Friday 29 September 2023

@Darkpolitricks is back - unbanned from Twitter / X at last - but for how long?

Being Unblocked From Twitter / X Finally & UK Internet Censorship Could Lead To Internet ID cards to link Social Media content with real names not Usernames

By Dark Politricks

I finally got access to my first Twitter account which I created with the original version of this site in 2008 @Darkpolitricks. I have been having to use my ex auto retweeter account @Darkpoltweeter for the last 2 years as you can see from this break in dates from Aug 6th 2021 to just 2 hours ago.

The actual Tweets I got banned or cancelled for. My FaceFuck, Tumblr and LinkedIn pages were destroyed almost at the same time as if it was a co-ordinated takedown. I don't know why the Tweets are not that bad compared to some that have seen people be removed from multiple platforms at once, which I guess in the current lexicon means "You have been cancelled". However Twitter didn't destroy my account they just suspended it preventing me logging into it or tweeting to it until tonight.

I just posed a question and it got me banned until tonight when for some reason, and I suspect it's the move to X with more features and automatic help, that allowed me to get my @Darkpolitricks account back. You can see the second half of the tweet I got banned for above but the full tweet which didn't include any "wrong speak", fake news, or conspiracy theories is below, and it was this first part only that they wanted me to delete from my timeline to get back on Twitter/X.

Now that I am back on my main account I will be Tweeting from there from now on and if you have been following me on @Darkpoltweeter then add @Darkpolitricks to your list of followed accounts. I do have more followers on this main account, 3,100, and I do admit I'm not a Twitter big shot who spends all day tweeting and getting into arguments for the fun of it as I have actual things to do and articles to write.

However the good thing is that most of my followers are real people who have followed my website since I created it in 2006 and I have had detailed conversations with many of them by DM over the years. Therefore it was a big kick in the nuts when I got suspended and had to move over to @darkpoltweeter which was until then an automatic BOT that re-tweeted posts I had published on @darkpolitricks, and I was just one of many new alternative news journalists that were were basically just trying to shout out in a gigantic crowd of sceptics and conspiracy researchers like myself the new articles I had just posted. 

I did create the hash tag #ALTNEWS some years back to tag my work as what it truly was, an alternative version of the news that the mainstream / legacy media would not dare touch let alone print, and over the years others have joined me in tagging their articles with #ALTNEWS on Twitter to denote that it is not MSM tripe.

Some of these were Google no 1 ranked posts at some stage and you can see now how I am being shadow banned and slowly de-ranked by them. Articles like "A Guide To No Comment Interviews" are still near the top of BING and Google rankings but articles like "who owns the bank of England?" which used to be top whoever was searching for it, are now down in the 50th-100th range, add to that the fact the USA has my site on 2 banned lists of sites and I am on a nofly list, and you can imaging the hopping around I have to do over the years to get hosted when kicked off due to receiving cease and desist orders from the US military, and being deemed too dangerous for people to read. 

The new laws that the UK and EU are bringing in for "Internet Safety", could see the end of alternative news sites like my own if I preach "Fake News", which is only fake because it tells tales the Empire does not want you to hear. News like, Usama-bin-Ladens interview in September of 2001 where he declares he has nothing to do with 9.11, or Sibel Edmonds an FBI whistle-blower who told the world the CIA werew working with bin-Laden right up until 9.11 and all the weird behaviour that saw Israeli Mossad agents living just doors away from the 9.11 hijackers.

Digital rights groups say the UK's new Internet law threatens to undermine current online freedoms.
U.K. based Open Rights Group and the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the U.S. said that if tech companies have to ensure content is not harmful for children, they could end up being forced to choose between sanitizing their platforms or making users verify their ages by uploading official ID or using privacy-intrusive face scans to estimate how old they are. 

This seems like a further push towards an Internet ID cards to provide sites with your real name and age, not a username, and could see anyone wanting to go online wanting access to dating or social media sites providing the government with a link from "people of interest" to internet browsing. They even want to make end to end encryption chat services like Telegram and WhatsApp provide "back doors" so that the UK can see what people are saying. 

Even if the company lies outside the UK's borders it could face criminal charges for failing to provide such information and see criminal charges threatened to company bosses, just as we have seen Tory Politicians attack, and even threaten to jail free speech video sites like Rumbles directors, for hosting Russell Brand at a time where he is being tried by media and not a single charge has been laid at his door. 

Yet he had lost all money he was getting from YouTube and his 6.6 million members and many more viewers, where supporters see this as co-ordinated cancellation attack due to the content he has been talking about recently including, Googles overreach and power to sway elections, including moving 6 million votes to Biden in 2020 which you can watch below or on Runble.

This comes on top of videos attacking Big Pharma, and the WEF's Klaus Swabb and Bill Gates, the World Health Organisation and the MIC. A lot of enemies to have been made since he stopped his Hollywood lifestyle and came home to some sort of late in life realisation that actually we in the west are not the "Good Guys" after all. 

When any of us come to this realisation it can hit us hard after years of believing the news due to only having 4 TV Channels as a child, if you are old like me, or having worked for the military or the MOD in some way. We are not properly educated in money skills, making a business, philosophy and critical thinking. Instead we are being told constantly how great capitalism is and being satisfied to be trained as a non thinking drone, to work in an economy for decades, just barely getting by. Then retirement, with a tiny pension for a few years. reward for decades of hard work making other people rich, before we die.

The internet has made many people awaken to the truth that the western NATO countries are not the good people we were told they were. This is not to say that our enemies or perceived enemies like Russia are the good guys, but it has been interesting to see Russell Brand awaken and cover news events through a new lens and come to the realisation that democracy is a sham, our banking system is based on nothing more than banks putting people in debt and then leveraging that money in our fiat currency system, and that wars are manufactured to make MIC companies, and the politicians that take money from them for their political campaigns rich, without a care for the lives they kill across the Atlantic. 

It is a come to Jesus moment when you realise the lies and deception and start to realise the BBC is MI6 productions and that we are more than the worker bees we were supposed to be. Some of us rebel and protest, others leave their hectic jobs to spend more time their family others like me write articles for years making no money and doing it as a labour of love, and others like Russell Brand make videos.

However now that Russell has a wife and children, and a following of millions across multiple social media platforms it seems a very odd time for the string pullers to unleash a number of unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse from women who chose not to go to the Police, but instead allow actresses to portray them in a Dispatches documentary with claims of serious sexual abuse. 

The same media companies that created him, nurtured and humoured him, pushing him into the sexual pest he seemed to permanently act out. A smartly dressed pest with a large lexicon, that made him seem articulate and complex are now going after him and trying to ruin his reputation in the court of public opinion, probably knowing that none of the women played by actresses in the Dispatches documentary would make a police complaint. 

This image of a well spoken wordsmith is something he has brought to his new job as a permanent shouter against the Empire, whether it be against COVID Vaccines, net zero, Klaus Schwab, the push towards NWO and the war in Ukraine, providing what we bloggers try to, but in a video format. 

Myself, I started blogging my own war against the Empire which started just after 9.11. However I had come to my own realisation we were not the good guys during Desert Storm, and the Turkey shoot that allied forces were enjoying, killing Iraqi conscripts in their thousands on their retreat from Kuwait. This along with the pre-war sanctions that saw half a million Iraqi babies die and then the US secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, saying the deaths were "worth it".

This along with our bombing of Serbia whilst backing a terrorist group, the KLA, that we had brought bin-Ladens al-Qaeda terrorists to help and train, They were supposedly our enemy, yet our ally at the same time, this just showed how duplicitous we were and how thick the news organisations thought we were to let us know this.

Just look in my right side bar to see the info the world tried to keep from you after America's "New Pearl Harbour", but as we have moved from typed essays into proper alternative news we can watch on Rumble and Rockfin on our TV's. These are sites that many who have been kicked off YouTube, have run to, due to their free speech core company belief. 

They maybe the first to be tackled by the UK's new censorship bill but if you know where I am, and want information the Empire does not want people to see, then search this blog.  YouTube video embeds seem to keep disappearing and I try when I find any missing, and have time, I try to get Rumble versions if they exist, but they don't always do. However as you know YouTube seemed the way forward with no core beliefs and pre COVID without a list of things vloggers were not allowed to talk about.

It would be hilarious if not true but professors in the USA think that I helped Donald Trump get elected, which for some reason, even if I did, which I didn't seems an odd list to be placed on but I suspect it has something to do with the bullshit reason Hillary Clintons team came up with to explain her defeat in a race she expected to win and her lies to cover her unpopularity in 2016 seems to have also placed me on Russian Dis-Info list

When you actually look at the sites I am listed with, that admittedly do include Alex Jones's Infowars I am also with the pro peace, and I see it more as a badge of honour to have written so much that the MSM keeps hidden from the sheeple, and providing the other side of the forever wars narrative they push down people's throats and get them blood thirsty after false flag events like 9.11. 

I have even been the keeper of articles that were posted by MSM news sites like FOX but then taken down and scrubbed from the web due to pressure from pro- lobbying such as FOX News Investigating Israeli connections to 9.11 or the recently declassified 28 pages about Saudi Arabia's support for the 9.11 hijackers.

