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The History of the first Terrorist State with nukes – ISRAEL

The History of the first Terrorist State with nukes – ISRAEL

By Dark Politricks
Blackstone Intelligence Network

The King David Hotel
The smouldering ashes of the King David Hotel blown up by Israeli terrorists in the 40’s

Today I want to wrote and show you a video about the first terrorist state in the Middle East, now with nuclear weapons, Israel.

I got an A* at history at school, it was one of the only lessons I paid attention in as it fascinated me and my teacher would talk about conspiracies, real history covered up by the MSN and I studied World War 1 and World War 2 and the JFK assassination.

Now you can go straight to the video and watch Black Stone Intelligence go through this bit by bit but if you have been reading my site you will know I have many historical documents on here related to the World Wars including the famous talk given by Benjamin Freedman, an ex Zionist Jew, who gave a very famous speech that put a very different spin on the reasons for WW1 and WWII. You can read the transcript and listen to it here.

We should all know by now that the Rothschilds control most things, pulling their puppets in parliaments and state houses all over the world. They also run most of the central banks in the world where they can print money on worthless paper, lend it to the government, and our taxes go to paying back these usury loans.

However there modus operandi has always been to make money from war. They lend loans to both sides and then collect reparations from the loser and the payback from the winner.

Israel is a Rothschild operation, created between the British who were fighting the Ottoman Empire in WWI and Germany who was winning the war. Germany offered to call the war off with no reparations, lets just all go home and forget about it, and they were winning.

The Rothschild’s didn’t like this as it meant no money from reparations and they went to the British Government and promised them that they could get the USA into the war and win it. However in return they wanted some form of document that gave them Israel.

The famous Balfour agreement was a document sent to Lord Rothschild that promised to create a land for Zionist Jews if they brought the Americans into the war and in 3 months after the German offer to call the war off there was a total turn around in the USA who wanted to stay out of European wars. Most of the American press actually supported the Germans .

A false flag attack on the British ship the Lusitania, which was carrying Americans to Liverpool from New York orchestrated by the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, got the Americans so riled up they wanted revenge and joined in on the war and beat the Germans.

When the Jews started flocking into Palestine they committed mass murders, massacres and drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes.

The rules of war say that refugees must be able to return to their homes but Israel, who had lost about 250,000 – 500,000 people in concentration camps, became the Nazis who had persecuted them. Killing and murdering British and Palestinians until the Brits left and Israel was created.

This of course caused more massacres, heads chopped off and of course the famous bombing of the King David Hotel, pictured above, which was the British HQ in Palestine.

Remember that when you go to Auschwitz you are visiting a Russian rebuild version of the camp as when they came across it they knocked it all down.

The design of the gas chambers is all wrong, and the Zyclon B, people claim killed the 6 million Jews is not found on the walls of the rebuild gas chamber but only in the place inmates were sent to be shaved to remove the lice that infected the camp.

If you really try hard enough the guide that takes you through the camp will admit that it is a reconstruction.

This famous picture of a stack of skinny bald dead Jews is not actually from gassing but due to the lack of supplies getting to the camps during the end of the war and lice infections causing outbreaks of Typhus which killed German guards as well.

dead Jews

It would have been much easier to get the Jews to dig holes and then shoot them and fill the holes up than gas them, which they did do. However gassing 6 million Jews is not feasibly possible due to a modern cremation of a body taking 2-3 hours as you can read here.

There would not have been enough time to do it especially as during the end of the war fuel needed to burn bodies would have been diverted to army brigades for tanks.

Therefore the few ovens that are on show at Auschwitz would not have been able to burn all those bodies. First the gas would have to clear from the room before other Jews removed the bodies one at a time and burnt them in old fashioned ovens.

Even Auschwitz has reduced it’s numbers of deaths down a number of times to about a million.

There were even stories of 6 million Jews at threat of death in Eastern European pogroms before WW2 and even WW1 as you can see from these pictures of papers. Notice the number 6 million and the date of the paper 1931.

6 million Jews at threat of starvation in the 30's

Read this article for even more than a hundred references to 6 million Jews before WWII.

It seems to be a special number for them, as the Holocaust has been used as a pole to bash anyone on the head, and even imprison people who deny 6 million people died. Even an Israeli tried to get the names of all 6 million dead Jews and couldn’t get more than a few hundred thousand.

Hitler actually wanted to stand with the rest of Europe and fight the Jewish Communist Soviet Regime together. The fact that a lot of these communists were also Jews confuses things as well.

Were they killed for being communists or for being Jews?

I am not saying Jews at labour camps were not killed, the weak, the old etc. However I don’t think the Germans would have designed the gas chambers as they now stand, as a theme park for every world leader and school kid to go to, and say “never again”.

Now the Stern Gang and Irgun gangs of Israeli terrorists who killed so many Palestinians and British, American and other nationalities in their fight for independence all became members of the IDF.

So the IDF is the Jewish army and it’s based on terrorists. In fact the first leader of Israel was the head of a terrorist group and there have been 3 Presidents or Prime Ministers who were in these terrorist gangs.

There is too much too go into this subject without being called a racist, anti-semite or have haters in the comment section.

However history is history and it repeats itself over and over.

Remember you can be a Jew and not Israeli or Zionist and you can be a Zionist and not a Jew or an Israeli Zionist atheist.

The politicians call for the mothers to be killed so that they can’t spawn any more Palestinian “snakes” and the racist language in the Knesset is appalling.

Remember if you agree Israel is a terrorist state, causing false flag attacks to blame on Muslims like 9.11 or the USS Liberty or the Lavon Affair where they bombed Brits and Americans in Eygpt to blame on Muslims then you have to be scared that they have nukes, especially when you read the Samson Option.

This was a policy of aiming nukes at Russia and Europe in case they were overrun by Muslims so they could take the whole world down with them, terrorists or rational players in a dangerous area of the world terrorising the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese?

I will leave it to Black Stone Intelligence to go through the whole history and you can find other articles which prove Israeli IDF and Mossad soldiers are terrorists.

They commit assassinations overseas, killing innocent Iranian scientists just in case they were working on a nuclear bomb, kill peaceful protesters on the Mavi Marmara in international waters like pirates, threaten the world with nuclear annihilation, and they have had many, many massacres of the Gazan people who have just had their only lifeline of food cut off by the terrorist state.

Watch and comment please however do not call me an anti-Semite, which is the usual tactic to discredit someone attacking Israeli foreign policy, as I have nothing against Jews, just the Zionist State Of Israel.

Watch on YouTube.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

Facebook is now deciding what is hate speech and closing business pages down if flagged as showing any!

Facebook is now deciding what is hate speech and what isn’t

By Dark Politricks

Facebook is now using BOTS to loop through the millions of pages and posts they have in their database to check if any of them contain “Hate Speech“.

Who gave them this job?

Who decides what is hate speech and what is history, as shown by the recent flagging of the Declaration Of Independence as “Hate Speech”, due to its lines about…

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants if our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

Anyone can find “hateful” wording in old historical texts, and new social justice warriors will flag anything that triggers them. This makes Facebook just one more place we should all join the stock market and short it, then leave and pick up our money made from Facebook losing millions of members all at once.

They make money by selling our browsing history, likes, dislikes and other information picked up from their system to data miners who pay handsomely for that information just like Google. That is the whole point of Facebook, to draw you in, say as much as possible about yourself, then use that information to make money.

Every business nowadays has a Facebook page, even Dark Politricks has a Facebook page which I urge you to follow, share and “Like”. However after a quick check on it, I see it that Facebook has removed any of my recent posts I put up to do with 9.11, 911Truth, WTC, and conspiracies related to it.

I wonder if this article will make it to Dark Politricks on Facebook.

So if a business is flagged over some mistake by a BOT, I doubt any human checks the flag to see if it was responsible or a mistake and your whole business page could be taken down by an algorithm. I know how it’s done as I used to write them for my old company.

I will let Jimmy Dore explain on his show in more details.

Watch The Jimmy Dore Show on YouTube. Before they shut it down as “Hate Speech“.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

Israel To Be The Centre Of The New World Order

Israel To Be The Centre Of The New World Order

By Dark Politricks
Know More News

The Zionist Plan to Take Over the World from Know More News. Good video where he puts the pieces together.

Trump is now in power who owes mega bucks to the Jewish owned Banksters of New York. They could have bankrupted him at any time but in a CNN interview they claim they “kept him alive” as he would be useful to them, selling and promoting their NWO ideas.

They got him into power with a double switch, like Obama’s first term.

The election campaign was all about bringing jobs back to the US, building a wall to stop these dirty immigrants infecting the country that has a statue of liberty engraved with the saying “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” – I guess Trump doesn’t agree with the statue of liberty then?

Anyway he has turned 360 degrees on his campaign to stop the war in Syria when he used to call Obama stupid for getting entangled in it. He now drops more bombs a day than Obama who dropped more than George W Bush did, and lets not forget Obama on his campaign trail promised to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the troops home AND protect NOT Torture, whistle-blowers which seemed to slip his mind over Chelsea Manning who was tortured. Obama increased the number of military engagements (not wars), to at least 7 and probably a lot more.

Due to post 9.11 laws if the “enemy” is al-Qaeda then the Commander in Chief can go to war without Congresses permission. This is why everywhere we are at war at the moment we are fighting (not supplying weapons and training by the CIA) al-Qaeda.

Trump is a traitor for selling millions of dollars of arms to Saudi Arabia, a country who supports al-Qaeda (read the 28/29 pages here, who are supposed to be our enemy for the 9.11 attacks. Saudis funded and helped these tools in the USA. Remember before the election Trump was promising to release those 28 pages and when they were released not much was spoken on the MIC controlled MSM in the USA or UK about this at all. I cannot even remember one piece on UK TV about these released pages and what they revealed.

Selling arms to the enemy should be a traitorous offence. That is if you believe the official version with NO Israeli involvement and we ignore the happy, clapping Israeli’s who had set up a camera across the river to film the planes hitting the building sent there to “Document the event” as they say here on Israeli TV.

Surely Saudi Arabia, where the Bush family had a lot of connections with the bin-Laden family and Crown Princes, despite Prince Bandar being a terrorist puppeteer who even threatened Putin to cause terror attacks at the Winter Olympics to stop Russian support for Syria.

How did these Mossad agents caught by a neighbour and then NYC Police jumping, clapping and laughing as the plane hit the building know to “Document the event” unless Israel knew the “event” was coming and what is was. They must have been involved somehow and in some way. They want chaos in the Islamic states around them so the infighting prevents solidarity as it used to be for Islamic Middle Eastern Countries to support Palestinians.

You can read the 4 part series on Israeli spies posing as Art students, following the hijackers around the USA from this FOX NEWS piece that was taken down after Israeli pressure here.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are in Cahoots and want to cause strife and death to American soldiers and Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, and eventually Iranian people. As John Kerry said not so long ago Saudi Arabia is willing to pay the WHOLE cost of a war to get rid of Syria.

Once Syria is gone then it’s all guns turned on Iran.

They actually are willing to pay the trillion dollars or more that it would cost for a ground war in Syria where US soldiers would die, hundreds of thousand of civilians would die in “collateral damage“, and of course they would gain control of the Syrian oil and set it back to dollar payments as that’s the first thing they do when they roll into a capital city who has chosen to go against the petrodollar.

The Saudi’s don’t want to send their own troops and weapons into action against their enemy Iran, no they prefer to cause humanitarian crisis’ in Yemen by bombing fishing villages and using illegal weapons sold to them by the Axis of War.

The whole plan of Mossad is to win by deception, as you can read here from an ex Mossad spy, who actually mentions that the Israelis had a plan to get the USA to fight Iraq for them.

It seems the Saudis and Israeli’s want to use American and British bodies to fight their wars of disruption and they are willing to pay for it.

Just look at Baghdad and how the US troops were told despite the looting of antiquities and museums that they had to protect the Oil ministry.

I wonder if that had anything to do with Saddam Hussein’s change from dollars to Euros to buy and sell oil, when the whole US dollar is propped up on the petrodollar, a promise to protect and sell arms to Saudi Arabia as long as they sell all oil in US dollars. Col Qaddafi did the same with his plan for an African currency but they took him out before he could implement it.

View video on Know More News at YouTube.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

9/11 Anatomy of a Great Deception

9/11 Anatomy of a Great Deception – 2014 (Full Length)

By Dark Politricks
Anatomy of a Great Deception

This movie is about the 9.11 WTC collapse and why it is so improbable. NIST used a computer model and no real evidence from the scene of the demolishment of the towers to create their theories, pancake, weakening beams from the super hot kerosene that burnt off when the planes hit the tower.

