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Don’t do drugs kids or you will end up……

Don’t do drugs kids or you will end up……

By Dark Politricks

Apparently this video is an attempt to warn kids off drugs. It’s a Romanian anti-drugs campaign that makes out that when you’re high, everyone, and everything, is a fit babe wanting to get it on with you. Only if you are not stoned do you get the brush off. In that case I reckon a lot of kids will be toking after watching this video.

I don’t want to go into how the CIA have been dealing in coke (Cocaine Intelligence Agency), and Heroin for years now but if you do want a good read this 4 part series gives you the history of the CIA’s involvement in drug dealing over the years. It even has an interview with the ex biggest heroin dealer in the world from Burma in which he claimed to an interviewer, one of the few who managed to meet him, that the CIA were his best customers!

It covers everything from World War II and the creation of the agency to Air America, Barry Seal, Mena Airport, The Contra’s, Pablo Escobar and the CIA dumping LA into the midst of a crack epidemic.

The Los Angeles black community attempted to sue the US government only for it to be thrown out of court on the grounds of National Security. Yes CIA drug dealing is National Security it seems. They have to get their money for their black ops from somewhere and we don’t want Congress or any oversight on their dodgy dealings do we? Therefore they have to fund their “off book activities” somehow and drug dealing seems to be just one of their money making schemes.

If you think Barry Seal was shot for ratting out the head of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar, then think again. This is a video about the famous CIA pilot who used to bring guns down to the Nicaraguan rebels for Ronald Reagan and drugs back for the CIA.

Not only was he shot on the same night as Pablo’s second in command but other cartel members were also killed on the same night. It doesn’t exactly seem like a revenge killing by the cartel when members are being killed all over the place. It seems more like a bit of CIA “house cleaning”. I’ll let MadCowProd’s Daniel Hopsicker explain it to you along with the new cover up “Mena” movie, starring Tom Cruise, all about Barry Seal’s life.

The four part series on CIA drug smuggling should probably be updated to include the recent explosion of Mexican cartels.

Mexico used to be just a transit point from South America but is now a top level narco state where the Government, Police and Army are indistinguishable from the head chopping cartel members. When the top bosses of certain cartels manage to escape from maximum security prisons like El Chapo, head of the Sinaloa Cartel, who has managed to break out of two maximum security prisons twice now. You have to ask how come he wasn’t extradited to the USA like so many drug importers of the past?

It does seem odd how some Mexican and Columbian cartel heads get extradited to the US to spend the rest of their lives in shackles in maximum security prisons whereas others get a chance to spend their time in their homeland where even maximum security jails can be broken out of easily. I am reminded of the Netflix series Narco’s where even Pablo Escobar got to design and build his own prison until he got tired of the parties and prostitutes and went on the run.

So either El Chapo is protected by the CIA/DEA for informing on other cartels or he has far too much information to spill that would embarrass the USA and Mexican authorities. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in a Sicario film ending sometime soon.

We all know after the Fast and Furious debacle that the DEA allow certain cartels to keep control of areas in Mexico as long as they don’t start a bloodbath with other gangs. A top Mexican newspaper, El Universal, concluded that the DEA entered into agreements going back to 2000 and continuing through to 2012 with Mexico’s largest drug trafficking gang, the Sinaloa Cartel. Yes the one that expert prison breaker El Chapo is head of. I wonder if the DEA helped him escape or intervened to prevent his extradition to the US where escape would have been impossible?

According to Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, a highly placed member of the Sinaloa cartel and the son of top Sinaloa leader Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, the deal involved the cartel providing information about rival Mexican drug gangs to the DEA in exchange for the U.S. government agreeing not to interfere with Sinaloa shipments into the United States and the dismissal of criminal charges against cartel participants. Seems to fit the hypothesis about letting El Chapo remain in Mexico where he could escape from any prison he wanted to. It seems very likely therefore that he is indeed involved with the DEA and other US agencies in some way or another.

So when your government tells you to “Just Say No”, just remember that they “Just Say Yes”, to all the money they can make from bringing in Heroin from Afghanistan on NATO planes and Cocaine from South America. When “ex” CIA planes are found in the jungle with tons of of coke on board then you have to wonder whether they were really decommissioned and sold to drug dealers or just kept on as black op planes all along.

