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Change your IP address to watch “Some” foreign TV stations without using a Proxy or VPN server

Change your IP address to watch “Some” foreign TV stations without using a Proxy or VPN server

By Dark Politricks

If you are like me and like to watch foreign TV shows that are shown online e.g BBC IPlayer, Comedy Central, Fox and other TV stations “Catch Up” services. Then there are many ways you can do it.

You can read about some of them in this article about how the “system” tracks you online at the moment (always evolving), but some of the ways include purchasing a VPN ( a Virtual Private Server ), which gives you access to the country you want as the website will see your VPN’s IP address and it will belong to the country you are trying to access.

E.G If I wanted to watch US TV from the UK I would need a US IP address so that any checks they do would see the US address and allow me to view the service. Also I find if I cannot access a certain channel in the US for some reason I will try a Canadian service as they usually show the same shows and channels.

Another way is to use Proxy servers which are servers people have in various counties and open up to visitors so that they can access their countries content. Many of the reasons people do this are altruistic e.g to allow people in China or Iran to talk to them securely or just to let them access Western media or blocked services like Facebook.

To find a list of proxy servers and IP addresses for various countries go to a service like

The problem with proxies is that they are overused and if you find a good fast one you usually keep it to yourself!

One trick I have found that works with many websites is to trick them into thinking you are from their country by just modifying the Request Headers you send to their server.

A lot of the time people use code which looks at all the headers containing IP addresses, there are lots and this is just a snippet from a page that checks your PC’s IP and tries to tell you where you are located and what values various IP headers have in them.

All of these are false IP values that I have entered into plugins as well as going through various proxy servers. You can see how hard it would be for someone to tell accurately where you are from when you are sending them so much contradictory data.


Most code that checks for the “original users IP”, loops back from the initial IP address they have been given (Remote_Addr) to a proxy address such as X-Forwarded-For which many proxy servers add the IP values that pass through them to tell other servers which traffic has been routed through that address. As you can see from this example I went through 3 proxies although one server used HTTP_FORWARDED rather than X-FORWARDED-FOR which is the standard header and can contain multiple values.

Therefore this code checking your “actual” origin will sometimes see this value and assume that the country of your computer is the IP address from the Proxy Server header value and not the Remote_Address value which is the initial value you check to see what IP address is accessing your site.

There are many reasons for this including all the CloudFlare type front end proxies that sit in front of websites and tunnel all their traffic through their OWN IP addresses.

If you only looked at the Remote_Address you would get a value from their OWN list of servers when in reality the traffic could have been from anywhere. So what these companies do is pass along the original IP address of the visitor in a header like X-Forwarded-For or Cloudflares own CF-CONNECTING-IP header so that other servers know the original source value.

Therefore a useful trick to either confuse people trying to locate your real IP address or to access TV is to use a plugin like Modify Headers and change the value of a header like X-Forwarded-For to the country you want to access so that when their sites code checks where you are from they see the Proxy address and assume you have come from there and been routed through another server, e.g you were originally in the US but got sent through a router in the UK, when in reality you are in the UK and want to pretend you are in the US!

Anyway this is how you do it with the Modify Headers Plugin. You can read more about proxies and how to use VPN’s and obtain Proxy addresses on my page: Internet Censorship and Surfing Anonymously.


Using Modify Headers To Change Your IP Address

This is how you can use a simple free Firefox plugin to change your X-Forwarded-For header so that many websites believe you are from the US or UK.

I have tested it on many US sites (I always warch Comedy Central this way) that show live or catch-up TV as well as UK sites like BBC IPlayer – whether they will continue to work or not I don’t know but it’s worth trying before going out and renting a VPN or using Proxies.

If you are stuck for an IP address or the one I have used doesn’t seem to work anymore go to and find one from the country you require.

1. Use the Firefox browser (download from here)

2. Download and install the Modify Headers plugin (download from here)

3. Set up a record in the plugin with “Modify”, header x-forwarded-for, value, and enable it. This is a US IP address. If it ever stops working search the Internet for Proxy addresses and find another US address to see if that works instead. Sometimes it may help to turn JavaScript off as well if the video player is not loaded by it and clean before disabling all your cookies.

4. Start Modify Headers and go to the website

5. Your settings in the plugin should look like the following image.

Modify Headers


By Dark Politricks

©2015 Dark Politricks

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  1. Georgethedragonslayer says

    A Mass of words designed to cause confusion!

    Completly ignoring British Tv licence laws, to cause fear!

    • darkpolitricks says

      What are you talking about you are obviously a spammer who hasn’t read the article.

      It has nothing to do about causing fear or UK TV Laws. Its about simply modifying headers to allow you to watch TV without going through a VPN or Proxy the most simplest way to watch on your PC.

  2. Alex says

    This was a very helpful article, thanks for writing this!!

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