Monday 21 November 2022

Russia v NATO - Modern War In A Time Of Hypocrisy And A US Rules Based Order

The War That Destroyed Europe and Independent Thought

By Dark Politricks

As Europe heads into Winter, and the US White House seems hell-bent on fighting the Ukrainian war down to the last man. We need to reflect on our common values here in the West. Some of you may think Putin is the nearest thing to Hitler on the planet, but if you do think that, it just goes to show how far our western civilization has fallen in the era of Social Media Propaganda, and how easy it is to brainwash people using media, social and old, into one way of thinking.

You may have heard, if you watched the right shows, that the US was urging Zelenskyy to try to settle with Putin now before the Winter sets in and 300,000 new Russian recruits, and all their tanks, fitted to drive on the snow, come rolling into Ukraine to mop up what remains of the Ukrainian armies.

This is despite Zelenskyy himself signing a law that makes negotiating with Russia a criminal offense. He has basically prevented himself from ever negotiating a peace settlement, or else face up to 15 years in prison for "cooperation with the aggressor state”. After all the lies and false promises from the west, I doubt Russia would be interested anyway.

Whilst you might think erroneously that Ukraine is winning the war, with its take over of Kharkiv and Kherson, two cities the Russians basically vacated as they did not have enough men to keep hold of them. It seems Putin and his top Generals do not like risking the lives of their soldiers for a worthless cause with a lack of troops. However, it seems they do not mind the retribution killings of pro-Russian civilians that take place by Ukrainian soldiers whenever they re-capture a town.

The Ukrainians are good at killing their own civilians, as we saw in Bucha, a town that was reclaimed and proudly shouted about by the mayor for 2 days with no mention of dead bodies laying in the streets at all. 

That was until the SBU and AZOV Brigade NAZI's enrolled in to the Ukrainian State Police, carried out a "cleansing", which saw freshly killed dead Ukrainians who had taken aid from Russian troops, lying on the sides of the road, clearly labelled with red bandanas to show their support for Russia. Of course, this was somehow wangled into a "Russia did it" war crime, despite all the discrepancies, just as many other Ukrainian crimes have been.

This might be why when the Russians recently vacated Kherson they evacuated civilians into Russia before leaving the city and blowing up the bridges behind them. Now those civilians who chose to stay behind will now have to face the SBU, the Ukrainian Security Services.

There is a list that includes bloggers and journalists which the SBU have been following, and executing, not only in Ukraine when they find someone who took food or supplies from Russian soldiers but also as this article reveals, US Senators, Pop Musicians, and people who dare to speak against the pro-Ukrainian, everything they do MUST be good, narrative. 

Here is Pink Floyds musician Roger Waters on the kill list.

Roger Waters on the Ukrainian/CIA kill list for daring to challenge the official narrative

Of course this list has links and maybe even origins in the CIA, as this report reveals, as it not only targets independent journalists in Ukraine but “traitors” such as writers Chris Hedges and Glenn Greenwald, political scientist John Mearsheimer, Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, conservative military analyst Edward Luttwak who was placed on the list for suggesting that referendums should be held in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and Henry Kissinger, who is worried about the prospects of a war between the U.S. and Russia.

A US law passed in May, House Resolution 7691, the Additional Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2022, according to Scott Ritter, who is also on the kill list for speaking out about the true history of post-Communist Russia, and the US coup of 2014 in Ukraine, abridges freedom of speech and a free press by supporting the Government of Ukraine’s publication of the “blacklist,”. 

You can hear Scott speak about the list and Congress approval here:

This list singles out U.S. citizens as “Russian propagandists” for exercising their constitutional rights pertaining to free speech and a free press. He lives not far from a park in upstate New York, where many Ukrainians live, who hold rallies in the park to celebrate the NAZI collaborator, Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who helped kill thousands of Jews and Poles in Pogroms in Ukraine during and after WWII.

Stepan Bandera in New York, the Ukrainian NAZI

From this extract from an article written by a Donbass blogger, titled, "SBU THE TERRIBLE UKRAINIAN POLITICAL POLICE, ASSASSINATIONS AND TORTURE", we have this independent bloggers views of the Ukrainian special security forces spelled out very clearly.
There is no war in Donbass… only an anti-terrorist operation. Yes you read that right, it’s a law of the Rada of Ukraine that was passed back in 2014, there is no war in Eastern Ukraine… but terrorists who were seeking to destroy the country. According to this rhetoric, the SBU, which deals with counter-espionage, was deployed and very quickly committed numerous abuses, assassinations and various crimes. According to various sources, the SBU had nearly 30,000 agents and employees, and very quickly attacked anything Russian, anti-Maidan and which could hinder the march of the Coloured Revolution financed and organised by the USA, in the winter of 2013-2014. The young blogger Marina Russkaya (pseudonym to protect her family in Ukraine), a student of political science in the capital (2012-2015) told us at the time about her journey. Having started writing against the Maidan, she was soon in contact with other activists and soon followed by tens of thousands of people. It was during a morning in 2015 that she was called by an activist friend in Kiev: “you have to flee Marina, they are breaking down my door, they are coming to get you!" Taking only her handbag, the young woman, then aged 24, fled Ukraine. Luckily, she was able to take a train to Russia and from there to the Donbass. That day, the SBU raid caught several dozen activists in its net. When asked about this, Marina said she had no news: “they were murdered, imprisoned, they will certainly be killed if they have survived in the Ukrainian prisons where they are languishing, the SBU will not let them live before fleeing”.

These security forces are the same people suspected of taking money from Western aid and buying flash cars. If they cannot get the cash directly they don't mind selling US armaments to Biker gangs in Scandinavia or terrorists on the Dark Web. According to NBI Detective Superintendent Christer Ahlgren, “Weapons shipped [by various countries] to Ukraine have also been found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.” Before the war, even the USA deemed them nearer a criminal organisation than the freedom fighters they now believe they are. 

The SBU Security / Terrorist Services of Ukraine

So why is the British Secret Services combining forces with the SBU and other Ukrainian security services to create a terrorist army in Crimea?

On October 28th, a Ukrainian drone attack damaged the Russian Black Sea fleet’s flagship vessel in the Crimean port of Sevastopol. 

The UK plans to attack Russian ships and targets in Crimea

Moscow immediately blamed Britain for assisting and orchestrating the strike, as well as blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, the worst acts of industrial sabotage in recent memory.

Nord Stream pipelines, blown up by the UK and USA, a terrorist attack on allies.

The British Ministry of Defence issued a blustery denial in response, branding the accusations “false claims of an epic scale.” Whoever was behind those specific attacks, suspicions of a British hidden hand in the destruction are not unfounded. 

The Grayzone has obtained leaked documents detailing British military-intelligence operatives linking an agreement with the Security Service of Ukraine’s Odessa branch, to create and train a secret Ukrainian partisan terror army.

Their plans called for the secret army to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance operations targeting Crimea on behalf of the Ukrainian Security Service, precisely the kind of attacks witnessed in past weeks. You can read more about how the UK has been collaborating with terrorists here on the Grayzone

It seems that when morality meets conflict, the west literally has no legs to stand on to accuse Russia of crimes that our own governments have been plotting and committing in Ukraine. Our western news services only provide propaganda to audiences who may swap from the BBC to ITV or CNN to MSNBC, to get their different perspectives on the war, yet each channel churns out the same narrative. Everything Ukraine does is good, or not mentioned, and everything Russia does is bad.