CIA plane found crashed with 3.7 tons of Cocaine in Mexican jungle
CIA plane found crashed with millions of dollars of Cocaine on board within the Mexican jungle

This plane was a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft that crash landed on September 24, 2007 after it ran out of fuel over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It had 3.7 tons of Cocaine on board and documents have revealed links between this Cocaine Smuggling Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA and the CIA, who used it on at least 3 rendition flights from Europe and the USA, to bring inmates to Guantanamo’s torture chambers in the early 2000′s.

Strangely the planes drug cargo shrunk from a first reported 6 Tons of Cocaine as well as one ton of pure Heroin to a later reduced figure of only 3.3 tons of Cocaine. I wonder where all this missing Coke and Smack went?

Here is a video that goes into some detail about the plane crash and it’s links to the DEA and CIA.

And then there is the more recent narco state and war in Afghanistan. Don’t be fooled by claims from our ex PM, Tony Blair, that we went to war in Afghanistan to stop the opium production spiralling out of control.

If anything we went to war to keep it going as the Taliban had managed to reduce it to almost zero. Then we went into the country and BOOM, the harvest size increased year by year.

Not only do 92% of the countries population not even know what 9.11 was – surprising seeing it was the event that caused the devastation of their country – but since the CIA took the Taliban out of power the Opium crop has just grown and grown.

Opium production from 1994 to 2013

As you can see from the graph in 2001 when the Taliban ruled the country they actually banned the production of Opium as un-Islamic and its harvest dropped to hardly anything.

Remember this was the drug that the CIA had increased production of, during the 80′s, when Russian had invaded the country. The aim was to both demoralise the Soviet troops as well as pay for the training and arming of what was to become al-Qaeda, the then called Mujahideen. Here is ex UK foreign minister Robin Cook admitting that the US and CIA created al-Qaeda (the Database) of jihadists the Americans used to fight the Russians during that war.

However as you can see from the graph, after 9.11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, the cultivation of the drug has increased and increased. Although the graph only goes to 2013 you can be assured that the bars get higher and higher.

Not only does the country now produce over 92% of all opium in the world but they no longer just export it to be turned into heroin in other countries, they now make the heroin inside their borders. Then it is transported north to Russia, south to Pakistan and west to Iran, where it makes its way to Turkey and then Europe. That is if it isn’t fast tracked on a NATO plane for special delivery.

So kids when your government tells you to “Just Say No” to drugs, just be aware that they are in fact controlling whole countries production of the drugs you might consume. On top of that they are pulling the strings of the major cartels and king pins who bring these drugs into your country.

Hypocritical – yes, surprising not at all.


By Dark Politricks



© 2015 By Dark Politricks

Do you really believe in a flat earth?

Do you really believe in a flat earth?

By Dark Politricks

It seems in the last year the idea of a “Flat Earth” has grown and grown on the Internet. Literally hundreds of YouTube channels, blogs and websites have sprung up to describe a belief in the fallacy of a globe earth and instead proposing a flat earth model.

Some of the big sites are:

Even the UK paper The Daily Express covered the flat earth phenomena.  

The people who believe in a flat earth don’t think that if you were in a ship and sailed to the ends of the seas you would fall of the edge. Instead they believe in a circular plane where the outer perimeter are the ice walls of Antarctica. Travel south from any point on the planet and you would reach the great ice walls of Antarctica. Climb over the ice walls and well, watch some of the flat earth sites to see what they say happens if you did that.

I have to admit at first I found some of their arguments fascinating and have had to question some of them myself.

For example why can the Chicago skyline be seen over 60 miles away when the maths of a spherical earth would mean that it should be below the horizon?

You can see the recent clip people refer to all the time on flat earth sites here.

I have watched many flat earth documentaries on YouTube and seen their evidence for a closer Sun and Moon that circle the round plane of the earth that can reproduce ancient Greek experiments that claimed to prove a globe earth.

How a flat earth works with the Sun and Moon

Whilst this did intrigue me, as well as the idea that if you stood on a beach and watched a ship sail off to the horizon then as it seems to disappear you can take out a pair of binoculars which then enables you to clearly see it again, the idea of a flat earth just doesn’t sit with me however much I love a good mystery.

If you are interested here is an article that explains the maths behind why you CAN see cities, islands and ships further than you really should.

