Wednesday 23 December 2020

Here's a "Coincidence Theory" For You

The Magic Chinese Cure

By Dark Politricks

Now I've been waiting, or rather suffering, and putting up with all this stupid COVID19 shit for a year now. All in the vain hope of having a good Christmas, drinking from morn til midnight. Having a nice Turkey dinner, sausages, Yorkshire puddings, and Spuds. As well as playing silly games and watching rubbish films with my family. 

It was all promised to us by BoJo the clown, our Prime Minister and Dear Leader, Boris Johnson. However at the last moment, during the week before Christmas, he puts my county into tier 4, and threatens the whole country with similar measures

Tier 4 is the most restrictive tier. You are not allowed people in or out of your home, you are not supposed to meet with more than one person outside at a time, and you are definitely not allowed to cross the bridge that is less than a mile from my home to the county my parents live in which is in tier 2 county, with less restrictive measures. 3 miles away they probably live, yet I cannot go an spend Christmas with them.

Is it any wonder people are starting to get pissed off with these stupid COVID laws that don't seem to be helping at all? 

In fact now we have mutations of the Coronavirus, just like all viruses mutate, such as the Winter flu. It's called evolution, viruses are so small that they evolve very quickly, it is a very provable piece of science if you are ever in a debate with a Creationist to bring up. Did anyone think that one rushed out vaccine would solve all our problems and stop our economy from tanking if only people just stayed inside and hid from the danger?
"A new variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in England and raising international alarms. This new variant now accounts for more than 60% of the cases in London. And scientists say the variant is likely more contagious than previous versions of the virus."
When you get the Flu jab, it's made up from the most common forms of flu's around at that time of year. It won't protect you from other flu's. Many people are told every year NOT to even have the Winter Flu Jab as they could contract another form of Flu during the time your vaccine is working. Scroll down on the CDC website to the section titled "What about people who get a seasonal flu vaccine and still get sick with flu symptoms?"

This vaccine is even worse. Even if you get it, you can still catch the fruit bug, carry it and spread it to other people. So how does that help to get rid of it? We obviously can't so maybe we need to learn to live with it and not just hide away from it. Quote:
"...neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccine trials tested whether the vaccines prevent people from being infected with the virus. Those trials, instead, focused on whether people were shielded from developing disease symptoms. That means that it’s not clear whether vaccinated people could still develop asymptomatic infections — and thus still be able to spread the virus to others."
In Australia they had to stop the roll out of the vaccine because people were getting false positives on HIV tests

Imagine that. You go in for a total blood test, get told you have HIV and to contact any partners you may have been with to also get tested, only to find out that it's total BS and you don't have HIV after all. Here's the link to the story > False HIV Positive Tests Stop Vaccine Rollout. With a short snippet:
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia cancelled the production of a locally made vaccine against COVID-19 after trials showed it could interfere with HIV diagnosis....
Antibodies generated by the vaccine ... were found to lead to some false positive HIV test results, the makers said.

Oh and you have to see this US Nurse on LIVE TV, gushing about finally getting the vaccine and then fainting and collapsing from the effects of it as she tried speaking. Inspires confidence doesn't it? 

Apparently the reason is that he didn't take the jab himself as "he is 59 years old and in good health -- hence, it would not be appropriate for him to get the vaccine first". However it would have made younger people more willing to take it. Just allowing old people to take it who could easily die and have their deaths blamed on other causes doesn't really help drive up support for mass vaccination.

Personally in the UK, when I saw on the news the first recipient of the vaccine, an old lady take it, with young politicians behind her for the cameras it didn't really make me want to rush out and get it. If someone young had taken it, someone whom, if they had died, couldn't have had their death blamed on "underlying causes", I think it would have given people much more confidence in taking it themselves. 