However, when the ground turns cold, and the Russian tanks are ready to roll, we will finally get to see the Russian army fight without all the constraints Putin has put on it since invading Ukraine. 

He is at least partly responsible for all the assassinations and killings of pro-Russian Ukrainians that were left behind in towns their under-manned army vacated to leave to the hands of SBU members to "cleanse", and then try and wangle their abuses as Russian killings just as they tried to do with their S300 Shell that was fired into Poland and killed 2 Polish farmers. 

Listen to a real journalist from The GrayZone, Max Blumenthal be interviewed by Russel Brand about the war in Ukraine and the killings that go on by the Ukrainian army against their own citizens.

Of course, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Tuesday, without producing evidence, that Russian missiles had hit Poland, a NATO country, in what he called a “significant escalation” of the conflict.

Russian missiles hit Poland, the territory of our friendly country. People died,” Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address. However even Poland and the USA have claimed this to be false, yet still blaming Russia for the fact a NATO country was attacked by a non-NATO Ukraine.

Green Screen Zelenskyy - getting ready to make another speech from the frontline

Zelenskyy was calling for immediate Article 5 implementation of NATO's collective Defence policy, yet it was Ukraine a non-NATO member who had fired and killed Polish civilians, with no evidence provided for the reason that they fired their anti-missile batteries towards Poland. 

Was this a deliberate false-flag event to try and get NATO to come rushing to Ukraine's aid, as their foreign legion of ex US/UK forces, special forces, Polish soldiers, and ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists, all wait for winter and the rolling out of half a million Russian troops?

Let's just re-cap the last 8 months and how far the west has fallen due to the most corrupt European nation being invaded by Russia.

  • The loss of free speech online, anyone who goes against US/NATO narrative is labeled a Russian Agent or BOT and kicked off social media platforms, or even worse, put on that CIA/SBU assassination list.
  • Social media virtue signalling without any knowledge of what they are supporting. The Ukrainian flags may tell others you support Ukraine, but what kind of Ukraine are you supporting? One that has kill lists that include journalists, NAZI's who use civilians as human shields as Amnesty International has reported?
  • Allowing social media sites such as YouTube to show literal "snuff films", where Russian soldiers are shot and left to lie on the floor with bags over their heads as they die. Anti-Russian sentiments are allowed to be declared from every social media site but dare tell something that does not fit the "Ukraine is good, Russia is bad" narrative and you could see yourself cancelled. Is this free speech, is this giving the citizens all sides of the story so they can make their own minds up, or is it the Government pushing propaganda into our heads?
  • MI6 & USA blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, apparently during her short term as PM, all Liz Truss did was concentrate on Ukraine. It was her bugged iPhone, using Israeli Pegasus malware, that told the Russians the Brits had played apart in the terrorist attack on German & Russian infrastructure, helping to cause misery and suffering in the cold and much poorer houses of Europe this winter and drive Europe into the USA's hands for expensive energy needs as planned by this supposed RAND report, if it is fake then it was very good at foretelling the future.
  • The self-inflicted economic disaster we have given ourselves. With no time to recover from COVID and supply line issues, we dived right in on the anti-Russian sanctions economic war which has only hurt us not Russia. The Russian Ruble is doing fine and we may feel all good about stopping cheap Russian gas flowing to us, as our energy bills rise along with inflation, but Russia is just doing more oil and gas deals with the rest of the world who have not voted against the Russian invasion. It is only NATO and the EU who have pegged their economies in a futile battle with Russia, sanction after sanction, and none of it has worked. It has only led to our massive cost of living crisis. Other countries like India have cut cheap gas deals with Russia for not voting against them in the UN, and other countries from South America, to China and the global South all see the hypocrisy in our moral crusade using very unmoral methods.
  • We like to claim we have the moral high ground, and Russia is not following "The Rules Based Order" set up after WWII, which as this article states is basically 4 rules:
    • America makes the rules.
    • You will follow and obey American rules.
    • You will not listen to the United Nations.
    • If you fail to obey American demands, America reserves the right to obliterate you.
  • Believe it or not but Russia has followed UN International law, in protecting citizens of an imminent attack. The Minsk accords which Russia was hoping would solve the issue of Russian speaker's rights in the Donbass without breaking up Ukraine were not kept by France, Germany, and Ukraine and instead used by NATO to build up the Ukrainian army to take back the Donbass and Crimea after the US-led Maidan coup in 2014. As you can read in my article from February 2022, nearly everything I predicted has come true. Russia and China have got very close, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline did not go ahead, and we are allowing ourselves to freeze only to say that we stand with Ukraine. This is whilst the US illegally occupies Syria's oil fields, helping themselves to their wheat and gas, hypocrisy or just the consequences of everyone following the "Rules Based Order". The Russians are following international law, the US only follows international law if it suits them, otherwise, it's their "Rules Based Order", that takes precedence. The rest of the world sees this hypocrisy, and it is why the BRICS nations are expanding, with Saudi Arabia looking to join which could mean the end of the Petrodollar dominance that has allowed the USA to print money like there is no tomorrow.
  • Using ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists, and paying them to fill the holes in the Ukrainian foreign legion. Are we now on the side of these terrorists? I thought they were our "mortal enemies", I know about Gladio 2, maybe you should read up on Gladio 1 and replace "fake Communists" with "fake terrorists". We supported them in Syria, and use them to cause chaos.
  • Using terrorist tactics ourselves to kill or damage infrastructure such as the truck bomb/missile attack on the Crimean bridge. Did the driver of that van of fertiliser, making the truck one massive IRA-style bomb, know he was to become a suicide bomber?
  • Supporting a country that may have killed innocent Polish farmers seeking to get NATO in on their war. Not only has Ukraine shown a lack of care for its own citizens with the "cleansings" that happen after every town they re-take, innocent civilians massacred, but they shelled a Russian POW camp hoping to kill their own men to stop the Russians from videoing their evidence. Attacking a nuclear power station with HIMARS and other artillery which could have led to a massive nuclear, Chornobyl-style disaster for Europe, oh and trying to blame their own attack on Poland on Russia to get NATO in even more on their side in the war.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am not Russian, I have no wish for Russia to take over the West, or want to see Russian war crimes committed, and I definitely do not want to see WWIII. 

However, I also don't want our economy to enter its biggest recession yet partly due to this conflict. I don't want high inflation, blackouts, and high energy costs, all due to a sanctions war, and turning away from cheap Russian gas which Europe's economy relies on. All this suffering in the West just so our leaders who can afford the price hikes, and high fuel bills, to virtue signal that we are behind Ukraine all the way.

However, it is war and I believe that just as Ukraine has committed war crimes by using citizens as human shields as outlined in the Amnesty International Human Rights report on tactics used in this conflict, which stated "Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals", I am sure Russia has committed them too. 

