Friday 8 January 2021

The 4th Industrial Revolution...

How Life Before COVID19 Will Never Return To Normal...

By Dark Politricks

This is an interesting video from Richard Dolan. Since the pandemic started I have been saying that we won't be going back to a life anywhere near normal, even if all the mutated versions of the virus are all squashed somehow.

Not everyone WILL or WILL BE ALLOWED to get the vaccine anyway, so don't expect that to stop the spread of the virus. I saw a doctor swab a piece of fruit with the COVID19 test the other day and it turn positive so I have little faith in rushed out medical solutions.

I have thought for a long time that when AI became so good that it could create it's own simulated realities, that virtual reality would be the place that most of us "useless eaters" would survive and live. Only being able to socialise and meet partners of the opposite sex in a VR world because the globalists had turned the real world into China, using super AI computers to control our movements, our cash flow and our ability to meet up and travel anywhere.

You only have to look at China's social credit system to see how well they have been at creating a system to control over a billion people. It truly is a modern marvel - if you think that having your life controlled by computers is a marvel

However they manage to keep most of their population in line with their social credit system and the rest, well they are working in slave labour camps, being "re-educated", or having their organs removed for rich elitists to purchase.

This is a video by Richard Dolan, whose own mother has just died due to COVID19 related problems. Therefore he is no "denier" of the disease but he does see how society has changed for the worse because of it and worries about our future life on this planet.

In it he talks about the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, and how AI computers are so sophisticated nowadays that with only a few hours of being given the rules to the most complicated game on earth, GO, where there are more positions on the board than the known number of atoms in the observable universe, approximately 2.1 × 10170. The computer can easily beat the best human players of the game in the world, and even the best AI computer built to beat the best human Chess players on the planet.

With AI computers as sophisticated as this, who can learn, and then teach themselves with calculations of millions of processes per second, can you really believe the authorities would not want to use such creations in their control of humanity? 

Just remember if you believe the Government is there to help you then you don't know history.

Have a watch and think to yourself if you can honestly say that at the end of this year you will all be celebrating Christmas with your families, and drinking down the pubs with your mates as you did in 2019. I don't.

Let me know what you think of this video?

By Dark Politricks

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