Monday 21 November 2022

Russia v NATO - Modern War In A Time Of Hypocrisy And A US Rules Based Order

The War That Destroyed Europe and Independent Thought

By Dark Politricks

As Europe heads into Winter, and the US White House seems hell-bent on fighting the Ukrainian war down to the last man. We need to reflect on our common values here in the West. Some of you may think Putin is the nearest thing to Hitler on the planet, but if you do think that, it just goes to show how far our western civilization has fallen in the era of Social Media Propaganda, and how easy it is to brainwash people using media, social and old, into one way of thinking.

You may have heard, if you watched the right shows, that the US was urging Zelenskyy to try to settle with Putin now before the Winter sets in and 300,000 new Russian recruits, and all their tanks, fitted to drive on the snow, come rolling into Ukraine to mop up what remains of the Ukrainian armies.

This is despite Zelenskyy himself signing a law that makes negotiating with Russia a criminal offense. He has basically prevented himself from ever negotiating a peace settlement, or else face up to 15 years in prison for "cooperation with the aggressor state”. After all the lies and false promises from the west, I doubt Russia would be interested anyway.

Whilst you might think erroneously that Ukraine is winning the war, with its take over of Kharkiv and Kherson, two cities the Russians basically vacated as they did not have enough men to keep hold of them. It seems Putin and his top Generals do not like risking the lives of their soldiers for a worthless cause with a lack of troops. However, it seems they do not mind the retribution killings of pro-Russian civilians that take place by Ukrainian soldiers whenever they re-capture a town.

The Ukrainians are good at killing their own civilians, as we saw in Bucha, a town that was reclaimed and proudly shouted about by the mayor for 2 days with no mention of dead bodies laying in the streets at all. 

That was until the SBU and AZOV Brigade NAZI's enrolled in to the Ukrainian State Police, carried out a "cleansing", which saw freshly killed dead Ukrainians who had taken aid from Russian troops, lying on the sides of the road, clearly labelled with red bandanas to show their support for Russia. Of course, this was somehow wangled into a "Russia did it" war crime, despite all the discrepancies, just as many other Ukrainian crimes have been.

This might be why when the Russians recently vacated Kherson they evacuated civilians into Russia before leaving the city and blowing up the bridges behind them. Now those civilians who chose to stay behind will now have to face the SBU, the Ukrainian Security Services.

There is a list that includes bloggers and journalists which the SBU have been following, and executing, not only in Ukraine when they find someone who took food or supplies from Russian soldiers but also as this article reveals, US Senators, Pop Musicians, and people who dare to speak against the pro-Ukrainian, everything they do MUST be good, narrative. 

Here is Pink Floyds musician Roger Waters on the kill list.

Roger Waters on the Ukrainian/CIA kill list for daring to challenge the official narrative

Of course this list has links and maybe even origins in the CIA, as this report reveals, as it not only targets independent journalists in Ukraine but “traitors” such as writers Chris Hedges and Glenn Greenwald, political scientist John Mearsheimer, Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, conservative military analyst Edward Luttwak who was placed on the list for suggesting that referendums should be held in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and Henry Kissinger, who is worried about the prospects of a war between the U.S. and Russia.

A US law passed in May, House Resolution 7691, the Additional Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2022, according to Scott Ritter, who is also on the kill list for speaking out about the true history of post-Communist Russia, and the US coup of 2014 in Ukraine, abridges freedom of speech and a free press by supporting the Government of Ukraine’s publication of the “blacklist,”. 

You can hear Scott speak about the list and Congress approval here:

This list singles out U.S. citizens as “Russian propagandists” for exercising their constitutional rights pertaining to free speech and a free press. He lives not far from a park in upstate New York, where many Ukrainians live, who hold rallies in the park to celebrate the NAZI collaborator, Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who helped kill thousands of Jews and Poles in Pogroms in Ukraine during and after WWII.

Stepan Bandera in New York, the Ukrainian NAZI

From this extract from an article written by a Donbass blogger, titled, "SBU THE TERRIBLE UKRAINIAN POLITICAL POLICE, ASSASSINATIONS AND TORTURE", we have this independent bloggers views of the Ukrainian special security forces spelled out very clearly.
There is no war in Donbass… only an anti-terrorist operation. Yes you read that right, it’s a law of the Rada of Ukraine that was passed back in 2014, there is no war in Eastern Ukraine… but terrorists who were seeking to destroy the country. According to this rhetoric, the SBU, which deals with counter-espionage, was deployed and very quickly committed numerous abuses, assassinations and various crimes. According to various sources, the SBU had nearly 30,000 agents and employees, and very quickly attacked anything Russian, anti-Maidan and which could hinder the march of the Coloured Revolution financed and organised by the USA, in the winter of 2013-2014. The young blogger Marina Russkaya (pseudonym to protect her family in Ukraine), a student of political science in the capital (2012-2015) told us at the time about her journey. Having started writing against the Maidan, she was soon in contact with other activists and soon followed by tens of thousands of people. It was during a morning in 2015 that she was called by an activist friend in Kiev: “you have to flee Marina, they are breaking down my door, they are coming to get you!" Taking only her handbag, the young woman, then aged 24, fled Ukraine. Luckily, she was able to take a train to Russia and from there to the Donbass. That day, the SBU raid caught several dozen activists in its net. When asked about this, Marina said she had no news: “they were murdered, imprisoned, they will certainly be killed if they have survived in the Ukrainian prisons where they are languishing, the SBU will not let them live before fleeing”.

These security forces are the same people suspected of taking money from Western aid and buying flash cars. If they cannot get the cash directly they don't mind selling US armaments to Biker gangs in Scandinavia or terrorists on the Dark Web. According to NBI Detective Superintendent Christer Ahlgren, “Weapons shipped [by various countries] to Ukraine have also been found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.” Before the war, even the USA deemed them nearer a criminal organisation than the freedom fighters they now believe they are. 

The SBU Security / Terrorist Services of Ukraine

So why is the British Secret Services combining forces with the SBU and other Ukrainian security services to create a terrorist army in Crimea?

On October 28th, a Ukrainian drone attack damaged the Russian Black Sea fleet’s flagship vessel in the Crimean port of Sevastopol. 

The UK plans to attack Russian ships and targets in Crimea

Moscow immediately blamed Britain for assisting and orchestrating the strike, as well as blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, the worst acts of industrial sabotage in recent memory.

Nord Stream pipelines, blown up by the UK and USA, a terrorist attack on allies.

The British Ministry of Defence issued a blustery denial in response, branding the accusations “false claims of an epic scale.” Whoever was behind those specific attacks, suspicions of a British hidden hand in the destruction are not unfounded. 

The Grayzone has obtained leaked documents detailing British military-intelligence operatives linking an agreement with the Security Service of Ukraine’s Odessa branch, to create and train a secret Ukrainian partisan terror army.

Their plans called for the secret army to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance operations targeting Crimea on behalf of the Ukrainian Security Service, precisely the kind of attacks witnessed in past weeks. You can read more about how the UK has been collaborating with terrorists here on the Grayzone

It seems that when morality meets conflict, the west literally has no legs to stand on to accuse Russia of crimes that our own governments have been plotting and committing in Ukraine. Our western news services only provide propaganda to audiences who may swap from the BBC to ITV or CNN to MSNBC, to get their different perspectives on the war, yet each channel churns out the same narrative. Everything Ukraine does is good, or not mentioned, and everything Russia does is bad.

However, when the ground turns cold, and the Russian tanks are ready to roll, we will finally get to see the Russian army fight without all the constraints Putin has put on it since invading Ukraine. 

He is at least partly responsible for all the assassinations and killings of pro-Russian Ukrainians that were left behind in towns their under-manned army vacated to leave to the hands of SBU members to "cleanse", and then try and wangle their abuses as Russian killings just as they tried to do with their S300 Shell that was fired into Poland and killed 2 Polish farmers. 

Listen to a real journalist from The GrayZone, Max Blumenthal be interviewed by Russel Brand about the war in Ukraine and the killings that go on by the Ukrainian army against their own citizens.

Of course, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Tuesday, without producing evidence, that Russian missiles had hit Poland, a NATO country, in what he called a “significant escalation” of the conflict.

Russian missiles hit Poland, the territory of our friendly country. People died,” Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address. However even Poland and the USA have claimed this to be false, yet still blaming Russia for the fact a NATO country was attacked by a non-NATO Ukraine.

Green Screen Zelenskyy - getting ready to make another speech from the frontline

Zelenskyy was calling for immediate Article 5 implementation of NATO's collective Defence policy, yet it was Ukraine a non-NATO member who had fired and killed Polish civilians, with no evidence provided for the reason that they fired their anti-missile batteries towards Poland. 

Was this a deliberate false-flag event to try and get NATO to come rushing to Ukraine's aid, as their foreign legion of ex US/UK forces, special forces, Polish soldiers, and ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists, all wait for winter and the rolling out of half a million Russian troops?

Let's just re-cap the last 8 months and how far the west has fallen due to the most corrupt European nation being invaded by Russia.

  • The loss of free speech online, anyone who goes against US/NATO narrative is labeled a Russian Agent or BOT and kicked off social media platforms, or even worse, put on that CIA/SBU assassination list.
  • Social media virtue signalling without any knowledge of what they are supporting. The Ukrainian flags may tell others you support Ukraine, but what kind of Ukraine are you supporting? One that has kill lists that include journalists, NAZI's who use civilians as human shields as Amnesty International has reported?
  • Allowing social media sites such as YouTube to show literal "snuff films", where Russian soldiers are shot and left to lie on the floor with bags over their heads as they die. Anti-Russian sentiments are allowed to be declared from every social media site but dare tell something that does not fit the "Ukraine is good, Russia is bad" narrative and you could see yourself cancelled. Is this free speech, is this giving the citizens all sides of the story so they can make their own minds up, or is it the Government pushing propaganda into our heads?
  • MI6 & USA blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, apparently during her short term as PM, all Liz Truss did was concentrate on Ukraine. It was her bugged iPhone, using Israeli Pegasus malware, that told the Russians the Brits had played apart in the terrorist attack on German & Russian infrastructure, helping to cause misery and suffering in the cold and much poorer houses of Europe this winter and drive Europe into the USA's hands for expensive energy needs as planned by this supposed RAND report, if it is fake then it was very good at foretelling the future.
  • The self-inflicted economic disaster we have given ourselves. With no time to recover from COVID and supply line issues, we dived right in on the anti-Russian sanctions economic war which has only hurt us not Russia. The Russian Ruble is doing fine and we may feel all good about stopping cheap Russian gas flowing to us, as our energy bills rise along with inflation, but Russia is just doing more oil and gas deals with the rest of the world who have not voted against the Russian invasion. It is only NATO and the EU who have pegged their economies in a futile battle with Russia, sanction after sanction, and none of it has worked. It has only led to our massive cost of living crisis. Other countries like India have cut cheap gas deals with Russia for not voting against them in the UN, and other countries from South America, to China and the global South all see the hypocrisy in our moral crusade using very unmoral methods.
  • We like to claim we have the moral high ground, and Russia is not following "The Rules Based Order" set up after WWII, which as this article states is basically 4 rules:
    • America makes the rules.
    • You will follow and obey American rules.
    • You will not listen to the United Nations.
    • If you fail to obey American demands, America reserves the right to obliterate you.
  • Believe it or not but Russia has followed UN International law, in protecting citizens of an imminent attack. The Minsk accords which Russia was hoping would solve the issue of Russian speaker's rights in the Donbass without breaking up Ukraine were not kept by France, Germany, and Ukraine and instead used by NATO to build up the Ukrainian army to take back the Donbass and Crimea after the US-led Maidan coup in 2014. As you can read in my article from February 2022, nearly everything I predicted has come true. Russia and China have got very close, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline did not go ahead, and we are allowing ourselves to freeze only to say that we stand with Ukraine. This is whilst the US illegally occupies Syria's oil fields, helping themselves to their wheat and gas, hypocrisy or just the consequences of everyone following the "Rules Based Order". The Russians are following international law, the US only follows international law if it suits them, otherwise, it's their "Rules Based Order", that takes precedence. The rest of the world sees this hypocrisy, and it is why the BRICS nations are expanding, with Saudi Arabia looking to join which could mean the end of the Petrodollar dominance that has allowed the USA to print money like there is no tomorrow.
  • Using ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists, and paying them to fill the holes in the Ukrainian foreign legion. Are we now on the side of these terrorists? I thought they were our "mortal enemies", I know about Gladio 2, maybe you should read up on Gladio 1 and replace "fake Communists" with "fake terrorists". We supported them in Syria, and use them to cause chaos.
  • Using terrorist tactics ourselves to kill or damage infrastructure such as the truck bomb/missile attack on the Crimean bridge. Did the driver of that van of fertiliser, making the truck one massive IRA-style bomb, know he was to become a suicide bomber?
  • Supporting a country that may have killed innocent Polish farmers seeking to get NATO in on their war. Not only has Ukraine shown a lack of care for its own citizens with the "cleansings" that happen after every town they re-take, innocent civilians massacred, but they shelled a Russian POW camp hoping to kill their own men to stop the Russians from videoing their evidence. Attacking a nuclear power station with HIMARS and other artillery which could have led to a massive nuclear, Chornobyl-style disaster for Europe, oh and trying to blame their own attack on Poland on Russia to get NATO in even more on their side in the war.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am not Russian, I have no wish for Russia to take over the West, or want to see Russian war crimes committed, and I definitely do not want to see WWIII. 

However, I also don't want our economy to enter its biggest recession yet partly due to this conflict. I don't want high inflation, blackouts, and high energy costs, all due to a sanctions war, and turning away from cheap Russian gas which Europe's economy relies on. All this suffering in the West just so our leaders who can afford the price hikes, and high fuel bills, to virtue signal that we are behind Ukraine all the way.

However, it is war and I believe that just as Ukraine has committed war crimes by using citizens as human shields as outlined in the Amnesty International Human Rights report on tactics used in this conflict, which stated "Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals", I am sure Russia has committed them too. 

In the fog of war, where we are prevented from making our own minds up, and pushed propaganda from all angles. Most of us dare not think for ourselves for fear of being labelled "pro-Russian". It seems morality is definitely relative during war time, for anyone doing a philosophy course.

For independent journalists and bloggers, singers and ex-politicians or US military who dare to state historical facts, such as the current war actually started in 2014, and that Ukraine was killing their own citizens in the Donbass as NATO trained their army for a war with Russia. Then as independent thinkers, we are put on CIA kill lists.

Is that what we now stand for?

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks


  1. I bet you get put on the kill list just for posting this. Basic facts should not lead to anyone being killed uet, they are. A very sad situation.

  2. I hope not, but would not be surprised, I am already on banned lists from the USA for supposedly being a Russian disinfo agent and helping Trump get elected which is laughable but sadly true >

  3. Zelenskyy is a war criminal, the news says Putin is Hitler but it is Ukraines leader who has been shelling his own citizens in the Donbass lately as he believes they are now not part of Russia as Putin does after the votes, so why is Zelenskyy trying to kill people in lands he claims are still his? He is a liar, a thief of US money, has millions stashed abroad, and seems like he is on coke every time he does his green shirt nightly speeches demanding NATO comes and saves his ass.

  4. Ukrainian Hit Squad22 November 2022 at 19:13

    I'm putting you on that hit list mother fucka!

  5. Yada Yada, I'll believe it when I see it

  6. Micheal Martins resignation and a thousand and one dirty fixeires.

    Gerry Adams political career didnt kinda of end or fizzled out it just simply helter Skeltered,
    day by day it went from one calamity to another enough said here.Over the years he gathered
    an en·tou·rage of hate mailers and discredited an anti fan club so to speak.Gardagate was part
    of Gerrys big slide.

    This article is produced by realists that politely explain that the republic of Ireland and more
    to the point many people who live here have great difficulty understanding their concept of
    Internationalism and further more just to add more fuel to theire fireland what some regard
    as socialism is far from reality..many political web sites for example describing Sinn fein
    today as a democratic socialist party ..dont bother.

    In a democratic country law courts require evidence PERIOD,this article starts with a
    named British MI6 officer Simon O Brien former head of GSOC (the irish police complaints
    people) you got a problem with the cops you go to GSOC and make a complaint, the
    IPCC being its sister organization within the UK boundaries.

    Gerry Adams was involved in Gardagate (Go Google hit for yourselves !) .Enter a writer
    writing about this historical episode who was viscously attacked by an Irish Independent
    Newspaper editor using a firearm,a laptop was damaged in the attack however the writer
    didnt report himself to the police.This incident is documented on many blogs and sites.
    The newspaper editor months later invented a story line whereby he claimed to the
    police a man had threatened him with a weapon.A court case was setup.Basically there
    was no evidence to substantiate the editors claims he was threatened with a weapon or
    the incident ever occurred,no witness on camera nothing at all.

    The judge had no evidence only a newspaper editor in court making false claims.The
    writer certainly didnt threaten anybody and denied threatening or meeting the same
    man who had attacked him at a later date after his laptop had been smashed up.

    In court it was proven that the Newspaper editor lied to the Irish police. in instances
    where a person giving evidence is a proven liar then a solicitors company should
    apply the procedure of requesting the judge to discontinue, Kieran Conway Solicitors
    failed to present litigation and provide process to stop a court hearing,this is why of
    late Kieran Conway has been described online conservatively as a right wing solicitor.
    Par se...when a person gives false evidence in court by word of mouth if they are
    proven in court to have lied to the police before the court hearing then they can no
    longer be allowed in law itself to continue to give evidence if it alters the case,
    also a request is made to ask the judge to provide the physical/scientific evidence
    to continue with to make a judgment other than the word of a liar,you politely explain
    externally the judge would be in contempt of court procedure for not having evidence
    and accepting the word of a false witness thus a request to discontinue the case is
    placed physically upon the court record.Kieran Conway Solicitors company
    (Conway-former IRA Intelligence Officer) made a fatal political error in not applying
    on record to strike out the court case on the basis it was a false interment order.

    Micheal Martin is very much aware of The Irish Independent Newspaper involvement in
    Espionage and Sinn Fein being an American backed spoof ball sorting office type
    The produces of this article do not support political violence or dope for hope schemes.