods especially when people are buying computers and defaulting them to backup everything to the cloud.

How to bypass

Don’t use “cloud based” systems that are well-known to have links with the US security services (Microsoft and Google have – as I have shown and both these mega companies are actively helping the US spy agencies with their own huge database).

Read this article on why we are sleep walking into a surveillance society by consent. Then ask yourself whether using any of these big Internet companies software is safe, especially as they seem to gobble up smaller companies by the minute.

Why create back-doors when you can walk in the front I asked myself when Microsoft bought SKYPE.

It may pain you but by using any Internet-based email service it means recording the data as it leaves the device you write your message on, storing it on a computer system you have no control over and by signing the Terms and Conditions you have allowed them to “own” your data and use it for advertising and God knows what else.

Plus nothing leaves the Internet, you can view cached versions of Google (or any site) all the way back to the 90′s on this site:

If you don’t want your own website to appear on this search engine that archives everything forever then they are pretty good about obeying the robots.txt directives so you can put this in your robots.txt file (read about it here) to prevent that site indexing your site.

# alexa archiver
User-agent: ia_archiver
Disallow: /

To be really sure you can block the IP in your .htaccess file or at your firewall if you wanted to stop them crawling your robots.txt file at all.

Also use throwaway email addresses if you can or even create your own with some basic scripting (not hard if you can be bothered) and put it on a server in another “more freedom friendly country” and use proper proxies to access the webpage front end to send your emails (the part about proxies come later on).

The need for these disposable email systems sprung out of the need for a quick email address to sign up to a site or set up an anonymous blog or anything else that you don’t want all the spam emails that follows. I also have found with some basic hacking you actually use them to send AND receive email – it all depends on how good the programmer is.

Either do a search for “Disposable Email Addresses” to find the latest ones or check out or Mailinator  however a word of warning – there are lots of disposable email accounts out there who knows who really owns them? If you do use them make sure their URL starts with https:// (this means data is encrypted from your PC to their server).

As for Internet files you can use “cleaner” tools like CCleaner to remove cookies, old registry files, old programs, start up applications and Internet history easily. Plus you should never use Internet Explorer anyway, as there are a myriad of more security conscious browsers such as FireFox out there which are much better on the privacy front as they are not tied into the operating system of your computer.

Using the Cloud to backup your “Secure” data

Storing anything on anyone else’s computer means you don’t have control over it. Therefore cloud based storage systems should be avoided for anything personal or secure. Even phones nowadays have settings to automatically back up your numbers, texts, photos and videos to iCloud or other cloud servers.

It might be good if you ever lose your computer or phone but remember that if the cloud based backup server is in the USA then they are probably sniffing everything inputted into it anyway.

This is the same for Facebook, Google, Tumblr and any other social media site. As soon as you put anything on that site THEY own it and if they are served a subpoena or warrant to hand the data over there is nothing you can do.

How to bypass

It may pain you but just don’t use Facebook, Google, Twitter or any other social media system if you are going to put anything dodgy on it.

The same goes for dropbox and any other web based storage center that may have to hand over your data to the authorities one day.

If you must keep files secret then keep a portable external hard drive at home and backup all your files to that device before hiding it. At least that way you have control and ownership over the backed up data and you are the only person who knows where it is located.

Using your computer hardware to spy on you

There have been many cases lately where computers and phones have been used against their owners to spy on them.

Last year there was a big outcry about iPhones “secret” database that logged all the GPS positions you had been to with your phone. Even without GPS they can use phone mast triangulation to find a near enough point that your phone pinged the mast.

Also we had the case of cops using tools to download this data as they pulled motorists over or arrested people and then illegally accessed this database of locations to find out where you had been.

As for computers we had a school in Lower Merion school district in Philadelphia that was accused of spying on students in their bedrooms via school issued laptops and the webcams built into them. Would you want a headmaster in his office alone at night watching your kids in their bedroom?

How to bypass

Take the battery out of your phone whenever you don’t want to be tracked. If you have a smart phone that makes it very hard to do this then the next best thing is to turn GPS off or turn on “Flight Mode” so no signals are sent out or received. If you are really paranoid a lunchbox wrapped in tinfoil is a good container to prevent strong signals from escaping.

It’s what shoplifters do to bypass door scanners as the foil prevents the alarms going off. Just owning a bag lined with tin foil is an offence in the UK called “going equipped”.