Personally I would have loved to see the UK Health Minister take the vaccine right after the first women on the news when it was first rolled out. That would have given the populace watching more assurance in taking it due to their worries about no long trials having taken place like all other vaccines do. Instead they are having to use AI computers having to calculate possible death totals from the vaccination use

However despite all the problems we are having in the west with our response to the vaccine, my heart still goes out to the Americans who were just handed a measly $600 stimulus cheque, whilst the trillion dollar bailout was more about handing money to Israel for missile defence, millions to Egypt, money for Racehorse owners, and even a tax break that critics have termed the “three martini lunch” deduction. The provision, allows a company to fully deduct a business meal as a business expense. It was one of the biggest wealth transfers to the upper class rich in history

Jimmy Dore, is right on when he has started a movement to force the supposed progressives in Congress "The Squad", as they call themselves, to refuse to re-elect one of the most hated politicians in the USA, Nancy Pelosi, as speaker of the House unless a floor vote for Medicare for all is carried out. 

Who would vote against a bill to give people healthcare in the middle of a Pandemic? Tool and Fools, that's who. Politicians who don't want to get re-elected basically. It seems a simple win/win that progressives have been searching for in my eyes,

Trump wanted to, and still does want to, give everyone a $2,000 cheque but Nancy Pelosi, one of the most unpopular politicians ever, voted against this before the election as she didn't want people to thank Trump in the ballot box. However Trump is threatening to veto this bill due to all the wasteful spending and pork within it. In fact the bill is so full of pork we could all eat it for XMAS dinner.

However Pelosi seems perfectly happy in her million dollar house and thousand dollar clothes to call the $600 cheques "significant" whilst Americans are losing their jobs, and therefore their health care, and 2 million people are expected to lose their homes soon.

Many cities will soon be like Los Angeles where 30,000 people are now homeless, many of them living in tents at the side of the roads..

This is all occurring whilst big businesses carry on making millions from this pandemic, Amazon and Jeff Bezos being one, Bill Gates another, as well as many digital streaming companies like Zoom and Netflix. Amazon has seen a 37% increase in earnings and their revenues of $96.15bn were better than analysts expected. I wonder why.

If I had a time machine I would go back to the beginning of this year and put as much money as possible into companies that have grown due to the house bound populations around the world.

However what I want to know is how China has managed to become the only country to solve this COVID19 problem that supposedly originated from the Wuhan Germ Laboratory. People in Wuhan today are walking around mask-less, eating bats and other animals in their wet markets once again, all whilst the rest of the world suffers.

Does no-one else think it odd, that the only country in 2020 to actually grow their GDP has been China, the originator of the Wuhan flu? 

This chart is just a forecast however I am sure the figures are much worse, for us that is. For China who suddenly started buying up Western companies by the dozen as their share price fell through the floor, their GDP will be much higher than reported.

Even NATO has warned about the dangers of China buying up European and American companies on the grounds of national security. Their usual tactic is steal the designs, develop it and sell it cheaper back to the original purchasers.

However with the stock prices of major high tech companies diving the Chinese have been on a buying spree. This site suggests that China has bought 1,208 companies in this year. I cannot find a whole list without paying a subscription or hacking the sites code but I wouldn't underestimate that figure for a second.

Off the top of my head I know China now owns British Steel as well as numerous Greek, Spanish and Dutch ports, it already owns most Italian textile companies and this article titled "China Is Bargain Hunting—and Western Security Is at Risk" has a quote from the ex head of MI6, John Sawers, who warns about this Chinese buying spree:
"We need to do more to protect Western technology from being bought up by Chinese companies. I don't think it's an existential threat in the way the Soviet Union was in the Cold War, but nevertheless there is going to be deep rivalry over control of technology,” he reportedly said.

Now the questions I find hard to answer are these:

  • How did only Wuhan get the Coronavirus in China, without it spreading it to other parts of China like Beijing and Shanghai, yet still managing to spread it to the rest of the world?
  • How did China come up with a cure for this virus so quickly that whilst the rest of the world are spending Christmas alone or in restricted capacity, the people of Wuhan are walking around mask free with no fear of the disease?

Here's a "Coincidence Theory" for you that could explain it however far fetched you may think of it. 

Just remember if you trust Government you don't know history. So to all those people who say "We must follow the rules, the Government knows best", I say Bullshit. If you were living in 1930's Germany and Hitler ordered the German people to help round up and kill Jews would you still be saying the same thing?

So here it goes.....

The Chinese know that at the moment they cannot beat the USA in a conventional or nuclear war. It's MAD, literally. Therefore they planned an economic war which would increase their holdings of high tech Western businesses as well as killing a lot of people outside China. As many Chinese people are not allowed to leave their country for holiday's anyway there was little chance of them catching it abroad and bringing it back home.

