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#Russiagate debunked as just a BOT farm placing click-bait adverts on Facebook to get moneyproof that a Russian BOT farm just placed adverts on Facebook for click-bait!

#Russiagate debunked as just a BOT farm placing click-bait adverts on Facebook to get money!

The Jimmy Dore Show

This show by Jimmy Dore proves that #Russiagate is a load of bull and the troll farm is just placing adverts on Facebook, half of them after the election, to get clickbate and earn money.

Russian Facebook Adverts
Some of the Russian Facebook adverts placed to apparently “hack” the 2016 US election

Many of these Russian Trollers had little idea of US politics, a bad grasp of English and even posted an advert for cat lovers.

Well many YouTuber’s love a good cat video or two rather than real news, so maybe they knew a bit more about the US population than we think they do!

I will let Jimmy explain in this video. With another “click-bait advert” placed for the election. Jesus v Clinton, not that Jesus is anything like Donald Trump in anyway. However it was paid for and put on Facebook to get people to click on it, therefore making money for the Troll Farm and their employers.

This technique is done by many companies and countries. Click on it and you would be taken to a Fake News advert designed to look like a newspaper story, telling you how great X or Y is in such a way that it makes people believe the information is true.

Watch on The Jimmy Dore Show on YouTube.

Even if I watch one of his videos or another “anti establishment” video on YouTube it never seems to show up in my “Watch History” for some reason.

I see it as more Google de-ranking of any anti-war mongering “It was all Russia” memes that the Democrats believe will help them win the mid terms, as well as an excuse to get their establishment news out rather than what you want to see. More shenanigans.

So the Democrats think just going on about Trump about Russia rather than details actual policies that help the people out will help them win? They are crazy.

People apart from Rachel Maddow and the companies that advertise on her show want her to carry on about Russia as it gives them ratings. The worst thing is if you repeat a lie over and over again enough people start to believe it.

This is building up to another Red McCarthyism Scare for the people to blame Russia when the US meddles, sometimes with massive loans which incur huge debt for a country, invasions and assassinations to influence elections, just read the book “Confessions of an Economic hitman” to see the real picture and watch some of Abby Martins “Empire Files” to see how the “greatest country on Earth” is really at work.

Even Republicans and the millions of Democrats who left the party to become independents all believe in the sort of progressive policies that people like Bernie Sanders is proposing. He has proved this by going to red states, talking to Republicans, and getting really good poll numbers from Trump supporters. All who who want secure jobs and not to die because they cannot afford health insurance.

Do you think poor people queuing at food banks, or having to live in a tent city really cares about  a #NothingBurger when they want free medical care, no police brutality, less Wall St fraud and jobs and homes?

What do you think?

By Dark Politricks


© 2018 Dark Politricks

America your intelligence agencies are rogue and dangerous – not that we didn’t notice

America your intelligence agencies are rogue – not that we didn’t notice

By Dark Politricks

The Jimmy Dore Show

Secret Courts have no place in an open democratic country yet the USA has one that allows your Gran, her friends and all their family and friends to be listened to through NSA “wire taps”. Basically everyone in America can easily be listened to and hacked.

This FISA court is easily abused. An example is with the Democratic hacking scandal in which the DNC and their paid middle man ex UK spy, leaked the information to Yahoo and then used that as backing up their evidence. The warrant was given and then it allowed the DNC and co to spy on their political opponents.

As I have spoken about before, the NSA is giving data collected by spying on Americans to local Police forces which they then use and have to back-fit the story of where they got their evidence.

These cops then turn up at the drug meeting place or whatever example you want and arrest the people. However this is against the constitution and the defendants in any case suffered by NSA data (the deep state) are not given the real data from the NSA, they make it up.

The “Nunes Memo“, basically is correct in that the FBI can request a warrant from a secret court, where there are no defendants, to listen in on a staff member or someone within 2 hops, or 2 links of people.

For example if I was warranted my Gran, Mum and all my friends would be included in the wire taps and then because of the 2nd hop all those people’s families and friends are also included. I use the term Wire Tap but it is so much more, it is the ability to hack your TV, Phone, Car, take photos of you and listen and spy on you.

Listen to this interview with William Binney who blew the whistle on NSA spying. He actually wrote the program that was being used against the USSR but then was turned around onto the American people.

