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How Israel Controls the US Government and the US citizens they killed

How Israel Controls the US Government and the US citizens they killed

By Johnny Gatt

This documentary should be watched by everyone to figure out why some politicians are elected and others are not.

Why your sons are being killed in wars fought for Israel and coming home in body bags.

Why if you criticize Israeli Foreign Policy you will get called an anti-Semite.

Why Mainstream news footage shown live on 9.11 about the “Dancing Israelis” who filmed the 1st plane hitting the WTC from across the bay and said on TV that they were sent to “Document the event“. How did they know the event was going to happen?

And what about all the dozens of dual nationals and Israelis caught with bomb making equipment on the Washington Bridge who all failed polygraphs but were sent home on Visa Issues!

All this news, interviews with cops who arrested the dancing Israelis and vans on bridges was soon forgotten and never played again. Who has the power to stop the media doing REAL INVESTIGATIONS?

Like Carl Cameron’s 4 part FOX NEWS series on Israeli Spies following the hijackers around the US, pretending to be art students and sometimes living next door to them.

That was quickly pulled after pressure on FOX by Israeli lobbies. Luckily I have a copy you can read here.

You should watch this and get a better idea of why we are fighting Israels Greater Plan to expand into Syria and Iraq over in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is the most evil backward country in the world stoning raped women to death and beheading prisoners after prayers.

Yet the MIC needs constant war to sell their weapons to the US/UK/Saudis and make money.

As President Eisenhower said in his leaving speech. Beware of the Military Industrial Complex. They need constant war to make money and if there is no war the CIA will go in and start one with their book of Jihadists and bogey men who just want to rape and kill.

No morals at all and Israel had a hospital in the Golan Heights to mend up the ISIS fighters. ISIS even apologised to Israel when a missile landed in its terrority, what does that say about the connection between the two.

Get rid of Syria and Hezbollah, and John Kerry is on record saying Saudi Arabia, currently bombing kids and causing disease in Yemen, which is hardly mentioned on MSM. John Kerry said in Congress that Saudi Arabia offered to pay for the whole military operation against Iran. All the bombs, ships, planes, troop quarters etc. They would pay for your sons to die for them and Israel who both hate Iran.

The war in Syria is about 2 competing pipelines. One from Iran through Iraq and Syria into Europe and a Rothschild invested plan for one from Saudi Arabia up through an expanded Israel and through captured Syrian land into Europe.

That is why your sons and dads are dying in the Middle East.

Afghanistan has no use for the Americans apart from a gas pipeline, whose oil company head they installed as the President.

Also huge deposits of high quality elements used for microchips and other new technology. The longest war the US has ever fought and 90% of Afghans have never heard of 9.11 or Osama bin-Laden.

The Opium crop has increased from almost zero under the Taliban to be supplying most Western countries now.

Watch this please!

View the video on How Israel Controls the US Government and the US citizens they killed at

Russia prepares for war due to another probable false flag attack from the CIA supported ISIS rebels

Russia prepares for war due to another probable false flag attack from the CIA supported rebels

By Dark Politricks and Blackstone Intelligence Network

Russia has deployed a massive Naval Armada off the coast of Syria after its Defense Ministry claimed to have intelligence on a new chemical false flag attack to justify additional western intervention.

The last false flag attack was also predicted by Russia in hopes of stopping it but the Western Media paid no attention and Donald Trump bombed Syria with the help of the Axis of War (US/UK/Israel/France).

However this time they know the western media who are compliant to the MIC and are on a massive tribute cycle to the recently deceased John McCain, won’t be speaking out, despite the dangerous build up of Russian and US/UK/French ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

There have been no news reports in the west after the independent analysis of the last Syrian “Gas Attack” which was used as a pretext for massive bombing of Syria has come out to claim there was NO SUCH GAS ATTACK.

Therefore it was a western false flag attack and used as a pretext to bomb Syria to stop their army of CIA and Saudi backed Jihadists from being other-thrown.

Why wasn’t this in the news?

It seems as if every time the Syrians and Russians are about to take back a city from the Western backed terrorists there is a chemical attack which is then blamed on the Syrians. This is nonsensical due to the Syrians wanting to save their citizens from our backed crazies, not kill them.

The people who do want to kill the citizens are the crazy Jihadists who the non heroic John McCain supported along with the Axis of War.

These nutters rape husbands wives in front of them before cutting off the husbands heads and sell their children into the sex slave business or organ harvesting.