As the earlier report shows cellphone triangulation tracking takes less power than GPS tracking and even when your phone is turned off a tiny amount of battery charge is available to the phone which is enough to log your presence at a nearby tower and then log your presence down to the nearest 100 metres or so. Either that or use pay phones (if you can find any) or pay passers-by to use their phone when you need to make a call when your phone is unavailable.

On your computer turn off the microphone and webcam with your settings e.g on Windows it’s in Control Panel. On Windows 7 it will be under Speech Recognition and Audio Devices.  To be extra safe wrap masking tape over the webcam when you don’t want to use it as well as the speaker (blue-tack or something else that would muffle the sound). Anything that can be useful to you can be useful to someone with control of your computer.

To test if your microphone is working either go into your computers settings e.g control panel or go to the old Google Search Engine (if it’s still available at ) hit the microphone symbol in the input box and talk.

If you see the blocks under the microphone move up and down and then a result similar to what you said appear in the box – the microphone is still on. If it’s off it will say so.

Javascript urchins

These are little bits of script that are added to the source code of the HTML page you are visiting. They use JavaScript to record identifying features about the user and their browser such as the user-agent, system details and location by calling a script on another server that then logs these details to a central database. A good example is Google Analytics which most sites including this one use to tell the owner about the amount of traffic they receive and where it is coming from.

How to bypass

Turning off JavaScript will prevent this logging from occurring. You can do this in most browsers through their Tools > Options settings but you can get toolbars and add-ons like the FireFox Web Developer Toolbar or the NoScript add-on that do this for you.


Similar to urchins these are little images, usually so small they cannot be seen, that point back to a web server and run some code whenever the image is loaded by a client. They tend to be used by email marketing tools and are embedded within HTML emails so that they can record who has actually opened the email and track the email if its forwarded it on.

They can also exist on web pages or within desktop applications and as the image is hosted remotely and whenever it is loaded it records the location of the application or user who is loading it.

How to bypass

Many email clients if they don’t do it automatically have the option to display emails as plain text which would prevent these webbugs from working.

I use Thunderbird which is free and you can set to ask you first whether to load any remote content at all whether they are images, scripts or anything not already embedded within the email. In Browsers you can disable images easily with the Web Developer toolbar, Google Chromes privacy settings or by using a text browser like Lynx.

Server Side logging by the page

Most pages on the web nowadays are more than pure HTML/CSS and contain code that runs server side e.g .asp, .php, .jsp, .aspx etc.

When the page is requested the web server parses the page and runs any code before returning the generated HTML to the client. This code has access to a lot of information about the client requesting the page such as IP address which can be used for GEO tagging, User-agent details, accepted file types and other information contained within the headers. They could choose to log this information to a database or file if they wanted to even if the IIS or Apache web server had its own logging disabled.

For example if you got to you will see all the information that is passed to each webpage you request including geo-location information, details about the type of computer you are using and much more. Whilst not totally accurate they can pinpoint the last location of the computer used to access a webpage which could be your own PC or could be someone else’s (if you use a proxy – see below).

How to bypass

Please read the guide under the following section about web server logging as it applies to both.

Logging by the Web Server

Every time you make an HTTP request e.g access a web page, a record is made on the web server that hosts that page to a log file. Each separate file contained within that web page is logged so every image, CSS file and script is logged along with your IP address, the method e.g POST or GET, the URL, bytes sent and received and much more.

Although its possible to turn off this logging most companies running web servers require these logs for traffic analysis e.g with a tool such as Webtrends as it helps analyse traffic from all agents including robots who do not have JavaScript support. Also many countries now require ISP’s to keep log files for up to a year or more in case the data is required at a later date.

How to bypass

As you must assume that the web servers you are visiting sites on have logging enabled then the only way to not get tracked is to go through proxy servers or use tools like the FireFox add-ons Modify Headers or Tamper Data which allow you to change the headers sent from your PC to the webserver in question and act as a mini proxy on your own PC. They cannot however change the REMOTE_ADDR header which holds the IP address of the PC making the request.

You can however make it difficult for the trackers by modifying as many X-Forwarded-For, Forwarded-For, HTTP-VIA, X-FORWARDED, HTTP_XPROXY and many more as you can, all giving them different IP addresses from different countries. This will make it look to anyone analysing a log file that you have bounced your traffic through multiple proxy servers even if you haven’t.

Remember a proxy is just an intermediate server that sits between you and the web server you want to access. If someone was tracking you they would only see your request to the proxy server and not the actual content that the proxy server requests on your behalf.

There are various forms of proxy server, some that are anonymous and others that pass your IP address along in the HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR or any number of other headers. You can also use code or tools to fill these headers with random IP addresses to make it harder for a tracker to find you as it will look like you have bounced round a lot of proxies when in fact you haven’t.

