Thursday 22 February 2018

#Russiagate debunked - A Russian BOT farm just placed adverts on Facebook for click-bate and money

#Russiagate debunked - A Russian BOT farm just placed adverts on Facebook for click-bate and money

The Jimmy Dore Show

This show by Jimmy Dore proves that #Russiagate is a load of bull and the troll farm is just placing adverts on Facebook, half of them after the election, to get clickbate and earn money.

Some of the Russian Facebook adverts placed to apparently "hack" the 2016 US election

Many of these Russian Trollers had little idea of US politics, a bad grasp of English and even posted an advert for cat lovers.

Well many YouTuber's love a good cat video or two rather than real news, so maybe they knew a bit more about the US population than we think!

I will let Jimmy explain in this video.

Watch on The Jimmy Dore Show on YouTube.

Even if I watch one of his videos or another "anti establishment" video on YouTube it never seems to show up in my "Watch History" for some reason.

I see it as more Google de-ranking of any anti-war mongering "It was all Russia" memes that the Democrats believe will help them win the mid terms, as well as an excuse to get their establishment news out rather than what you want to see. More shenanigans.

So the Democrats think just going on about Trump and his supposed ties with Russia rather than detailing actual policies that might help the common people out will help them win? If so they are crazy.

People apart from Rachel Maddow and the companies that advertise on her show want her to carry on about #Russiagate as it gives them ratings. The worst thing is if you repeat a lie over and over again enough people start to believe it.

This is building up to another Red McCarthyism Scare for the people to blame Russia when the US meddles, sometimes with invasions and assassinations to influence elections, just read the book "Confessions of an Economic hitman" to see the real picture and watch some of Abby Martins "Empire Files" to see how the "greatest country on Earth" at work.

Even Republicans and the millions of Democrats who left the party to become independents all believe in the sort of progressive policies that people like Bernie Sanders is proposing. He has proved this by going to red states and getting good poll numbers from Trump supporters who want jobs and not to die because they cannot afford health insurance.

Do you think poor people queuing at food banks, or having to live in a tent city really cares about #NothingBurger when they want free medical care, no police brutality, less Wall St fraud and jobs and homes?

What do you think?

By Dark Politricks


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