Sunday 24 October 2021

The New Big Tech Priests That Control Our Lives

They Want Our Souls.....

By Dark Politricks

The new priests in the 4th industrial revolution are the big tech companies that control the information age. We are no longer allowed to make our own minds up about a subject or whether or not to take medical procedures, the big tech companies will stomp out any view that doesn't reflect the establishment views.

With Facebook supporting the Democrats by almost $500 million, and Google being funded and helping the CIA, we are now living in a world where the establishments views must conform to the political agenda of the elite.

With outspoken views being wiped off the web, and the de-ranking or cancelling of our free speech on the tech companies that have become the public speaking squares. The new high priests are back.

This video by the excellent political and UFO researcher Richard Dolan is all about the new priest hood.

Our current global revolution seeks to undo the last 500 years of individual autonomy and freedom of conscience. Those were prizes we have had since the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment.

Now our digital world is dominated by the new priests i.e: Big Tech corporations who are here to permit or deny information to you (and from you) as they see fit. The plan is not simply to take away your autonomy but to deny you even the right to it. And this is not separated from the reality of the UFO/UAP phenomenon. No, it has powerful connections to it. 

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By Dark Politricks

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  1. They always wanted our souls, even John Lear believes that the massive mile high structure on the back of the moon is some sort of pipe to capture our souls when we die. He claims the aliens calls us "Containers" as in Soul Containers, and their whole plan is to steal these souls from us. Sounds like BS to me but I agree with the article, I love Richard Dolan, especially when he goes political rather than UFO. He has written some good books on the National Security State in the US and it seems to be applied to the whole world at the moment due to the pandemic.

  2. LOL John Lear is a fuit cake, although what Richard Dolan says in the video makes a lot of sense, the big tech companies are the new high priests in some aspects of gate keeping, allowing people to only see one point of view and if you post anything against the establishments view you get cancelled. Just like Dark Politricks main Twitter account and FB page I used to follow did. I hope they don't boot you from here, you maybe on that stupid list of 550+ sites they want to ban people from reading but from what I can see all you every blog about makes perfect sense. Screw the Church and the new high priests!