Why you can see further than you should across large distances.

Also as this is obviously a massive conspiracy theory that would have to have had thousands if not millions of people keep quiet over the years, it seems odd that it has blown up really within the last year or so.

Aircraft pilots have been on shows saying they have never had to factor in the curvature of the earth when flying, air routes across the southern hemisphere have been looked into and trips across the South Pole debunked. Even old sailor tales of problems navigating in the southern hemisphere are points put forward for a flat earth.

Also all GPS is in fact earth based, all NASA footage is faked, all space flights are just landed out of sight for a few days holiday for the astronauts and the International Space Station is a huge lie.

On top of this a lot of the people doing this seem to be religious and use the Bible and other ancient texts as their “evidence” of a flat earth with a firmament that locks us in like a globe. What height this firmament is I don’t know but some have claimed the high altitude nuclear tests of the 50′s were designed to try to break through this enclosure once they discovered we were “locked in”.

The old earth

However if you are a conspiracy theorist to believe in the flat earth you would have to discount all the evidence of UFO’s, secret space programs, aliens and all that goes with it. The whistleblowers from NASA, Area 51, and all the stories of huge underground bases around the world.

If you are not into aliens and UFO’s or even a secret more advanced space program that we are kept in the dark about which could explain the UFO sightings. You would have to discount all space flight, astrophysics, gravity and all the people who have trekked across the Antarctic.

This includes a long list of people including, Felicity Aston who was the first female to cross Antarctica alone in 2011 as well as the recent attempt by British explorer Henry Worsley who was attempting to become the first man to cross Antarctica unaided and failed only 30 miles from completion. He was airlifted to hospital where he died.

It’s a bit hard to cross Antarctica if it’s the massive ice wall keeping the sea and the flat earth locked inside. I guess the flat earthers believe these people must be “in on the conspiracy” as well, even dying to keep the secret?

Whilst I admit I believe a lot of NASA footage is fake, and that the moon landings were most likely faked for a number of reasons (whether or not we actually went there or not), I don’t think all space footage is fake and I don’t think we are locked inside a big snow globe.

Lots of NASA’s own footage has shown evidence of UFO’s and whilst there’s lots that NASA (or Never A Straight Answer, as they call it), has covered up or lied about. You either have to believe we just threw billions of dollars (and Euros, Roubles and all the other currencies from countries with space programmes) away and used them to fake evidence of ALL space missions. Or you still believe in space travel, UFO’s and the possibility of aliens, who many of the flat earthers claim are actually demons and angels.

Whilst not all flat earthers are religious, I’m not, so I am not going to believe in demons and angels from a plagiarized book which took its creation story from many previous oral tales before it.

Also I have listened to more talks from people like Richard Dolan and other proponents of a secret space programme and UFO’s and I find their arguments much more persuasive than those of the proponents of a flat earth. You can listen to him speak here and I don’t think he is putting forward his arguments for UFO’s as a “globe earth shill”.

Whilst I know NASA was started by the Operation Paperclip NAZI’s that the US took from the V1/V2 factories which bombed London after WWII, with the USSR taking their fair share as well. I am more likely to believe the many whistleblowers who claim a UFO cover up, such as Gary McKinnon who hacked into the US Navy computers and found before and after photos where UFO’s were airbrushed out of photos before their release to the public, than the existence of demons, Nephilim or angels.

NASA may have been started by occultists, freemasons and NAZI’s but I don’t think they would waste all that energy, time and money on a multitude of space rockets just to shoot them off into the sea and then show the public a green screen background of people floating around in high altitude aircraft pretending to be astronauts. More likely they have been showing us the big bang rockets to distract us whilst they use their money to fund much more sophisticated craft that we are kept in the dark about.

So whilst intriguing and thought-provoking for a while I have finally had to write an article about it seeing that everyone else seems to be and put my foot firmly in the side of a global earth.

The religious side of things put me off totally as that can be scrubbed as baseless in fact, a giant chain of Chinese whispers that was finally written down, so to speak.

Whilst I admit that some of the flat earth arguments seem confounding at first there is usually a scientific answer for them, you just need to do some research, or look further than the YouTube channels you constantly watch.

Also I am more likely to believe that we do have secret aircraft that are mistaken for UFO’s, and the probability of other life in the universe. On top of that I believe in the Satellites that provide our nuclear submarines with GPS around the world to fire their missiles plus all the Satellite TV I watch from the US to China – there must be 100 Satellite dishes pointing to the “firmament” or sky down my road alone!.

If you want a good video that attempts to debunk the flat earth theory this one is worth watching.

What do you think? Do you believe in a flat earth and demons or UFO’s, a secret space program or maybe just what you were taught at school, Antarctic explorers and gravity?

By Dark Politricks


© 2016 Dark Politricks

Iran – Fighting DAESH on the ground in Syria – Iranian soldiers on the ground and dying fighting DAESH, terrorists we created and Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund and support!

Iran – Fighting DAESH on the ground in Syria – Iranian soldiers on the ground and dying fighting DAESH, terrorists we created and Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund and support!
Iranian commander killed in Syria
An Iranian IRGC commander killed in Syria

Iran: Another IRGC Senior Commander Killed in Syria

A senior Iranian military officer was killed in clashes with rebel forces in Syria. Brigadier General, Abbas-ali Alizadeh, a high-ranking Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was the 13th commander from the northern Mazanderan province in Iran who is being killed in Syria.

The Iranian regime denies having sent soldiers and forces to Syria to fight for Assad and only says that its forces in Syria are in advisory position. But both the rebels and the NGOs who are operating independently in Syria have confirmed that the clerical regime of Iran has more than 2000 forces that are fighting in front lines.

The names of some of IRGC officers and commanders killed in Syria are: Hadi Baghbani, Esmaiel Heidari, Mostafa Shiekholeslami, Hadi Jaffari and half a dozen more.

Dark Politricks says:

Why can we not just support Iran, Syria, Iraq, the Kurds and Russia in their fight to destroy DAESH?

We bomb from the air, we miss, we kill families and call it collateral damage.

These countries are actually fighting together on the ground with Russian air support so that ground is taken and held and DAESH goes on the run.

We should be supporting Iran and cutting off funding to DAESH by stopping Turkey buying their stolen oil and the hypocrisy of supporting another Islamic State, Saudi Arabia. A country who funds these terrorists whilst executing opponents at home in mass executions.

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The Dark Politricks End Of 2015 Year Review

The Dark Politricks End Of 2015 Year Review

By Dark Politricks

This review is a bit different than those that have come in recent years. The reason being that 2015 has been a bad year for me personally.

My health has prevented me doing as much work as I would have liked to on this site and the Twittersphere and it has clearly opened my eyes up to the problems of health care in this country.

Whilst I have no wish to move to an American insurance based system,where you have to be able to pay for your care before being able to receive any, I can clearly see the problems with my own countries health system, and I don’t just mean there are too many health tourists, overpaid managers and underpaid nurses.

Apart from clogging up Accident and Emergency rooms at hospitals or taking up the fire brigades time as they do in Los Angeles. I can clearly see major problems with our beloved NHS that are related to the link between GP’s (your local doctor), and the hospitals and treatment centres you may get sent to.

It seems to me that GP’s are just databases that link symptoms up with medicines to treat those symptoms.

Something that can clearly be replaced with a computer database system.

GP’s would still be needed to take blood and other tests, feel around, check your eyes and ears and fiddle about with you.

However having a database of symptoms related to illnesses and the tests to prove whether that illness is the cause or not, as well as being able to analyse medications to see if side effects would occur seems a simple solution to a lot of issues to me.

Getting further down the chain to actually resolve the underlying problem causing that symptom currently takes effort, repeat appointments and in my case subterfuge to even get to the consultant stage, where I then had an operation that eventually found the problem. The issue was that it took over 5 years of searching about to get there, and by the time they found the superbug nested inside me the pain was incredible. I now have a repeat prescription that goes over 3 pages of paper!

I was on the brink and now they reckon it will never fully go away. Great news, and a problem that could have been solved by simple logic.

Working your way down a list from the most probable cause of a symptom to the least likely seems a simple thing to do. However if the Doctor cannot think of tall hese steps and tests then a simple computer system could easily help them remember.

For one, everything sent between these “HUBS” (as I call them), is paper based.

This is crazy in this day and age of online banking where a secure site could be made that was accessible by any HUB (Hospital or Surgery) and the patient themselves. This would allow them to check the dates of and to request appointments, ask for repeat prescriptions and to also see your own health records.

