Friday 28 September 2018

The Whole UN assembly laughs at Donald Trumps speech

The Whole UN assembly laughs at Donald Trumps speech

By Dark Politricks
Video by Blackstone Intelligence

Donald Trumps recent speech was met with laughter at the UN general assembly as he congratulated himself on being the most popular and active US Presidency in history, forgetting all about previous Presidents such as Lincoln, JFK, Roosevelt and even Washington.

Was this just Trump's clinical narcissism on display once again and how does he honestly believe his administration has accomplished more than almost any other previous administration in less than 2 years.

Does the biggest ever arms sale to Saudi Arabia, a country Trump blamed for 9.11 during the Obama administration, count as making the world safer as they cause disease and misery by bombing Yemen and supplying head chopping Jihadists in Syria with weapons. 

Does destroying the Iranian nuclear deal which Iran had kept to for the sake of Israel make war with Iran more or less likely?

What about pulling out of international climate change agreements and ignoring the International Criminal Court. Does he believe the US is above International Law?

Does he not realise that placing sanctions on Russia and now China makes the world more likely to head into a major conflict, even WW3, or is this his bright vision for a safer world?

What about the arming of ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria to other-throw President Assad and the massive bombing of the country over a false flag chemical attack. Not waiting for the results of international inspectors who concluded that no such Syrian attack took place.

Does this uninvited bombing and potential partitioning of Syria for Israel's benefit make the US look like peace keepers or war mongers?

Jake from Blackstone Intelligence analyses his speech.

By Dark Politricks

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