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Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators – Use The Pirate Bay

Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators – Use The Pirate Bay

By Dark Politricks

Free The Pirate Bay Founders
Gottfrid Svartholm Ward and Peter Sunde

Help these two prisoners by sending them comfort items whilst they rot away in prison. Gottfrid can only receive letters whilst Peter can get letters, books and vegan candy!

So why not help these two out whilst they are stuck in jail as political prisoners for doing something Google a multi billion dollar company does constantly but on a much larger scale but is allowed a free pass from the Government.

A search engine like Pirate Bay or Google is just that – a way to search for items hosted on other computers. The search engines don’t host the files themselves they just supply a mechanism for searching for certain files JUST like Google.

I wonder how many “illegal” documents, vidoes, films, music, pictures and other items can be found with a Google or search? Lots – I know because I find them constantly!

So if you want to screw big business and the crackdown on Internet freedom help these two prisoners and continue to use the Pirate Bay by going through “proxies” – just search for “Pirate Bay Proxies” or if you have WAMP Server on your PC or a LINUX server that can run PHP scripts download this script to find out which proxies are not being blocked by your ISP.

You can download the PHP script to run from your own server and get ISP details from here. Just change the file extension from .txt to .php before you run it from your server.

If you are on a Windows machine you can download WAMP, set the port to 8888 so you can run APACHE and IIS alongside each other and run PHP from your Windows computer. Setting WAMP up on a Windows PC is pretty straight forward but if you do run into problems this article will help you troubleshoot some common issues you might face.


Using Pirate Bay

Despite it supposedly being banned more and more people are pointing their servers to it so that you can use it. If you want do to the same hire a server in a freedom loving country like Iceland (not the USA or UK!) and set your DNS to point at the Pirate Bay IP address.

Now to use the Pirate Bay without getting caught – and by that I mean not getting a letter kindly warning you not to use it through in the UK. To do so you can do all of the following.

If you are being blocked from the Pirate Bay by your ISP then you have a number of choices.

1. Find a working mirror to the site – e.g search for Pirate Bay Proxies on or try this page: to find some not blocked by your ISP. Many mirrors will first open up in something called with a JavaScript countdown. After a few seconds a link will appear saying “click here to continue”.

On clicking the page will change (usually to an advert with a blue bar at the top) and in the top right corner will be another countdown saying “Please Wait”. Usually after 5 seconds it will say “SKIP AD” and on clicking it you will end up at the Pirate Bay mirror site.

2. Use a proxy to access the Pirate Bay. There are many free proxies out there and you can find a good list at Use a tool like FoxyProxy to manage your proxy lists and toggle between them. Or you can go into your browsers network / proxy settings and manually enter the IP address and port number you want to use.

3. Download the new Pirate Bay Browser or the Mozilla TOR Browser. Both of which access the TOR network to help disguise your internet footprint by bouncing your HTTP requests through a series of servers.  As the TOR website explains.

“Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol.”

With all the outrage surrounding the NSA spying on ALL American citizens and the recent revelations that they are using this information not only to catch terrorists but to catch petty criminals, drug dealers, tax avoiders and to spy on and blackmail politicians and judges it is in everyone’s best interests that they tighten up on their Internet Security.

As this article I wrote explains there are a number of measures you can take to reduce your Internet footprint and whilst you might be totally invisible you can blend into the background.

So do yourself a favour and use the Pirate Bay browser or the TOR Mozilla Browser. Not only does making use of the TOR network help protect your privacy but the Pirate Bay Browser will let you access a number of Pirate Bay Mirror sites and bypass any censorship that your ISP or country may have introduced.

Download the TOR Browser

Download the TOR Browser

Once installed when you open the .EXE you will connect to the TOR network.

Joining the TOR network

Once connected you can use the Firefox browser to surf the web. All your Pirate Bay Mirror sites and other Torrent sites are linked at the top in the icon bar. Pick one and then carry out your search for movies, applications or other content.