I actually have a letter in my possession from the Pain Clinic that was from an appointment I went to in February. The letter was typed up nearly a whole month later and I received my copy nearly a whole month after that! This is due to doctors talking into recorders, secretaries having to then type the letters up before relying on the Royal Mail to take them from HUB to HUB, where they are re-typed into that HUBS own bespoke computer system and a copy sent out to the patient.

It’s madness but only because the law regulating the opening of the Queens Mail is much more stringent with tougher penalties than the reading of emails that don’t belong to you e.g hacking. This is why they still keep to this antiquated system of communication. Having one Internet computer system on the web, but locked down by multi tier security, so that only Doctors and Patients can access their information is badly needed and easily done in this day and age.

The ability to add your own notes and symptoms down next to each current ailment you are being treated for would help immensely when you turn up for appointments as you may have forgotten about some pain or problem you had a month ago. The doctor would be able to add and update their own notes, see possible causes for the symptoms, and be able to suggest further courses of treatment or tests to rule that cause in or out.

We already have mini websites and phone applications in the UK that allow us to request repeat prescriptions from our surgery and get them sent electronically to a chemist of our choice but this could be expanded gradually to allow for so much more without costing the earth to build.

It seems to me that a simple computer system with the type of security used by online banks would be enough to protect the data from hackers, and with various levels of access so the receptionist couldn’t read private notes but your currently involved consultants and doctors could, would in theory at least help or even eventually replace the need for a GP in future years. At the very least it would reduce their work load and make it easier for a successful diagnosis. Allowing them to see more patients without having to store every possible drug, symptom and causation in their brains memory palace.

It’s basic logic and probability that you start with the most common solution to a problem and if that doesn’t work you move your way down to the next most common. If nothing has resolved the issue then those tricky operations or uncommon diseases or illnesses have to be considered the cause however unlikely they may first seem.

A full 360 degree MRI scan and multitude of blood tests once a year to check for any possible issue would of course be lovely but very expensive. Therefore a computer system that can warn a GP that the pills they are about to prescribe will have an inverse effect on the patient due to other medication would be a big and very easy step with the data entered to cross check the patients details.

I have seen from my own journey how little the doctors know about the various side effects of the medications they prescribe and how you end up taking one pill to resolve a side effect caused by another and so on.

The big job, which would cost far less than previous attempts, would be for the data to be inputted so that for each known disease and illness a list of symptoms and their probability of showing plus side effects when combined with other drugs is entered into the system. Then when you list your problems to your doctor they can easily use the computer system to whittle down a list of potential problems to work their way through.

A list of potential illnesses and the relevant tests to rule it in or out is what is required so that a doctors brain doesn’t have to store all this growing knowledge.

Being a coder, I have the spec of such a system in my head that I could draw out on a piece of paper in a few minutes. I could code it for the Government for far less than the £20+ billion that EDS last tried to charge in their failed project to link the NHS together.

Too many cooks spoil the broth they say and having every kind of wish and want built into a system like this is the same.

What is needed is a simple way to record and log problems and help resolve them by producing from historical and current data from other patients the required courses of treatment to get to the bottom of any medical issue.

It is the Western mindset in medicine that concentrates on resolving symptoms NOT the underlying problem that keeps people coming back to the doctor, hooked on medication for years and filling the surgeries each morning.

I don’t want a US based insurance system where each scan I have, or person I talk to, or pill I take costs me extra money on the bill I get when I leave the hospital. Personally I would have been broke many years ago if I had to have gone through a health system like that. Plus now that I have “pre-existing conditions”, as the US call them, I would be struggling to get any kind of health insurance at all.

I just want the massive amount of money we already put into our NHS to work properly and for the people running it to realise WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS. We pay for it, yet we are treated as free loaders or people who should be glad to be treated by them at all. This is not true.

We have a thing in the UK called National Insurance.

Introduced after the World Wars to help create a land fit for heroes it was meant to allow people to save part of their wages to pay for things like health care, a decent pension and social security if they lost their job.

The problem is that the Government just used it as just another form of taxation and started using the young people of today’s money to pay for the ever-expanding older populations care along with anything else that needed paying.

Also with the closure of mines, loss of skilled manual labouring jobs and offshoring skilled jobs to China and India under Tory and Labour governments, the amount of people who had to rely on social security grew and grew.

