Thursday 20 October 2022

Liz Truss, Green Screen Zelenskyy and BoJo

Where is Zelenskyy and did the US have anything to do with Liz Truss stepping down as UK PM

By Dark Politricks

Now this is just a theory but with the shambles the Tory party is in at the moment, with Liz Truss stepping down today from Prime Minister, the shortest ever in UK history, I have a feeling more is at play, and that it could all be down to Ukraine.

Ben Wallace the Defence Secretary is not going to stand for PM, which the Tories hope to be selected within a week by Tory members. However he has the weight of a Tory big hitter and would command respect whereas the other possible candidates are just going to be more light weights pushed around by the money men, as Liz Truss was.

The thing that makes me think more is at play is that Boris Johnson is thinking of standing as PM again. However many Tory MP's would be against this as would the public, so why would he be risking the ire of the population and his party by standing again?

Could it be all related to Ukraine?

Remember, Bojo, was the man sent to Kyiv or wherever Zelenskyy really is hiding, to tell him not to negotiate with Russia. This was when the peace talks at the beginning of the war were going well, and it looked like all the points in the Minsk accords that Russia had been hoping would keep Ukraine together and allow the Eastern Russian in the Donbass safe from the Ukrainian army who were shelling them and killing them for the last 8yrs.

Zelenskyy is obviously not in Ukraine. We have or I hope you all have seen the green screen videos of the fearless Ukrainian leader standing in Kyiv, when really he is in front of a camera with pictures of Kyiv or the front line behind him as this shot shows.

Zelenskyy making a new fearless war leader video

I don't know where the fearless leader is being kept, but I bet his Right Sektor "body guards" who have threatened his life if he dare negotiate with Russia are not far away. When people say "but he's Jewish, there can't be a NAZI problem", we are forgetting all the headlines and articles from papers across the world about Ukrainian NAZI & Far Right groups mainstream media wrote about before the war. Have we all forgotten?

Neo NAZIs from Ukraine we used to report on

Articles we wrote and seem to have forgotten about

Boris is supposedly on holiday in the Caribbean, yet he is also the top candidate to replace Liz Truss, reports YouGov, after Wednesday’s tough Prime Minister Questions in the House Of Commons. It has fueled questions about where the former PM is now – he’s apparently “on holiday“. However, I wonder if he has been talking to the White House or any of the pro war neo-cons that are leading us towards WW3 in Ukraine?

Has anybody from the White House realised that Bojo and Zelenskyy got on so well and that for the war effort to continue with his spirits lifted from the threat of being disposed of, literally, at any minute, that the UK must install Boris back as PM at once. They don't care how it is done, they just want him back as PM to keep Zelenskyy on the right track, with his spirits up, as if anyone needs a laugh then 10 minutes with Boris the Ping Pong clown ought to do it.

BoJo is he being used by the US to over throw UK democracy for Ukraine?

We will see if it does happen or not, but I can just imagine the US State Dept ringing Ben Wallace and saying "listen, we need Boris back as PM ASAP, I don't give a shit about your rules or constitution just get him back as PM so he can keep Zelenskyy on track". Then Ben talks to Graham Brady, the head of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, who plan these Tory plots to oust PM's, and Liz is told to go and do one, all because we need Boris for the sake of the Ukrainian war effort.

It will soon become clear if indeed Boris does throw his hat in the ring as a candidate, as Graham who was talking to reporters earlier said that at least 2 candidates must stand for PM, but if one drops out, then the remaining candidate becomes Prime Minister.

So we won't have long to wait and see if this "conspiracy" or "coincidence" theory is right or wrong as if Boris is busy packing his holiday Bermuda shorts back into his bag to head back to Heathrow, then we will see who else stands alongside him and whether or not they drop out or get voted down. 

Whatever the case, if Boris ends up back in 10 Downing St then play writers will have an awesome tale of Tory betrayal and back stabbing to write about for a play or TV show.

I just have this icky feeling at the back of my throat that due to his "matey" charm and friendship with Zelenskyy, who is now putting his trust in al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists that WE are paying for to fight in Ukraine's foreign legion that something more is going on that we don't know about.

If the US is prepared to attack Nord Stream 2 and put a supposed ally into severe hardship this winter despite Putin offering to resume gas supplies to Europe through the intact part of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which Germany has declined, despite committing economic suicide, then I have no doubts that the UK would bend over and kick a sitting PM out to bring back a disgraced one despite all the trouble it will cause if the Americans wanted it.

We only have to wait a week but if BoJo is somehow wangled back into Downing Street then I suspect more is at play than we can see from our arm chairs. It's just a thought, and we only have to wait a week to see. 

However, to find the truth of the matter if this comes to pass then we will need to wait for some leaked documents or phone calls to prove that this was why he was brought back and that I was right.

Otherwise it's just mad that Boris is considering throwing his hat into the ring to become PM again after just being kicked out for partying during COVID lockdown, as the population was told to isolate. 

Whatever the reason he would try and become PM again I really don't know which would be worse!

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks


  1. Allegations made against Boris Johnston claim that he took a bribe to step down in the run up to Prime minister vote,Is this conspiracy or the truth.

  2. Lez Freaks International have made recent allegations that both MI5 and the police in London and surrounding areas have been using drug addicts to make "False" calls to police operatives in exchange for drugs.This system has been widely used in America,once a person name is given to the police they generate police records regardless of any criminal acts being known,Freaks are claiming that Black/Mafia cops maintain private data bases and that suspects are followed around for years on behalf of far right wing state protected criminals.politicians .solicitors are also involved.Data is removed "on mass" when no criminal hearings materialize thus removing evidence of initial drug user phone calls ever being made.

  3. Allegations that Liz truss and the Chancellor being aware of Lez Freakz International allegations have been covered up.

  4. As people who dont support war we blame the Ukraine Government for this war if they hadnt fired at the Russian troops there would be no war.We are concerned about Putins Health issues,Wagner Security Group and recent RT far right wing statements made...Do not side with either Government,,,this is no longer a war it is a Dirt Bird Bloodbath that could drag Europe into Radiation poisoning,UK with no food supplies and provide Biden (Deep Hole) with a first strike against Russia itself.

  5. Take a good look at the zappowappo nuclear site in
    Ukraine and you notice not bullet holes but missiles
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    placed another way what if that missile had kinda
    gone another few meteres either way.

    Your not telling OZ anything any more because
    its gone ....enter >>DEEP HOLE.

    When a muslim leader asks for intervention with
    tactical nukes you wonder where its all leading
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    silly you expect US to believe it was
    a controlled ex[posion.FORGET IT.

    Wako Jako man is bent,,,, on giving ukraine
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    Farmageddon,Nato aint going to accept ukraine
    if they did Europe would be a crater within
    less than 6 months so erm like what about
    using world diplomacy?? like every politician
    before it aint gonna be dealin
    with the Iranians or Chinese there aint
    no compromise have a little quite
    word with that ukraine Joker in the pack first because
    if he dont back right off their wont even be
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  6. No one Fr**ks with a Biden?!>>Pah..meat the team...

    Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD, is an astrophysicist at Occidental College and
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    A portal to the center of the earth sits among the ruins of an abandoned
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    Sure, it’s covered and welded shut, but it still sounds like a horror film to me.
    The deepest hole ever dug may be pretty unassuming, but I suspect I’m not alone
    in being a little freaked out by it. An internet search about the world’s deepest
    hole turns up the suggestion "Kola Superdeep Borehole screams."

    No wonder locals call it the well to hell.

    1. I've heard that scream from the supposed hole to the centre of the earth on Art Bells CoastToCoast talk show and whilst it sounds like Hell, it has been analysed by sound techs and found to be a loop in the background of some screams, so it's a fake I'm afraid. When I first heard it, and then kept hearing it on his show I was pretty freaked out but some investigation reveals its a fake.

    2. yeah we agree but its Rusky and soundz good,dont get US wrong we luv cccp but war aint are thing.....well were freakz 2! so thats ok

    3. Couldnt turn my back on you soldier!....we agree what your saying but its a cccp thing and we like old shit like that!!,you know money is shit and divides US hall !!

  7. Greg Clarke was forced to quit as FA chairman in ignominious circumstances on Tuesday after a series of offensive gaffes to MPs left the reputation of his organisation seriously damaged.
    The 63-year-old is to vacate his role immediately after his description of “coloured footballers”.

    U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday called the expected naming of Rishi Sunak as Britain's next prime minister and first person of color

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  12. PART 2.

    As for the Judge we question as to why he did not immediatly detain and hold smith for admitting to committing a criminal offense during court proceedings that of the criminal offense of lying to a police officer.

    1.Sergeant John Heraughty was forced into early retirement not long after dealing with Smith. He had access to film evidence before the hearing of an assault and refused to use this evidence or request it from an official source.

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    The National Union Of Journalists (NUJ) have not yet removed Albert Smiths membership and yet they have removed Craig Murrays (Wikileaks) membership for political reasons and also NUJ memberArjum Wajid resigned for being antisemitic.

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    Dark Politricks is undoubtedly of great interest,its informative
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    Not having the time and space here the compression begins.

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