As you can see it’s just a search engine like Google which makes it very unfair that the Pirate Bay is being blocked by ISP’s as Google also indexes illegal content such as porn and copyrighted material.

This is a search for the US TV show Dexter.

The Pirate Bay Browser

Like most search engines once you run a search you get your results.

The Pirate Bay Search Results

As you can see from the results on the right there are two columns, seeders and leachers.

You want to choose an item with as many seeders (uploaders) and as few leachers (downloaders) as possible to get a quick download.

You can also tell from the names of the file what sort they are e.g if the file has the word CAM in it then it’s a poor quality camera in a cinema job.

If it’s HDTV quality it will be a bigger better quality file and BRRip is a BluRay copy. Check for comments under each torrent download page to see what people have rated the audio and video quality.

Clicking on the file you want will open up the result page. Hopefully you will get comments telling you the quality of the file. Click on “Get This Torrent” to download your torrent file.

Downloading a Torrent from the Pirate Bay

When you want to download a torrent from the Pirate Bay you will first need to have a torrent client. There are many out there including:

Once you have one installed your application of choice you can just click on the torrent in your search results and it will open up in the client and start downloading.

As you can see whilst you download the file you will also be uploading at the same time. This way you are not just taking without giving back the files you have already leached. You can control the bandwidth ratio between upload and download as well as set limits on the rate you upload.

Downloading a Torrent in UTorrent

However be-warned, ISP’s are also on the lookout for people downloading (leaching) and uploading (seeding) torrents so you need to protect yourself.

Preventing Being Tracked Downloading

Some of the ways to stop or reduce people or companies from seeing you download torrents include the following and as always with security (in this case your own) it is better to use a variety of defence methods than just one:

-Using someone else’s WIFI or network.

-Using an anonymous proxy that doesn’t leak identifying information or even better a VPN. A paid for tool like BTGuard which is both a proxy and encryption tool which helps prevent your ISP throttle your traffic.

-Using a block list which will mean that all traffic is bounced around ISP routers so that they cannot scan the traffic, PeerBlock is an application that you can download that will do this although other Torrent applications can accept files of IP addresses into the application,

-Setting your download port to a common port for other traffic such as 80 or 8080/8888  (HTTP) so that it doesn’t look obvious that you are downloading P2P data. Most people use a “random port” but it is better to look like you are downloading HTTP content especially if you are encrypting your traffic as well.

-Limiting your upload rate to a minimum. Although this violates the spirit of P2P (sharing) the people going after you for stealing copyrighted material are more interested in those spreading (uploading) the content rather than downloading it.

-Ensuring you force outgoing traffic to be encrypted. This will help prevent your ISP see that you are using BitTorrent traffic and may prevent them throttling your bandwidth.

-Set a download cap on your traffic. Even if you are encrypting your traffic some ISP’s may see the amount you are downloading and throttle it if they think you are up to no good.

-Using an application like PeerBlock which will block traffic from known bad IP addresses such as P2P blocklists, known bad IP addresses, spyware, FBI and copyright monitoring sites and so on. It is worth downloading and just sits in the background running as you do you’re downloading.

As with most security measures a wide range of different measures is much better than just relying on one system.

Hopefully this article will help you make use of The Pirate Bay if you have been blocked so far from accessing it by your ISP.

Why do Americans still celebrate the 4th of July?

Why do Americans still celebrate the 4th of July?

By Dark Politricks

On the 4th of July there is only one question that needs to be asked by all Americans who are actually celebrating this holiday.

“What are you actually celebrating and why?”

You may not be ruled by King George any-more but the recent 2 Presidents have acted far more like Kings than the English monarch ever did.

It cannot be the freedom of speech you used to cherish. No you have to have permits and free speech zones for protests now. Plus your constant chatter on the phones, Internet and talk in public is constantly monitored by technology like NSA’s PRISM, TRAPWIRE and the much older ECHELON.

