Friday 28 September 2018

The Whole UN assembly laughs at Donald Trumps speech

The Whole UN assembly laughs at Donald Trumps speech

By Dark Politricks
Video by Blackstone Intelligence

Donald Trumps recent speech was met with laughter at the UN general assembly as he congratulated himself on being the most popular and active US Presidency in history, forgetting all about previous Presidents such as Lincoln, JFK, Roosevelt and even Washington.

Was this just Trump's clinical narcissism on display once again and how does he honestly believe his administration has accomplished more than almost any other previous administration in less than 2 years.

Does the biggest ever arms sale to Saudi Arabia, a country Trump blamed for 9.11 during the Obama administration, count as making the world safer as they cause disease and misery by bombing Yemen and supplying head chopping Jihadists in Syria with weapons. 

Does destroying the Iranian nuclear deal which Iran had kept to for the sake of Israel make war with Iran more or less likely?

What about pulling out of international climate change agreements and ignoring the International Criminal Court. Does he believe the US is above International Law?

Does he not realise that placing sanctions on Russia and now China makes the world more likely to head into a major conflict, even WW3, or is this his bright vision for a safer world?

What about the arming of ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria to other-throw President Assad and the massive bombing of the country over a false flag chemical attack. Not waiting for the results of international inspectors who concluded that no such Syrian attack took place.

Does this uninvited bombing and potential partitioning of Syria for Israel's benefit make the US look like peace keepers or war mongers?

Jake from Blackstone Intelligence analyses his speech.

By Dark Politricks

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Russia and China warn America over recent sanctions and Israel threatens to use all their power if war is forced upon them

Russia and China warn America over recent sanctions and Israel threatens to use all their power if war is forced upon them

By Dark Politricks
Video by CWW7NEWS

You will hear the following in this recent CWW7News broadcast:

  • China and Russia warn the US of dire consequences over recent sanctions due to China buying weapons from Russia and breaking the new US Russian 3rd party sanction laws.
  • British and French fighters are scrambled multiple times to intercept Russian bombers over the North Sea.
  • New Mind-control jets mean soldiers can control up to three warplanes with a Brain implant.
  • Israel is upgrading their illegal nuclear defences in response to threats from Iran and Syria.
  • Israel says it will use all its might if war is forced upon us.
  • Russia accepts the official take on the Syrian downing of it's plane and more coordination goes on between the countries over anti aircraft defence weapons.
Who wants WWIII?

It seems that Donald Trump, the recent laughing stock at the UN General Assembly does and believes massive increases in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel and their own increases in defence spending is all aimed at keeping peace around the globe.

More weapons equals peace keeping it seems to some.

By Dark Politricks

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What Really Started The Afghan War

What Really Started The Afghan War

By Dark Politricks
Video by The Corbett Report

The War in Afghanistan is the USA's longest ever and the most unpopular, even beating the Vietnam conflict.

The USA has been fighting the Taliban, or locals who just see them as another invading force on the backs of the Soviets, the British Empire and many other countries going back centuries to Alexander the Great who couldn't even win in the Afghanistan .

If all the previous attempts failed what makes American neocon warmongers believe they will succeed where everyone before couldn't.

Even after 17 years of fighting the Americans don't control the majority of the country and the Taliban are still carrying out devastating attacks to remove them from their land.

Whether the Pakistani ISI is a help or hindrance is totally up for debate but what isn't is that:
  • America had plans to invade Afghanistan before 9.11.
  • They had met with the Taliban to discuss an oil pipeline but failed to reach agreement in 2001.
  • The banned the growing of Opium, calling it un-Islamic in 2001. However since invasion the tonnage of Opium grown each year has expanded hugely. With more than whispers that NATO and US planes are taking the Opium back to the West to pay for black ops and other covert missions. So much for Tony Blair's commitment to "Stop the Opium crisis" when the war started.
  • There are large deposits of minerals used for modern technological devices in the realms of billions of dollars that exist which China, Japan and the USA want to extract.
  • A survey carried out just after 2001 showed that 92% of Afghans had never even heard of Usama bin-Laden or the 9.11 attacks.
So are the Americans just staying to create permanent bases that once again threaten both Russia and China's regions of influence and create tensions between these countries.

This is the Corbett Report's video on the Afghan war where he looks at why did the war in Afghanistan start, and how did NATO become involved in the conflict?

He reveals the remarkable truth about the secret documents that helped launch the Afghan war.

Here is the story of the secrets and lies that started the war in Afghanistan.


By Dark Politricks

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Monday 24 September 2018

Russia could over run NATO forces in Europe within an hour

Russia could over run NATO forces in Europe within an hour

By Dark Politricks

Don't be scared but Russia could overrun the eastern European NATO forces within an hour and then be heading to Paris like Hitler on a tank within a day.

Even the US admit this.

So please let's not start a nuclear war with Russia over Syria?

Especially seeing on this occasion they are on the right side, fighting terrorists, stopping ISIL funding by destroying stolen oil being delivered to the corrupt Turkish regime and NATO ally, and giving the US a chance to pretend to have split the "moderate" anti-Assad forces (as if there are any), from the hardcore al-Nusra, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, al-Qaeda, ISIL groups.

However after extensive studies they found they only had 4 or 5 moderate anti Assad rebels trained up to fight.

Really that shouldn't take a lot of sorting out then really.

However in this different video its gone up to 10. Still not that hard to separate from the nutters?

It looks like we have a lot of moderate rebels to use against Assad doesn't it. No wonder the Axis of War carries on supporting ISIL as they are the only game in town for them.

It's getting very crowded in the Med with a Russian fleet and US, UK, French and Israeli ships all firing missiles into Syria.

Surely this madness has to stop soon before WWIII breaks out.

You know the terrorists we told where to attack a load of Syrian and Russian troops the other year and killed over 60 of them.....ooops sorry, we said, as Russia shot missiles straight into our base of operations killing US, UK, Mossad and other ISIL collaborators with them,

Things are getting dangerous out there.

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Sunday 23 September 2018

How the Deep State blew up the Oklahoma Building

How the Deep State blew up the Oklahoma Building

Caravan To Midnight

In this episode of Caravan to Midnight, John B Wells, interviews Robert "Cody" Snodgres, about how he refused a million dollars to blow up the Oklahoma City Building and the reasons why the building was blown up.

He has had to wait until the Clintons and Bushes were out of power before coming out with his story on the their crimes. This includes Gulf War Syndrome, the micro-chipping of Timothy McVeigh in the Gulf War and how he was used as a patsy for the Deep States bombing of the Oklahoma building that killed 168 people in 1995.

He was imprisoned for trying to expose the Clinton Mafia and the Pentagon.

They had moved all the VA victims testimonies of an untested single shot that was given to US soldiers that caused "Gulf War Syndrome" to that building, along with the Clinton's witness statements related to their sexual crimes and executions.

This included activity from Arkansas when Bill Clinton was Governor and his allowance of Mena airport for weapon smuggling by the CIA to the Nicaraguan Contra's and their return trip full of cocaine that caused the crack epidemic in Los Angles.

He also talks about the death of Barry Seal who flew for the CIA in a clean up operation after the Iran Contra scandal blew up and how the personal phone number of George H Bush, who was currently vice President to Ronald Reagan and ex head of the CIA, was found in his coat.

The Oklahoma City building was blown up to prevent the Pentagon having to pay out trillions of dollars in health costs to the victims of Gulf War Syndrome, caused by an untested mixture of drugs in a single shot that made thousands sick when they returned home.

The building was also blown up to cover up the crimes of the Clinton Foundation Crime Syndicate and how the death list that lies behind them is real, including deaths of reporters and witnesses to their crimes.

Cars of witnesses to their crimes blown up on the day before their appearance in court, and the death of journalists blown up in cars or "suicided" with two shots to the head and even a beheading using a Samurai Sword.

He refused to take the money and was punished for it by the Deep State.

This is a very interesting and detailed interview about the Clinton Crimes, Gulf War Syndrome, and the Deep States bombing of the Oklahoma City bombing to destroy all the affidavits from victims of the untested shots.

He also discusses the Clinton's perversions including how Hillary is a psychopath lesbian and Bill is a pervert of the deepest level.

This is a very interesting interview that reveals the levels that the Deep State goes to including killing and injuring hundreds of people.

Watch Caravan To Midnight on YouTube.

The Partitioning of Syria and how it's drawing China into the Syrian War

The Partitioning of Syria and how it's drawing China into the Syrian War

By The Duran

This is all about how China is being drawn into the Syrian conflict due to Eastern Chinese Muslims.

This video from the Duran YouTube channel which discusses why and how the CIA is using it's usual playbook in creating discord in Eastern China.

In this video the Duran’s Alex Christoforou and International Affairs and Security Analyst, from Moscow, Mark Sleboda discuss how the American plan to partition Syria has pressured China to take part in an already crowded and complicated conflict.

Watch the video on YouTube here.>

Redacted Tonight - Where Americans reporting on American news in America are called Foreign Agents

Where Americans should come to get REAL news about their country and how criminal it is

By Dark Politricks

Redacted Tonight

Where Americans in America reporting on American news get called "Foreign Agents".

They call it Russian state news, despite everyone and the studio being in the US and reporting on American issues not Russian ones.

I suppose it's just the same as MSNBC, NBC, CNN, FOX who are really state mouthpieces due to all the CIA agents working with them who come on their shows to push the establishment move for more war.

Operations COINTELPRO and OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD are CIA programs still in use to this day to feed viewers fake or one sided news, never tell the real story about how many people they are killing and keep the people dumb to what the US is really doing to countries in this world.

This includes illegal wars, coups, breaking international law, propping up dictators, training death squads at the School of the Americas or just standard arming of our supposed enemies like Al-Qaeda and ISIS instead of fighting them alongside the Russians to get rid of them.

Redacted Tonight Russia v USA

So really if you want real news about the USA you have to look at other countries news coverage about the country as the big networks are all owned by the MIC and will support US troops in any war at any time even if it's wrong and illegal.

You might have been told that is all Russian propaganda but it's the sort of REAL JOURNALISM that should be done by CNN MSNBC, FOX etc.

It looks at events MSNBC or FOX never cover such as the massive genocide the US is currently engaged in in Yemen with the Saudi's.
It looks at the illegal wars most people don't even realise the US is fighting with men on the ground and drones in Africa.

It looks at the Industrial Prison Complex set up to use prisoners as slaves and their recent strike as well the usual Military Industrial Complex lobbying for more war and how stupid it is.

Trump sold the Saudi's all those billion dollars worth of weapons so they might as well use them to attack the poorest nation on Earth and kill kids with Cholera due to a national epidemic and health crisis that has come from the war.

Despite this horrific genocide caused by the US letting go and Trump forgetting about those 28/29 redacted pages of the 9.11 commission report that seems to have been ignored by the press and replaced by stories regarding Stormy Daniels instead.

Really if that 9.11 report was real and those 29 pages were accepted as real by the US government why didn't the US attack Saudi Arabia?

The whole population would be demanding that the US go to war with Saudi Arabia. Instead we help them commit a genocide and sell them weapons to be passed on to the Jihadists in Syria.

It is time to admit, if you haven't already, that we are on the WRONG side of the right line in current national affairs.

Did your favourite MSM news station tell you about the massive war games in Russia with Chinese troops alongside that will be ending on the last day of the supposed "Peace Conference" over Syria.

300,000 Russian troops and weapons, using live fire, all on the move, using battle experienced troops on terrain similar to Syria.

This is like a whole city moving around and there is talk that tactical nukes might be moved to Syria if the US doesn't pay heed to the new Russian weapon systems including combat suits that are flame resistant and their drone anti aircraft missiles that the US tried to buy and the Russian's said no and sold them to China instead. Don't forget their state of the art anti aircraft systems as well.

A Russian General called it necessary and our last chance.

I guess they are hoping to show the West that they are ready for a fight and hopefully scare them off, otherwise they are ready to go toe to toe with us.

Did MSNBC mention any of that on last nights news?

Well don't worry, this is why you should follow alternative news instead e.g #altnews. Redacted Tonight is a good place to start, as it uses satire and humour to help you wash down the distasteful new US atrocities committed in your name without your knowledge.

This week the Redacted News team take a look at how easy it is to hack a modern day US voting machine to flip votes. Only 1 minute required to flip the whole lot with direct access.