Why are we supporting such horrific killers and why is our news silent to it. Well we know why because the western media is pro government and pro war.

The Russian predicated a false flag attack last time correctly, and the evidence has now come out that they were right.

They are now predicting another one just as the coalition to protect Syria with Russian support is about to take back a major city for Syria, which is when the last false flag, now independently confirmed occurred.

Are we that desperate to other throw President Assad and allow Israel to grab land, the Saudi oil pipeline to exist to further enrich the Rothschild money men to let this happen?

People need to get this information out far and wide to hopefully stop the attack before it happens and possibly a real war between Russia and the West.

View the original article at Blackstone Intelligence Network

By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks

Remember The Pentagon Plane Attack Impossibilities

Remember The Pentagon Plane Attack Impossibilities

By Dark Politricks

I have been into 9.11 almost as soon as I saw it on the TV screens of secretaries at my work in 2001. I always thought the “Pentagon Plane was really a missile” story was a fake or government spinned lie to discredit the 9.11 Truth movement. If the witnesses at the WTC, thousands who saw a plane or two hit the Twin Towers then why shouldn’t the witnesses at the Pentagon be believed just as much.

However after examining it more extensively and with Pilots for 911Truth getting FOI data showing that the plane actually flew over the building and listening to talks from people who saw no plane debris at the “official” impact site, I changed my mind.

Pentagon plane does not fit in hole
The Plane simply does not fit and cannot fly at 550 mph that low to the ground

Can you see a planeFrom the video given out to the public only after numerous FOI requests, we are expected to believe that a Boeing 757 managed to fly only a few feet off the ground horizontally, for some time, without down-force crashing it into the ground or it’s engines, and for it’s huge body to disappear into a small hole on the first floor of the Pentagon before punching it’s way through 3 re-enforced walls of concrete and coming out of a small exit hole 3 rings later.

Witnesses, TV crew and employees spoke about the lack of debris, bodies, bags and engine parts when they walked through this 3 ring puncture to escape.

I have a detailed talk from Barbara Honegger, an ex Reagan official who appears in this short video on my “Pentagon Attack Finally Solved?” page, and I think she puts the pieces together well.

She talks about 2 attacks at the site which get around the problems of the first pictures of pristine grass outside the impact zone and no debris and if you watch her speech in the article she explains it as 2 attacks.

One by a drone, coloured to look like a plane and then the main attack at a different section of the building which was a bomb. This was why there was no debris outside or plane engines buried 10 feet in the ground as they would have been if flying that low to the ground to hit the first floor.

Problems with the official story include:
1. The incompetence of the pilot supposedly at the wings of the 757 to make such a complex maneuver. Something experienced pilots would need many attempts on simulators to get anywhere near right.
2. The official path of the plane does not fit with the witness evidence or the broken light poles on the road.
3. A plane cannot fly at 550 mph at only a few feet off the ground which is required to hit the 1st floor “official impact zone”.
4. If you watch this video of a test to see what a plane would do a re-enforced concrete wall like the Pentagon had you will see that the possibility of an aluminium plane using kinetic energy would not punch through 3 walls but be destroyed into tiny bits on the first impact. Notice in the video the plane is on train tracks due to the fact you cannot fly a plane that low to the ground at that speed.

So from all the CCTV that the FBI confiscated which could have caught the plane, drone, missile, or flock of concrete beaked seagulls hit the Pentagon we got a short clip from a CCTV camera that showed a few frames that showed no plane and an explosion.

The FBI must know what happened from other CCTV and their threats to staff who went public but they themselves are as corrupt as every part of the US Oligarchy.

The plane did not nose dive down into the first floor it apparently flew parallel to the ground for a good few hundred yards. This is something when I asked my father who worked for one of the UK’s top Air Research Facilities as a chief engineer who designed plane engines how difficult it would be. He said “very”, and “almost impossible”.

He said the same as many other pilots who said that just the huge turn in the air and path the plane took was impossible for this type of plane.

Many ex military men and pilots have come out to say this. John Lear tried to sue the Government and in his affidavit he explains how planes flying at 550 mph (roughly) could not be controlled in the manner they were as they are designed as cruise ships in the sky at 40,000 feet not Jet fighters performing exotic turns at low altitude.

Conspiracies like the official 9.11 Report show that.

1. The Commissioners lied to the public about outside funding from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia when asked numerous times due to the release of the 28/29 pages which admits Saudi Involvement in the attack.

