Tuesday 20 July 2010

The very non liberal Democratic party – where is the choice?

There is no real difference between the Democrats and Republicans

By Dark Politricks

The democrats are not a left leaning party, they are not liberal in any meaningful way rather they are the current face of the one party state that supports the corporate bankster take over of government and the economy.

The current financial reforms prove this as no matter how much Obama may claim they will prevent another repeat of the financial meltdown they won’t do anything of the sort and it will only be a matter of time until another bubble bursts and the government is expected to clean up the mess. Instead of doing something drastic such as re-introduce Glass Stegal and other post depression laws they have instead given even more power to the one group of people who are probably more responsible for the current mess e.g the Federal Reserve.

The current reform act has done nothing to prevent the huge casino banks from making high risky investments and relying on the taxpayer to bail them out when they go wrong. Instead this act proves the amount of power that the banksters have over government policy as they taken a large chunk of the bailout money given to them and used it to lobby, bribe and buy off politicians to prevent any meaningful reform from occurring. If the Democrats were a true left leaning party they would have stuck up for the man on the street instead of Wall Street. Their recent actions prove where their real allegiances lie.

If the Democrats were a true left leaning liberal party they would be against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and definitely against the expansion of the never ending war on terror into Iran, Yemen and Pakistan. Instead they kowtow to Israeli pressure groups and the neo-con factions pushing for more war as if it was some kind of economic stimulus rather than one of the primary causes behind the collapse of the American dollar.

Instead of trying to reverse the massive amount of damage the last Republican war party has done to world peace, Americas image abroad, and to the rule of law they have instead followed previous policies as well as expanding them. 

A true liberal party would have stopped these wars of aggression and instead used the trillions of dollars spent blowing up Afghani wedding parties and school buses to help the economy at home.

At home in America they have proved that they are controlled by financial and corporate interests by watering down any truly progressive bills such as the health care reform. Instead of going for a public option, a cheap affordable insurance plan that everyone could get covered by they opted for fudges and unconstitutional insurance mandates. When it came to propaganda about death panels and abortions on demand the Democrats buckled and gave in to fear and in fact it was the lack of votes on their side of the aisle that prevented their original plans from being implemented.

On civil liberties they have proved their non liberal credentials by following George Bush’s attack on the constitution and by extending the high tech surveillance state that is now a common feature of most western democracies. 

Using the war on terror as an excuse for anything and everything they have kept the Patriot Act, continued mass unwarranted wire tapping, renditions of prisoners to overseas prisoners where they can be tortured and extended the definition of “terrorist” to include many domestic protesters.

Instead of standing up for liberal beliefs in personal freedom and a small state they have instead extended the size of government beyond any comprehension and the size of the national debt is such that it is very likely to never be paid off unless a massive devaluation of the dollar takes place.

As Bill Maher often says, a true liberal party would have legalised marijuana, and ended the other war that will never be won e.g the war on drugs. Instead of rolling back the police state apparatus that has sprung up they have allowed it to continue growing at a very fast pace.

This is a police force that sees nothing wrong with Tasering old grannies lying in their beds, or to shoot people in the back on train station platforms, or to storm into ones house and kill family pets who bark to loud. 

This is a Brown Shirt style police force that is crying out for a big firm hand to be squeezed around it to prevent abuse and in which cops who abuse their power by shooting, assaulting and killing are punished in the same manner as any other citizen of the country would be. 

In fact I would go so far as to say that Police officers should be forced to upkeep even higher standards of professional conduct than anyone else and no leniency should be given to officers who choose to abuse their power by mistreating the public.

No matter what some on the right may say about Democrats being liberals, Socialists and Commies the truth of the matter is that the majority of Democrat house members don’t seem to have any liberal views at all.

The old left right paradigm has long disappeared and the only choice for voters in the 2 party political system is between a center right party e.g the democrats and a far right religious fundamentalist neo-con war mongering party. 

If you are anti war, anti corporate take over, pro civil rights and pro constitution which party are you supposed to vote for?

By Dark Politricks

© 2010 Dark POlitricks