It cannot be the free movement around the country without fear of harassment, secure in your papers from unreasonable searches. Not when the Police, TSA, Transport Cops, Border Guards and other agencies can now forcibly take blood and DNA samples from you, scan your naked body and grope your genitals if you refuse to be scanned, stored and studied as you go about your way.

Add to that the fact that most people are carrying the equivalent of chips in their skin by having smart phones on their person 24/7.

Phones that record your every movement to local databases on your phone that can easily be extracted by the Police or if you turn off this feature (check once logged into Google to see if your history is currently being recorded) then it will still be logged at the phone company.

Turn your phones GPS off and your location can still be located down to a few square metres from pings to phone masts and a simple triangulation formula. Turn your battery off and there is still enough power to enable this to happen – maybe this is the reason most smart phones make it so hard to remove batteries nowadays.

It cannot be freedom from a tyrant, a King George like figure who thinks he has a God-given right to take your life. No the President now has the authority to take your life without even bothering with the charade that passes for a trial if he thinks you are a danger to your country. He just needs to consider you a danger to the country and sign a bit of paper and “boom” a drone is coming your way.

Freedom from drone strikes? Nope – not even if you’re a US citizen. Your just an enemy combatant who doesn’t have the right to argue your case in a court of law.

Freedom from assassination squads? Nope. Navy SEAL Teams and other commandos are scouring foreign countries to assassinate “terrorists” and the CIA are doing the same on the homeland for “malcontents”.

What about freedom to blow the whistle when you find that your government has broken the law, spied on people without warrants or committed massacres in war zones? No – if you write the wrong article in a paper or expose secrets that have been passed to you by a whistle-blower you are more likely to be considered a traitor than a hero in this new age.

It seems journalists who try to print the truth are considered nothing more than spies and the papers and journalists who dare to print your stories of government abuse will also be attacked, spied upon and harassed.

Even people who should know better will call for your execution on live TV. Who even knows whether these talking heads are even real TV personalities anymore rather than COINTELPRO agents stirring up hate against “enemies of the state” who dare speak truth to power.

What about the freedom to work long hours for little pay? Forced to hand over large amounts of your earnings for goods that your Government mandates you “must” purchase and then watch as the endless cycle of your Government buying its own printed money through the convoluted and corrupt Federal Reserve system means that the value of your wage decreases in real terms every month as your jobs are shipped overseas to people who are willing to work even longer and for much less?

It has now come to the stage that you are monitored so much in real life through linked up CCTV systems like TRAPWIRE, massive city sized computer systems that can log every purchase you make, every movement you make through your cars GPS tracking systems or even that useful bug you so happily carry around with you for others to track you with, your phone, that you cannot even escape into cyberspace any-more.

The virtual world is just as monitored as the real one.

I have to wonder whether the places you visit in virtual games  like Second Life are also bugged and monitored by virtual agents of the state? I’d guess the answer is most definitely especially after news that the NSA and GCHQ were using the chat services that online games employ to spy on the players.

Facebook, Google, Skype, Apple and all the other big techno giants we are being shepherded into using 24/7 are all just front ends to those 3 letter acronyms that litter the American landscape.

Acronyms like NSA, CIA, FBI and the  TSA are all hankering after those data packets that log every URL, website, file, instant message and email you have ever written.

These are the modern-day “papers” of the 21st century, and secure is not something you can expect to be, especially when you willingly hand over your data to the “cloud” for safe storage.

So if you celebrated “Independence Day” then I would be interested to know what is so special about your independence when compared to a dictatorship?

You have been living under emergency laws since 9.11.

Laws that give the President dictatorial like powers through Orwellian pieces of legalese like the PATRIOT ACT which was written years before the date and then eagerly dusted off when the events of 9.11 unfolded.

All to be enacted under a climate of fear and patriotism, where politicians didn’t even bother reading what they voted for and detractors were attacked with Anthrax or declared “unpatriotic”. All because they were not willing to hand over their basic rights such as habeas corpus, a fair trial, freedom from torture or the right to know what you have been accused of in an open court of law.

