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UFO's What do we know about them and is our government keeping secrets from the public?

UFO's What do we know about them and is our government keeping secrets from the public?

By Dark Politricks

This video is from the Disclouse Project on UFO's and includes an interview with the investigative reporter Jim Marrs on the reality of UFO's.

His basic claim is that the mainstream media are gatekeepers to information about UFO's and that the President is just a figure head (don't we know) for the globalists and real string pullers who don't want the knowledge that alien technology would bring to the masses from coming out.

Why? Because they make money from selling us oil, gas, medicine and other commodities that make us poorer and them richer. The technology of free energy, health increasing devices or other "new" technologies that these "visitors" could bring to us would cut their bottom line.

Reminds you of Nikola Tesla and the JP Morgan story no? Free Energy versus a constant purchase of electricity from big business. Who would a big bankster like JP Morgan invest in?

In the video Jim Marrs explains how we are slowly becoming conditioned to "accept" aliens over the years and that they have been visiting us since the beginning of civilisation.

The demi-gods or gods from ancient texts are just explanations of an un-educated people trying to explain what they were witnessing. Flying spinning wheels, Gods descending from the skies etc.

Apparently President's know about this but even chiefs of congress do not have a "need to know" clearance to get the information they need.

Even President Clinton was afraid of ending up like Jack Kennedy if he divulged any information to the public according to one interviewee within the documentary.

This video also explains how disinformation is used to make claims of UFO's by normal people sound outlandish and rubbished so that the true nature of their existence can be kept secret through disinformation and secrecy.

The biggest stumbling block to full disclosure seems to be that once UFO's are admitted then people will be asking "how do they fly" and "how do they make such fast maneuvers in the sky".

The problem for the powers that be then becomes the issue that people exist who can actually answer that question.

If the reality of "free energy" and all the new technologies that would come forth from UFO technology escaped into the hands of the public the power of the elite would diminish, and their wealth which is controlled through limiting the use of the fossil fuel industry would decrease.

Watch the full documentary below.

I know a lot of UFO sightings are in reality super secret aircraft and spying vehicles that can be dismissed if witnessed but free energy is not a myth and the control over the remaining fossil fuel industry is what's keeping it from becoming a reality.

If you ever watched the Jessee Ventura Truth TV documentary about Death Rays and Energy Weapons then you know that these tools exist and can cause enormous damage.

If you haven't seen it then watch it below and witness "the mad scientists" display the energy devices in action as they bend steel with a tiny device in front of your eyes.

I know some of us like to think we are special, made in God's image, even if that means God gets prostate exams regularly due to bad pipework design! However what are the chances that we are really the only sentient species in this universe?

Mathematicians and Scientists are talking about multiple dimensions occupying the same space and even multiverses where an infinite number of dimensions and universes are created all the time (see 5 reasons we may live in a multiverse).

Therefore these "visitors" could be from outer space, another dimension, another universe even.

I have a few books in my shelf about UFO's. However they are not full of reports from drunk farmers in Alabama trying to explain to their wives why their backside hurts after a night out on the piss with an alien abduction story.

No, these books are full of credible witness accounts from military personal including commercial airliner and RAF pilots who have gone on the record to testify that they have witnessed UFO's or even aliens.

From the information I have seen alien visitations could have been going on for thousands of years e.g Gods coming down from the skies etc and so forth.

The "visits" seem to have increased since the beginning of the 20th century. First during World War I and then World War II and then hugely after the invention of the nuclear bomb.

Many tales exist of soldiers and pilots witnessing strange aircraft in the sky and there are even stories of Dwight Eisenhower meeting three times with aliens during his time as President and signing a "deal" with them.

Winston Churchill apparently discussed these UFO's with Dwight and ordered a cover-up of an encounter between a UFO and an RAF aircraft in World War Two because he feared a "panic" and a loss of faith in religion, according to newly-released secret files from the MOD.

Then there is Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley who was also the equerry to Prince Phillip. He publicly went on record to claim that he met a Nordic looking UFO at a secret meeting called Janus.

Apparently the alien told him the following:
"The Earth is going through a Dark Age at the moment," Janus went on. "Material processions count more than a Man’s soul." Like a child, Man is preoccupied with his technological toys, which he believes will bring him riches and happiness. This shows up in the superficiality of his culture and a careless disregard for nature. In his greedy quest for more complex machines Man is prepared to sacrifice almost anything - his natural environment, animals and even his fellow humans."

