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Israel Still Massacring Kids and Disabled People with Snipers and the World Says Nothing

Israel Still Massacring Kids and Disabled People with Snipers and the World Says Nothing

By Dark Politricks

As Israel carries on massacring women, children and disabled people, using the excuse that they were all Hamas, when that was plainly wrong.

There may have been some Hamas fighters in the protest but for snipers to kill women and kids is just disgusting and I expect a security council vote and veto by the USA as they always do.

The protest is about their storage in Gaza the biggest open air prison on earth and Israel is using the excuses of Syrian fire, people with burning tyres attacking them (against one of the most sophisticated armies in the world), Hamas organisation when it was the adversary of their displacement.

Why do we let Israel get away with this?

Why does the US shut their mouth – the Saudi Petrodollar agreement, Israels hold over the US Congress and the fact that the US thinks that it and Israel can just start wars and kill innocent people with no recompense.

The USA is the most dangerous country in the world. They believe they can just enter other countries and bomb them for the sake of Israel or mineral resources.

No other country does this.

Others may follow along the US Axis of War like the UK, French and Israelis but now that Iran has stopped selling it’s oil in US dollars (the Petrodollar), the US press and UK press are going to be pushing hard on Iran and maybe even going so far as to start a war with Iran as they have with previous nations who dared stop using the petrodollar.

This is where all oil has to be bought in dollars, so countries have to transfer first from their own currency to US money before buying the oil.

In return Saudi Arabia, a 7th century hell hole that jails and whips gang raped women, and sends US armaments, that they buy in the billions, to send to Jihadists in Syria and other nations, as well as Wahabist terrorists across the world.

Saudi Arabia and Israel want to stop Iran becoming a strong player in the region, however they forget that it was the war in Iraq that was holding a balance between Kurds, Sunnis and the Shi’ites in the south near Iran.

Iran shouldn’t forget what happened when Iraq and Libya stopped using the dollar, they used false flags and WMD BS, bombings before UN reports their data to be incorrect like the recent Syrian attack and then convince the masses on their owned MSM news channels to follow along.

Killing hundreds of thousands of people, leaving Libya a terrorist playground, turning Iraq and Syria into a bombed out mess, the creation of ISIS which even the CIA funnels weapons from Libya to Syria to, before training their supposed enemy to fight President Assad and Russia.

If we had any morals at all we would be bombing Saudi Arabia and forcing Israel to stop their massacres on innocent people.

However we make money from war, our arms industries are some of the most profitable in the world. Why stop the Saudis and US massacring the poorest nation on the planet, causing disease and famine in Yemen for morals.

It seems only the US can dictate moral behaviour, start preemptive wars which they banned after Nuremberg and drop freedom and democracy from the air on the end of a drone when they don’t even have it at home.

The UK has already started printing stories about English prisoners in Iranian jails and US news shows attack Palestinians for daring to try and break out of their open air prison.

I mean a man killed by a sniper sitting in a wheelchair must have been a suicide bomber waiting to attack….

I have here a list of Jimmy Dore Videos which lay it out for you.

The Jimmy Dore Show

Watch the The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

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Jeremy Scahill and US professor debunk recent chemical attack and remind people how the USA killed 1,000 civilians in a single month

Jeremy Scahill and US professor debunk recent chemical attack and remind people how the USA killed 1,000 civilians in a single month

By Dark Politricks

In this episode of Jimmy Dore’s show he shows Jeremy Scahill probably giving his last appearance on CNN as he tells the truth about Syria, the civilians killed, and the USA training our supposed enemy Al-Qaeda to fight President Assad.

Jimmy Dore then talks about how the US news is basically state media when it comes to war.

As soon as one breaks out and they get hard on’s, like Brian Williams, over the missiles exploding killing civilians, and they all suddenly follow the pro-war neo-con establishment line.

They sack journalists who dare to speak out against the wars and attack Russia Today for its pro-Russian state TV line which is no different from the US media when it comes to war.

6 supposedly independent news outlets from left-wing to right all suddenly becoming state sponsors of war and never mentioning the casualties they are causing with their blanket bombing and “collateral damage” i.e massacres.

People like Larry King, Ed Schultz, Lee Camp are all Americans who work on Russia Today,commenting on American news but are called “Foreign Agents” by the US government.

Watch the discussion about how the US media never tell the other side about wars, despite false flag attacks such as the recent chemical attack already being debunked by US professors.

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