Thursday 13 June 2024

The Real Reason The USA Wants To Own Ukraine

Sen. Lindsey Graham Lets Loose The Real Real Reason The USA Wants Ukraine

By Dark Politricks

Sen. Lindsey Graham, that masculine war hawk in DC, that wants everyone but himself to die for his campaign contributions from the MIC, let slip the real reason the USA wants to keep Ukraine all for itself (BlackRock, Vanguard etc).

It seems that these ancient war hawks just can't get over the fact that whatever faults Putin has, and he has many like all corrupt world leaders. They just can't rip off the Russian people like they did in the years when a drunken clown, Boris Yeltsin, was President of Russia.

When Boris Yeltsin was helped into office by the western powers he basically let capitalism loose on his country to the furthest reaches of what the term meant. US companies and Russia oligarchs basically bought up whole privatised industries on the cheap and when Putin came in and stopped the fire sale of Russia it stopped a lot of people getting rich very easily.

Here we can hear Sen. Graham on some US MSM TV show give away the real reason he and other Americans don't care if a whole generation of Ukrainians die or go missing from the country.

Yes it's all down to those pesky rare earth minerals like Lithium, worth a thousand times their weight in gold in the new age of electric cars and smart phone batteries.

How dare Putin think he can take these minerals for himself and sell them to China when the US and NATO can risk World War III (and yes we are nearly there people), to steal them for themselves. They have already carved Ukraine's nationalised industries, and fields that were once labelled the bread basket of Europe, up for Blackrock and it's ilk. 

I mean Ukraine owes the USA billions under it's lease lend act, and as the UK only finished off paying back it's "friend" who helped it out during World War II under Gordon Browns premiership in 2006. It may take Ukraine, if it wins the war, or has some sort of existence outside Russian control, many decades to pay back. 

With all its nationalised industries privatised for US companies to run and make money from, and the farm land, carved up, despite most of the fertile fields laying the East. Ukraine won't have much money from industry to pay back loans given to it for weapons and salaries, bribes and offshore bank accounts.

It got so corrupt with Zelenskyy and his Right Sektor mob, who have him under their control. basically threatened with death if he doesn't do as they say. That the US CIA Director, William Burns, had to fly into Ukraine himself to tell the Ukrainian leader to stop stealing so much money as it was getting harder and harder to cover up. 

If anyone didn't know Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe then they should now.

Ukraine may have difficulty paying back its "generous backer" who has offloaded all it's old weaponry and vehicles to Ukraine so that the billions passed in Congress for Ukraine, are no more than a DC laundering scheme. 

This works because the Senators and Congress people passing the funding bills. get to hand the money over to the Military Industrial Complex companies that send over their left over weapons, including tanks and APC's, unchecked Javelin missiles, and other military equipment that have been lying in warehouses since the 90's, to Ukraine,  

You can see some US soldiers out in the desert attempt a Javelin missile launch below.

In contrast the Ukrainians are finding out how good the Russian equivalent, the Kornet is, against their own tanks.

At least some Ukrainians benefit from the US weapons that are sent over without the US even knowing where they are going or who is using them. Some which have been found on the Darknet being sold of $30,000 a pop.

Then take the newly passed money by government to line it's own pockets and develop newer weapons that the Ukrainians won't see, and then complete the circle by paying the politicians who passed the bill huge campaign contributions, that obviously are used to feather their own pockets. So the Ukrainians lose out twice, they get ropey equipment from the USA, and have to hand over their huge pockets of precious minerals if Sen. Lindsay Graham gets his way,

If you wondered why the West hates Russia so much it comes down to the oldest motive in time, greed. The US want what the Russians have and they don't want to pay for it. So instead they have destroyed a whole country in an attempt to get at it.

The Biden administration last month secretly shipped long-range missiles, ATACMS, to Ukraine for the first time in the two-year war and Kyiv has already used the weapon twice to strike deep behind Russian lines. They have the ability to reach far behind Russian lines and have already been used to attack Russian early warning systems that help them defend against a nuclear attack. 

This has crossed one of Russia's red lines and clearly crosses the line behind Russia's nuclear doctrine of when it can and cannot use nuclear weapons. If it can be attacked by missiles that could carry nuclear warheads so close to the border of the country, the Russians have no idea whether they do or don't. Every firing of one of these missiles relies on a judgment call by Russia's military on whether to legally launch their nuclear arsenal and end the world or not.

As these missiles are not ICBMS they pose a particular new risk to Russia and it's early warning radar stations and both Sergey Lavrov and Putin have clearly stated that this crosses a red line and puts nuclear weapons into play due to their nuclear doctrine which determines whether nuclear missiles can be fired or not.

Putin has also clearly noted that Russia and NATO are now in "direct confrontation". Because certain weapon systems rely on secretive guidance information from US satellites to allow for the targeting of certain long range weapons, the Russians have also made it clear that they know that it is NATO troops doing the targeting and firing of these weapons not the Ukrainians. This puts NATO and Russia in direct conflict. 

We are basically at war with Russia and all pretence of NATO just helping Ukraine out has gone

We are at war with Russia. 

So if you live in the US or Europe and were wondering whether we were close to a nuclear Armageddon then the answer is yes. 

We have never been so close to the end of the world. At least during the Cuba Missile crisis there were two adults in the room on opposing sides, here we have one, Putin. Across him sits a senile dithering old fool, and no-one really knows who in the deep state is running the show. 

Whoever it is, they have little care for the fate of the world if their recent actions breaking yet another of their own red lines, by sending long range weapons to Ukraine is anything to go by.

We are in World War III.

Will we live through it? 

Well we know one thing, Sen. Lindsey Graham won't get his hands on all those precious jewels in the Ukrainian ground if it is a nuclear wasteland. So until that matter is sorted we may be safe,.

By Dark Politricks

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Tuesday 2 April 2024

The Crocus Massacre - Ukrainian Involvement

Russia Links Crocus Terrorists To Ukrainian Funding Source

By Dark Politricks

A report by Russian investigators has confirmed payment from Ukraine in cryptocurrency from the perpetrators of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

The report by Russia points to the Ukrainian special services, but says: “we must understand that they are directly connected with the CIA and MI6 and MI5,”

Scott Ritter, a former Iraqi UN arms Inspector who tried to stop the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 has said publicly that the attack does not look like an ISIS style attack, and the fact that the attackers planned on escaping alive to Ukraine rather than dying like martyrs is a sign that it was a cover for the Tajik hitmen who were seemingly hired over Telegram by Ukrainian special forces.

I laid out the simple steps that seemed to show that the Islamic Terrorist plot was just a cover for another plan in my Twitter posts starting here: Step by step guide to Moscow Terror Attacks Western Links.

With the West so eager to claim that Ukraine was not behind the attack just minutes after the concert hall attack one must ask how did they know when the perpetrators had not even been caught and interrogated at that time.

That alone and the pre-warning to US citizens to stay away from public spaces specifically "Music Concerts", yet no back-channel communication to Russia about how they knew of the attack and providing evidence of foreknowledge is enough to leave the Western intelligence agencies such as the CIA and MI6 on a list of possible suspects.

It seems that because Ukraine can no longer fight the Russian advance directly due to the majority of it's NATO supplied tanks and missile defence systems having been destroyed as well as estimates ranging from 400,000 to 1,000,000 million dead soldiers, they are now resorting to terrorist tactics inside Russia. 

From this video, you can see that the state is happily sending school kids off to the front lines to fulfil the USA's wish to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian, whether this means losing a whole generation of citizens from the very young, to the very old.

It seems that as Russia has already destroyed Ukraine's NATO-trained first two Armies it is now unfortunately tasked to destroy an army of students and press-ganged people dragged from their homes or off the street.

The world does not realise that the situation here is as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis, but even more so due to the size of the nuclear bombs now being used by each side.

However it seems the roles are reversed though, and if Putin is JFK there is no one home at the White House to play Khrushchev and come to the negotiating table which Russia has been wanting to do ever since it first negotiated a peace settlement in the early stages of the war in Belarus and then Turkey.

The Ukrainian negotiator who initialled the peace deal ready for Zelenskyy to sign has been publicly speaking about the deal and wonders why it is was never fully signed.

Here, Ray McGovern, ex CIA, and a member of a Security Analysts for Sanity group that tries to bring some balance to this mad world, with other ex-US intelligence and military members like Scott Ritter, gives an interesting view often dismissed by Western news services.

In this video he talks about how there was a peace agreement, how Russia pulled its long line of tanks pointing towards Kyiv out as a sign of good faith so that negotiations could go forward, and how Boris Johnson was sent to Zelenskyy to tell him not to proceed.

It seems that Zelenskyy made a Faustian bargain with NATO in that they would give him milirtay aid, pay for his whole government's wages and pensions using money from Western tax payers, and and continue until the last Ukrainian.

Let's just hope that any terrorism in Russia that has been initiated by the NATO-backed Ukraine, and especially the CIA and MI6, has not put paid to any hopes of a peace settlement.

If someone with a modicum of sense on the Ukrainian side wants to negotiate peace, let's hope the Crocus massacre of kids at a music concert is not the end of any chance to resolve this war without Russia having to kill all these poor Ukrainian kids sent to the front lines.

The massacre is not something I would wish to have my country's hands involved in, and if they have been covertly supporting terrorist groups to attack the Russian capital, then I hope Russia keeps the level of patience and calm it has done so far, and is still willing to talk peace.

By Dark Politricks

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Wednesday 6 March 2024

Are The IDF The Biggest State Sponsored Terrorists In The World?

IDF In Damage Control After Slaughtering Palestinians Waiting For Flour

By Dark Politricks

I won't write much here but the news that the IDF launched tanks shells on a queue of starving Palestinians in Gaza as they waited for flour from an AID truck does not surprise me.

After all the previous callous murders and assassinations, the destruction of civil property and thousands of homes demolished with many people still stuck under rubble, and the deliberate filming of themselves disrespecting Mosques before demolishing them, nothing surprises me about the IDF anymore. 

Go and search Telegram if you don't believe me, YouTube won't have a collection of IDF soldiers all acting repugnantly but certain Telegram channels have been created by IDF soldiers purely to upload films of themselves acting like barbarians. Slaughtering children, and shelling tent-cities without giving two shits about their behaviour they then publicize to the world. Or those willing to look, and be willing to wipe the lies of a heroic and brave Israeli IDF army from their eyes.

Watch this then take part in the poll if you can please.


By Dark Politricks

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Friday 1 March 2024

New York Times Lies

The New York Times Continues To Push False Narratives Of Hamas Rape On Oct 7th

By Dark Politricks

The story of mass rapes by Hamas on October 7th took almost 3 months to actually come out. It is quite odd that such a serious crime would be ignored until an Israeli intelligence agent got her first journalistic job, a front page scoop at the US intelligences favourite paper, the New York Times.

Screams Without Word - Fake NYT Rape Story

However, just like the lies about rows of de-capitated burned babies, and Hamas killing thousands of Israeli citizens, when a large number, maybe even the majority, were killed by their own IDF forces. This story turned out to be a total lie as well. 

In fact the family used in the front page story even denounced the writer, claiming they were lied to and no-one in their family had been raped at all. In fact even the Israeli police told the paper that they had no evidence of any sexual assaults taking place on October 7th by Hamas insurgents.

It was IDF helicopter gun ships and tanks blew up the Kibbutz that the IDF soldiers guarding the high tech fence surrounding the "Open air prison", as David Cameron once called it, were living in.

Occupying states do not have the right to self defence when the people they are occupying manage to attack them. They are supposed to stop the occupation and prevent violence through the fruition of a real home for the Palestinians, not a planned Genocide that we are all now witnessing,

This will be remembered by billions of people around the world. Whilst right wing news nuts ignore the plight of the Palestinians who are shot at when trying to obtain food from the few aid trucks allowed into the small area of the concentration camp the IDF told them to move to, as it would be "safe". People wanting the facts are having to turn to the alternative news online to find out the truth behind the current war in Gaza and what caused it.

So safe that helicopters, planes and snipers continue to bomb and shoot the Palestinians all squashed up into one small corner of the prison, just ready to be exterminated by evil IDF soldiers who have been let off their leashes by the Israeli government,

However to explain the lies of the New York Times which have already been debunked by The Grayzone, the Intercept and many more, I will let Jimmy Dore do the talking.

How many lies does the Israeli Government expect to get away with?

I continue to hear people repeat stories of dead babies (one baby died), and mass rapes, yet all these lies have just compounded the crimes of Israel against the Palestinians. 

As we all watch the genocide unfold, I want to know what you are doing about the biggest war crime, televised, in our age? 

I can only write, and provide some context to the crimes, but at least I am not silent and I am doing something. 

What are you doing to stop the Genocide of the Palestinians people?

By Dark Politricks

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