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This is what I mean, Saudi Arabia get guns, ISIS gets bombed!

March 18th, 2015
This is what I mean, Saudi Arabia get guns, ISIS gets bombed! By Dark Politricks This is what I mean when I stated in my last article that we are hypocritical when it comes to our treatment of Saudi Arabia in relation to ISIS. Saudi Arabia, has decided to lash a woman 200 times for being gang-raped by seven men. Her actual crime was leaving her... [read more]

Killing The Islamic State – ISIS

February 23rd, 2015
Killing The Islamic State - ISIS By Dark Politricks First things first, ISIS or "Islamic State" as they call themselves, is one of the most barbaric groups to have existed. However the misnomer of the term Islamic State is being used to justify attacks on all Muslims whether they are fundamentalists or moderates. Not all Muslims are the same just as... [read more]

David Camerons Plans To Crack Down On Encryption

January 26th, 2015
David Camerons Plans To Crack Down On Encryption Topsec Technology | News From the World of IT Security By Niall Mackey UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced legislative plans this past Monday to ban online messaging that can’t be accessed by government security agencies. His statements came as part of an initiative to resurrect the Data... [read more]

Russell Brand End The Drugs War

January 10th, 2015
Russell Brand End The Drugs War By Dark Politricks As someone who has been around drugs all my life in the UK it is interesting to see different people's perspectives on drugs. You can read my own thoughts on drugs and the war on it here: The Drug Laws Need Re-Thinking. If you know my history and my current conitions then you will... [read more]

Another Royal Sex Slave Scandal Involving Prince Andrew

January 4th, 2015
Another Royal Sex Slave Scandal Involving Prince Andrew By Dark Politricks No suprise to see that the Royals are involved in sex orgies and clandestine meetings with under aged girls. Rumours of sex scandals inside Buckingham Palace and with the Royal offspring (I guess the Queen is a bit too old to engage), have been running around for years... [read more]

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Big Wine Fails to Dry Farm During California’s Relentless Drought

Big Wine Fails to Dry Farm During Californias Relentless Drought
By Shepherd Bliss

SONOMA COUNTY — in the heart of Californias Redwood Empire — California Governor Jerry Brown spent this years Earth Day at the elite Iron Horse Winery in the Sebastopol countryside. It was a great photo opportunity and promotion for the winery. Iron Horse is known for donations to President Bill Clinton and other politicians, with whom it has cozy relationships, and from whom it receives favors, such as these visits. I operate a small berry and apple farm nearby and teach sustainable agriculture, mainly to college students.

Hope Amid Drought headlined the April 20 pro-wine industry daily Press Democrats (PD) report on this winery event of some 200 people. Brown says innovation, efficiency will get state through water shortage, the article notes. Iron Horse Vineyards CEO Joy Sterling said the 300-acre winery epitomized the environmental stewardship honored on Earth Day. She spoke about their love of the land.

But wait. What about water usage, the theme of Gov. Browns talk? The previous day the PD published the commentary Why We Dont Dry Farm Grapes. Its author? Iron Horses Laurence Sterling.

Its hypocritical for Gov. Brown to mandate that the rest of us reduce water use by 25%, except for his friends in Big Ag and Big Wine. Its called green washing. Or as we used to say, bluntly, on our Iowa family farms when we went out to clean the cute piglets, hogwash.

Five days later the PD published a letter that nailed both Gov. Brown and Mr. Sterling for this contradiction. Under the headline Time for Sustainable Ag, it was written by Sebastopol neighbor Donna Diehl. She reports, Four of our neighbors had to drill new wells since the first of the year. Nearby wells can go dry when Big Wine drills as deep as 1000 feet into the ground. Excessive pumping from shallow wells can also lead to neighbors wells pumping air, reports a Lake County wine maker.

Lets not wait until our groundwater is depleted to address the issue of the impact of viticulture on its depletion, Ms. Diehl concludes.

Mainly we are not judged by our farming method or our water usage. We are judged on how our wines taste, alleges Mr. Sterling. He operates not on the basis of ethics but only economics–what is most profitable–regardless of environmental damage. This contrasts with Ms. Sterlings claim about environmental stewardship.

Actually, this food farmer does judge Iron Horse, Gov. Brown, Big Ag, and Big Wine for extensive water usage by a few, at the expense of the rest of us and the environment. Most Californians cannot afford expensive $300 wine bottles by wine barons such as bad apple Paul Hobbs, whereas all humans, mammals, and most life forms on Earth depend on water for survival.

