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David Shayler – Tony Blair was an MI5 Spy

David Shayler – Tony Blair was an MI5 Spy

Tony Gosling
Oct 20th 2005

There has been much speculation as to how the most right wing and powerful elements in the Labour Party used to be such left wing radicals.

Did they have a change of heart?

Apparently not, according to Ex MI5 Counter-Terrorism Officer David Shayler.

It would also explain why the spooks have been so busy trying to blacken Shayler’s name.

Ex MI5 anti-terrorism officer David Shayler, who spent three days with us in Bristol recently, when his car got brake failure while parked up at the University, said at his Cube cinema presentation that he had access to information contained in Blair’s Security File while in ‘the service’.

“Tony Blair worked for MI5 before he became Labour leader.”- Evening Post.

The day after Shayler was arrested in France the Mail on Sunday came out with the Headline ‘Shayler Could Bring Down Government’.

On the Monday, Shayler says, Blair Summoned the editor to Downing Street and asked him into the Garden (to avoid bugs) demanding to know what David Shayler knew about him (Tony Blair).

The editor wisely explained that due to a government injunction he could not tell Mr Blair anything that Shayler knew or he’d be breaking Blair’s government’s own injunction.

Tony Blair, according to David Shayler, had documents in his file which clearly meant he had been spying on his comrades in CND and The Labour Party before being made Party Leader – which explains his so-called radical left activities as a young man – he was a spy reporting back on Communist ‘subversives’ in CND and in the Labour Party!

Shayler says his secret state agent past would make Tony Blair utterly unreliable to hold public office – particularly in the Labour party and would make him a puppet of the hawks in MI6.

The same hawks I guess who cooked up the dodgy dossier at our expense which has been used to kill nearly 150,000 Iraqis and open the gates of hell in the Middle East. (oh yes and boost the profits and margins of every single Western Arms business leaving not enough to pay our pensioners and treat people on the NHS properly).

It would not surprise me if Tony Blair was indeed a sophisticated ploy by the UK establishment to destroy the left wing of British politics. Not only was he considered Thatchers protege by many, and admitted himself that he admired the woman, but he did all of the following:

  1. He brought the Labour Party into the center of politics which it has stayed even if Ed Miliband is trying to distance himself from New Labour. So far Ed has done nothing of significance to bring Labour back to the left wing of politics.
  2. He removed clause 4 from Labour’s own constitution which promised to keep all key industries such as water, electricity, railways under national control. Removing this clause has meant the rise of private monopolies that control prices, caused constant rising train fares which privatisation was supposed to lower due to “competition”. Most importantly of all he has ended the strong ties to the unions that bankroll the party and created it in the first place as a political party for the common worker.
  3. He never undid any of the major changes Thatcher brought to the country. He never repealed any of the laws he attacked at the time during opposition and he deliberately wanted to  bring Labour into the center ground where he believed Labour would become electable. By doing this he removed any real choice in the UK voters mind as now all 3 major political parties are based in the center squabbling over small changes in tax codes, who can be the most austere and who can kiss the US neo-con war lobby’s ass the most.
  4. For a party that was supposed to be anti-nuclear and supportive of the CND movement, Blair did nothing to stop the UK’s “independent” nuclear deterrent which is reliant on US GPS satellites anyway. He took the country into multiple wars and ignored the wishes of the country and the international community by going to war in Iraq. He is a warmonger and someone who believes the deaths of a million innocent Iraqi civillians was worth it to get rid of a man that was once backed and supported by the UK and USA and which we sold the same weapons to that we later accussed him of having.

The original article from the Evening Post has been removed (surprise!) therefore this is being re-produced to keep people aware of the original story and references can be found at and and many other #altnews websites.

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  1. bob says

    good site

  2. Andrew Dedman mi5 says

    At google type ……Andrew Dedman mi5…….Andrew Dedman mi5 was known to both David Shayler and Annie Machon,the claims he makes in the press are frivolous,what he really knows he has no intention of leaking out,we believe he is a “plant” or decoy,MI5 use them to gather the types of people in society that could be a threat to mi5 themselves,for example people who take an interest in mi5 and produce web sites about them are of obvious interest to mi5 itself….there is no logical explanation why Shayler and Machon never blew the whistle on “Dedman”…Andrew Dedman by the way is an anagram…mess with us and your a deadman

    • Dark Politricks says

      Is that some sort of threat disguised in comical writing – you do know if it doesn’t have my name above the piece it wasn’t written by me




    Disclaimer,I disclaim I have nothing in common with the “plants” and operatives that reside at the YMCA,who trade drugs where information held on police data bases is leaked.


    Disclaimer,there are plants and operatives here at the YMCA that leak out and talk about matters such as police,courts,prisons the residents before they are allowed to live here must agree to random blood chex.The police regulary arrive in their cars at the YMCA.


    Disclaimer,The British police are aware that there are residents leaking information in the YMCA and that drugs are used on the premises at YMCA,




    Following sites for…..DAVID SHAYLER….type ANDREW DEDMAN MI5 at google prompt.

  9. Smith says

    Apparently Blair studied Law!!! and reached the level of Lawyer.

  10. Where tanks mate says

    Good site although I feel Shayler is a loser aswell as a blueser…..I wouldn’t believe half the C**P he comes out with.

  11. Annie Machon Using Our Intelligence says

    David Shayler MI5 ……….

  12. Annie Machon says

    David Shayler MI5….

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