Therefore they created the COVID19 virus at the same time as they created the vaccine for it

Then as the uncaring Communist organ harvesting, slave labour, Capitalists they are, an oxymoron if ever, they chose a town, Wuhan to experiment on

They blocked it off first from entry and for people leaving, apart from westerners on planes, and released the virus into the city to see how it would spread, how it would affect people infected with it as well as work out a death rate per capita of people infected.

If you look at this site which shows death rates from the COVID19 virus around the world, China is on the last page with a total death rate of 4,757 which works out at a tiny 3.4 deaths per million people, if you can believe their figures in the first place. 

However on the first page the countries with the highest death rates are the UK with 64,810 confirmed deaths, and the USA with 302,411. The UK has 969.71 deaths per million, and the USA 921.31, however at the top sits tiny Belgium with 18,178  deaths that work out at 1,582.89 deaths per million.

So to continue the "Coincidence Theory", the Chinese Government watched Wuhan for a while doing their studies, as soldiers dressed as doctors, or doctors dressed as soldiers, carrying AK47s patrolled the town ensuring people were locked down and not leaving their homes. 

They would obviously want to know how many people would resist orders to stay at home when starving, who would come to the hospital, how many people would commit suicide from the lack of socialisation and other various information they deemed important. 

All the while keeping this huge death city quiet from the West and downplaying death numbers once it had been revealed. They obviously wanted as many people to fly out of Wuhan to Western nations as possible, knowing that it took at least 14 days for symptoms to show up.

Then after a while they declared the flu to the world and let countries know that someone had eaten a bat which had caused the infection. Bats are one creature that can carry many viruses and infections but not be affected by them, obviously that means eating one is pretty off the chart crazy in the first place - if true. By the way there are many scientists who claim there is plenty of proof that the virus is man made > Wuhan Flu is man made.

After the long delay in letting the West know the "true" death figures from the virus, and watching happily as western companies stock prices plunged before buying them up for pennies as the previous GDP chart shows. They gave the people of Wuhan there own "magic" cure for the Coronavirus

As they had made the vaccine at the same time as the virus it was already stocked up and ready to roll out quickly. The people of Wuhan were cured within months, no other Chinese city was affected by the virus, and the Chinese Communist Capitalist Government started buying up Western companies all over the world, selling the breathing equipment badly needed by countries such as the UK, and the millions of cheaply made disposable masks they had already stockpiled ready for sale all made by their slave labour workforces.

Now they are in the enviable position of being able to say they cured the virus, and the people of Wuhan are no longer locked up, and whilst every other countries GDP has shrunk this year theirs has been the only one to grow. Strange, a coincidence or just a bat-fuck crazy conspiracy theory?

The fact that they waited so long before telling the world is one clue, the fact they went on a spending spree buying Western companies and infrastructure is also a clue. This is all whilst they sold the emergency equipment they knew infected Western countries would need by the millions and therefore profit from the spread of the disease being another.

You can quibble over whether it was man made and "escaped", or deliberately given to the population of a major city. However just as Mao would have not cared if 10 million people died in his reforms of the country. Their modern Chinese surveillance state, a self educating feedback loop system of social credit using shame as a form of social control is envied by the Globalists from the USA to Australia.

Whilst China is now recovered we are all slowly turning into a form of Chinese society with drones, Army on the motorways to stop unnecessary travel, Police raids on homes without warrants and fines for not obeying our leaders diktats. These are all being implemented as we speak around the world.

If you cannot see a police state being built up around you, with the COVID19 outbreak being used as an excuse you are either blind or dumb. 

Just yesterday the UK implemented new rules for the Police that have been condemned by some as an "over the top" response to the UK's unprecedented coronavirus lockdown today, as it emerged that Police officers have been given sweeping new powers to arrest people who go on "non essential" journeys and ignore Boris Johnson's plea to "stay at home" for the next three weeks. 

They are allowed to set up road blocks to stop and quiz drivers without justification, and are even using drones to chase dog walkers. Does this not sound like big brother to you? The same is happening in the USA, drones are being used to target people ignoring stay at home rules, and survey them from afar before police turn up and arrest them.