Watch this on the Jimmy Dore Show.

This is just another sign of America’s decline when even the Supreme Court won’t even step in and do anything about the state of the three-letter agencies. James Clapper can lie to Congress on TV and doesn’t even get told off.

As Jimmy says there are two tiers of justice. Congressman are only getting interested due to being attacked by this secret court themselves. The two hop scenario is even scarier.

  • Secret Courts.
  • Torture and the ignoring of international treaties.
  • Rogue deep state agencies e.g CIA, NSA, FBI etc.
  • Rampant ever lasting war to gain minerals, oil and other resources as well as positioning e.g surrounding Russia.
  • Urge to start WWIII with Russia or China.
  • President allowed to kill Americans abroad or even at home at the sign of a pen.
  • Being spied on constantly and taped by CCTV (lookup TRAPWIRE), where all the info is kept together at UTAH so they can join the dots and see your virtual world.
  • No  Habeas Corpus for certain prisoners due to “emergency laws” enacted after 9.11 – almost 18 years ago that made the POTUS like a dictator with laws such as The PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA.
  • Military Industrial Prison and Military Industrial Complex.
  • No rules in Wall St and the share price seen as a sign of whether the country is doing well or not when most are owned by banks and a few big players who game the system with front running and high frequency trading which can lead to dramatic and sudden crashes once a computer system sees a dip and starts to sell making other systems do the same automatically. No-one’s system should be hooked into the trading floor of the stock exchange.
  • The White House is full of Wall St goons from Goldman Sachs and always is whether they are Democratic or Republican.
  • Any country threatening to carry out actions against the US’s wishes such as Libya and Iraq not wanting to buy oil in dollars is attacked unless armed like North Korea
  • The wealth disparity between the 1% and the rest of the country is as high as the great depression if not worse. Why there has been no revolution I can only point to CIA programs like COINTELPRO and Operation Mockingbird that has kept the sheeple dumbed down with sports and TV dancing shows whilst their liberty is taken away from them.

Well if America comes to your neighbourhood to “Spread Democracy” I think I would pack up and leave ASAP.

Just another nail in the freedom coffin of the USA that is almost sealed and sitting on the bottom of the pit dug for it and planned along time ago.


By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

The American Broken System cannot all be blamed on Trump

The American Broken System cannot all be blamed on Trump

By Dark Politricks
The Jimmy Dore Show

I just had to put this video up as when I saw the Tweet about someone having to pay a $350 / £250 receipt for 3 prescriptions I could not believe it.

You may think the USA has the best health system in the world and all that crap that is easily found to be BS by statistics and comparisons with other western nations.

However never ever have we in the UK had to pay more than £10 for a prescription.

I used to pay £100 for a years pre-payment card and I could get all my many prescriptions on that card. I used to get so many prescriptions a month that I worked out that I would have forked out about £15,000 (using UK prices from the NICE – NHS book on drugs and just the no of times I had to visit the chemist by £8.60), on prescriptions a year using UK prices which is crazy enough but if I had to use US prices – goodbye – meet you at my graveside.

This is due to repeat prescriptions for my pain care and other related issues which see me going down the chemist almost every other day. I would hate to see that in dollars under Obamacare or Trumpcare or whatever failing system you have in the US but luckily we have the NHS and they give us the option of buying a pre-payment card to save money if you have lots of prescriptions to collect or if you are unemployed or on the sick you get them for free.

Call it socialism – call it whatever it you like but I would rather live in a country that by all means is still neo-liberal and a war mongering, US ass kissing, Capitalist society that created a health system where people do not have to go bankrupt just to collect prescriptions.

No wonder people are using the Internet or going to Canada to get them.

A country which pays an extra $800 billion to the military, the largest in the world, and of a size that is so bloated with so many weapons already they are rusting away or being handed out to local police forces. Just like the tank in Ferguson or other militarized police zones along with Baltimore and their fake guns to plant on the side of bodies that they kill during duty to ensure they don’t get caught or done for any kind of police brutality.

Can you tell from this photo whether these are the police who are supposed to serve and protect you or a SEAL team ready to engage a Taliban fortress?

Militarized Police
Can you tell the difference between Cops and Soldiers

So for one I cannot believe that someone would pay $48 for 3 prescriptions (just under £30), as she complained in her Tweet after saying that it was due to Trump and that a year ago she would only be paying $48.

I just cannot believe that the richest country on the world puts up with this when they literally make money out of thin air, not backed by anything like Gold just the “promise” to pay the owner back.

However they only decide to spend these digital 1’s and 0’s on banking computing screens on maintaining the US Empire, rather than helping the people at home with job programs, strong unions that get to sit on wage boards as in Germany. Where the workers actually get to decide how much their CEO and managers get.

Can you imagine Walmart implementing that idea?

The thing is, it works well and the co-operatives that use this system have flourished and made some great products as all the people in the company feel as if they have something to contribute and fairness can be smelt in the air, unlike the giant farts that people smell when forced to work at Walmart and still using SNAP cards.

Luckily they will also soon to have Donald Trumps personally picked selection of non perishable tinned goods sent to them so that they don’t waste their cards buying a chocolate bar.

US Social Security, something the people all pay into but is the first to be cut when they need to “balance the budget” after all the Democrats and Republicans have thrown more billions of unfunded money to the US Empires war chest.

This isn’t what the video below is really about but it shows the hypocrisy of blaming Trump for everything when in reality he hasn’t changed much from Obama.

The wars are still raging, the drones still flying, the NSA still spying and the US infrastructure all across the United States is in appalling condition. This cannot all be blamed on Trump.

Maybe a bit of socialism tried apart from all the socialist programs you already have such as the Roads, Bin Men, Schools, Fire brigades, Medicare, Police, Social Security etc etc would do some good and open a few eyes.

I just cannot get over someone having to pay $350/£250 for 3 prescriptions.

Here we can pay around a half of that and get as many prescriptions as we need for a whole year. The price we pay at the chemist is fixed at around £8.60, whatever the cost of the drug. Therefore I could be prescribed a pack of drugs worth £200 but still only pay $8.60.

So Mr Trump do you still think the NHS is crap and that we should move to a more US system?

The video goes into how Democrats and Republicans are basically looking after their own asses than the public and how they all back slap each other between putting on Punch and Judy shows for the MSM. This was just a video I was watching I had to jump out of bed and write about due to the prices they were talking about in the tweets related to medicine. It was just unbelievable to me.


Watch on Jimmy Dore’s channel at The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

It’s time for your revolution Americans

It’s time for your revolution Americans

By Dark Politricks

What did your 2nd amendment do to help you stop the take over of America I ask?

Goldman Sachs, Wall St, the Military and Prison Industrial complexes and the offshoring of mega rich people’s money instead of investing it and giving their staff wages.

Your country is an Oligarchy and from abroad I can tell you that it is a laughing-stock, especially when we get to read Trumps tweets. It’s as if he missed civics lessons at school and doesn’t know how the government works. I bet he actually thinks like a dictator and that sending a Tweet at 3am is the way legislation is formed.

The USA are the richest country in the world and spend more money on weapons, war and military bases than Russia, China, France, UK and many more countries that you call to your aid in a “NATO Response“. Yet they cannot even afford free health care, cheap drugs or cheap education as it would be “unfunded” – just like the fiscally responsible Republicans always are when it comes to anything apart from killing people.

You don’t need NATO you run NATO and use it as a cover along with the UN to do the military actions you want but you just need a few butt kissing buddies like the UK, France or Israel along with you to make it look legit.

You didn’t need both parties to sign off on another $800 billion for the military – “We gave the military what they wanted and more” – why more?

Why do you need to be at war all the time?

Why do you allow your government to take your freedoms and civil rights away without a fight.

What is the point of being able to just print money, owe $20 trillion in debt and have a $1 trillion deficit just to prove to the world you are the new Roman Empire.

If anyone is the bad guys in this world it is you!

Spying on us through our PC webcams, implanting viruses and recording our calls without warrants or reason. Wasn’t the Constitution and Bill of Rights supposed to be the supreme law of your land?

If so why have you let it become “just a bit of paper” as George W Bush is claimed to have said.

Torture used to be linked to the Nazis, now it’s America.

War crimes were Israel’s de facto position whenever a firecracker went into its Iron Dome now it’s you bombing women and children in Syria.

Selling billions of arms to Saudi Arabia just to watch them be used to kill children as they step on illegal weaponry.

Spreading Democracy” and stop the “Red Threat“, used to be your rallying cry as you justified the theft of natural resources and opium from Afghanistan and coke from South America.

Lies, Lies and more lies that poor people with little job opportunity in towns with closed factories and mines thought of fighting for their country as they signed up to join the Army at school meetings, football games and other activities made to make people feel “patriotic” and round-up more bodies to be blown apart in far away lands.

The CIA has to get its black budget money from somewhere.

You are now being run by an Oligarchy, the Axis of Evil is not Iran or North Korea it’s Wall St lobbyists, Goldman Sachs officials put into positions of political power and the Military Industrial Complex placing adverts for fighter jets during the Super Bowl.

It’s your mainstream media not even looking into these issues and journalists being sacked for doing so if they try. It’s the Pharmaceutical complex creating and selling you pills every ad break to calm you down or perk you up. Companies who make up illnesses every year and then provide the cure for them.

If you think Russia Today is a “Red Threat” and Foreign Agent then you think people like Ed Shultz (Sacked for talking about the Iraq war), or Larry King a life long figure giving interviews to people, Lee Camp a comedian who just uses satire to show the craziness of the Government and their policies or Max Keiser a former stock broker turned reporter on Wall St fraud and world plans for monetary policy.

They are just a few people you may know plus many more ex MSM reporters who were shuffled out for speaking out against the establishment. I suggest you take a look at some of their videos or watch them live online here.

Remember your leaders don’t care about you or the average citizen. This goes for both main parties.

If they did they wouldn’t spend all those unfunded trillions of dollars on wars and then claim they need to balance the budget and go after the poor and middle class working multiple jobs just to survive in a wasteland of broken infrastructure and wooden houses that get blown miles across town when hurricane season hits.

You need a revolution and you need one for not just your sake but the worlds.

Here is a rant from Jimmy Dore on the subject. Left or right, the hypocrisy and shame is equal.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

The Deep State Runs The USA – History Proves It

The Deep State Runs The USA – History Proves It

By Dark Politricks

I watched a few videos over the weekend that made me really get the impression that the USA has become not only a danger to its own people but also to the world in general.

It seems to be a functioning Oligarchy now, where only two political parties get a chance to debate a narrow view of opinions. I mean how can a whole police force like the city of Baltimore tell their cops to carry fake guns to plant on innocent or unarmed victims and the Government not do anything about it?

The GOP has moved so far to the right instead of moving to the left to give the public a real choice the Democrats have followed behind them. Now there are two right wing parties in control of passing laws their donors and contributors “ask” them to.

The country, like most they criticize, is run by the deep state, the CIA and the NSA. Groups of old white men who have been in multiple administrations and who pull the strings of the puppet politicians we are tricked into voting for to give the illusion of real democracy.

They are the people and institutions who are always there whoever is supposed to be in charge of them. Even Chuck Schumer was on a news program saying that you better not mess with the three letter agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA as they have a hundred ways to one to screw you over. He is basically admitting that the deep state control the politicians not the other way round as it should be.

In a proper democracy, one the USA claims to be, the FBI and all the other agencies are supposed to work for the elected representatives of the people. They don’t and the people on the news channels don’t seem to worry, question or seem slightly bothered about it unless it’s the other tribe they follow.

FOX was screaming about abuse of power when Obama was in power, MSNBC was when Bush was in power until they started sacking people who went against the war in Iraq and now the Democrats are still shouting out “Russia Russia” despite both parties being involved in “dodgy dossiers”.

The recent years since 9.11 seems to have proven that the USA is the biggest danger to world peace due to their deep state than any other.

The new Red scare has been repeated enough without any evidence by the left instead of analyzing why they actually lost the election i.e the lack of real policies such as ending wars, closing some of the 1,000 military bases to pay for free health care. Actions to actually grab peoples vote whether people believe it or not. Both parties had a dossier, Hillary just went through a middle man, then cried fire without showing the firemen where it was burning.

I still don’t get how they can claim they were hacked by Russia when they didn’t allow the FBI to check their servers. Surely that’s a crime, or was it a let off as she has been part of the deep state since the 90’s, and maybe the 80’s.

Bill Clinton was allowed to be President because of his deal with the deep state and the Mena airport scandal in her husbands state of Arkansas. Allowing the CIA to bring guns covertly down to the right-wing militias in Nicaragua and fly coke back into the country to sell as crack in Los Angles to pay for it all,

Other countries have their own deep states of course, the UK’s civil service remains in place to tell the elected politicians how to make bills and push the MP’s in the way that MI5/MI6 wants. It’s why Tony Blair was brought in as Labour leader to bring the party into the center ground.

Blair removed clause 4 from the Labour charter that said they would nationalise the industries that the people and government built. He allowed the Bank of England to control interest rates and he moved the party from one that was, and proved by MP’s and union leaders, that they had been spied on whilst Labour was a true left wing party into the establishment. Jeremy Corbyn, now leader of Labour, was spied on by MI5 over his links to the IRA and the threat he might pose along with many other ex union leaders and left wingers.

The US Green party leader, Jill Stein, who had a jobs plan, a plan for free education, health care and clean energy, was not even allowed into debates as the more people who heard her policies agreed with them, the same with Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries where his crowds outnumbered Hillary’s by the thousand.

The deep state would never let a peace candidate like those into the highest office in the land. No wonder Hillary and the DMC smeared them and keeps on doing so to the progressive wing of the party. Instead they should be embracing them and trying to change the way things work in Washington.

The reason is simple, they don’t control the agencies they are supposed to, they are told what to do by them.

In a world like that no policies that the people want such as free health care, education, no wars, less spending is ever going to happen as the politicians who promote those policies have to be smeared and tagged as Russian stooges, or useful idiots as is happening now before MSM viewers eyes.

It seems that anyone going against the Axis of War, Pro Wall St, bailouts to the rich and no help for the poor is a totally different character once in office than giving speeches to their fans.

Both Obama and Trump who said totally different messages to their supporters on the campaign trail than their actions in office are either compromised, threatened or just good liars.

I’ve suspected for a long time that on inauguration day that they are brought into a room full of deep state rulers, money men and MIC pushers and shown a video of JFK being killed from 4 different video angles to set them straight, scrub out any ideas of change they might have had and put them squarely on the Deep States path.

Just compare what Trump said to his disillusioned supporters who had seen their jobs go overseas or taken by immigrants, their health costs rise, and the rich in Wall St getting richer to what he’s actually done in office. No clearing of the swamp but a re-filling of it, no health bill that’s miles better than Obamacare and covers everyone but fewer people covered and a tax bill that’s made the 1% a whole lot richer.

Look at the “left” news media now. They are busy smearing their own whilst cheering on Trump as he starts to use armed force. “Presidential” they called it as he dropped his first bomb on innocent women and children and maybe a few CIA/Mossad trained jihadists in Syria.

The Democrats have certainly moved to the right and with Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, owner of Amazon, the Washington Post and benefactor of $600 million from the CIA.

He is a person who is allowed to see National Security data for some reason and he prevents bad stories being printed by his journalists about his advertisers, the big oil companies, MIC corps and other big war supporting people. He is definitely part of, or going to be part of the ever present group of rich white men controlling the USA, and the world, as Presidents come and go.

The Democrats are no longer progressive. Instead of taking the good ideas from the Green party who many voted for as they couldn’t stomach voting for Trump the snake oil salesman or Hillary who actually wants war with another nuclear state – Russia, they voted for Jill and the Green Party.

So what happens?

Jill is being called in front of Congress, and both she and Bernie as well as many online news channels and journalists are being smeared constantly by being called Russian stooges. This is from the supposed left.

Instead of the Progressive party the Democrats should, and could be to oppose the GOP. The doves, the no war party. The help the poor get jobs party, they are now just another right-wing party. They are a distant memory of a party that no longer exists in some people’s minds.

It seems that since 9.11, the executive orders, PATRIOT ACT, NDAA and huge spending on the armed forces that it’s true to say that the Deep State runs the country and maybe there is no turning back for the USA.

It’s sad but the facts, US news shows and papers and the policies of war seem to prove this statement.

By Dark Politricks


© 2018 Dark Politricks