The fierce drought gripping the West and the imminent prospect of rationing and steep water price increases in California is sharpening the deep economic divide in this state, reports the April 27 New York Times article Drought Widens Economic Divide for Californians. It illustrates parallel worlds in which wealthy communities guzzle water as poorer neighbors conserve by necessity. That article focuses on Southern California. Sound familiar?

Big Wine is not a good neighbor willing to share common resources, like water, land, and air. Instead, they hoard them and get away with it, partly because of substantial donations to politicians.

Ethical alternatives to Iron Horse and other water guzzlers exist. For example, Emeritus Vineyards is near Iron Horse and dry farms, in the same soil, according to the PDs April 26 Debate Over Dry Farming article.

Most of Sonoma Countys wine production is done by large corporations owned by investors who live outside the region. That wine is sold mainly outside the region, including to the expanding market in China. The water, wine, and profits tend to leave our local region.

Wine columnists and grape growers for dry farming

One of the PDs wine columnists, Dan Berger, fortunately wrote a tribute to dry farming in an April 6 article titled Weaning Wine Off Water. He quotes Frogs Leap Winery owner John Williams, We (in Napa) are drawing 1.2 billion gallons of water and putting it on vines that dont really need it. The entire valley was dry-farmed for 100 years until 1976, when the first drip irrigation systems were installed. All the Napa wines that won the historic 1976 Paris tastings, which put North Coast wines on the map, were dry farmed.

Since we started using Biodynamic agriculture techniques, we have practically stopped irrigating, reports Patricia Damery of Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields in Napa County. In the last four years of drought, we have irrigated grapes at most twice each year, and our yield has not decreased. Compost drastically increases the soils moisture-holding capacity. When growers push production and forget the environment, they start irrigating vines. It is time to stop. If grapes cant grow in non-irrigated areas, they shouldnt be planted there.

Unfortunately, like the gold rush, the recent grape rush to the North Coast drew investors to plant where they should not have. Now they, and we locals, suffer the consequences.

Wine Banter columnist John Haggard of Sophies Cellars in the April Sonoma County Gazette notes that now is an opportunity to re-assess the viability of dry farming. Haggard reports that dry farms tend to yield less fruit per acre, but the struggle to reach the water table creates character and quality.

Dry farming techniques can improve grape and wine quality, according to the state-wide Community Alliance with Family Farmers website ( Many growers trade quantity for quality when dry farming. CAFF provides a list of farms and vineyards that dry farm and engage in other environmentally helpful organic and sustainable practices.

Wine writers for the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonne and Alice Feiring, also have written positively about dry farming. Part of the solution would be to label dry-farmed wines in order to support true water sustainability. It is illegal in some European countries to irrigate vineyards, which preserves quality.

Rules regulating the growing number of winery events in Californias North Coast are weak and seldom enforced. Regulators complain that they do not have the staff to enforce them, especially on weekends. Many European governments do a better job of regulating vineyards and wineries, according to a Lake County winery owner.

Farming food crops

I have owned a small berry and apple farm in Sebastopol since 1992. With the droughts arrival, I stopped irrigating. My berries are not as big as they used to be, so I make less money, but my regular customers report that they taste better. Grapes, after all, are a berry.

During the last two-dozen years I have amended the soil by loading tons of mulch and compost on the berry berms and employed various permaculture and organic techniques. This helps keep the water in the ground and the weeds out. As my berries have grown, their roots dig deeper into the enriched soil and reach the water table. I only need to turn on hoses when it gets too hot and would fry the berries.

Monocrop, regimented, industrial vineyards are a desert and environmental disaster for bees, my beekeeper reports. Grapes do not need bees for pollination. Most vineyards use lots of pesticides and herbicides, to which bees become addicted, he added.

The beekeeper was referring to a study by Swedish scientists. Bees are not repelled by pesticides and in fact may even prefer pesticide-coated crops, an Associated Press article published in the April 23 San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere reports. So much for the pesticide-using Sterlings assertion that they epitomize environmental stewardship.

An increasing number of North Coast residents and businesses are calling for a moratorium on new vineyards and wineries and expansions of existing vineyards and wineries, especially as event centers. It is unfair to mandate people and other businesses to conserve water and allow Big Ag and Big Wine to consume as much as they want, for free. A four-county group has met in Lake and Sonoma Counties and will meet again in May in Napa County to discuss dealing with the excesses of the wine industry.

I noted in my research that down in Paso Robles the premium wine growing area is running dry and the county supervisors in that region are putting a moratorium on all new wells while they ponder their next move, writes one long-time researcher of the wine industry, Dana Smith. Perhaps North Coast supervisors should consider a moratorium on the non-essential wells of Big Wine.

Bigger battles are ahead, predicts the PDs April 26 dry farming article. We are at the beginning of intensified water wars in California. Big Wine is part of the problem by hoarding water and should be reigned in.

Shepherd Bliss ([email protected]) teaches college part-time and farms. Read other articles by Shepherd, or visit Shepherd’s website.

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Can We be Neutral on the Question of Affirmative Action in the Hiring of University Professors?

Can We be Neutral on the Question of Affirmative Action in the Hiring of University Professors?
By Denis Rancourt

“Affirmative action” means imposing positive discrimination or quotas for members of disadvantaged groups. In the case of a university department, it means imposing a hiring practice designed to select more candidates from disadvantaged groups.

One view is that the tenured professors of the academic department should have total professional independence to select the most qualified candidates in their area of knowledge, without government or administrative interference. The idea here is that they have the knowledge and experience to best select candidates, and that it is most desirable for society that the most talented teachers and researchers be selected.

In the 1960s this was a dominant view. But those were different times. There was a huge growth of the university system and relatively few qualified candidates. Universities had to be efficient so departments were largely autonomous and administrative overhead was small.

A related argument is that “merit” in teaching and research should be the only criterion in hiring academic staff. This leads to the question: Who is able to evaluate “merit” and can “merit” be evaluated? The tenured professors have an argument that yes merit can be evaluated, and that they are best suited to gauge merit.

There are many problems with these arguments in favour of “merit”, as follows.

In an employer’s market, the old boys will tend to select clones of themselves. There is no denying that. I lived it personally when I was hired in the 1980s. There were some 100 qualified candidates for one position. The old boys fought to secure a candidate most likely to become a collaborator. This meant someone who would have an interest in securing the same types of research resources, in organizing the same types of symposia, and in being a co-author to boost an old boy’s publication output.

Thus, there is a selection for a predictable and dependent individual — under the guise of “merit”, which of course is measured in terms of indicators for predictability and conformity in the area of specialization, which was determined by an internal war prior to anouncing the position.

If merit means potential genius in research and teaching, then good luck making that determination. The only way to predictably ensure the hiring of “stars” is for the hiring department to have the clout to define what is prized research in the field and then to hire over-achieving specialists in that area of focus. The candidate becomes a star operator in a political network of trend setting “leaders” in some fabricated hot topic of their making. The tenure process weeds out the “bad” choices that did not “get it” or that opposed a big shot, and the machine ploughs “forward”.

However, the genius of making true discoveries that cannot easily be ignored, and the genius of genuinely inspiring students beyond a warm glow of belonging, cannot be predicted at the time of hiring, especially not by non-geniuses, and not even by authentic geniuses. The reason is simple. A genius makes himself or herself by a unique and unpredictable process, the process of personal emancipation in a changing community. There are no traits that allow reliable early detection by outside observers, not grades, not numbers of bland published articles, not recommendation letters, not hobbies or volunteer work, not lifestyle choices, not skin colour, nothing.

Until there has been an act of genius, which is recognized as such, there is no genius. And a particular achievement of genius can be the only such act in a person’s entire life. It can be an “accident”, or it can colour the actor’s entire life with the insight from that single discovery. A string of brilliance is as likely as a suicide, a priori. The perceived genius can be a creep, a bad friend, a delight, an aggressor, … , that is also unpredictable [example].

Therefore, let us not expect or even wish that universities will hire geniuses. I think, instead, we should look for independent minded individuals who are dedicated to truth, agency, and sharing. And I think those in the best position to decide if the individual is worthy in these regards are the students themselves. Students should have the teachers that they deserve, and they would deserve the teachers that they chose.

In any case, tenured professors no longer do most of the teaching. Exploited contract academic staff do that now. Some of these staff are brilliant, some are geniuses, and many deeply inspire their students despite their own precarious situations. All are overworked, undervalued, and exploited, except if independently secure.

Socrates was a genius. Socrates changed the world. Socrates inspired students. Socrates was independent minded. Socrates said “an education obtained with money is worse than no education at all”.1

Yet here we are, some 2,500 years later, arguing if in selecting a permanent class of professionals, which are tasked with supporting institutions that sell education, the government should impose quotas based on skin colour and type of genitals. True progress.

The first thing we must admit is that the discussion about affirmative action is a political discussion about accessing class advantage, and about optimizing integration (social engineering). It is not a discussion about education and learning. It is not a discussion about emancipation and liberation. For example, the establishment women-studies professors are tasked with bringing activist-minded women into the fold; if not, they are turfed. The system does not work against itself.

This cannot be a simple isolated discussion about merit versus fairness. The context is that of a hierarchical and undemocratic corporation having an unavoidable institutional function to completely support a larger dominance hierarchy that wages wars and exploits continents. Learning would be an intolerable threat.

One cannot honestly discuss affirmative action in university hiring without admitting that the de facto mission of the university is incompatible with education, and incompatible with research. The institution makes obedient employees and self-indoctrinated professional workers [book]. Of course, there is some incidental learning, despite the institutional chill, from the mere fact of sharing classrooms and a campus, but that is irrelevant to policy questions.

The only questions, therefore, are: Will there be resistance and what will it look like? Will independence of mind and of agency force itself on the scene? Will the hierarchical dominance be challenged? Will adult students take more control over their own lives? Will professors take more control over their own lives? Will students and professors be opponents or co-resisters? Who will be a collaborator and who will participate in liberation, irrespective of colour and sex?

To accept the debate about affirmative action as central is to participate in not asking the real questions.

My answer would be for the students and community members, who are the diverse population in question, to impose themselves as much as possible onto the hiring process. To stop allowing themselves to be infantilized, and to impose themselves on the process of selecting the individuals who will inspire and challenge them. That includes imposing themselves in removing unwanted professors and in creating a fair salary scale and fair working conditions consistent with their needs as students.

And, these impositions necessarily include students’ own working conditions and student salaries for academic work [LINK]. Students must not allow themselves to be forced to buy their educations. Academic freedom must be equally for everyone, students included.

Universities, which today are deserts, need to become battlegrounds if conditions for learning are going to be created.

  1. As cited (p. 12) by: Sasser, Renee’M., “The Perceptions of Teachers in a Rural South Georgia County Regarding Merit Pay Based on Student Achievement” (2011). Electronic Theses & Dissertations. Paper 387. []

Denis G. Rancourt is a former tenured and Full Professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is known for his applications of physics education research (TVO Interview). He has published over 100 articles in leading scientific journals, and has written several social commentary essays. He is the author of the book Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism. While he was at the University of Ottawa, he supported student activism and opposed the influence of the Israel lobby on that institution, which fired him for a false pretext in 2009: LINK. Read other articles by Denis, or visit Denis’s website.

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Did you hear the one about the Muslim, socialist, Kenyan president?

Did you hear the one about the Muslim, socialist, Kenyan president?

Hunter Schwarz
Washington Post
April 28, 2015

If there’s one thing we can count on from President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner every year, it’s him making jokes about being Muslim, foreign-born and socialist.

On Saturday, he joked about how busy he is, dealing with immigration, vetoes and Iran — all while finding time to pray five times a day. And then there was the one about how if Bernie Sanders became president, we’d have a “third Obama term after all” (“Apparently, some folks really want to see a pot-smoking socialist in the White House,” he said).

He got lots of laughs, but if you look back at all of his other routines, you’ll notice he has made similar jokes before. Not just once. Not just twice. Every. Single. Year. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

Full article here

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Medications Found in Water are Changing the Sex of Fish

Medications Found in Water are Changing the Sex of Fish

April 28, 2015

There has been a spate of mainstream media (MSM) articles recently revealing the linkage between drugs in the water supplies and altered reproductive organs of fish. Some of these expos’s have drawn a correlation between the explosion of fish abnormalities (and mutations) and different types of prescription and over-the-counter drugs found in their aquatic environments.

That the water supplies the world over, especially where medication drugs are both plentiful and affordable, have now reached such dangerous concentrations is rarely addressed by public health authorities.

As reported by UPI:

As the rate of diabetes skyrockets in the United States, so too are prescriptions for the drugs that treat the blood sugar disorder. One of the most common Type II diabetes medication is metformin.

But metformin isnt just being found on pharmacy shelves and private medicine cabinets. Its also increasingly showing up in freshwater systems. Now, new research suggests it could be to blame for intersex fish.

What is particularly alarming is that metformin is actually showing up in higher concentrations than caffeine.

It is the chemical we found in almost every sample and in the highest concentrations compared to other emerging contaminants even higher than caffeine

It has been scientifically proven in numerous research studies that fish have manifested radically altered physiology especially when living downstream from water treatment plants. Because metformin appears to act as a an endocrine disruptor, it is now being identified as a primary cause of the proliferation of intersex fish.

Fish expressing combinations of male and female sex organs are increasingly common in waters downstream from water treatment plants. The phenomenon has mostly been blamed on hormone-related drugs like birth control and beauty products such as acne medicine.

Another article under the title What Are The Environmental Impacts Of Hormonal Birth Control? has also explored the direct correlation between synthetic steroidal hormones showing up more and more in the water bodies and these same problems regarding fish health and physiology.

In 2002, the United Kingdoms Environmental Agency stated: Estrogenic steroids natural and synthetic hormones in sewage effluent have been shown to be more potent than previously thought, with the synthetic steroid 17a ethinyl estradiol showing effects in fish at concentrations below 1 nanogram per liter.

In other words, a single drop of one of these steroids pollutes 70,000 gallons of water severely enough to cause significant health problems in fish. A single thimbleful would have major impacts on fish living in a lake 300 yards in diameter.

These scientific findings reported by the UKs Environmental Agency are quite telling. Certainly if marine life is being so profoundly affected by these chemical intrusions in their ambient environment, the human beings living in the same area must also be experiencing some effects.

Hyper-Toxicity Syndrome is an example of a full-blown disease process which can result from the exposure to so many environmental chemical toxins.


Undoubtedly, fish are more exposed because of their total immersion 24/7 in the contaminated waters; nevertheless, the human populations which drink and bath with the same waters will eventually bio-accumulate the same chemical toxins and hormones. Because some of these chemicals do function as endocrine disruptors, high risk individuals will be more affected than others.

For instance, those with MCS (Multiple chemical sensitivities) or EI Syndrome (Environmental illness syndrome) may be more likely to experience some adverse effects over the long term.

Likewise, many who suffer from the various Multi-infection syndromes of the 21st century are often known to have chemical toxicities present in different tissues and organs. The chemical residues and toxic contaminants from both food and beverage, water and medications bio-accumulate over decades which serve to exacerbate their disease process.

And the above mentioned contaminants are not the only issues here. The second largest selling pesticide in the world, Atrazine is a weed killer that has been used heavily on farms across North America for more than 50 years. The run-off (from over 80 million pounds used annually) ends up in streams, rivers, and often our drinking water having untold negative effects.


Municipal water treatment plants have been proven not to filter out many of the diverse chemicals which are increasingly finding their way into water supplies everywhere.

Wherever drug medications are in widespread use, there will necessarily be an increase in their concentrations in the local water supply. For example, antibiotics have become so perversive throughout aquatic ecosystems that many bacteria are now resistant to them, which in turn reduces their effectiveness.

Therefore, the best way to reduce ones exposure to many of these unwanted chemicals, some being endocrine disruptors, is to drink and cook with water that comes from a source that has been certified to be chemical-free. There are also various in-home water filtration systems which are capable of removing a potpourri of chemical contaminants. Water distillation is an effective broad spectrum water treatment process which removes practically everything from the local water supply.

Whole-house filtration systems can also be effective in purifying the bath and shower water. When warm water is hitting the body from the shower head, the pores are wide open and the same chemicals can gain entry through the skin. Likewise, the aerosolized vapors permit their entry into the head via the nose, mouth and eyes. Therefore, a whole-house water purification system is a good place to start.

Additional Sources:

Article image from: Pixshark

This post originally appeared at Natural Society

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Tonight Show Drummer: Calling Rioters ‘Thugs’ Is Code For ‘N***ers’

Tonight Show Drummer: Calling Rioters ‘Thugs’ Is Code For ‘N***ers’

Derek Hunter
Daily Caller
April 28, 2015

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, better known as Questlove, did not appreciate Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, or anyone else, using the word thugs to describe rioters throwing bricks at police, looking businesses and burning buildings.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake at a press conference earlier in the day said:

It is very clear there is a difference between what we saw over the past week with the peaceful protests, those who wish to seek justice, those who wish to be heard, and want answers and the difference between those protests and the thugs who only want to incite violence and destroy our city.

Im a life-long resident of Baltimore and too many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs who in a very senseless way are trying to tear down what so many have fought for.

Questlove, drummer and leader of The Roots, the house band for the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, appears to have taken issue with this. Taking to Twitter, Questlove cut to the chase:

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