In the fog of war, where we are prevented from making our own minds up, and pushed propaganda from all angles. Most of us dare not think for ourselves for fear of being labelled "pro-Russian". It seems morality is definitely relative during war time, for anyone doing a philosophy course.

For independent journalists and bloggers, singers and ex-politicians or US military who dare to state historical facts, such as the current war actually started in 2014, and that Ukraine was killing their own citizens in the Donbass as NATO trained their army for a war with Russia. Then as independent thinkers, we are put on CIA kill lists.

Is that what we now stand for?

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

Thursday 20 October 2022

Liz Truss, Green Screen Zelenskyy and BoJo

Where is Zelenskyy and did the US have anything to do with Liz Truss stepping down as UK PM

By Dark Politricks

Now this is just a theory but with the shambles the Tory party is in at the moment, with Liz Truss stepping down today from Prime Minister, the shortest ever in UK history, I have a feeling more is at play, and that it could all be down to Ukraine.

Ben Wallace the Defence Secretary is not going to stand for PM, which the Tories hope to be selected within a week by Tory members. However he has the weight of a Tory big hitter and would command respect whereas the other possible candidates are just going to be more light weights pushed around by the money men, as Liz Truss was.

The thing that makes me think more is at play is that Boris Johnson is thinking of standing as PM again. However many Tory MP's would be against this as would the public, so why would he be risking the ire of the population and his party by standing again?

Could it be all related to Ukraine?

Remember, Bojo, was the man sent to Kyiv or wherever Zelenskyy really is hiding, to tell him not to negotiate with Russia. This was when the peace talks at the beginning of the war were going well, and it looked like all the points in the Minsk accords that Russia had been hoping would keep Ukraine together and allow the Eastern Russian in the Donbass safe from the Ukrainian army who were shelling them and killing them for the last 8yrs.

Zelenskyy is obviously not in Ukraine. We have or I hope you all have seen the green screen videos of the fearless Ukrainian leader standing in Kyiv, when really he is in front of a camera with pictures of Kyiv or the front line behind him as this shot shows.

Zelenskyy making a new fearless war leader video

I don't know where the fearless leader is being kept, but I bet his Right Sektor "body guards" who have threatened his life if he dare negotiate with Russia are not far away. When people say "but he's Jewish, there can't be a NAZI problem", we are forgetting all the headlines and articles from papers across the world about Ukrainian NAZI & Far Right groups mainstream media wrote about before the war. Have we all forgotten?

Neo NAZIs from Ukraine we used to report on

Articles we wrote and seem to have forgotten about

Boris is supposedly on holiday in the Caribbean, yet he is also the top candidate to replace Liz Truss, reports YouGov, after Wednesday’s tough Prime Minister Questions in the House Of Commons. It has fueled questions about where the former PM is now – he’s apparently “on holiday“. However, I wonder if he has been talking to the White House or any of the pro war neo-cons that are leading us towards WW3 in Ukraine?

Has anybody from the White House realised that Bojo and Zelenskyy got on so well and that for the war effort to continue with his spirits lifted from the threat of being disposed of, literally, at any minute, that the UK must install Boris back as PM at once. They don't care how it is done, they just want him back as PM to keep Zelenskyy on the right track, with his spirits up, as if anyone needs a laugh then 10 minutes with Boris the Ping Pong clown ought to do it.

BoJo is he being used by the US to over throw UK democracy for Ukraine?

We will see if it does happen or not, but I can just imagine the US State Dept ringing Ben Wallace and saying "listen, we need Boris back as PM ASAP, I don't give a shit about your rules or constitution just get him back as PM so he can keep Zelenskyy on track". Then Ben talks to Graham Brady, the head of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, who plan these Tory plots to oust PM's, and Liz is told to go and do one, all because we need Boris for the sake of the Ukrainian war effort.

It will soon become clear if indeed Boris does throw his hat in the ring as a candidate, as Graham who was talking to reporters earlier said that at least 2 candidates must stand for PM, but if one drops out, then the remaining candidate becomes Prime Minister.

So we won't have long to wait and see if this "conspiracy" or "coincidence" theory is right or wrong as if Boris is busy packing his holiday Bermuda shorts back into his bag to head back to Heathrow, then we will see who else stands alongside him and whether or not they drop out or get voted down. 

Whatever the case, if Boris ends up back in 10 Downing St then play writers will have an awesome tale of Tory betrayal and back stabbing to write about for a play or TV show.

I just have this icky feeling at the back of my throat that due to his "matey" charm and friendship with Zelenskyy, who is now putting his trust in al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists that WE are paying for to fight in Ukraine's foreign legion that something more is going on that we don't know about.

If the US is prepared to attack Nord Stream 2 and put a supposed ally into severe hardship this winter despite Putin offering to resume gas supplies to Europe through the intact part of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which Germany has declined, despite committing economic suicide, then I have no doubts that the UK would bend over and kick a sitting PM out to bring back a disgraced one despite all the trouble it will cause if the Americans wanted it.

We only have to wait a week but if BoJo is somehow wangled back into Downing Street then I suspect more is at play than we can see from our arm chairs. It's just a thought, and we only have to wait a week to see. 

However, to find the truth of the matter if this comes to pass then we will need to wait for some leaked documents or phone calls to prove that this was why he was brought back and that I was right.

Otherwise it's just mad that Boris is considering throwing his hat into the ring to become PM again after just being kicked out for partying during COVID lockdown, as the population was told to isolate. 

Whatever the reason he would try and become PM again I really don't know which would be worse!

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

Friday 30 September 2022

Am I going down the Google plughole of alternative sites?

Facebook Plugin Might Stop You Reading My Articles

By Dark Politicks

BS Detector List: Facebook Fake News Filters
Tonight I did what I used to do when my own server was up and running quite a lot, and that was search on Google for sites that were linking to me.

You can just put site: [sitename] into Google or many other search engines search box and it will return a list of sites that mention the site you have listed.

So I did a search for site: and had a peruse at my leisure to see what BS had been written about me. 

Of course I am a Russian Agent that pushes evil ex-commie propaganda on you all, that seems like a given from some of the sites I looked at. It must be due to me not pushing the "lets have a war with Russia" neo-con/neo-liberal line that seems to wash over much of the US governing elite at the moment.

Hey, I admit it. I don't want to burn to a crisp in a nuclear holocaust. I do apologise to any blogger out there that thinks I have a pro-Russian bias. I just don't believe Russia wants a nuclear war, and think you're very stupid if you do want one.

So many sites have had me on lists then their page disappears from the web but I can still prove I am on the list with Wikispooks if you go here to see the PropOrNot list of the most egregious offenders >>

Here is another site with my site on a list >

However, what really upset me is when I found my name on a list on a 911 conspiracy site such as It is using the same list I found on many other sites claiming I am a "useful idiot" or "Russian Disinfo Agent" just because I do things like stick up for Gaza, tell you the history of CIA drug smuggling, and dare tell the history of the Donbass before the war many MSN Sites believe started with Putin's invasion early 2022.  

However, I was writing about 9.11 inconsistencies and conspiracies back in the 2000's when I had free hosting at my company. Here are some articles, forget the dates, I have been moved from hosting company to server so many times they are meaningless.
Unfortunately, I posted an article on my site about a Russian missile called the sunbeam or sunburst or something I believe. It was a missile that could beat all US Aircraft carrier defences and one that skimmed across the ocean inches from the sea at Mach 2 to avoid detection. The US had tried to buy some from Russia but was refused only for Russia to sell some to China. 

Within an hour of the article going up my webmaster at work came over panicked with a copy of an email he had received. A Cease and Desist warning letter to take the article down ASAP, with a long list of US DOD departments at the bottom such as the US Army, US Airforce, US Marines etc etc. 

My webmaster honestly shat his pants and kept looking out of the windows for black helicopters waiting for Mossad to rope down and kill me in plain view. It was funny to watch but my site lost its free hosting and I ended up having to pay stupid money just to host my site on its own as on the server at work my blog was getting more visits than all the other company sites we hosted combined, and that was with me blocking 45% of all traffic from spambots, hack bots and brand bots that just crawl constantly trying to see if anyone is talking about them.

I just don't get why my little blog is on a list with big well-known sites such as, and to name just three. How did this professor find me, am I already on some sort of ban list so that they found me through that, who knows but I take it as given I am already being monitored somehow, from afar from the Australian ECHELON site, or maybe I need to peel back the sticking tape on my webcam so someone at GCHQ or MI5 can watch my lovely mug as I type?

There used to be a page that talked about a Facebook Plugin designed to warn users if they click on a link taking them to one of these 559+ websites. It was a 3-year-old article, and the old link doesn't show the article, but then again my Facebook page for this site has been removed, my main Twitter account blocked, and I have had social media sites and communities removed in the blink of an eye without any consultation before so who knows what the kind Samaritan who apparently complied the list thinks of me? 

It seems that the good egg who compiled the list is, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of Communication and Media at Merrimack College. It is none other than she, who and I quote "compiled a list of the most egregious offenders".

I doubt she even knows who I am, however then again if I am on 2 different lists and can't get into the US, I am probably on some sort of no-fly list. I applied for a US visa and was denied, before 9.11 I had gone to Boston, USA twice within a year all with no problem, whilst working for a big International IT company.

If you get blocked by a subscription bar and don't want to be tracked or turn BRAVES sheilds down, or turn off ADblocker extensions you can do some simple client-side hackery in the DOM by removing classes on the element ("Open Developer Tools > Select The Element -> Edit it as HTML -> Remove Classes and inline styles until the block is gone and you can read the page).

Citing a report from some group called PropOrNot listing more than 200 web sites that supposedly pushed Russian propaganda routinely to more than 15 million Americans, the Post – without irony – declared that somehow constituted "scientific evidence" of Russian election-tampering!

So not only am I a pawn in the game being played between Russia and NATO/US with cover from other countries willing to break international law when they cannot get a UN resolution to invade a country, I am also part of the Russiagate conspiracy hoax that stopped Hillary Clinton getting into office. 

Well although I am happy to be considered worthy enough to stop a psychotic killer and war-mongering liar get into the Presidency, I didn't do much apart from print the truth back then, something that was written off as Russian disinfo, and could have swayed the election Trumps way but all big social media sites were blocking what we all now know was a real story of corruption e.g the news on Hunter Bidens laptop.

Apparently, despite Russiagate being debunked a hundred and one times, and Clinton officials and lawyers being interviewed and arrested by the FBI for making up false claims, in which fake info based on rumours was given to ex UK spy Christopher Steele, who then compiled a dossier that they then used to "prove" Donald Trump was a Russian agent with a love of prostitutes and pee parties, people still believe this narrative. This is why I have my site to give people the facts other sites don't.

However it has later come out that due to her narcissistic temperament the "Russia did it", claim was literally made up when Hillary Clinton found out she had lost to Trump, someone she actually helped persuade to run for President as she thought she could easily beat him and carry on the Obama administration that helped bring slave markets back to Libya and funnelled guns from there to Syria, and al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists to try and other throw President Assad.  

This is another site with my domain mentioned multiple times, the backlinks don't work as the people are obviously copying and pasting from other sources, and don't bother putting the http:// in front of my site's name to get you here, but the SEO gains would have been nice seeing I am being shadow banned and articles that used be at the top of Google are slipping down and down the page.

Well, to be honest, I feel honoured to be considered a threat somehow to weak minds, Melissa. It seems I am worthy enough to be on this list along with such evil doers as the Drudge Report, Russia Today, and of course the rabid, evil points of view from Plus of course, I get to say I am on a ban list with Alex Jones, one of my first conspiracy heroes back in the day he used to rant and rave at the camera like a loon in need of Largactil LOL.

Sometimes I just feel that if a site is not on a list like the ones I have shown you they are not doing enough to fight the establishment narrative and give people an opposing point of view to consider. Surely if you host a show called Redacted, which I do watch, you should be on a ban list along with me, Alex Jones, Natural News, and Come on what does it take for new shows that get more viewers than MSN outlets that dare speak the truth about the Nord Stream pipe bombings to get put on our naughty list?

I also found this list of raw site URLs which had me labelled down for "bias" and "conspiracy". Well I don't know what my bias is, but if it's that I am against a 3rd nuclear war, hate fake current and historical narratives and I'm not a "co-incidence theorist" then yes those labels are correct.

It seems this core list has been copied, and amended in some cases across numerous blogs claiming to have a list of "fake news sites", or "sites to be careful reading", whatever that means. If it's that you might find an alternative and possibly more correct view of an event than those spouted by the mainstream media outlets then yes.

I did find it amusing on the site to find under the category "State Run" just the two sites from the countries the US is currently pushing its propaganda for war with, Russia Today and Iran's Press TV.

What I want to know is where was the BBC? You cannot get a more state run organisation than the BBC, a news broadcaster that has the backing of the government in forcing all live TV viewers to fork out over £150 per year to pay for a licence fee that funds the BBC's reporting.

Therefore it is something I expect, to be labelled a conspiracy theorist just because I don't believe in physics that says an aluminium plane cannot fly at 550mph just inches above the ground and punch it's way through 3 rings of re-enforced concrete as supposedly happened at the Pentagon on 9.11. If I threw an empty can of coke at my bedroom wall would you expect it to just bounce off or go directly through it as if it had been the weight of a rock with some Semtex attached?

Oh and you must call me anti-Semitic for daring report what many US news stations did on the day of 9.11 about the "dancing Israelis", flicking lighters and positioned where no-one else would know to be, filming the first plane hit the Twin Towers. Known Mossad agents who were released by the FBI without charge and went onto an Israeli TV show to claim that they were, "just documenting the event".

And I must be a "hate speech" site for daring to talk about how Israel is assassinating hundreds of Palestinians at the fence that divides them from their old stolen homes. Or how the Mossad stole British passports to use in their assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai, or show the YouTube video recording of two IDF soldiers shooting 9 bullets into the back of an injured US citizen, Furkan Dogan, on their high seas attack on the Mavi Marmara.

Then of course I must fall into the most evil category at all as well. No-one can point out that Auschwitz itself has decreased the number of people that died within it's rebuilt walls from 6 million down to under a million without being a blatant liar and holocaust denier. I guess the people running the camp, and the historians who have lowered the number from a round perfect 6 million, a number that is stated in the Torah as the number of Jews who must die before they can return to Israel, must fall into the same category as me?