2. Why did the extensive news coverage on the day about white vans being stopped on the Washington Bridge with Israeli Mossad agents inside along with box cutters and bombs not heard about after the event on the day?

3. How did the “Dancing Israelis” know to park their van across the Jersey river to get pictures and footage of the first plane hitting the WTC. They are on record saying they were “Sent to document the event“, so how did they know the event would even happen.

4. Whatever turned the WTC into dust, metal beams just frazzling up as they fell, the lack of seismic data from the buildings hitting the floor, toasted cars a block away with perfectly fine paper from the WTC offices floating about. Nano thermate particles (or rust) found in the huge dust cloud that covered NYC for days and is now giving first responders cancers, from asbestos and other concrete particles or maybe radiation from a mini nuke under the towers as Russian agent and material witness Dimitri Khalezov believes is unimportant. We know from the extensive library of firemen, police, WTC workers and people like William Rodriguez, a janitor who helped many people escape and described multiple explosions below and above him that there was probably a number of fail safe techniques used to ensure the towers fell that day.

Watch on

Here is a death bed confession from a “deep state CIA” demolition expert who celebrated the WTC7 falling then worried that it looked too real. This should be on the US news along with the 28/29 pages that prove Bush and Cheney lied to get the US to commit war crimes by attacking Iraq and protected it’s Jihadist machine maker Saudi Arabia from any MSM attacks.

These recent articles are all updates for the upcoming 9.11 anniversary. You can find many more on the site.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

First they came for the #Altnews

First they came for the #Altnews

By Dark Politricks

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

I am reminded of that due to Alex Jones having his whole operation shut down by the globalists.

I post this as only the other day I posted something from Know More News video about how Alex Jones was a sellout, had big money behind him and how I had started on this path mainly due to his podcasts.

However lately I had noticed the Trump sellout, too much religion and “Providence” babble coming from his mouth. I didn’t like his pro-Zionist moves and if he was backed by the Zionists then they have stabbed him in the back now.

There was all this talk of Alex Jones being a limited hangout.

Well if he is was a limited hang out he is very limited now.

He has had his YouTube/Google (same company), videos removed, Facebook page taken down as well as Apple and other companies all collude to remove his content at the same time. Not nice for someone relying on the means of communication in this age to be stranded from.

Who will be next?

The Drudge Report?

A YouTube blogger who talks about 911Truth?

Me? I have already felt the force of having pages, blogs and YouTube channels removed years ago.

I think the plan is to get all sites or people who want to blog to use the major sites e.g (I’ve had 4+ blogs pulled with no reason from there), (2 taken down), Facebook (I’ve had multiple bans with no reason given plus many pages removed).

Then there’s Google/YouTube who can, as private companies take your stuff, even if you had worked on it like I had for years, down without a specific reason. No phone number to speak to someone about what you did wrong. Just a link to a knowledge base article with terms of use listed, and the one you have supposedly broken not pointed out to help you fix it.

I think the new Google Chrome SSL warning for people wanting to host their own sites and not actually sell anything is a first step.

If people use Google’s Chrome browser they will most likely be put off by the “This site is not secure” due to not having an SSL certificate. You know it has an SSL as the address starts with https and you see a key in the address bar to show it’s encrypted posting, not that the NSA or GCHQ wouldn’t still be able to see it.

We have to ask ourselves who is the bigger danger now, hackers or the Government agencies with close ties to all these major Websites that people just spew their lives on and companies really require to exist in this modern age.

So just think. Even if you hate Alex Jones, in a free world you should allow his ideas to have their place. As the saying goes:

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

So is this still a free world now that Silicon Valley has joined the MIC and the corrupt US bought out government and they are deciding what can and can’t be said online?

It used to supposedly be free. I distinctly remember George W Bush saying the terrorists did 9.11 because they hated our freedoms.

You know the freedoms we just let the Government take away from us with the PATRIOT ACT, NDAA,  Presidential Emergency Laws, GITMO and kill lists.

All these laws to protect us from CIA created terrorists.

It seems these “terrorists” from the made up, Spectre like joke of al-Qaeda. A phony terrorist organisation with tentacles seemingly wrapped all around the world with bin-Laden at its head have won then. All because of CIA assets and meddling from the days of the US in Afghanistan, helping arm jihadists against the Soviets.

