Thursday 16 January 2020

Chose your friends or your shopping - How China's Social Credit Score could break your circle of friends

China's Social Credit Score - What is more important your friends or your phone?

By Dark Politricks 

If we look at China we can see into our own future.  

China has been a model and testing ground for our own Orwellian State since Mao conducted his great leap forward, praised by leaders in the west such as David Rockefeller, despite the 60+ million or so who died as a consequence of this change.

Why do Western leaders look to an authoritarian Communist country such as China, for ideas for their own countries to implement?

Well it keeps it a secret from most people in Europe and America, as most don't read or watch videos from articles on blogs that report on Chinese news. They get their information from papers owned by the rich and powerful, people who would benefit from similar systems, if implemented in their own countries.

China is a perfect place to test new algorithms to downgrade certain web content, build internet firewalls, and create new automatic systems of reward and punishment such as their new Social Credit Score system.

This new system will automatically rate every person in the country with a number depending on how well you behave, the goods that you buy, the places you visit and even the friends you associate with.

It will actually warn people when they make phone calls to people with a low social credit score and even punish you for associating with them. It will even take points off your own credit score if you are seen to be friends with people with low scores. Faces automatically plastered on electronic billboards when someone jaywalks for other people to see, all so they can be instantly judged by their fellow citizens.

People with good social credit scores are rewarded with trophies, the opportunity to travel, send their children to good schools and have better housing. They even get to have their faces posted in the papers or on the electronic screens on street walls that are as common as the CCTV cameras that watch everyone.

It is a massive automatic feedback loop. Every action taken by someone is captured and analysed, before the system reacts and decides if it is acceptable for the good of society. Once decided it adds or deducts points from your score. It is just like traveling the web with tracking cookies that log the content you visit before showing you adverts specifically tailored for your tastes.

If you think that it can't happen in your own country you only need to read up on NSA systems such as TRAPWIRE that the USA already uses, and the GCHQ in the UK. A country with more CCTV cameras per capita than anywhere else. A country that the Americans test their intrusive systems out first, without complaint from our Government, all due to our lack of a proper bill of rights.

The system is based on all the connected videos captured by thousands of CCTV cameras that record us everywhere we travel before storing them in huge data centres such as the city sized underground data centre in UTAH. The next step is to use already existing technology to analyse this huge pool of data and decide whether actions captured are good or bad before updating a citizens score.

Think of the popular TV show Person of Interest before realising that it is actually happening now in China and soon in your own country.

People with low social credit scores are basically pariahs in China. 

They have their low scores flashed to people's phones nearby using geo-location technology, so that they can basically spy on them. People can even gain points for their own credit score by informing on another persons actions. Just making a phone call to someone with a low score can prompt a warning message on the receivers phone so they can decide whether they want to risk losing points by answering it.

These people are prevented from traveling outside the country, buying certain items or applying for certain jobs. They even have their own rankings on dating websites demoted as they are deemed unsuitable mates by the "system".

It is almost as if we are handing our own governance over to a massive computer with the only human input required being the rules of what is good and bad and the bio-metrics of every citizen. Once inputted your face becomes your ID, required for access to the internet, a password for banking, and a symbol of what your country deems acceptable behaviour.

Drive too fast in a 30mph zone and the cameras capture your image before automatically deducting money from your bank account as a fine.

Cash is unacceptable as we are seeing already with Scandinavian countries trying to ban it and fewer and fewer people using it. More and more people prefer to pay at shops with a swipe of a debit card or phone at the till. All your shopping items are logged, ready to be sifted through by computers to decide whether you are eating and drinking the right food. 

Who and what is more important?

Your choice to go to the pub with certain people or your chance to buy the latest iPhone and buy train tickets to travel to different cities?

I bet many people now are thinking, no never would I disassociate myself from my best friends, but when those friends don't or cannot pay automatic fines, or buy certain goods that the system deems as bad decisions giving them a low credit score, I think many will soon change their minds.

This video tells the story of what is to come....

By Dark Politricks  

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