Monday 13 February 2023

War, Hypocrisy, Slavic Nations tearing each other apart as NATO makes £$ on the side

This war is just an exercise in hypocrisy either that or Russia and Ukraine are more like each other than either would like to believe

By Dark Politricks

First off sorry for the lack of articles lately I have had quite severe health problems many of which the NHS is still looking for.

Anyway, I am sad to say the first article of 2023 is going to be once again about the war in Ukraine, one in which it is is seemingly coming more aware that the slurs labelled against the Russians, being baby raping Orcs, and all that crap, could quite easily be parried back to their Slavic brothers in Ukraine. It seems from the evidence they are not as far apart as some would like to think.

What with all the killing of Russian POWS that the UN doesn't seem concerned about, despite being filmed and sitting on YouTube for the best part of a year, despite breaking all their Terms of Service and the sending of new, now teenage Ukrainian recruits, many who were press-ganged into the army by those rich enough to pay to stay out of it. Men and kids, all doomed to be sent straight to the front line in Bakmuht, almost certainly to die. 

Bakhmut, the front line city, where new recruits have an expected life expectancy of only 4 hours, now that Russian and Wagner forces control all sides of the town and where there is now only one road now that the Ukrainians could evacuate from. 

However, from recent speeches from the Ukrainian commander-in-chief, President Zelenskyy, it seems that he is willing to risk losing some of his best troops in this meat grinder, to defend this key Donbass town at all costs.

Bakhmut the front line in the Russo-Ukrainian war

It is also clear from this following video that Ukrainian recruits are just sitting out the battle, just hiding where they can to escape from the brutality. You can also witness a Stalinesque style Ukrainian military force designed to prevent any men from retreating despite facing certain death

Just like in the famous film Stalingrad where retreating soldiers were shot by their own forces, these Ukrainian soldiers seem to be doing the same thing. Forcing young recruits with little training and no prospects of winning to go back to the front line and face their doom, or face certain death by a shot to the head.

These are not too dissimilar from Soviet tactics and certainly one that makes the Ukrainians seem not much different and certainly as uncaring about their soldiers lives, than those people parroting the same lines about the invading Russians. Something that you will also see in the following video, a shot of a field covered in Wagner forces' dead bodies. 

These were soldiers, or most likely conscripted Wagner prisoners, promised their freedom if they fought, sent across minefields to "just see what was ahead". Orders from sick officers who probably laughed as they watched their own men die needlessly, just to create a safe passage for themselves and other forces, across a field strewn with mines.

However, the retreat from Bakmhut all depends on Zelenskyy and whether he wants the cream of his army destroyed or sent to Siberia, rather than live to fight another day. From the videos coming out from the front lines on Telegram from Ukrainian soldiers, it is clear that they don't hold him in high regard. 

With little supplies, equipment, and weaponry, these soldiers are stuck in wet soggy trenches catching pneumonia which as Col Douglas MacGregor says is being transmitted across the Ukrainian forces by the rotation of men. 

The Ukrainian soldiers are posting videos all across Telegram channels like T.ME/DKULKO or commenting on the lack of supplies or the position they are faced with, fighting a population that wants to be Russian as in this video.

The US General also discusses how the men in the forces are very disgruntled at Zelenskyy and his fight-at-all-costs demands, with videos posted of men vowing to come back to Kyiv to kill the ruling regime, I would like to see the actor and NATO lead role star of their production sitting in a wet trench being constantly bombarded by Russian shells.

And now the hypocrisy after we have seen how uncaring the Zelenskyy regime has been with their troops, many grabbed off the streets of Kyiv and press-ganged into the ranks of the Ukrainian army and sent to the front line with little training or ammunition. We now have real evidence of the Ukrainian army using chemical weapons outfitted on drones and dropped on Russian forces.

Where is the OPCW, we have physical evidence of Ukrainian soldiers making Cyanide bombs to be dropped on Russian troops by drones in the trenches?

The Ukrainians laugh as they make these illegal weapons in what looks like a huge clean kitchen just full of deadly chemical. I wonder if this was one of the germ warfare chemical plants that the US had been running in Ukraine. 

Let's just remember what happened in Syria when faked barrel bombs were planted in Syrian buildings. This chemical weapon "attack", was used as a red line crossed, which allowed the OPCW to go in and make a report, later found to be falsified when whistle-blowers came forward, but at the time allowed western forces to bomb Syrian forces. 

This makes Zelsnskyy a war criminal by allowing his forces to kill Russian POWS and use chemical weapons on their forces. Something that was not missed by wise Tweeters who managed to get #ZelenskyyWarCriminal trending on Twitter the other day.

I can only wonder what would happen if this was the other way round and these videos were of Wagner or Russian forces sitting there laughing as they made chemical weapons to be used against their enemy, If you have seen the video of the Russian soldier who had one of these awful bombs dropped on him by a Ukrainian drone then you should be sickened.

Not many men on either side wish to be in battle on the fields of Ukraine, one which Putin recently decried NATO plans, and linked the recent agreement to send tanks to Ukraine, something which was unthinkable last year as a pretext to starting WW3, to the historical battles of World War II. To once again see German tanks with crosses on their sides cross into the fields of Ukraine, is a shocking reminder of how we so soon forget history. Remember some of the biggest battles of the second World War were fought in Ukraine, and the biggest ever tank battle was fought at Kursk, something which Putin denounced at the remembrance day of defeating the German NAZI machine.

And lest you forget, that the Russians see this as another war to defeat NAZISM, let there be no doubt that the Zelenskyy regime supports the right wing views of Stephan Bandera the NAZI supporting Ukrainian who killed thousands of Jews and Poles, and was later killed by the KGB. 

Here is a Tweet from a Spanish woman's account where she witnessed a huge NAZI flag in the middle of a Kyiv shopping centre, Now if you don't call that supporting fascism and NAZI ideology I don;t know what is, 

So, if you think the Russian soldiers are Orcs, then I think you need to look at the other side. It is not only blatantly obvious that the Ukrainians are using illegal chemical weapons, and killing Russian POWS, both breaking international treaties which go unheard by the UN and NATO news propaganda, but they are also still propagating a fascist ideology based around NAZISM. 

This is the response from a Russian soldier after seeing the YouTube video, allowed despite breaking all their TOS, seeing that is Russian soldiers being tortured and killed by AZOV sadists, something that is now allowed in our western social media. Have we fallen that far?

What level of hypocrisy and debased views of their "heroic leader", Zelenskyy will they tolerate and ignore just so that they can get their war with Russia, without using too many of their own men, as it is widely known that Polish, US, and UK troops are actively fighting in the war against Russia in a war they are losing as this foreign Australian soldier makes clear.

NATO seems to be making up for the lost chance of pitting its forces against the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War by making up for it now. Using Ukrainians to fight the Russians, and pumping weapons into a cauldron will only suffice in making Ukraine a privatised nation, a policy already being promised by their useful actor in charge of theatrics at Parliaments around the world. 

Also, let us not forget what I said months ago just after the terrorist attack, that the cat is out of the bag now about the Nordstream pipelines, and how the US blew up billions of dollars worth of an allies infrastructure

I hope the German people now realise that the US is not their friend but a competitor on the economic world stage who will go to any lengths to ensure they remain top dog, and Germany cannot prosper with the help of cheap Russian gas.

After the war, if any of Ukraine remains, it will be an indebted nation to the US and other NATO allies for decades to come. With the prosperous wheat fields, and industrial heartland of the Donbass removed from Ukraine, all the actor Zelenskyy has to offer is to privatise all the nationalised industries that are currently owned by the Ukrainian state to be carved up and privatised and make the already poor civilian in Ukraine suffer more from higher priced services from western companies. 

A quote from a company hoping to carve up Ukrainian nationalised industries. Blackrock CEO Fink said after meeting the great Ukrainian hero in December:
"Zelenskyy and Fink agreed Wednesday to “focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channeling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy.”
That is of course if the Ukrainians can keep Russia from totally overrunning the west of the country taking Kyiv, and installing a pro-Russian President. Hopefully, this would prevent the great planned carve-up of Ukraine. Something that the Russians have already endured under the Yeltsin years, when everything was for sale in Russia, and something the NATO West badly wants to do with Ukraine.

And, lest I blow up your senses with too much information and facts, here is the head of the Mozart Group, Andrew Milburn, created to oppose the Wagner group. He is on video, slightly drunk but then that is good for letting the beans out and here he is confirming that the Ukrainian army is filming and killing and torturing Russian POWs, and breaking Geneva Conventions on war. It's a little teaser you can go look the full interview up yourselves on the video site of your choice.

Let's see who gets to suffer more in the end. For it seems these two Slavic nations, as cruel as it seems, are, as Putin said in a recent speech, brotherly Slavic nations still, and sadly this war with NATO proves this, with both side's deadly tactics and cruelty. It seems that the two nations are not so far apart after all.

By Dark Politricks

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