There is also a form of proxy known as an “anonymizer”, which is called this because it hides all the users identifying information such as headers that hold the IP and user-agent. There are lots online for you to use.

Anonymizers are not entirely secure. If an anonymizer keeps logs of incoming and outgoing connections and the anonymizer is physically located in a country where it is subjected to warrant searches then there is a potential risk that government officials can reverse engineer and identify all users who used the anonymizer and how they used it.

Most anonymizers state they do not keep logs but there is currently no way to confirm that. However, if the user used another anonymizer to connect to the exposed anonymizer, that user is still anonymous. This is sometimes called daisy-chaining. The safest way therefore is to use a chain of proxy servers to make your requests or use a specialist service like TOR which is designed to make it hard to track Internet usage.

Search Engines – e.g Google

Search engines such as Google make their money by selling targeted adverts to their users. To target their advertising more accurately they scan your search terms and emails (gmail) for words and then pass them along as you go to provide adverts that match your “needs”.

If you ever run a search in Google and look in the address bar you will see your search terms e.g if you search for “Dark Politricks” you might see this

Even though Google themselves are passing the data through a secure HTTPS port they still have control and full knowledge over your searching habits. Also as the request is a GET request (the details are passed in the URL address) then any company server or gateway will be able to log your searching habits in log files.

How to bypass

Use one of the many private search engines that are about.

I used to run one myself that went through a number of anonymous proxies and if you can code it is not hard to obtain a list of proxies and use a chain to pass Google/BING searches through them to get your own search results. However as they keep changing their source code my own super search engine no longer works but there are many still about even if the most famous one Scroogle has been shut down.

However if you cannot code or don’t have the time then use a search engine like or

These pass all your searches through HTTPS so that the content is encrypted and not readable by log files. They also claim not to set or pass cookies or other identifying information about you or your PC around to the sites you visit. I prefer as you can see that your search is carried out by a POST not a GET request (e.g your search terms are not in the address bar) so it’s an added extra bit of safety.

Browser finger printing

Even if your browser has plugins installed to stop cookies, using secure HTTPS if the site offers it and you have other advert or flash blocking settings or tools enabled it is still possible to uniquely identify your browser by looking at all the information that your computer passes along when it makes HTTP requests.

For example by looking at all the plugins you have installed, your user-agent, your screen size, your IP address, whether you have cookies enabled and which fonts you have installed a clever coder could log them and create a “browser fingerprint”.

The following site will let you test your own browser for it’s “uniqueness” and it will give you a result of how unique it is compared to all other browsers it has tested so far. So far around 83% of all browsers have a unique fingerprint from their statistics.

Also if you spoof your user-agent you actually making it easier for Browser fingerprinting to work. For example if you are using a user-agent switcher tool to pretend to be IE 6 whilst actually using FireFox a savvy coder could  run tests for known features that IE 6 should support such as ActiveX components, JScript (not JavaScript) and functions or CSS properties such as addEvent. If they spot addEvent as a valid function but the user-agent is reporting the browser as FireFox they would know that FireFox doesn’t support this function and therefore the user is spoofing the user-agent.

How to bypass

Ways to protect yourself include not enabling JavaScript so that many browser features cannot be collected by sites and using the TOR system for your web browsing as it encrypts your traffic and anonymises your details.

You can also still use proxies, VPN’s, private search engines and anonymisers to hide your true location and user-agent switchers but instead of changing your whole Browser e.g from FireFox to IE you would just constantly change other parts of the user-agent such as the version number and any plugin support.

E.g if you are using FireFox: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:21.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/21.0
You could constantly change the numbers within the string between visits but not the main identifying section e.g Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:21.1) Gecko/21100100 Firefox/21.1

The more frequently you change these without changing the actual Browser name (FireFox) it will reduce browser fingerprinting.

P2P Torrents

People use torrents to download films, music and other software. Sometimes these are illegally obtained copies or pirated software.

The Pirate Bay was one of the most famous sites that people used to obtain torrents and the people behind it are currently involved in legal action as the US movie industry is trying to sue them for facilitating the illegal download of copyrighted material.

Even though they are just a search engine on the same lines as Google or BING (and you can find torrents on those search engines as well!) – it is pretty unfair as the Pirate Bay are not uploading the films themselves they are just a search engine that lists files of a certain type.

When you download torrents you use special software such as uTorrent or Deluge to download all  the tiny pieces of the file you want. The idea is that because you are not downloading a whole file from one location but rather tiny bits it from lots of locations you are not really breaking the law.

