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Know your rights under UK Stop and Search powers

The following is a reproduction of an article from Liberty which you can find here:

You should also read the guidance published on the Home office website which contains information about your rights under stop and search which can be found here:

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows the police to stop and search anyone in a specific area.

Before Section 44, the police could only stop and search individuals if they had ‘reasonable grounds’ and certain criteria were met. That is no longer necessary, and we have seen Section 44 powers used against anti-war, anti-weapons and anti-capitalist protestors.

The power to stop and search under anti-terrorism powers should only be used when there is evidence of a specific terrorist threat. It should not be simply an addition to the day to day powers of officers policing protests.


• The police can only give you a pat down, remove outer clothes (eg jacket, hat), search your bags and have you empty your pockets
• You do not have to give your name and address
• You do not have to explain why you are there
• You are not allowed to flee the search, but you are not required to be actively compliant. You are allowed to ‘go limp’ as passive resistance during the search if you wish not to comply
• There is no permission to collect DNA data during the search
• You do not have to comply with any attempt to photograph or record you
• Women cannot be touched by male police during these searches
• Make notes about the officers searching you – name, number and police force
• Note the time and the events preceding the search
• Note the specific wording used by the police to explain their authority to search you
• Ask the police for the reason that they are searching you. Specifically, are they searching for terrorists or are they simply trying to deter, delay or inconvenience you?

• Hold on to the Search Record or any other documentation the police give you (or note if you don’t receive one)
• Make brief notes about the search while you still remember all the details
• Do not write anything down on the day that you don’t want disclosed to the police. Police may search you again and be able to read anything that you have written down
• Please complete and submit Liberty’s search monitoring form
• Consider making a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission
• Write to Lord Carlile, the independent monitor of the implementation of anti-terrorism legislation (Lord Carlile of Berriew QC, The House of Lords London SW1A 0AA)
• Consider pressing charges if the officers used unnecessary force during the search

3 Responses

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  1. Iam Hurt says

    With respect, as it seems you mean well, “Know your rights under UK Stop and Search Powers”, could go one step further. Before YOU CONSENT and sing like a canary, to allowing a pat down, finger printing, dna swab, saliva extraction, eye scanner, provide name and other personal details, like home address, where you going, what time, how long, etc, consider this.

    BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR CONSENT every single police officer in this Country, IS EQUAL TO YOU ENTIRELY…. If you have not committed a crime, broken the Common Law – have not caused harm or loss to any person, place or thing, and if you are honest in all dealings in your contracts with others – ALL POLICE – ARE EQUAL TO YOU.

    ONLY WHEN you consent, (the rules of consent are actually hidden from you), you give EVERY POLICE OFFICER, authority over you.

    We have all been taught by others who we were told we must respect – School. Those people we trusted, but then they too were told to trust in someone other than themselves too. RESPECT YOURSELF FIRST – Get educated from your own desire to know truth. Seek and you will find. The truth sets us free!

    People have felt like they are being shafted for a long time, but they didn’t know how or why. But now the cracks are starting to appear, and they will not go away.

    You are a human being, no more no less. NOBODY has any right over your body UNLESS YOU CONSENT – The real war on terror is to identify who is creating the terror in the first place.

    Check out,, or and help a friend in need , (posted weblink) moderaters permitting, post links to website if you can. From these acorns, big trees will grow. Thanks.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Are you from America or the UK? As if you are from the US then you should know that these stop and search powers are purely UK based and revolve around a specific anti-terrorism law brought in by the UK government to fight the phony war on terror (Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000)
      Unfortunately we don’t have a constitution and bill of rights backing our inalienable rights up which we should do and I am with you with implied consent as we should all stop consenting ASAP.

      However even though we invented common law it has long been replaced / ignored by UK courts and I must also let you know that I have never ever sung like a canary! my convction rate is unfortunate proof of that :(

      Also check out the “guide to no comment police interviews” I have put up on the site. You might be interested.

  2. Iam Hurt says

    I am a Human Being!

    Where I was born, does not come into this – It is TRUTH wherever you are born. Nobody has rights over you UNLESS YOU CONSENT! Do something against COMMON LAW (Cause no harm or loss to any person place or thing, be honest in all dealings) and that is a different story.

    UK Acts of Parliament are just that – ACTS. Some people acting, with the authority, to do things, like make more acts, ONLY BECAUSE, other people – the so called electorate – the people – whether they vote or not – KEEP CONSENTING – to be governed, and effectively TOLD what you can and cannot do. What people do not realize is how they keep consenting. And this is an area I would recommend that people research.

    The UK is not a United Anything. It is a sick dog! It is not a PERSON. It is more like a Corporation, run for profit. It did not invent Common Law. It may have wrote down a few ideas, and lots of blood was spilled in creating a process of some kind of democracy, and that was only when the people violently rebelled. But, but when you really look closely, at the records, long before you, or anyone else alive today, breathed into life, the system was already in control, of your parents, and everything else you had done, even what you learned in school, especially school. Just ask yourself this. Who set up Parliament in the first place – and who gave them the authority to do that – thats where you will find the controllers of the Great Britain.

    I believe UK Police Officers collect more revenue for the HM Government doing spot fines than solving real crime, such as catching Corporate Fraudsters. The powers that be, (behind the puppets at Parliament) and they really are evil, want to see chaos and street fighting, (one group of people against another – be it race, creed, colur ethnic origin etc) so that more rules and laws (ACTS) can be passed, further enslaving the populace. The more that common people fight each other, the easier it gets to govern and control.

    You were born a human – NOT A PERSON – and that’s where all this crap starts – Admiralty Law – LAW OF THE SEA being used on the people on land – in their ignorance believing it to be THE LAW – It is not. When you were registered, (compulsory begging on behalf of your parents or first carers – or they would be fined!) provided with a Birth certificate (what like you had to prove you were born?) unwittingly, and without your consent, you and your PERSON (YOUR NAME _ YOUR PERSONALITY) entered onto the company books. You are an asset. You must earn money, and you will be entitled to benefits. When you keep consenting to ACTS of Parliament – you are also doing something blind – Why parking fines? Why speeding fines? Why M.O.T.? Why driving licence? Why tv licence? Why Council Tax? Why? Permission for this, permission for that, licence for this, licence for that. Money, control, power, domination of the master over the slave – and all the time, as ignorant as ever the masses keep consenting!

    No offense meant about canary – just how people generally act, when cops start asking questions. Get to know your unalienable rights first, (COMMON LAW) and cops, just as human as you, will not have any authority over you at all.

    Police are good, when they do their job. UPHOLD THE PEACE. That’s it – PERIOD! If you are not breaching the peace, and not breaking COMMON LAW, you do not have to say a damn thing!

    I’ve said enough for now. Great site by the way. RESPECT!

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