The COVID19 response seems as if it is being used to bring in the NWO, globalist, police state powers that people like Alex Jones and 2nd Amendment supporters were warning about in the 90's.

However today there is no need for the threat of a "Mark of the Beast" RFID chips under the skin, even though that is being discussed as a way to flag people if they have the virus, as well as track their movements. You can watch the video by Richard Dolan in my recent article on how the "4th Generation of Humanity" is turning us into China for more info on that subject.

However we don't need RFID chips to be imbedded inside us, instead we carry our smart phones everywhere we go and the Police and GCHQ can easily track our movements, or by using the "Track and Trace" apps many people have downloaded to those phones to extract personal data, find out who goes where, how often, and their connections to other people of "interest", just like the TV show Person of Interest, which showed the possibilities of an AI global surveillance system in action.

We may blame China for this outbreak but we should not turn into China as a response. 

We must learn to live with the virus just like all the other viruses that effect old people and those with underlying conditions more than the young without destroying our economy and letting small businesses die whilst huge monopolies like Amazon take over the world. 

Our pubs, clubs and social gathering spots are closing and soon Zoom will be the only way people will be able to socialise

I am willing to bet £100 to anyone here, that the threat of the virus and mutations of it will be used all of 2021 to constrain the publics movements, stop people socialising and use the constant push of fear porn from state propaganda news channels like the BBC to scare people into locking themselves up from the outside world. 

We were sold a bill of goods by our Dear Leader - BoJo, that the Vaccine was the answer, now it has become just stage one, you need a booster shot some weeks later after your first vaccination and then a third shot later on

Then just like the flu jab, we will be expected to get COVID vaccinations yearly, just like some people "choose" to have the Flu Jab. If China and all the DAVOS crowd start implementing their ideas that we should all have medical passports that show our COVID status, whether we have been vaccinated or not, and therefore could be prevented from travelling, or even going to sporting events, then COVID will have become the tool they either used as cover OR created to ram these measures through to control the populations of the globe. Something the rich and powerful have been wanting to do for eons. Therefore I am pretty sure that I will be sitting here alone again on Christmas Eve in 365 days.

That will be a very sad situation indeed and I really hope the UK does not turn into either China or the USA, who still has numerous privacy controlling, anti-constitutional laws like the PATRIOT ACT, NDAA, National Security Letters, and the ability for the President to start (but now apparently not end wars), to fight the terrorist menace. The same menace, al-Qaeda they blamed for 9.11 but have still sometimes armed and helped such as in Kosovo, Libya, Afghanistan (against the Soviets), and now Syria, that is when they are not denouncing them for being pure evil.

So as we enter the age of the permanent police state what can we really do apart from try and skirt the edges a bit. Throw your smart phone in a big tin foil lined crisp bag as the woman from the latest Terminator film does to prevent the GPS locator accurately locating you

Or just behave, salute as the Police pass you and follow every Government diktat no matter how stupid or useless, no matter how often they themselves break the laws they pass for us to follow?

Obviously the government is always using cutting edge tech way beyond our own reach to spy on us and our Internet usage. We can install apps like Peerblock to stop as many agencies as possible from seeing what we download, use VPNS to hide our true locations, proxy 3 ways with TOR to access banned sites, and use extensions that remove tracking cookies and code from pages before they are loaded in your browser. 

I have covered many of the ways we can mask our behaviour before but if the NSA want you, they will get you, just ask Julian Assange. Now being served up on a plate to the USA, for doing no more than what a true journalist should, after a kangaroo court in the Old Bailey.

You can use my Alternative Search Engine at the top of the page, it only contains sites on the "naughty list", such as mine, and other alternative news sites like The Drudge Report, and as well as videos from to show you news that Google is de-ranking and preventing you from viewing.

You can even use a personal link and bookmark it so you can use the search engine without even coming to this site. I have bookmarked mine and added it to the bookmark bar in my browser to access it quickly without needing to come to this site. You should to if you appreciate real #altnews.

The link is > go and bookmark it now and add it to your bar at the top of your browser so you can easily access it at any time to find out the news the Silicon Valley-MIC-Big Pharma nexus of power doesn't want you to read.

Also please download and use the browser Brave if possible. It not only speeds up page loads, and uses less bandwidth due to not loading in all the tracking cookies that other browsers do, but if you open a private tab it uses TOR to put you in a location far from home and 3 proxy server hops away from your actual computer. 

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Have a good Christmas......

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Coincidence Theory...

A Poem That Speaks Volumes....

By Dark Politricks

How many times have you tried to tell people about major events that they would never usually hear about?

Events that many people across the world probably don't even know about such as the recent disclosure by the Pentagon that their pilots chased the "Tic Tac" UFO, or that multiple top ex military, pilots and nuclear weapons facility officers held a Press Club conference to reveal that UFO's had hovered above their stations and de-activated the missiles, or in Russia's case, set the countdown activation codes on, which they couldn't turn back off?

It is news like this that makes people not in the know call others "Conspiracy Theorists", a term that was devised by the CIA after JFK's assassination to attack all those people questioning the physics of the "magic bullet" theory. A theory that states Lee Harvey Oswald shot a moving target 3 times accurately with a bolt action gun, through high trees and made entry points on JFK's remodelled head, look like exit wounds. It was a term of detriment to label people questioning authority as kooks and tin foil hat wearing loons, something that has lasted until now.

Usually the person calling the other a "conspiracy theorist", has little knowledge of the facts of the case, or any of the evidence that exists to back their position up. They often don't even want to know this evidence either which is even worse when you have death bed confessions in both the cases of JFK and the CIA blowing up of WTC7 on 9.11. 

Why would you waste your last minutes on earth telling a lie, it is more likely they wanted to get a heavy weight off their shoulders before they passed to the other side. Even atheists in a fox hole pray to God when it comes to that final second they say. Would you want to meet your make knowing that you had committed a heinous crime and denied involvement in it?

Anyway, I will let the poem I got from speak for itself, it is definitely worth a read.

Coincidence Theory...

Speech, it's the other side of listening, so be quiet and meek, just listen well, whilst I try n teach,

Some lessons and facts, don't think that I'll preach, most that you hear, will have been out of your reach.

I dare tell alternative theories, historical events I seek, but talk aloud, n it's a “conspiracy theory” I speak.

I just pass on the knowledge, and info that's been leaked, but it won't be long, b4 Google denies “all free speech”.

If I dare mention COVID19is just one big why, too many symptoms to put down, that you can die.

Wuhan's free again, their wet markets aren't shy, the rest of the world shuts shops, from only Amazon u can buy.

Fear Porn's on 24/7, news is selling one big lie, but just look at the world, and please ask yourself why?

The poor always stay poor, no-one even cries, whilst the rich get more power, their money stacked high.

Dem's denounced Trump, he maybe full of drama, but count the deaths, he's killed far less than Obama.

Voted for Biden, a “woke” lib not a harmer, but u 4get he's jailed millions, with the help from Kamala.

There is no US election, it's a selection year long trauma, then a 2 sided coin gets in, suddenly your much calmer.

Take a look at yourself, on your knee's at Police farmers, herding masked sheep, just like a snake charmer.

Biden's sons a crack head, taking pics snorting off whores behinds, then slow Joe's son, leaves his laptop behind.

Hunter likes his dick pics, his Dad must be kind, news blackout, and his dad definitely don't mind.

Coz daddy Joe jailed crack smoking blacks, millions were confined, privatised prison labour, ppl need a remind.

But if you know and u show, or dare post these FACTS online, you'll soon see your YouTube vids, instantly rewind.

Look up “The Great Reset”, it's a plan full of clues, just be sure, you're reading some real #altnews.

It don't take hard math, just basic ones and twos, people can deny, but it's been in major news.

The Globalists have been waiting 4 this event, many ppl jumped in with no clue, but when China runs the show, what will u do?

All the pubs will die, you'll have nothing to do, and I'll be paying through the nose, to just Tweet to you.

On 9.11, World Trade Centre 7 fell with suspicion, free fall to the ground, therefore it must be a submission.

We even have the CIA agent, with his death bed confession, with his last words, he let out a filmed admission.

BBC reported on the news of the collapse, with the building still full of munition, she told the world, 20 mins before it's demolition.

But there were no answers, just ask the commission, they just left WTC7 out, ignored by omission.

We had Grandpa Prescott Bush, in the 30's a heavy hitter, a powerful man, who only supported Hitler.