They also cover how Jeff Bezos, the richest living man in the world, could easily solve world hunger, give everyone clean drinking water, pay for health care and still have millions left in his pocket.

He is so deep in with the CIA and owns the Washington Post that whilst Amazon destroys local shopping centres, he could be saving the world.

View the video about "Where Americans should come to get REAL news about their country and how criminal it is" at YouTube.

By Dark Politricks

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Russia warns the USA constantly that they are going to bomb ISIS and the Americans decide to put troops in as human shields for al-Qaeda and ISIS

Russia has constantly warned the USA they are going to bomb ISIS and the Americans decide to put troops in as human shields for al-Qaeda and ISIS

By Dark Politricks and video by Blackstone Intelligence

If you know what is going on in Syria you will know the war is about two competing oil pipelines.

One heavily backed by the Rothschild's, Rupert Murdoch and other Globalists who see Iran as the big threat in the area along with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran also wants a pipeline to run through the Shi'ite controlled Iraq, something the US did not want to happen as in after fighting for so long in the area the Government has now grown closer to Iran.

There is talk of a "double tap" where the USA and the rest of the Axis of War allies e.g UK, France and of course Israel are all sending ships to the area, with an intent of invading Syria and Iran at the same time.

This also is in Israel's interest as they want to expand as in the greater Israel project plans and keep the Muslims of the area fighting each other.

If you read ex Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky book "By Way of Deception" you will see that after Israel had got rid of Libya in the 80's they were planning on taking out Iraq altogether and using US troops to do so.

The IDF hardly do any of their own fighting on a large-scale unless it's massacring imprisoned Gazans and killing kids throwing stones at tanks. Either killing women and kids and their farm animals or getting their arses kicked by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

That is why AIPAC controls Congress and as Benji said "America is easily swayed one way or another", basically Israel controls the US foreign policy.

Now like me you may have thought ISIS and al-Qaeda. Remember Al-Qaeda was just a database of Jihadists who were called upon by the US to fight in Afghanistan against the Russians.

Blow-back big time and numerous false flags later and al-Qaeda, a name Osama bin-Laden didn't even recognise until he heard the US call him and his hired hands by that term, became the US's mortal enemy or so it seemed.

So to find out that the Russians have been warning the US that an area containing a large number of ISIS/al-Qaeda/al-Nusra Front and other CIA trained jihadists is going to be attacked soon and for the Americans to get out of the way. Basically giving them notice and time to do so it is strange, and stranger still is that the US is sending more US troops into this exact area that is to be attacked to act as human shields against the Russians.

Now this is very dangerous and stupid.

If a US soldier is killed we won't hear on the nightly news that the US were using their troops as human shields to protect al-Qaeda and ISIS.

We will just hear about Russian war mongering and we will probably end up in a war with Russia. Something we don't want as the Russians have some highly effective anti-aircraft and aircraft carrier missiles and Obama had to save face under his term when 2 of his missiles sent from a ship in the Mediterranean were shot down by Russian defenses. Of course the MSM didn't report this.

There is another area I reported on a week or so back about how the last major city in Eastern Syria, that the ISIS remnants are holed up in, is in place for another fake false flag "chemical attack".

The Russians have been warning that English-speaking people have been seen in the area and chemicals have been brought in to stage a false flag which the US has said it would blame on Russia for not stopping.

You should really watch the previous video to understand the comments coming out of the Russian Duma and Military including the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

The main thing is that the US public don't realise that their supposed enemy of enemies Al-Qaeda is just a term that can be placed on any Jihadist group and then that authorises the President to attack them.

However for the sheeple who still believe a man on kidney dialysis living in a cave brought down the twin towers, and the Pentagon despite the FBI saying on their most wanted list that there was no evidence linking bin-Laden to the 9.11 attacks Al-Qaeda remains the common man who only reads sports pages their enemy that needs to be defeated.

Ask these people who don't question the crap spewed at them by Rachel Maddow and FOX News: why is the CIA and USA arming and training their supposed mortal enemy, al-Qaeda?

They are now using US soldiers as human shields and pushing for a full conflict with Russia that could turn into World War 3.

This is not good news and should be spread wide and far.

Please watch Jake from Blackstone Intelligence put the pieces together as he does a lot of research and doesn't just read US Today but also get news from Israel, Russia, China, Iran and other countries. Like most of us should do.

We are force-fed bullshit by our state-run news companies like the BBC, or "independent" news companies that always support a war (CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc) and during combat or the run up to it always have ex and current military members on their shows to push the plans further down the average Americans throat.

These people in the dark need to know how close we are to a proper nuclear war.

Russia is holding a 300,000 troop exercise with the Chinese army on the last day of the Syrian peace conference and a Russian general has said it was necessary and our only hope.

I can only deduce from that he means that the huge show of force, new weapons and a whole city on the move under live fire will shock the Americans into not staging the false flag attack they are planning.

The last US claimed gas attack has now been declared a non event by independent investigators who went there to see what happened.

However Trump and his neo-con army acted before evidence was in and they carried out a massive bombing raid despite fake evidence supplied by the White Helmets of babies being washed down despite the people doing the washing not wearing any protective gear.

This time the Russians have been warning the West for weeks not to attempt another false flag but they know no-one is listening and depend on #altnews sites and YouTube channels like Blackstone intelligence to get the news out in the hope people listen and the Axis of War fails to attempt another false flag attack.

They don't want to start WWIII but they are now at the end of their tether and I suspect if the Axis of War carries out their plans they won't be holding back.

Please spread this article and video far and wide.

View the Blackstone Intelligence video at YouTube.

By Dark Politricks

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Scotland Yard needs a new Photoshop designer as they screw up the Skipal killer photos

Scotland Yard needs a new Photoshop engineer as they muck up Skipal killer photos

By Dark Politricks and video by By Blackstone Intelligence

Once again Blackstone Intelligence does a good job at deconstructing the "official narrative" of the Skipal killers.

Recently Scotland Yard released photos of the two supposed Russians they suspect of trying to kill the Skipals to the media.

However once again with another alleged poisoning a few years back it makes the Russian Intelligence agencies look so incompetent that they should not be in business.

The CIA and MI6 murder and assassinate people all the time.

However it seems the Russians cannot do it without leaving a neat little trail of Polonium or Novichok that both the UK and US have, but it's always blamed on Russia due to their carelessness due to the fact that traces can be followed all the way from Russia to Salisbury and back to Russia again.

It is like they are asking to be caught out.

The Axis of War other-throws democratic governments, start wars and coups without much complaint from the sheeple and many people don't even realise that Israel has been setting up hospitals in the Golan Heights to help out ISIS fighters or that the Syrian coup, allegedly part of the Arab Spring, was a CIA operation to support our supposed enemies al-Qaeda, al-Nusra Front, Free Syrian Army and ISIS or DAESH.

Iraqi forces short down a US helicopter and 2 British planes delivering supplies to ISIS

We have been giving them guns, supplies, rocket launchers and other military aid. A US helicopter and two British planes were "accidentally" caught dropping supplies behind enemy lines and shot down by the Iraqi army but I never heard about this on the BBC only from a Farsi newspaper.

We are also busy staging false flag gas attacks as a pretext for war. Most of the people in the USA and UK believe that we are doing good over in Syria yet they don't realise that the war is over two pipelines, one heavily invested in by the Rothschilds and Rupert Murdoch that would go from Saudi Arabia up through Syria and into Europe versus the Iranian pipe plan that would go through Iraq, then Syria.

Jake has looked at the images Scotland Yard has produced of the two Russian suspects entering Gatwick airport and and due to his previous job of comparing photographs he noticed some unusual things.

Both photos of the men entering the gates of Gatwick have the exact same timestamp, right down to the exact second. The men when interviewed on RT said they went through the same gate one after each other. This makes the timestamp issue an impossibility.

There are also issues with the angles of the men and dark spots which build up on camera lenses over time.

I will let Jake explain to you how Scotland Yard is dishing out false evidence to back up their claim that these for the British to follow and then accuse Putin of ordering the hit, link up with the US in sanctions on the country and propagandize the British people into thinking the Russians are up to no good again. Preparing us for war in other words.

Jake says: "Blackstone Intel Exclusive: Analysis shows that photos of alleged assassins Petrov and Boshirov were doctored by Scotland Yard as part of the falsification of a timeline of events in the Skipal poisoning."

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By Dark Politricks and Blackstone Intelligence

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