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Here are the latest essays and articles written by myself for this site. I started this site with my own work and continue to write for it as much as I can. To read all my work check out the My Articles menu link. For other posts and latest news from a wide range of diverse sources please visit the news section.

Me and Russell Brand on ISIS and why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia

September 6th, 2014
Me and Russell Brand on ISIS and why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia By Dark Politricks Whether you like Russell Brand or not I would urge you to subscribe to the Trews YouTube channel. Whether you like the man or not it is always good to get alternative points of views on matters which are important... [read more]

Operation Protective Edge – Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities

August 3rd, 2014
Operation Protective Edge - Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities By Dark Politricks I have just spent a few hours watching the nightly news on a few UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV and CH4 plus and Al-Jazeeraa for some opposing points of view, and then of course FOX, MSNBC and CNN for a one... [read more]

Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine

July 28th, 2014
Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine By Dark Politricks 38Degrees are trying to get the UK Parliament to actually act on the current Israeli conflict with the Palestinians rather than keep their nose up the USA's ass hole. You can help by signing a petition to tell our UK Foreign Minister, Philip Hammond.... [read more]

The MH17 Malaysian Plane Crash – Hallmarks of a stitch up?

July 27th, 2014
The MH17 Malaysian Plane Crash - Hallmarks of a stitch up? By Dark Politricks Now believe it or not, I'm not a CIA stooge for writing about Putin's involvement in the Ryazan apartment bombings that brought him to power in the corrupt days of post USSR. This was during a time where US economic hitmen were running the show, and the majority of KGB became... [read more]

Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators – Use The Pirate Bay

July 12th, 2014
Help the jailed Pirate Bay creators - Use The Pirate Bay By Dark Politricks Gottfrid Svartholm Ward and Peter Sunde Help these two prisoners by sending them comfort items whilst they rot away in prison. Gottfrid can only receive letters whilst Peter can get letters, books and vegan candy! So why not help these two out whilst they are stuck in... [read more]

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What this means is alternative news sites like Dark Politricks and many others will find it harder to bring you the news that the mainstream media wished you didn't know about. This is because they will be either blocked by Chinese style firewalls (as Australia has already introduced) or they will be pushed down the Google rankings by special algorithms that control a sites listing.

Web servers and bandwidth costs money and articles take time to write. Whilst I try to bring you the best of the alternative news every day I have also personally written hundreds of articles for this site and you won't find many one paragraph or half hearted articles with my name at the top of them.

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Scientist vs. Organic Advocate Debate GMO Safety

Scientist vs. Organic Advocate Debate GMO Safety

By Russia Today

Abby Martin features a debate on GMOs between Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director of the Organic Consumers Association and Dr. Kevin Folta, a Professor of Horticultural Sciences at the University of Florida, covering everything from the safety of GM food to whether there should be mandatory GMO labelling.

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‘We’re on edge of large war in MidEast’ – Daniel Ellsberg to RT

‘We’re on edge of large war in MidEast’ – Daniel Ellsberg to RT

By Russia Today

With Washington wading into another war in the Middle East, one iconic US whistleblower says Americans are being kept in the dark about the risks of the latest intervention. And he called for more people to spill the beans, as RT’s Ameera David reports.

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Russian Election Observers: Westminster Rigged Scottish Independence Vote

Russian Election Observers: Westminster Rigged Scottish Independence Vote

Kremlin-aligned body sensationally claims vote count was fixed to secure ‘no’ victory

Paul Joseph Watson
September 19, 2014

Russian Election Observers: Westminster Rigged Scottish Independence Vote 190914vote2

The head of Russia’s election observation body has sensationally accused the British government in Westminster of rigging the Scottish Independence vote, asserting that there were more ‘yes’ votes than ‘no’ votes despite the no campaign claiming victory.

Following a political battle that captured global attention, the ‘Better Together’ campaign beat off their pro-independence adversaries in securing a 55%-45% success after yesterday’s voting, meaning Scotland stays a part of the United Kingdom.

However, in a move undoubtedly tied to Moscow’s increasing hostilities with the British government, which vehemently backed the ‘no’ campaign, the head of one of the country’s top election observer groups controversially claimed today that the vote was fixed.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, Georgy Fyodorov, the head of the Kremlin-aligned Association for the Protection of Electoral Rights, stated that, “According to what our observers at the polling offices tell us, there were more Yes votes during the vote count.”

Fyodorov went further, remarking, “Scotland found itself under immense pressure Those on the UK side campaigning for a No vote resorted to every violation imaginable.”

His sentiments were echoed by Igor Morozov, a member of the Council of the Federation Committee for Foreign Affairs, although Morozov stopped short of claiming the entire referendum was rigged.

“We can see that, with the exception of Glasgow, those supporting independence failed to register a majority. I think that Westminster propaganda played a great part in that. I suppose it is down to information put out in recent weeks, from the party leaders, [that had impact on the vote], thanks to that the Scots arrived at the result they have,” Morozov said.

Fyodorov did not specify precisely what ‘violations’ occurred, although as we reported earlier, some ‘yes’ supporters have drawn attention to sporadic examples which appear to show ‘yes’ votes being miscounted and added to the ‘no’ tally, although such allegations remain unproven.

In the final weeks of the campaign, the British government displayed panic at the fact that polls showed the gap between the two camps narrowing, with the ‘yes’ campaign even taking the lead at one point. Had the referendum gone the other way, the impact on Westminster would have been monumental, with many speculating that Prime Minister David Cameron would have been forced to resign.

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France Has Begun Bombing ISIS In Iraq

France Has Begun Bombing ISIS In Iraq

Business Insider
September 19, 2014

France’s military conducted its first airstrike in Iraq, becoming the first foreign country in addition to the US to strike the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State (also ISIS or ISIL) in the country.

French President Francois Hollande said in a statement that the strike, which was conducted around 9:40 a.m. local time Friday, destroyed a logistics depot held by ISIS in northeastern Iraq. He promised operations would continue “in the coming days.”

Rafale fighter jets “conducted a first strike against a supply depot terrorist organization Daech in northeastern Iraq. The goal was reached and destroyed,” Hollande said.

“Daech” is a way the French government refers to ISIS, loosely meaning the “declaration of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”

Full story here.

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Banksters Align Behind Globalist Climate Change Agenda

Banksters Align Behind Globalist Climate Change Agenda

Climate change is a globalist scheme for world domination

Kurt Nimmo
September 19, 2014

Banksters Align Behind Globalist Climate Change Agenda human access

A cartel of globalist development banks has produced a report on the need for economic collaboration to help nations adapt and avert the impact of climate change, UPI reported on Friday.

The report was prepared by the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank Group and appears ahead of a United Nations climate summit in New York next week.

So-called development banks get money from playing the financial markets and from subscriber nations, in other words from taxpayers in rich or developed countries.

The plan requires mobilizing a wide range of financial resources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources,” the report said.

Agenda 21

The report calls for Agenda-21 style sustainable development policies to combat disputed anthropogenic climate change, including dense cities. Carbonists argue dense cities designed for efficiency offer one of the most promising paths to sustainability.

Other promising paths include control of water allocation and distribution, outlawing private transportation in favor of eco-conscious transportation modes, and restricting individual use of nature to protect biodiversity.

In short, smart growth and biodiversity are about eliminating private property and the rights of the individual. Sustainability is about sustaining the global elite and creating an authoritarian globalist apparatchik to control the lives of billions of people.

Under Agenda 21 people would be herded into ‘Smart Growth’ zones or ‘human settlements,’ where they would be confined to high-rise buildings. Individual rights, including private property rights, would be stripped away. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development documents call for reduction of the human population from the present 6.6 billion down to about 1 billion people, that is, by 85%, writes Michael Shaw.

Forget your dream of a two story home on your own piece of land. Instead the plan is to force us to settle for a nightmare. Conjure up an image of China, writes Nancy Thorner, specifically a city like BEIJING with few private homes and massive apartment buildings. A place where people will likely live in zones connected by congested freeways, and all controlled by an untouchable government.

Predatory Financial Class the Problem, Not Climate

Brazil’s Curitiba and Colombia’s Bogota are held up as admirable examples in the report.

Far from an idyllic utopia, Curitiba faces the same problems that metropolises around the world do, including overcrowding, poverty, pollution and limited public funding, writes Tim Gnatek. The city, however, has instituted an Agenda 21-styled master plan to clean up the environment and also address poverty.

Colombia has some of the worst poverty statistics in Latin America and one of the most stratified social systems in the world. More than a third of the country’s population lives below the poverty line, which is a dollar per day.

More than alleged climate change, Colombia is a victim of the financial class represented by the World Bank and its development banks.

As a result of World Bank and IMF-sponsored policies, per-capita income in Colombia has plunged from $2,716 in 1997 to a current level of $1,890. Between 1997 and 2000, the percentage of Colombians living in poverty rose from 50.3% to 60.0%, notes Tony Avirgan.

The World Bank thrives on economic predation. Climate change is merely the latest scheme designed to implement world government as the global elite abandon the Bretton Woods system and seek a more effective way to rule and control the world’s population and resources.

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