Wednesday 8 April 2020

Help Me Create A Real #Altnews Search Engine

Google can crack any attempt to use their widgets to search out the box but you can help me?

By Dark Politricks

Recently I have had to revert back to a "Google" search widget, one which hardly includes any of the sites I had set it to search from, when you try to think outside the GoogleBox by getting "9.11" or "Syrian War" news.

Not just from sites not recommended as "authority safe" but actually listed as "Fake News" appearing on a list of 550+ sites including mine, compiled by a US Professor to let Facebook automatically flag URLs posted in Direct Messages and Google to not include them in their results.

The top answer I get using this Google widget which is only supposed to search sites I WANT, are of course, a site about new release of DEBIAN??, and of course the very anti-authortarian site I listed in the clearly labelled box to enter sites you only wanted to search.

Of course this is not just limited to Google preventing you see what you want but even messengering freinds on Facebook something containing a banned link causing an instant block as those sites violate their Community Standurds.

Try it open a Facebook Messenger Chat and just enter the domain name of and see if your message gets sent to you friend. Here is what I get when I try to send 3 links from the "banned list" to a friend and then remember that conspiratorial thought police that would never happen, and how evil Google was to help China install their Internet Firewall preventing Chinese users from accessing the whole web.

When China got Google to break their own "ideology" to "do no evil", if they even ever believed in that fake motto it was to cover their real one, "do whatever to get rich" and of course help the MIC who seeded your start-ups with black money, by creating the strongest firewall for a country as of yet seen. The western liberal nations all lambasted them, that is before countries like, Australia, UK, and many others implemented similar situations. Well what did we all do?

We are still crying "Human Rights Abuses". The Chinese public must be able to access the Internet without censorship. Especially with the #COVID19 virus, the photos of dead bodies were top news, and now with the sudden emergence of people after 3 months of lock-down from Wuhan, the photos, tweets and videos kept alive by Chinese protestors, to only be taken down then re-posted up again, are retold and retold by CNN and the BBC as some sort of bravery that only the Chinese need to do.

What about our human rights abuses?

Just think!

What are we not being told, or not able to access because Facebook, Google and the Silicon Valley/MIC nexus is preventing alternative narratives to the stories that our establishment broadcasters are peddling us. What are they hiding, well just try looking and then you might get a clue or too.

Try searching some of the sites that on the banned list or passing them over social media networks owned by the 3 letter agencies and see what you can and cannot discuss without being instantly labelled a crackpot for having a theory outside the main stream though.

Sheep who read their daily paper full of death gloom and how we must all follow the most stringent anti liberty rules since WWII. News constantly on the TV and Radio, breaks in popular TV shows for Oxbridge Etonian Toriesm to tell us to all stay inside and not go out to "Save the NHS". Well maybe the NHS wouldn't need saving if you hadn't been planning on privatising it, preventing fair pay for junior doctors forced to work 90 hour weeks and allowing all your masonic friends to get bids in whilst the time is right.

Are we in a Police State of our own invention or just too scared to ask "why"?

I have the code for a "Super Search Engine", one that will search multiple sources, remove duplicate URLS and only allow URLS on a "Whitelist" or in this cases Facebook's "Banned List" to appear.

I can place it behind Cloudflare to reduce bandwidth and hide remote IPs, I can create widgets to it for people to embed into blogs to get only "banned" news.

If I had the money I would do it myself but I don't. What I do have are the coding skills to get something like this going. Start it and let someone run off with it. I don't really care who owns it I just would like a search engine that would ONLY search sites they are told to for news they most certainly have listed even if it's ranked on page 500 despite having the best SEO.

Want to help me? Go and donate a few dollars or pounds at a friends site and if no-one will donate some server space then maybe I can rent some with enough help.

One for thing is sure, these search engines widget bars to enable you to customise your searches, are pure crap.

I did not create an "alternative search engine widget" that when running a search for 9.11 returns a link to

Help if you can, I really don't want to write this myself using ASP Classic....

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Google Blocks My #Altnews Search Engine

Well it seems Google really didn't like the fact I made an #altnews search engine

By Dark Politricks

Well if you read my last piece about going down the Google/Facebook social media plug hole then you will know I created a little search box at the top of the site for anyone to use if they wanted to purely search some of the sites, I and 550 others, have been placed on as too dangerous for you to make up your own minds about.

However I came here today after showing a Facebook friend my site and suggested he use the search engine low and behold it's been ruined by Google so you can't even get any results back from it any-more!

I don't know why, I created the widget exactly as it told me to do and I added a number of sites so that when you entered a search only those sites would be returned. However running a search now for 9.11 or Syria or "War on Terror" now returns ZERO results when only last month it was returning hundreds of results and only from the sites on the new ban list.

Even just going to Google search engine and typing in "war on terror",, will only return results from the first site,, and nothing from the Telegraph, if your lucky, otherwise it might just ignore the filters, ask if you are human, and then show irrelevant results.

Google just can't stop fucking over any blog or site that wants to get out the truth and alternative narratives for you to think about instead of getting all your news from corporate online papers, TV news broadcasts and other establishment outlets.

This has really pissed me off. I am either going to try a few new widgets or when I get some money - donations welcome please - just go to my friends PayPal account and donate some money, the more I get the better #altnews search engine I can create, no Mainstream News BS, no BBC, CNN or Telegraph news articles just alternative points of view from the best sites out there.

I did it before when I had my own server and I hope to get another one, it used to return results from multiple search engines, remove duplicates, and the remove all the establishment sites so that only real points of view remained. If you want brain washing use Google and get skewed results that ignore any alternative points of view.

However I am a coder, I have the skills I just need to afford a small hosting platform to write my search engine. No need for nightly scrapers,  just returning the news from the sites you all like through proxies with NO CENSORSHIP.

For now I have had to work with the devil and had to replace the DuckDuckgo search engine with a Google version but unfortunately it only allows me to search ten sites for free. Google are always trying to milk money from users in every way they can but then what else do you expect.

Anyway it has 10 sites including this one so if you do a search for 9.11 or False Flag you should get results from some of the sites on the banned list. However what I really want is to make my own search engine again, bit for that I need donations. If anyone can help please so otherwise content like this will go down the drain before long"

So if you cam help me please donate, any amount, no matter how small will help. With Google and Facebook cracking down on alternative voices we need a way of getting easy access to all these sites providing them.

So please donate at and help me build a proper #altnews search engine and provide you with all the #COVID19 news and lock-down laws that will affect us for years to come, long after the Coronavirus is over.

The hashtag I created #altnews for Twitter has really kicked off and there are thousands of users all searching and tagging articles with it, this makes me really happy to see Twitter is still showing results from #altnews but I would really like to make a proper search engine that will return, blogs, news, Facebook articles and even tweets from only #altenews sites

Help please, keep alternative news available for people to search and find and stop these loonies creating lists of sites to ban from ever implementing them,

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks