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Operation Protective Edge – Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities

August 3rd, 2014
Operation Protective Edge - Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities By Dark Politricks I have just spent a few hours watching the nightly news on a few UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV and CH4 plus and Al-Jazeeraa for some opposing points of view, and then of course FOX, MSNBC and CNN for a one... [read more]

Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine

July 28th, 2014
Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine By Dark Politricks 38Degrees are trying to get the UK Parliament to actually act on the current Israeli conflict with the Palestinians rather than keep their nose up the USA's ass hole. You can help by signing a petition to tell our UK Foreign Minister, Philip Hammond.... [read more]

The MH17 Malaysian Plane Crash – Hallmarks of a stitch up?

July 27th, 2014
The MH17 Malaysian Plane Crash - Hallmarks of a stitch up? By Dark Politricks Now believe it or not, I'm not a CIA stooge for writing about Putin's involvement in the Ryazan apartment bombings that brought him to power in the corrupt days of post USSR. This was during a time where US economic hitmen were running the show, and the majority of KGB became... [read more]

Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators – Use The Pirate Bay

July 12th, 2014
Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators - Use The Pirate Bay By Dark Politricks Gottfrid Svartholm Ward and Peter Sunde Help these two prisoners by sending them comfort items whilst they rot away in prison. Gottfrid can only receive letters whilst Peter can get letters, books and vegan candy! So why not help these two out whilst they are stuck in... [read more]

Why do Americans still celebrate the 4th of July?

July 7th, 2014
Why do Americans still celebrate the 4th of July? By Dark Politricks On the 4th of July there is only one question that needs to be asked by all Americans who are actually celebrating this holiday. "What are you actually celebrating and why?" You may not be ruled by King George any-more but the recent 2 Presidents have acted far more like Kings... [read more]

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Does France Need A 21st Century Revolution?

Does France Need A 21st Century Revolution?

Saxobank’s Steen Jakobsen

September 1, 2014

French President Fran ois Hollande unveiled his new government under Prime Minister Manuel Valls on August 26, and there have been a few changes. While most senior ministers have retained their positions, economic minister Arnaud Montebourg was replaced by Emmanuel Macron, a former investment banker and economic adviser at the Elys’e.

Hollande is already the most unpopular president in French history so he is not risking much by removing a political opponent like Montebourg (who should never have been part of a so-called reform program to begin with). Montebourg is a man of the old school and of old ideas: Among other things, he titled himself “Minister of Industrial Resurrection.” His ideas included threatening to fine businesses for each job they failed to create and speaking against globalisation.

Does France Need A 21st Century Revolution? fd302972 ccc9 4fef b78f 71fd0ae2a8c0

Mired in economic stagnation and barely concealed unrest, France is a nation that often seems displeased with its lot. But will things have to get worse before they get better? Photo: Getty

The problem for President Hollande and any reform efforts is that, as much as removing Montebourg was a victory for his economic strategy, it was also a loss in terms of his political ability to rule both his party and the French state. We often forget that economic policy without political backing is like skiing without snow: Policy needs political anchoring.

The supply-side economics and ideas of Prime Minister Valls are good, but they are not sufficient to stop the “rotting of France”. More and more observers argue that what France needs is either an European Central Bank that goes into full Quantitative Easing mode, a France that pushes for fiscal expansion, or even both. Not only is that short-sighted, it’s also wrong: France needs a new political system, a new tax regime, a less bloated government sector, and fewer subsidies. France is not lost, it’s just disorientated and lacks purpose.

France is its own worst enemy. It believes in old virtues and ideas from a time gone by.Dirigisme, the French version of socialist capitalism, has failed. In its place there needs to appear a a robust commitment to its strong and well-educated workforce. France has the ability to innovate and its early stage small- and medium-enterprise support ranks among the best in the world. Unfortunately, its tax policy, its inability to attract capital and more importantly its dismal return on capital are significant impediments to new growth or any reforms.

France needs a Thatcher moment, with a new leader brave enough to get elected on a mandate for change. It needs a leader brave enough to tear down a political system that generates macro- rather than micro-scaled policies, an elitist society with too many incentives for bad behaviour and disincentives for private initiative, innovation and hard work. With or without Hollande, France just doesnt seem ready to change yet. That is why we need a deep recession and even a depression before we see real change. Real changes can only emerge from a true crisis.

The good news is that France that has never been closer to this mandate for change than now, if only because we are quickly approaching the point where things cant get any worse. French history is full of examples of crisis yielding quickly to dramatic change. The one that comes most quickly to mind is when King Louis XVI lost his monarchical powers during the French revolution. He inherited an enormous state debt (sound familiar?) and tried a number of policy moves, but in the end the crisis overwhelmed him, and he and his Anci n Regime subordinates lost not only their power, but their heads.

Its time for a 21st century revolution in France. Dirigisme is dying. Vive la France.

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CDC whistleblower’s confession: his personal safety is still an issue

CDC whistleblower’s confession: his personal safety is still an issue

Jon Rappoport
September 1, 2014

On August 27, CDC whistleblower William Thompson came out of the shadows and admitted he had omitted vital data from a 2004 study on the MMR vaccine and its connection to autism.

Thompsons official statement was released through his Cincinnati attorney, Rick Morgan.

The key piece in Thompsons statement is:

I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.

Everything else in Thompsons statement is backfill and back-pedaling and legal positioning and self-protection.

But this part, this is big. Within Thompsons community of researchers and the general world of medical research and publishing, people know what it means.

It means major fraud.

Thompson, a co-author of the 2004 study, published in the prestigious journal Pediatrics, is admitting to egregious fraud. Cooking the data.

(Here are the authors and the name and reference number of the study in question:DeStefano F, Bhasin TK, Thompson WW, Yeargin-Allsopp’M, Boyle C. Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan atlanta. Pediatrics. 2004;3:259 266. The link to this study is here.)

In particular, omitting data which showed that African-American male babies who received the MMR vaccine were at a 340% increased risk of autism.

Omitting the data concealed this alarming fact from African-American families; and it also skewed the overall conclusion of the study, in order to exonerate the toxic MMR vaccine and give it a free pass.

You would be hard-pressed to find a researcher of Thompsons reputation and position who has ever come out and confessed: My colleagues and I committed fraud; we published the fraud; we stood by the fraud for 10 years.


Major scandal. It directly indicts Thompsons co-authors of the 2004 study, including the lead author, Frank DeStefano, who is also a CDC executive in charge of vaccine safety issues.

Now add to that: concealing the dangers of the MMR vaccine for ten years has resulted in untold numbers of cases of autism that could have been prevented.

Damaged lives of children. Damaged families.

Again, this is not someone coming in from the outside to criticize a published study. This is one of the co-authors of the study.

Thompson was there in 2004. He knows what happened. He participated, along with his colleagues, in a cover-up.

His co-authors are all recognized figures in the world of vaccine research: DeStefano; Tanya Karapurkar-Bhasin; Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop; and Coleen Boyle.

They have all defended the safety of vaccines in other studies, which are now thrown into doubt. As in: dominos falling.

Add these factors up and you get: front-page news.

You get a retraction of the 2004 study by Pediatrics, the journal that published it.

You get at least a cosmetic investigation of CDC practices by an outside special prosecutor.

You at least get a cosmetic Congressional hearing.

You get statements from Thompsons co-authors. (So far, only Frank DeStefano has commented publicly, to reporter Sharyl Attkisson. His stuttering remarks are so garbled and nonsensical, they belong in a bad parody of science-speak. See the written transcript of the interview here.)

What have we gotten as a result of whistleblower Thompsons confession?

From official sources: nothing of note. Zero.

From the mainstream press: nothing. Barely a whisper of coverage.

As I reported two days ago, CNN ran a piece in which they called on co-author-of-fraud, DeStefano himself, to comment on the fraud, as if he were an outside objective expert.Thats quite a piece of journalism. DeStefano promptly invented a yarn about autism developing in utero, thus proving that vaccines couldnt be responsible for autism.

William Thompson still has his job at the CDC. He has his lawyer, Rick Morgan. He undoubtedly has more knowledge and leads concerning fraud and lying about vaccines at the CDC.

CDC whistleblowers confession: his personal safety is still an issue

William W Thompson, PhD via Google Scholar search.

Now we come to the issue of Thompsons personal safety.

Apparently, there are people who take him seriously when he writes in his August 27 confession: My colleagues and supervisors at the CDC have been entirely professional since this matter became public. In fact, I received a performance-based award after this story came out. I have experienced no pressure or retaliation and certainly was not escorted from the building, as some have stated.

Thompsons colleagues and supervisors at the CDC have been entirely professional because theyre in a box. Thompsons name is out there. Even before his name was out there, his anonymous audio confession was available online, and Dr. Brian Hooker, to whom he confessed, and Andrew Wakefield knew who he was.

(The Brian Hooer study is: Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data. Transl Neurodegener. 2014; 3: 16. Published online Aug 8, 2014. doi: 10.1186/2047-9158-3-16. The link to the NIH archive of this paper is here. The link on the Translation Neurodegener site were paper was originally published (and then later removed) is here.)

In fact, many people knew the title of the fraudulent 2004 study, and anyone could read the names of the authors and figure out the identity of the whistleblower.

Thompson was actually getting protection from online alternative media.

Making it more difficult for the CDC to take punitive action against him.

And what about Thompsons claim that he received a performance-based honorary CDC award since the story came out ? An award based on what? His exposure of fraud at the CDC? You mean someone took an old photo of Thompson and typed under it, Good work, Bill ?

If this award referred to other work Thompson did before the scandal blew up, it was given to him, rather than canceled, for appearances sake only. As if to say: The CDC welcomes internal criticism from its own employees.

If you believe that, I have condos for sale on Jupiter.

Thompson claims he was not escorted from the campus at the CDC, once the scandal began to blow up. I wrote that he was escorted off the scene. I consider the source on this reliable. I relayed this information to another source close to Thompson, who said he hadnt heard that, but that Thompson had a problem with security guards at the CDC campus.

There are actually people who believe Thompson has sailed through this whole scandal, so far, with nary a single problem at his workplace, the CDC, and that the CDC is a peachy keen place for employees and is eager to correct its own mistakes.

Its all very professional and wonderful, and when an internal whistleblower confesses to avery serious crime of fraud, the boys and girls gather around a table and say, Gee, Bill, show us exactly where an error was made in this study, so we can examine it. We just want to get things right.

If that were true, why was William Thompson hiding in the shadows for 10 years? Why did he only come out when his identity was revealed by others?

Yes, revealed by others.

Here are Thompsons own words on that subject, from his August 27th public statement:

nor was I given any choice regarding whether my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet.

Thompson is admitting he was outed. This is very much like saying, I would have stayed anonymous forever, if I hadnt been dragged into the light.

Now, look at yet another remark Thompson made in his public confession, and decide whether this is sheer PR, written to assuage his employers at the CDC and protect himself from blowback and harm: I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race.

Really, Bill? Let me get this straight. You buried data which showed a 340% increased risk of autism, in African-American male babies, after they received the MMR vaccine but African-American parents should continue to submit their babies to the MMR vaccine. Right?

Because of Thompsons claim that he and the CDC are on the same page, others have concluded that Thompson is in no danger. The professionals are working out the scientific problems and all is well.

How na’ve. How incredibly na’ve.

The CDC is a PR agency for the pharmaceutical cartel. That is its real function. You can bet CDC executives are keeping their pharmaceutical betters in the loop on The Thompson Affair.

Hundreds of billions of vaccine dollars are at stake.

Thompson knows, by going public, he has done something no researcher is supposed to do. Hes cast grave suspicion on his co-authors and on the CDC, to whom hes taken an oath of silence. Hes broken that oath.

Violating omert carries consequences.

William Thompson is claiming he wont talk to reporters. That was also part of his August 27th statement. Well see if he holds to this promise. He and his lawyer may discover talking to reporters is his only option. For the sake of protection.

If Thompson comes out, hed better insist on a live, uncensored, uncut video interview done simultaneously in front of several different crews, uploaded in real time to dozens of sites, whereupon it can travel around the world in a matter of seconds.

And his security had better be excellent.

If he plans to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!
Rep. Ron Paul

Last week President Obama admitted that his administration has not worked out a strategy on how to deal with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a dominant force in the Middle East. However, as ISIS continues its march through Syria and Iraq, many in the US administration believe it is, in the words of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a threat “beyond anything we have ever seen.”

Predictably, the neocons attacked the president’s speech. They believe the solution to any problem is more bombs and troops on the ground, so they cannot understand the president’s hesitation.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon made it clear that fighting ISIS is going to cost a lot more money and will bring US forces back to Iraq for the third time. The post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan peace dividend disintegrates.

Mr. McKeon said last week:

ISIS is an urgent threat and a minimalist approach, that depends solely on FY15 funding or pinprick strikes that leave fragile forces in Iraq and Syria to do the hard fighting, is insufficient to protect our interests and guarantee our safety in time.

What does this mean in practice? If the neocons have their way, the Federal Reserve will “print” more money to finance another massive US intervention in the Middle East. In reality this means further devaluation of the US dollar, which is a tax on all Americans that will hit the poorest hardest.

A new US military incursion will not end ISIS; it will provide them with the recruiting tool they most crave, while draining the US treasury. Just what Osama bin Laden wanted!

McKeon and the other hawks act as if they had only recently become aware of the ISIS. Or if they noticed it, they pretend US policy had nothing to do with its rise.

McKeon also said last week, “ISIS threat was allowed to build and fester over a period of time.”

In fact, US regime change policy in Syria was directly responsible for the rise of ISIS over these past three years. As journalist Eric Margolis observed recently, the emergence of ISIS is the “mother of all blowback.” The neocons who want us to get tougher on ISIS, including a US attack on Syria, are the same ones who not long ago demanded that we support groups like ISIS to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. US-trained and funded “moderates” from the Free Syrian Army joined the Islamist militias including ISIS, taking US weapons and training with them.

Three years of supporting any force that might overthrow the secular government of President Assad has produced a new monster in the Middle East that neocons insist the US must slay.

Why can’t they just admit they were wrong? Why can’t the interventionists just admit that their support for regime change in Syria was a terrible and tragic mistake?

If ISIS is as big a threat as they claim, why can’t they simply ask Assad to help out? Assad has never threatened the United States; ISIS has. Assad has been fighting ISIS and similar Islamist extremist groups for three years.

Why does the US government insist on aligning with theocracies in the Middle East? If there is anything that contradicts the US Constitution and American values it is a theocratic government. I do not believe that a majority in the Middle East wants to live under such a system, so why do we keep pushing it on them? Is that what they call promoting democracy?

A lack of strategy is a glimmer of hope. Perhaps the president will finally stop listening to the neocons and interventionists whose recommendations have gotten us into this mess in the first place! Here’s a strategy: just come home.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity

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Assad Is Deluded To Think That Washington Will Align Itself With His Regime In The Name of Fighting ISIS

Assad Is Deluded To Think That Washington Will Align Itself With His Regime In The Name of Fighting ISIS
By Saman Mohammadi

Washington will not sacrifice its proxy army ISIS for anybody, especially not Assad. From the U.S. perspective that would be a waste of a useful tool. The terrorist group’s ability to promote Washington’s aims in the region via unconventional means have proven to be very effective so far.

1. An excerpt from, “Syria sees Islamist threat bringing detente with West, but not soon” by Tom Perry, Reuters, August 21, 2014:

There is no sign of any shift in Washington, whose policy is built on Assad leaving power and last year came close to bombing Syria after accusing him of using chemical weapons. “He’s part of the problem,” Ben Rhodes, President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, said in a broadcast interview.

Assad is not expecting the West to perform a policy U-turn soon, the sources said. But having secured territory seen as vital for his survival, time is on Assad’s side as he takes the long view in the struggle for Syria.

“The regime recognizes that the Western opening will be in secret, and via security channels and not diplomacy. The political-diplomatic opening needs longer,” said Salem Zahran, a Lebanese journalist with close ties to the Syrian government. “But the regime believes that the whole world will come to coordinate with it under the slogan ‘fighting terrorism’.”

The Assad regime is stupid if it genuinely believes that. Washington and its allies have never been interested in fighting terrorism because it is the golden egg.

2. An excerpt from, “Syria: Assad Faces Western Opposition in Request to Create Allied Front Against IS” by Anjalee Khemlani, Latin Post, August 31, 2014:

The Islamic State traces its roots to the very same Syrian civil war and was able to grow from a decision by Assad to “go easy on” the group. Assad, reportedly, hoped to have the IS eliminate the group supported by the West — the Free Syrian Army.

The author of this article lives in a funny universe, one in which history doesn’t exist and everything the U.S. government says about world events is the truth.

The Islamic State did not morph into what it is today because Assad took them lightly. They grew so big and powerful because Turkey, a NATO ally, gave them sanctuary, and because the U.S. and its Arab allies Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar funded, armed, and trained them.

And the “Free Syrian Army” was a complete fiction from day one so there was no need for the Islamic State to eliminate it. From the very beginning it had the battlefield against the regime all to its own with the exception of the PKK associated group YPG that is based in the north of the country.

3. An excerpt from, “ISIS is awful. Allying with Assad to fight it would be worse” by Zack Beauchamp, Vox, August 26, 2014:

There’s a popular new idea in Washington’s foreign policy circles. America’s at war with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and so is Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad so shouldn’t Assad and the US team up? Leslie Gelb, the former president of the Council on Foreign Relations, has endorsed it. So have a number of prominent foreign policy analysts and former American officials.

Even the Assad regime thinks it’s a good idea. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Monday that his government “ready to cooperate and coordinate on the regional and international level in the war on terror.”

As rules of thumb go, “Don’t ally with murderous dictators” is a pretty good one (exception: allying with Stalin in World War II). And it holds in this case. Even a temporary US partnership with Assad against ISIS likely wouldn’t destroy the group. In fact, it might very well backfire and strengthen ISIS. It would, however, definitively make Americans complicit in the mass murder of Syrians an outcome that, both morally and strategically, does far more harm than good.

Assad didn’t mass murder his own people, and neither did Gaddafi, so those who use the moral argument to make the case that a U.S alliance with Assad against ISIS is bad are either 1) ignorant children, or 2) manipulative bastards.

The accusation of “mass murder” has been thrown around too loosely since the start of the Arab Spring. The only real instance of it has been in Gaza, where the “responsibility to protect” doctrine espoused by the witches of war in the Obama administration does not apply because the killers are Israeli democrats, not Arab dictators. 

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A New Calendar of Holidays

A New Calendar of Holidays

By DavidSwanson

calendarcoverA new calendar of peace holidays has just been published. And none too soon, if youve noticed the epidemic of military holidays around us.

I can understand that Catholics have a saint for every day of the year. And Im not shocked that various ancient religions have holidays for a high proportion of the years days. But what to make of the United States, which now has a military holiday for at least 66 separate days, including Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and lesser known days like the just passed Marine Corps Reserve Birthday?

In the coming weeks we have’V-J Day, 9/11 Remembrance Day / Patriot Day, the U.S. Air Force Birthday, National POW / MIA Recognition Day, and Gold Star Mothers Day. There are, in addition, six week-long military holidays and three month-long ones. May, for example, is National Military Appreciation Month.

