Tuesday 2 April 2024

The Crocus Massacre - Ukrainian Involvement

Russia Links Crocus Terrorists To Ukrainian Funding Source

By Dark Politricks

A report by Russian investigators has confirmed payment from Ukraine in cryptocurrency from the perpetrators of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

The report by Russia points to the Ukrainian special services, but says: “we must understand that they are directly connected with the CIA and MI6 and MI5,”

Scott Ritter, a former Iraqi UN arms Inspector who tried to stop the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 has said publicly that the attack does not look like an ISIS style attack, and the fact that the attackers planned on escaping alive to Ukraine rather than dying like martyrs is a sign that it was a cover for the Tajik hitmen who were seemingly hired over Telegram by Ukrainian special forces.

I laid out the simple steps that seemed to show that the Islamic Terrorist plot was just a cover for another plan in my Twitter posts starting here: Step by step guide to Moscow Terror Attacks Western Links.

With the West so eager to claim that Ukraine was not behind the attack just minutes after the concert hall attack one must ask how did they know when the perpetrators had not even been caught and interrogated at that time.

That alone and the pre-warning to US citizens to stay away from public spaces specifically "Music Concerts", yet no back-channel communication to Russia about how they knew of the attack and providing evidence of foreknowledge is enough to leave the Western intelligence agencies such as the CIA and MI6 on a list of possible suspects.

It seems that because Ukraine can no longer fight the Russian advance directly due to the majority of it's NATO supplied tanks and missile defence systems having been destroyed as well as estimates ranging from 400,000 to 1,000,000 million dead soldiers, they are now resorting to terrorist tactics inside Russia. 

From this video, you can see that the state is happily sending school kids off to the front lines to fulfil the USA's wish to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian, whether this means losing a whole generation of citizens from the very young, to the very old.

It seems that as Russia has already destroyed Ukraine's NATO-trained first two Armies it is now unfortunately tasked to destroy an army of students and press-ganged people dragged from their homes or off the street.

The world does not realise that the situation here is as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis, but even more so due to the size of the nuclear bombs now being used by each side.

However it seems the roles are reversed though, and if Putin is JFK there is no one home at the White House to play Khrushchev and come to the negotiating table which Russia has been wanting to do ever since it first negotiated a peace settlement in the early stages of the war in Belarus and then Turkey.

The Ukrainian negotiator who initialled the peace deal ready for Zelenskyy to sign has been publicly speaking about the deal and wonders why it is was never fully signed.

Here, Ray McGovern, ex CIA, and a member of a Security Analysts for Sanity group that tries to bring some balance to this mad world, with other ex-US intelligence and military members like Scott Ritter, gives an interesting view often dismissed by Western news services.

In this video he talks about how there was a peace agreement, how Russia pulled its long line of tanks pointing towards Kyiv out as a sign of good faith so that negotiations could go forward, and how Boris Johnson was sent to Zelenskyy to tell him not to proceed.

It seems that Zelenskyy made a Faustian bargain with NATO in that they would give him milirtay aid, pay for his whole government's wages and pensions using money from Western tax payers, and and continue until the last Ukrainian.

Let's just hope that any terrorism in Russia that has been initiated by the NATO-backed Ukraine, and especially the CIA and MI6, has not put paid to any hopes of a peace settlement.

If someone with a modicum of sense on the Ukrainian side wants to negotiate peace, let's hope the Crocus massacre of kids at a music concert is not the end of any chance to resolve this war without Russia having to kill all these poor Ukrainian kids sent to the front lines.

The massacre is not something I would wish to have my country's hands involved in, and if they have been covertly supporting terrorist groups to attack the Russian capital, then I hope Russia keeps the level of patience and calm it has done so far, and is still willing to talk peace.

By Dark Politricks

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