He even tried a coup, to try make the US even more bitter, but didn't have the balls, to be the main killer.

The man he tried to recruit, was only one General Smedley Butler, but he turned them in, coz he weren't some nutter.

He wrote “War is a Racket”, the truth of the US mugger, you should all read it, and try not to shudder.

Did you just see the Pentagon released films, of planes chasing a UFO, or was it just news, u chose to forgo?

The “Tic Tac” it was called, n made their planes look slow like crows, all over the net, but didn't make a single news show.

Even the pilot who chased it, was allowed to disclose, it defied known physics, when being interviewed he knows.

That aliens were probably flying it, a dynamic light show, but don't ask mainstream news, it didn't make one row.

You have generals and pilots, who have forgone severance, even the ex head of NATOwith top cosmic clearance.

All have tried to appear in Congress, witness to their 5 sense, all to say, that UFOs are a real presence.

NASA's own Apollo moon images, show structures mile high immense, clear to see, for all with some sense.

Ask what or how, or write online correspondence, you'll only hear sighs, from brain dead TV nonsense.

Then there's Jeff Epstein, a Mossad owned perv jail bait, was going to speak out, but met with a grisly fate.

Bill Clinton n Prince Andrew, were just 2 of his good “mates”, all caught fiddling, secretly behind locked gates.

Whilst in lockup 2 guards fell asleep, wrong ligature marks, and no CCTV tapes, but don't over think, it was just a mistake.

If he ever made it to court, imagine peoples take, to find out their beloved leaders, were pedos n fake.

You may think speech is free, you can say a lot, but I can tell you all, it's absolutely not.

Say the wrong words, or think the wrong thoughts, you never know, you might even get shot.

Try n spread the truth, just don't connect too many dots, coz your truth, will soon get forgot.

Big techs limiting free speech, their on it non stop, plus your names already been logged, n sent to the Orwellian lot..

© 2020 All Rights Reserved Robert Reid   

I hope you enjoyed reading it, I did, the poet even put in links to articles and videos about the subject matter he is writing about, which includes this site, so thank you.

And coincidence theory is right, when it comes down to it the Police take to court thousands of crimes containing the term conspiracy a year. Who is mad enough to think that once you have all the money you can spend that the goal then is to accumulate power and that rich and powerful people - just like the coincidence theory case shows, don't conspire together to commit heinous acts, and clean up after themselves like the Killary hit sheet shows

Decades she has spent cleaning up after her "partner in power", I won't call it marriage as I doubt they have slept together since Chelsea was conceived. He allegedly has AIDS and she is allegedly is a Lesbian anyway. Their marriage was one of convenience, a rise to power where both of them would share the top seat. She just missed out on becoming President in her own right due to being so hated by the American people who have known about her crimes in and out of power for decades now

She is still seething at the fact that she lost to Trump and must hate it that such as brash, loony tune, populist gained power instead of her, despite all her cheating to get the DNC nomination over Bernie Sanders and potential vote rigging AKA Joe Biden who will only follow in Obama and her footsteps in causing more war and death around the globe without actually helping the people hurting right now due to losing their jobs, health care tied to them, and their homes. What is Joe Biden going to do to help these people?

I bet nothing. Let's watch and wait and see whose right if you disagree with me. If we are still here in 4 years and there has been no ranching up the Cold War with Russia, and an embracing of links with China, who had someone boasting on film the other day that they had powerful people in positions of power all over the US, including a spy who was recently in the papers after sleeping with politicians. His son has been selling influence and access to his Dad for years now and it seems that now the election has been done, Hunter is finally going to be investigated for those crimes and tax fraud allegations.

I just want to see him have to go in front of a court and face his own Dad's heinous 1994 Crime Bill reforms which made possession of Crack Cocaine to Cocaine powder a 100.1 degree sentencing difference. I wonder how fast Joe would jump through hoops of fire to protect Hunter if that happened?

Anyway I hope you like the poem it put a lot of things together in one piece. You can read more of his work here >

By Dark Politricks

©2020 Dark Politricks 

It Just Must Be Coincidence That We Are Looking More Like China Every Day Of This Year

Are We Turning Into China?

By Dark Politricks

How many people do you know that realise our world is being turned into China, run by AI computers that will lead to a lack of job opportunities and therefore decent income for families around the world with COVID19 being used as the cover for this massive change in societal behaviour?

What happens when you try and explain this to your family members or friends?

Are you told to just shut up and put back on your tin foil hat and obey the government as it plans to roll out forced vaccination programmes with untested vaccines. No matter how safe Big Pharma who aim to make billions from their vaccines say, no long term tests have been done on these vaccines. This is why people are noticing side effects like facial paralysis, and they are having to use AI computers to model out the potential death counts that will occur from the COVID vaccine rollout.

2020 has been a test bed to condition the public and for the globalist puppet handlers to see how far they can push us into a Police State before we crack and fight back. 

So far it has been very little. I have seen a few T-Shirts with slogans like "Return 1984 to fiction" about, and there have been some protests, but still the majority believe whatever their government is telling them to do for "their own good", of course.

With control of the Mainstream News, small companies going out of business so that the global monopolies like Amazon and Microsoft can take over and a rise in suicide rates and mental health issues due to the lockdowns that have left millions of people in solitude all year you would think more people would be questioning what is going on. Our whole way of life is being reformatted. 

Pubs and social meeting places are being shut for our "own good", when all psychologists know that we are social animals that  to live healthy lives.require frequent contact with other members of our species

This is all being done with a large dose of fear being pumped out by the State controlled news broadcasters such as the BBC, all US News Networks that are filled to the brim with ex politicians, lobbyists and members of the MIC that are now "legitimate news broadcasters". 

No more need for secret CIA operations like Operation Mockingbird and COINTELPRO, to feed the news media with their own version of events. They have BECOME the news media, many with their own shows pumping out "Fear Porn" 24/7 to ensure that people comply with the extreme laws our politicians have enacted. We really are becoming a Chinese style, 360° 24/7/365 constantly surveilled and monitored society.

I have even noticed when blogging, that in certain browsers that legitimate words like "surveilled" come up with a red line underneath that is supposed to tell the user the word is spelt wrong and offer correct spellings. However when I hover over the word surveilled, no alternative spelling is offered, only completely different words. In this case Shrivelled and Surveyed

This is because the word is correct, has a meaning and it is almost as if they are trying to remove our lexicon by sly social means.I am even using urban dictionary more and more to get definitions of words like "Fear Porn", as they are more accurate than a Google Search. In fact when I do a Google Search and type in Fear Por.... the word "Fear Porn" does not even appear in the drop down list of searchable words.

In fact if you do a Google Search for "Fear Porn", you will get only 2 real results coming back amongst all the actual pornography links, one from Collins Dictionary which has seen the good sense to add it and the other from Urban Dictionary. Their two definitions are:

Collins Dictionary > Link

Media content that deliberately and enticingly plays on people's fears about disaster, disease and death. Currently used in relation to some COVID reporting.

Urban Dictionary > Link

Mainstream Media content that deliberately and enticingly plays on people's fears about disaster, disease and death. Currently used in relation to some COVID-19.

Although the Urban Dictionary definition seems a direct rip off from Collins, I am guessing that it first appeared on Urban Dictionary before it became part of the Collins Dictionary. Only a few words are added to the Oxford and other dictionaries, like Collins, every year. 

The Oxford Dictionary says it only adds new words to it 4 times a year which you can see here. However to search it online costs you a £90 subscription, so why would people bother when there are plenty of other free dictionary resources out there, and even just a search for Definition: [word] on e.g for a list of definitions of the term Fear Porn just click this link to use that format on

They usually come from grass root usage on #altnews sites or slang that becomes used in social media a lot. We must remember Urban Dictionary is a joke site mainly, but when you have to go to such a site to find the definition for such a commonly used word, especially in 2020, that says a lot about all the sites like mine which have used it constantly but are still not listed. I am probably not being scanned enough by the SERPS due to my listing on the "naughty list" of 550+ sites the Orwellian authorities don't want you to see.

You can access my custom search engine from this unique link > Dark Politricks Search Engine or just use the search box at the top of the page. It might not show every #Altnews site but it will skip all the Mainstream crap sites.