This was back when we had a far right government running the USA. Now we are supposedly living under a liberal, left wing, Democrat!

How I laugh when I hear Americans call Obama left wing or socialist! Society is not something he is promoting with Homeland Security asking neighbours to become de-facto spies and inform on each other or where over a million Americans have top secret security clearance.

There is nothing democratic or liberal about the NDAAdrone strikes at will or the President declaring that he can spy on anyone in the world without due process.

I have to wonder what President Obama see’s when he looks in the mirror.

Does he see the leader of a once great free nation that has succumb to fear, militarism, war mongering and the all-pervasive surveillance state.

If not, does he honestly believe he’s a liberal in charge of a “free nation”?

If so does he not feel the slightest bit of guilt when he looks at that Nobel Peace prize he was so, so prematurely given in the hope that pre-election rhetoric would be converted into real “hope and change” from the Bush/Cheney years?

Instead he has taken the ball from the GOP and kicked it out the stadium, far surpassing anything the Republicans did to kill liberty and freedom in America.

Wars have increased, with covert action and drone strikes occurring in more places across the world than ever before. All under the never-ending “war on terror” banner.

Liberty at home has decreased and a true liberal POTUS would have at least stood up for the freedoms he attacked Bush for removing when he was only a Senator. Does he honestly not believe he is the hypocrite is blatantly is.

It is funny how power corrupts.

It is not so funny to look at the state of Amerika on Independence day.





An interview with Dimitri Khalezov about the 9.11 nuclear attack

An interview with Dimitri Khalezov about the 9.11 nuclear attack

By Dark Politricks

If you know about Dimitri Khalezov you will know he is an ex Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons specialist and a former commissioned officer of the “military unit 46179”, otherwise known as “the Special Control Service” of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union.

He claims to know what happened on 9.11.

Some of you who have read up on this will know its old news.

However I just wanted to re-iterate his main claims and show an interview he did when he released his book on the subject which he claims the FBI “unofficially” told him was 90% accurate apart from his conclusion to WHY. He re-wrote it after this tip off.

His main claims are:

1. The attack was orchestrated by Mossad, and the chief of Mossad operations who he was friendly with in Thailand at the time, Mike Harari admitted such to him and was happy he had pulled off such an operation. Apparently Mike Harari said, “it was the greatest day of his life”  - nice.

2. The attack on the Pentagon was with a Soviet nuclear missile taken from the sunken Soviet submarine, the Kursk. The missile was a hardened multi ton Granit missile which was designed to attack US Aircraft carriers in a hive like fashion so that if one was shot down the others could re-co-ordinate their attack. These missiles fly at super sonic speeds and have the punch, power and ability to make the moves that American flight 77 supposedly did when it hit the Pentagon.


The Granit Missile
The Soviet Granit Missile that supposedly hit the Pentagon

3. The heads of the US government were taken into nuclear protective bunkers on the day of the attacks. This shows they thought they were under “nuclear” attack. The big nuclear proof doors of a nuclear bunker built into the side of a mountain were shut for the very first time on the day of 9.11 another signal that US authorities believed they were under nuclear attack.

4. The WTC and the Sears Tower in Chicago were designed with a mini nuke demolition scenario to demolish them. The Soviets used to laugh at how crazy an idea this was but apparently they knew about it due to a treaty signed between the USSR and USA on the peaceful use of nuclear weapons. Whilst the Americans used them to demolish buildings the Soviets used them to build lakes, gas containers and tunnels.

5. Ground Zero is defined as the point of a nuclear detonation. Why was 9.11 called Ground Zero? All dictionaries before 9.11 defined it as such but after 9.11 the US Government was so embarrassed that the site of 9.11 was called Ground Zero the definition in dictionaries was actually re-defined as “the place a big bomb explodes OR the place in New York city where terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers”. Very Orwellian.

