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It’s okay for the US to admit publicly that they fix other countries elections but how dare the Russians post a few Facebook adverts

It’s okay for the US to admit publicly that they fix other countries elections but how dare the Russians post a few Facebook adverts

Secular Talk

It’s okay for the CIA to overthrow governments they don’t like such as Iran in the 50’s, numerous South American countries and many more, through both soft or hard measures.

For soft measures read Confessions of an Economic Hitman as this is what Joe Biden is doing here.

For hard measures the USA has no qualms against assassinations of elected rulers and the installation of a more US friendly, right wing, despotic dictator who kills his opponents with death squads.

Watch Joe Biden in action and then listen to Hillary Clinton caught on tape saying that she wouldn’t support an election in Palestine unless they knew the outcome before hand. Hypocrites.

Watch on Secular Talk.

The Samson Option – How Israel will take the rest of the world down with them if threatened

The Samson Option – How Israel will take the rest of the world down with them if threatened

By Dark Politricks

Now you cannot call me an anti-Semite or jew hater for this as it’s official Israeli government policy that they were going to try out in the 67 war before they won.

The Samson option comes from a story from the made up old testament bible where Samson pulls down a whole temple on top of him and the other people inside. Basically if we are going down, you’re going down with us.

According to some Israeli military sources they have nuclear missiles pointed at every capital city in Europe and Moscow. Maybe they don’t have the rocket technology either passed to them from dual citizen Zionist Americans or spies like Jonathan Pollard, jailed for 30 years, for passing NATO secrets to Israel who then passed them onto Russia, to get a missile to the USA. Maybe they are just keeping that quiet or maybe the US will never sell them any technology that would enable that.

Even though Israel doesn’t comment on their duplicitous hiding of their nuclear weapons and fake walls when a US inspection of their Dimona plant occurred to hide the real technology, they have admitted on multiple occasions that they possess nuclear weapons: Ephraim Katzir in 1974, Moshe Dayan in 1981, Shimon Peres in 1998, and Ehud
Olmert in 2006.

Therefore they should join the NPT and have regular check ups and stop moaning about Iran whose recent deal, that maybe stopped by Trump, has sorted their fears out.

No-one mentions that in the Iraq/Iran war, when Saddam Hussein was still ‘our boy’ and the CIA gave him geo co-ordinates to gass the Iranian troops.

The Iranian mullahs prevented their own military from firing missiles into Baghdad and other Iraqi cities because it was “un-islamic”.

Therefore if they wouldn’t even fight back when their soldiers were being poisoned and their cities bombed I doubt they are lying when they say that the atomic bomb is a step they have never planned on going to, that it is un-Islamic and there is no danger of them using one now the agreement to have their nuclear rods, and excess uranium removed to be destroyed is not too far from the truth.

However this video is scary, and it is why so many US President’s tried to prevent Israel from getting the bomb, and their test with the racist South African government in the Vela nuclear incident. Even Jimmy Carter believed the Israeli’s had carried out the test.

What I find interesting is why Israel supposedly a safe haven for Jews who had been thrown out of every country in Europe at one time or another, and who had suffered so much at the hands of the NAZI’s would collaborate with a neo-NAZI white rule, South African government to carry out this test.

It just goes to show that the victims of bullying often become bullies themselves, keeping the people in Gaza in an open air prison, and colluding with white supremacists to test a nuclear bomb.

Well it just goes to show how two apartheid counties can work together and treat their own people like they had been treated themselves.

Basically, like the story of Samson goes, if they are threatened with annihilation again and no-one helps them then they are going to push the pillars down and send nukes every which way from Sunday. To Europe, to Russia, Africa and maybe even the USA.


By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

Why you should read MY ARTICLES on

Why you should read MY ARTICLES on #altnews

By Dark Politricks

Anyone who interested in news that is:

-Anti Establishment
-Anti War / Peace e.g Not thinking a Russian is under your bed when you go to bed.
-Doesn’t support the Petrodollar and the US doing anything for Israel and Saudi Arabia because they probably cleared Fort Knox out decades ago.
-Free Health care for everybody – even in the richest country on earth e.g USA.
-A cut back on the US Empire by shutting at least half of their military bases around the world, ending the multi trillion dollar wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and all the other places we don’t realise.

How many Navy SEALS and Army Rangers are probably stalking, rapiing, killing in Africa right now then blaming it on the local militias as false flags. Just as the Israeli’s did in Iraq. They Dressed up as US soldiers then filmed themselves driving the roads just randomly shooting people to foment resentment and internal strife – plus guerrilla war against the USA before posting the film to

-That false flags exist >

-That Russia isn’t a utopia but we made a promise to them that we would not move NATO an inch forward towards it if they allowed the Berlin Wall to crumble and the Eastern Block to crack. Can you imagine the USA’s response if there were as many Russian bases surrounding the states as there are US bases around Russia/China.

-Education should be free for life for everybody. To retrain for the new economies and just to learn philosophy in your 50’s because you want to. You know that Stalin and many other dictators favourite philosopher was Plato and his book “the Republic” because Plato decided the only way to control society was to have a dictator who could get things done properly, but who didn’t want the job, and had enough philosophical knowledge to treat his people fairly and equally.

Shame that link is always mentioned between dictators and Plato as we currently live in an Oligarchy of the rich 1% corporatist war machine, money fakers from Wall St who own Congress at the moment. A dictator may get decisions made and done quickly but the people need to put forward THEIR ideas for policies and have politicians come and get your vote.

Ban lobbyists like the NRA and AIPAC and any group that has revolving door at Congress/Parliament (in any country) that pays off Senators and Congressman (oh and Obama with his half million dollar speeches in Wall St for weakening any regulations with the already piss poor Dodd Frank act) and then gives them jobs as lobbyists to make even more money.

If they are going to ban Redacted Tonight, an American based news show, presented by Americans on American issues just because it has links to the Russian state then they need to ban the BBC, AIPAC, AL-Jazeera and any other foreign “agents”, as they are being called.

The emergency laws enacted after 9.11 that allowed the President to declare war without Congress’s permission is not over due for repeal but dangerous and anti-constitutional.

Only Congress can declare War. I suppose this is why we have so many “humanitarian emergencies to involve black hawk helicopters and missile launchers in’ protecting the people by dropping “The Mother Of All Bombs” on buildings killing US citizens.

-Having to put masking tape over your webcams and cover microphones, turning GPS off on your phone or even removing batteries (if even possible anymore) to stop triangulation pings, and having GCHQ and the NSA listen and watch you like George Orwell’s 1984 is not a ‘FREE SOCIETY’.

When George W Bush after 9.11 lied and said the terrorists did this because they hate us for our freedoms we just handed them all away. Laws such as the PATRIOT ACT, NDA, Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Torture, lack of Habeas Corpus, GITMO. Plus Allowing kids brought up on computer games shooting people with missiles to work in Las Vegas and kill REAL people in Afghanistan then imprisoning/or killing whistle-blowers and journalists who reveal the truth about Prism, xKeyScore, DNC / Podesta emails that showed Democrat primary fraud. Plus there are people who the US tried to extradite from the UK for almost a decade because they found before and after shots from NASA where alien ships had been removed from pictures before being handed out to universities such as Gary McKinnon .

That is an Oligarchy, power by the few.

A free county should have the politicians work for US not the other way round where institutional corporatism has seen Wall St, Silicon Valley and the MIC tell their puppets in Congress what to vote for. They don’t care about you, they care about getting a nice cushy job for doing favours for whatever department they are running in Washington/London/Paris after their political career.

Harry Truman said ‘No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook! It can’t be done.’ – just look at how many millionaire politicians are in positions of power at the moment e.g Nancy Pelosi.