Anyway the point of all this is that COVID19 supposedly started in China, and whilst I find in curious that only Wuhan suffered and there was no spread to Beijing or Shanghai, and the people of Wuhan are now walking around their AI controlled cities wet markets again, mask free. The rest of the world is in some state of lockdown, or police state like laws covering the people's travel, exercise options, meeting places, number of people allowed in their buildings and many other laws that we were warned about in the 90's by the US Militia's who thought Bill Clinton was going to usher in the New World Order. However it seems we are turning more and more into China by the day.

When AI computers are powerful enough to mange to monitor and track a whole countries population, issue automatic fines, the use of drones to monitor a cars driving to ensure they haven't travelled out of their "allowed zone" and the use of lockdowns and curfews then it seems like we are living more and more like a Chinese citizen every day.

I have been saying for ages that the Chinese Social Credit system is coming to a country near you soon I didn't think it would be too soon. It seems that China really has been a test bed for the West to try out all their TRAPWIRE systems linked together with a self feeding computer system that self regulates social behaviour by shaming people who break the "new normal".

I will let this video by the excellent Richard Dolan explain the 4th generation of humanity a little bit more for you. Universal Basic Income because their won't be enough jobs for us all and therefore less money to go on holiday's and cause Climate Change, a punishable offence in the future no doubt. Only the rich will be allowed to fly around the world whenever they like going from conference to conference to lecture the masses on why we must all give up our rights and privacy so that "The Great Reset" can be rolled out.

Let me know what you think about this "4th Industrial Revolution" and the possible implantation of microchips that can alter your DNA all in the name of saving you from the dangerous of the never ceasing COVID19 that will ravish our shores for the next few years at least it seems until the The Great Reset can be rolled out worldwide.

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Sunday 6 December 2020

America bankrupts the country but bails out the mega rich

Why is the USA the only country to not pay people unable to work due to COVID19?

By Dark Politricks

The USA like the rest of the Western World is turning into a Police State, with curfews and lockdowns in a nonsensical way to "cure" COVID19. This is of course despite the rulers who decree these lockdowns constantly breaking their own rules and the politicians playing politics with people's lives.

I don't even need to go into UN Agenda 21, and their "Great Reset", where you will apparently not own anything, have no privacy but apparently still be happy. How this Chinese style system will work without major protest I have no idea

I have heard many stories about this reset from people being locked down just as they have been this year for Climate Change reasons, not be able to drive where they want without good reason plus of course the Chinese Communist idea of a health passport that will prevent people with certain conditions from going on holiday ever again. How much is true and how much will come to pass I don't know. I just know that the world when we leave this lockdown is not going to be the same one we went in as.

I just hope all those gun owners and 2nd amendment committed citizens in the States are ready to take on the biggest military power every known if it ever comes to fruition. Let's hope not eh, but what are you going to do when the Army turns up at your door to inject you with a vaccine that you may not want to take due to the lack of testing. 

It may have been rushed out quick with lots of help, but we won't know any long term effects from taking it for years. This is why vaccines usually take decades to come out so they can see any long term health side effects. The option to say NO to this has been taken away from us in the UK by the COVID law, only one doctor needs to sign a form to force you to take medication against your will. Other countries I am not so sure about but that is not freedom.

Anyway I won't write a lot about how LA is basically locking people up in their homes as prisons, not allowing them to drive or move about, shutting small businesses but bailing out huge ones instead all for politics as this following video from Jimmy Dore does it very nicely indeed.

I can't believe that for the sake of politics the Democrats wouldn't allow everyone in the States to get a cheque for $20k to stay at home and let the virus die down but instead played politics as they didn't want Trump's name on it before the election. Who cares, people are suffering, small businesses are dying and as you will see in the video the rich and wealthy donors to Nancy Pelosi got the trillions of bailout money instead of the people who need it.

The rest of the world is paying businesses to keep their staff on by helping out with a percentage of their wages but the US isn't. Instead people are left to suffer, shut their own companies and watch as the stock prices of Amazon, Microsoft and others climb higher and higher. 

The world really is a sick place if we are going to do this "Great Reset", and allow these corporations to have monopolies over all goods for sale because every other competitor has been closed due to the virus these globalists have taken advantage of to enrich themselves even more. 

As small businesses shut, mega corps like Amazon just swallow them all up, soon they will be the only player in town for many goods you may want to buy.

Here's the video, enjoy....

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 By Dark Politricks