6. Mini nukes DO exist and have been used in various attacks including the bombings of the US and French barracks in Beirut and the Bali bombings in which he was actually implicated in along with Mike Harari. Harari used a false name whilst in Thailand and he even shows up on the FBI’s chart of material witnesses under this false name. The US would be stupid to not realise this was the head of Mossad operations yet they still put his photo on the chart of suspects and witnesses under this fake name.

7. Also mini nukes were used in the Oklahoma bombings and the first official bombings in Saudi Arabia that were attributed to bin-Laden. This was before Al-Qaeda had been thought up when the Khobar Tower bombings occurred.

8. His job whilst in the USSR military was to detect the use of nuclear weapons such as the mini nukes used in various “terrorist” bombings. He has gone on record to say that the seismic waves given off by such attacks could only come from nuclear devices. Also the amounts of TNT claimed to be used in these various “truck bombings” are not enough to take down these buildings and that the effects of the blast on the building prove this.

9. When used, these Mini Nukes are planted under ground so that the soil and surrounding underground area contain most of the radiation given out from the blast, also it means that the levels of “dangerous” radiation above ground only lasts for a few hours after the explosion.

10. On 9.11 the WTC were hit by planes but the physics of aluminium hitting steel shows that a plane cannot travel the whole way through all the hardened steel and concrete of the WTC as certain shots of the planes hitting the towers show. The WTC has a central core as well so the plane would have to travel through this core as well. Some camera shots from the day show signs of digital manipulation with a plane hitting one side and coming out the other. Camera shots were passed along from single sources to TV stations so not as many TV shots of the planes hitting the towers exist as people believe.

11. When the Pentagon was hit they already knew it was a Russian Granit missile heading towards it as NORAD has the signatures of every Russian/Soviet missile. Therefore they thought they were under nuclear attack. Planes were sent to the Atlantic coast to prevent further attacks and the heads of the US Government were taken to nuclear proof shelters. They also contacted President Putin to discuss what was going on and why a Russian missile was heading towards them. They obviously believed it wasn’t a Russian attack otherwise it would have been a different scenario afterwards.

12. He also claims that because the missile that hit the Pentagon was nuclear – although it didn’t go off. The US administration were convinced that there were more nuclear attacks coming and even that some were already in the WTC. How they got there if the planes didn’t penetrate the buildings outer wall I don’t know and this is not really discussed in this interview. Either the planes entered the buildings leaving behind atomic devices or they collapsed on the outer walls and crumbled into dust. Either that or the bombs were already in the building. I don’t know what he is actually claiming and this is the bit of the interview that contradicts itself in my eyes.

13. However because of this threat of nuclear devices being in the upper floors of the WTC the US government decided to collapse the WTC using the inbuilt mini nuclear devices in the floors of the building. This is why the whole tower was pulverized into dust. Having nuclear bombs go off at the height of the impact zones in the WTC would have destroyed most of New York but the mini nukes underneath the buildings would solve this problem. He discusses the difference between underground and atmospheric explosions in the interview.

14. He also claims that “The Lord of War”, the infamous Viktor Bout, was extradited to the USA under the “non-public” charges of selling the nuclear Granit missile to the “terrorists”. The public charges were spurious.

15. Dimitri Khalezov is considered a material witness in the 9.11 investigation along with the head of Mossad operations (under his false name that he used on his Thai passport).

16. He is the first person to actually name someone who has “admitted” and joyfully so, carrying out the 9.11 attacks. This person, Mike Harari, head of Mossad Operations, was also connected to setting up “fake” al-Qaeda cells in Malaysia and supplying passports to them. This includes the perpetrators of the Bali bombing.

17. Remember Osama bin-Laden denied all involvement in the most successful terrorist attacks in the history of the world unlike the IRA, ETA and other terrorist groups who always admitted their terrorist attacks. You can read bin-Laden’s interview where he denies carrying out the attacks here. This was carried out a few weeks after the attacks.

Make of this what you will.

You may believe the official story on 9.11 or you may believe that Nano Thermite, free energy weapons, or other kinds of explosives were used to carry out the attacks.

However this is a witness who actually has experience in nuclear weapons and their use and has gone on record to claim the head of Mossad took responsibility for the attacks.

I have already shown you videos of what happens when planes hit walls. They crumble into dust on the outside of the wall.

Watch again if you missed it.

This test by the USA of what would happen if a plane hit the walls of a nuclear power station shows a plane hitting the wall at the same speed the plane supposedly hit both the WTC and the Pentagon.

Only hardened objects at high speeds can penetrate 6 walls of the Pentagon or go from one side of the WTC to the other.

That video is proof of that and you can read more in my article The Pentagon Attack – Finally Solved?

Watch the long and detailed interview with Dimitri Khalezov about his book here.

Also if you are now intrigued you should listen to this interview with Dimitri Khalezov, Gordon Duff from Veterans Today and Kevin Barrett as he discusses the use of Mini Nukes in the Beirut Bombings, claims Mike Harari admitted to him his role in 9.11, and touches on Victor Bout’s role in the whole affair.

Puzzle solved or just another lead to follow or ignore?

Whatever you make of it you cannot fail to be interested in his claims and the evidence for those claims that he produces.

Money buys world football as the Brazil World Cup kicks off

Money buys world football as the Brazil World Cup kicks off

By Dark Politricks

As the World Cup got on it’s way Thursday night with the first match seeing hosts Brazil beat Croatia 3-1, we should remember that FIFA who run World Football, are mired in scandal, bribery and backhanders.

Investigations by the Sunday Times have shown that leading members of FIFA took bribes to vote for the outrageous bid by the Qatar to hold the World Cup in 2022.

In fact important figures in world football are already voicing their support for a 2022 World Cup re-vote if FIFA finds that new allegations voters were bribed are true.

And that’s forgetting that the whole concept of playing football for 90 minutes in 50℃ heat is mad! This isn’t an American sport where you stop every 5 seconds to count how many yards someone has run or thrown a ball. This is constant moving, passing and tackling until the ball goes off the pitch or into a goal.

I can still remember the 1994 USA World Cup with players almost fainting in the heat, water bottles being thrown onto the pitch, and lazy slow football being played due to tired out hot players.

How Qatar is supposed to hold an event without building air-conditioned football stadiums I don’t know and I am sure some people are already thinking along those lines.

Having air conditioned stadiums that lower the temperature seems the only logical but hugely expensive and wasteful way players will be able to run for 90 minutes.

That’s forgetting Qatar is a dry country unless you live there. How the thousands of fans are going to lubricate themselves outside licensed hotels I don’t know. I cannot imagine a football stadium full of people who haven’t had a drink, it just isn’t football!

Will Qatar make an exception and open its arms to thousands of England and Dutch fans who want to drink beer from noon to night or will they make examples of supporters caught drunk and doing the usual antics found at any major football event? Do floggings and prison await the football hooligans fighting in the streets of Qatar?

The Sunday Times investigation found that Qatar’s top football official, Mohammed bin Hammam, used a slush fund of $5m to bribe FIFA officials with 25 FIFA delegates receiving $200,000 in cash after being flown out to Malaysia to discuss the bid.

The same disgraced and now banned official paid cash into the Presidents of 30 African football associations to get their votes and that even more cash was handed out just before the vote that was met with disbelief from other bidding nations.

This included England who lost out to Russia in the same bidding process for the 2018 World Cup. They had even brought in Royalty with Prince William alongside David Beckham leading the bid.

Even the UK PM was angry at the decision and claimed they had been lied to.

He said: “Every person we met whether it was the head of the FA in this part of the world, or that part of the world, they all said, ‘Yes, of course we’re going to vote for England to host the World Cup’, and then they voted completely the other way. We ended up, I think, with one vote.

“I’ll always remember Beckham saying to me, ‘I can cope with being lied to, but I can’t cope with people lying to the Prime Minister and the future king’.