We now have millions of people who have never worked who are given housing benefit to pay for their free flats, and income support to pay for their living. That was never the intention of National Insurance, it just cannot afford that and our Government is too short-sighted to do something about it.

Why we cannot go back to basics I do not know.

The money we pay through National Insurance should be kept as such, and some families may use more than others, but it should be fenced off for those intended purposes.

People who have never worked or never intend to shouldn’t be left homeless on the streets to increase crime rates through robberies and theft but allowed to live in modern-day group houses where they are fed, educated, trained at local colleges and given a route out of their circumstances. Call it a modern-day “Poor House” if you want but Charles Dickens is not the basis of my idea.

For example with single mums who are out of work but have a child they currently expect the state to feed and pay for, they could live together and take turns baby sitting as they go out to work or train.

They could even learn to become a much-needed workforce of professional and cheap child minders that would help the millions of parents who need such care for their own children whilst they go to work or train to become the “Matrons” of other such houses if they so wished.

A roof over their head, food, training and a way to progress is what they require. They have the choice to leave at any time. No one is locking them in but it is a form of help that we should really be providing for them, and society as a whole, whilst showing others that there is no longer any money for a free ride if they were expecting one.

If they wish to leave the “social safety net” then so be it, but it shouldn’t be made into a way to live off people who works backs for free. If you don’t pay in you cannot take out. Seems fair to me. Even if like myself a day may come when I cannot pay in anymore due to my health.

For those people they should be looked after, especially if they have held down a job for decades and seen their own National Insurance contribution pay for the upkeep and health of those much older than them. Remember my own family has been paying this tax for over half a century now. Some of my family have never needed extensive health care others have. Swings and roundabouts.

The issue is that whilst our Government likes to think the migrants from the wars we have caused that are now flocking here are coming for our generous benefits I can tell you that trying to live on £120 a fortnight jobseekers allowance is hardly enough money to live on let alone comfortably. I remember the days when I used to spend more than that on a night out when I was younger.

We should split our system of social security into two.

For those people who have been earning £150,000 a year and paying £40,000+ of it as tax they shouldn’t be made to live on the same amount as someone who was earning £12,000 when they lost their jobs. The amount of money you get should fit your circumstances and whilst re-training, education, and other help to start your own businesses should be open and FREE to all I think it is unfair that whilst Germany offers their unemployed benefits related to their income at the time of their job loss, we give a flat rate out to everyone despite their earnings.

What I will say to anyone believing the lies in the right-wing Tory papers about generous benefit handouts in the UK. They are not.

Whilst we may get free health care on the point of need we have to wait months in between appointments and the link between our doctors and the hospitals is useless. If you come in as an emergency patient then you will get the best service in the world but if you come through a long-winded process of doctors letter writing, receptionist re-typing and the to and fro that goes between, it becomes a long laborious process that is in dire need of reform.

I know this is a bit of a different take on the year than the others I have written before, but I have said what I feel needs saying at this time whilst the Tories are crunching hard on our services and austerity is the word of the day. Just remember, the Tories have failed in this policy and the UK National Debt has tripled under their “leadership”.

Austerity has NOT worked in the slightest. The rich have got richer the poor have got poorer.

So that is my New Years message for the year. Maybe some up and coming wannabe MP will somehow read this and take the ideas on board, if not I only expect more of the same for years to come with a gradual downward curve into extreme poverty for the masses.

I could have gone on about our meddling in Syria. How Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria should be allowed to get on with it whilst we stop our “allies” e.g Turkey from buying oil from DAESH and Saudi Arabia, who cut just as many heads off as ISIS, from funding and sending them troops.

I could have talked about the lunacy of the US Presidential elections where people actually believe there is a difference between the GOP and Democrats.

Both parties are enslaved to Israeli interests. They are both pro-war, anti privacy and pro-surveillance. All for expanding the police state at the expense of free speech and the right to protest.

Nothing will change whoever the new figure-head is, red or blue. I just find it hilarious that some people cannot see this, especially Americans. What “Change” did Obama bring apart from more war, more drones, more laws to jail you and broken campaign promises?

The US is on a decline and Russia is trying to assert itself once again with China on the horizon. I just hope whether I am here or not at the end of the year that the world has settled down and realised how mad it is to re-ignite old cold war policies and middle eastern madness.

