Monday 27 September 2021

The UK Is Becoming More Despotic Every Day

CIA Wanted To Assassinate Julian Assange Whilst In the Ecuadorian Embassy

By Dark Politricks

Hopefully by now you have read about the CIA's plans to assassinate Julian Assange in a shoot out at the Ecuadorian Embassy when he was holed up there in his 5th year.

An investigation revealed the CIA planned to abduct, kidnap, or assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and senior officials inside the CIA asked for "sketches" or "options" to be drawn up as to how these acts could be carried out on Assange.

A Yahoo News investigation has discovered that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had plans to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange while he was held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in early 2017. It was his fifth straight year there as Wikileaks continued to reveal crimes against humanity by several governments and, or often in collusion with, big powerful multinational corporations.

Some National Security Council officials worried that the CIA’s proposals to kidnap Assange would not only be illegal but also might jeopardize the prosecution of the WikiLeaks founder. Concerned the CIA’s plans would derail a potential criminal case, the Justice Department expedited the drafting of charges against Assange to ensure that they were in place if he were brought to the United States.

In late 2017, in the midst of the debate over kidnapping and other extreme measures, the agency’s plans were upended when U.S. officials picked up what they viewed as alarming reports that Russian intelligence operatives were preparing to sneak Assange out of the United Kingdom and spirit him away to Moscow.

The intelligence reporting about a possible breakout was viewed as credible at the highest levels of the U.S. government. At the time, Ecuadorian officials had begun efforts to grant Assange diplomatic status as part of a scheme to give him cover to leave the embassy and fly to Moscow to serve in the country’s Russian mission.

In response, the CIA and the White House began preparing for a number of scenarios to foil Assange’s Russian departure plans, according to three former officials. 

Those included potential gun battles with Kremlin operatives on the streets of London, crashing a car into a Russian diplomatic vehicle transporting Assange and then grabbing him, and shooting out the tires of a Russian plane carrying Assange before it could take off for Moscow. 

You can watch this news expose on the Yahoo investigation here, or on YouTube at The Hill.

The most important part I want you to note is that, U.S. officials asked their British counterparts to do the shooting if gunfire was required, and the British agreed, according to a former senior administration official. 

This means the British Tory Government was prepared to break international law, and almost cause a potential war with Russia by acting for the Americans in shooting at Russian Diplomatic vehicles and planes

Who can wonder what would have happened if this had occurred but it worries me greatly that the UK is now so despotic that it would even consider helping the USA in such a plan.

We no longer have most of our civil liberties due to the COVID law that was meant to stay on the books for just 2 years. Boris has already extended them until September and hasn't ruled out extending them again.  Lest I remind you I warned you of this 2 years ago when they were implemented and recently again, they are the greatest loss of civil rights and liberty since WWII.

The new Police Bill the Tories are passing will ban protests that the police deem "too loud". Protests are naturally loud. Without them many people would not even know was going on in this country, despite the MSM labelling protesters as anti-vaxers when they are in fact against 2 tier society based on vaccine passports and mandated vaccination which have now proved to be almost useless due to the anti-bodies not lasting long enough, or protecting against variants of the virus. 

You only need to look at Israel one of the highest vaccinated countries on earth who just recorded their highest no of COVID infections since the peak of their 3rd wave to see how the vaccines are not working. They are now mandating 3 shots and then probably 4 and then monthly all due to the anti-bodies not lasting long enough compared to natural immunity. 

We should be working on vaccines properly such as those that cured Polio, and we have as children for Mumps that keep the anti-bodies longer throughout our lifetime however this takes time and Big Pharma cannot wait to make more money. 

What's more important to them, make billions more now by getting countries to buy more products and mandate more shots or spend money and time working on a proper vaccine cure with long term trials and testing for this virus.

The Tories plan to make it illegal for journalists, bloggers, anyone to report on illegal activity carried out by the British State, I guess this would include the Yahoo news investigation on the plans to have a shoot out with Russian agents on the streets of London all to help an ally assassinate a journalist who has never been proved wrong once and is being tortured slowly in a High Max prison at Belmarsh when he should be on bail.

This country is turning into something I really do not like the look of. If you are planning on having children I would seriously look around and take a look at what our country is becoming. Not only do we protect al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria from being exterminated by Russian and Syrian forces but we plot and plan constantly against Russia whilst accusing them of doing the same sort of activities that we are doing ourselves. 

We are looking more and more like China every day, and soon as possible we will be implementing Chinese style Social Credit systems on the populace to keep us in check.

Soon there will be no skilled manual jobs as AI and Robotics take over from human labour. Automatic driving vehicles and drones to deliver packages and fast food. There will be less need for people to work skilled jobs and the jobs that you used to need a degree for will all be home based solitary activities where you communicate with workers by ZOOM and have little social interaction. 

This is part of the Governments aim to reduce CO2 emissions by preventing people from driving to and from work. 

Do you really want to spend your life working in solitude with no social interaction?

It's what made me leave my last job as it was just so unfulfilling but bosses will save money from renting office space and care little about employees mental health when they can make more money for themselves.

Soon towns will become desolate areas with one big Amazon depot in the middle, auto driving lorries delivering and transporting goods, drones flying in and out and the only jobs will be gig work for people who get sacked by text message when they can't deliver food for people in time due to petrol shortages at garages caused by the lack of foresight from our government.

I just think our country is going down hill and this latest story about willing to almost start WWIII over killing a journalist is just too much for me to stand.

Please leave your comments about the state of the UK below. I would be interested to know what you think about it.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks


  1. The UK is unrecognisable from just 2 years ago, we are so compliant and the lockdown has got people running scared and begging the government to save them from a man made virus which was intended not to be overcome by easily made vaccines, we need a real vaccine that will take years to create not quick fixes and booster shots every month.

  2. The UK is turning into the USA after 9.11, they are just licking US ass

  3. The UK is still running the show, look at the British Empire, they let it go, but the US war of independence was a war between Brits in the USA and Brits send from the UK, the Civil war, the South was supported by Queen Victoria and I wouldn't be surprised if the assassination of Lincoln had a Brit connection. People like to play down little Britain's standing in the world but the Queen is still a convicted pedo by the International Common Law Court for her kidnapping of children in Canada from a children's home after making them kiss her feet. Imagine her trying to make kids kiss her wrinkly old toes now. The British Empire has tentacles that go all over the globe and it is no wonder Russia and Iran still consider Britain as a major enemy despite their tiny armed forces in comparison. They just get the US to do the heavy lifting.

  4. That's Bullsxxt, the UK kisses the USA's ass, ever since Roosevelt agreed to join the war IF Churchill agreed to give up the Empire - or that is what "official" history says happened at least.

  5. The UK has turned into a police state, with more CCTV cameras capturing your face than any other country (apart from maybe China - don't know stats there), GCHQ listening in to phone calls, hacking into your Samsung TV and using the browser and the webcam to spy on people in their houses without them knowing, listening to phone calls, now cops can use COVID laws to break into your home without a warrant and just say "we got told by someone you had someone with COVID in here", pulling you over to ask where you are going, banning protests, preventing journalists and bloggers - people like you Dark Politricks - from reporting on news like the CIA hit in London on Julian Assange or their BBC MI6 paid off agents and their mob of vloggers pushing pro-NATO propaganda into Russia, then blaming Russia for doing the same thing to the UK. Boris Johnson is using COVID to push for UN agenda 2030, own nothing, no privacy, but be happy, DAVOS BS. Banning new cars that are not electric by 2030, trying to get people to work at home, in solitude, not drive so not spit out petrol fumes, not travel by plane, soon social credit will come in and we will all get ranked and if your on the naughty list then goodbye .... Chinese style government is coming to the UK and most of it is probably already here just being used undercover and out of sight like in the US with TRAPWIRE linking CCTV camera feeds up to follow you everywhere you go. Electronic banking will allow for instant fines and the lowering of benefits for people out of work if they spend their money on drink or gambling, They could all this now they are just waiting for the right moment after conditioning the population with COVID lockdown scare stories. Just glad to see so many people are not falling for it and believe it's a scam for the GOV to take power and keep it just like the US after 9.11. It is a sad world.

  6. 5,000,000 Dollars in Bitcoins ILLEGALLY confiscated and destroyed by Government Agents. WIKILEAKS/WIKIFREAKS.
    (Hissa like a big one you know?!)

    Wikileaks and Julian are connected to the "Wiki" syndicate of servers,there are many "Wiki" based sites with different "Wiki" names that are part of a family tree ,Assange is himself also more than aware of the Wikifreaks ** Bing and Google ** entry sites.

    Today wikifreaks have many undercover members, anyone can write and call them selves a freak of "Wiki" although their are obvious political rules!.Wikifreakz are left and oppose and fight racism,antisemitism and capatilist ideology,although realists that accept money is still needed in modern day life to survive todays "Freaks" are cautious and are found within Arts,writing,music and of course computer publishing (an area the state and far right are affraid of!!).

    Its upon the subject of free speech and publishing not to be confused with the Americans tainted expressionism that we focus upon,more to the point how far the far right will go to put ;Wikifolk" out of business as Mr Assange himself will undoubtedly agree with.Julian isnt of course the only "Wiki" martyr and it is here by clearly stated as evidence that an undercover British Governmen agent working with the police used violence and firearms to Confiscate/destroyed over (130 Bitcoins coins) 5 million dollars worth on a hard drive to be precise.It happened some time ago and the incident is linked to Bill Clintons top man(Dennis O Brien richest person in Ireland),Clinton of course having connections with the CIA through the Clinton foundation of which O Brien is a trusted member who has on previous occasions personally paid Clinton many hundreds of thousands of dollars as gifts, and as we know Craig Murray accepted Hilary Clintons emails from a source that stated they had a dislike of the Clinton foundation.

    Evidence of the funding of the Bitcoin transaction found here.....and its the real thing be assured!! in family law you dont need to prove anything once you have the bank and police records... and its not going away either until the debt is paid in full by the Americanized/Irish Government.
    Snowmen (Completley Controlled Copyrighted Protection.)
    Thanx for eavesdropping!!!! it worx two ways SHMUX
    Source: info/tech W.W.V Publishing.

  7. "the FBI's whole case is based on the lies of a witness who pretended he was a high up WikiLeaks worker when in fact he was a fraudster and child molester"...Dark Politricks

    In case the readers dont already know this but we are sure many do,the FBI and other satelite Governments such as Ireland and UK where they operate the CIA and FBI ALWAYS lie as it is policy to do so,infact its part of the "New World Order".Its not about evidence or right or wrong the New World Order is exactly that it is an order that overides democracy and fatally forces...simple as.
    One of the failings of Wikileaks in a sense is in not producing evidence of how much money is issued to the UK and Ireland in Pentagon fundings this really is one of the most secret areas known to mankind! Snowden hinted at 100 million was given to the British secret service in one year however thats not even the tip of the ice berg.We know from the activities of organizations such as the Irish Republican Army in the 80s and 90s CIA Freedom of information acts reveal the CIA paid the IRA to kill British soldiers they also at the same time paid the extreme far right and London MAFIA to control the people and it still goes on to this day.The amount of money issued is alleged Billions a year in Ireland and the UK the CIA travel and live in the UK as accountants to oversee programs and administration.If you recall a missile/plane hit the Pentagon the same day as the two towers 911 coincidence?? well the largest amount of money ever gone missing in US Government was from the very offices that where destroyed in the PENTAGON ON THAT DAY NEATLY COVERING UP THEIR EXPENDITURE (MILLIONS OF MORTGAGE PAYMENTS IN BUCKS,HERTS,HAMSHIRE AND FALIED BUSINESS)The property biught decades ago with Pentagon Dollars is now worth 20 times the value...rather neat to say the least.
    Julian is a shrewd dude.

  8. At the time this site was apparently constructed little was known about the incident,it seems that the laptop was removed at gun point on the anniversary date of the killing of Martin Luther King {Martin Luther King Jr., an African-American clergyman and civil rights leader, was fatally shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968,)

    Just for the record (five year old site!!!)

    The laptop according to police records was thrown purposely on the ground the journalist was responsible. At the time bitcoins where cheap to buy from the chinese it wouldnt be uncommon to find 250 bitcoins for around 500 dollars if you knew what people to find another tip of and this is the killer the chinese where smuggling bitcoins in laptops into europe so they couldnt get busted trying to sell them the codes where held on bios chips etc...childs play and stopped fedz interfering ,lots of coins zapped in to outer space in the early daze!!!! The money to buy the bitcoins came from a well known female solicitor and thats on record too ,complicated however easily proved.....

  9. 'EL" Donato says ..... "This article about 5 million dollars destroyed by Government agents hits US$ Lika da very loud hiss and then an explosion".
    911 all over again?!


    Personally not to sure about Consortium News,busy writing...however this article appeared on mainline "Google" chanells its American based so be careful, most these people a really after your credit card details and whatever and dont kie the likes of US$ writing on their patches,DO READ THIS THOUGH AS IT IS THE BEST COURT SINYOPSIS ANYWHERE ON THE NET with only days remaining before the Judges directions,be aware and read this article if you can..thanx!