The worst thing is that they won’t release the computer model so others can examine it. Very convenient.

A computer model can have parameters tweaked and tweaked until the “right outcome” is shown. This is why a proper examination of the debris, not that there was much considering most of the WTC turned to dust.

Steel beams caught on camera just turning to dust as they fell through the sky. What causes that?

Whether you believe in nano thermite, a nuclear bomb, multiple bombs or a directed power weapon as shown by Judy Wood’s extensive evidence, it is clear that something took the buildings down that wasn’t caused by the two planes hitting the WTC and then we already have a deathbed admission from a CIA agent that he helped wire WTC7 for demolition anyway.

Good film to watch.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

A reviewed look at the 17 years of deception over 9/11

A reviewed look at the 17 years of deception over 9/11

By Dark Politricks

This video is from the 9.11 Truth movement in Rotterdam.

It basically covers the reasons WHY when people are presented with imagery or a meme that everyone is following they feel the need to lie to themselves, conform, and refute the evidence from their own eyes and ears and go with the story everyone else is following.

Can you believe your government could do such a thing to it’s own population such as the 9.11 attacks?

I wouldn’t have before I looked into 9.11.

Then when you start to believe your own senses and stop conforming to peer pressure and tin foil hat jokes you can clearly see that throughout history that these events have occurred continually throughout the ages as reasons to engage in warfare. From Rome to Nazi’s, Vietnam to Iraq, Libya and Syria now, all viewers of mainstream TV DO NOT GET TOLD THE TRUTH about why we are fighting there.

Fake terror to cause wars for resources. Terrorists are “made” by programs such as the supposedly disbanded “MKULTRA” (they probably just gave it a new name), and then they are used to create terror where none actually exists.

Why would your government do that you should ask yourself. Well you only need to look at events from this and the last century to see why massive bureaucracies, with a triangle top head of a few powerful, non country linked, puppet masters do it.

Just look at President Trump, on the campaign trail he was all about getting out of the wars, stopping to pay for the UN and NATO, stopping China take American jobs, tax cuts and a wall to stop illegal immigration.

Apart from the wall which he has sort of started building and the tax cuts for the rich which film recorded him surrounded by Banksters saying “well I got you your tax cuts didn’t I“, as if it was a quid pro quo agreement. He would be supported by Wall St as long as he gave them less regulations and less tax to pay.

He did that and now he will be paid back when he leaves the White House, or through the businesses he set up for himself on state paid for trips to Saudi Arabia and China.

The MIC has obviously got to him, or he doesn’t have high enough security clearance, to stop any of the shady shenanigans going on in Syria and the Middle East.

I doubt he even realises that by his declaration of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem that it led to the recent massacre in Gaza in which IDF Snipers shot dead people praying, people in wheelchairs and women and children.

The UN security council tried to slap down Israel but got nowhere as usual due to American promises to veto every resolution passed that condemns Israel, basically preventing any measures being taken by the UN against Israel.

The UN did create the country, maybe it should run it as well in a one state solution as if you let the Israelis continue to build new homes on stolen land for settlers, and walk around the world as Bibi does saying, “your not safe from Islamic terrorists in Paris, London or Brussels, you need to move to Israel”.

Where they will be given a free home and lot of land (taken from the Palestinians), and even though you may be Jewish purely because you converted or your Dad married a Jewish woman, you have NO connection or RIGHT to go to a place in the desert and steal someones land just because of a religion which didn’t really exist as Judaism until recent times.

Here is a look at how Israel has grown and Palestine has shrunk despite UN resolutions from the 40’s being in effect and ignored by the Zionists in the US and Israel.

Palestine shrunk over years

The aim of the game is natural resources, oil, water, green land, trees.

We will all be fighting for them within a few years and using fake terror or CIA created terror groups like Al-Qaeda which the CIA created to fight the Soviets in the 80’s, and then spread them across the caucuses to cause trouble and allow the US, with the Presidents his new post 9.11 powers to start a war without Congressional approval if it has anything to do with 9.11.

So if you call the baddies Al-Qaeda and the USA can invade or kill at will.

Resources for grab
What we are fighting over – resources

Watch on

The channel is located here > WeAreChangeRotterdam.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks