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The Dark Politricks poll page

The Dark Politricks poll page

By Dark Politricks

This page holds all the polls that I have created on my blog so far. Please take some time to answer them and feel free to link to this page, share the polls or directly embed the scripts into your own blog or website. The more people who take them the better.

Also if you choose to vote “other” on any of the polls please can you take the time to explain what you mean either by leaving a comment in the poll or at the bottom of the page in the comments section.

Please can you also Tweet, Facebook Like, Google+ or whatever else you engage in online regarding spreading the word on social media if you find the poll worthy enough to spread to your friends.

What should the West do about ISIS (Islamic State)?

With the most well-funded and well armed terrorist group known to man on the rampage, not only across the Middle East but massacring European holiday makers and chopping off the heads of French business men, this group has really taken over the mantle from al-Qaeda as the “Big Bogey Man” we all need to be checking under our beds each night.

It will be no surprise if our governments start rolling back even more of our civil liberties due to the “threat” ISIS poses to our way of life.

It’s so funny how our leaders used to claim that these Islamic terrorists hated us because of our freedoms yet we have been so willing to hand them all over to our leaders with no questions asked. If this carries on in the same manner we will have done the terrorists job for them by removing all our liberties all due to the “threat” of ISIS.

More Internet surveillance, longer detentions without charge, less right to protest and freedom of speech, more black site prisons for “people of interest” and now with the new US Militaries rules of law declaring journalists as fair targets for action it won’t be long before we see al-Jazeera and Russia Today reporters dead and piled up as “enemy combatants”ask a wrong question to the Axis of War politicians and you go on a list.

What I don’t get is why the biggest terrorist army that has ever existed, one that has just obtained MIG fighter planes and is training pilots to fly them, one with billions of dollars in cash and tons of Gold plus Sunni Sheiks from Qatar and Saudi Arabia constantly funding them and an almost limitless supply of brain dead drones willing to sacrifice their life and go to heaven by killing innocent people. Why are they not even bothering to attack the no 1 enemy for all Islamic Groups around the world – Israel?

Why is it that Israel, a nation with ISIS on their borders, seems more concerned about the odd firecracker being fired into their IRON DOME missile defence shield from GAZA and the non existent threat from Iran which even the USA and Europe is trying to deal with?

Either they are controlling the group just like the al-Nusra terrorists they take into their front line hospitals before sending them back off to fight and the multitude of fake al-Qaeda cells Mossad set up just so they could “expose them” or they feel no threat at all from a well equipped Islamic Terrorist Army with the ability to actually attempt a proper invasion unlike the poor sods in Gaza or the West Bank.

Whatever the issue I would I would like to know what you think about the Islamic State.

It’s a multiple choice poll so pick up to 4 answers if you want and please write in the comment box if you want to say something not mentioned in the list.



What is the USA’s End-Game in the Ukraine

As the Ukrainian far right government which was installed by a coup funded by the USA and their GLADIO agents attacks and slaughters innocent villagers in the East of the country who don’t want to be controlled by neo-Nazis and have their rights diminished by anti-Russian laws I ask what is the Americans game in the country.

Putin has been remarkably calm in the face of unrelenting pressure from the US and EU sanctions and as hundreds of thousands of Eastern Ukrainians flood over the border as refugees (something the USA denies despite the figures coming from the US funded UN) he has so far not allowed himself to be provoked into a full invasion of Eastern Ukraine – something I would have no problem at all with him doing.

In my eyes he would perfectly justified. 20 million Russians died at the hands of Nazi’s in the 2nd World War – a war which was won by the USSR despite what your history teacher may tell you. No wonder he doesn’t want more Nazi’s on his border. The US obviously wanted to shut down his Crimean port but the people voted to join Russia and undoubtedly Putin is not going to let the US installed Ukrainian government close down this important Navy installation, just as he doesn’t want to let the USA sponsored rebels close down his only Mediterranean port in Syria.

But what is the Americans game in Ukraine?

Are they just trying to control it so they can install more missiles on Russia’s border? Are they trying to start a new Cold War or are they just being their crazy old selves not thinking about possible consequences and breaking decades old promises whilst doing so. Let me know what you think!


Should Putin invade East Ukraine

As the western inspired coup acted out by neo-nazis has pushed the legitimate President out of Ukraine and the Russian speaking people of Crimea have asked for Russian support, is it right that Putin has ordered troops into Ukraine under the pretext of protecting Russian speaking people?

Are the Americans hypocrites for attacking the Russians for invading as being “against international law”, especially after their war in Iraq. Or are they right to claim Putin is over reaching and taking advantage of the situation to protect his naval bases in the black sea.


The End of 2013 Poll

As the end of 2013 is on us I want to find out what you think the most important acts of the year were.

Was it the determined Russian Diplomacy that prevented another useless war in the Middle East over Syria. With the US and Israel clambering for an attack to support their foreign backed al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front terrorists against Syrian Christians and Alawites who had lived side by side with Muslims of both Sunni and Shi’ite in peace for years. With fake claims of chemical weapon usage by the Syrian regime the Syrians could see the Americans getting ready to bomb them as they did in Libya and Iraq.

With Russian support they said they would hand over all their chemical weapons and come to the peace table, something the Islamic terrorists didn’t want (or their backers). The war was all about taking Syria off the chessboard so that Hezbollah was weakened and Iran became Isolated.

However the UK Government shockingly voted not to kiss the US ass for once and stay out of any conflict and the Russians saw that the US military had no appetite for fighting alongside al-Qaeda backed terrorists who cut hearts and lungs out and ate them before putting videos on YouTube.

Christian churches were destroyed and kids killed if they didn’t convert to Islam at the point of a terrorist gun. The whole world was back to front. If we really had a moral compass we would be supporting Syria AGAINST these Islamic nutters NOT backing them as they used false flag attacks and other ruses to try to get us into the war on their side.

Let me know what you think the biggest event of the year was in this poll.

A New Bill of Rights

With our rights under attack from all sides do we need to re-define our inalienable rights?

Is government too involved in our day-to-day life or do we need to set limits on what it can and cannot do. Should we be able to “opt out” of government controlled society altogether?

Let me know what you think the biggest right that should be protected in any Bill in this poll below. Use the “other” section to add your own or right comments to expand on your thoughts.

Is the War on Terror a farce?

When you look at the state of the USA and other western nations since 9.11, we can see that in the last 10 years that the war on terror has been used to justify a massive loss of liberties and freedoms.

Was the War on Terror planned before 9.11 or was it just perfect timing that those events unfolded.

How will the war ever end, with no-one to sit down and sign a peace treaty with – is this a war without an end in sight?

The 10 year anniversary of the Iraq war has just passed.

Was the war worth all the soldiers deaths, returning veterans PTSD, chemical pollutions of whole cities causing birth defects along with the million civilians that died?

Gun Control

After all the high school shootings and the massive debate over gun control in the USA what do you think about armed citizens and gun control?

Should Americans be prepared to other throw their own government or has tyranny already entered the White House. If so what is the point of the 2nd Amendment if those citizens with guns didn’t use them to stop this tyranny?

In a democracy people vote for their leaders and the laws they then introduce are the fault of the public who voted. Therefore any gun control laws are down to the majority of the USA wanting them to be introduced. What do you think?

Israeli War Crimes

Israel is once again bombarding Gaza with sophisticated weaponry whilst Hamas fire rockets back into Israel. The kill ratio as always is about 1 Israeli to 50-100 Palestinians and the blockaded Gaza population have nowhere to run and hide from the Israeli onslaught.

Israel has already killed many civilians  women and children but it is called “collateral damage” whereas Hamas are just “terrorists” not democratically elected leaders of their country trying to defend it from attack by doing the same.

Is this just hypocrisy or was it planned all along. Do you find it unusual or conspiratorial that the war started just days after Obama was elected US President or was it all just a co-incidence? Tell me what you think.

