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AIPAC Controls Democrats and Republicans drafting a bill which would imprison you for BDS on Israel

August 7th, 2017
AIPAC drafts a bill that could put you in jail for 20 years for not buying Israeli products or engaging in BDS By Dark Politricks Who controls the USA? Does your Senator or Congressman represent your best interests or the interests of Israel a country the USA gives billions of aid and weapons to yearly? Enough aid that they can give their... [read more]

Why haven’t the gun lobby done anything to stop the take over of their country?

July 31st, 2017
Why haven't the gun lobby done anything to stop the take over of their country? By Dark Politricks America can no longer be called a democracy or constitutional considering the laws passed by Presidents since 9.11. Israel are busy pushing through their US owned congress to pass an anti BDS bill,which will fine anyone from not buying Israeli goods and... [read more]

Why the Grenfell Tower Block should remain standing as a monument to Tory UK austerity measures

June 30th, 2017
Why the Grenfell Tower Block should remain standing as a monument to Tory UK austerity measures By Dark Politricks I am writing this one handed as I currently have a broken right arm which really makes it hard to blog at the moment, however after another sleepless night of watching YouTube I thought it necessary to at least post some of my views on... [read more]

The UK General Election 2017 and recent Islamic attacks on our way of life

June 7th, 2017
The UK General Election 2017 and recent Islamic attacks on our way of life By Dark Politricks It's the UK's snap general election today. No-one really expected our great leader and Donny Trump fan Theresa May, called it after pulling out of the EU by implementing article 21 (The Lisbon Treaty). Many are predicting a landslide victory for the... [read more]

Children killed in a pop concert by our desire to help refugees and go to war over pipelines

May 25th, 2017
Children killed in a pop concert by our desire to help refugees and go to war over pipelines Just one of the many dead children from last nights bombing of a kids concert, including an 8 year old girl. By Dark Politricks This is from the BBC News site....   Twenty-two people, including an eight-year-old girl, have been killed and 59... [read more]

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I have backups of removed reports shown, then taken down after pressure, that show collusion between nations and the media. I have the full redacted 28/29 pages from the 9.11 commission on the site which seems to have been forgotten about as we help Saudi Arabia bomb Yemeni kids hiding in the rubble with white phosphorus, an illegal weaapon. One that the Israeli's even used when they bombed the UN compound in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. We complain about Syrian troops (US Controlled ISIS) using chemical weapons to kill "beautiful babies". I suppose all those babies we kill in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria are just not beautiful enough for Trumps beautiful baby ratio. Plus we kill more people than ISIS or the Syrian army have managed together by a factor of about 1000 to 1. Just imagine all your tax paying for hugley expensive missiles to be shot into rubble just to kill another kid and it's mother.

I also have a backup of the FOX News series that looked into Israeli connections to 9.11. Obviously FOX removed that as soon as AIPAC, ADL and the rest of the Hasbra brigade protested.

I also have a copy of the the original Liberal Democrats Freedom Bill which was quickly and quietly removed from their site once they enacted and replaced with some watered down rubbish instead once they got into power. No change to police tactics, protesting or our unfair extradition treaty with the USA but we did get a stop to being clamped on private land instead of the mny great ideas in the original.

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The Big Picture – Why Bannon Is Out

The Big Picture – Why Bannon Is Out

By The Big Picture

Big Picture Panel: Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks & Kai Newkirk, Democracy Spring/99Rise. Depending on who you ask – the now-former White House strategist was either fired or handed in his resignation a few weeks ago, and left earlier today. This news of Bannon’s departure comes – of course – just a few days after he spoke to the American Prospect – and publicly mocked the White House’s North Korea strategy – bashed some of his administration colleagues – and called the alt-right “losers”

For more information on the stories we’ve covered visit our websites at – and You can also watch tonight’s show on Hulu – at and over at The Big Picture YouTube page. And – be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

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The Zionist Exception to the March for Racial Justice

The Zionist Exception to the March for Racial Justice
By Paul Larudee

The March for Racial Justice is committed to standing for racial justice with allies from across all races, ethnicities, and communities.

Statement of the March for Racial Justice regarding Yom Kippur

The March for Racial Justice correctly acknowledged its oversight in scheduling the march on Yom Kippur. It is an important oversight and an equally important apology, reaffirming the principles of the march.

But how serious are the organizers about those principles? Are they truly ready to denounce all racism everywhere? How do they feel about racists participating in the march, supposedly in solidarity, but actually forcing the march to compromise its principles and confer false legitimacy upon some forms of racism?

I am a white Zionist declared white supremacist Richard Spencer to Dany Kushmaro of Israels Channel 2 television station. As an Israeli citizen, as someone who understands your identity, who has a sense of nationhood and peoplehood, and history and the experience of the Jewish people, you should respect someone like me, who has analogous feelings about whites.

Suddenly the emperor has no clothes. The Zionist myth is that it was never intended to harm anyone, while, in fact, it intended to rid Palestine of its population, culture and even its name. It was intended to expel the indigenous non-Jews (Palestinians) in order to achieve an overwhelming majority possessing a Jewish pedigree, and then to continue expelling and marginalizing the remainder.

If this isnt racism, what is? In Israel even the right to be there is founded upon being a Jew. The Palestinians who are citizens only because they have been grandfathered into the state are required to demonstrate loyalty to the Jewish character of the state and can now lose their citizenship.

Is the March for Racial Justice going to be consistent in its anti-racism and tell Zionists that they belong on the other side of the barrier with the white supremacists? Or are we going to once again witness the hypocrisy of this anti-racist movement that will compromise its anti-racism because its really only about certain forms of racism?

Paul Larudee is one of the founders of the Free Gaza and Free Palestine Movements and an organizer in the International Solidarity Movement. Read other articles by Paul.

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Watching The Hawks – The Fantasy Behind LIBOR & Settling CIA Torture

Watching The Hawks – The Fantasy Behind LIBOR & Settling CIA Torture

Watching The Hawks

On this episode of Watching The Hawks Sean Stone and Tyrel Ventura invite journalist and author Matt Taibbi into the Hawks Nest to discuss the magical, mysterious, and dangerous new controversy surrounding the London Interbank Offered Rate or Libor. Then, RTs Anya Parampil has the story on the unprecedented settlement between the ACLU and the two psychologists who were the architects of the CIA torture program. Finally, Redacted Correspondents John F. ODonnell and Natalie McGill preview the newest episode of RTs Redacted Tonight

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What is Capitalism?

What is Capitalism?
By James King

I recently had an exchange that got me questioning the nature of Capitalism. What Ive come to understand in my exploration of the topic is that it is not particularly well defined. I honestly think thats by design; many of the behaviors that we attribute to natural cooperative exchange between entities is often claimed as Capitalist.

In my discourse, I was confronted with this definition of Capitalism. To paraphrase:

Capitalism = the natural right of ownership of that which is produced by a person by that person as well as the natural right to engage in the free exchange with others of those things which each party owns.

If this is what many libertarians and conservatives believe, then I see why Capitalism is so attractive. This is a quaint definition and, as Im going to illustrate, basically incorrect.

Lets start with the idea of that which is produced by a person actually belonging to that person. I really cant challenge that premise. What a person produces should indeed belong to that person, at least in my estimation.

However, this isnt a practical concept in a world of seven billion people. How does one protect what they own with so much competition? The ability of a single person to protect what they produce in todays world simply isnt realistic. The odds that someone (or, more likely, some group) will come along and just take it, at least in a world without the rule of law, are pretty high.

But, rather than directly address that, let me present this example:

Lets examine the idea of building a home. Assume that someone builds a dwelling with their own two hands without assistance of any kind; under those circumstances, its reasonable to argue that that person should indeed own their home, that it is their property, and that no one else should have a claim on it.

Now what if I give that person a hammer with which to build their home?

Most people wouldnt accept that I can claim any ownership of the home by simply lending a hammer. Their likely position would be that the builder used that tool to do all of the productive work, so the home still rightfully belongs to them.

Now what if I also provide hammers, nails, wood, plumbing, etc. to build that home?

Now it gets a bit murkier. Its likely that many people would think that, because I provided all of the raw materials, a claim of ownership on my part is somewhat easier to justify.

Now what if, on top of all of the raw materials, I also paid the builder to build the home?

In this circumstance, I still have contributed no productive effort to the building of the home. Yet, in our current economic system, most people would acknowledge that I can make a pretty strong claim for ownership.

So how is this Capitalism?

If Ive contributed no productive effort to build the home though Ive contributed all of the materials and paid for it to be built, that fact, at least according to the definition used by many conservatives and libertarians, should mean that I can make no claim of ownership on that home.

But why is that generally not the case?

Why is it possible for people to claim ownership for things that they do not directly produce?

Because, in the example of the home, though I havent directly produced anything, what I have arguably done is assumed risk.

By providing the materials and payment, I am making an economic commitment to an uncertain outcome: the ability of the builder to actually produce the home. This is the nature of risk from a financial and economic perspective: the commitment of capital to a productive endeavor that may either succeed or fail.

That is Capitalism.