However now that I am back from the slumber that saw me spend most of Spring and Summer in hospital due to a broken leg and a very weird infection that has been torturing me since April. I am raring to go and getting a cancelled Twitter account back had been a big bonus. However the thing that has been doing my head in, and from the message boards on X it seems other people have been having problems as well. It's the showing and listing of all my Tweets in the lower right hand sidebar of my site, a Twitter timeline of all my Tweets.

I use BRAVE as my browser but all modern browsers apart from those built on Mozilla like Firefox are all based on Chromium and should have the same settings, developer tools and settings. However I found that the settings on BRAVE compared to EDGE or Opera are very different.

I was getting this message as if I hadn't posted anything since I created the account in 2008 just as Twitter was kicking off as a big social network. However with developer tools open in Brave I could see an error message and a link. It says that 3rd party cookies must be turned on for the embedded list to be viewed. In Brave you can just turn down your shield and if you are logged into a Twitter account with 3rd party cookies allowed for this site you should be able to view the list. 

As most browsers are based on Chromium, they should all act the same in layout and behaviour however the different browser companies still want to differentiate themselves by having different ways to set things like 3rd Party Cookies enabled or not. Above is first, Microsoft Edge's settings, and below that is Opera's. If you want to whitelist a site like mine so you can see the Twitter feed but not allow 3rd party cookies on all sites then add the following rule to your list of sites that allow 3rd party cookies, so that if you are logged into Twitter your see the feed, but on other sites you are saved from Google Adverts.


Then as long as you are logged into a Twitter account ( which is something new to have to do ), then everything should work out just fine. You might also notice that with some jiggery pockery that I should have done years ago I now have an SSL certificate (Googles), but it means this site meets the standard HTTPS encryption and offers you more security if someone was on your network sniffing your data.

One thing I did find funny though the other week whilst downloading something from the deep web (95% of the Internet, sites with paywalls, or that you have to login to access), I found this image from Peerblock, a tool everyone should use if doing P2P, and stops unwanted invaders trying to hack your PC during a data transfer or see what kind of data you are downloading. Is that for some reason Halliburton were giving me a good look over. Well at least it's a good sign that Dick Cheney's old company and big MIC US taxpayer leach is watching me. If no scum from the NWO were I'd be gutted.

Hopefully as I wake from my non active 2023 due to injury, I hope many of you who have not awakened yet do so like Russell Brand has. He is being tried by media at the moment and advertisers are leaving and his shows are being stopped. At the moment it seems this is just keeping him on the attack with video after video attacking those who are trying to stop him. I hope he is able to continue to do so, as he is not attacking the small fry.

By Dark Politricks

© 2023 Dark Politricks

Sunday 17 September 2023

Waking up to a mad world

What has the world come to?

By Dark Politricks

I haven't been on here for a while. Mainly because I've been in hospital for months with a weird black square of God knows what on my leg that a "Clinical Photographer" came to take photos of before they cut it out and handed it to me to feel. It felt like rubber, but was congealed blood, and I guess they hadn't seen something like that before to come and take photos of it. It left a massive hole underneath which isn't healing fast and on the day of my discharge, luck would have it, I broke my leg in the hospital car park.

So I have been stuck in hospital for most of the summer since April, then at home with carers until now. I got discharged from Physio the other day, so I am free to walk the streets again, thank you NHS, and I mean that despite the mistakes.

Mainly that the anaesthetist in the operation missed my neck vein and after 15 minutes of me hearing saws go through my leg and her telling me "Yes you are sedated", I pulled out the canular and shouted, "If I was sedated I would be asleep". then KO, pick line to the heart, spread of her liquid through my body over days, and a discharge note that mentions I sustained an injury during the operation with no details of how that happened. Covering asses obviously.

It was an 8 hour operation, with 18 people in the room. A surgeon told me later he had never seen so many people in one surgery before. Apparently I had smashed my knee and leg into a million bits, due to hospital socks not filling my trainer as I jumped down from a small wall and that caused my knee to break as I went to support my leg on an empty space. Lucky me. I had a synthetic bone transplant to fill that space and lots of metal plates and rods to hold it all in place. So there you go.

However, when I am in hospital I try not to listen to the news and play music to calm my head as they always dish out meds on wrong times and try changing my script. I need calm Nirvana to help me not fly off the handle, and I have had security come up a few times now. Black mark for the man who knows what meds he needs and what time to take them.

So I wake myself to YouTube of course to see what is going on and apart from the Ukrainian offensive that has failed and killed almost 100,000 Ukrainian men, many press-ganged into service if they couldn't pay the bribe to stop them being used as meat.

The Russians seem happy to just sit back and kill all these "soldiers" who haven't broken through their first line of defence let alone the two behind. It seems US, UK and German tanks were not good enough for the job. This video shows a Russian soldier surveying all the captured US Bradleys and German Leopard tanks.

People don't realise that Putin is considered a dove in Russia. Also they are not even aware that there is great anger in his MOD, and the populace, that he doesn't command his hundreds of thousands of troops to just march West and take over the Western area of Ukraine. He is seemingly just trying to avoid a World War with NATO, a war that hawks in the US seemingly want.

I think this interview between Tucker Carlson and Col. Douglas Macgregor is a good intro for those brainwashed by Western MSM who are suddenly going to be confused when Russia is declared the victor or NATO actually tries to start WW3 by fighting Russia themselves.

By the way I was very confused when I heard that the no 1 TV news show in the USA, Tucker Carlson on FOX, was cancelled and he was sacked for no other reason than he was actually interviewing truth tellers. 

To sack the no 1 rated news show and recede back into the low viewing figures of MSNBC and CNN was a bad business decision but it showed that good business didn't matter when it comes to telling the truth. 

This is something Russel Brand seems to be facing now that he has over 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel that interviews truth tellers and talks about the COVID con. I watched the CH4 Dispatches show about his "Sexual Conduct" and potential criminal sexual assaults last night. 

If that was all true it's bad news for Russel Brand, however you have to ask why after all these years are they coming after him now, and why have none of the women involved pressed criminal charges against him. 

Is this another case of killing the messenger when it gets too close to the truth?
For anyone who thinks that $14 trillion added to the US debt for this war is worth the fiat currency, where every tax paying US citizen has a debt hanging over them of $240,000, then think again. If you look at Europe their projected growth rate for 2023 is 0.05% whilst Russia has a 5% GDP.

The BRICS nations have expanded and worryingly for the US Saudi Arabia has joined, and the aim of these nations seems to be to create a new gold backed currency that would destroy the Petrodollar, and the persistent printing of money to send to Ukraine, will bankrupt the US.

The US seems more concerned about the welfare of Ukrainians, paying their wages and pensions, whereas US citizens are left to wonder what their Government is doing for them. With all the money sent to Ukraine the US could have done so much to help their own people suffering from debt, living on the streets, bankrupted due to high medical costs that could have been wiped with the trillions of dollars the US FED has printed from thin air, backed by a petrodollar that may disappear now that Saudi Arabia has joined BRICS.

The USA seems like a country falling apart at the seams, as tent cities pop up in every major city, and Democrat states seem to want to let shopkeepers suffer from the huge rise in shoplifting due to thirty-eight states now not considering shoplifting a felony unless $1,000 or more of merchandise gets stolen, Also shop owners have actually been told it would be an offence for a security guard to try and stop someone shoplifting and scenes like this are common place everyday.

As well as the decrimilazation, cities like San Francisco, LA and Philadelphia are full of zombie drug addicts asleep on the pavement. 

Instead of building drug rehabilitation centres to help restore blue state cities like New York and San Francisco from something out of The Walking Dead really try to stop thousands of undocumented immigrants and cartel drug mules crossing the border everyday with more Police and the Army on the border to stop the flood of people crossing daily with diseases such as tuberculosis, scabies, COVID, hepatitis A and B, gonorrhoea, syphilis, mumps, chicken pox, dengue fever, etc

Or here's an idea, get rid of health insurance providers, and make Medicare available for every tax paying US worker by taking a percentage of their tax to pay for a health service that is free at the point of entry. Also make lobbying politicians that have control over laws that benefit their campaign contributors illegal. If a politician can make millions from insider trading by investing in companies that are going to be getting Government contracts then they should be jailed. Politicians should work for the people who voted for them not the campaign contributing lobbyists who paid them.

Or use the money to hire thousands of Americans born in the country to fix the decaying infrastructure all over the USA. Bridges, roads, railway lines and even buildings, a bit like some of FDR's work projects, the countries infrastructure needs it and it will put money in peoples pockets who need it and will spend it, hopefully with US based companies. 

Lower tax rates for companies based in the US and hiring purely US based workers and make it illegal for US companies to be based in tax havens. There are almost 8,000 companies based in the tiny tax haven island of Belize, Any company wanting to do business in the USA must have a US based company or branch, in which all US based sales income must go, and therefore it can be taxed. 

Would Apple and Amazon chose to lose out on all the US business it gets by choosing to not do business in the US and carry on bending the rules using Chinese prison, and foreign sweat shop labour?

So help the USA first instead of printing trillions in fiat currency and sending billions off to Ukraine. All to fight a proxy war with Russia, which it seems that many politicians have been very eager to do. The Ukraine counter offensive has failed and they have had so many casualties they are running out of meat to send to the grinder and so they press gang young 16 year old teenagers, dragged from the streets into vans to be taken to the frontline where their life expectancy is a mere 4 hours, 

It still seems that the US wants to imprison the only journalist who has never told a lie, Julian Assange, who for some reason is locked up in the high security prison Belmarsh in the UK. I just hope if Donald Trump gets in as the next US president he stands up to the deep state that threatened to go after him with everything they had if he did pardon Assange and Snowdon. 

It seems Trump is already getting a lot thrown at him to stop him being elected and therefore I hope he really does clean the swamp and pardons truth tellers like Assange and Snowden.

So apart from attacks on people wanting to tell their own stories, support protests like the Canadian Trucker protest in a country run by a Chinese Communist state admiring PM, Justin Trudeau rather than MSM drivel, repeated on affiliates across the country, we have the news that UFO's or UAP's are real and that the US Congress is holding hearings into the evidence from whistle-blowers.

People who worked for MIC companies like, Raytheon and Skunkworks have managed to either create their own flying machines wrapped in gravity bubbles that can fly faster than light, or reversed engineered crashed alien craft to do the same with all the 1,600 NAZI Operation Paperclip scientists brought over after WWII.  

Other scientists who developed machines based on Zero Point Energy, something Tesla used to drive around New York powering his car, ended up dead or had their patents prevented on National Security grounds due to the Oil industry of course. 

We cannot provide the earth with free energy and stop polluting the world with our Petro based economy of course, so anyone who can provide clean energy for the population and stop the billion dollar Petro industry must be stopped. This is a bit of a funny look at Zero Point but the list of inventors at the end killed or "Suicided", is true.

You can read what Ben Rich the head of Lockheed Skunkworks who developed the Stealth Fighter plus many other known and unknown top planes for the US Military was quoted shortly before his death that:

We already have the means to travel among the stars but these technologies are locked up in Black Projects…and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

We now have the technology to take ET home. No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.” – Ben Rich shortly before his passing.

We also have alien mummified bodies, supposedly over a thousand years old, with non human DNA wheeled out into the Mexican Congress only the other day. That is a big leap forward from when I went into hospital, where Aliens and UFO's are being openly discussed in the US and other parliaments. 

And I don't even want to go into all the gender issues that are now causing issues across the Woke Western world. Why people wanted to stop the promotion and showing of the summer hit film Sound of Freedom, I don't know. The BBC claims its a QANON conspiracy despite the high numbers of children going missing across the world. 

If you listened to the Col Douglas MacGregor interview above you will also have noted the number of kids who have gone missing in Ukraine since the war. It is not a conspiracy to believe kids are trafficked for sex across the world, and poor and war torn countries are easy prey for the traffickers.

If people didn't notice, the Jeffery Epstein sex trafficking ring that seemed to fund the kinks of high profile people, was real, and yet we were not allowed to hear the names of the abusers he provided these trafficked girls for, not in the non existent Epstein investigation, and not in the Maxwell court case either. 

Of course Epstein's death was ruled a suicide, despite the angle of the ligature marks being horizontal, the CCTV being turned off, and the guards on duty searching for high priced motorbikes and goods that they could never afford on a prison guards salary. All before being let off with non custodial sentences when sent to court. This didn't seem to raise much of a fuss in MSM circles.

So I seem to have been away for a while in a zombified state, hardly able to move, let alone sit at a desk to type. Whilst my health conditions continue to decline ever since I took that first AZ jab, with 7 long visits to the hospital since that first ever stay on a ward, only a mere 10 days after my first jab, which caused a massive sore red lump on my bladder the GP thought was a strangulated hernia only to find out it was an enlarged lymph node. By the second vaccine shot they had a list of common and not common side effects and enlarged lymph nodes were down as a side effect. 

I have to mention the Pfizer boosters, that were only tested on 8 rats, that caused my parents super colds that lasted for months not days. Then there's Pfizer's new jab which hasn't even been tested on humans at all. All down to the magic of Emergency Authorisation laws.

Not to mention the UK COVID laws that give Police the ability to raid your home without warrants doesn't seem to have been repealed. I believe I wrote an article about how it wouldn't be repealed within the specified timeframe at the passing of the bill. 

There is just too much to write about for my first article coming out of a news blackout.

By Dark Politricks

© 2023 Dark Politricks