If Iran cannot have nukes nor can Israel. Israel is not even in the NPA and we know they gave US secrets to the Russian through the worst US traitor ever, Jonathan Pollard who was freed after 30 years as a bargaining chip to stop illegal Israeli settlements – how did that go. He got over 60 CIA double agents killed due to his info on NATO plans for a nuclear retaliation >

-Talking about nukes, at least we now have a treaty with Iran, which Trump wants to screw up. It ensures excess radioactive material is sent to Russia to be destroyed and that they won’t go over a certain percentage needed to make nukes. It is in the Koran not to make such a destructive weapon and Iran has said many time both the mullahs and politicians that they would never build or use one. Iran never dropped missiles on Iraq in their 80’s war despite the CIA giving Saddam Hussein the position of Iranian troops knowing he would gas them, killing hundreds of innocent people on a passenger flight, then later telling him it was ok to invade Kuwait >

When he did invade Kuwait for slant drilling for Oil (drilling at an angle to get Oil from Iraq’s water rather than their own) the US turned on him like all good US dictator allies have done to them when they are past their usefulness.

Iran NEVER dropped bombs on Baghdad or other Iraqi cities as they believed killing innocent people by their weapons was anti-Islamic.

Why is this never mentioned when talk of Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map with nukes is discussed > > and why is Israels’s “Samson Option” > > destroying the world if threatened, taking the whole Bible story temple/or Eastern/Western capital countries with them if threatened with annihilation.



Tent cities in the richest country on earth due to Wall St kicking people out of their homes due to gambling their pension money. People going bankrupt or even dying because they cannot afford health insurance, kids with a trillion dollars worth of student debt and a country that basically runs on WAR is not a country with a light on the hill for others to look up to but the evil we need to fight before it kills us all.

When you finally wake up and realise we are not the good guys but the baddies then it may come as a shock to the system but facts are facts.

Here are just 3 books to read that might change your mind. If you have not woken up yet and they don’t even mention 9.11 and are all proven historical records.

War is racket – by Smedley Darlington Butler – America’s most decorated soldier.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – The shocking story of how America really took over the world.

Conspiracy the Secret History: In Search of the American Drug LordsBarry and The Boys From Dallas To Mena – How the Iran/Contra scandal was all about using Mena Airport in Arkansas to fly guns down to the right wing rebels and coke back to Mena airport where the CIA used Ricky Freeway Ross (who made a $1 million a day) to sell thew new cheaper more addictive drug Crack in LA.

They always tipped him off giving him a head start on any police raid on his cooking houses that were always based next to freeways so he could get away fast.

Supposedly a photo is supposed to exist that Barry Seal (the pilot shot by the CIA not Colombians as the ‘official’ story goes) had a secret photo of both Jeb and George W Bush collecting their own stash of coke at Mena, as well as the famous photo of Pablo Escobar helping load the coke onto the plane that started Ronald Reagan’s ‘war on drugs’. All as he secretly gave Iran arms to pass to Hezbollah who had US hostages in Lebanon.

It is most likely the reason Clinton was given the President’s position due to Mena airport being in his state. When they investigated Barry’s body they found a phone number and it was the personal phone no of the Vice President and ex head of the CIA, conspirator of the assassination of JFK whose Dad, Prescott Bush, wanted the USA to join Germany and become a Nazi nation during WWII – George H Bush.

Oh and the journalist who broke the story in his series the Dark Alliance series was found dead, apparently by suicide with 2 gun shots in his head.

A lot of people connected with the Clinton’s have been found murdered or dead in very strange ways since they came on the scene and it seems to continue with the killing of Seth Rich who was in contact with WikiLeaks and used a USB stick to quickly transfer data from DNC computers. It just isn’t possible for a remote hacker say Russians to transfer that much data over the web at that transfer speed. It had to be an “inside job” so to speak, and he paid for it very quickly.

So that’s what I am about – come and join me, and if you can donate or visit advertisers then you will really help me out.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Darkpolitricks

Some New Year Resolutions – 2018 (Updated)

Some New Year Resolutions – 2018 (Updated)

By Dark Politricks

Now do Americans really want to live in a country like they currently do?

Remember the USA is the richest Empire known to have existed in modern times and still they get hard ons over war whilst allowing their children to in-debt themselves by £100,000+ just to get an education at a college, only to find out the good jobs have been migrated to other countries for tax purposes, and they will probably be working in a McDonald’s for a good few years.