When you download you are a “leecher” and when you upload you are a “seeder“.

The software simplifies all this by allowing you to download a film and it connects all the tiny bits up for you so you don’t have to worry about where they are coming from. As you download you are also uploading the bits you have already downloaded so other people can obtain those parts of the object you are obtaining. You can change your settings to prevent the uploading part of this if you want to.

A detailed explanation (from a comment) would be:

A torrent file consists of only metadata; data about the file or files to be downloaded. The file names, sizes, and data that is used to check the accuracy of downloaded files are stored in the .torrent file, along with a list of ‘trackers’ – servers whose function is to make introduction between users who have the files, and those who wish to download them.

A large portion of the downloaded data -will- come from peers who -do- have the entire file (or files); not a collection of people or servers holding different pieces.

-Some- of the data will come from other peers who don’t have all the data, but that is because they are in the process of downloading it themselves, and the protocol is designed to encourage peers to download different sections of the data from those who have it all first, so as to reduce the bandwidth load on the ‘seeds’ who hold the complete data, as well as so in the event all the seeds go offline the full thing can be reconstructed by those with incomplete data downloading from each other.

The Pirate Bay was the biggest site on-line which is why it is being targeted and if you try accessing in your browser now I bet you it will be blocked by your ISP.

How to bypass

There are many proxies for the Pirate Bay which will allow you to access the site from a different URL. Just search for “Pirate bay proxies” and then pick one either that or download The Pirate Bay browser that uses TOR and allows you to access Torrent Sites including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz and BitSnoop from a different IP address than your own.

Read this article for a “how to guide” on using The Pirate Bay browser and P2P software to download movies safely.

You might find an advert at the top of the page counting down – this is a way to access the site once the count is down to 0. Ignore the main part of the page and click on the “view” button that might appear after the countdown in the top right corner which should take you to the pirate bay proxy.

You might have to try a few out first but I use As soon as the ISP shuts one down another one will pop up (just like the thousands of people who pointed domains at WikiLeaks when it was blocked) so you will always be able to find a site to get them from whether it’s the Pirate Bay or a User Group or discussion board.

If your ISP is blocking all your Pirate Bay Proxies then you should download the Pirate Bay Browser which uses TOR to give you an identity that allows you access to a number of Pirate Bay mirror sites. You should read this article of mine on how to use the browser and P2P software to download torrents.

Also beware that many torrent tools will be flagged as Trojan down-loaders (even when they are not) and also that ISP’s and other government organisations insert their own trackers that log the IP addresses of people downloading the torrents so that they can contact/blacklist/reduce your bandwidth etc. Therefore be careful and pick a good one and read up about trackers before engaging in torrent downloading.

To make the chance of being caught a lot less you can should change your torrent tool settings to go through a proxy server - preferably HTTPS (encrypted) or use any option that forces encryption when transferring files

You should also change the port used by the tool in your settings from a random number to 80 or 8080 as these are common webserver ports and make it hard for ISP’s to tell what kind of traffic is being transferred.

If possible use a “block list” that will mean that all the data packets sent to or from you will bypass known ISP routers where they can be sniffed and identified. More and more ISP’s are doing this so this is wise to prevent yourself from being caught.

Read these articles to help you install a torrent down-loader and set-up measures to prevent yourself being blocked.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the clients computer and contain very small pieces of text. They are mainly used by websites to store flags that enable the site to know whether you have previously been to their site or not. Advertisers also use them to track the type of sites you visit so that they can deliver targeted advertising the biggest offender being Google which uses their domination of the market to track the sites users visit so they can target content specific adverts to the user.

Another type of cookie is a session variable which is used by many sites to store a unique ID that refers to a visit on the site. The ID is generated by the web server and the session cookie only stores this ID so that on each request to the server the system knows that the visitors requests belong to one visit.

How to bypass

If you are concerned about tracker cookies then you easily disable site related cookies in your browser but if you disable all cookies then Session variables won’t work and you will most likely find yourself getting logged out of member only areas of websites or not being able to login in the first place. The best option is to disable 3rd party cookies (those set by advertisers) and to delete non essential cookies after using the internet (Incognito mode in Chrome).

Flash, ActiveX, Java Applets

3rd party components such as Flash, ActiveX controls and Java applets come with their own security concerns. There have been numerous security vulnerabilities reported with these types of component as due to their complexity and power they have more access to the clients computer than a normal web page. They should be seen as mini applications rather than just a fancy banner, game or helpful utility to enable you to upload files to Facebook more quickly.

