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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Why #Altnews Is Moving To BitChute as YouTube is Broken and Google Is An Evil Company

YouTube is Broken And Google is an Evil Company

By Dark Politricks

This is basically a test for the new platform BitChute that most #altnews sources are moving their videos to due to YouTube algorithms placing videos like the following below what they call "authoritative sources".

Yes videos by MSNBC, CNN, BBC and other establishment views that parrot the Government line.

Free Speech is dying on YouTube.

Altnews channels like Truthstreammedia made YouTube popular by exposing the lies our Government tells us, the harm microwaves do to our brains that are ignored, and how a cashless society is not all that you think it will be.

So please support BitChute as many channels are removed, deranked and defunded by the CIA supported YouTube (owned by Google who took CIA seed money for development).

This is the first attempt at embedding a BitChute video. If you cannot play or see it go to BitChute to watch it by clicking this link.

Please comment in the comment section on your views about YouTube manipulating your search results so that you don't actually get to see what you should e.g the most popular video not the video the MIC/Silicon Valley nexus wants you to.

Maybe they could be the start of a counter revolution against the crackdown on free speech before our Internet access is removed altogether.

By Dark Politricks

© 2019 Dark Politricks


  1. Everybody move to BitChute, leave Google use Duckduckgo for searching, and forget Chrome it seems so slow nowadays due to all their trackers. Use FireFox or TORbrowser if you need to. YouTube is indeed broken, #altnews sites made it big and now they are demoting them because they are too popular.

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