Modern Capitalism is characterized by two factors: production and, more significantly, risk. It is distinguished by the use of financial instruments involving an element of risk to facilitate the means of the production of value. Its structure is the legal and societal apparatus that has been created to codify that risk (in the form of contracts) and enforce agreements (with coercive force if necessary). To put it another way, Capitalism is the legal, financial, and monetary system created to commodify the production of value. The lynchpin of that system is the apparatus created for the production, control, allocation, and distribution of money.

Productive effort is the value creation of society, the mechanism with which wealth is created. But, as my previous example illustrates, very little can now actually be produced by any single individual relative to the whole. So a sophisticated system of risk has been created both to facilitate and commodify production. This system has allowed a class of so-called risk takers, such as traders, investors, and venture capitalists, to reap disproportionate rewards relative to their own ability to actually produce. In more colloquial terms, Capitalism is a system of middle-men who allocate capital, usually in the form of money, to fund productive efforts. Those efforts can be funded at the individual or small enterprise level (with loans), at the high-risk enterprise level (with venture capital), at the government level (with bonds), and a myriad of other ways.

In exchange for their investment, what do these risk takers gain? In some cases, they receive the fruits of production in the form of real assets, such as housing or commercial property, which, by nature, they are unable to produce on their own. However, in most cases, they receive returns on capital, which is another way of saying they get back more money from their investments than they commit. In other words, by harnessing the productive capacity of others, they are able to accumulate vast sums of money for themselves. The advantage to them is that money, which is a completely artificial and mostly worthless commodity, can be used to procure things of real value. Accumulate enough of it and you can live a quality of life, at least in terms the ability to acquire possessions and experiences, that is far greater than the overwhelming majority of the people on Earth ever can. The entire Capitalist system, by its nature, promotes hierarchy and stratification. Throughout history, it has manifested as extreme economic inequality which has often motivated war and revolution.

Now heres the tricky part: if risk is funded with a worthless commodity (money), then why is money perceived to have value and why are risk-takers able to commodify production with it to their (relatively) exclusive benefit? That question is difficult to conclusively answer. Some of it may simply be expedience. People believe that the money has worth because of its convenience; it is a very efficient method of value transfer and exchange. However, efficient doesnt mean accurate. Indeed, Capitalisms natural paradoxes and distortions make determining value in terms of money a relatively arbitrary exercise.

However, the main reason production can be commodified with money is government. As time goes on, almost every government on the planet is coming to accept that its true main responsibility is not necessarily the well-being of those whom they govern but the protection of the Capitalist apparatus by any means necessary. Using their monopolies of force, governments have growingly come to understand their roles in protecting a system that allows those who control it to reap massive rewards for its maintenance, in the forms of wealth and power. The so-called risk takers operate hand-in-hand with governments to perpetuate the system in which both benefit.

While this may sound nefarious, there is actually a pretty practical reason why such cooperation would take place: its much easier than war. Capitalism allows governments to compete with one another through cooperation rather than violence. Its said that in war there are no winners. However, in Capitalism, even poor countries have a privileged class which reaps the overwhelming majority of the countrys wealth as generated by production. Hell, it beats being strung up by a violent mob or standing in front of a war tribunal by a long shot.

So no, my libertarian friends, Capitalism isnt about what an individual owns as a result of their own production. Capitalism is the vast societal apparatus involving governments, laws, armies, and police to protect the system of using money to commodify the productive capacity of a large amount of people for the disproportionate benefit of a very few. In the past, conditions such as slavery, colonialism, and imperialism were prevalent aspects of Capitalism. Though they have mostly become obsolete, the system of commodification of human production still produces profound negative results; structural violence related to Capitalism results in the death of tens of millions every year. Though, to be fair, in the last 300 years, substantial benefit has also been produced.

Regarding risk lets examine this concept more closely. It is not simply a matter of the potential for risk-takers to lose their investments. Capitalism commodifies human production by systemizing risk allocation at many different levels. For instance, the risks of a large percentage of producers can be minimized in exchange for their productive output through a process called employment. A producer who chooses not to assume risk can become an employee, which is essentially a producer with a minimized risk profile. Hence, pensions, unionization, employer-provided healthcare, and other features of the modern Labor system. Through the employment process, their personal risks are assumed either by public or private legal entities, such as governments and corporations.

However, risk takers are now systematically shifting the risk they assumed from those producers back to them. A stark example of this is represented by the so-called gig economy. Many consider the assumption of risk at the individual level by entities which benefit greatly from the legal and coercive power of governments the proper exchange for their productive capacity. In other words, the unspoken agreement has been that, in exchange for being allowed to commodify human production in aggregate, the risk-takers tacitly agree to minimize the risks of those who freely offer their productive capacity which greatly enriches the risk-takers and, far more modestly, the producers. Many think that the gig economy, as well as wages that provide below-subsistence level living conditions, are violations of the implied contract between those who control capital and the productive labor which enriches them.

Capitalism may reward risk-taking, but is far more often highly punitive to both those who do not wish to take such risks as well as those who do. Those who choose to take on the risks directly associated with productive effort are generally referred to as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is extremely risky and failure rates are ridiculously high. Its rare for an entrepreneur to create significant productive value, particularly without the assistance of risk-takers. Even then, success is statistically very low. The effect of failed ventures are often terminal and many would-be entrepreneurs spend much of their economic lives repairing the damage.

The producers such as entrepreneurs shoulder the greatest personal risks because failure is potentially devastating. A fortunate few go on to become successful and even extremely successful. To justify the system, risk-takers often elevate the most successful entrepreneurs as front men for a narrative that champions Capitalism while reaping outsized gains in the background. Keep in mind that, in almost all instances, a risk-taker is also enriched by the entrepreneurs success. For the system to be perpetuated, its necessary for risk-takers to idealize risk taking. The result drives the system which creates the opportunities for the risk-takers.

The risk-takers have essentially made a game of gambling on the producers and claiming disproportionate rewards when they succeed and relatively modest losses when they fail. Theyve constructed a financial system that protects them from the worst of their excesses ( too-big-to-fail banks, etc.) The risk-takers themselves have also become idealized and idolized. The ones who take the risks credit themselves with Capitalisms progress at the expense of those who actually produce.

Heres the funny thing about risk at scale, in aggregate, over the long-term, its an illusion. Progress, as the fruits of production, is inevitable. While any individual risk taker could potentially lose their shirt, those at the highest levels benefit from a system designed specifically to shift the damage of failure onto those lower on the chain. Its no coincidence that criminal prosecution is exceedingly rare for those at the highest economic levels, especially in regards to economic crimes. The system is self-justifying and self-validating. Those at the top are insulated from its most devastating effects which is why they are its most vocal champions.

Its said that Capitalism makes everyone richer. Id say that it makes a few people much richer and everyone else somewhat less poor. I cant deny that, at least statistically, many aspects of the world have improved as a result of Capitalism. But millions also die as a direct result as well as suffer other negative outcomes, such as crime and the destruction of human dignity. As the global economy begins to stagnate, there are also signs that the same system that allows risk to drive productive growth may be reaching its limit.

My proposition is that each of us is born with our own wealth, as our time and effort. Because we own our own efforts, we should also own our own money. In my estimation, it is unjust that effort be artificially deprecated by markets or otherwise commodified. For the modern world, that time/effort can and should, by default, be fungible.

Is risk a necessary element for progress? This is a debatable question and a great argument can be made in the affirmative. However, in my estimation, economic risk as it exists today is an artificial burden that serves only to keep the vestiges of the past world around to justify the existence of power and control institutions which Man has outgrown. Risk was an original element of the hunter/gatherer society. As man has grown and evolved, weve systematically both faced risk and conquered it. In a social, collaborative world, should we be motivated by fear or a desire for personal excellence?

I personally think weve outgrown Capitalism. If Im correct and we have, then what do we risk by holding on to it?

James King writes on technology, economics, and philosophy. Read more of his work at The Currency Paradox and Rando Calrissian. Read other articles by James.

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Dems Back State Senator Wishing Trump Assassination

Dems Back State Senator Wishing Trump Assassination

Authoritarian left defends assassination comment

Kit Daniels
August 18, 2017

Leftists are signing a petition in support of a Missouri state senator who hoped President Trump will be assassinated.

The petition website appeared almost overnight after Maria Chappelle-Nadal made international headlines for her now-deleted Facebook post in which she said I hope Trump is assassinated!

We, as constituents and community members and people who feel the same frustration with our current political landscape stand with Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, the site states. We know that there is a huge difference between saying that someone hopes Donald Trump is assassinated and someone calling for his assassination.

As if a state senator hoping for the murder or a duty-elected president is even defensible, but that just comes to show you how delusional the more authoritarian elements of the left have become.

Could you imagine their outrage if a state senator had said the same thing about Obama? Remember how rabid they were when a rodeo clown dressed up as the former president back in 2013.

Its also pretty much a given that anyone who signs the petition is going on a Secret Service watch list.

Chappelle-Nadal is facing massive backlash for her post, with many of her constituents calling for her resignation.

In response, she said she wished she had reframed her statement.

“Out of anger and frustration, I said something that could have been reframed, Chappelle-Nadal stated. And I refuse to shy away from the hypocrisy and chaos our country is enduring under Trump.

But advocating violence as the solution adds to the chaos.

All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President, said Stephen Webber, the partys chairman.



MORE Videos: Resistance News

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