Tuesday 31 January 2012

Where is the real choice when it comes to the US Election?

There are no good choices at the US Ballot Box

By Dark Politricks

It makes me laugh when I go onto US websites that are either left leaning like the Daily Kos or right leaning like any FOX News linked message-board or Christian website and I see the types of comments each side throw at each other.

The Democrats are called Communists and socialists and Barack Obama is called anything from a Muslim who wants to destroy America and hand it over on a plate to Iran so they can destroy Israel to a secret communist who's great grandfather probably was a co-writer of the Protocols of Zion.

Then the Right wing are called everything from idiots to zombies and people who don't believe in anything apart from God, Banning Gay's and Gun's.

What makes me laugh is that from this side of the Atlantic there is not much difference between your two parties at all. As it is often said the Democratic Party is the second most Conservative party in the Western world, it's a shame more American's can't see that.

Both parties are pro war, pro bailouts, pro Wall St versus Main St, anti liberty, anti Internet freedom, pro-Israel, pro-police state and both have contributed massively to the huge amount of debt the USA is now in.

Whether it was spent on tax cuts, trillion dollar wars or huge bailouts to potential future employees at the Treasury from Wall St the only thing keeping the US afloat is their ability to print money and it's use as the reserve currency of the world. Wars have been fought to keep it that way.

That is not to say my country is any better either. All three main parties fight for scraps over the centre ground and whilst all 3 parties, Labour, Tory and Lib Dem have MP's that speak their mind and are to the left or right of their party the machine as a whole follows the path left by the previous government. Albeit with minor changes to tax rates, benefit cuts and how much they "speak out" against the EU and the failed Euro project.

Obviously behind the scenes all 3 are now the same faces of a triple sided coin much to the dismay of people who voted Lib Dem at the last election hoping for a restoration of the crush on civil liberties only to be met with a watered down Freedom Bill missing many of the original components that people voted for.
No matter whether Tory or Labour are in power one thing is for sure and that's our governments slavish devotion to US foreign policy objectives which also include pro Israeli, pro war anti Russian and Iranian sentiment and actions.

What is shameful is that the majority of people in this country don't like our brown nosing of American politicians and there was nothing in my life as cringe worthy as watching Gordon Brown's speech to Congress where he was licking arse so much he was almost touching Tony Blairs feet.

The term special relationship on it's own is enough to make most Brits throw up in their mouths and the disconnect between politicians, and what they promise and then what they do once in power is as much as it is on this side of the Atlantic as it is on the USA's.

So many people now realise that nothing changes with a vote for a major party but there is a lack of choice at the ballot box when it comes to alternatives.

As I said to someone the other day on Twitter the choice is either between standing yourself and getting nowhere in an electoral world of lobbyists, million dollar campaigns and expensive advertising or going for the least worst option and getting something out of it even if the candidate isn't your ideal fit.

That might be a vote for Ron Paul hoping he really would stick to his word by ending the US policy of indefinite war and detention, ending the FED and restoring some lost liberties without dismantling everything that people without a dime to their name rely on in these increasing hard times.

Or it might be a vote for Obama hoping that freed from worrying about a 2nd election he would really deliver all that hope and change he never really believed in during the first election. So far all he has done is further Bush's war of terror, crushed more liberties than most other Presidents put together and signed more cheques than can be cashed until eternity.

Having to dance for your dinner is probably a big distraction for any first term President and like most of recent times it is only within their second term that they start worrying about their "legacy". Freed from the shackles of having to find future bucks for favours they can attempt to deliver at least some of what they promised the electorate rather than their paymasters.

However Obama's track record leaves little to be desired and if he couldn't get any of his "hope and change" passed in a Democratic House and Senate then it was down to a lack of will not votes. He is unlikely to change in my opinion.

So what can be done when there is no-one to vote for who can be believed in?

I don't know how the electoral system works in the US but here in the UK we only get to vote for our local MP whilst our glorious (cough) Queen reigns over us forever as the untouchable Crown that is limited by no law at all.

I suspect there must be a lack of millionaire good guys in the USA otherwise at least a few would throw their hat in the ring and spend some of their money on an election or two?

It cannot only be total doofuses like Donald Trump who have the dollars to waste on expensive elections and I cannot believe that there isn't a few billionaires over the seas who don't like the state the USA is in at the moment.

Maybe it is just pie in the sky dreaming to expect that people with more money than they can spend want to take it all to the grave with them and don't already belong to "the club" that gets invited to Davos, Bilderberg and all the other meetings of high fliers each year.

So if no good guys with full pockets have the balls or morals to stand for President then it only leaves a good citizen with some savvy marketing skills and some online clout or a leader from an existing protest group like the original Tea Party (not the GOP flavour) or Occupy Wall St to stand up and be counted.

Whether any of them will or not I have no idea but unless an independent is available to say no no no to more war, more debt, more bailout and more police brutality then the only other course of action is a general public willing to make their protest felt at the ballot box by spoiling their paper in some fashion.
Some possibilities would include:
  • Writing "None of the above" - and list the reasons why.
  • A write in for someone not even standing but with enough spoiled ballots would be mentioned in the electoral count.
  • Just a big cross over the whole ballot slip.
I don't know what the answer is but I do know that a vote for the incumbent or for Romney or Gingrich will mean a change for the worse, a probable war with Iran and huge cuts to your public services like we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Let me know who you would vote for if you could have anyone you wanted - use the comment section.

By Dark Politricks

©2012 Dark Politricks

Thursday 26 January 2012

Is David Cameron hoping for another Falkland War with Argentina?

By Dark Politricks

It seems that the current war of words between David Cameron and Argentinean Prime Minister Cristina Kirchner over the Falkland Islands has been complicated even further by US involvement.

A large Pentagon linked American energy company has chosen to step into the age old conflict over sovereignty of the Islands by declaring it's intention to spend up to a billion pounds on any oil extracted by UK firms around the Islands.

An article in the Sun newspaper revealed that Four executives from the Houston-based company Anadarko flew into Port Stanley last week to meet with the UK oil explorer Rockhopper who's managed to find ovver 700 million barrels of oil off the northern coast of the Falkland Islands.

The US companies board of directors include a former commander of US Strategic Command Kevin Chilton as well as Preston M "Pete" Geren II who was in the US Department of Defence for much of the last decade.

This meeting comes after a recent war of words which has been exacerbated by a number of acts including the Argentinians, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile joining together and resolve to turn away any ships trying to dock at their ports that fly the Falkland Islands flag, a sheep and a ship alongside the Union Jack. The Argentinians call this the illegal flag of the Malvinas Islands, their name for the islands that were the center of a war between the UK and them in 1982.

Then only the other week the Falkland Islands were criticized for refusing to allow a cruise ship full of sick passengers, many of them Argentinian to dock at the Islands claiming that an outbreak of stomach flu could strain the islands tiny medical resources.

This tit for tat between the wind swept Islands and the South American's who want them back now that they are oil rich is allowing the UK PM David Cameron to act up in Parliament and pretend to be the son Maggie Thatcher always wanted instead of the loser criminal she got.

The other week in the house he hypocritically responded to Argentinian president Cristina Kirchners restatement of her countries right to "Las Malvinas" as colonialism.

Whilst it is obvious that the Agentinians want to get their hands on the large oil deposits that Rockhopper found in mid 2010 they have always claimed that the islands are theirs even after their last failed attempt to capture them by force in 1982.

Whilst colonialism of all forms is wrong we cannot change history and however much some people may want to turn back the clock the fact remains that the British Empire was the biggest the world had ever seen covering all corners of the globe and the only reason the Falklands are still British is because we took them because no-one else did.

Neither the Spannish or French, both colonial powers at the time had ample opportunity to colonise the wind swept archipelago before the UK did and the fact remains that the people who live there want to remain British subjects. If we are supposed to live in a world of self-determination then it must be up to the people who live in the affected area to chose their own fate.

My Uncle served in the RAF and said when he was in the Falklands the sheep outnumbered people by the hundreds and the infrastructure was appallingly basic. Whilst the oil revenues may help improve the living standards of many people in those islands if they had accepted Argentinian ownership of some form they would already have a much better infrastructure and economy by now.

The war of words between our countries is not going to help resolve anything and it cannot be forgotten that the last Falkland war came at a time of massive economic strife and recession in our country in which a much hated Prime Minister suddenly became a hero by standing up to the Argentinian invasion of the islands in 1982.

Whilst we were undoubtedly lucky last time to win the war with our Navy task force halfway across the world, a force was reliant on our now non existent aircraft carriers and Harrier jump jets. We are now faced with a much more depleted Navy and going through another major lot of cuts in our armed forces.

Would we be so lucky another time? I don't know but the involvement of the US could change things dramatically especially if they were large consumers of Falkland oil. As the Sun article claimed the US Department of Defense linked executives as saying:
"A deal has been tabled."

"Anadarko has got approval to do this from the highest levels in the US."

"And they've been reassured the British will stand by the islands."
It seems that any future war will most definitely be about oil and it will also most certainly be used for political purposes on both sides whilst the wishes of the people in the middle, the Islanders will undoubtedly be ignored.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Does Anti-Zionism equate to Anti-Semitism

By Dark Politricks

Apparently since 9/11 and then again since the war in Gaza attacks classified as being anti-Semitic in the UK have doubled.

These attacks range from verbal and physical abuse, cemetery desecration and the burning down of synagogues. All of this is a shocking indictment of peoples behaviour in the modern world and I am against any form of abuse of a group of people for whatever reason.

However the term "Anti-Semitic" and the claim of being one is used too frequently when its not deserved, especially against those people who speak about Israels foreign policy in a negative light.

Even Jewish people themselves are regularly called anti-Semitic or a self hating Jew if they speak out against Israel. This cannot be right as no country should have its actions shielded from inspection and discussion by unfounded claims of racism.

Definition of Anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism is a term used to describe prejudice against or hostility towards Jews, often rooted in hatred of their religious/cultural/ethnic background.
Another way of inducing claims of being Anti-Semitic is by discussing Zionism in negative terms. For those people that don't know the difference Zionism is defined as this:
Zionism is the international Jewish political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine. The area was the Jewish Biblical homeland, called the Land of Israel (Hebrew: Eretz Yisra'el).
  • Zionism is an ideology and a political movement.
  • Israel is a country,
  • and a Jew is someone who follows the Torah.
They are three separate entities and one can be a Jew who does not believe in Zionism or agree with Israels foreign policy.

You can also live in Israel and not be Jewish or you may be a Zionist, as many US Christian politicians claim to be, without being a Jew.

Therefore the three terms are not and should not be interchangeable and accusing opponents of Zionism of anti-semitism is a misnomer.

There are a lot of Jews who do not believe in Zionism mainly because it goes against the true teaching of the Torah and many believe the ideology of Zionism has tried to turn "being Jewish" from one who follows the religion of Judaism, one which anybody can convert to, into a nation or race and one that deserved a homeland.

The Jewish Diaspora believed that they had been expelled from the Holy land for disregarding God's will and that they would only ever return there when God had forgiven them and that their return would be mandated by God's will alone and without the aid of man.

Therefore Zionism was a political movement that tried to fulfil this ancient prophecy by their own means, a self-fulfilling prophecy so to speak and one which went against God's wish.

The great rabbis of the era were very concerned about the rise of Zionism and saw it as a threat to humanity non Jews and Jews alike due to its flagrant disregard to the true teachings of Judaism and disregard to the spiritual leaders of the religion.

Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, did not mince any words. Straight to the point he called Zionism "the work of Satan", "a sacrilege" and "a blasphemy". He forbade any participation with anything even remotely associated with Zionism and said that Zionism was bound to call the wrath of God upon His people.

Zionism really came to prominence during the first part of the 20th century with the Balfour declaration of 1917 being the start to mass immigration into Palestine and an act which many claim was a sign of treachery by German Jews. This was because it signified a payment by the British, who controlled Palestine at the time, to the Jews in return for them using their significant influence in American politics to bring the USA into World War I on their side and defeat the Germans.

This was something which probably contributed to Hitlers hatred of the Jews which festered until his rise to power when once again Zionism played a prominent role in the Jewish peoples fate, one which enabled Zionism to claim their prize of a homeland.

During the Second world war the Germans made numerous offers to the west which would have allowed many Jewish people safe passage out of occupied lands. However the Zionists who now had a strong foothold in Palestine and claimed authority over the Jewish people denied these requests because Palestine was ruled out as a destination.

Even when it was known that the Eastern European Jews were dying in their thousands at the hands of the Nazis the Zionists saw their political goal of a Jewish nation in Palestine as more important than the lives of their fellow man.
"when they asked me, "couldn't you give money out of the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe", I said NO! and I say again, NO!...one should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance." - Yitzhak Greenbaum

"The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important" - Chaim Weizman

"One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe" - Yitzhak Greenbaum
Therefore many Jewish people needlessly died due to the political desires of Zionism during this period and it seems to have paid off after the war, with a little help from Zionist terrorist gangs such as Haganah, the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Gang who killed many British soldiers and Palestinians in their drive for a Jewish state.

Is it hypocritical for Israel to denounce current Palestinian organisations such as Hamas as terrorists who should not be negotiated with when their own existence as a nation results from terrorist actions against the British and Palestinians? If logic were to decide then the answer would be yes.

In fact numerous Israeli prime ministers have their roots in these terrorist organisations including Menachim Begin who tool part in the King David Hotel bombing which killed 91 people.

Then we have Yitzhak Shamir, who was a leader of the Stern Gang, a terrorist group which was responsible for a string of political assassinations.

We also have a more recent example in Ariel Sharon who initiated the Sabra-Shatila massacre in which between 1000 and 3000 people people were killed.

Therefore claims of moral superiority cannot be made by the supporters of Israel as its very clear that we are dealing with a world full of moral relativism.

For some reason Israel seems to be able to conduct a policy of assassination of its enemies, shoot photographers and peace protesters and kill children and teenagers who can do nothing but throw stones at tanks who regularly bulldoze Palestinian houses without fear of international sanction and they seem to be right as they get away with it all the time. However they then try to claim the moral high ground when condemning the attacks carried out against them by Hamas or Hezbollah.

Yes the suicide bombings are awful and yes firing rockets indiscriminately into Israeli towns is not an action that can be condoned. However they are the acts of a tortured people thrashing out anyway they can in a David and Goliath story where they are the David and Israel is now Goliath. It takes a twisted sort of logic to not come to the conclusion that the terrorist attacks on the Israeli people are not linked to the treatment of the Palestinian people.

A recent example of this double standards is how Israel and the USA has re-acted to the recent UN report on the war crimes committed by both sides during the recent Gaza conflict. We know Hamas hides within the civilian population and indiscriminately fires rockets into Israeli towns. However Israel also used chemical weapons e.g firing air burst white phosphorus shells on civilian populations including a UN compound. The large majority of victims in the Gaza conflict were women and children including 437 children under the age of 16.

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the UN report as a Kangaroo court and the US congress who could never be said to be in the pocket of Israel and its powerful AIPAC lobby recently voted down the UN report by a majority of 344 to 36.

Who were these courageous congressmen that voted with their conscience without fear of being labelled an anti-Semite?

Well two of them were Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul who both vote consistently without fear or favour. However for voting for the UN report Dennis was rewarded by being kicked off a Florida fund-raiser he was supposed to be headlining after the AIPAC lobby protested against his voting record.

Therefore it seems that Israel will most likely ignore the wishes of the international community just like it has done on the numerous other occasions that the UN has passed resolutions against it.

We must also remember that the UN actually passed a resolution in 1975 that equated Zionism with Racism. This was also denounced by the Israeli prime minister at his recent speech in the UN and it seems that Israel only respects the wishes of the international community when it suits them and decries as anti-semitism anything that tries to hold their illegal actions to account.

I will most likely be labelled unfairly as being an Anti-Semite just for posting this article but hopefully those of you that have the ability to think for themselves with see that logically there is no way to equate Zionism with Judaism and to criticise Zionism or the actions of the Israeli state is in no way an attack on the Jewish religion.

I personally believe that all religion is hocus pocus and that the world will be a better off place without it.

Hopefully the rest of the world will catch up with this form of thinking as soon as possible as I think the only way that the Israelis and the Palestinians can live together peacefully is if religion was taken out the equation and a secular nation state comprising of Palestine and Israel is created where peoples of all faith, colours and creed can live together in a democratic state.

Please take part in my poll and let me know what you think. Does anti-zionsim equate to being anti-semitic?

Tuesday 17 January 2012

It seems the war with Iran has already started

By Dark Politricks

First off I would like to apologise to my readers due to the fact that I haven't been able to blog much lately due to some cancerous health issues. However as I sit at home waiting for an operation tomorrow I am watching the news channels and it appears to me that on comparable levels with the cold war we are actually already in a warm war with Iran.

We have gone way past the level of lies, mis-information and propaganda that it always required before a war and we are now actually engaging in hostile actions against our perceived enemy.

Just like the war against Iraq was fermented perfectly with lies of WMD, terrorist support and links to 9.11 we have been prepped for the current conflict very carefully over the last decade with similar lies and government backed talking heads on TV filling all the sheeples heads with propaganda, bullshit and nationalistic furor.

Lets just refresh our memories with a few of the lies we have been told about Iran.

1. They are trying to build nuclear weapons.

First off I personally think they would be crazy not to want to have nukes after seeing how their neighbours were bombed to dust for not having them. When given the choice of having the same treatment as Iraq and Libya or the hands off approach North Korea and Pakistan have received despite numerous incidents which would have sparked a war in any other country. I can see how certain Iranian officials could logically come to the conclusion that obtaining a nuclear capability would prevent attack. However that is just my perspective.

However as the IAEA themselves say, there is no proof whatsoever that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. They might be concerned with the Iranians programme but there is nothing in their latest report that indicates Iran is actually building or has decided to build a nuclear bomb.

Tehran has obviously dismissed all the intelligence used to further the case for war as fabricated lies straight from Tel Aviv and Langley but we can forget what they say can't we.

Why would we trust the Iranians when the CIA and Mossad are such honest, trustworthy sources of information?

Lets also remember that up until this last report the IAEA had provided no evidence whatsoever to prove that the Iranians were building a nuke and even US intelligence agencies had until recently been admitting there was no proof that Iran was building a bomb in their December 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

So with the IAEA still monitoring all the Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities and with Russia taking away all nuclear waste so that it cannot be used in a weapon and with a multitude of experts agreeing that under this regime their is little chance of proliferation what has changed?

Well the old head of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei,  has been replaced by what many, including the Iranian president claim is a "US Puppet", a Mr Yukiya Amano. The new head of the International Atomic Energey Agency seems to be a more pliable and accommodating leader of the IAEA and closely aligned with US / Israeli foreign policy objectives. Recent WikiLeaks cables seem to bear this out.
"The IAEA transition that will come as DG [director general] ElBaradei’s term ends November 30 provides a once-a-decade opportunity to overcome bureaucratic inertia, modernize Agency operations, and position the new director general for strong leadership from the DG’s office....DG of all states, but in agreement with us."
So with a new head of the IAEA it seems a new era of perspective and possible political control over the agency was created. It is therefore no surprise then that even as independent commentators have stuck to their guns about Iranian plans the IAEA has swung 360 degrees and started obfuscating their report language to enable the talking heads to make what they want of it whilst the underlying facts stay the same.

2. The Iranian President wants to wipe Israel off the map.

This is a key piece of propaganda that is often repeated by MSM talking heads and many of the Republican candidates during their endless primary debates. However it is based on a lie, repeated enough times to become a reality in many peoples eyes.

The translation of what the Iranian President actually said and an analysis of it can be found on my site but the crux of the matter is just like the Osama bin Laden video which showed him "confessing to committing the 9.11 attacks". The lie is based on a poor or deliberate mistranslation and a willingness to propagate these known untruths into the minds of the weak and the willing for propaganda purposes.

As Washington's Blog succintley puts it
"Ahmadinejad said people once thought it was impossible to remove the Shah as Iran‘s dictator, but it was done. He then said that people thought the Soviet government and Saddam’s government would never fall. He then quoted a religious leader’s words from speeches he gave encouraging Iran‘s persistence to oppose the Shah‘s occupying regime. The speech’s crystal-clear content and context is to encourage people to persist for justice from Israel’s government because they act as an occupying regime against Palestine."
This lie has been repeated by TV stations, newspapers and illiterate bloggers throughout the world as if gospel. The reason is clear as in all pre-war drum beats - demonize the enemy and make the target seem like a defenseless child in need of protection.

3. Israel is not a defenseless child in need of protection.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East who definitely has nuclear weapons as well as being the only country who has repeatedly threatened to use them on their neighbours. Whereas Iran has not started a war for many decades Israel has started many and it seems to requires a perpetual existential threat to hold the Zionist regime together.

Does the Torah not say that "He who destroys one life is as though he destroys a whole world". Maybe it's their super racist religion that makes them God's special children, above us mere Goyim and therefore no diferent from squashing a cockroach or two that enables them to threaten to rain down death and destruction from the sky on their neighbours with impunity.

As we can see in this FOX News clip Israel is already threatening to nuke Iran to prevent Iran getting nukes!

If nukes are going to be used to kill innocent civillians does it really matter which group of women, children and men are burned to a crisp in a flickering of an eye?

Israel unlike Iran is also not a member of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. No IAEA inspectors are checking Israels nuclear plants or ensuring they don't sell or distribute their nuclear technology to other countries as has been claimed by independent reporters.

Israel receives over $3 Billion a year from the US in aid, a fifth of America’s foreign aid budget and on top of this they get free weapons, fighter jets, missile systems and much more, all as sweeteners to try and get them to the peace table with the Palestinians. This is on top of all the free high tech weapon systems given as "gifts" from their bought and paid for Congress.

In fact Israel has the most advanced military in the region and although not part of NATO they seem to be able to employ their biggest donors support at the click of their fingers (or the few hundred letters signed by paid for Congressmen).

Those are just 3 of the biggest lies we are being spoon fed by our compliant media groups who are all preparing us for the inevitable next conflict that keeps the US/UK axis of death in perpetual war even when we are all bankrupt and cutting spending on our own citizens at home. Who need's nurses or teachers when we can spend a few hundred thousand quid on a Tomahawk missile aimed at an office block in Tehran

We are Already At War with Iran

However it clear from recent events that the West is already engaged in hostile actions against the Iranian regime.

With Republican candidates gleefully cheering when another Iranian scientist is blown to smithereens and the Israeli's staying silent with a big smile on their face as all fingers get pointed their way it is clear that covert operations have already started to both slow down any Iranian nuclear programme and prep the ground for war.

The motorcycles attaching bombs to the side of cars already moving before blowing them up is a well known Mossad tactic. Even US shows like NCIS show the Mossad engaging in such techniques to assassinate their enemies. When Iran points the finger at Israel and the USA it is a logical conclusion seeing that multiple scientists and a large number of military troops have died in similar car bombings and attacks at military installations over the past couple of years.

Then we have the first ever known form of cyber warfare engaged against Iran with the infamous Stuxnet virus. A virus so complicated it used multiple zero day exploits unknown to the manufacture that was cleverly passed from control system to system by means of a memory stick.

Once embedded into it's intended victim, the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz it mimicked the historical activities of the reactor whilst it span the centrifuges out of control with the operators none the wiser. It was very clever attempt to derail the Iranian nuclear program and one that could have caused a major disaster if not spotted in time.

We also have our funding, training and backing of terrorist groups such as Jundullah who have been bombing Iranian targets including military and civilians targets for a number of years now. Iran calls them terrorists whilst we call them freedom fighters?

How does that concept work again - when we can pick and chose the terrorists, helping them other-throw a country like Libya one day and then spend a decade fighting a few dozen of them another?

Then again we have a long history of interfering in Iran's affairs, from the other-throw of the Shah in 1953 to the backing of Saddam Hussein in the long war between Iraq and Iran in the 80's.

Then we have the hypocrisy of the West in action for all to see once again clear as day.

Whilst we turn a blind eye to Israeli nukes and it's illegal oppression of Palestinians in breach of numerous UN resolutions we attack Syria, Libya and Iran for their repressive regimes whilst supporting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as they commit the exact same acts against their people.

We pick and choose our enemies for political purposes whilst dressing up our attacks up in clothes that blind the stupid into believing we really are just on humanitarian missions or wanting to keep world peace.

If one goes back though the last hundred years and counts the number of wars the axis of death (US/UK) has been involved in you would lose count quite quickly, especially if you included all the "undeclared wars" and covert operations we routinely engage in.

Then there is our own behaviour that doesn't hold up to inspection when placed in front of a mirror. We claim to be the leaders of democracy and liberal freedom whilst our police beat, pepper spray and even kill protesters on the streets of London and New York who are awakening to the financial corporatocracy that has enveloped our political system.

We have resorted to Medieval tactics of torture, removed habeas corpus with liberty crushing acts such as the NDAA and the PATRIOT Act and repeated footage of US soldiers burning Korans, desecrating bodies by urinating on them, kill squads and naked pyramids in jail have done nothing but remove any moral standing we may have had left from the eyes of the world.

US soldiers pee on dead Taliban soldiers

For such a discredited political system that is dependent on continual war such as ours to sit in judgment on the behaviour of others is a laughable concept when you actually sit and think about it.

Why should a few Western nations be able to decide arbitrarily who can and cannot be trusted to hold certain weapons, who is humane and who is in breach of human rights. Who deserves to be attacked relentlessly from the sky and who should be sold weapons by the billion. Who should die and should live.

Why do we get to make such important decisions when our own actions and behaviour do not stand up to scrutiny?

How Would a War Progress

As for the "warm war" we are already in we don't need to read tea leaves to see how a real war would progress.

Israel, with help from Saudi Arabia and the US/UK axis of death would launch air strikes to try and destroy all Iranian nuclear facilities as well as military installations, radar sites, missiles silos and probably the homes of everyone with a degree in physics.

Iran has already said it would try to block the Straits of Hormuz, which would cut off 25% of the UK's natural gas supply and much more oil and gas to other nations. Their allies in Lebanon and any left in Syria would undoubtedly launch missile attacks on Israel from the North and Hamas may even give the Israelis the excuse they want to re-invade Gaza by firing from the south.

The US would try to unblock the Straits of Hormuz causing a massive shoot up in the sea that no merchant ship would dare sail through if they had their wits about them and the price of petrol and heating would rise immensely.

If Iran has as is claimed Russian sunburn missiles or their newest air defense systems we could even see more than few dead US and Israeli pilots, sea-men and civilians if they can fire off missiles before all their silos are destroyed.

If air strikes are not enough then a ground war could be in the pipeline with US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan they are perfectly positioned to attack Iran from both sides. However as we have seen from their recent exploits, they cannot even win a war against mud hut dwelling villagers who have been repelling invaders for centuries and who give AK-47's to their kids as birthday presents.

Another ground war against a much tougher and better equipped army would not be a pretty site and could even draw other countries in either through proxies or a full blown Middle East conquest. China is keen to take all the oil the west doesn't want by implementing sanctions on Iran and Russia has been more than helpful to Iran and Syria by setting up anti aircraft missile and early warning systems.

The US has already declared their intention to control the natural gas and oil reserves of the Middle East and the Caucasus regions and slow down the rise of China by limiting their supplies of oil and other natural resources.

Whilst China is busy making friends by investing in Africa, the Middle East and South America and buying their resources America seems to feel conquest is the preferred option for obtaining the same outcome. Who would you pick as an ally if you were an independent nation stuck in the middle and had to make a choice?

The famous PNAC document details all these plans very clearly. 9.11 was the catalyst that they wanted which enabled them to enact their plans to rebuild America's Defenses and start an imperial journey of conquest and the Obama administration has done nothing to slow it down.

Terrorist attacks on Western cities would be a certainty if war broke out and the whole disastrous affair would be  a massive distraction to the economic crisis that threatens to engulf us all if war or natural disaster doesn't first.  The ending to this saga would not be good for anyone involved.

For those of you who don't wish to not spend another decade of lost liberties at home, dead relatives fighting pointless wars abroad and ridiculously high petrol prices then you know what you have to do.

The millions of people who marched and protested verbosely couldn't stop the war against Iraq even though the majority of sensible people knew it was a phony war built on phony intelligence and if only a few politicians had a conscience and resigned things might have been different.

However the US public has a brilliant opportunity in the upcoming Presidential election to make their voice heard by voting for a candidate who won't embroil the world in more war and financial doom.

Who that candidate is I will leave up to you to decide but it sure isn't the incumbent Obama and it sure isn't the majority of Republican candidates. I only hope enough of you chose wisely and pick someone not in the pocket of the Zionist lobby, the world might depend on it.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Who should become the next President of the World?

By Dark Politricks

The race is on for the next President of the United States of America. Even though I am not from the USA I feel that due to the power wielded by the dictator like powers that your leader has every person in the world has a stake in this important matter as it could effect us all.

Vote in someone in bed with AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby and get prepared for World War III, rocketing oil prices, huge queues at the petrol pump and a possible nuclear conflict if their desire for a war with Iran is followed through by sanctions and probable conflict in the straits of Hormuz.

Want to vote in someone who actually believes in freedom, liberty and the right to live your life in peace without threat from your own government? Well you have little chance if either the incumbent is re-elected or another globalist, pro big business, Wall St paid for, pro-Israeli, pro-war Republican is elected.

So who should be elected as President to the most powerful country in the world for the next few years at least?

The next presidential term could see the rise of China as well as other BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and if the POTUS is another stooge as we have seen so far they will just be taking orders from above and play out the face of the power to the people.

Have you ever noticed that the Presidents of the most powerful country when compared to leaders of other nations all seem to have such more severe histories of past misdemeanors in their shady pasts than the others?

No-one is "allowed to become President" of the most powerful country.

They are selected and chosen for their pliability and probable chance of changing any and all electioneering chants of "hope and change" to "more of the same please".

Just look at Obama and how the masses were fooled by his speeches and promises of change even as all the #altnews sites were declaring him an establishment stooge. What has happened - more war, less liberty, more debt, less freedom, more Wall St money and less jobs. Nothing has changed under Obama.

The last 3 Presidents have all had blatant drug, sex and other issues that could easily allow them to be blackmailed into towing the line and it doesn't stop their.

Gay sex, crack and weed smoking, girlfriend dope dealing, sex with interns and sexual harassment charges, extra-marital sex, gay rentboys in the White house, and so so many "suicides" to account for where the victim decided to kill himself by shooting himself twice in the head - just to "confuse" the coroner I expect.

Even one of the last "good" Presidents who wanted to stop Israel's nuclear ambitions and abolish the FED and the CIA, John Kennedy, had enough personal shenanigans going on in his personal life to allow for blackmail. Maybe he actually was prepared to defy the blackmailers and that was his downfall.

No-one since has been prepared to stand up for what's right and good and if anyone thinks the big business, flip flopping, liberal conservative, Mitt Romney is going to change anything they are surely mistaken. The reason the power brokers want him elected is that he won't change much from the current agenda, just as Obama furthered the earlier Bush agenda.

If he loses then fine Barack goes on for another 4 years destroying more liberties, implementing more Stasi like policies such as the NDAA and preparing the US for their last stand against the rising Red Dragon.

No change will occur until the two faces of the same coin are dismantled and a proper democratic system is created in the USA.
"The choice between Democrats and Republicans has become one between Pepsi and Coca Cola. They both taste sweet at first but they are both full of shit and in the end both will rot your teeth." - Dark Politricks
So who should be elected as President of the most powerful nation in the world?

Another establishment stooge prepared to carry on dismantling the American state and turning it into Amerika, the new East Germany or someone totally new who won't sucumb to the pressures from lobbyists and other paymasters.

Someone prepared to do what's right for the country without worrying about paying back the people who paid for their mulit million dollar electioneering.

Let me know in this poll and please leave a comment if you choose other in the comment section.

Monday 2 January 2012

Dark Politricks Review of 2011 - What's ahead for 2012

By Dark Politricks

If you believe in all the ancient prophecies then next year 2012 is the year the Mayan Prophecy predicts some kind of major disaster or change for our planet.

Even if you don't believe in that prophecy 2012 looks like it's going to be another year full of war, protest and austerity measures as inflation rises, jobs are lost and taxes raised.

Elections are going to occur, how real they will be is another matter. Or if you live in Europe they might be abandoned completely so that "Eurocrat yes men" are given jobs as leaders of once democratic EU nations. Just so that they can do the bidding of the banks and globalists and ignore the wishes of their population which they are supposed to have their best interests at heart.

This is as Time magazine correctly put it the year of the protester.

From Tahrir Square, to Occupy Wall St, Occupy London and all the other various Occupy Camps around the world. From riots in London and Athens to resignations of Prime Ministers in Greece and Italy. From Spain to Yemen and farmers setting themselves on fire in India due there have been protests, staged revolts and enough western humanitarian assistance to kill a few hundred thousand innocent people.

The Republicans under George Bush were pretty blaze about their desire for control of Middle Eastern oil supplies, regime change, the implementation of democracy through war and destruction and then lucrative contracts to their friends to rebuilt afterwards.

However the democrats under a supposed teacher of constitutional law Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro  have been a lot more underhand in their methods.

Not only have they carried on the worst of the Bush excesses by keeping Guantanamo Bay open and continuing their special 4th class and totally free special rendition flights for suspected "terrorists" to hell holes around the world.

His administration has also broken all the promises Obama made during election about restoring America's standing in the world, stopping the destruction of freedoms that the terrorists supposedly hated us so much for and his desire to make a positive changes for the American people.

They have kept the terror threat at a maximum level allowing them to pass some of their own draconian legislation, the NDAA that puts even the PATRIOT ACT to shame in it's constitution destroying powers.

The National Defense Appropriation Act (NDAA) basically gives the President dictatorial powers which he has already used to kill American citizens overseas without arrest or trial and this law pushes the USA further away from the founding fathers dream of liberty to a place that many find too scary to think about.

Under the NDAA the POTUS can arrest and imprison any American indefinitely, either at home or overseas in one of their "special prisons", without access to an attorney or trial or and even allows for their torture.Whilst the Bush administration just kidnapped and tortured suspects the Obama administration just sends drones or hit squads in to kill them.

In this regards he has taken actions that liberals would have been outraged about if Republicans were in charge and pushed policy further to the right than even they could have dreamt of. Liberals and Conservatives should be outraged at both the Obama and Bush administrations disregard for the Bill of Rights and the rule of law.

Ron Paul calls it martial law. Many Americans agree. When the President can choose whether you live or die by a stroke of a pen with no legal recourse you are basically living in a dictatorship.

As the USA slips further towards it's own special blend of corporatism, fascism, nationalism and imperialistic dreams that are already bankrupting them they still cannot help meddling in the affairs of others.

Some claim the troubles in Syria and the ratcheting up of tough talk with Iran is just Israel once again pulling Americas strings in an election year to get what they want. Someone has to pay for all those expensive  election campaigns you know. Wouldn't it be great if anyone could stand for President without needing a few hundred million dollars backing them up and a lot of favours to repay if they win?

Others see the rise in war mongering with Iran as more of an excuse to not have to remove their forces from their multi million dollar bases in Iraq and Kuwait and instead build them up in preparedness for the rise of China and a resurgent Russia.The grand chessboard has been re-opened for a new game between a declining power and a rising one.

Whilst the USA secures it's oil supplies and business contracts with bullets, bombs and death China is too busy making friends and investing in any country with resources that it requires. Together with Brazil, Russia and India the BRIC countries are definitely on the rise and their economic growth will outstrip the USA and Europe before many had predicted.

Compare and contrast if you will and try and remember those days you were back at school.

Would you be friends with the school bully purely out of fear or make friends with the rich kid who helps you with your homework, buys your sweets off you at lunch time and doesn't throw a punch at anyone all term?

So we are getting geared up for another Iraqi style false propaganda onslaught by US media slaves who repeat whatever they are told by the White House and probably haven't got an honest journalist amongst them.

When a comedian like Jon Stewart offers more insight and logic into the world around us than any US congressman or Senator then something is seriously wrong with US politicians.

The Occupy Wall St protesters started out small and were ignored for time until those nice well meaning robocops in blue started getting filmed spraying pensioners and students in the face with pepper spray and battering aggressive students who had the audacity to link arms with each other.And I thought the motto was to protect and serve. Serve who exactly?

Nothing gets publicity like a good police brutality story or two and we have had more than a few this year.

Claims of meaningless demands and the usual piss taking from talking heads at FOX only made the Occupy protesters simple message stronger.

Since the crash of 2008 the 1% of people who own the majority of the wealth, money, land and stock have been doing very well indeed whilst the 99% are facing rising prices, job losses, benefit cuts, and future without hope.

The riots in London proved that when the kids think there is nothing worth working towards they will kick off. If only their aspirations went a bit higher than a new pair of trainers and included demands to see some of the banksters who ripped us all off be sent to prison.

Shouts of "we are the 99%" may make sense to the protesters in Wall St and St Pauls as they glare at those tall churches to capitalism that surround them, but for a lot of people they still don't get it.

In fact there are still a few delusional people who think that the current system of government and phony corporatist capitalism we're living under is still "the best" we can hope to achieve. They see the Occupy groups as socialists, communists and hippies looking for somewhere free to live and state handouts forever.

However it is sad when you actually realise that the cops battering the protesters from Oakland to New York, the dismissive news readers and even some of those city brokers who thought they were special as they wrote "we are the 1%" on the windows of their offices are themselves within that group that they dismiss so much.

They won't be saved when the shit goes down. When will that get through to them?

So the protests around the world was the main event but key figures such as Gaddfi, bin Laden (supposedly) and Kim Jong-il all died during the year of 2011.

Gaddafi died after a UN backed NATO air campaign that wan't even declared a war by the main player the USA. No need for Congress to vote on the matter, just shut up and look the other way please.Another case of US law being ignored and no-one doing anything about it on Capital Hill.

So after an air raid on a convey and a bedraggled Gaddafi was pulled from a drain by rebels. He was shot in the head by someone who disagreed with the commanders idea of actually obeying Geneva conventions, treating his injuries and then trying him in a court for all his crimes.And who said the rebels were just a rabble army of ex Gaddafi supporters, terrorists and people eager to shoot a gun for the first time.

So the war in Libya ended like it started with lies, war crimes and death and still the people haven't seen any real change in their lives and protests still occur daily around the country.

Then we had the mysterious case of the killing of bin Laden who had supposedly been hiding out in Abbottabad, right next to a Military College, in plain sight shall we say.The Pakistanis deny this but the USA relationship with their supposed ally is falling apart as fast as the number of Pakistani civilians and soldiers murdered "accidentally" by US drones.

The US obviously not wanting to let their Pakistani "allies" know about their plans carried out a night raid in which apparently the President and his chiefs of staff watched live - albeit with a 20 minute blackout that cut out all the good bits - or so we are told.

No photos were released to the public (too gruesome said Obama), even though all the SEAL team members had video cameras on their helmets so a photo before the kill shot could have been taken and shown as proof to the disbelievers.

Whilst Saddam Hussein was paraded in front of the cameras, tried and then hung on camera and even Gaddafi's final moments were allowed to be broadcast it seems the USA's number one enemy was allowed a more decent death. A death not seen by anyone in the public.

Then there is the sudden wish to obey Americas evil agent gone astray's religious rights by burying him in the middle of the sea like a Pirate being made to walk the plank.

So no-one has actually seen any actual evidence of this event occurring and the story is so full of anomalies it could make you believe those that say bin Laden died years ago from a natural death by kidney failure.

Some people even think this was just a show put on for the US public so Obama could finally say "we got him" and have an excuse for ending the war in Afghanistan.

Except we are still at war in the Stan.Why is that? Our reason for going there has now disappeared apparently and if we are there to fight drug production we are certainly not doing a very good job at it.

In fact most of the people we are at war with in Afghanistan have never even heard of bin Laden, 9.11 or the Twin Tower attacks.

They see us as just another foreign invader which they have been at war with (and winning) for the last few hundred years.They have defeated the British Empire multiple times, the Soviet Empire, many other ancient armies and by the looks of things the USA as well.

Then there are the anomalies surrounding bin Laden's death such as the crashed SEAL helicopter, the neighbours who said it wasn't bin Laden but some other well known local figure and then the later occurrence of a 20 members of the same SEAL team responsible for the Abbottabad attack being killed in action when a helicopter was downed in Afghanistan not too much later.

A clean up and shut up job maybe? Or just a freaky co-incidence.

Maybe a few of the SEAL team were feeling a bit guilty about their first "acting performance" having such a profound effect and knowing that in reality they did little more than shoot up a building in the middle of the night and kill some innocent people.

So now that the reason we went back into the dark ages, threw away all our freedoms and liberties, enacted draconian laws like the PATRIOT Act and NDAA, started a decade of war and pissed off half the people on the planet has gone then what exactly are we still doing?

On the one hand al-Qaeda are the cold war replacement enemy that will never die but on the other we help their allies out as we did in Libya and are supposedly doing now in Syria.They seem to be our enemy when it suits us but our ally as well as in Bosnia (the KLA), and Libya.

The head of the rebel army in Tripoli was actually an ex Gitmo detainee who we have provided arms to. What does that tell you?

Maybe that al-Qaeda are just useful brainwashed idiots that are used by their handlers to cause havoc in places we need to de-stabilise before we can come in on our white horses to reap the rewards of reconstruction contracts and oil supplies?

Or maybe that is just too much conspiracy theory and I have been listening to Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged woman in history,too much again. Someone who many influential people have called a very credible witness which is probably why she has been gagged so much.

It is clear certain people know the truth but 2011 has also been the year that the authorities have shown how they treat whistle blowers and assets who don't play ball.

Claims of sexual assault seem to be the best way of delegitimizing anyone who might want to speak up.Who knows if the ex IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was going to speak out about the phony ponzi scheme our debt based currency system is built upon.

Then there is Julian Assange who hasn't been charged with any offence but who is stuck in an extradition battle with Sweden over sex allegations that involve two women who apparently willingly had sex with him. All they want to do is talk to him, and maybe send him to the USA for the secret grand jury that has been conveyed to see if he is a danger to the country. Expect a drone flying your way soon Julian!

So if you speak up you can expect to be shut up. That is if you're not already under a national security letter or sitting naked in a military cell somewhere being gently cajoled by having a free wash of their face as the GOP like to call water boarding.

So what will happen next year then?

Well if we don't all die from more nuclear power plant explosions, massive sun flares, and what looks like a planned war with Iran to drive the price of oil up even more then who knows.

I certainly wouldn't have predicted the "killing" of bin Laden or the war in Libya last year although the protests were clearly visible over the horizon as the economy got progressively worse.In 2012 they will definitely get worse and I expect to see at least a few more European cities afflicted by severe violence and maybe even leave the doomed Euro.

Maybe we will find out that Hitler is actually still alive hiding out in Argentina and an Israeli Mossad hit team will finally take him out - no photos of course.

Or maybe we will finally see how much Sweden is in the USA's pocket when Julian Assange finally gets extradited for a crime he hasn't even be charged for.

For god's sake if all they want to do is talk to him then why can't they just pick up the phone? Or is extradition the only way one country can interview a suspect residing in another country now? What happened to passing questions from one police service to another?

Then there is the financial doom we are all heading towards due to hubris and a desire for an ancient plan of European Statehood not to be derailed.

Even when whole European countries are literally living on handouts from the IMF, Merkozy will be holding regular meetings in Brussels to kick the ball further down the road so that the only obvious two answers to the problem don't have to be decided upon.

Either kill the Euro and go back to a common trading block or create a European Super State and give up all national sovereignty - something the people of Europe definitely don't want to do. Kicking the ball down the road is obviously the easy option.

So maybe we should be hoping that the Mayan prophecy is true as if things go to certain peoples plans we might all die anyway in a nuclear explosion, a rouge Iranian missile or a terrorist act in retaliation for the US / Israel starting their next desired war.

Who knows what will happen if the Mayans were right, maybe in comparison with what's happening at the moment it might seem like a change for the good anyway.