"The dreadful specter of blowing up his world hardly makes him falter in this headlong rush."
Quote from the book "Alien Base – Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrials"

In recent years whilst the American establishment has kept quiet about their UFO's sightings other countries have been more forthcoming with their information.

In 2011 the UK Ministry of Defence released documentation related to visits from UFO's and other sightings.

Many of these sightings might be dismissed away as secret fighter craft in training or other flying objects but some cannot be ignored so easily. In fact out of 100 stories the experts reckon 90% is either bullshit or disinformation whilst 10% has a ring of truth about it.

The Ministry of Defence files released by the National Archives cover reported sightings of UFOs from 1985 to 2007.

Recently a Russian research team released UFO documentaton that showed that UFO's seem to love oceans and are heavily concentrated around large bodies of water.
"Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO's fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea." - Quote Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay.
In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.

UFO in water

One of these underwater UFO's might have been found by a team of Swedish salvage divers who recently discovered an unexplained object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

According to sonar readings, the object is about 60 meters across, the size of a jumbo jet. Nearby is another, smaller object with a similar shape. Both have "drag marks" behind them on the sea floor, stretching back more than 400 feet.

The most obvious explanation would be that they were shipwrecks. But Lindberg says that theory doesn't hold water because of the large size of the objects. Of course it would be something from another ship but it's also quite big as he spoke to CNN.

Then we have the recent revelation by an ex US astronaunt, Clark C. McClelland, a former SCO of NASA’s space shuttle fleet who described in the Canadian press secret details of an amazing incident that occurred during the STS-80 mission aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

According to internal reports confirmed by Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist crew member aboard the STS-80 Missiona, a disc-shaped object much larger than the orbiting American spacecraft suddenly appeared beneath the shuttle.

The disc-shaped object suddenly appeared, seemed to be intelligently controlled, changed its flight vector and most unnerving of all seemed to track Columbia and her crew through space.

We also have the famous UK hacker Gary McKinnon who was recently prevented from being deported to the USA for hacking into US military computers looking for signs of UFO's.

In fact he found evidence of a special team dedicated to removing any evidence of UFO's from photos taken by space shuttles and astronauts including "before and after" photos of the moon and other objects from space objects in which UFO's had been airbrushed out of the picture before being handed over to Universities and other public institutions for study.

He even read the testimony of one of these photographers and proved she was telling the truth by accessing the system in question and seeing first hand one of these images. He was downloading this image as he got caught. Was this the reason the US was so eager to extradite him and put him away for the rest of his life?

We also had the recent revelation by multiple ex high level military officers who worked at nuclear missile and test or storage areas a couple of years ago.

Some of these officers gave a public interview in which they discussed multiple incidents in which UFO's shut down whole nuclear test sites and even fired laser beams at the weapons to make them malfunction and not fire. It seems the UFO's are seriously concerned about our love of nuclear weaponry!

A short clip of their disclose can be seen below.

And of course if we look a bit further other countries have no shame in showing clips of UFO's on prime time TV. For example this is a TV report from Peru in 2011 that shows what looks like a large hovering spacecraft over the city sky.

It was witnessed by hundreds of people and filmed by many. Is this really an alien mother-ship or really a secret US or Chinese test aircraft and if so what purpose does it have flying over Peru? Maybe it was just a mirage caused by lights in the sky that seemed to have the wondrous effect of causing the same mirage to be seen at multiple angles and distances!

Whatever the truth of the matter it is clear our governments probably know a lot more about this matter than they are letting the public know.

If there is a slow conditioning exercise going on at the moment it would surely explain the huge boom in TV and Films concerning aliens, space travel, warp drive, worm holes, and other mysterious space and time travellers.

I don't know if UFO's are all alien in nature or just a load of high tech US space craft utilising all the stolen technology they gained from fleeing NAZI scientists after the 2nd World War.

However this documentary makes a compelling case and I do recommend watching it as well as the other films on this page. Then I suggest checking out the website where you can get a lot more information about this subject.

You can find lots more about the cover-up and expert witness testimony on UFO's at

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What happens to new Presidents to make them break all their campaign pledges?

What happens to new Presidents to make them break all their campaign pledges?

By Dark Politricks

I've always thought that when a new President was elected that on their inauguration day, after all the celebrations, they were then taken into a special room within the White House.

In this room they would be shown tape recordings, videos, signed affidavits from witnesses and other materials that could be used to blackmail them. If at any time during their Presidency they they decided not follow the plans these puppet masters had already planned out for them then these materials would be used to bring them down.

I cannot think of any other reason why so many drunks, drug users, sex addicts and other deviants have been elected as President of the United States in recent years.

The last few Presidents have all had rumours about drugs, gay sex and even murders or drug importation.

People have come out and said that they were involved in sex acts with them, or pilots have recalled seeing the Bush brothers at an airport when dropping off blow after shipping arms down to Central America (Barry Seal).

Even the President's themselves have admitted to taking drugs (whether they inhaled or not).

Of the latest three Presidents we have the following acts being attibuted to them by various investigators and witnesses. These are all acts that could be used to blackmail them.

  • Obama (coke, weed, gay sex, birth certificate, links to Islam)
  • George Bush (coke, drink, pot, gay sex in the White House)
  • Bill Clinton (coke importer, pot smoker - although he claims he didn't inhale! Plus a string of dead people behind him, many who committed suicide with two gun shots to the head! And of course all the sexual acts and infidelity)

Lest you think I am being hypocritical I have no problem with drug use, gays or people following Islam (as long as they are not limiting womens rights, chopping hands off or blowing people up due to Allah's will.)

Murder on the other hand or importing drugs is of course another level altogether.

Plus we all know what the members of the secret society Skull n Bones have to do when they get initiated. Members who include many ex Presidents and powerful officials.

Apparently they lie naked in an open coffin and masturbate whilst the other members all stand around them watching and the new inmate recalls every sexual partner they have had. Whether this is true or not (it is a secret society) it would add many more Presidents to this list.

I have said this many times before, especially when it becomes apparent that the new President is going to break every election pledge they had promised the public on the campaign trail.

What happened to all the "hope and change" Obama promised us?

The end to wars, restoring our civil liberties, closing Gitmo, punishing the previous criminal occupants of the White House for their illegal wars and breaches of international treaties on war crime.

The only thing that could explain it is that either Obama just blatantly lied on the campaign trail or he was blackmailed into following a certain neo-con, pro-war, pro-Israeli, anti-civil liberty line once he was elected.

Apparently 3 out of 10 men are homosexual yet there are hardly any openly gay members of Congress. Why is that? Is the Congress somehow different from the rest of society or is it full of people who have hidden lives and risk exposure at any moment by someone with enough power to expose their hypocrisy?

I just got sent this recording of Bill Hicks on Twitter and I think he sums it up perfectly. As I always say - satire and comedy is sometimes the only way reality can be conveyed to the public without getting a bullet in your head for doing so.

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Was the war in Iraq worth a million deaths?

Was the war in Iraq worth a million deaths?

By Dark Politricks

As you should know by now the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq war has just passed.

The question is still hotly debated - was the war in Iraq worth it?

Was it worth the deaths of up to a million Iraqi civilians?

Was it worth the contamination of whole cities like Fallujah. Polluted so much by powerful weaponary that not only were the citizens affected but so were the soliders using the weapons.

Was it worth the new "Gulf War Syndrome" that returning soldiers are already facing. The fatigue, fevers, rashes, joint pain, intestinal problems, memory loss, mood swings, cancers and even the coughing up of blood and black goop that has been nicknamed "plume crud"?

Was it worth the deaths of so many American soldiers who were conned into thinking they were fighting al-Qaeda "over there" so they didn't have to fight them at home?

Was it worth the debasement of the US media which parroted government press briefs as if real news. Newpapers and TV channels taking George W Bush and Dick Cheney's word on matters that had no basis in truth. "Facts" such as the hidden WMD, Yellow Cake Uranium, or stockpiles of Anthrax waiting to be used against invading US forces. All weapons we had sold Saddam Hussein when he was "our friend" during the 80's  for fighting a war with Iran. Weapons that for some reason he decided not to use whilst being attaacked by us. Was it worth showing the rest of the world another example of western hypocrisy?