Also the richest country that just voted to give Donald Trump an extra $800 billion for his war chest, despite the fact that it was Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Kurds that has punched ISIS into the ground and won the war, not the USA.

This was a Syrian, CIA made “fake rebellion of the people” used to cause havoc in a part of the world that the US wanted to engage in. It stirs up trouble and then the US let it escape, as they did with bin-Laden numerous times in the various Stans(s).

The word “al-Qaeda”, as well as meaning “toilet” in certain dialects , also means “the database”. It was the CIA’s database of “call-up jihadists” who would fight wherever they were directed to by their US paymasters. Just as they did in the 1980’s war against the USSR in Afghanistan.

This faux war has cost so many pointless lives but it was all part of a plan seen by General Wesley Clark just a few days after 9.11 where the war hawks had decided to attack 7 countries in 5 years, not just Afghanistan, the supposed responsible country for hiding Osama bin-Laden in their caves, but Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemenwatch video of his speech here.

You can also read bin-Ladens denial of any part in 9.11 when a reporter found and interviewed him here. The CIA really should have hired that man after supposedly spendimg decades looking for him.

This list of countries included Syria, a plan devised by dual nationals (Israeli and US / pro-Zionists) to destabilize the Middle East, allow Saudi Arabia to become the strongest Arab country (Petrodollars at work….), and allow Israel to sit back and watch their enemies fight among themselves on religious and tribal lines and giving them a chance to expand into the space left by the devastation.

Hillary Clinton of course along with Obama, was all up for this. Following on from George W Bush, Obama really had little say in military matters, just like the positions he filled in his cabinet were almost identical to those given to him by Goldman Sachs.

So don’t blame President Assad for a tiny CIA backed (attempted) “government other-throw by the people”.

It was the US and the Axis of War once again meddling in places we should have no part of.

ISIS was a Sunni breakaway due to their Shi’ite government in Iraq seemingly having too much power and these rebel groups like the al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army were all backed, funded and supplied with weapons from the Axis of War.

It was only when Russia came in on the side of their ally (and owner of their only Mediterranean port) that ISIS really started getting a good kicking, with the US sitting back watching how the Russians operated and seeing how good their planes and weapon systems were compared to their own.

The Axis of War had years to defeat ISIS but did little more than drop supplies to rebel groups, many connected to ISIS. It is no coincidence that ISIS is using US made weapons to shoot down Russian planes.

So really we should be thanking Putin for getting ISIS out of Syria NOT Trump, whose only achievement has been to disrupt the international consensus on various policies and make the USA look ridiculous to the rest of the world.

So as the USA prints and throws money at the banks and military they scoff at those who say “well why can’t you do it for the health system or for paying off student debt”.

Students are leaving college and university with massive $100,000+ debts and little job prospects as business owners offshore their jobs to increase revenue for their shareholders.

Here are just a couple of sad videos that show the state of the USA in 2018.

Cops Evict & Arrest 93-Year-Old Woman

Homeless Ohio Man Freezes To Death On Christmas

Now I don’t want to live in a world like that but it seems that the USA is willing to increase the tent cities that have sprung up all over the country due to re-possessions and homelessness.

That $800 billion could have gone towards paying off all student debt, giving every single American Medicare and also paying for future education costs.

Instead Trump will most likely be forced by the deep state to drag the US to Israel’s aid again and use the excuse of another war and CIA/Mossad supported terrorists as the reason to remove any remaining civil liberties from the populace.

As the wage disparity only gets bigger, with middle class people having to leave their homes and go and live in the numerous tent cities that are springing up all over the country, America would rather spend money fighting wars they started and will never end, trying to concoct a good reason for having them, than helping the people back home live in houses and get basic medical care.

American Tent Cities
A US Tent City


1. Keep using cash or else they will try to ban it like Sweden, Denmark and Norway want to by 2020. This article says that:

Today, there is approximately 50 billion kroner in circulation and [the country’s central bank] Norges Bank can only account for 40 percent of its use. That means that 60 percent of money usage is outside of any control. We believe that is due to under-the-table money and laundering.

Read it here.

So how will we:
1. Lend out to mates or family a bit of money, short-term, e.g down the pub to buy a drink.
2. Sell goods privately without fattening the governments coffers.
3. Buy cash only produce such as “good luck” from the Irish gypsy lady down the street, or drop some change into the charity boxes at the local shop.
4. What about if your only way out of a situation, no fault of your own due to birth and parenting, was to sell drugs or work in a brothel. The government doesn’t want to stop it, as many articles on here have shown, they just want to be able to tax it automatically.

It is just another step up the ladder to a total Orwellian nightmare world. Where if you speed too fast in a geo-IP located 20mph area, the money for the fine is automatically deducted from your bank account.

They just want to be able to track everything you do, everywhere you go and having a cashless society helps that cause. So keep using cash otherwise you will lose it. Even if it means taking it out of an ATM and then using it inside the shop to buy something.

2. Sort out political system.

Americans need a new political party or at least take over the Democratic party from an insurgency. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country. Hillary the most despised. Why did the DNC put a losing turkey up for having it’s head chopped off?

Around 75% of Americans, Republicans, Democrats and Independents all believe in the same things. They can fight about abortion and religion but they believe no-one should go bankrupt for having a medical procedure, free education, big money and Wall St out of politics and a restoration of their civil rights.

There are lots of movements going on, Draft Bernie, or a link between the Greens and his movement included. I think the US political system needs a stable 3rd party that doesn’t stand for war, interference in other countries business, bail outs of Wall St and ignoring Main St, trickle down economics and all the failed policies of the past.

The Green New Deal would have given people jobs and pride and put money in their pockets to spend, it would have also helped get the US off fossil fuels, prevent embarrassed US ambassadors and Trump trying to sell coal as a fuel of the future to Germany, a leader in green technologies, and help the GDP.

Both Clinton and Trump are pro Fracking and want to promote leaking oil lines and gas coming out of your tap as a modern day solution to our energy needs. I bet a Presidential trip down to Area 51 with some army troops as Eisenhower was planning to do would (if enough pressure on the deep state was applied) show that zero point energy and other forms of transport that use no oil based fuels at all could revolutionize the way that people travel, reduce pollution and bring on the invention of many new technologies we have been kept in the dark about.

3. Jail Banksters.

Next time there is a banking crisis (soon as the tea leaves tell us), an the stock markets bubble bursts the people responsible for evicting 93 year old women should be jailed. Instead of bailing out the banks the people who pay tax and have had to ensure years of austerity across the western world should be given the “printed money” or “quantitative easing” as they like to call NOT the bankers.

When this money goes to the banks and their share holders they don’t invest or hire new people as a recent video showed. They store their money in offshore accounts and let the interest accrue.

Instead if the people at the bottom of the pyramid of doom we have seen so many images of are given a sum of money they will go out and spend it on shopping, tools, electrical items and other goods that mean that the money works it’s way up the chain, benefiting the local high st, local and state taxes and finally on a governmental level they can use that money to re-fill the banks that are just accounts full of digits on a computer screen anyway.

4. America needs to stop funding the worst terrorist groups and countries in the world and that includes Saudi Arabia.

Giving Israel billions of free aid each year for nothing in return but dead US soldier coffins is an unfair trade in my eyes. So is the backing of the most backward insular 7th century country on the planet – Saudi Arabia. Where 20,000 Princes fund terrorists around the world and pop off to Dubai whenever they fancy breaking a few Sharia laws.

No chopping hands or other organs off for them.

No it is left to gang raped women who are called adulterous to be jailed and flogged publicly for their “crime” to be punished instead.

The US and Saudi Arabia go back a long way but their main relationship is oil which is why Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard.

Whether there is any real gold left at Fort Knox I have no idea but when one bar was returned to a European nation who had chosen to keep their Gold their, they found out it was just tungsten metal sprayed in gold paint. The Petrodollar with Saudi Arabia at the head of OPEC ensures all oil purchases are made in dollars which ensures countries continue to purchase dollars for that need.

When a green revolution finally comes and we can get off fossil fuels then I hope someone accidentally drops a bomb on the Saudi Palace during one of the senseless wars we keep having in the Middle East.

