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Web Proxy – Surf & Search Anonymously

Want to search the web without leaving a trail for your ISP, work, school or other users of your computer? Well a web proxy is the quickest and safest way to do so as it masks your IP address and useragent and anyone logging your traffic will only see your requests to the website hosting the proxy and not the destination site. If you don’t want the websites you visit and anyone logging your traffic to know the information listed below then it makes sense to use a proxy of some kind.

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The following form will allow you to surf anonymously from one of the best stable web proxies I have found.

If you want to carry out searches on Google, Bing or Yahoo without your search terms being logged for anyone to see then you should use one of the safe search tools like Scroogle or Strictly Software’s Anonymous Super Search. They submit the search for you and return the results without leaving a trail back to your IP address. They also strip out adverts and with Strictly’s Super Search there are no log files to be destroyed in the first place.

The following form allows you to get the top results from Google, Yahoo and Bing at the same time without leaving a record of your search and proxifying the results for subsequent surfing.

As the internet we used to know and love is quickly turning into just another tool for allowing government and big business to monitor us its important to know why tools like web proxies and proxy servers are becoming more popular. Check out some of the following articles of mine which detail the various methods that allow websites, ISP’s and your government to log your web use as well as ways to avoid these measures.

A Guide to surfing anonymously

How the days of Internet freedom are coming to an end.

A guide to creating your own web proxy

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  1. Peter says

    Hey I own Stay-Anon | Free Web Proxy and was wondering if you could add it to your list? I love your blog, btw.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Hi Peter

      Well the proxy page I have put up is just an example and it doesn’t actually let you visit many sites as it has a whitelist.

      Also I don’t really want people using it for personal reasons as it means I’m paying for their bandwidth usage but if you want to link to the script download then feel free although I must admit being a C# programmer by trade that I don’t think it’s exactly great PHP code and it was written more as an example of how easy it is to write your own web proxy script.


  2. LEXI says


    • darkpolitricks says

      That doesn’t realy mean anything to me and provides no useful information at all as I don’t know what system your school is using to block you, what you have tried, what you can and cannot do and almost anything useful for solving a problem like a network admin blocking your site acess.

      They might be using new firewall software that prevents you from even bypassing it anyway – try accessing web proxies that are brand new (install software on your own server and try using it – or try proxies that don’t even mention the word proxy in their URL – also try short URl’s like to see if using redirects to sites like facebook/youtube through short urls work or are being blocked.

      If your school is blocking websites they could be doing a number of ways from URL scanning, IP scanning, blacklists of domains on firewalls or even a whitelist of “allowed” sites.

      Create yourself a web proxy server on your home PC or own webserver (rent one at rackspace etc) and read one of the many articles online about turning your home PC into a webserver that only you can access. Then try to use remote desktop to login to your home PC from school (if they allow the connection or have the remote desktop software installed) then from your home PC you can access the websites you need. You could even write a webfront end for it and leave your home PC/server running all day with a passowrd and try accessing it like a webproxy – as a normal website.

      A basic Remote Desktop might be all you need but I doubt your school will allow you to install your own applicaations on your school PC’s so either find a decent existing web proxy that they haven’t blocked access to yet so you can use that to get to your “banned” sites or use a proper proxy e.g change your web browsers network settings so it routes traffic through a different IP address and Port.

      There are many websites dedicated to giving out working proxy details each day for free e.g or and check the proxy is working (as lots of people will be trying to use the same IP:PORT) by building yourself a quick port scanner using CURL/C# etc >> to check you can access web pages through the remote server/proxy. Ping and HTTP ping a page through the IP to see how fast they are.

      The benefits of using proper IP:PORT details for a proxy (changing your network connection details) is that you will get the use of flash, javascript and anythig else that Web Proxies usually don’t OR can’t display.

      Either that or pay for an elite proxy or VPN access so you access webservers overseas OR even rent a Rackspace cloud server and install SQUID and turn that into a proxy in the USA. So you are using your own webserver as a proxy overseas that won’t be on any proxy lists (unless your stupid and dont set up a firewall ASAP and a scanner finds your server is open and it starts being used as proxy by other people – most proxies are just other peoples servers not setup securely.

      Without some coding knowledge you are not going to get very far so start reading and coding.

  3. ali says

    They might be using new firewall software that prevents you from even bypassing it anyway – try accessing web proxies that are brand new (install software on your own server and try using it – or try proxies that don’t even mention the word proxy in their URL – also try short URl’s like to see if using redirects to sites like facebook/youtube through short urls work or are being blocked

  4. Anonymous web surfing says

    anonymous web surfing is a free proxy server, allows you to hide your IP address, surf anonymously online & secure your internet connection. and also bypass any network from your government, school or workplace network. So you can unblock most popular social networking sites such as Youtube, Bebo, Facebook, Orkut and many other sites. it give you ability to surf the Web without being tracked.

  5. Jason says

    Anonymous web proxies are a free, easy way to unblock sites in censored countries. I would really like some more information on how to build your own proxy on a web server to load censored webpages remotely

    • darkpolitics says

      Just search the web. I even have code up on here on how to create a simple one using PHP. All you need is a page that is on another IP address that makes the HTTP request POST/GET and then returns the content to you. Not very hard coding if you think about it plus lots exist already and lots of code exists online to download if you want to host one. However I would suggest nowadays using a VPN say if you wanted to watch US TV (host a server in the US) as then it will be a private network only you can use.

  6. Ed says

    There are so many anonymizers this days that I got confused. I was interested in getting some VPN for Netflix. However some bloggers state that you could be banned for applying VPN. Can I watch Netflix with some proxy service?

    • Ed says

      If so, which proxy service can you recommend?

      • darkpolitics says

        There are lots out there, some try and hide their IP addresses with JS and other code. I made a PHP program to hunt and find proxies and then test them to see if they work but you could try to find some from around the world. If you want to use a web proxy then just search for “web proxies” and you will find ones like etc.

    • darkpolitics says

      Yes in Netflixes T&Cs they can ban you if they find out you have used a proxy or VPN to access US Netflix instead of the version in your country for example.

      There are tools on the web that can be plugged in that are supposed to help you access US Netflix (as it has the best programmes) but it costs money.

      Also remember when you join Netflix you have to provide an address, and credit/debit card details so they know what country you live in so if they see you login to Netflix from a foreign country they could easily work out you are trying to bypass their T&C’s.

      It was possible about a year or two ago to access US Netflix easily with some online tools for free that changed your IP address to a US address to fool Netflix but I think they have got clever (like a lot of sites) to this trick. For instance there is a tool called ModifyHeaders for FireFox that lets you change a header like X-Forwarded-For to an IP of your choice so putting in a US IP address used to fool a lot of sites into thinking you were coming from the US with no need for proxies or VPN’s. Some sites may still use basic IP sniffing code that checks for these headers but like all sites its a battle between hackers and the site owners that goes on constantly.

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