Was it worth the destruction of all our civil liberties as suspiciously staged scare tactics such as the sending of Anthrax to US senators forced the passing of the pre-prepared PATRIOT ACT without anyone bothering to read it?

Was it worth the setting up of "Free Speech Zones" where first amendment rights that should be allowed at all places were limited to caged in areas where demonstrators could be filmed, monitored and logged onto watch lists?

Was it worth the destruction of a country that was only held together by a strong man dictator like Saddam Hussein into sectarian violence?

Iraq was a country that was created by the west after earlier wars, forcing the Kurds, Sunnis and Shi'ites to live together when logic dictated that three countries would have been a more sensible arrangement if partitioning was even required in the first place. Was it worth the continuing sectarian strife that will rock the region for years to come?

Was it worth the strengthening of Iran who has now become a major power player in the area. They now control and arm forces within Iraq as well as being linked to political parties, some of which are no better when it comes to liberty for the Iraqi people than Saddam Hussein.

Was it worth the huge dive in moral standing that the USA took when pictures of torture at Abu Ghraib came out and showed that America had stooped to the same standards as the enemies it claimed to fight on moral lines?

We only have to ask Tony Blair, a now hated figure on the world stage what it meant to him as he keeps on claiming that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein.

This is the same man who kissed Gaddafi and made up with the suspected architect of the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie in return for oil deals and the patsy served up on a platter to serve time in a Scottish jail.

Politicians like Blair or Rumsfeld can be photographed standing next to future targets after selling them massive amounts of arms and then turn on them a few years later when their alliance based on the maxim "the enemy of your enemy is my friend" is no longer of use.

They are people who sell them the same weapons that they turn around and accusse them of having!

I wonder how "absolute" their morals relly are.

Donald Rumsfeld and best friend / arms purchaser of the 90's Saddam Hussien

What we know is that the Iraq war didn't end when George W Bush stood on that aircraft carrier claiming that the war had ended only months after starting "shock n awe".

Mission Accomplished

Instead the country did what all smaller armed forces do when attacked by larger forces.

They hid amongst the public and launched a guerrilla war of terror and attrition using IED's and massive car bombs designed to kill and maim allied soldiers plus thousands of Iraqi civilians.

This is the same tactic the Taliban are using, the Viet Cong did successfully during the Vietnam war and former allies, including Osama bin-Laden, then called the Mujahideen not al-Qaeda during the Soviet war against Afghanistan.

We dragged the Iraqi peoples leader out of a hole in the ground, paraded him in front of camera's and then tried him in front of a victors court before hanging him in front of the world.

The Iraqi resistence captured and tortured allied soldiers and contractors before cutting their heads off with knives and showing it online.

The Iraqi war showed us that the political process in supposed democratic governments and the UN is nothing more than a farce and that when the axis of war want a war they get it.

Despite the wishes of the people who marched in their millions across the world and the resignation of politicians like Robin Cook in the UK. The war was pushed through using false propaganda including the 45 minute attack time, WMD that had been sold to Iraq by our own countries, dodgy dossiers and false stories about links with al-Qaeda from dubious intelligence sources.

Don't even get me started on the 9.11 commission which was used as a tool to drive home the need for another war against Iraq as witnesses claimed that every major terrorist act in modern times, incuding 9.11, had been backed or supported by Saddam Hussein.

Un-educated people still believe we went to war with Iraq because of the Twin Towers and not because we were worried about Saddam swapping from petrodollars to it's own currency for oil purchases. Or the massive Halliburton contracts that were signed before hand to rebuild the country after we demolished it.

They think "the surge" worked not knowing about the £12 billion dollars that went missing due to plane loads of cash being flown in and then used to bribe tribes and insurgents into not attacking our troops. A tactic used by some allied forces in Afghanistan now.

I don't even need to go on to the next level about false flag attacks carried out by SAS soldiers caught red handed dressed as insurgents with bombs and detonators.

Or the WikiLeaks video that caused outrage as it showed the blood lust of US pilots as they murdered reporters and civilians, shooting bursts of bullets into an ambulance that tried rescuing a survivor, and baying for an injured man to pick up a gun so they could finish him off.

Lest you think otherwise - I don't think the war was worth it but what do you think?

Let me know your views in this poll.

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Are the UK Government using PPI and Banks as a way to put money back into peoples pockets?

Are the UK Government using PPI and Banks as a way to put money back into peoples pockets?

By Dark Politricks

I just saw an advert on Channel 5 USA (a UK channel) in which a PPI Claims company said that if you had taken a loan out within 15 years and had added Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) then you could attempt to claim it back.

Now I had taken a load of loans out in my youth, with PPI, and when the first adverts started appearing the adverts were only saying that you could claim the money back if you had taken a loan out within the past 3 years. I didn't do anything because my loans were 10 years old.

However it seemed that the time length that you could claim for was extending and extending every few months. It seemed to coincide with the UK finances getting worse and our GDP going down and inflation going up.

First I started seeing adverts for 5 then 7 years and then when I first saw an advert earlier this year for 10 years I was straight on the phone. I shouldn't have gone through one of the "specialist PPI companies" however it was money I wouldn't have got back if I hadn't of attempted it in the first place - so in reality it was literally free cash in my pocket.

From an initial 3 years to 15 years is a long time and I have a feeling that the government is hoping that PPI payouts will help stimulate the economy by putting money back into people's pockets in a stealthy Keynesian method without any government minister having to  admit to it of course! Austerity, Austerity - that is the only way says our supposed economic wizard George Osborne.

It is Georgey boy who's claim that our deficit and debt would be reduced through his spending cuts and VAT tax rises would have started working by now. Anyone with half an eye can see they blatantly haven't done the job.

Their are no private jobs rushing in to fill all the public ones he is gutting. He is forcing people off disability allowance onto job-seekers (a much lower benefit) and making them look for jobs that don't exist.

He is introducing "bedroom" taxes  for the poor so that people with extra rooms have to give up more of their money or move across  the country to places where one bedroom flats exist. All the while he is cutting public services and yet at the same time he has reduced the top rate of tax for the richest people in the country. What happened to "We are all in this together"?

The politicians know the banks were mainly to blame for our current crisis and the UK is one of the most indebted nations on the planet.

This doesn't only include Government debt but personal debt as well. All through the later 90's, and the years of the Labour government, people were re-mortgaging their houses and spending the money or having loans literally thrown at them by the banks. I know for a fact I and many other people I know were.

After the first law suit over PPI was won by someone years ago the banks have had to set aside billions in case they had to pay out more to future customers who were mis sold PPI.

From The International Business Times
PPI has become the biggest mis-selling scandal to hit UK banks and they have repeatedly underestimated the scale of the problem.

Britain's biggest retail bank, Lloyds Banking Group Plc , has set aside 6.8 billion pounds for PPI compensation. Barclays Plc has set aside 2.6 billion and RBS has provisioned 2.2 billion.
So far the banks have set aside around £20 billion and the payouts so far amount to £8.9 billion.

Payment Protection Insurance was meant to protect borrowers against redundancy and sickness , but it was often sold to customers who didn't want or need it or who couldn't claim it even if they took it out. People such as those with certain medical conditions or people who were self employed. Often, like myself, I had PPI added to my loans or credit cards without my knowledge!

The worst thing, in my mind anyway, was that if you had to claim (as I did once) the money from the insurance only lasted for a year. Plus the amount the insurance cost you worked out exactly the same as if you had added an extra years worth of  loan to your original debt. It was a total con!

Because the UK finances are in such a state and recent news reports show customers are holding back from buying goods. I have a sneaky feeling that the government is secretly hoping that the PPI payouts will be a way of putting cash into potential shoppers pockets to stimulate the economy. The added benefit of course is that it's all at the cost of the banks who caused the mess in the first place.

To me it sounds like a good plan. The banksters are the ones who caused the mess and I am not joking when I said they used tot literally  throw loans at people.

For instance I was given a £5,000 loan when I left college with no job or way of paying it back. Then every year the same bank would give me an extra £5,000 - £7,000 loan and overdrafts up to £3,500 to pay back the outstanding amount and give me some more spending cash! It was truly a time when "debt was good" and people didn't think about the future.

As a young man who didn't really think he would have to pay back the money anyway (I had a bit of death wish back then, plus the money management skills of a frog) it seemed like free money and I grabbed whatever the banks would offer me. One of the things I often feel our schools let the population down with is real world lessons in living. How to manage money, how to look after yourself, how money works, how to use logic and reason and think for yourself.

Young men are worse than woman who are often taught these skills from their mothers so if the schools are not teaching the boys and they are not getting taught at home they are left to the mercy of the loan sharks and banksters. Shuffling money from one account to another to pay off monthly repayments and sticking to the minimum payment to keep them off your back is not exactly "good" money management!

Unlike other people I know who "went missing" for 5+ years and now have mortgages and are debt free. I honestly OR  stupidly (pick your own word) decided to pay off my debts. Even thought this took over 6 years I managed to do it. Therefore when I saw the opportunity to reclaim all the PPI which amounted to around £5,000 I took it.

Some credit cards I didn't even realise I had PPI on at the time and on other banks I had no details apart from the name of the bank but their customer service department returned a list of 6 loan accounts taken out within 7 years. I used one of these companies on TV but didn't realise they took a THIRD of the money as recompense for doing the job you could easily do yourself.

Luckily for me they forgot about one loan and I got £2,000 all to myself without deductions but I would recommend anyone who has ever taken a loan out in the last 15 years to check if they can reclaim the PPI on it.

The Government is not helping us and the banksters who caused the mess are still making billions therefore we should not feel sorry for them in the slightest.

Just remember if the EU can order the Cypriot government to just take 10% of any bank savings without your say then who is to say the UK government won't do the same?

I would expect the time you can claim for any PPI to continue to go up and up until either the banks have dolled out all the money they said they set aside years ago but haven't given out yet. Or until the UK GDP rises above a single percentage point for more than 3 months in a row!

To anyone thinking of claiming their PPI back I would definitely recommend everyone to do the work themselves. It is not hard.

You can just write t o the banks customer complaints department and ask for all your loan details that had PPI on them, then write a letter back saying you want your PPI money for any of the following reasons:

  1. You were not informed that the PPI protection would only last a year.
  2. The PPI was added without your consent.
  3. You were self employed which meant the PPI wouldn't cover you.
  4. You were depressed or had another medical complaint that would have meant the insurance would not be paid out.
  5. You were not informed you wouldn't get the insurance if you were sacked.
  6. The PPI insurance was not fully explained to you at the time. Most of the employees who sold the PPI will be long gone and those that remain won't remember what  they said when they sold it to you. Therefore this is probably the best one to use as they will not be able to re-call what they said when they sold the loan to you.

A good thing to do is to write off to one of these PPI companies, get a payment pack sent to you and see what sort of questions they ask you to answer. All they do is use the answers and send the paper work off to the same places you could easily do. Therefore use these packs as a guide and write to the same Financial Ombusdman yourself if  the Bank doesn't pay out after your first letter of complaint.

Remember - this could be your chance of getting out of any recent debt. If they are going back 15 years then I would guess that the majority of adults in this country would have had a credit card or loan within than time. Even if you don't think you took PPI out it is worth checking in-case the bank added it on without your knowledge.

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Wednesday 6 March 2013

The death of Hugo Chavez - did a cancer inducing weapon kill him?

The death of Hugo Chavez - did a cancer inducing weapon kill him?

By Dark Politricks

Hugo Chavez has just died and rumours run around that the CIA killed him using a cancer weapon.

This doesn't sound as mad as it seems. Viruses and inflammation are the cause of most serious illnesses including heart attacks and cancer. The CIA and it's allies in other agencies like the Mossad have a long history of trying to kill their enemies in exotic means.

Who can forget the famous story of the exploding cigar that was supposed to kill Fidel Castro as well as all the other failures including poisoned wetsuits and milkshakes.

We also have many reports from the battlefields of Iraq of new secret weaponry being used on the "enemy" that included microwaving people from the inside out.

In fact these new "energy weapons" that use electromagnetic waves to cause depression and other illnesses have been used frequently in the war as this snippet from shows.

Microwaving Iraq

The Gulf War veteran observes that occupied Iraq has become a "saturation environment" of electromagnetic radiation. Potentially lethal electromagnetic smog from high-power US military electronics and experimental beam weapons is placing already hard-hit local populations-particularly children -- at even higher risk of experiencing serious illness, suicidal depression, impaired cognitive ability, even death.
Therefore if these are weapons that we know of just imagine what weapons the USA and their allies have that we haven't a clue about.

Here is a report from TV about the plots concerning Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and include the two leaders discussing the possibility of the CIA killing each of them with injections and even cancer spreading poisons.