If they can ruin a multi millionaire business due to some “free speech” by blocking it under rules decided by the big players in this new MSM-Silicon Valley-MIC Nexus, then surely it can happen to you, me and anyone.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

Alex Jones Exposed as an Actor and Trumps bad memory

Alex Jones Exposed as an Actor and Trumps bad memory

By Dark Politricks
Videos by Know More News and the David Packman Show

This 1st video looks at whether Alex Jones is a truth teller or a gate keeper.

This has been noticed by a lot of people who listen to him due to his sudden change from ranting about “both political parties being two sides of the same coin” to his recent divorce.

These are two videos you should watch especially if like me you were first turned or “awakened“, when listening to him decades ago about the 9.11 false flag attack.

It is odd that Bill Cooper, who predicted that the next false flag would be a big one and blamed on Usama bin-Laden was shot and killed shortly afterwards but Alex who claims to have predicted it. Causing massive arguments at the time between Jones and Cooper, became a millionaire, and in court admitted to being an “actor”.

Here are two videos you should watch.

Alex Jones
Alex Jones plays a “Character on his show” as he claimed in Court.

Watch the evidence against him here.

View video on YouTube at Know More News.

This second video is from Alex’s ex wife where she describes what Alex Jones is really like to live with and whether he is an actor or really believes in what he is saying.

Substance abuse, violence and drunkenness are all claimed, yet her children remain with Alex due to a family court hearing that has broke her bank. This could make people think that Alex is “protected“, when Bill Cooper wasn’t, and sold out a long time ago for the money.

View video on YouTube at The David Packman Show.

Personally I stopped listening to Alex Jones a decade ago and got tired of the ad breaks every 10 minutes to try and force me to buy thyroid gland protecting juice or some other snake oil, plus all the ranting and raving about “being for Jesus and against all the demonic NWO Government“.

He does still produce some good articles on InfoWars and is probably most peoples first introduction into many conspiracy topics. People should make up their own mind, listen to him for a while and then go off to other channels on YouTube or sites like this which try and produce a fair balance of criticizing everybody when they do wrong.

For example I thought the choice between Trump and the most hated politician in the country was a NO VOTE, and I would have probably abstained or wrote in Bernie Sanders name just to see if the fixed computers could handle spoilt ballots.

In his first year Trump has sold out to the Military Industrial Complex and by bombing Syria and pulling out of the Iran deal he is going to lead us to a horrible situation in the Middle East and maybe WWIII.

This fits perfectly with his decision to put the US embassy in Jerusalem, which a special coin was minted for him in his honour. I bet he had a stiffy over that one despite the IDF killing and injuring thousands of people from the day after this decision.

He didn’t have the balls to speak out about the IDF’s actions or the illegal settlements which makes him an admitted Zionist.

Also his sale of billions of dollars of weapons to the Saudi’s goes totally against his campaign where he was accusing the country of being behind 9.11 and calling for the declassified 28/29 pages.

Well here they are and not much was mentioned about them on either US or UK TV. He must have a short memory. Read the 28/29 classified pages here.

Has the MSM forgotten that the release of documents that the White House hid due to Bush’s close relationship with the bin-Laden and Bandar families? Where are the calls to lock Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest up and to go to war with Saudi Arabia rather than Iran?

Iran is a country who stuck to it’s side of the multi national deal, never broke a promise and now will probably be blamed for a false flag attack, such as a missile attack on US ships in the Strait of Hormuz or a bomb going off in Jerusalem, either at the new US embassy or the Temple Mount.

Watch more of No More News for info on a possible false flag bombing at the Temple Mount and Alex Jones new Zionist slant whilst slobbering all over his commander in chief, Donald Trump.

If only Trump had kept his word and pulled troops out of the Middle East then we wouldn’t be seeing this massive refugee problem in Europe.

Plus Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq would have finished ISIS off by now if not for false claims of gas attacks from the UK’s White Helmets and CIA/Mossad/Saudi Arabia supplying arms and training the Jihadists.

However Trump’s election promises didn’t fit the Deep States plans for a Saudi oil pipe line into Europe through Syria which competes with the Iranian pipe line and their PNAC plans for total spectrum dominance and control of the whole Middle East.

He has given massive permanent tax breaks to the rich and temporary small cuts to the Middle Class and he is going to kill more people this year in the US due to their lack of health care or Insurance due to his Health Plan.

The US has been a toy for AIPAC and the Congress owned by Israeli lobbyists for years now and everyone who calls this out is an anti-Semite. This is just not true read my thoughts on it here > Does Anti Zionism equate to Anti-Semitism

Watch the videos and make your own mind up whether Alex Jones has been co-opted and owned by the Zionist Cabal.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks