Monday 14 March 2022

The Stupidity Of Russian Sanctions

A Look At How The War In Ukraine Will Hurt Us As Much As Russia

By Dark Politricks

As the war in Ukraine continues, the rampant xenophobia against ordinary Russians, many of who are against the war continues unabated.

The sanctions against Russia have got to the silly stage. They were supposed to hurt Putin and his Oligarch Billionaire friends, and some have. However ordinary Russians are being attacked, and legally so on social media, as Facebook and Instagram changed their Terms of Service to allow violent and negative language against Russians, something usually banned by their sites.

Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

Russian people and even Russian animals have been sanctioned. In response to the war in Ukraine, the International Cat Federation has banned all cats from Russia, and Russian breeds, from competing in international competitions.


Also, anti-war Russians such as the Russian piano prodigy, Alexander Malofeev, 20, who was supposed to play three shows with the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (OSM), has been dropped after people emailed to complain despite him being outspoken against the war in Ukraine.


This is getting ridiculous and despite numerous videos online from ex-US military members, talking about the lack of Russian moral, and how Ukraine will win the war, the facts on the ground are pretty clear. Either the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, egged on by the US War Hawks in the State Department, fights to the death and destruction of his country, or he settles terms with the Russians in talks that have been ongoing throughout the war.

The sad thing is that the terms he will most likely have to accept will be the same terms that the Russians, were asking for before they invaded, and all this misery and outpouring of Ukrainian refugees into Europe could have been stopped before it started.

This is clearly the US and other NATO country's fault, for giving him false hope that they would back him up, allow entry into the EU and NATO, and supply him with weapons and intelligence throughout the war.  

It seems though that the Pentagon, unlike the State Department, is a bit wiser, and stupid ideas which could expand the war such as bringing Polish MIG fighters into Ukraine and then re-supplying Poland with new planes, were a clear red line that Putin said would be an act of war and that any weapons or troops supplied by the West would be fair game.

With Russian Nuclear Arms on the equivalent of DEFCOM 2, 1 step away from a full nuclear attack, the Pentagon seems to agree with commentators that anything suggesting western help to Ukraine could expand the war, and make it global, even terminal for this planet.

This video is from the Duran, a channel that always goes into details that other videos miss. Earlier today they had a 1.5hr video on the round of peace talks being held by Russia and it included a journalist embedded in Ukraine, in the middle of what the Russian army calls a cauldron. This is where they slowly turn up the heat, once they have surrounded their enemy, and from the following video it seems they are doing just that in Mariupol.


Russians have been using diplomacy at the same time as attacks in Ukraine, as they try to set up humanitarian corridors with the UN to let Ukrainian citizens, and hopefully, soldiers, slip away from the fight. They have no reason to bomb or shell these corridors as it gives the Ukrainians brilliant propaganda pictures of innocent civilians, being killed. 

Plus, according to some experts, they did this in Syria to good effect. They are not trying to own the skies with their modern fighter planes, albeit with fewer flying hours than US or NATO pilots. 

The history and reasons for this war are discussed in the following talk from a Christian speaker who discusses the history of the region now in conflict and the real reasons for the war.

They do not want to destroy the country like the US/NATO does in their wars with weeks, and sometimes months of aerial bombardment by missiles and planes dropping bombs before the troops go in, and then big money is given over to MIC companies like Halliburton to rebuild the country they just destroyed as in Iraq.

No, it seems that although some of the Russian conscript soldiers who have been paraded in front of camera's breaking Geneva conventions, providing great anti-Putin / war images from injured soldiers who say they were lied to about their invasion, haven't eaten properly, and do not want to fight Ukrainians just protecting their land that in fact Russia is going to win this war.

One other thing this rash of sanctions against Russia, which has pushed them closer to China and India, even offering to sell India cheap gas in Rupees in a sign that those countries who stick with Russia, like China, Brazil, and India, will be rewarded whilst those who have thrown every sanction in the book at them will be severely punished, such as the 200% increase in the price of Russian gas Europeans will have to pay whilst frantically trying to make other arrangements for imported energy.

It seems the USA has played Ukraine well, not only to get Europe out of Russia's sphere of influence and reliance on their gas, so that they can sell us theirs. Closing Nordstream2, and the threat of Nordstream1 as well was also ideally an outcome the US wanted from this conflict they started back in the Maidan coup. Even the existing multiple pipes that deliver gas through Ukraine to Europe could be turned off or even destroyed during the war.

At the moment US President Biden is going around the world begging to countries such as Venezuela, who only recently the US tried to overthrow their PresidentNicolás Maduro in a failed coup, for cheap oil and gas to replace the loss of Russian imports, and to sell to Europe which is already suffering stupidly high inflation at the gas pump due to the sanctions.

We seem to be cutting our nose off to spite our face, as we pay £1.70+ per litre at the petrol station ($10.06 per gallon), and set to be over £2 by the end of the summer. I remember when petrol first went over £1 per litre, I was about 21 and couldn't believe it, however it has bounced between £1.20-£1.40 for the last 15+ years but has seen only a dramatic increase recently.

As well as petrol price which might help push a move to electric cars, we are already suffering high and constantly increasing energy costs to heat our homes and put the TV on. My bill already doubled at the end of last year and the company I am with was talking about doubling it again only the other month and that was before the war in Ukraine had even started.

I can only dread the bills coming in once the price of food rockets due to the increasing price of fuel for delivery drivers, plus Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine control over 30% of the wheat and fertilizer exports,, which will also drive up inflation into stupid numbers.

If we don't offer Putin some sort of "off-ramp", in which these sanctions can be reversed in return for peace, then almost half the world's population in China, India, and the far East with Russia, will be swapping US treasury bonds and dumping the dollar, whilst creating an alternative to the SWIFT banking system which will have the benefit of not being controlled by the whims of US feelings towards one countries actions.

President Biden is supposedly going hat in hand to Saudi Arabia to ask the head of the OPEC cartel to increase output and therefore reduce the price of oil globally. However, The Crown Prince, MBS, does not like Biden at all, and has not been picking up his calls since Biden's election pledges to hold Saudi Arabia to account for their war in Yemen, and murder of the US journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, as well as stopping arms sales.  

Joe Biden has been constantly rebuffed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in his attempts to persuade them to produce more oil in the wake of a US ban on Russian imports. The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan both declined requests to speak to the US president in recent weeks, and after declining to speak to Biden, Mohammed bin Salman took a call from President Putin. 


It looks like we might be more affected by our sanctions on Russia than anyone expected and in "Realpolitik" we really should not be picking dictators to sanction, and others to beg for cheap oil from. 

If you really think Putin is Hitler, as some US MSM commentators have said, then what is MBS who, in the largest known mass execution in the kingdom’s modern history just executed 81 people for crimes ranging from killings to belonging to militant groups. 

Can we really say that Putin is as bad as MBS, and the state of Saudi Arabia which is definitely, bombing Yemen into rubble, unlike Russia with Ukraine which in comparison has been quite restrained? 

The hypocrisy of this hunt for oil from dictators to replenish supplies from a supposedly democratically, although authoritarian elected Russian President, stands out like a black eye. Are we really going to delve into the degrees of despotism and discuss why it is that some wars are reported more than others? 

News commentary on the war by the US media, such as MSNBC's Joy Reid who faced massive backlash for accusing the media of covering the war in Ukraine with more compassion because the victims are "white and largely Christian" has shown how the western media are blatantly putting this crisis in Ukraine above the many others occurring in the world at the moment, many of which are of the USA's making.

Along with the censorship and de-platforming of independent reporters like Abby Martin, who just had 300 videos from Breaking The Set, an ex Russia Today show, in which she actually decried the Russian invasion of Crimea when it happened, it has become clear that some wars are just more important than others. 

No-one was sanctioned when the US illegally invaded Iraq, and the last major war in Europe was NATO's bombing of Serbia which led to the breakaway narco-state of Kosovo. However as it was the US doing the killing, it was somehow acceptable to invade a sovereign country, whereas reporters like Abby Martin in her Empire Files show, often talk about the often ignored and over-looked global conflicts and anti-imperialism wherever it comes from. 

It has got to the stage where white extremism is all the news offers as conflicts and humanitarian disasters, in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan are ignored because somehow European conflicts are considered more important. 

The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association even sent out a statement on Sunday condemning:

“the racist implications that any population or country is ‘uncivilized’ or bears economic factors that make it worthy of conflict. This type of commentary reflects the pervasive mentality in Western journalism of normalizing tragedy in parts of the world such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. It dehumanizes and renders their experience with war as somehow normal and expected."

Fair comment, and with the mass coverage of the Ukrainian crisis on western news shows, with other points of view labelled as Russian dis-info, or reporting on the history of the conflict and hypocrisy of the world ignoring NATO and US aggression as "Whataboutism", it is clear that without doing some major digging about on the web to find proper #ALTNEWS you are only going to get the side of the war the US and Europe want to project.

With the hypocrisy of this conflict clearly visible for all to see who want to, we must be willing to offer Russia and Putin a way to come to peace with Ukraine, and a way back to normality by rolling back extensive and stupid sanctions that will only hurt us as Russia pivots towards India and China, otherwise we will be the ones suffering most from the sanctions NOT Russia! 

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks  

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Two Things Can Be Right At The Same Time

Russia Can Be Bad, And At The Same Time, NATO Can Be At Fault For Crossing Russia's Red Lines

By Dark Politricks

I know in the West at the moment it is a hard thing to accept, that we may be at some fault for the crisis Ukraine is currently in, however, 2 things can be right at the same time

1. Putin is wrong for invading Ukraine, 
2. We hold some responsibility for ignoring all the warning signs, crossing Putin's red lines, and using Ukraine as a way to toy with Putin's paranoia of being attacked once again from the West.

Whilst people can rightly say Russia is doing a bad thing by invading a sovereign country, it can also be said at the same time, that despite Russia warning us over and over again that NATO was crossing their red lines, we kept on doing so, ignoring Putin's words.

NATO kept pushing eastwards, despite all the promises they had given Mikel Gorbachev in 1990, that they would not move an inch Eastwards. This was not by one person, but heads of state from the US, UK, France and Germany and the heads of NATO and UN at the time.

So, one can imagine how angry the Russians must be with the current situation, having NATO bases all around them, with so many Western leaders breaking that promise not to expand, and facing the threat of Ukraine, the ex-Soviet Republicjoining NATO and having nuclear weapons on their border facing directly at them.

One must ask the obvious question. Why is it that the US thinks that it is so "exceptional", that it can impose its will through International bodies, banks, and its military on other countries?

It invades them under false pretenses, with fake claims of "spreading democracy", or "Human Rights Abuses", and to those, it cannot invade, it imposes sanctions. But when have sanctions ever worked. Have they worked with North Korea or Iran? 

No they have only emboldened them and allowed their leaders to point to the West and say "We are not the problem, it is the evil West that is trying to destroy us".

Did sanctions work in Syria or Iraq, no, they only led to the starvation deaths of half a million Iraqi babies due to not enough milk being available. Something Madeleine Albright says in this interview that she thought "it was a price worth paying"

Half a million kids dead, on the USA's conscience, how can they continue to apply these measures knowing that they are not effective and only lead to the suffering of ordinary people?

So why is that the US and it's allies in the #AxisOfWar feel such a moral superiority when in fact they have spent the last 100+ years installing Right-Wing dictators and overthrowing left-wing governments all over the globe, and causing millions of deaths and executions from their US-trained death squads at the School of the Americas. In fact when you look at all the wars started since 1945, the majority, a huge 81% has been by the USA.

Now can you not see how aggrieved Russia must be to have been lied to in such a way, and for NATO to keep on pushing that Russian red-line, using Ukraine as a way to wind up Putin by offering them NATO membership but never actually doing so. 

How would Russia know if they would actually follow through on their promises?

Just as Obama had red lines in Syria, Putin has his own red lines. Why is it okay for the US to set down red lines and then act on them but not Russia? 

This US news piece from the HILL has some nice inserts into it from lectures done years ago, all saying the same thing. 

That if NATO carries on the way it is doing with Ukraine, that country is going to end up wrecked.

A very large degree of hypocrisy lies at the middle of the Ukraine crisis and it is the Ukrainian state that is suffering from NATO and the US toying with it

The Maidan coup in 2014 was Obama's fault, Biden was his VP at the time, so right in the middle of it all, and he should feel some responsibility for overthrowing their existing leader and installing a far-right NAZI in power.

This was a western puppet who was only too happy to send neo-NAZI thugs and military off to the East to commit war crimes against the Russian speaking people of the Donbass. They have been in a civil war for 8 years now. Not a single home exists in the east of Ukraine which doesn't have a bullet hole or mortar shell hole in it somewhere. You can read the history that led us to this point in an earlier article of mine > The Propaganda War Has Started.

Frequent heavy shelling by the western forces and far-right militias have seen many towns in the breakaway republics reduced to rubble, with schools and even kindergartens struck by rockets, sometimes deliberately, such as this one in the settlement of Stanytsia Luhanska.

So when Putin says his aim is to de-NAZIFY the country, Ukraine does have a far-right movement, and its armed defenders include the Azov battalion, a far-right nationalist militia group
which has been named as one of the groups who have caused many atrocities out in the East of Ukraine

This needs to be understood. Just because the current Ukrainian President is Jewish, has no relation on the importance that the NAZI element plays in the country, stretching all the way back to World War II.

Therefore if Ukraine is not going to remove the NAZI element deep in the heart of it then someone needs to. 

Putin's solution to the NAZIs on hs border, killing Russians in the Donbass, maybe going too far, and he maybe using it as an excuse to justify what he really believes, which is that Ukraine does not have a right to exist as an independent nation apart from Russia. 

However, any de-NAZIFICATION has to be good, and despite numerous fantastical stories of Ukrainian fights to the death, or the computer-generated fighter pilot known as the Ghost of Kyiv who apparently shot down 8 Russian planes in one day, his troops have actually been found to be quite restrained in some places during the invasion. 

Whereas Ukrainian propaganda like the tale of the men on the Snake Island 13, fighting to their deaths, in reality, the Russian ship, let the 82 (not 13) men board, gave them food and water and dropped them off so they could go home to their families. The Ukrainians even said that if the Russians wanted to bury them they could have but instead they helped them get home safely

Does that sound like a cold bloodied murdering army on a random killing spree?

This video links a few of the pro-Ukrainian propaganda stories together to dispel them, and as you can see from the links, not only US but UK and European and Ukrainian media outlets all repeated the propaganda hook line and sinker without any actual investigation. 

It is the lazy news gathering and then repeating of, that makes us look foolish as well as liars in the face of the world when we keep crying wolf only to find out the wolf actually protected the sheep. 

Now I am not saying that there hasn't been instances where Russian have killed civilians or used illegal munitions, but then so did the USA in their illegal invasion of Iraq, and their literal tearing down of Fallujah using white phosphorus, and uranium tipped arms, which caused a massive spike in birth defects from those affected by the weapons.

Why is it that the USA would never ever allow Russia to put arms, and soldiers on their borders say in Mexico and Canada, but it's okay for them to do the same to Russia? 

Shouldn't the same rules apply to all nations of the world? 

It shouldn't be a case of what the US and NATO does is right 100% of the time, and what Russia does is always wrong. We must find some balance here and the NATO actions of putting weapons in Poland, breaking treaties and claiming the missiles were to stop any attack from Iran, rather than as offensive weapons for targeting Russia was ridiculous, and probably only increased Putin's paranoia that NATO was trying to surround him, which they have.

Russia must be given some guarantees of their safety, and the west has used Ukraine as a way of forcing Putin's hand. He warned many times that arming Ukraine, or letting it join NATO would be a step too far yet we didn't listen to him. This is the result.

I am not saying the result is good, just that we must bear some responsibility for it. As we hurl sanction upon sanction and use words such as "We are going to crush Russia's economy with Sanctions", we are very close to crossing another of Putin's red lines, attacking him personally.

Do we really want to push the Russians so far into a corner that they feel the only way out is a nuclear war?

I must remind you all that only a few years ago in 2016, Russia held a massive nuclear attack war exercise involving more than 40 million people and 200,000 emergency services personnel and soldiers during a massive civil defence exercise.

Russia currently has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with 8,4000 and a section of its nuclear doctrine allows for use of the weapons if there is a vague suggestion of a threat. Vladimir Putin has also carried out 2 nuclear attack drills since becoming President again in 2012. When was the last time a Western nation held such a massive attempt to prepare us for nuclear war?

I also want to remind you of the "Dead Hand Switch". During the Cold War, due to fears of a successful first strike from US nuclear submarines Russia created a fail-safe device for their nuclear weapons arsenal to ensure a second-strike capability even if all command and control were to be destroyed. The system (code-named Dead Hand) utilized seismic, light, radioactivity, and pressure sensors to detect an incoming nuclear attack and retaliate if necessary. 

The best part? The system is almost certainly still operational, even if the first strike by NATO is successful all Russian ballistic missiles will automatically be fired towards their intended targets leading to world annihilation. 

Let's just hope cooler heads are being used and not the US MIC pushing for a "no fly zone" which would obviously lead to escalation if a US plane shot down a Russian one

We must realise that not only has Putin made a drastic mistake in invading Ukraine, but that we also hold some responsibility for ignoring all the speeches, talks and declarations Putin had made over the years regarding Russia's red lines which included NO NATO in Ukraine. 

We must be grown up enough to realise that a lot of the world, including the 2 biggest populations in India and China who refused to condemn Russia at a UN meeting feel that the US is being very hypocritical when they go around invading nations with no realisation that other countries see their acts on the same level as we are now treating Putin and Russia for invading Ukraine.

What is security for one nation, must be security for another. We cannot cross other nations red lines and at the same time expect everyone else to never cross our own. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and two things can be right at the same time.

1. Putin shouldn't have invaded Ukraine. All war should be illegal unless a UN security council resolution allows for it. We all went to war in WWII to fight NAZISM, Putin claims to want to de-NAZIFY Ukraine. Ukraine admittedly has NAZI groups that have been fighting in the Donbass and a number of war crimes can be attributed to them

Whether this is an excuse or not, Nazis should be cleansed from every country, however, Russia invading Ukraine was not the right move. The Minsk accords which have been ignored by Ukraine and the West were the path to peace, yet we squandered that approach and now we have this mess on out hands.

2. NATO and the West have been pushing Putin towards this point with all their meddling in Ukraine, coups, and broken promises of joining NATO, but still arming them and training them and of course lying to Mikel Gorbachev about the expansion of NATO which is right up on Russia's front door now. NATO was supposed to be a Cold War alliance, so why does it still exist, if not for Russia?

Maybe some politicians can be wise enough to see that both of these can be true at the same time, and cool down on the rhetoric of "destroying Russia through sanctions", as that is only going to inflame the one nation I know of that has carried out regular nuclear attack civil drills with up to 40 million civilians involved. 

Have you had a drill in your country lately? Do you wonder why Russia has had these drills, and if not shouldn't you?

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

Tuesday 1 March 2022

The Propaganda War Has Started...

One Of The First Things To Do In A War Is Stop The Enemy From Telling Its Side Of The Story - EDITED (2nd March 2022)

By Dark Politricks

Now I know what happened there is no point giving you technical data and info on how I found out before reading once safely behind a DDOS CDN to protect it from attacks from hackers. However, the rest of the article is still important because as always the first casualty of war is the truth.

I find myself in this situation as well, not only have I found out I am on a list of sites The Washington Post, thinks interfered in the US 2016 Presidential election, a #Rusiagate conspiracy that has been totally debunked. Yet still, my site's name appears on the list over at

Today though, I woke up to find that my #ALTNEWS search engine which I have been using daily to get news on the war from those sites on the same list, shadow banned, de-ranked or social media canceled, had itself been canceled by Google. So no more #ALTNEWS search engine I am afraid. 

However I promise that when I have enough money (LOL), or if someone wants me to code it for them to host, I will make a Super Search Engine that ONLY returns news from Alternative News sites, those that Google and the Establishment want you to never read as it might give you an opposing point of view to the one drummed into you from State Media broadcasters like the BBC, or in the US CNN & MSNBC. 

These are supposedly independent news organisations but every segment is sponsored by some company that expects favourable news coverage from them, or Bill Gates has "donated" millions of dollars, in the hope that he won't get hardball questions thrown at him about his links to Jeffery Epstein.

It seems has now moved its site behind a Cloudflare like CDN, to mitigate DDOS attacks, and stop hack attempts by the infamous hacker group, Anonymous to take down the site.

However, in response to this attack on Russia, a group calling itself Killnet has taken down the official Anonymous website, despite placing it behind a Cloudflare attempts to get to it are still met with 500 Server Error status codes.

Despite the slanderous slur that I was involved in the fake conspiracy concocted by Hilary Clinton once she found out she had lost to Donald Trump, and created a scapegoat. It seems some people in the US really still believe this cock n bull story and the list at still has my site on. 

Apparently, I provide Russian Disinfo to Americans and papers like the Washington Post which repeated this conspiracy BS, believed I was supporting the "Russian Stooge" President Trump. 

Not that he acted like a stooge, pulling out of Nuclear Arms Treaties, the Iranian Treaty which Russia was a main supporter of, playing a big role in removing the enriched Uranium from Iran so it could not be used for making nuclear weapons. 

He also bombed Syria when Russia was trying to help remove the jihadists the CIA had been training and arming, and he even placed sanctions on them, including on the Russian to Germany pipeline Nordstream2 and this was many years before they had invaded anyone, unlike Biden who has used Nordstream2 as the main part of his sanctions

This will have the effect of putting the price of gas in Europe up even higher than it already is. We already have record petrol prices, food prices, and energy costs which have already doubled last year, and were set to double again in April, and now this debacle will only drive them up further.

As a Russian minister said, "Welcome to the brave new world where Europeans are very soon going to pay €2.000 for 1.000 cubic meters of natural gas!s".

So all these anti-Russian actions, really confused me as the US MSM was going on all the time how there was a Russian puppet in the White House e.g #Russiagate, the conspiracy theory peddled by the left so much they still believe it to be true despite being de-bunked many times over. 

They called their POTUS a Russian stooge, but his actions against that country suggested anything but. Maybe if he had allowed them to put nuclear missiles in Canada and Mexico then I could see how he would be a Russian puppet but nothing he actually did suggested he was what the left-wing comedians and media outlets were claiming.

I guess it's thinking like that which makes my thoughts so dangerous I was put on that Washington Post list alongside, and plus many other great sites like,, and 

So for trying to get, hear and explain to people the other side's point of view, when we are bombared all day by Western/NATO/US/MIC propaganda, that never bothers to even try and find an opposite point of view when doing reports, I am labelled a Russian dis-info agent.

Just the other day as I was driving into town, the radio was on in my car and it came to the news. It was so biased and only told one side of the story. As we know propaganda is always used in war, and we must always paint Russia as the big bogey man without accepting our own role in the situation, I expected this however some of the questions people were calling in about were so far gone.

For example, someone asked "Is Russia going to invade the UK?", and the answer was "Well we don't know they don't have plans to do so at the moment and it is very unlikely...." and another caller asked "Is this the start of World War III?" to the reply of "Well we have had wars in Europe since the end of the cold war, but we have never faced a nuclear power before....", if the kiddy propaganda didn't scare them before the news it certainly gave some nightmares tonight.

I wish someone with lots of money paid me and many of the other sites to spread Russian dis-info, but do you really think if we were paid agents we would have to rely on adverts to get money for our writing

I mean would Alex Jones really go to all that effort of selling vitamins and survival rations and all the other pills and potions he spends so much time doing so if he was actually being paid to do the work he does? It would be nice to be on the MI6 and BBC and Reuters pay-cheque for their thousands of NATO dis-info agents to spread Western Propaganda into Russia. Alas, I am not on either sides.

No of course not. So why do we do it? Well personally I just want to provide a bit of balance in this world of disinformation, and war propaganda, where hackers are sent off to take Russian news sites down, and the establishment only feeds the public one side of the story, never letting them hear the Russian angle which I will break down for you really simply if you don't want to go to the lengths of reading some history books, or even my last article which detailed the history of Western invasions of Russia from Napolean to World War II, and how Ukrainians joined the NAZI's to fight the Soviets. 

Or how the Soviets were lied to by so many world leaders when the Berlin Wal fell they honestly believed us when we said we "would not spread NATO one inch further East than it was already," and then broke that promise to go on and surround Russia with NATO countries and missiles pointing at them.

However, when the Russians even mention that they are planning to put Russian troops and missiles in South America or near the USA, American politicians go mad! It seems the Monroe Doctrine really does give the US a pass to not allow any threat a thousand miles near them but without giving Russia the same security.

It does really come down to basic hypocrisy, and the fact that the USA can treat a terrorist group or country friendly one minute, and then go to war against them without UN backing, and against the wishes of other countries, and many people, anyway.

However, if a country like Russia or China does the same then they are considered evil imperialists, dreaming of old empires and need either sanctions on them which only hurt the citizens of those countries and never has the desired effect of getting the people so poor and hungry from them that they overthrow their government, as the US seems to hope or a proxy war with oine of the many terrorist groups the US Deep State seem to control. 

Please read up on Gladio1 and Gladio2 to find out about the lengths the US government goes to in its "desire to spread crony capitalism and democracy" around the world if you don't know about this history already. It is not more "Russian dis-info", it is historical facts people need to know about!

Sanctions haven't worked in China, Russia, Iran or North Korea, or any of the other places the US has tried it. Countries like Cuba have had sanctions against them for over half a century, and still, the Cuban people have not risen up against their leaders

All it leads to is the suffering of ordinary people like the half a million children who died in Iraq due to US sanctions put on that country, that US State Secretary, Madeleine Albright, said were worth it. Plus it gives the country a perfect excuse to point the finger at the USA and say to their people that all the problems are being caused by the evil Americans, not their regime that the US wants to overthrow. In fact, it can turn around and bite the US in its ass by making a country all stand together and united against adversity and the foreign meddling in their affairs.

So here it goes, as I see it the reasons the Russians think that their actions are reasonable and in their best interest despite the West's condemnation come from the following points. 

You may believe them or not, and I ask you to check the source links outs and read for yourself each claim. I am not saying Russia is right in invading Ukraine, I am just trying to list out reasons they are justifying their actions there seeing the UK or US mainstream media is not bothering to give both sides of the story a fair hearing. 

All they do is pump out the Western Nations, NATO, and Ukrainian line of thinking on the matter, and push pro-NATO views into MSM viewers' heads, without giving them any information or possible reasons the Russians might be doing this. Obviously, this makes those people who only get their news from the MSM mad about the Russians' actions. So..

1. Russia was lied to at the end of the Cold War by US Presidents, European PMs, Foreign Ministers, and NATO leaders that the Cold War Alliance would not spread one inch further East than it was already at the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is what Mikial Gorbachev believed, and why he pulled Soviet Troops out of the Eastern European countries they controlled through their own alliance, the Warsaw Pact.

2. The Warsaw Pact which was a Cold War alliance of Communist countries that all vowed to defend each other just like NATO did with its members, disbanded at the end of the Cold War. However, NATO which was a cold war alliance against the USSR and the Warsaw Pact did not disband. Instead, they have expanded, broken promises, and now have member states surrounding Russia, and some members right on their borders. See this map of NATO countries and see how close some are to Russia,

Why this Cold War relic turned its eye on expansion when the whole point of its existence no longer existed I have no idea. However, Russia rightly worries about it as it seems to paint Russia as the new USSR and blame it for everything that goes wrong in the USA. from Hillary Clinton losing an election to people getting fed "fake news" from dis-info outlets like this site or that may dangerously put an alternative point of view into their head, and sway them from the well-planned path of pro-US propaganda they are fed daily by their own media.

3. Why did we go to war in World War II? Answer: To fight the German NAZI regime. We saw NAZI's and their racist propaganda, and racial cleansing as an evil that needed to be squashed out and we were willing to let the whole world go to war, with millions of men, women, and children killed to defeat this evil. We even joined up with the USSR, a communist country that US bankers funded subversives like Lenin and Trotsky to overthrow the existing Russian dynasty and create a Communist utopia. 

The Soviets lost the most people out of every other country in the war, Stalin had to move whole cities by train eastwards far out of the reach of the Germans to build weapons, and modern estimates massively underestimate the numbers of Soviet soldiers and civilians killed on the Eastern front with some estimates as high as 40 million, and some historians like Joespeh Farrel who believe Hitler was using nuclear bombs on the Soviets, which accounts for the high death count, and also why Stalin threatened to send poison gas over German cities if the NAZIs didn't stop using "some superweapon" that was wiping all his men out in droves.

4. What happened after the war with the NAZI scientists. Well we know with Operation Paperclip, the USA secretly made deals with many NAZI scientists and snuck them into the US to work inside NASA and other military units so that they could pass their extensive and far-reaching technological know-how onto the Americans. 

Basically, the US did a deal with the devil, NAZIs like Wehmer Von Braun who was a NAZI that developed the V1 and V2 rockets that were fired indiscriminately into the UK and destroyed large parts of British cities and killed many people. He was brought to the Wind Sands Testing range in the US with the word "not" inserted into his file before the words "an ardent Nazi" to make him look as if he was forced to work with Hitler and he became a star of the US Space race.

Many historians and reporters like the famous reporter Jim Marrs, wrote a book called The Rise Of The Fourth Reich, all about how the US elite was into eugenics before the war, supported and even funded Hitler's rise to power. Prescott Bush, George W Bush's grandfather was even involved in a plot to overthrow the government of Franklin D Roosevelt and install a fascist oligarchy, which they believed that the USA should adopt the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini as that was the only way to beat the great depression. 

However, the general they tried to recruit to carry out this coup was the most decorated US soldier of all time Gen. Smedley Butler, who wrote the famous book, "War is a Racket", and he revealed this plot, and Prescott Bush only escaped being imprisoned by setting up pro-US Forces charities and groups to whitewash his past and ingratiate him with those going off to fight against what he secretly believed in and got rich off e.g goods made cheap by concentration camp labor.

5. What happened when Germany invaded the USSR through Ukraine? Well, many Ukrainians welcomed the NAZI's, and many joined them to fight against the Soviets. Still to this day many Ukrainians in the west hold racist anti-semitic views, with a 2019 poll showing 46% of Ukrainians holding anti-Semitic views, one of the worst countries in the world, many to this day still celebrate Hitler and the formation of the 1st Galician Division, a notoriously cruel SS fighting force made up predominantly of Ukrainian volunteers and other NAZI collaborator's birthday's, and many far-right militias like the "Right Sektor" gladly went off to the east of Ukraine to slaughter innocent women and children after the US coup installed a far-right government after overthrowing the previous Russian friendly government.

6. So, we went to war in the '40s to stop NAZI's, Ukraine is one of the most anti-semitic countries on earth according to surveys and the US overthrew a pro-Russian government and installed a far-right NAZI government instead. 

The Russians lost at least 25 - 40 million people killed from the 2nd World War and many Ukrainians joined those Nazis that did that killing. Russia fears a NAZI country on its border, one that has sent far-right groups like the ones pictured below to fight pro-Russian forces. Russia also fears a NATO member, or a US-armed anti-Russian neighbour so close to its border

7. The US does not accept the Russian military on its borders but expects Russia to shut up and put up with the expansion of NATO that sees more and more ex-Soviet nations joining the cold war allianceFar-Right NAZI's have served in post-coup Ukrainian governments, whether they are still there or not, they were promoted immediately after the Maidan coup with the blessing of the US, and Victoria Nuland who was happy she put a NAZI in power.

8. Putin has said that the reason he has invaded Ukraine is the “demilitarisation and de-Nazification of Ukraine". With so many NAZI's fighting in the east, atrocities carried out by the shelling of civilians, and the burning alive of people inside the Odessa Trade Union building. All whilst "Right Sektor" NAZI militias members stood outside drunk, singing anti-Russian and anti-semitic songs, and then started throwing excess vodka bottles into the building as Molotov Cocktails which killed at least 36 people.
"We will bring to court those who have committed many crimes, responsible for the bloodshed of civilians, including Russian citizens," Putin said.
9. So a simple question, with the USA's history, over the last hundred years of not only the elite supporting Hitler and Eugenics, and the CIA helping to smuggle many NAZI's into the US during Operation Paperclip, many like Von Braun who should have stood trial for his part in the indiscriminate bombing of the UK. 

Plus the USA has a long and terrible history of instigating multiple coups to install far-right leaders and topple left-leaning governments across the world over the last 100+ years, and the recent US paid-for, Maidan coup in Ukraine, where the first leader they installed was a rabid Russophobe and NAZI

Why is it, that it is okay to tolerate Nazism in Ukraine when it is pointed at Russia, a country that only knows too well the horror that occurred during WWII because of far-right ideology when during the 40s we stood against this evil along with Russia/USSR?

What has changed that makes the support of far-right beliefs tolerable now?

What makes us think that it is okay to literally force Russia into doing this because we knew their history with Nazism and that they would ever accept a NAZI regime, especially one put into power by the US or NATO forces in Ukraine right on their border?

I just want to know what has changed. Is it the USA, as Jim Marrs concluded in his book The Fourth Reich, is it really true that the US is the real heir to Hitler's Third Reich. 

That the US elite always supported NAZI ideology, including eugenics, and this is shown by the attempted fascist plot to overthrow FDR and install a fascist government. Compared to the post-war rush to gather up NAZI scientists, and use their skills in horrific studies such as MKULTRA, as well as ballistic missile and rocket creation.

We all went to war to fight NAZISM on Europe's doorstep in the 40's I just hope we are not protecting NAZISM and the newTotalitarisam as seen in many western nations during the COVID pandemic now.

Whether it is done by Russian military might or through true democracy from an elected Government that does not contain any trace of Nazi ideology, shouldn't the Ukrainian's toleration of anti-semitic and far-right beliefs be stopped in some way at least?

By Dark Politricks

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