5. Computer Security

a) Stop using Google as your search engine. It maybe popular and easy to use but it’s in bed with the US intelligence agencies and it tracks your shopping, page visiting, and other habits to make a unique browser fingerprint for you. Get a VPN if you can, use TOR browser, PEER Block, block pop ups and pop unders, only enable JavaScript/Flash/Java if you need to and use masking tape to cover your front facing webcam and microphone. Also turn location off on your phone and take the battery out if you need to go somewhere important (if you can).

There are plenty of securer search engines out there and no real need to use Google anyway. Check out or which both don’t track you with cookies to sell your visiting habits to retailers and log which sites you visit. This means they can see everything you buy and spy on your spending habits.

b) If you must still use Google ensure 3rd party cookies are disabled in the settings and the (DNT) – Do Not Track header is set (not that Google actually pay any attention to it) but other sites might.

c) Regularly change your passwords especially on bank login pages. There is a toolbar in FireFox called the “hackers toolbar“. It will let you create strong passwords as you will need to write them down somewhere to remember them.

The best way for a password is a sentence you remember well but with the upper and lower case letters swapped round e.g “A Penny In The Hand” becomes “apENNYiNtHEhAND” and then add a number you will remember to one side such as a birthday backwards e.g 1977 becomes apENNYiNtHEhAND7791 and at the front a couple of symbols e.g **apENNYiNtHEhAND7791.

To save it go to the hack bar and enter your password. On either side of the password add short words you will remember do NOT belong to the password e.g dog**apENNYiNtHEhAND7791dog (so dog is the unwanted word).

Put this whole string in the hackbar box and click “base64encode” from the “encoding” menu. It will turn out something like this ZG9nKiphcEVOTllpTnRIRWhBTkQ3NzkxZG9n now write this down in a pad of paper for your passwords or a file on your PC (if you must).

Anyone finding this encoded password would see that it has been encoded and try to decode it. If they did they would end up with dog**apENNYiNtHEhAND7791dog and try to use this as the password without removing the two “dog” words either side.

Of course you know they don’t belong there so you can remove both “dog(s)” and then use your password. This is a good way to beat dictionary crackers that use dictionary terms and common passwords to try and hack sites. Usually if they find one password that works, say on Facebook then they will try it on Google, Amazon, Hotmail, Playstore etc, as people don’t like remembering lots of passwords.

The tools that say they will create strong passwords and store them all so you don’t have to remember them are in my eyes giving users a false sense of security. If their database gets hacked then the passwords for everyone will be available and it has happened before. At least using variations of the ways I have said will help you keep them secure and it’s best to write it down in a pad not on your PC in case a clever hacker does get on to your machine.

1. Long Passwords
2. Use sentences you remember but swap capitalization.
3. Add numbers or symbols to the end of the word.
4. Add fake words only YOU know to remove before using it.
5. When storing it use Base64Encode to encode it. Someone decoding it won’t know which parts IF any to remove.
6. Play around and make your own system up.

At the last computer company I worked at we tried a little test. We took a sample of members passwords which we had in clear text at the time due to the dippy head tech boy.

What we did was go through the passwords one by one and try them out on Hotmail, Gmail, Amazon, Netflix and so on and guess what. Most people either used very weak passwords like “pa$$word” or “password1” or they used the same password for everything. We could access their Amazon and Google accounts with the same word. Very dangerous.

If you have a YouTube channel and it is being demonetized then read and watch these videos to show how easy it is to by pass the swap $ for S scheme in an attempt to prevent BOTS finding you. If you want to try something, try writing nice or (not) unkind titles, and then bury your details in the “show more” section.

A table of replacements e.g $ = [the letter] S, and 2 = [the word] to, too or two or the number 2. This would be very easy to find through a simple algorithm on video titles. Easy enough for a 1st grade techie to write and find the “naughty” words again.

If you are interested check it out here > Read the source code and check out the regular expressions for words or shortened words that are used to mean something else. Try using non special characters between letters as the first thing I would do is strip special characters and then have another look so I$$rael once again becomes Israel.

Things like this “might work”:

IxxSxxRxxAxxExxL (grabs the persons attention as well) or mix up the casing like: IsRaEL.

You could always try using non special characters such as hyphens I-s-r-a-e-l or call it Palestine instead.

Always remember though that BOTS are written by coders. People like me who wrote this site to be my own personal paper, that works 24/7/365 without me doing much apart from using special extended versions of my premium plugins to get the content, categorise it, bold, deep-link and re-format it before tweeting it out in various ways.

Start to move away from Facebook and Google+ to new decentralized Social Media Platforms such as and Get your friends to come and join as well.

6. Don’t waste money on expensive anti-virus software.

This is basically a scam to get the sales person more commission at the shop. Most of these AV tools just download massive lists of virus definitions which can easily be changed, automated or tweaked so that the AV doesn’t know it’s a virus pattern. Use a well known good free tool (upgrade if you want) such as MalwareBytes which looks for viruses using totally different methods and can detect in real time. It maybe worth the money to purchase the premium edition of it.

Use a keylogger in safe mode and test for any hidden programs logging your actions on your computer.

I have wrote my own one in C# basically just listing all files changed once turned on. However there is a free one you can download which does the same thing. You close all your programs and then run the test. During the test you open up a text editor and write some words. Stop the test. The Keylogger results should show that the file you were editing had been changed during that time.

Another file you want to pay careful attention to is the hosts file. Usually located in c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

This file tells your computer which IP address to go to if a certain hostname is put in the address bar.

Now if you enter in your address bar now you should be taken to

So if I was a clever hacker I would edit that file and change or add this line:

If I changed that IP address to point to a site that looked like Google but was really downloading viruses and XSS script attacks etc you might not know the difference until no results came back.

We developers use it when we don’t want a site to go live yet that we have been working on and want everyone else to go to the right site whilst we change the IP/Host in our hosts file so we can see the new updated site without having to always enter the IP address.

7. Spread the word about

I even have an #altnews search engine with some default left & right wing anti establishment news sites in there at >> spread the word about us, donate some money if you can, visit our sponsors if you cannot and most of all speak truth to power.

It is us selling weapons to ISIS through Saudi Arabia, probably the biggest terrorist supporting network in the world who would like us to believe it is Iran instead. They are the backward barbarians who are bombing Yemen with weapons we sell them, illegal banned weapons. Weapons that are killing kids and women with cluster bombs and white phosphorus.

8. Boycott things you don’t agree with but use “cost” as your excuse for doing so or the decor of the shop.

If you were in the BDS movement you know Israel made the US make a law with punishments of up to 25 years in prison for boycotting their goods (mostly fruit juice stolen from Palestinian lands) on political views alone. So if you don’t like something that has been made in a private slave prison, where “Made in China” tags are often just removed for “Made in the USA”, or it comes from a country whose foreign or domestic policy you don’t like don’t buy it. If asked, ask if all the staff are on a living wage and that you only buy goods from shops with blue logos due to your OCD.

9. Find out where the escaped war criminals live and make their lives a misery for being on the run.

People like George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair are the sort of people I mean. Hold rallies outside their homes and any public event they do. If you are constantly moved on then at night fill their drives up with shopping shopping trolleys, footballs, bags of stones and anything else that is hard to move about which will take them ages to remove before leaving in their war profiteering motors.

10. Doctors help your Karma out.

If you are a doctor or nurse, or teacher or sports player, why not help your Karma out by going to the poorest parts of town and spending a few hours each week putting your skills to good use for free.

I am sure in the USA, the richest country on earth where not everyone gets good health coverage or any at all, that they would appreciate a new doctor’s help at the local free health clinic. Or kids who have nothing to do but be corner boys or dream of being rappers might want to be taught by a good Maths teacher for an hour before being rewarded by having a sports star give up an hour of his time to teach them to throw ball.

11. Now that the YouTube/CIA/NSA club for liars is demonetizing and demoting videos if they don’t come from an “authoritative source” you need to spread the names of your favourite online news shows to all your friends because even if they were top of the Trending chart on YouTube if you were not already subscribed to them you wouldn’t see the. This means that shows like Secular Talk have noticed new subscribers fall from 30,000 a month to 3,000.

So whether you are right wing or left wing or libertarian you should get all your friends to subscribe to these shows where real news is being shown.

They have even screwed up the application so when I go to the “History” part of the site I don’t even see the videos I have watched, or find the one I just watched in my bedroom on TV. Instead they fill my page up with videos about Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson, which must have been on during the night whilst I was asleep months ago. This video explains it.


Be local heroes in your part of town.

Always remember as my favourite comic said, and Jimmy Dore often repeats about George Carlin“its one big club and you aint in it”.

So try and keep to at least a few of these resolutions this year.

If you want more simple security tips like taking your battery out your phone when you go somewhere. Or leaving it at home on taking a a burner plus getting someone to ring your phone (and someone to answer it) so it looks like you are at home whilst you are really halfway up the M1 then look about the site.

There are even some really simple tricks like just putting masking tape over your TV/laptops built in webcam and turning your microphone levels right down so that anyone spying on you cannot see or hear you if they have cracked into your operating system.

If you have a read around the computing category on this site you will find a lot more articles about security and attacks people use.

Plus much much more…….

Let’s just hope Rocket Boy doesn’t wind Trump up about his hair on Twitter at 3am one particularly bad night and we wake up to a nuclear holocaust.

By Dark Politricks


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If you investigate Trump over collusion with a foreign government you have to with Hillary Clinton

If you investigate Trump over collusion with a foreign government you have to with Hillary Clinton

By Dark Politricks
Secular Talk

This is an old video but worth watching if you are still getting mad about #Russiagate, thinking Russia was hacking into machines and trying to fix the US election.

Don’t worry it was a millionaire who owned a BOT farm, which placed adverts for cat lovers, black lives matter, anti-Trump and anti-Clinton adverts just to gain click-bait from them and therefore money.

You can read more about that here.

Trump may have got information from the Russians but Clinton got her foreign information from Ukraine through a middle man – ex UK spy – who got it from …… Russia.

So if there is going to be an investigation on Trump and Russia, then there should be one on Hillary and her own dossier, her failure to hand over private “hacked” servers to the FBI, and their excuse for losing to Trump on Russia and a push for WWIII .

This is all over a #NothingBurger and #RussiaGate, something even MSM news watchers are getting tired of.

I will let Kyle tell the story for you and watch the CNN host get stunned by calls from his viewers about his constant going on about Russia just so the Democrats don’t have to analyse their last election and where they went wrong.

They went wrong by not including progressive ideas and just attacking Trump. The leaked DNC emails showed they were corrupt for giving Hilary front row, smearing Bernie, and keeping all the money for her to spend on the election.

How did that work without Bernies policies and more of free Medicare, free University, less war, more jobs and a crack down on Wall St.

All this could have been paid for by the trillion dollars of debt that Trump has already added to the national debt with help from the Democrats when they all voted for him to have his $800 billion for the military and his “wall” with Mexico.

A few closures of foreign military bases as well which are well overdue such as in the UK, Germany and other spots not geo-politically placed to surround Russia or China.

Watch and learn.

So even CNN hosts are shocked when their callers ring in and complaining that they don’t care about his spiel on #Russiagate. He does it just to keep his company owners and advertisers happy, and of course blame President Trump on Russia and being Putins puppet, NOT the fact that the Democrats put the most hated politician in the country up against him.

The Democrats need some real policies.

In fact the “dove” party is driving the country towards a war with Russia and all over stupid Russian Facebook adverts and a few meetings that were bugged illegally through FISA court warrants obtained by using leaked info to Yahoo to back them up.

All so the NSA could bug and listen to Trump and everyone 2 hops away from him, his family and friends and their family and friends.

I wrote about this two hops NSA FISA scam the other day.

So it’s a video worth watching seeing that the “left” (who are now right-wing) are pushing for war, and calling for Trump to “defend the country”. There were even people on Chis Hayes show who claimed it was just as bad as Pearl Harbour and 9.11, that is apart from no-one died and we got a numpty for President instead of a career politician who wants war with Russia.



By Dark Politricks


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