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EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI (2012 Full Documentary)

EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI (2012 Full Documentary)

By Dark Politricks

This is a film I have just watched on my TV on the channel.

It’s long but covers a lot of ground and if you want a full history that covers all the baselines of this theory then this is the film for you to get started with.

It looks at blood types and genetic bloodlines, consciousness, how our potential is being wasted by modern day living and how all this is by design.

It looks at the forms of control used by elites and what their purpose is. It links up history with modern day events and shows how ancient beliefs and mystical groups from the times of Sumeria and Egypt all the way to the British Empire, the USA and the UN.

It covers everything from conspiracies on de-population, why people are left to starve in Africa when we have all the means to stop it and how banks and big business stopped free energy from Nikola Tesla from becoming a reality for humanity.

It even shows secret symbolism behind James Bond’s appearance at the London 2012 Olympics and why 007 was first used by the creator of the British Intelligence services back in Queen Elizabeth the 1sts reign. Oh and theres a clip from a Channel 4 documentary that shows a priest doing an exorcism!

However the main point is the New World Order and the Illuminati a REAL group from Bavaria which many people believe died out in the early 19th century. However many others feel the group just moved further into the shadows and integrated into other secret societies like the Freemasons.

Have you ever wondered why Freemason symbols are all over US bank notes?

Or why royal crests are designed that way?

Or why is it that all the US Presidents apart from one are linked by common genes?

What about the different types of blood we carry and how only a small percentage of people’s blood cannot be traced back to the genes of Rhesus monkeys. 85% of humans have the monkey gene (RH+) and 15% do not (RH-), why is that?

You don’t have to believe it all – always do your own research! However this is a great starting point and I suggest watching it first even if some of it doesn’t seem believable. Then go and look up all the points covered. It really is a film that covers a lot of bases which is the reason it’s so long!

This is the details from the website about the film.

Best Independent Documentary of 2012!

We are now living in strange times, where starvation still exists and an unbalanced world is our reality. While time moves on, and the years pass by, we allow ourselves to become more subjected to psychological and developmental damage brought on by a system of control, rules, response-abilities and consequences.

  • How long has this damage been happening, and how has it effected the natural course of human evolution and progress as a species?
  • Is there truly a master plan in effect to restrict our potential and keep us from evolving into what we are truly meant to be as a people?
  • It is important that the world is connected in oneness, but is this simply an idea or part of the plan to bring in a one world government system?

EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI is an in depth look at the state of the world, and the agenda of secret societies and the ruling class of the developed one world government system.

This documentary was created by Mark Howitt (2012 Revolution: World Awakening, The James Holmes Conspiracy, Evidence of Murder) in order to explain the origin and methods of control over the human population, studies and practices of the occult and secret societies, and how it has an effect on the way we live our lives on a daily basis. It also explains the history of human development, psychology and religion, and how sacred knowledge has been hidden and passed on for centuries.

It attempts to explain the role of the secret society and discusses some key members of these groups and the history of the ruling class.

The game of Risk that is being played is nearly completed and this information should be common knowledge, or common sense to the public, however many people remain in disbelief and allow this system and prophecies to unfold. Much research went into this project so the information is highly compressed to form the complete picture and many varied subjects are discussed.

Check out these other documentaries by Mark Howitt: 2012 Revolution: World Awakening, The James Holmes Conspiracy, Evidence of Murder, The Formation of Resistance.

Mark Howitt is also working on his first book, which will contain much of this information, but the book will contain much more information as many of the subjects discussed in this documentary will be thoroughly expanded upon. This documentary is lengthy because of the broad spectrum of topics discussed, so the book will allow a much clearer picture to be formed.

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