So the possibility exists that the Americans do posses a weapon on such lines and it is an odd occurrence that 6 leaders of South American countries who all stood in alliance against US hegemony developed cancer within recent years.

Who can forget the killing of ex FSB and KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko by the Russians with a cancer causing radioactive element  polonium-210 not long back. Therefore these types of weapons do exist and the possibility cannot be ruled out however wild you might thing the conspiracy theory is,

However despite any theory or proof to the otherwise I want to pay my own respects to Hugo Chavez for his "balls" and nothing else.

He may have given his people free health care paid for from the countries energy exports and he may have done many other good things for his people that some may find "socialist" and despise purely for that reason alone.

However I respected him for standing up to the US wanting to dominate the world and not caring who knew about his feelings.

Whether you loved or hated him he was a dominant figure in South American politics and when he offered aid to the victims of Katrina when George W Bush was too busy to visit and delivered cheap oil to the Bronx during their cold winter he gained my respect at the detriment of the US president.

However despite his death I am reluctant to take Hugo Chavez off my "Good Guys" list and for that reason alone I am re-showing one of his famous rants against America, US dominance and the fact he dared call the leader of the USA a donkey and a drunk!


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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Help Dark by providing information and details on ways to keep our liberty

Help Dark by providing information and details on ways to keep our liberty

By Dark Politricks

This site is a "power to the people", free speech, anti war on terror, anti Big Brother site that hates stupid laws and regulations and resents our subservience to supra national entities like the EU, the World Bank, the G20 and the move towards globalisation that means jobs are taken away from middle class people like ourselves and given over  to slave workers in China and India who will work for a pittance.

Our country is full of stupid laws that need repealing. There was a gleam of hope when the Liberal Democrats got into power with their much vaunted Freedom Bill but after Tory interference it was watered down to a charter against rouge car clampers.

There was no removal of the unfair extradition treaty to the US or the return to the right of silence without it being brought up in court. No repeal of anti privacy laws that allow countless agencies to enter your house without a warrant and nothing that let us protest when and how we want. Permit to Protest - you must be joking!

Our stupid drug laws fill prisons with people needing treatment not punishment before re-sending them back out to the community to rob and steal to fund their habit again.

Our NHS is a known beacon for anyone around the world wanting free and often expensive health care which we tax payers have to pay for.

And to top it off all the banksters who broke our country in half are carrying on using our pensions as casion chips for their gambling whilst we suffer with closed libraries, schools and other cuts in public services. Why are the people who had nothing to do with the economic collapse being asked to pay for it? Why are future generations being made to pay for the mistakes of the rich current generation?

Our cops are bent as a nine bob note and get away with crimes every day If it wasn't for the rise of people carrying video cameras around with them and mobile phones many police abuses would not get noticed or recorded for us to see.

Therefore if anyone has any films of policeman acting against their mandate e.g beating people up unnecessarily or breaching their role to "protect and serve" then please send them this way so I can display them

If anyone has ideas on how we can help roll back the surveillance state being built around us then please let me know so I can share those ideas with my readers.

If people have knowledge on using computer systems without being tracked by the authorities then please let me know. Details such as using open Wi-Fi networks and proxiesremoving your battery from your phone to stop being GPS/GPRS tracked, preventing iPhone and Google from storing and uploading your data to any policeman with the right tools and using block lists to bypass ISP's that sniff P2P torrent packets to see what you are downloading.

Plus using special software to super encrypt your messages without Microsofts's back door accessing them all or just using disposable email addresses and proxy server chains to post your messages on Twitter or Facebook anonymously without being tracked. This is all valuable information.

If you have it then please let me know! I have already listed some ways to beat some tracking and logging by the authorities but much more can be done.

Also if people know of corrupt, inefficient or wasteful local government departments or councils, or members of such institutions, then please let me know who these people are and what they have done. These are people who live off our tax money.

They are there to serve us NOT themselves. I have personally written letters to MP's and Government officials and got responses - many have been blatant lies or attempts to placate me so I will vote for them at the next election. Our government is full of crooks and career politicians.

Remember if we don't stick together and pool our knowledge the machine will continue to roll over us until we are nothing but dust!

So send me any dirt or information you can find that will help the majority not the minority!

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