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Finally my electronic voting form for the Labour Leadership election arrives – how to complete it to vote for Jeremy Corbyn

August 24th, 2015
Finally my electronic voting form for the Labour Leadership election arrives - how to complete it to vote for Jeremy Corbyn By Dark Politricks Just like magic, just after I complained to Labour HQ about the lack of a voting form for the Labour leadership despite their taking of my money, the email popped into my inbox. They cannot be so thick to... [read more]

Are you a “Bunny Rabbit”? – “Yes”

August 4th, 2015
Are you a "Bunny Rabbit"? - "Yes" By Dark Politricks The other night I watched Panorama on BBC1. It was about the various torture techniques used by the Americans  during the early years of the "war on terror" on certain "high level detainees" they were holding in places such as Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. This of... [read more]

Why I want Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader

July 29th, 2015
Why I want Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader By Dark Politricks I watched the BBC debate on the Politics Show between the 4 Labour Leader hopefuls the other week (catch up on BBC iPlayer - This "How To" article might help overseas viewers watch it) - and I seriously hope Jeremy Corbyn wins the election for Labours new leader. The other 3 are just... [read more]

Putin’s aim to wipe out Europe as it learns of UK first strike policy

July 28th, 2015
Putin’s aim to wipe out Europe as it learns of UK first strike policy By Dark Politricks This is based on an old article but it's still very relevant. The reason I am posting is that we used to used Kaspersky Anti Virus Tools at our work, Our old CTO didn't agree with that decision and called it a big back door for Russian Intelligence - he may have... [read more]

Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper would not serve in Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet

July 23rd, 2015
Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper would not serve in Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet Fellow candidates and Chuka Umunna threaten to refuse Labour frontbench roles, while Andy Burnham says it is more important to avoid ‘factional politics’ Patrick Wintour - Political editor The Guardian I say: So Fucking What! These people are obviously "Tory Lite"... [read more]

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US considered nuking Afghanistan after 9/11 – German diplomat

US considered nuking Afghanistan after 9/11

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Arrests in Anti-ISIS Protest; 102 Killed across Iraq

Arrests in Anti-ISIS Protest; 102 Killed across Iraq
Margaret Griffis

Hundreds protested after the execution of a civil servant by Islamic State militants in Rutba. The militants then detained at least 70 people for demonstrating. Some reports put that number closer to 200 arrested. The civil servant was apparently executed for killing a militant. That murder appears to be part of a lengthy feud between two clans.

At least 102 were killed and 67 were wounded, including the two people in Rutba: Eight patrol officers were killed and six were wounded in a double roadside bombing near Trebil and the Jordanian border.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed five people and wounded 19 more in the southwest suburbs. Two people were gunned down in the Jihad neighborhood.

Twelve people were executed in Shirqat.

A mortar attack on Amiriyat al-Falluja left 13 civilians with injuries.

Six security personnel were killed and nine were wounded when a suicide bomber attacked them in Falluja. North of town, four militants were killed and their commander was wounded during a failed attempt to booby-trap a house.

In Falahat, clashes left four policemen dead and nine wounded.

A policeman was killed and five more were wounded during a mortar attack on a police station in Habbaniya.

A roadside bomb killed seven security personnel in Tikrit.

In Mosul, three men were executed for not joining the militant fight.

During the liberation of Haji Abbas, five soldiers were wounded and 17 militants were killed.

Airstrikes in Bashir left a dozen militants dead.

Another 12 were killed during airstrikes near Kirkuk.

Five militants were killed during clashes in Husayba al-Sharkiya.

Near Ramadi, dozens of militants were killed in an airstrike.

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Asylum Seeker Crisis

Asylum Seeker Crisis
By Press TV

People dying in their dozens – whether crammed into a truck or a ship en route to seek safety or better lives is a tragic indictment of Europes failures to provide alternative routes. Countries neighboring conflict areas are reaching their maximum capacity to absorb any more refugees. Without legal alternative routes for refugees to enter European countries, people fleeing conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere have taken matters into their own hands. Those are just excerpts of statements by human rights organizations about the global asylum-seeker crisis. In the face of tragedies in Austria and Libya, questions are being asked about how Europes foreign policy has contributed to this current situation, while some of its right-wingers stoke the flames of hatred.

Press TV is the first Iranian international news network broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis. Read other articles by Press TV, or visit Press TV’s website.

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Sanders Foreign Policy: Backing Saudi Intervention

Sanders Foreign Policy: Backing Saudi Intervention
By Sam Husseini

There’s an old joke about two elderly men at a Catskill resort. One complains: “The food here is horrible.” The other vigorously agrees: “Yeah, I know — and the portions are so damn small!”

Several writers have noted Bernie Sanders’ scant comments about foreign policy — small portions.

But another problem is the little that he has articulated in terms of foreign policy — the foreign policy issue that he’s been most passionate about really — is extremely regressive and incredibly dangerous. That issue is the role of Saudi Arabia. Sanders has actually pushed for the repressive regime to engage in more intervention in the Mideast.

In discussing ISIS, Sanders invariably has talked about Saudi Arabia as the solution rather than a large part of the problem. It’s couched in language that seems somewhat critical, but the upshot is we need more Saudi influence and intervention in the region. In effect, more and bigger proxy wars, which have already taken the lives of hundreds of thousands in Syria and could even further rip apart Iraq, Libya and other countries.

He’s said this repeatedly — and prominently. In February with Wolf Blitzer on CNN: “This war is a battle for the soul of Islam and it’s going to have to be the Muslim countries who are stepping up. These are billionaire families all over that region. They’ve got to get their hands dirty. They’ve got to get their troops on the ground. They’ve got to win that war with our support. We cannot be leading the effort.”

What? Why should a U.S. progressive be calling for more intervention by the Saudi monarchy? Really, we want Saudi troops in Syria and Iraq and Libya and who knows where else? You’d think that perhaps someone like Sanders would say that we have to break our decades-long backing of the corrupt Saudi regime — but no, he wants to dramatically accelerate it.

Even worse, after the Saudis started bombing Yemen with U.S. government backing earlier this year, killing thousands and leading to what the UN is now calling a “humanitarian catastrophe,” and suffering that is “almost incomprehensible,” Sanders continued. In another interview, again with Wolf Blitzer in May, Sanders did correctly note that as a result of the Iraq invasion, “weve destabilized the region, weve given rise to Al-Qaeda, ISIS.” But then he actually called for more intervention: “What we need now, and this is not easy stuff, I think the President is trying, you need to bring together an international coalition, Wolf, led by the Muslim countries themselves! Saudi Arabia is the third largest military budget in the world, theyre going to have to get their hands dirty in this fight. We should be supporting, but at the end of the day this is [a] fight over what Islam is about, the soul of Islam, we should support those countries taking on ISIS.”

Progressives in the U.S. are supposed to look toward the Saudi monarchy to save the soul of Islam? The Saudis have pushed the teachings of the Wahhabi sect and have been deforming Islam for decades. This actually helped give rise to ISIS and Al Qaeda. It’s a little like Bernie Sanders saying that the Koch Brothers need to get more involved in U.S. politics, they need to “get their hands dirty.”

But if your point is to build up the next stage of the U.S. government’s horrific role in the Mideast, it kind of makes sense. The U.S. government helped ensure the Saudis would dominate the Arabian Peninsula from the formation of the nation state of Saudi Arabia — a nation named after a family. In return, the Saudis had the U.S. take the lead in extracting oil there and favored investing funds from their oil wealth largely in the West over building up the region, what the activist scholar Eqbal Ahmed called separating the material wealth of the Mideast from the mass of the people of the region. Saudi Arabia buys U.S. weapons to further solidify the “relationship” and to ensure its military dominance.

The Saudis and other Gulf monarchies deformed the Arab uprisings, which transformed oppressive but basically secular and minimally populist regimes into failed states, giving rise to groups like ISIS and allowing Saudi Arabia to largely call the shots in the region. What has happened in the Mideast since the ouster of Mubarak and the so-called Arab uprisings is that the Saudis have been strengthened. Both the Tunisian and Yemeni dictators fled to Saudi Arabia. Mubarak himself was urged not to resign by the Saudis, and the Saudis are now the main backers of the military regime in Cairo.