Barack Obama

Now Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States of America to the disappointment of Republican and real liberals who saw his first presidency as a continuation of the worst of the Bush excesses how do you feel?

If you voted for him do you honestly believe he will finish off the “Hope and Change” mantra that he promised the first time round or will he just continue business as usual. Allowing Wall St to continue to steal from Main St, expanding the surveillance state with more acts that give him dictatorial powers like the NDAA. Starting more wars across the Middle East and helping Israel attack Iran whilst not cutting the bloated Defense budget so that the money can be better spent on Americans.

Or will he now actually try and implement proper change that would see the end of the Bush-era war on terror, a proper respect for the constitution and limits on the rising police state that involve huge city sized super computers in UTAH and the TRAPWIRE system that follow Americans wherever they go.

The US Presidential Election is fast approaching and with the after effects of Hurricane Sandy stopping the campaigning and even bringing out complementary comments from ardent Republicans such as Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, it seems the race is going to be tied up by either head of the two-headed snake they call “choice” in US politics.

Whilst third-party candidates such as the Green and Libertarian parties excluded from Presidential debates and given short shrift by the US Mainstream Media it looks like the “non choice” of either GOP or Democrat is the only one that counts.

It seems to me that it won’t make the slightest bit of difference if Obama is replaced by flip flopping, liberal big government, pro job offshoring, millionaire hypocrite Mitt Romney.

Let me know who you think Americans should vote for come polling day and if you have time give me reasons why in the comment box, or on Poll Daddy’s site.


Mitt Romney is probably going to be facing off the current US President Obama in this years American election but do you think he will bring real change to America or will he do a switch and bait like Obama did with his “change we can believe in” trick. The only change was the person in the White House – the policies stayed the same as if Bush had remained.

More anti-liberty laws like the NDAA, Internet kill switches, drone warfare creating terrorists for US soldiers to fight in the future and the bringing home of the war on terror to US citizens. Drones now fly the skies of US cities and the police are more militarized than ever. The gap between the really rich and the general population has never been higher and the number of Wall Street banksters who helped cause the financial meltdown of 2008 in jail can be counted on half a hand.

However with the chance of Romney becoming US President do you think anything of substance will really change under a Republican candidate or will things stay the same in the exact same way as Obama followed in Bush’s footsteps will Romney follow in Obama’s?


Tony Blair was UK PM for 10 years and in that time he took us into 4 wars more than any other PM (as far as I know). From Sierra Leone to Serbia, Afghanistan and then Iraq it seemed Blair loved sending other people s kids into combat to fight his battles.

Whilst we can rightly be proud of what we did in Sierra Leone where rebel solider armies made up of pre-teen kids high on drink and drugs and who were going round chopping people’s arms off due to the lucrative blood diamond trade the other wars are a bit more dubious.

In Serbia we sided (once again) with al-Qaeda and their affiliates the KLA (Kosovan Liberation Army) against Serbia who was trying to protect the integrity of their country. Both sides committed atrocities but it was only when NATO decided to go it alone and bomb the hell out of Serbia that the terrorist affiliates won and managed to turn Kosovo into the narco-state it is today.

From drugs to whores and even human organs the stories about Kosovo and the KLA are endless and just as believable as the propaganda told about Serbia  to get the west on side.

Then we have Afghanistan a war that was planned early 2001 and implemented just after 9.11.

A war we rushed into and a war we are still fighting.

A war in which our enemy is not the al-Qaeda terrorists who used to be CIA funded Mujaheddin but common mud hut dwelling tribesmen who just want everyone to Fuck off!

From Alexander the Great to the British Empire, the Soviets and now the USA it is clear an insurgency where Taliban = Terrorist = Tribesman who sits down with you and has a friendly cup of tea is not going to be won. We should have read a few history books before getting involved there.

Then there is Iraq a war many people still believe to be illegal under international law.

A war that came after years of sanctions that saw hundreds of thousands of babies and children die through the lack of medicine and food.

A war in which there was no reason to fight apart from Blair’s dodgy dossier an embellishment of secondary school proportions and media brainwashing of the sheeple.

Saddam had nothing to do with 9.11 but good old George W wanted to make his daddy proud and finish off what he couldn’t do in the first Iraqi conflict which ended up in a turkey shoot massacre as US planes killed at will all the Iraqi troops fleeing Kuwait back home. A war he had been given the “green light” to go ahead on.

Funny how old friends can turn into evil dictators and back again overnight – just look at Blair and Gaddafi’s deal in the desert.

So is Blair a national hero who deserves full honours and a burial in Westminster abbey alongside the great and good or is he a lowlife that deserves squashing like a cockroach before he can cause any more harm to our countries reputation.


The civil war in Syria is being played out in the western media as Libya the Sequel and there are daily calls for the US, UK, France and other countries to act to prevent the seemingly unwarranted slaughter of civilians in Syrian cities such as Homs.

A recent UN Security Council Resolution calling for President Assad to step down was vetoed by Russia and China and their actions have been derided by the world despite our hypocrisy in the UN when it comes to supporting our own allies such as the many US vetoes over Israel.

Whilst many people see the NATO action in Libya as a success the reality is very different. The country is now in a state of conflict between the various gangs of rebels that we armed who refuse to hand back the weapons we provided them. Not only has al-Qaeda linked terrorists taken control of parts of Libya but they are sending soldiers to Syria to fight against Assad a fact that keeps being overlooked by the Western media. Twice in a year we are on the same side as our supposed “mortal enemy” and to many people it seems like the height of hypocrisy to be fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen whilst supporting them in Libya and Syria.

What do you think we should do about the Syrian civil war?

The neo-cons, Zionists and warmongers are getting ready for the next step in their plan laid out in the PNAC document, rebuilding America’s defenses, by preparing for war with Iran. This document detailed their desire to dominate the Middle East for its natural resources as well as aiding their Israeli allies and their plans for a “greater Israel” by taking out their enemies one by one.

Iraq and Libya are down, Egypt has been put in the safe hands of the Egyptian military which will ignore public pressure and carry on following US / Israeli policy objectives and Syria is currently being destabilised by Western supported terrorist groups. With Iran surrounded by US forces in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan it seems to be only a matter of time and a tinderbox incident to start another full-blown war in the Middle East.

The lies being told to the public to sell this unwarranted war come straight from Mossad and CIA playbook that were so successful with Iraq and with the help of a compliant IAEA with its new leader follows step by step behind it’s US masters. Let me know what you think about the plans for the next war in this poll. Please leave a comment in the comment section if you chose another option.


The race is on for the next President of the United States of America. After a million TV debates the Republicans are now trying to decide who should stand against the incumbent, Barack Obama. Many people believe that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee as he is the candidate of “least change from the status quo”.

Another big government, flip-flopping, 1% nominee that will do nothing to restore the country to its roots. Instead of looking for the next enemy to fight to keep the military industrial complex fat and rich and our young men dead or disabled, many people believe we need to forget the false two-party paradigm and move away from our current “state of emergency” politics.

This state of affairs has seen America turn into Amerika with liberty crushing constitution ignoring laws such as the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA. These laws have not as some fools think been  implemented to target the dozen or so terrorists left in Afghanistan but instead to militarise the police and turn the country into a modern-day Stazi hell hole.  Look at the cops with tanks, machine guns and ex military equipment that cost millions and tell me they are not getting ready for major unrest on the streets of America. Tell me what you think and if you have any thoughts please leave a comment.

What do you feel about the summary execution of Col. Gaddafi that ended the popular uprising against his regime in Libya. Gaddafi was first attacked from the air by an US drone that killed dozens of people before escaping and hiding in a nearby drain pipe. He was then captured by NTC rebels and summarily executed in defiance of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of captured combatants during war-time. Should he have been held for trial or lynched and shot dead before being kicked and dragged from post to pillar. Let me have your thoughts and please write a comment if you chose “Other”.

What do you think about the Occupy Wall Street protests that are catching the publics imagination and spreading around the world. Are they just left leaning hippies who idealistic dreams will never come to fruition or could this be a turning point that the founding fathers of the USA would be proud to witness if alive today. Do you believe Wall Street has taken your investments, pensions, and bank savings and gambled them away only to be bailed out by your tax money in a parallel universe in which the rich 1% enjoy socialism and the 99% are left with austerity measures, cuts in services and little hope for the future. You can choose multiple options from this poll.

The Palestinians are using the UN as a method to gain recognition for their struggle against Israeli occupation. Over half a century of illegal settlements, refugees, terrorist attacks, intifada’s, and years of negotiations have gotten them nowhere and now they are asking the global community to recognise their tiny state before Israeli settlements reduce it’s size even more. What do you think about this move by the Palestinians to ask the UN to help resolve the problem. Israel was recognised as a state by the UN in 1947 so why not 2011 for the Palestinians?  

It has been 10 years since 9.11. In that time the USA has turned into a militaristic semi-police state with over a million US citizens having high security clearance working for various intelligence agencies and the security state has spread to every aspect of citizens lives with wars still raging across the world from Afghanistan to Yemen, Pakistan and now Libya. In those ten years many conspiracy theories have flourished about the events of 9.11 from mini nukes, controlled demolition using nano-thermate or powerful secret weapons, missiles hitting the Pentagon, the view that no planes existed at all and there has been a massive crime and cover up. Or may be you take the view that the US government knew beforehand the attacks were occurring and allowed them to go ahead so that they could enact the PATRIOT ACT and geopolitical aims of thePNAC document which had been written many years previously and the Bush regime were waiting for a suitably nasty event to happen so these laws and wars could be implemented. On the tenth anniversary of those horrific events what do you believe happened that day now that you have spent time looking into the events. Was there a conspiracy or just a lot of lucky co-incidences and a failure of intelligence agencies to talk to each other and act together to prevent the attacks from occurring.

What is the biggest threat to humanity at this current point in time. Is it the threat of war between Christians and Islam, the threat of climate change or is the all-pervasive spread of capitalism, consumerism and the never-ending spiral of debt it generates the biggest threat to our way of life. You tell me.

Who was the worst President of the USA Bush or Obama. Leave partisan political leanings aside and think about the war on terror and how it has effected your country and maybe your own life over the last decade.

Who do you think is the worst person in the world at this point in time? Maybe they are still leading a country or maybe they have left government to earn millions from lucrative business contracts.  

Which country poses the most danger to the rest of the world. This might be a country currently engaged in a war or one that is preparing to start one. Or it maybe a country that manages to cause conflicts without directly engaging in war themselves.

What qualities do you think a prospective candidate for the most powerful job in the world should have? Should they be clever and intellectual or stupid but brave. God-fearing and righteous or rational and worldly-wise. Let me know what you think.

Climate change is all over the news and if the doomsayers are right then we have little time to correct our ways before the environment changes forever. With the recent climategate scandal and the failure at Copenhagen to reach a global agreement I want to know what you think about AGW. Does the climate of the world always change or has human activity contributed to any recent global warming.

Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian territories is always a contentious issue but try attacking Israeli actions in Gaza or its recent massacre on the high seas and you are often called anti-semitic. The same tactic is often used when people attack Zionism, the belief that Jews are actually a nation and Israel is their rightful home. Do you think that being someone who is against Zionism automatically means you are an anti-Semite?  

9.11 was the event that changed millions of peoples lives forever. Whether it was the war in Afghanistan or Iraq or the Patriot Act and Anti Terrorism laws that have reduced peoples civil liberties in western nations all around the world. Ten years later and many questions still remain about the events on that day. What do you think happened?

Democratic government is held up as the ideal form of governance for many people across the globe. People revolt against their existing leaders and cry out democracy all the time. However your government is elected the people who form it and make decisions over our lives are influenced by many factors ranging from powerful lobby groups, military leaders and intelligence agencies, big business and other vested interests. Do you believe that your own government acts in your best interests?

By Dark Politricks

© 2015 Dark Politricks

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