Friday 22 November 2019

Donald Trumps Impeachment Hoax

#Ukrainegate, The Deep State and the Impeachment of Donald Trump

By Dark Politricks

This is really a farce. There have been so many other things the Democrats could have tried impeaching Trump on but as soon as they got enough Congressmen and women in the House they went for the first thing they could find, an overheard phone call that may or may not have been Trump asking for a favour.

The Democrats are as corrupt if not worse than the Republicans, Hillary sold Uranium to the Russians and then got them to pay Bill Clinton a whopping fee to make a poxy speech just so they money could go into their Clinton Foundation which hasn't done that much apart from maybe pay certain people to cover up mistakes and whistle blowers.

Mistakes such as the odd killing of Seth Rich, a DNC worker who was killed late at night, not robbed of a wallet or watch or car but maybe a thumb drive. All this for providing WikiLeaks with the information that Hillary was using State collected funds for the election for herself rather than sharing it out as it should have been and was tarnishing her opponent Bernie Sanders who was much more popular than her.

She may have had small lovey dovey money grabbing collections at Wall St but Bernie Sanders did it himself and look how far he has come. He has literally single handily (apart from Joe Biden who lives in the Korean war still) made the party move to the left and more progressive.

You can be sure that when the election comes - in a year - that Trump will be throwing the words Socialist and Communist around at his rallies as his supporters don't even realise they live in a semi socialist state already.

Do they all have their own roads, electricity lines and schools per family, no, the country has built infrastructure and required groups of people such as School teachers, Police and Firemen to work for the good of the whole community not just one, that is socialism.

Not that Trump supporters will understand this. They hear the words "a social democratic society" and think of Venezuela and China not Denmark, The UK or Canada.

So now that Trump is in trouble at last lets listen to a breakdown of what is going on.

Here the Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the geopolitical back story of Ukraine and Obama's coup in 2014, which has now taken us to the #Ukrainegate impeachment hoax levied against US President Trump but not the very people who pillaged the country 5 years ago.

And if you can manage to read English subtitles over this Russian report on #UkraineGate then it is worth watching as Kiev insiders admit to interfering in the 2016 US Election on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats against #Trump.

The Democrats want Trump out of office and the Deep State are willing to overlook their own meddling in foreign elections and coups like the recent one in Bolivia.They want Trump out of office and are willing to scoop to the lowest levels to do so.

Compared to Obama Trump has not started more wars, he's been a bad boy but he hasn't added an extra war to the 7 Obama had running at the same time. He has even tried to make peace with Russia but that has only led to claims that he is a Russian Stooge or as Bill Maher calls him "A Traitor".

At least he is trying getting troops out of Syria despite the Deep States unwillingness to do so. It's too late for one US base, Russia already has that under it's control.

He may not be moralistic, not caring about the killing of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was dismembered alive. He was more concerned about the biggest weapons deal to the country he was claiming was behind 9.11 before being elected and now doesn't seem to care about those missing 28/29 pages that show Saudi involvement in the attacks.

He has at least attempted to meet with US "enemies" such as meeting Kim Jong Un, Chinese leaders and Israeli terrorists. His peace plan is likely to be dismissed as it has been written by Zionists and the Palestinians are just expected to accept it. He hasn't even criticised them for their massacres at the border as women, children and men are shot dead as they pray to return to their homes they can see behind the Israeli fences.

However he is still the elected US President, he may not be a Democrat or a real Republican but he was an outburst of populism that showed how disgruntled middle America was at the current state of US politics and wanted to kick Congress up the ass. Exactly like BREXIT with the British just wanting to get out of the EU not spend 3 years discussing it, having to go through another election (why do the UK's take a month but the USA's take a year?), and then maybe even have another referendum.

So as the President of the USA, he may be hated by the left and the right, the neocons and the deep state but he is still trying to fight them. Now he is having to fight a pathetic impeachment attempt.

By Dark Politricks

©2019 Dark Politricks