Why is Sanders doing this? Is there a domestic constituency called “Americans for Saudi Domination of the Arab World”? Well, yes and no. It would obviously play well in the general public to say: “We’ve got to stop backing dictatorships like the Saudis. They behead people, they are tyrannical. They have a system of male guardianship. Why the hell are they an ally?”

But Sanders is unwilling to break with the U.S.-Saudi alliance that has done such damage to both the Arab people and the American people. Now, we have a full-fledged Israeli-Saudi alliance and it must be music to the ears of pro-Israeli journalists like Wolf Blitzer for Sanders to be calling for U.S. backing of further Saudi domination.

Some have argued that Sanders’ candidacy is very valuable — that win or lose, he’s putting the issue of income inequality front and center. But if the candidacy is to be lauded for raising issues of economic inequality, educate the public and galvanize around that that, it’s fair to ask how the candidacy is also deforming public discussion on other crucial issues. If the position of the most prominent “progressive” on the national stage is for more Saudi intervention, what does that do to public understanding of the Mideast and dialogue between people in the U.S. and in Muslim countries?

If the U.S. further subcontracts the Mideast to the Saudi regime, the setbacks and disappointments for peace and justice in the Mideast during the Obama years will be small potatoes in comparison. If the Mideast continues to deform, largely because of U.S. policies backing Saudi Arabia, as well as Israel, all the other things Sanders is talking about regarding economic inequality are arguably out the window. He himself has noted that “wars drain investment at home.” Or does Sanders think it’s all good if he can set up a scheme whereby the Saudis pay the bills and use their own troops for Mideast wars that the U.S. government backs? Martin Luther King in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech referred to the wars taking funds from the war on poverty as a “demonic destructive suction tube.” But he also referred to just looking at the funding as a “facile” connection, listing several other, deeper, reasons based on other moral grounds for opposing war. But Sanders rarely touches on those other reasons. It’s as though we’ve learned nothing about blowback since 9/11.

Contrast Sanders’ call for an escalation in Saudi Arabia’s proxy wars with what insurgent Jeremy Corbyn — whose campaign to lead the Labor Party in the UK has caught fire — is saying. He’s been challenging the British establishment about arming the Saudis: “Will the Minister assure me that the anti-corruption laws will apply to arms deals and to British arms exports? Will they involve forensic examination of any supposed corruption that has gone on between arms sales and regimes in other parts of the world rather than suspending Serious Fraud Office inquiries, as in the case of an investigation into the Al-Yamamah arms contract with Saudi Arabia?” See a section on Corbyn’s website on Saudi Arabia and video of his remarks at the House of Parliament just last month, with Corbyn relentlessly raising questions of human rights violations by the Saudi regime.

Instead of adopting Corbyn’s human rights perspective, Sanders has used Saudi Arabia’s massive military spending to argue that it should further dominate the region. Unexamined is how it got that way. Unexamined is the $60 billion arms deal between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that Obama signed off on in 2010. The BBC reports, Saudi “Prince Turki al-Faisal called for ‘a unified military force, a clear chain of command’ at a high level regional security conference in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.”

So Sanders and Saudi planners seem to be working toward the same ends, as though war by an autocratic state in a critical region can be expected to breed good outcomes. Sanders doesn’t seem to take money from Lockheed Martin — though he’s backed their F-35, slated to be based in Vermont — but his stance on Saudi Arabia must bring a smile to the faces of bigwigs there.

The Black Lives Matter movement has moved Sanders to “say the names” of Sandra Bland and others who are victims of police violence. Those striving for peace and justice around the world need to do the same regarding Sanders and U.S. foreign policy.

Sam Husseini founded which encourages voters to pair up with their political “mirror image” and vote for their preferred candidates rather than the “lesser evil” offered by the establishment. Read other articles by Sam.

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MTV Says It’s Impossible For Black People to be Racist

MTV Says It’s Impossible For Black People to be Racist

Only white people can be racist

Paul Joseph Watson
August 29, 2015

MTV News says that it’s impossible for blacks and people of color to be racist, and that only white people can be racist.




Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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