Thursday 22 February 2018

If you have to investigate Trump then you must investigate Hillary Clinton

If you investigate Trump over collusion with a foreign government you have to with Hillary Clinton

By Dark Politricks 
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This video is worth watching if you are still getting mad about #Russiagate, thinking Russia was hacking into machines and trying to fix the US election.

Don't worry it was a millionaire who owned a BOT farm, which placed adverts for cat lovers, black lives matter, anti-Trump and anti-Clinton adverts just to gain click-bait from them and therefore money. You can read more about that here.

Trump may have got information from the Russians but Clinton got her foreign information from Ukraine through a middle man - ex UK spy - who got it from ...... Russia.

So if there is going to be an investigation on Trump and Russia, then there should be one on Hillary and her own dossier, her failure to hand over private "hacked" servers to the FBI, and their excuse for losing to Trump on Russia and a push for WWIII .
This is all over a #NothingBurger and #RussiaGate, something even MSM news watchers are getting tired of.

I will let Kyle tell the story for you and watch the CNN host get stunned by calls from his viewers about his constant going on about Russia just so the Democrats don't have to analyse their last election and where they went wrong.

They went wrong by not including progressive ideas and just attacking Trump. The leaked DNC emails showed they were corrupt for giving Hilary front row, smearing Bernie, and keeping all the money for her to spend on the election.

How did that work without Bernies policies and more of free Medicare, free University, less war, more jobs and a crack down on Wall St. The party lost millions of supporters as well as politicians and it will be hard to get them back if all they talk about is Russia.

All this could have been paid for by the trillion dollars of debt that Trump has already added to the national debt with help from the Democrats when they all voted for him to have his $800 billion for the military and his "wall" with Mexico.

A few closures of foreign military bases as well which are well overdue such as in the UK, Germany and other spots not geo-politically placed to surround Russia or China.

Watch and learn.

So even CNN hosts are shocked when their callers ring in and complaining that they don't care about his spiel on #Russiagate. He does it just to keep his company owners and advertisers happy, and of course blame President Trump on Russia and being Putins puppet, NOT the fact that the Democrats put the most hated politician in the country up against him.

The Democrats need some real policies.

In fact the "dove" party is driving the country towards a war with Russia and all over stupid Russian Facebook adverts and a few meetings that were bugged illegally through FISA court warrants obtained by using leaked info to Yahoo to back them up.

All so the NSA could bug and listen to Trump and everyone 2 hops away from him, his family and friends and their family and friends. I wrote about this two hops NSA FISA scam the other day.

So it's a video worth watching seeing that the "left" (who are now right wing) are pushing for war, and calling for Trump to "defend the country". There were even people on Chis Hayes show who claimed it was just as bad as Pearl Harbour and 9.11, that is apart from no-one died and we got a numpty for President instead of a career politician who wants war with Russia.


By Dark Politricks
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