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Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

By Dark Politricks

Conspiracy theorists have a bad name for themselves. It's used as a slur word to imply someone who believes in far fetched theories and who no matter how many facts and pieces of evidence you place in front of them will always choose to believe in a theory that involves hidden plotters and is made up of interconnected threads that need piecing together to see the true picture.

The truth of the matter is that conspiracies happen all the time and the courts in the UK and USA are full of people involved on charges involving conspiracy, hey even I was up on a conspiracy charges at the age of 18 with 8 other people. 

So the word conspiracy just means a crime where two or more people collude together to commit a criminal act.

People trying to debunk conspiracy theories often use Occam's razor which broken down to its simplest form means "the simplest theory is the most preferable". However this obviously ignores the basic fact that if clever people especially those with instruments of power within their control wish to collude to commit crimes they will rarely get caught because they will be clever enough to make the evidence point to others through the use of plants, patsy's and propaganda.

Therefore a policeman investigating a crime committed by such conspirators and using Occam's razor to deduce who committed the act would follow the breadcrumbs left by the real conspirators up to the patsy they wish to have the crime point to. If you are not wanting to go to prison for the crime yourself then you need to have the evidence point towards someone else, a smoking gun, preferably in the hand of a lone gunman with a grievance against the victim.

Therefore when dealing with possible high crimes and misdemeanors that have been carried out by conspirators we must do more than look at the obvious suspect as we must always think that anyone clever enough to commit a crime such as assassinate a president or start a war based on mass murder will want us to stop at the shoo in suspect and go no further.

One of the most famous example of a crime that most people believe involved a conspiracy is the Kennedy assassination. Numerous polls over the years have shown that the majority of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswold was not the lone gunman and that the assassination was part of a larger conspiracy and cover up.  A FOX news poll found 66% of Americans believed this, which followed multiple polls over the years all with similar percentages.

One of the major factors in whether you believe in a conspiracy or not is whether you have actually spent any time investigating the matter yourself. If all you heard about the Kennedy assassination was the main stream news about the Warren Commissions findings and the establishments belief in Oswald's guilt then you have no reason to doubt the official story.

If however you know about the later Congress investigation into his death, that concluded there was probably a conspiracy, you know different. They concluded that shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll on top of knowledge that evidence against Oswald was falsified including his confession call to the Russian embassy in Mexico, the tampering of physical evidence including the wounds on the Presidents body to hide evidence of frontal shots, as well as death bed confessions by suspected conspirators. If you know about all this then you might have come to a different conclusion.

However on the flip side one of the problems that tarnishes the image of people investigating conspiracies is those people that ignore facts and, evidence and engage in wild speculation.

Remember that it only takes one wild theory to tar a whole movement with the same brush. This is what I feel has happened with the 9/11 conspiracy movement. There are so many unanswered questions, suspect actions and coincidences on that fateful day that it warrants proper investigation however talk of no planes hitting the Twin Towers and Lasers from space will have made many people just skip investigating this major crime altogether which is a shame.

Another issue is that people are very unwilling to believe that their government could possibly do their citizens harm and faced with any choice that involves admitting that the people in power could possibly not have their best interests at heart will dismiss out of hand anything to the contrary.

This is obviously a major mistake as there is so much evidence of governments lying, stealing, cheating and murdering their populaces over the centuries that it beggars belief that anyone who has studied history would not know of at least a handful of cases of their own countries government being involved in some dark behaviour in the last 50 years.

However this is another problem in that certain people just don't want to find out about such crimes even when the evidence is handed to them on a plate.

They would rather push any such thoughts to the back of their minds and carry on their lives in ignorance believing what their government spoon feeds them through the media and filling their lives up with inconsequential activities.

I would guess that a very large percentage of people who believe in crimes committed by governmental agencies or "conspiracy theories" started out as skeptics who just had a thirst for knowledge and enjoyed reading and looking back at history, I know that I did. If someone had suggested that my own government would be capable of lying to the public to start wars or even killing its own population and blaming it on the countries supposed enemies 10 years ago I would have laughed in their face.

However I was one of those kids at school that always asked "why" which the teachers hated and wouldn't always take the answer I was given as fact. I spent time into looking why and found answers that led me to more questions and so on. Once you find evidence of government crimes in one case it leads you to investigate others and before long any previously held outlook about the world is soon washed away with examples of powerful groups of men looking out for their own.

