Monday 9 October 2017

Were there multiple shooters at Las Vegas - Poll thinks so

People Think There Were Multiple Shooters In Las Vegas

By Dark Politricks

Before "they" take this video down or close this persons account as they did my own, you might as well watch this video.

Remember videos like this are constantly de-monetized or shut, usually by BOTS or automatic programs that check METADATA and other info such as people reporting tweets as rude or inflammatory, seemingly by those who don't believe in free speech.

Plus the BOTS they use to analyse and flag up photos due to the percentage of flesh tone on show. Relying on a BOT for this is a very bad idea not without automatic human checking of flagged photos before a blog is closed or money stopped for the article.

I have had threats to stop my revenue from clicks due to old articles that have been fine for 5+ years that some do-gooder has found and made a complaint OR a BOT has seen a picture of people on a beach and the flesh tone % is too high and the article is automatically flagged as porn, a pedo piece or containing other sexual activity. This is why relying on BOTS alone to find and stop money going to content makers or even closing blogs they control is a bad idea.

They don't automatically get a human to check these flagged videos or pictures as they should.

Instead they wait for the owner to find out and respond to the complaint. If you don't do it in time you lose the blog forever. I recently found out that I have lost two sporting blogs for not realising there was a problem within the 90 days they give you to find out and then refute the complaint.

I must have been stupid as the same content was on the blog for over 7 years so I thought it was safe - guess not. I am pretty gutted to lose that blog as it proved my horse racing tipping skills for free and helped other people wanting to do the same thing.

The only photo was my logo and the most rudest speech was a horse's name.

I can only imagine the hasbara brigade are trying to shut me down due to content on this site as yesterday this site was down due to a hole in a WordPress plugin that had been over-written with an encoded piece of PHP that ran automatically on start-up. Always keep backups people!

Often you are only told it breaks the companies TOS (Terms of Service), not which part, which would be very helpful. Instead you are given just a link to knowledge base article which is not very useful at all. Through these automatic means I have lost 4 Google Blogger blogs, 1 I got back after twice being blocked and then given back after a human overlooked it. As it was purely to do with clowns I can only guess someone is following and reporting me for spurious reasons.

Google communities related to horse racing with over 3,000 people have been removed from my control, Facebook pages linked to a business I used to run and the Twitter account it posted to was "unpublished" so no-one but me can see it, and groups where you select the audience i.e "Secret Groups" have been shut down.

So it's not just sites like Prison Planet under attack on the right or the Jimmy Dore show on the left, it's sites all over with no safety net for the content owners.

This just proves a "secret group" is no more secret to Facebook staff who read personal messages as well as all your profile content as meaningless. It also proves that this new Google/Facebook/CIA/NSA collaboration is not just aimed at #altnews readers and content makers but also just competitors to big companies who currently control the arena you are trying to enter.

Therefore if you have a piece of news you want like-minded, free thinkers and debaters (not moaners), to find your tweets or Facebook content, add the hashtag #altnews to your post or tweet. Just add the hashtag to your posts so that people know they are coming from an alternative perspective than the official narrative.

The following video shows the Las Vegas shooting from the perspective of a taxi driver and you can hear multiple shots being fired seemingly from different automatic weapons.

The person whose tweet I have also included added a vote on whether his followers thought that the shootings in Las Vegas were done by a single person, multiple people or there were no shooters.

I guess guns set to fire on demand at a certain direction by remote control or maybe he meant no shooters as in no REAL citizen shooters e.g CIA assets or unwitting dupes under the spell of assassination.

It is very eye-opening.

The results of whether people thought the attack was a single shooter or multiple are below in this tweet.

So the poll is closed but you can still comment on this article or on Twitter. I wouldn't put it past the deep state to label the shooter a gun nut, Trump supporting, neo-nazi with an ancestry that links him up to other traitors and pre WWII neo-nazis like Prescott Bush.

It's totally surprising that the neo-nazis/cons haven't got the fool under their thumb already. Maybe he was shown the 4 kill shot angles of JFK as I always say new Presidents are on inauguration day to show just who is REALLY IN POWER, and Trump is just acting his role as the puppet on the end of an iPhone stuck on Twitter, honestly believing that he makes policy by calling out other world leaders and trolling them at 3am.

He is the worst negotiator I have seen whilst claiming to be the best, and if the world ends under his reign as leader of the free world I would put a very large bet on if there was any point. I just wish Google hadn't shut my blog as I would have put up a piece on some very profitable bets you could have made.

A new war under Trump - almost a certainty so try for the best odds.

Trumps is impeached - definitely.

Some of Trumps team are impeached - definitely.

A hurricane hits the White House during a presidential speech blowing Trumps orange wig into the eye of the storm - this is worth a shot considering the amount of hurricanes hitting the USA at the moment.

-A World War III scenario could occur if Rocket Boy is on the end of a Trump pre-emptive strike. This of course would be nothing new when it comes to the US breaking the International Law they helped create at the Nuremberg trials. Victors justice as they say. If Russia's pull over him having him frolic with prostitutes on Hillary's bed makes him no use anymore could easily occur but then you want to collect your winnings so that's a tricky one.

Trump not building any sort of NEW wall at all - definitely worth a shot.

Repealing Obamacare or fulfilling any of his pre-election promises that "it will be cheaper, you won't lose coverage and you will all love it" - definitely good chance of this happening.

Melania Trump divorcing Trump during office - this looks like a good bet as I don't even think I've seen the pair hold hands so far. Maybe a spread bet on the number of days it takes for a public photo to appear with the first couple at least acting in love would be a good bet.

The problem is that can you find a bookie that will offer you any good prices on these bets. If so let me know!

Anyway, tell me what you heard in that video. To me it sounded like a multitude of automatic gun fire raining down on the population. What will happen now the attacker was white and not a Mexican, Black or FBI setup Muslim terrorist?

More Fake News blaming it on those evil neo-nazi's Trump was only praising just the other day?

Or actual gun control legislation being passed despite the NRA forgetting that they long missed their chance to prevent at least 2 coups since JFK which was the 2nd amendment's main reason - or so I thought it was.

If it was just to shoot cans off walls or hunt animals to show how manly you are then I see no point in keeping it.

Remember add #altnews to your tweets and Facebook public profile messages and check out the main site for more alternative news stories here at Dark Politricks.

By Dark Politricks

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