The military memorializes past war lies (Remember the Maine Day), cultural depravity normalized by eternal war (Month of the Military Child), and past crimes like attacking Cuba and killing a mule (Mantanzas Mule Day). This website even wonderfully and accidentally includes the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, which is a day dedicated to opposing militarism. The same website disgustingly and inappropriately includes Martin Luther King Jr.s Birthday as a military holiday.

Still, the general pattern is this: in the United States there are holidays to celebrate militarism just about every week, and increasingly one hears about them on the radio, at public events, and in corporate advertising that apparently believes militarism sells.

What would a calendar of peace holidays look like? At WorldBeyondWar we believe it would look something like this.

Were making it available for free as a PDF that you can print out and make use of: PDF, Word.

Were also displaying on the front page of the holiday, if any, to be marked or celebrated on whatever day it happens to be at the time. So you can always just check there.

We think that part of developing a peace culture is marking great peace moments from the past. Knowing what peace holiday any given day is, or what holidays are coming up soon, can be very useful in creating and promoting events, writing op-eds, and interesting the corporate media in something that is otherwise too important and news worthy to be touched.

World peace holidays can build unity among activists. They can be used for education (celebrating the Hague Peace Conference of 1899 on May 18th could cause someone to want to know what that conference was). And they can be used for encouragement and inspiration (on a gloomy March 20th it might be nice to know that on this day in 1983, 150,000 peace rallies were held in Australia ).

In this initial draft of the World Beyond War Calendar weve included 154 holidays, all of them days no weeks or months. We could have included a significant peace event for 365 days a year but chose to be selective. Its a tightly held secret, of course, but there has been a lot more peace than war in the world.

Some of the days are also military days re-purposed. For example:

September 11. On this day in 1973 the United States backed a coup that overthrew the government of Chile. Also on this day in 2001 terrorists attacked in the United States using hijacked airplanes. This is a good day to oppose violence and nationalism and revenge.

Others are military days the military doesnt celebrate. For example:

January 11. On this day in 2002 the United States opened its notorious prison in Guantanamo. This is a good day to oppose all imprisonment without trial.

August 6. On this day in 1945 the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, killing some 140,000 men, women, and children. President Truman went on the radio to justify this as revenge and lie that Hiroshima was a military base rather than a city. This is a very good day to oppose nuclear weapons.

Others are well-known days reclaimed for peace. For example:

January 15. On this day in 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. was born. The holiday, however, is celebrated on the third Monday of January. These are good opportunities to recall Kings work against militarism, extreme materialism, and racism.

Mothers Day is celebrated on different dates around the world. In many places it is the second Sunday in May. This is a good day to read the Mothers Day Proclamation and rededicate the day to peace.

December 25. This is Christmas, traditionally a holiday of peace for Christians. On this day in 1776, George Washington led a surprise night crossing of the Delaware River and pre-dawn raid on unarmed hung-over-from-Christmas troops still in their underwear a founding act of violence for the new nation. Also on this day in 1875 Jessie Wallace Hughan, founder of the War Resisters League, was born. Also on this day in 1914, soldiers on both sides of the trenches of World War I took part in a Christmas Truce. This is a good day to work for peace on earth.

Other days are new to most people. For example:

August 27. This is Kellogg-Briand Day. On this day in 1928, in what was the biggest news story of the year, the major nations of the world gathered in Paris, France, to sign the Kellogg-Briand Pact banning all war. The treaty remains on the books today. The day is increasingly being recognized and celebrated as a holiday.

November 5. On this day in 1855 Eugene’V. Debs was born. Also on this day in 1968 Richard Nixon was elected U.S. president after secretly and treasonously sending Anna Chennault to sabotage Vietnam peace talks, campaigning on a nonexistent secret plan for peace, and actually planning to continue the war, as he did once elected. This is a good day to think about who our real leaders are.

November 6. This is the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.

Heres the web version.

Heres the PDF.

Heres the Word.

The calendar is a first of what we expect to be many editions. In fact, it will be constantly updated. So please send additions and corrections to [email protected].

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