Wednesday 2 March 2022

Two Things Can Be Right At The Same Time

Russia Can Be Bad, And At The Same Time, NATO Can Be At Fault For Crossing Russia's Red Lines

By Dark Politricks

I know in the West at the moment it is a hard thing to accept, that we may be at some fault for the crisis Ukraine is currently in, however, 2 things can be right at the same time

1. Putin is wrong for invading Ukraine, 
2. We hold some responsibility for ignoring all the warning signs, crossing Putin's red lines, and using Ukraine as a way to toy with Putin's paranoia of being attacked once again from the West.

Whilst people can rightly say Russia is doing a bad thing by invading a sovereign country, it can also be said at the same time, that despite Russia warning us over and over again that NATO was crossing their red lines, we kept on doing so, ignoring Putin's words.

NATO kept pushing eastwards, despite all the promises they had given Mikel Gorbachev in 1990, that they would not move an inch Eastwards. This was not by one person, but heads of state from the US, UK, France and Germany and the heads of NATO and UN at the time.

So, one can imagine how angry the Russians must be with the current situation, having NATO bases all around them, with so many Western leaders breaking that promise not to expand, and facing the threat of Ukraine, the ex-Soviet Republicjoining NATO and having nuclear weapons on their border facing directly at them.

One must ask the obvious question. Why is it that the US thinks that it is so "exceptional", that it can impose its will through International bodies, banks, and its military on other countries?

It invades them under false pretenses, with fake claims of "spreading democracy", or "Human Rights Abuses", and to those, it cannot invade, it imposes sanctions. But when have sanctions ever worked. Have they worked with North Korea or Iran? 

No they have only emboldened them and allowed their leaders to point to the West and say "We are not the problem, it is the evil West that is trying to destroy us".

Did sanctions work in Syria or Iraq, no, they only led to the starvation deaths of half a million Iraqi babies due to not enough milk being available. Something Madeleine Albright says in this interview that she thought "it was a price worth paying"

Half a million kids dead, on the USA's conscience, how can they continue to apply these measures knowing that they are not effective and only lead to the suffering of ordinary people?

So why is that the US and it's allies in the #AxisOfWar feel such a moral superiority when in fact they have spent the last 100+ years installing Right-Wing dictators and overthrowing left-wing governments all over the globe, and causing millions of deaths and executions from their US-trained death squads at the School of the Americas. In fact when you look at all the wars started since 1945, the majority, a huge 81% has been by the USA.

Now can you not see how aggrieved Russia must be to have been lied to in such a way, and for NATO to keep on pushing that Russian red-line, using Ukraine as a way to wind up Putin by offering them NATO membership but never actually doing so. 

How would Russia know if they would actually follow through on their promises?

Just as Obama had red lines in Syria, Putin has his own red lines. Why is it okay for the US to set down red lines and then act on them but not Russia? 

This US news piece from the HILL has some nice inserts into it from lectures done years ago, all saying the same thing. 

That if NATO carries on the way it is doing with Ukraine, that country is going to end up wrecked.

A very large degree of hypocrisy lies at the middle of the Ukraine crisis and it is the Ukrainian state that is suffering from NATO and the US toying with it

The Maidan coup in 2014 was Obama's fault, Biden was his VP at the time, so right in the middle of it all, and he should feel some responsibility for overthrowing their existing leader and installing a far-right NAZI in power.

This was a western puppet who was only too happy to send neo-NAZI thugs and military off to the East to commit war crimes against the Russian speaking people of the Donbass. They have been in a civil war for 8 years now. Not a single home exists in the east of Ukraine which doesn't have a bullet hole or mortar shell hole in it somewhere. You can read the history that led us to this point in an earlier article of mine > The Propaganda War Has Started.

Frequent heavy shelling by the western forces and far-right militias have seen many towns in the breakaway republics reduced to rubble, with schools and even kindergartens struck by rockets, sometimes deliberately, such as this one in the settlement of Stanytsia Luhanska.

So when Putin says his aim is to de-NAZIFY the country, Ukraine does have a far-right movement, and its armed defenders include the Azov battalion, a far-right nationalist militia group
which has been named as one of the groups who have caused many atrocities out in the East of Ukraine

This needs to be understood. Just because the current Ukrainian President is Jewish, has no relation on the importance that the NAZI element plays in the country, stretching all the way back to World War II.

Therefore if Ukraine is not going to remove the NAZI element deep in the heart of it then someone needs to. 

Putin's solution to the NAZIs on hs border, killing Russians in the Donbass, maybe going too far, and he maybe using it as an excuse to justify what he really believes, which is that Ukraine does not have a right to exist as an independent nation apart from Russia. 

However, any de-NAZIFICATION has to be good, and despite numerous fantastical stories of Ukrainian fights to the death, or the computer-generated fighter pilot known as the Ghost of Kyiv who apparently shot down 8 Russian planes in one day, his troops have actually been found to be quite restrained in some places during the invasion. 

Whereas Ukrainian propaganda like the tale of the men on the Snake Island 13, fighting to their deaths, in reality, the Russian ship, let the 82 (not 13) men board, gave them food and water and dropped them off so they could go home to their families. The Ukrainians even said that if the Russians wanted to bury them they could have but instead they helped them get home safely

Does that sound like a cold bloodied murdering army on a random killing spree?

This video links a few of the pro-Ukrainian propaganda stories together to dispel them, and as you can see from the links, not only US but UK and European and Ukrainian media outlets all repeated the propaganda hook line and sinker without any actual investigation. 

It is the lazy news gathering and then repeating of, that makes us look foolish as well as liars in the face of the world when we keep crying wolf only to find out the wolf actually protected the sheep. 

Now I am not saying that there hasn't been instances where Russian have killed civilians or used illegal munitions, but then so did the USA in their illegal invasion of Iraq, and their literal tearing down of Fallujah using white phosphorus, and uranium tipped arms, which caused a massive spike in birth defects from those affected by the weapons.

Why is it that the USA would never ever allow Russia to put arms, and soldiers on their borders say in Mexico and Canada, but it's okay for them to do the same to Russia? 

Shouldn't the same rules apply to all nations of the world? 

It shouldn't be a case of what the US and NATO does is right 100% of the time, and what Russia does is always wrong. We must find some balance here and the NATO actions of putting weapons in Poland, breaking treaties and claiming the missiles were to stop any attack from Iran, rather than as offensive weapons for targeting Russia was ridiculous, and probably only increased Putin's paranoia that NATO was trying to surround him, which they have.

Russia must be given some guarantees of their safety, and the west has used Ukraine as a way of forcing Putin's hand. He warned many times that arming Ukraine, or letting it join NATO would be a step too far yet we didn't listen to him. This is the result.

I am not saying the result is good, just that we must bear some responsibility for it. As we hurl sanction upon sanction and use words such as "We are going to crush Russia's economy with Sanctions", we are very close to crossing another of Putin's red lines, attacking him personally.

Do we really want to push the Russians so far into a corner that they feel the only way out is a nuclear war?

I must remind you all that only a few years ago in 2016, Russia held a massive nuclear attack war exercise involving more than 40 million people and 200,000 emergency services personnel and soldiers during a massive civil defence exercise.

Russia currently has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with 8,4000 and a section of its nuclear doctrine allows for use of the weapons if there is a vague suggestion of a threat. Vladimir Putin has also carried out 2 nuclear attack drills since becoming President again in 2012. When was the last time a Western nation held such a massive attempt to prepare us for nuclear war?

I also want to remind you of the "Dead Hand Switch". During the Cold War, due to fears of a successful first strike from US nuclear submarines Russia created a fail-safe device for their nuclear weapons arsenal to ensure a second-strike capability even if all command and control were to be destroyed. The system (code-named Dead Hand) utilized seismic, light, radioactivity, and pressure sensors to detect an incoming nuclear attack and retaliate if necessary. 

The best part? The system is almost certainly still operational, even if the first strike by NATO is successful all Russian ballistic missiles will automatically be fired towards their intended targets leading to world annihilation. 

Let's just hope cooler heads are being used and not the US MIC pushing for a "no fly zone" which would obviously lead to escalation if a US plane shot down a Russian one

We must realise that not only has Putin made a drastic mistake in invading Ukraine, but that we also hold some responsibility for ignoring all the speeches, talks and declarations Putin had made over the years regarding Russia's red lines which included NO NATO in Ukraine. 

We must be grown up enough to realise that a lot of the world, including the 2 biggest populations in India and China who refused to condemn Russia at a UN meeting feel that the US is being very hypocritical when they go around invading nations with no realisation that other countries see their acts on the same level as we are now treating Putin and Russia for invading Ukraine.

What is security for one nation, must be security for another. We cannot cross other nations red lines and at the same time expect everyone else to never cross our own. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and two things can be right at the same time.

1. Putin shouldn't have invaded Ukraine. All war should be illegal unless a UN security council resolution allows for it. We all went to war in WWII to fight NAZISM, Putin claims to want to de-NAZIFY Ukraine. Ukraine admittedly has NAZI groups that have been fighting in the Donbass and a number of war crimes can be attributed to them

Whether this is an excuse or not, Nazis should be cleansed from every country, however, Russia invading Ukraine was not the right move. The Minsk accords which have been ignored by Ukraine and the West were the path to peace, yet we squandered that approach and now we have this mess on out hands.

2. NATO and the West have been pushing Putin towards this point with all their meddling in Ukraine, coups, and broken promises of joining NATO, but still arming them and training them and of course lying to Mikel Gorbachev about the expansion of NATO which is right up on Russia's front door now. NATO was supposed to be a Cold War alliance, so why does it still exist, if not for Russia?

Maybe some politicians can be wise enough to see that both of these can be true at the same time, and cool down on the rhetoric of "destroying Russia through sanctions", as that is only going to inflame the one nation I know of that has carried out regular nuclear attack civil drills with up to 40 million civilians involved. 

Have you had a drill in your country lately? Do you wonder why Russia has had these drills, and if not shouldn't you?

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks


  1. That's scary, I never realised Russia has that capability.

  2. I do hope cool, sensible heads are used in this crisis and Biden doesn't just bend over to the wishes of the MIC, who obviously want a war to make money.

    Wars should not be about profiteering from peoples distress. I am just not sure Biden is the leader to do this. I bet Putin has actually waited for a weak leader to get into the US Presidency before doing this attack on Ukraine. I doubt it would have happened under Trump, whatever you may think of him.

  3. ONE March 3, 2022 at 2:54 pm - Reply
    The Ukraine Government is to blame for the countless deaths that have occured NOT RUSSIA.Before the tanks rolled over the UN recognized Boundary lines Russia itself outlined very clearly their intentions and requested that the Ukraine Government surrender first so that no bloodshed would pursue.

    Lets explain things another way before 911 the pilots knew they wernt going to be stopped,JFK was a “Sinch” as some stated at the time.

    The Russians know through espionage and members of the Ukraine Government and Ukraine Military exactly where the president of Ukraine is AT ALL TIMES.

    It would only take 25 SU 57 Bombers and say the same amount of regular fighters to remove the Ukraine President within 2 to 3 hours,they may get say ten planes out of 40 – 50 strike aircraft if they are lucky but to be honest it would end the war completely within a day ONE.

    Thermo Bombs are NOT stoppable, The President of Ukraine should surrender within the next 24 hours PERIOD, he and his Government are guilty of the deaths within the Ukraine NOT Russia or Putin .Russia would have only have fired back at the small minority who would have resisted against Ukraine Government orders.

    Putin has been called a Kraut and a person who has lost his mind,whilst Wagner Security are fascists and Putin eats off their plate the President of Ukraine and the Ukraine Government are held responsible for Ukraine and Russian deaths PERIOD NOBODY ELSE.It is expected that their are persons that will call for the Ukraine President to be executed or Placed into prison for the entirety of his natural life if captured for his alleged war crimes against the Ukraine and Russian people.If the Ukraine president has any decency left he will surrender and dissolve the Ukraine Government within the next 24 hours, he is undoubtedly at present suffering from some form of Delusional Disorder.


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  5. The record must be put straight on the Bellingcat/O Brien allegations.

    Its kinda complicated however this morning Wikifreaks issued a statement through Google UK and its gone viral on US servers already!

    Bellingcat have been "hit listed" by the Russian Government and categorised as a hostile inelligence agency.When Wikifreaks hacked into their blog pages last year and planted some python coded suggestions,they where very rapidly removed within a couple of weeks or so by Big Chief Joe Elliot himself.We aint getting into a heated debate about this or why his happy go lucky peace camp suddenly went up in flames so to speak and so far the time being nothing political has been suggested here upon this topic,although other sites are claiming Joe Elliots intervention was in connection with claims that Russian thackers and Russian serverlets where breaking into Bellingcat ....oh how dare they Joe!soundz like a load of owl Double Dutch Andy to be honest.

    The allegations that appeared for a short while on Joe Elliots personal home page (believe it or not) setup Wikifreaks as key states witness to Dennis O Brien being personally responsible and aware of his copyright being used by neo fascist organisation Parforce,some may claim this sounds wildly out of limits,unfortunately for Dennis O Brien though there is enough damaging evidence that proves his own personal involvement that concievably constitutes probable grounds to induce proceedings,claims and further investigations at some later date.

    Lets examine this in terms of Irish Law.The Irish state forbids An garda Siochanahaha from employing racists, enter Parpoint publishers a company that evolved from Dennis O Briens Newspaper that is found on Google explaing that its staff are NUJ life members that have worked for Government agency,the Irish Indepent newspaper and the Gardai,and what if Dennis knew all this? well apparently he did and it can be proven quite easily and not only that Parpoint are part of Parforce copyright as acting copyright providers of Irish Independent Newspaper copyright (Oh Dear Dennis) or at seems that way from the copyright control of the neo fascist publication Gorings Biography,In America its known as guilty by association and state prosecuters dont mess about,enough people in Fireland and America are after O Brien big time for his connections with the Clinton Foundation, so at a guess somebody,somewhere will eventually "kick off" with the published evidence ONE way or the other.

    The wikifreaks listing that appeared this morning on Google cant be whitewashed its on reddit and even if it was taken offline for some reason its been published under Reddit agreement which is deep, so the Irish state and Dennis O Brien are somewhat swinging off the end of a rope together for not acting on information received as for the Irish Gardai,you know yourself as they say.

    The Google article is simply entitled Why has the NUJ not been investigated over racist allegations,its not like O brien has tried to sue wikifreaks and he knows who to pay off,so therefore in law he must answer at some point.We cant see the Gardai or Dennis O Brtien sueing and charging Wikifreaks with providing American "state" evidence,oh yeah Buddy Gorings Biography has an index Library reference (so dont be acting da b.... wwiv US BIDEN)...the articles can be found at the link below