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An interview with Gary McKinnon about UFO's, Free Energy and UK Law

An interview with Gary McKinnon about UFO's, Free Energy and UK Law

By Dark Politricks

An old but interesting interview with Gary McKinnon the famous UK hacker who claims to have found evidence of aliens inside NASA computer systems. I bring this up because Julian Assange is fighting not to be sent to the US for a charge of "HACKING", when in fact he did no such thing and the US's informant recanted all his evidence in an interview with an Icelandic newspaper. 

Gary McKinnon was also charged with hacking in the early 2000's and the US had waited until the new one sided extradition treaty with the UK had become law before charging him. However after public outcry and the knowledge that he had "Asperger's Syndrome", noticed by someone watching an interview with Gary on TV, led to a massive public backlash and even the Tory Home Secretary at the time decided to overrule any court decision saying, he would NOT survive in a US prison, a bit like how the judge in the Assange case said that he wouldn't survive in a US prison. If they cannot even keep high profile suspects like Jeffery Epstein alive under mysterious circumstances then what hope do people like Assange and McKinnon stand?

I hope the lawyers behind Assange bring this up in the US appeal, as at the time the US were labelling Gary as the most "dangerous hacker in the world". When in fact as you will see he did rather little hacking, and was just using the blank admin passwords on unsecure Navy computers to access them. So if we are not going to extradite the worlds most "dangerous" hacker, why should we be contemplating extraditing a non hacker, a journalist, which can be proven by the recanted evidence of the now locked up Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson.

The reason the US may have wanted Gary McKinnon so badly, despite him saving them millions in security audits by showing which servers needed real security if a port probing, blank admin accessing, total non hacker, as Gary freely admits he was, could get into their systems. Was that he found out about the secret space program, and lists off world fleet personnel, none that worked on Naval Ships in the US Navy. I think it had more to do with the fact he was telling the world he had found evidence of the US photo shopping out images of alien craft on the moon before making them public to libraries and universities than any "hacking" he may have done.

This is an older interview and not the original one I had due to it being taken down from YouTube - I wonder why? However it is good enough and comes from

Within the interview he discusses:
  • Why the American government want him so much and how the UK government capitulated without a fight.
  • How he was a clueless hacker who didn't cover his tracks whilst investigating US computer systems.
  • How he gained access to high grade military and NASA computer system by basic port scanning unsecured US Navy computers, and logging in easily due to the administrator accounts having blank passwords. This isn't really hacking it's as it's pretty easy to run a port scan, I've even made by own port scanners apps in C# such as the one below, and PHP for the web, that let me access a computer and tell me which ports are open. You can even get apps for your phone that do this now, or use one of the many free online port scanners that let you know which ones are open. Therefore it's pretty easy to find out how you can try accessing any computer in question by a certain port. No hacking is actually required, especially if the US were so silly as to have blank admin passwords which gave anyone access to the servers at administrator level. For example here is my own Port Scanner Windows App that I wrote one bored day, which shows me ports that are open on a server, a reverse DNS lookup to find the HOST, the country it is in by a simple geo-IP lookup, a ping test as if you were doing one in a command prompt and an HTTP "Ping" test to see if I can access the IP address or related server on the Internet and the type of Web Server they are using.           
As you can see the information about the server behind the IP address gives me quite a lot of information about the server type, the location of the machine and list of open or closed ports I could then use to try and enter that machine with other tools. Therefore the hack Gary did was very simple and many real hackers would not even consider this REAL Hacking at all.

  • How the US government claims that he caused $5,000 of damage to every computer port he accessed which coincidentally is the minimum amount required by US law to be charged with the crimes he has been charged with. In fact he has saved the US military millions in security analysis by showing them which servers are vulnerable to attack, and if he managed to port scan and access admin accounts you can be sure Russia, China and Israel already have done so.
  • Why he believes that the US government has access to alien technology such as free energy which should be distributed to the people of the world.
  • How NASA has a special agency that's purpose is to remove evidence of UFO's from photos that are then distributed to the public e.g universities and science labs with only the new airbrushed version.
  • How he read the testimony of one of these photographers and proved she was telling the truth by accessing the system in question and seeing first hand one of these images in a before and after shot where before it contained some sort of alien looking craft and afterwards it didn't.
  • How he found a list of names of off world Ship personnel that were not Naval and therefore could be linked to the Secret Space Program. Watch some Richard Dolan videos to find out more about that juicy story.
  • What he feels his chances are of spending 70 years in an American prison and how he is challenging the unfair extradition law between the UK and US which means a UK citizen can be sent off to the USA without evidence of a crime having been committed.
I did have an original interview with Gary in a pub garden where he spoke frankly about all the above issues but YouTube in their infinite wisdom has removed it so I have found the next best thing, an interview by Richard D Hall with Gary McKinnon from 2015 on

By Dark Politricks

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  1. I bet he knew a lot of what the US government didn't want to be made public, people were laughing about UFO's or UAP's back then but now the Pentagon has admitted it, if it had happened these days, would the US government have gone after him so badly??