So what do to if these blogs and sites are correct, and my site is on these lists to be considered so dangerous as to warn anyone visiting that it's not a reliable source?

Well what we need is a real "Alternative News" search engine. I did attempt creating one on my old site, I basically just returned Google's results as does through a proxy server to remove all the trackers, and then I had a list of sites such as the BBC, MSBC, CNN and other "authoritative news sources" that I removed from the results.

However that server is not running anymore and I doubt anyone out there is going to create a real #altnews search engine. I tried creating one using Googles Search Engine tools that used to be at the top of the page but then Google took it down, along with all my ad revenue from them and I am left with nothing.

I can only try my best to use what I can, I am probably on the way out in my 40's but with several chromic severe conditions that have seen me spend a week per month in the local hospital for the last 3 months, and a month stint in August last year and another week in June 2001, all after I took that evil AstraZ jab. I didn't want it but my parents live local and wouldn't even see me unless I took an LFT test and sent them a picture of the result. 

However they were nice enough to give me COVID last month, and whilst in hospital for this months stint (I only got out two days ago), I was in a bay where everyone got COVID and moved. I was the only one that didn't get it probably due to having anti-bodies still in me. 

Still I had to ask for a test despite the whole bay having COVID apart from me. I had to really kick off, go through 3 nurses and a matron and demand one from a doctor just to get a negative result. The new hospital policy says you only get a test if you are showing symptoms well when I had COVID my temp was 34.1C, not exactly steaming, and plus it takes days to show symptoms anyway. 

I just cannot believe last month when I was in hospital they were trialling a new computer system called EPIC where QR codes were scanned before any meds given out and this month they were already calling it an EPIC failure and printing everything out on paper as it was easier to use. 

Hey, what's another £20bn down the drain trying to modernise the NHS and put everything on computer. The last £20bn system was a mess and never used, and this one will be the same. We would have got a better return sending it over to Ukraine for the Russians to blow up on delivery but then that is another post! Go have a read, I have a lot of coverage of the Donbass war on this site, and share it with your friends. 

One of mine thought that the BBC would have told him that the Americans had blown up Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines if it were true, but that's what I am here for folks, to tell you the evil dirty truth that many go around all their lives in ignorant bliss. 

What I would do be a dumb sheep again and not know the things I do!

I hate to say this but please donate if you can, I am doing this on my own, without funding and I am on ban lists and no fly lists for taking the time to write these articles.

By Dark Politricks

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Thursday 29 September 2022

Who Benefited From Blowing Up Nord Stream1 and Nord Stream2?

Who Caused A Massive Natural Disaster By Blowing Up Russian Gas Lines

By Dark Politricks

Update: October 30th 2022:
It seems that the UK has been found out as the country who helped blow up the pipe lines. Apparently using Israeli Pegasus malware, Russia bugged Liz Truss's iPhone and saw her text Sec of State Antony Blinken a minute after the attack saying "It's done", the Russians have directly accused the UK of blowing up the German and Russian gas pipelines, and despite investigations by Sweden who won't comment on grounds of "National Security" and Germany, who has forbidden their MP's from asking questions about it.
It seems we were the culprits of a massive terrorist plot that will put Germany into recession and may cause hundreds of thousands of people to die from the cold this and the following winters.

George Galloway on the subject:


Update: October 10th 2022:
At the beginning of October, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to resume gas supplies to Europe through the intact part of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

"The ball is in the EU's court. If they want to, then the taps can be turned on and that's it," he said in a speech at an energy forum in Moscow.

Germany, however, said it would not take Russian gas via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that has become a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis.

Asked if Berlin would rule out the use of Nord Stream 2, German government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann said, "Yes."

More info > 

I had an argument with a friend today over who blew up the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines the other day. I tried explaining to him Russia wouldn't destroy a pipeline they spent billions on when they could just turn it off with a switch at Gazprom HQ.

However, like most people he believed the western propaganda that the Russians did it, although he thought Ukraine might despite not having the technical know-how.

When I tried telling him it was most likely the Americans he said no, why would they, what do they have to gain plus the funniest line, "the BBC would have said about it in the news" (as well as ITV and Sky), that's like asking for CNN to do a 60 minute hit piece "sponsored by Phizer" on the Opioid epidemic they were fined $2.3bn for criminal and civil allegations that the company illegally promoted uses of four of its drugs. 

The USA Planned War in Europe and the Energy Crisis

Despite denials, a Swedish news agency revealed a document signed RAND Corporation, a think tank linked to the US Department of Defense, outlines a strategy for “Weakening Germany and strengthening the U.S.” It says there is an “urgent need” for an influx of resources from outside to maintain the American economy, “especially the banking system”. A key objective is to destroy the cooperation between Germany and Russia which is seen as the greatest economic and political threat to the United States. 

Their plan was to draw both Russia and Europe into war with the primary goal of destroying the German economy. The green parties in Europe were manipulated by American strategists and were part of the trap. The benefits of US-based companies having less competition on the world market, logistical advantages, and the outflow of capital from Europe. The US economy would benefit by $7 to $9 trillion dollars. You can read the document here and you can see how US exports of gas have gone up this year to Europe as Russian gas is stopped. 

You can see how US gas exports to the EU from the USA below and how they have increased as the year, war and suicidal sanctions on Russia have increased.

And here you can see which European countries relied on Russian gas for power, heat, and industry below.

To be honest, as a UK citizen who apparently doesn't get any gas from Russia, as we have North Sea oil and pipes from Norway, I am wondering why our energy bills are rising so fast unless it's price gouging by energy companies, many who have reported record profits this year. If that is the case then there should be a windfall tax on those companies to help pay for the increased price rise in energy or legal action against those companies to prevent unnecessary rises from even occurring.

Of course, this also fits with the Davos World Economic Forum plan to proceed with the Great Reset, get us off fossil fuels, replace boilers at home with useless and more expensive water heaters, constant surveillance, digital currency, and the banning of cash the use of a Social Credit system, instant fines coming from bank accounts, work from home, less driving or flying abroad - unless it's onboard your own private jet to Davos of course.

The main thrust of the forum is global control. Free markets and individual choice do not stand as the top values, but state interventionism and collectivism. Individual liberty and private property are to disappear from this planet by 2030, and who can forget their famous slogan that "We will own nothing, and he happy".

Ecosystem Damage By Destruction of Nord Stream pipelines

Despite the pipes being turned off on the German side, they were full of gas and the explosions caused massive leaks of Methane into the water creating a massive unnatural disaster for the ecosystem where the popes were based.

So who caused these explosions? Of course, western fingers pointed at Russia and Russia pointed at the US who had 2 ships seen near the site of the explosions only hours before they occurred. I am pretty sure that if Germany sent divers down into the mess in the sea and collected scraps from the explosive device or torpedo used that they would find English writing on US weapons. Would they keep quiet and let the US carry on destroying their economy and freezing their population or would they dare speak out and cause a rift within NATO?

Recent leaks of a Rand Corporation document, which Rand denies, show that the USA has had a long-term plan going back to the early 2000's to wean the EU off Russian gas as well as wanting to de-Industrialise the powerhouse of Europe, Germany, by getting it involved in a war with Russia and having them cut their gas off.

Why Would The USA Attack Their Major EU Allies Infrastructure and Cause Economic Chaos?

USA world dominance is a “primacy,” aim which drives Washington, however, this is not possible without control of Eurasia and that’s not possible without control of Ukraine by pushing Russia out and controlling the governments in Moscow and Beijing and it now seems Europe as well. What U.S. leaders still view as Russia’s “imperial ambitions” are in Moscow seen as imperative defensive measures against an aggressive West.

For the USA to want to cause major pain, and probably thousands of deaths this winter by destroying their major trading partner, the EU, by making them cold and powerless during winter is a sick idea for a supposed ally to do to us, but it's not unexpected, they have been talking about it since Condoleezza Rice was State Secretary. 

Plus here| we have Joe Biden talking about how if Russia invaded Ukraine the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would not go ahead as he had ways to stop the pipeline. 

This is a plan they have played out since the US coup in Ukraine in 2014 and the civil war in which over 16,000 people of the Donbass region of Ukraine, many parts who have just voted to join Mother Russia were killed by Neo-NAZI thugs and thugs from prisons such as murderers and rapists, who were let out to help booster the Ukrainian foreign legion. 

It has also been conjectured  that show US soldiers invading ground in the north, as well as English and US "mercenaries" who were executed on the orders of Putin, by Russia's Spetznas Special Forces after being caught laying British explosives in mines from southern Russia to the Ukrainian city of Kharkion, including the famous ex SAS soldier and writer Andy McNab

There were also the trials and death sentences passed down to ex British soldiers Aiden Aslin, 28 and 48-year-old Shaun Pinner. There has also been the suspected capture of an ex Canadian General who is thought to be currently held in Moscow. He was thought to have been captured in the Azovstal steel works trying to escape, and it is the supposed reason NATO sent in helicopters to try and rescue him with no luck.

"If Russia invades...then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.
Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said that the leaks were likely caused by “a deliberate action” but “not an attack against Sweden.” Other Western countries and NATO have echoed that conclusion.

German, Danish, and Scandinavian security authorities are now examining the leaks and trying to identify their cause, according to the German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, who added that Europe can protect its critical infrastructure.

Tucker Carlson -Why Russia Would Not Lose Its Leverage Over Europe By Destroying Pipelines

So what has really happened by these explosions, probably caused by the USA?

Here is a quick list:
  • An environmental disaster that will contribute to climate change due to methane gas leaks.
  • The stoppage of any possibility Germany will be able to keep the lights on and citizens heated during a cold winter.
  • An economic attack by the USA on its NATO allies and major trading countries just to preserve US hegemony.
  • The stopping of leverage Russia has over Europe by being able to stop and start the flow of gas at any time. 
  • The destruction of billions worth of expensive time and money building a pipeline and the possible collapsing of Germany from a major world exporter to a farming nation as it was just after WW1 & WW2. Let's hope there is no move to the right by all the angry Germans as we all know where that leads if a populist leader comes along and recognises the American duplicity and lies they have been told over the years.
  • Huge power bill increases if replacement power cannot be found quickly and imported into the EU.
  • The possible deaths of thousands of people across Europe especially if it is going to be a very cold winter. I would call this genocide as depending on how many poor, old, and homeless people die it is justified for Germany to want at least compensation, maybe even revenge if they fall out of line with the USA and especially if the EU collapses.

Putting the Pieces Together - Redacted

Please watch this segment of Redacted which talks about the attacks on the pipelines. It is shown on YouTube at 9pm GMT, 4pm EST every day if you want to join the thousands now watching one of the biggest independent shows which has bigger viewing figures than many MSM news programmes.

So if any of you have any other theories of how this attack happened then please let me know in the comment section.

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

Thursday 22 September 2022

Are We Just Days Away From World War III?

Putin offers Donbass Referendums To Become Part Off Russia

By Dark Politricks

Sorry I haven't been about much but I have been in and out of hospital constantly and might have to go  in again. Anyway if NATO is as stupid as Ukraine then we won't have to worry about it.

For those of you who missed the whole speech, you can watch it here on Redacted, a channel you should all subscribe to and watch for the news the MSM ignores. For full episodes scroll to the 30 minute mark as the rest is a 30 min collection of redacted news and CIA officers revealing how they made lies up about wars etc. It's basically to give YouTube time to get all their notifications out. However, this is just a clip about Putin's full speech, which has the history to back it up.

I bet most of you only watched a few seconds clip of Putin the other day, laying out how he has gone to the Duma to change the operation from a Special Military Operation to a full war with NATO. He is calling up 300,000 reserve forces which will make just over half a million in action. Remember Russia only started this with 200,000 

Putin's Warning of World War III and the referendums in Donbass

Once these Donbass regions and breakaway republics who have been under constant shelling by neo-Nazis and Ukrainian troops for 8 years vote, and if they vote to join Russia, then the new rules the Duma passed will come into play.

The new law from 2020 outlines four scenarios in which Moscow would order the use of nuclear weapons, two of them new and involving potential instances of nuclear first-use. 

The established protocol permits use when an enemy uses nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction on Russia or its allies, and in situations when conventional weapons "threaten the very existence of the country."

The two new provisions include cases in which the government receives "reliable information" that a ballistic missile attack is imminent or enemies damage the nation's critical and military facilities to the degree that the ability to retaliate with nuclear weapons is disrupted.

Therefore if these 4 regions of the Donbass become part of Russia then any attack on them, or the shelling of the biggest nuclear power station in Europe by NATO and Ukraine will mean that these new rules come into play.

Whilst the head of NATO, Norwegian ex-PM Jens Stoltenberg, is spouting all kinds of rubbish about Russia failing in Ukraine, hopefully, the military council that makes the decisions is wiser. They can see the trap that Russia is laying out for them, which changes everything.

Russia has promised security for the regions to vote over the weekend whilst Zelenskyy and his Right Sektor NAXIs are pushing laws through that if anyone votes they could spend from 5 to 10 years in prison, and even be outcast from a series of jobs for 50 years!

I thought the USA was all about democracy and freedom, it's what they parrot all the time when they want to invade a country to steal its oil. We only have to remember how they allowed Kosovo to become independent after bombing Serbia (the wrong people), with the help of bin-Laden and al-Qaeda and the terrorist group the KLA, to see their double standards.

So if these regions attack the newly Russian Donbass areas, they could be in for a shock, so could all NATO countries as Putin has made it pretty clear he knows it is NATO that is fighting the war down to the last Ukrainian and that US real time satellite images are being passed to Ukrainians so that they can attack Russian positions.

However after the full mobilisation of 600,000+ Russian troops, who are not running away on one-way tickets out of Russia as the west has claimed. They are ex-soldiers and they will not be deployed on the front line.

What will happen if Ukraine carries on shelling innocent people in markets and civilian areas? As this full episode of Redacted shows, it has interviews with Scott Ritter, ex-Iraq weapons inspector and Marine, plus Eva Bartlett, an independent journalist who unlike CNN or the BBC actually goes to the war zones she writes about.

As they are interviewing her just blocks from where 4 people were killed by Ukrainian shelling earlier in the day, you can actually hear shells being fired. The Ukrainians like the Israelis, like doing double taps. 

They shell a civilian area, kill and injure a load of people, wait a while until the ambulances turn up, and then shell again hoping to destroy those ambulances. I suggest everyone should follow her on YoutTube and Telegram for up-to-date information from her.

Please click this link to watch a video of Ukrainian forces attacking ambulances and civilians. YouTube won't let me embed it as it's too violent.

Now for the main video with interviews with Eva Bartlett and Scott Ritter who reckons now that this is a war not a Special Military Operation that hundreds of tanks will just roll through Ukrainian lines and spread out killing everyone as the Russian air force which has hardly been used will be attacking Ukrainian areas, HQs, even civilian areas as the US/UK did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Remember to scroll to 30 minutes into the video to get to the start. The first two pieces are with Scott and Eva, you don't have to watch news about Trump, and Dr Fauci finally admitting lockdowns caused harm to children and businesses.

I have set the video to start at 30 minutes but if YouTube won't let me embed it you can go here to watch it and I fully suggest everyone does as well.

Let's just hope NATO tells Ukraine to stop killing innocent people and they stop attacking Russia after the referendum which will undoubtedly result in the regions joining Russia as that will just lead to Armageddon

Please share and spread this article.

By Dark Politricks

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Saturday 6 August 2022

The "Cost of Living" Crisis

The Cost Of Living Crisis is not one we deserve

By Dark Politricks

I have been in hospital twice lately so apologise for the lack of articles, however, it has shown me what a state the Tories have let the NHS get into. The hospital I was staying in was rolling out a new computer system, where every patient had a QR code on their armband. It had to be zapped before any medication was given to you, or your blood pressure was taken. 

Anyway, before any new computer system is developed and then dumped for being unusable like the last £20bn system was, they should concentrate on the basics first. Things like ensuring wards have working showers for people to use rather than being used as store rooms, and air conditioning so we don't all sweat our beds wet in the 30-40C heat waves we have been having, those would have been nice.

It's a travesty that they expect people to keep clean and germs and bugs not to spread in a hospital when men cannot even wash properly every day. There is a lack of towels and alcohol gel to clean your hands with as well, and we all just lay in the heat in silence. Not nice.

I could go on about this all day, however there are more important things to worry about in the UK at the moment. Such as the Tory battle for leadership of the corrupt party that has led us to the biggest economic mess since the 70's at least.

Every time I hear commentators or people talking about the "Cost of Living" crisis we are going through, with inflation at double figures and the worry that energy companies will be putting our bills up by over 100% every 3 months for at least a year to come there is no talk about the root underlying cause of all this.

All that is mentioned is that the high inflation is being caused by BREXIT, COVID, and supply chain hangovers from the lockdown. Plus there are plenty of companies price gouging and making millions on top of the high inflation that is going to be hurting everyone in the country for at least a year or more to come.

What I don't ever hear is the real reason for the high rise in food, petrol, heating and delivery costs i.e our stupid sanction war with Russia.

With all these hustings between Rishi Sunak, the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer. A man who had no fear of stabbing his boss in the back and Liz Truss the trade secretary who is so blind and has no foresight that she, along with Rishi, could not see the damage the sanction war with Russia would do to our own economy. Either one is not going to be able to solve our inflation problem.

These two Tories are fighting to take over from Boris the Buffoon, the blonde-haired idiot who basically agreed to follow the US/NATO plan to sanction Russia for their invasion of Ukraine, and push for other EU countries to do so, all at the cost of destroying their own economies.

It must have just slipped his mind that the whole continent relies on Russian gas to keep our lights on and our houses warm in winter.

When the picture of the Earth at Christmas is taken from space this year the EU is going to look as dark as North Korea. Yet no one seems to want to mention it apart from "Putins price hike", as in he is punishing us for no reason at all.

There is no mention that we have taken and used millions of pounds of his gas and then refused to pay him, basically stealing Russia's money. Then all the sanctions we have laid at Russia's door trying to destroy their economy but instead only solidified Russia's partnership with China, and made the country look to new territories like India to sell their massive raw materials to

Russia could destroy the whole of the EU in one second by turning the gas pipes off and we didn't even think about a plan B in case this economic war didn't pan out the way we wanted it to. I think a proper leader should have, as it is pretty clear that Russia is more than just a big gas station with the GDP of Cyprus.

Boris was just too hand appy to get his own "war" and pretend to be Churchill as he met the puppet Zelenskyy in Kyiv, telling him not to negotiate with Russia, as the EU and USA would keep him and his country pumped up with weapons and training. All that has done is cause a massive loss of life of citizens, Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian men drafted into the army, and Russian soldiers.

The only problem is that Russia is chewing up Ukraine's army and spitting them out in the thousands as they roll through the Donbass and liberate the Russian-speaking areas of the country. In fact the Ukrainian forces with US weapons are now using them to indiscriminately shell Ukrainian towns, shopping centres, and schools in the parts of the country now under Russian control. 

This was outlined in the recent report by Amnesty International which reported on Ukrainian forces using civilians as shields, therefore, making them Russian targets by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals. It said:
“We have documented a pattern of Ukrainian forces putting civilians at risk and violating the laws of war when they operate in populated areas,” said Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. 

“Being in a defensive position does not exempt the Ukrainian military from respecting international humanitarian law.”

The US and Europe have pumped billions of dollars worth of weapons into Ukraine, wanting to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian. However, the Russians either destroy NATO weapons as they enter the country or as they sit in warehouses. 

If they do get to the Ukrainian troops then there is a high chance they are either sold to the Russians, or on the black market due to the Kyiv forces' limited ability to use them because of their lack of training, claims former senior Pentagon adviser Karen Kwiatkowski

The US and EU are literally throwing money down the drain by arming Ukraine as well as probably arming terrorist groups that will come back to haunt us in the future.

The Ukrainian army has apparently even used the US-delivered HIMARS to attack a Russian POW camp in which Ukrainian soldiers held there were starting to do TV interviews about how they were forced into the army and made to do terrible things against their own countrymen

I am under no illusion that inside a POW prison camp there is going to be torture going on between guards and inmates due to the civil war between the two republics and western Ukraine for so long. I bet this is true in both Ukrainian and Russian POW camps. 

We have heard claims from both sides and seen videos of the AZOV Battalion torturing Russian POW's in videos, so I have no doubt the Russians would want revenge on them for doing so and filming it. Why YouTube even let it be uploaded to their site I have no idea, it was a literal snuff film.

There must be a deep hatred between both parties against each other due to the killings that have gone on since 2014, so I don't expect any POW prison in Ukraine at the moment is being run as the Red Cross would wish. However, blowing it up from inside and putting your own men at risk of death seems a stretch especially when people have claimed otherwise. What is needed is an independent war crimes investigation on the scene now and months later.

You will have to watch this video on YouTube as they obviously don't want it being embedded all over the web for people to view. Just click the image and it will open the video on YouTube.

I was hoping whilst I was in the hospital and over the months since I first started writing about the truth in the Donbass, that people I knew would actually start to do their own thinking instead of just ingesting western propaganda about how Ukraine could still win the war and how evil Russia was, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Ukrainian propaganda about how they were ready to do a million-man counter-offensive, and how Putin is close to dying from some horrible disease is just classic MI6 disinformation, and until the new security laws come into play in the UK there has to be an outlet where an alternative point of view is shown to those who take everything the BBC, Sky, and ITV say to them as the literal truth. 

Just banning RT and Sputnik from being read is the sort of thing the Soviet Union did to prevent the people realising what kind of horrible system they were living in, Is that what we have become in the US and UK? 

A country that just bans anything that does not parrot the official line because it might make you think for yourself. Is that the new normal, a society that bans opposition points of view like the Chinese?

If all that the western MSM is telling you is the truth, then why are all these Ukrainian nationals in the East of the country welcoming Russian soldiers who have come to liberate them from the Ukrainian army units that were designated as terrorist groups by many in the west until the war started?

You should check the blog I have taken this from yourself and watch some of the videos as this ex US soldier has been right from before the war even started. 

However, these videos are of Russians liberating Ukrainians in the Donbass and the translations are below. Go and use Google translate if you want to verify it for yourself. Even CNN has a video of all the Ukrainians with their worldly goods stashed in their cars traveling across into Russian-held territory. You can watch their video here.

The ladies from 0:00 to around 0:14 are saying, among other things, “Yes, of course we waited (for you)” and (the smiling blonde in the pink cream coat) “Everyone wants to see, hug, and kiss you!”

The ladies from around 0:15 to 0:26 are also elated.  The one on the right says, “We awaited you for so long.”

Then, the man behind them says (rough translation, cannot be translated literally), “You made it here, good job guys… Wonderful, wonderful.”

The older folks starting from 0:27, also seem pleased.  The white-haired lady says (rough translation, to get the point across), “Well, you know what we had to live with here.”  

The man next to her adds, “So we waited, waited with impatience.  On (satellite?) TV, we watch Russian channels, and (we track where is the) theatre of military operations, where is it, where is it moving to… Like generals who track where the forces are, where they will pass… We sweated for every soldier, for all of them.”

The last few seconds of the video shows four local boys posing with Donetsk soldiers, the Victory Banner—the flag of the Red Army’s 150th Rifle Division, raised over the Reichstag in 1945, and now flown over all territories newly under control of Russian, Donetsk, and/or Lugansk forces—and (at left) what may be the given unit’s colours.  

The little girl relates, “I ran with (my) grandmother to see the flag… We sat over there.  I was so happy.  I don’t know how to convey it in words.”

She then relates how she was studying in Ukrainian but now expects to be studying in Russian (obviously the language she and 95 percent of the Donbass speaks at home and in the course of routine business.) 

You can read the article over at The Dreizen Report here

Also, remember we are in the minority of countries across the world who have attacked Russia for their military operations inside the Donbass. As more and more of the actual truth of the war comes out and people realise Ukraine is actually losing, many people are starting to see that we have joined a proxy war in which Russia knows exactly where our troops are running about, and even letting them play SAS saboteurs because they know it does not matter. 

They know they are going to win this war and even the USA is starting to realise it and throw Zelenskyy under the bus. They are already looking for other countries to start wars with like China, Syria, Yemen, and Iran.

If there wasn't a worse US Presidency for sticking their noses into other countries' businesses and starting wars that could make the mess the world is already in even worse, then I cannot remember one. 

Yes George W Bush used 9.11 as an excuse to start a war in Iraq and Afghanistan which was one big scam for companies like Halliburton to rebuild everything the US army destroyed in their shock and awe tactics. Also, we saw last year at the end of the US army's 2-decade stay in "The Stan", with the mad rush to evacuate US citizens and Afghan translators, what a scam that was as all the millions they had spent training Afghan troops up were wasted and easily shown to the world. 

In the panic of the rush to get out, the Afghan army the US taxpayer had paid millions to train, just handed their weapons to the Taliban, and they rode into Kabul triumphantly in the million-dollar Humvees that the US had just left for them to take. 

So the US didn't exactly do a very good job of kicking al-Qaeda out of the country as they claimed to have. In fact, they were too busy using them in Syria, funnelling weapons to them to fight Assad. 

It is dangerous to be a friend of the USA, one minute you are top of a terrorist list, the next you are being paid to fight proxy wars for them, and then when you are of no use you are killed by a Reaper Drone strike. 

I dread to think of how Zelenskyy will have his life ended, the Russians could have killed him a thousand and one times by now with missile strikes, or by using NATO "shock and awe" bombing of Kyiv but they have left him alive. Why? 

The US was trying to kill Saddam Hussein from day one in their invasion of Iraq. I suspect it is because the Russians see that the West has legitimised his leadership and made him some kind of hero. They want him around to negotiate any peace deal with when there are no more Ukrainian soldiers to kill.

Believe it or not, the Russians have actually moved slowly into the East of Ukraine and not used NATO "shock n awe" tactics that destroy every building as they go as they have no desire to destroy the country only to rebuild it again. 

They are using tactics western mercenaries and soldiers on the ground have never seen in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reporters have described British and American veterans talking about what hell it is to fight the Russians who have overwhelming air superiority and fire 10 ten times or more the number of rockets and artillery that the Ukrainians do.

I know one person's view cannot change the minds of a million but we are going to suffer badly because of our leader's choice to start an economic war with Russia

Is it worth all the extra money you are going to have to find and the decisions to choose whether to eat or heat, all because of NATO's (the US/UK) desire to use Ukraine as a playground to fight Russia in?

When you are deciding how to pay the bills or wondering how the price of petrol (gas), has got so high at the pump in the coming months will you be thinking that this is all the cause of events beyond your control or will you realise how our war with Russia has played such a huge part in making you broke?

Is it worth fighting a proxy war, and pouring weapons into a country that was ranked the most corrupt in Europe just so they can sell them on the dark web to terrorists all to stop Russia from doing what they said they would almost 20 years ago? 

We had the Minsk accords created to allow for the Eastern Russian population to carry on speaking Russian, but we ignored them and kept poking the bear, training the Ukrainian army including the NAZI brigades, as they shelled and killed over 16,000 people in the East of Ukraine.

It may have taken a decade and a bit but the bear has bitten back and it is very clear who is suffering from this war when you look at the prices of food and energy on your monthly bills. 

We don't have to support Russia to not shoot ourselves in the feet. We can still condemn their actions without all the sanctions that have hurt us more than them. Voting for a new Tory leader isn't going to do anything to solve this problem at all.

We can still save ourselves from huge energy bill increases without believing the Russian invasion is all good, but the leaders of the West had no plan B, and because of that, the citizens of Europe are already suffering. 

Any new leader of the Tory party should reverse the sanctions in return for the gas to be turned back on and negotiated peace talks. It is the only way we can help Ukraine end the war, give Russia an exit, and stop ourselves from hyperinflation and a very cold expensive winter due to the events in Ukraine.

By Dark Politrcks

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