Happy New year to all my readers and may it be a good one to you all!

By Dark Politricks


© 2016 Dark Politricks

There is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats

There is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats

By Dark Politricks

No Difference between the GOP and Democrat
There is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats

I know that Conservatives in the US call Obama a Marxist and the Democrats attack the GOP as money grabbers for the rich, but in reality there is very little difference between the GOP and the Democrats.

From my perspective across the pond I haven’t seen the US change for the better since all my years of being interested in US politics. This includes both Republican and Democratic Presidencies as well as times where the President was of the same party that controlled both houses of Congress yet still didn’t push through policies you would expect them to.

Both the GOP and Democratic parties are:

  • Pro war, even if it means possible world war with Russia/China.
  • Pro Israel and pro AIPAC / JDL plus anti Palestinian rights.
  • Pro regime change (Iraq, Libya, Ukraine & Syria to name a few).
  • Pro drone strikes even on US citizens without judicial review.
  • Pro Bankster & Wall St and anti Working Class & main street.
  • Pro Police arbitrary killings. It feels as if the streets of some US cities are full of uninformed paramilitary death squads at the moment.
  • Pro NSA/FBI/CIA/Homeland security spying on you through your cars GPS, phones microphone/cameras, websites visited from your ISPs and server log files and even now through your TV!

If you have a new “Smart TV”, have you actually read the privacy statement they make you sign in detail?

If not do so!

I read my new 4k TVs statement the other night and it mentioned built-in microphones and cameras installed into the TV to take photos of you for facial recognition and even to record your height, weight and vocal patterns.

Of course they claim that this is just to help deliver you tailored adverts and help with certain smart apps such as those that use voice commands or hand gestures but all this data goes off to a 3rd party company first to be analysed.

The legalese didn’t mention who got access to this data or how long it was stored just that it could be used by the appropriate authorities and that non compliance was covered by New York Law.

Therefore if you break your new Smart TV’s terms and conditions in any way you can have US policemen coming to arrest you wherever you are in the world. I have to wonder which 3 letter agencies get access to all this data, it really has become that Telescreen from George Orwell’s 1984, if not I don’t know how much closer they can become.

Just like phones which when switched off still have enough power to ping the phone masts and therefore record your whereabouts, I’d have a good bet that there is just enough power when your TV is in standby mode to record you through the microphone and camera.

Therefore don’t rely on turning off your camera/microphone in the settings, if you are that paranoid go back to basics and cover them with masking tape. The simplest methods are best. However when even your TV is a sophisticated computer that can spy on you and record your actions and speech then we really have entered George Orwell’s dystopian world.

Also people forget that our phones are those microchips everybody worried about having implanted in them to keep track of them by the Government in the 90s. It was the big thing, being chipped, a conspiracy theory that was just in the mind of tin foil hat wearing loons. However we happily take our phones with us everywhere we go. We constantly “Sign In”, and “log where we are”, “tag who we are with”, and write down everything we are doing. Leaving a nice long trail of our life on the Internet to be remembered for decades to come.

To the youngsters of today there is no concept of privacy and they seem happy to give that away for the ability to communicate and therefore be logged and recorded.

With our mobile and household tracking devices we can now be located and spied on 24/7 and if you are a terrorist, domestic extremist, protester or even a citizen journalist (under new US combatant rules), you could find yourself being the target of something nasty flying through the air.

Microsoft, Facebook and Google constantly hand over all your private chat data, search requests, emails, and history of websites that we’ve visited to the authorities. Both if asked and sometimes just as standard due to their close relationships with the alphabet agencies of the US surveillance state. Google took seed money from the CIA and helped them design some of the NSA’s searching algorithms for programs similar to those Snowden leaked such as PRISM and XKeyScore. Plus Microsoft was adding chips into their PC’s from the 90′s to help the NSA override any secure cryptography so that they could access your PC at will. Even the BBC reported on it in this 1999 article.

There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of national security which means knowing as much as possible about as many people as possible.

ISIS which is a creation of US/UK Middle Eastern foreign policy, just as al-Qaeda was a database of CIA cut out agents/Jihadists, used to destabilise countries as ex UK Foreign Minister, Robin Cook wrote about, are used to scare us into just handing over all our civil liberties that the terrorists supposedly hate us for having. The US were bombing ISIS for a year as their Caliphate grew in size. Therefore they were either very bad at their bombing campaign compared to the Russians or they were allowing them to survive. Using the existence of these terrorists as an excuse to cut our civil liberties is basically doing their job for them.

If they truly “hate us for our freedoms”, as George W Bush famously said, we shouldn’t hand all our freedoms away never for them to return with laws like the Patriot ACT and the NDAA and in the UK the multitude of anti-terrorism bills that have been passed.

So it’s the same with all 3 states in the Axis of War, the UK, France and the USA who have all suspended certain rights and freedoms due to the “threat” of terrorism.

I’d really like to see both Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn be leaders of both the USA and UK at the same time JUST TO SEE if REAL CHANGE is even possible from the top down.

When Obama came into office on a wave of support due to his meaningless chant of “We Can Change”, it seemed to me that the slogan was purely about the colour of the White House occupants. Therefore I don’t even believe real change from the top is actually possible, never been tried, or just stopped by the main string pullers from behind the curtains. Having two characters like Bernie and Corbyn in power would at least show us if it was still possible to change the world for the better whether you like their policies or not.

If both these men did have full control and held true to the principles they currently state then in power we should see:

  • Less prison for drugs and minor offences.
  • Less Banksters running a mock with our tax payers money and no “too big to fail or jail” companies allowed to bank roll terrorists and drug cartels (e.g HSBC).
  • Less spending on the department of war and more on education, job creation, house building and investment in the people and country instead of wasting it on £800,000 missiles that are fired into rubble in pointless overseas wars.
  • Less stupid overtures that suggest our leaders want to start a new cold (or even hot) war with Russia. They seem to forget Russia helped solve the Iran nuclear deal, remove chemical weapons from Syria and are basically crushing DAESH in Syria despite Turkey and Saudi Arabian support for the Jihadists.
  • Less power to corporations who are NOT real people with feelings and emotions yet in the USA under law they are treated as such and so during elections pump millions into campaigns of people who will benefit them if they get into power.
  • Better and cheaper health care free at the point of use in the US, and less middle management and PPI hospitals in the UK that are bankrupting us into the future.
  • Free adult education and the ability to retrain and gain new skills throughout your life to keep you in a job. Having taxpaying workers is much better than people relying on state handouts.
  • Oh and all the stolen civil liberties we have had removed from us due to the “War on Terror” returned in the hundreds.

The Two Faced Janus Coin of American Politics

The two faced Janus coin of US politics
Both Main Parties in the USA Serve The Same Interests

These are all good reasons why we need strong 3rd parties in the USA and UK.

Many Europeans don’t even realise that 3rd parties exist in the USA. Parties such as the Greens, Libertarians, Justice Party and even (shock horror) socialists!

Major political reform is needed so that these parties get a fair shake of the whip during elections, can debate the other parties on the major networks, and get the air time they require to make a dent into the two-faced Janus coin called American Democratic elections. Of course the reason they don’t is that the debates are all staged collusion with the networks who are all filled with COINTELPRO government mouthpieces. They have no urge to see REAL change come to the USA and actually do something to shake up the status quo.

How many Americans know they are still living under “Emergency Laws” enacted after 9 11 giving the President ultimate power. When will this end?

How good would an alliance be between the UK and the USA that would get on with other nations better and stop real evil e.g Israeli illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and Chinese/Saudi treatment of their people instead of selling weapons and outsourcing all our jobs to them.

Money should not matter more than morals but to George Osborne, Obama and the US/UK arms companies who must carry on their trade it seemingly does.

Our allies are not dissimilar to our enemies e.g ISIS and Saudi Arabia, yet we allow the 7th century hypocritical scum that the Saudi’s are to continue with own Janus act of both funding and fighting terrorism.

However will this ever happen or will the establishment prevent the elections of such men as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn  due to the threat of real change?

The realistic outcome is that some idiot like Donald Trump or a warmonger like Hillary Clinton will get into power in the USA to reign alongside an equally right-wing Tory party in the UK and the Axis of War will roll on…..

One can only wish…..

Remember, as George Orwell famously said:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Oh, and you do have a real choice in your elections.


By Dark Politricks


© 2015 Dark Politricks