You shouldn’t install these types of application unless you are totally sure they are safe as they could have a lot more control over your computer than you realise. There have even been hacks that have enabled remote users to video and record a user through their webcam without them knowing.

How to bypass

You can use Firefox extensions such as FlashBlock or AdBlocker to disable flash on specific pages or the Opera browsers Turbo mode which speeds up page loads as well as allowing you to choose which flash movies to play. If you decided to choose privacy over anything else then you will end up having a pretty boring web experience as more and more sites use Javascript and Flash to deliver interactive content.

However if you are really security conscious you should use a text browser such as Lynx which won’t load images, flash, JavaScript or any other form of plug-in. It will show you the textual content of the pages you visit and will ask if you want cookies to be stored for each request. Due to only loading text and links you will have fast load times so there is a benefit to having a reduced web interface.

You should also regularly check your PC for viruses and spyware. One of the first things modern Trojans do nowadays is download good anti-virus software so that they don’t get overwritten by another spyware app!

They also try to disguise themselves as virus checkers to avoid detection. Even the best off the shelf virus checkers don’t catch all forms of spyware especially those that have to regularly download virus definition patterns as it means new viruses don’t get caught until they have been identified, a pattern created and downloaded by the client.

Virus payloads can also be modified randomly to avoid pattern detection so tools that don’t use pattern matching such as hijackthis.exe which runs an analysis of all currently running processes looking for odd behaviour are good tools to use. This tool will generate a report which can then be analysed by members of the special Hijackthis.exe message board for signs of infection.

One of the best removers of Trojans I have found is a tool called SDFix.exe which managed to detect and remove a Trojan that four other tools including an off the shelf app didn’t detect. There are also a number of good free products such as MalwareBytests Anti-Malware and AdAware anti adware and spyware software which can be run regularly to check your PC for spyware and viruses.

However keyloggers that are based around hardware such as cable extensions that you don’t notice that have been inserted by your employer are undetectable unless you know what you are looking for and will store every key pressed on your PC whilst enabled. Check your cables that come out your computer to see if anything strange is connecting two parts of a wire together.

If you are caught out by such a tool make sure your employer has followed the law by informing you of all anti-privacy measures such as monitoring your PC and web usage in your contract, as if they haven’t then you have a good legal case to sue.

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act that is used in the UK has been successfully used in previous cases by employees who have been sacked due to unknown spying by their employers and should be used by anyone taking their employer to court if they have been sacked due to such technological spying.

Tools to use to aid privacy on the web Firefox Add-Ons

  • Web Developer toolbar. Disable Javascript, cookies, view cookie and header info, modify the DOM, view generated source code, show password fields.
  • Flashblock disables flash movies until you enable them. Allows creation of a white-list of allowed sites.
  • FoxyProxy manage your proxies with an easy to use tool.
  • Tamperdata or Modify Headers acts like a proxy and allows you to modify HTTP requests as they are made from your client.
  • HTTP Fox, Firebug and even the Chrome developer toolbar allows you to see all the data your PC send to websites and the data sent back by the webserver you are accessing. It also shows any redirects or code loaded in that you might not be aware of.

Google Chrome

  • Use Incognito browsing to prevent browser and search history and cookies from being stored.
  • Enable the DNT (Do Not Track) option – many sites don’t support it but people hope they will soon.
  • Turn off all options for using 3rd party tools to help you complete searches, navigation errors and automatically send crash reports to Google.
  • Firefox and IE9 also have privacy modes that can be used to remove cookies and reduce your internet footprint but I would not trust anything Microsoft as it’s hooked into the computers main system and parts of the browser are shared with other non Internet based software.

All browsers

  • De-activate Javascript, VBScript (IE only) until you know the site is safe.
  • De-activate 3rd party cookies used by trackers, advertisers and sites wanting to keep track of you as move around the web such as Google Analytics.
  • If you share a PC Clear your cache, autocomplete, download list and history regularly – use CCleaner, AdAware etc.

If you need more details about the various forms of Internet Censorship and how to bypass it then check out the following article that contains a lot of details about the various methods used and how to bypass them.

How to bypass Internet Censorship If you are looking for an up to date list of available proxy servers then you can check out the following links:

The following page has an index where you can find more proxy lists

If you want to quickly access some web based proxies you can pick from the following list or you can read my guide on creating your own web proxy which comes with an example and some code you can use to get running. It’s just something I knocked up in a hour or two so don’t expect it to be a fully functional proxy server however it shows how even minimal coding skills can be used to generate your own web proxy.