However allegations of bribery at FIFA are not new and they have followed FIFA President Sepp Blatter for years and he stuck two fingers up at the investigation and his critics when he announced recently his decision to run for a sixth terms as the top dog in World Football and said the attacks on FIFA were all down to racism by UK investigations by the Sunday Times.

The head of the English football association, Lord Triesman, stood up in Parliament on Wednesday and used his parliamentary privilege to attack FIFA as a “mafia” and call Blatter corrupt.

“FIFA, I’m afraid, behaves like a mafia family. It has a decades-long tradition of bribes, bungs and corruption,” he said during a debate in the House of Lords, according to Sky News. “Systematic corruption underpinned by non-existent investigations where most of the accused are exempt from the investigation make it impossible to proceed.”

However it is not just FIFA who puts money first when it comes to football.  As football fans around the world were getting ready for the starting match between Brazil and Croatia in a country who has already won the World Cup 5 times, not every Brazilian was cheering.

Over the last couple of years Brazil itself has been mired in scandal and protests for putting their World Cup bid in front of the needs of millions of poor Brazilians.

Strikes and riots have been common place in a country where many believe the money lavished on holding the World Cup should have been spent on social programmes instead.

Protests in Brazil

From a recent USA today article:

The World Cup also is producing an outpouring of anger over the $11.3 billion the government plans to spend on the tournament when the once-booming economy has slowed, major cities are choked by traffic gridlock, public hospitals and schools remain underfunded and millions of Brazilians live in extreme poverty.

Last June, more than a million people in dozens of cities around the country took to the streets to protest an increase in ticket prices for public transportation. In recent months, teachers went on strike in Rio de Janeiro, bus drivers went on strike in São Paulo and police officers went on strike in 14 Brazilian states. This week, security forces used tear gas to break up a strike of subway workers in São Paulo.

So future World Cups have already been marked as being rigged and bought and paid for with cash and FIFA has done itself no favours with it’s corrupt bidding process and it’s attitude to the investigations into the scandals.

Sepp Blatter obviously wants a job for life as the top man of World Football and who can blame him when he gets paid so well whenever a major tournament comes around.

So whilst the slums of São Paulo are cleared so that the city can look nice to tourists and immigrant workers die in Qatar to build the stadiums in slave like conditions, we should remember that not everyone will be happy when the World Cup is raised above the winning teams head in a few weeks time.

Demon Magic or just CGI and clever sleight of hand?

Demon Magic or just CGI and clever sleight of hand?

By Dark Politricks

Ever since a kid, like most I suspect, I have been fascinated with magic and magic tricks.

In the 80′s on TV in the UK there was always a magician or two on most weeks to entertain us with a pretty girl assistant to help them along Paul Daniels and Debby Magee being a popular pair on UK television at the time. This was long before the time of HD, clever cutaway TV tricks where images are put on top of others,and other CGI wizardry where you couldn’t tell the difference.

However then came along the Masked Magician who explained all the big stage tricks used by people like David Copperfield. He revealed how the tricks were actually done with women balancing on ledges as boxes were turned around, or hiding in cramped spaces as they were wheeled off stage, mirrors, distraction techniques and even doubles to make you think the magician had disappeared from the stage only to appear at the back of the theatre.

Then in the 90′s, and 2000′s came along a new breed of magicians. “Street Magicians” they were called who would actually walk the streets of a town go up to a supposedly random crowd of people and then amaze seemingly innocent bystanders with their tricks of levitation, pulling ropes through their body, turning water into wine, changing tattoos with the stroke of their finger and even walking on water.

To me to see someone stick a metal spike straight through their arm like David Blaine did in front of Ricky Gervais, with no blood, no pain and no holes is just weird self harm and not magic. I have no idea how someone could do that without causing themselves immense pain and lots of blood but in the first clip you will see him do it.

The same goes for street magicians like Criss Angel or Dynamo who seemingly do the impossible right in front of your eyes. Things like:

  • Miniaturising an iPhone to put inside an empty bottle of water and then making it large again. The person then rings their phone to make sure it’s theirs.
  • Pulling a scarf through the screen of someone’s iPhone.
  • Pulling a rope that is across a street by leaning back on it right through your body so that it comes out the front.
  • Walking on water – the Thames in London – so that Thames boat police have to come right up to you and take you off. I have seen a trick in the Masked Magician where he showed someone walking across a swimming pool on see through tables which he stood on. The tables had gaps in them so that swimmers who were in the pool at the same time could look like they were swimming under him and that he wasn’t resting on anything. However the Thames is a bit a different for that kind of trick.
  • Asking people to pick a card and then throw a pack of cards at a shop window and have the card the person was thinking about stuck face out on the inside of the window.
  • Turning a bottle of water in which two girls had tasted into wine by pouring it through his hand. The girls then tasted the wine and the bottle of water again to make sure.
  • And lots more including in this series of videos levitation of objects, including fireballs that just hang in the air and move where the Magician commands them whilst he swings a hoop over the ball to prove that no wires are being used.

I would love to know how these tricks are done and I am always on the look out for sleight of hand, distraction techniques, possible staged events with actors pretending to be “people off the street” and so on.

However I have to admit that even I cannot work out how some of these tricks that you are about to see in the series of videos are done.

The author believes it is only possible with demonic power and that magicians like Dynamo apparently went off into the woods with some magic book for 2 weeks right before he became famous.

I am dubious about the idea of demons but in this world of quantum mechanics, UFO Disclosure and possible parallel universes where someone could be sat right next to you in another dimension nothing can be ruled out.


I will let the author Xendrius explain for himself.

A brand new series that will disprove the idea of all “magic” being “fake“. I will try to show the best examples I have found while showing that they are done with the help of demons, not some secret technology. I will try to make it all make sense at the end, and how this is tied in with the Illuminati.

Episode 1 – Reveal This – Criss Angel – Dynamo

Watch on

Episode 2 – Reveal This – Criss Angel, Dynamo

This episode disproves the theory that invisible strings/loops are used to move objects.

Part 3 will deal with mind reading, (reveal that yea right).

Watch on

This one deals with impossible-to-fake cases, for those who still believe it’s trickery, I’d like to know what it would take to show otherwise.

Part 4 will be the last part, and it will try to make sense of everything you have seen so far.

Demon Magicians: Episode 3 – Reveal THIS – Keith Barry, Justin Flom, World’s greatest Cabaret

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Demon Magicians: Episode 4 – Reveal THIS – Water to Wine, Street Magic, Levitation

This episode shows some street magic from Dynamo, Yif and Blaine.

The purpose of this series is to lead people in the right direction, to think twice before thinking all “magic” is “fake”.

Watch on

You can find many more videos on his YouTube website:

What do I think?

Well I have no idea how most of the tricks are done.

I am always keeping an eye out for the usual misdirection, hand swaps and useless banter with a bystander aimed at taking your focus off the magician and what he might be doing in his pocket or behind his back.

Yes CGI, camera tricks and other modern technology all exist that wasn’t around in the 80′s. This was the age when Paul Daniels used to do his big finale by cutting Debby Magee in half as she was squashed up in one half of the box, and a fake pair of lookalike legs that could be wobbled by sticks, were moved to make it look like it was her feet.

So TV technology has moved on which is why I suppose “Street Magicians” have taken off so much. People are less likely to believe that all the necessary techno TV fakery needed to carry out some of these tricks could be done at random spots around the streets of London, LA or Miami.

Whether demons are involved I don’t know but I am just itching for a masked “street magician” to come along one day and show us all how these tricks are done! Until then I am going to have to keep a close eye out and just hope they are not using staged events, actors, camera cut-aways and CGI to accomplish their tricks.

As for demons – well I just hope they don’t exist anyway however with Operation Yewtree turning nearly everyone of my childhood TV stars into a paedophile – even Rolf Harris!!!! – then I cannot rule anything out. We all know life is not what is seems so why rule anything out.