This trip down history helps understand current and future events in a new light. However it can also send some people over the edge and into a state where everything isn't what it seems and has to have ulterior motives or a conspiracy behind it. Whilst a healthy skepticism of the official story and government is good entering a state where black becomes white and any theory apart from the official one must be believed is not good for anyone.

Conspiracies that would have to involve thousands of people are going to be very hard to keep quiet. However they have occurred throughout history, the Manhattan project to build the first nuclear bomb is one instance where thousands of people worked on a mission unknown to the citizens of the USA. It was only when the bomb was dropped did the extend of the "conspiracy" to create a nuke was revealed along with the secret cities and factories that people and scientists worked at plus all the time and money spent on the secret. This is one instance where lots of people kept quiet and the project was kept secret long enough without leaks to anyone apart from the Soviets.

Whisle-blowers and government leaks happen all the time and even though threat of death maybe enough to keep some people quiet the public spot light and glare of the mass media is very good at keeping people alive. Just because certain questions remain unanswered about events does not mean that the answer lies in alternate theories that themselves have no supporting evidence or facts to back them up.

I will give an example of the moon landings. There  are many people who believe the moon landings were faked due to photographic inconsistencies, radiation belts and supposed technical limitations of the time period. However these people seem to forget that thousands of people around the world followed the Apollo mission to the Moon by their own telescopes.

A conspiracy like this would have involved hundreds if not thousands of people and kept up for years on end. Where are the death bed confessions of people who were involved trying to absolve themselves of the guilt of the lie before dying. Why didn't the Russians who were watching the Americans closely at the time not try to prove to the world the landings were faked. I admit that there are some odd aspects to the landings such as who was controlling the camera that filmed the lunar module as it took off from the moon to go home? The camera pans upward as the module lifts off the surface which suggests someone was controlling the camera. If everyone was on board the module then who was filming them?

Even though this question sticks in my head as requiring an answer it does not mean that the moon landings were faked. At most it could mean that the footage of the landings were faked maybe because the footage taken on the moon was off such poor quality, or would be destroyed by radiation on the trip back to earth that they needed a backup for propaganda purposes. However I have no proof of this just an unanswered question that needs answering.

Therefore for those people who look into conspiracies and always ask questions of their government no matter how much a story is being force fed to the public I say fair play but just keep an open mind to the possibility that not everything is a conspiracy and don't be afraid to go where the facts and evidence takes you even if that means it disproves a theory or two.

For those who like to slag off conspiracy theorists as loonies or traitors I would say do some research of your own before making assumptions especially when your government is involved.

Where there is plenty of evidence of past crimes being committed by a perpetrator this usually weighs against them in a court of law as it shows a pattern of behaviour therefore please read up on Operation Northwoods, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, The Reichstag Fire, The Iraq war dossier, MKUltra, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Gladio, CIA drug smuggling and Iran Contras, the history of Al-quaeda, Sibel Edmonds and the deep state, Venice Airport drug smuggling, CIA and Yemen Visa scam and much much more before jumping to conclusions yourself.

If you are at a loss as to where to start then take a look on this site as there are plenty of articles to get you on your way.

By Dark Politricks

©2018 Dark Politricks

What I believe in.....

Do You Want To Really Know What I Believe In?

By Dark Politricks

This article is for people who want to know what I personally believe in as some articles which contain videos or references to other sites maybe to Left Wing OR Right Wing Sites depending on the news I am writing bout. This article should give you a good taste of where I personally stand on the political spectrum.

1. I believe we need a government however the size of it and the powers it can exert are very much up for debate. I think the COIVD pandemic has led to the UK Government where I live becoming more like the USA in that they have used a tragedy just like the US did with 9.11, to implement a surveillance state, and put laws on the books that won't be removed such as the COVID law that was only supposed to stay on the statute for 2 years but has already been extended. 

COVID has been a perfect excuse for the billionaire class to get even richer, many having invested in Big Pharma companies that went onto make vaccines just before the outbreak. Now that may sound like a conspiracy theory but it's true, just like the fact they ran a war game called "Dark Winter" just a year before the pandemic of what would happen in a virus outbreak, how it would spread quickly worldwide and how the people would react and how governments would control them with lockdowns.

That and the Police bill gives them too much power to monitor us, hack into our computers and TVs and enter our houses without warrants plus ban protests against the bill, and any protest the bill deems too "loud" they can stop under new laws. 

As the Independent says "MPs have voted for “draconian” protest laws in spite of mounting warnings over human rights and questions over whether police want or need the powers. A bill backed by the House of Commons would allow police to impose restrictions on protests based on noise and ban demonstrations by a single person.

They have also passed laws which let them lock people up who expose the UK Governments misdeeds and own war crimes. This really puts shackles around journalists and bloggers like myself that report on the UK surveillance state and intelligence agencies and their devious tricks such as the BBC and Reuters joint operation with MI6 to pay bloggers and YouTubers to spread NATO propaganda into the Russian sphere of influence, something we keep accessing Russia of doing to us, but that in fact we are doing to them 100 times over. 

They buy a few Facebook adverts and the Americans accuse them of fixing the US election in 2016, because Trump beat the chicken hawk, neo-liberal, war-mongerer and one of the most hated politicians in US history, Hillary Clinton. Someone who had already cheated and abused the DNC rules to beat her opponent Bernie Sanders to claim the Democratic nomination. 

Of course her loss in the election could not be down to anything she had done such as lie about events such as being shot at during the Serbian Kosovo war when she visited, or her links with multiple strange deaths, and how she managed to get away with having her own personal Email Servers setup with sensitive information on them which were hacked by WikiLeaks and spread e.g the Podesta Emails and the Anthony Weiner sex crime emails

No she had to blame someone and despite the fact Trump put even more sanctions on Russia, accused them of crimes they had not committed and pulled out of missile defence treaties that been set in stone for decades to decrease nuclear missile sizes in both countries, and stop the development of certain weapons. All that would seem to suggest he wasn't in Putin's pocket at all. Their #Russiagate claims have already been proven totally baseless and there has been no apologies by conspiracy theorists on MSM like Rachel Maddow on MNSBC.

He had to be a "Russian Puppet", despite the #Russiagate claims being proven false, and an impeachment trial where there was insufficient evidence to actually convict him of anything, and although he may have borrowed money from Russian banks, he was not in any way a Russian Hand at the wheel of Statehood as Mrs Clinton claimed. She claimed they used social media to hypnotise the American people into voting against her when in fact only a few thousand pounds were spent on pretty innocuous Facebook adverts.

2. I believe laws need to be made with the good of the people as the primary concern not the benefit of vested interests. You only have to look at the USA and how rich some of the politicians are like Nancy Pelosi who has made over $200,000,000 since becoming speaker of the House due to insider trading, or rather passing on to her husband which companies would be getting expensive Government contracts that would boost their share price before any news was released about it.

AIPAC literally forces potential Congress people to sign a form saying they would always vote in favour of Israel in any situation and for those that do sign they get lots of fund raising money and those that don't are smeared and labelled anti-Semitic. Cynthia McCarthy found this out the hard way

3. I believe lobbyists have too much power and influence over our political system. We need to reform our governing system so that politicians truly do represent the people and not the next vested interest hoping to buy a vote. Strict term limits should be implemented at each level of government so that career politicians cannot get comfy and there should be more referendums to allow knowledgeable citizens to take part in the decision making process. 

4. I believe we require major election campaign reform that would enable new parties to run for office to break the 3 party monopoly here in the UK and 2 party system in the USA. The amount of money available would be staggered so that the more support the party gains the more finance they receive. This would stop large amounts of money being wasted on niche parties with little support as well helping larger parties fighting lots of seats. This would also encourage new political ideas to hopefully flourish into new parties and break the control of the existing centre ground parties that only provide an illusion of choice.

5. I believe specific taxes should be spent purely on the items they are taxing keeping to the original idea that brought the tax into being. For example road tax should be spent purely on the upkeep of the roads. Petrol duty should be spent on public transport to make it cheaper and more effective and duties on tobacco and alcohol should be spent purely on the health service. People would be much more likely to accept paying a tax when they can see where the money goes and it would also prevent the government from using money from one tax on other projects.

6. I believe in market economies but I am not an Austrian economist who believes the market knows best in all cases. Examples being Monopoly laws, certain employment law and some health & safety regulations. Without government intervention in these matters we would be working for less money, longer hours and in less safe conditions just like they still do in China, Bangladesh, India and other parts of the world. The market does not always deliver the right solution and without laws to protect the rights we have fought for over the centuries they would easily disappear in this global economy where there is always someone willing to work longer hours for less money. Just because there is a market in child pornography does not mean that it should be allowed.

7. I believe in total freedom of speech and expression as well as an Internet devoid of Government spying. We are living in the last days of an idealistic time on the net and everyday comes more news of the powers that be wanting to exert control over what sites we can visit and new ideas on how to log our every move or take away our ability to surf at will. A government should only be able to monitor a persons activity on the Internet with reasonable grounds for suspicion and a signed warrant they should not be allowed to trawl the web in the hope of uncovering someone doing something wrong

8. I believe that the UK government spends too much time kissing America's arse and we should always be acting in our own self interest rather than going along with the USA's merry wars of aggression because we want to be their best buddy. We need to repeal our unfair and unbalanced extradition treaty and ensure cases like that of Gary McKinnon never come to pass again. We need to stop any CIA plane landing at Heathrow or any other airport on its way to Egypt or Uzbekistan to drop off more renditioned prisoners to be tortured and put anyone inboard into jail for a very long time. We need to prevent any more prime ministers going to the US congress and making embarrassing speeches professing our special and unending friendship and instead realise that modern America has taken our place as the next great Empire and speak out against its high crimes and misdemeanours.

9. I believe we are fighting a phony war on terror that can never logically be won which is actually the whole reason behind it. We need to treat terrorists as the criminals they are and realise that this expensive game of hide and seek has cost us dearly in terms of civil liberties lost and increased security measures that won't prevent terrorists from attacking us but will destroy what remains of our way of life.

10. I believe that our intelligence services along with those of most modern countries do not act in the interests of "we the people" but instead collude with those powers that transcend nations to deliver us more quickly into the Orwellian police state that is rapidly rising around us more quickly as each day passes. 

Nearly every major terrorist atrocity of the last 20 years has a murky link with at least one intelligence agency or another who either had pre-knowledge and allowed it to happen or manipulated it from within though plants, informers and contractors. Plausible deniability has become the modus operandi of most agencies in regards to terror attacks and we need to spend more time helping people see through this.

11. I believe in personal liberty and freedom to make ones own decisions in life. However I also believe that in our crowded island we cannot lead a purely individualistic life without thought for our neighbours. With an "I'm all right jack" attitude to life where the rich get richer and the poor stay angry society becomes a violent and unfair place to live. I personally have no problem knowing that a proportion of my tax helps to provide someone else health care or school education and I would much rather my money was spent that way than on wars, bailouts to the financial industry and a huge high surveillance state apparatus.

12. I believe we have already gone too far in the march towards a high tech surveillance state that only serves to give the government too much control over our lives. We should scrap the proposed national ID card, tear down 99% of all CCTV cameras, repeal the RIPA Act as well as numerous Anti-Terrorism laws and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994. The scales of justice have swung too far in favour of the state and we should always remember that its much harder to regain liberties from a government once they have been lost.

13. I believe that our war on drugs also falls in the same category as the war on terror as being an unwinnable and illogical concept that has no chance of succeeding in abolishing mankind's desire to temporarily escape his surroundings. Add to that the fact most career criminals are addicted to drugs and have to rob to pay for them it makes sense to rethink this policy of prohibition. The following article of mine talks about this in more details.

14. I believe our public state schools needs a total overhaul so that if you leave the system with good grades and the ability to think critically its not through pure luck. Religious education should be banned from state education as teaching kids to believe in fairy tales is not a good grounding for anything let alone for a world where miracles never happen. Philosophy, sociology, psychology and politics should be taught from a very early age as well as critical thinking, logic and reason and economics. 

Boys leave school with very little understanding of how to budget and live in the real world. Whereas girls often get taught on how to run a household from their mother boys leave school and usually go straight into the arms of banks and credit card companies and into a life of paying off debt. Most importantly the boy or girl that always questions  the teacher and asks "why?" should not be scolded or told off but nurtured and praised. Kids need to be taught to be skeptical and to always question authority.

So that's a list of some of the key things I believe in and hopefully they will let my detractors use the correct terminology when attacking me on Twitter

Now even though I believe in personal freedoms that is not to say that if I was granted supreme godlike powers over all mankind for all day and could ban or eradicate certain aspects of culture or human behaviour for all time I wouldn't do so for the good of humanity as a whole. These things would most definitely include: war, all organised religion, the Burka, cruelty to children & animals, public school boys, cheesy pop ballads and all Shopping Channels on TV.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks