Thursday 22 September 2022

Are We Just Days Away From World War III?

Putin offers Donbass Referendums To Become Part Off Russia

By Dark Politricks

Sorry I haven't been about much but I have been in and out of hospital constantly and might have to go  in again. Anyway if NATO is as stupid as Ukraine then we won't have to worry about it.

For those of you who missed the whole speech, you can watch it here on Redacted, a channel you should all subscribe to and watch for the news the MSM ignores. For full episodes scroll to the 30 minute mark as the rest is a 30 min collection of redacted news and CIA officers revealing how they made lies up about wars etc. It's basically to give YouTube time to get all their notifications out. However, this is just a clip about Putin's full speech, which has the history to back it up.

I bet most of you only watched a few seconds clip of Putin the other day, laying out how he has gone to the Duma to change the operation from a Special Military Operation to a full war with NATO. He is calling up 300,000 reserve forces which will make just over half a million in action. Remember Russia only started this with 200,000 

Putin's Warning of World War III and the referendums in Donbass

Once these Donbass regions and breakaway republics who have been under constant shelling by neo-Nazis and Ukrainian troops for 8 years vote, and if they vote to join Russia, then the new rules the Duma passed will come into play.

The new law from 2020 outlines four scenarios in which Moscow would order the use of nuclear weapons, two of them new and involving potential instances of nuclear first-use. 

The established protocol permits use when an enemy uses nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction on Russia or its allies, and in situations when conventional weapons "threaten the very existence of the country."

The two new provisions include cases in which the government receives "reliable information" that a ballistic missile attack is imminent or enemies damage the nation's critical and military facilities to the degree that the ability to retaliate with nuclear weapons is disrupted.

Therefore if these 4 regions of the Donbass become part of Russia then any attack on them, or the shelling of the biggest nuclear power station in Europe by NATO and Ukraine will mean that these new rules come into play.

Whilst the head of NATO, Norwegian ex-PM Jens Stoltenberg, is spouting all kinds of rubbish about Russia failing in Ukraine, hopefully, the military council that makes the decisions is wiser. They can see the trap that Russia is laying out for them, which changes everything.

Russia has promised security for the regions to vote over the weekend whilst Zelenskyy and his Right Sektor NAXIs are pushing laws through that if anyone votes they could spend from 5 to 10 years in prison, and even be outcast from a series of jobs for 50 years!

I thought the USA was all about democracy and freedom, it's what they parrot all the time when they want to invade a country to steal its oil. We only have to remember how they allowed Kosovo to become independent after bombing Serbia (the wrong people), with the help of bin-Laden and al-Qaeda and the terrorist group the KLA, to see their double standards.

So if these regions attack the newly Russian Donbass areas, they could be in for a shock, so could all NATO countries as Putin has made it pretty clear he knows it is NATO that is fighting the war down to the last Ukrainian and that US real time satellite images are being passed to Ukrainians so that they can attack Russian positions.

However after the full mobilisation of 600,000+ Russian troops, who are not running away on one-way tickets out of Russia as the west has claimed. They are ex-soldiers and they will not be deployed on the front line.

What will happen if Ukraine carries on shelling innocent people in markets and civilian areas? As this full episode of Redacted shows, it has interviews with Scott Ritter, ex-Iraq weapons inspector and Marine, plus Eva Bartlett, an independent journalist who unlike CNN or the BBC actually goes to the war zones she writes about.

As they are interviewing her just blocks from where 4 people were killed by Ukrainian shelling earlier in the day, you can actually hear shells being fired. The Ukrainians like the Israelis, like doing double taps. 

They shell a civilian area, kill and injure a load of people, wait a while until the ambulances turn up, and then shell again hoping to destroy those ambulances. I suggest everyone should follow her on YoutTube and Telegram for up-to-date information from her.

Please click this link to watch a video of Ukrainian forces attacking ambulances and civilians. YouTube won't let me embed it as it's too violent.

Now for the main video with interviews with Eva Bartlett and Scott Ritter who reckons now that this is a war not a Special Military Operation that hundreds of tanks will just roll through Ukrainian lines and spread out killing everyone as the Russian air force which has hardly been used will be attacking Ukrainian areas, HQs, even civilian areas as the US/UK did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Remember to scroll to 30 minutes into the video to get to the start. The first two pieces are with Scott and Eva, you don't have to watch news about Trump, and Dr Fauci finally admitting lockdowns caused harm to children and businesses.

I have set the video to start at 30 minutes but if YouTube won't let me embed it you can go here to watch it and I fully suggest everyone does as well.

Let's just hope NATO tells Ukraine to stop killing innocent people and they stop attacking Russia after the referendum which will undoubtedly result in the regions joining Russia as that will just lead to Armageddon

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By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

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