Friday 3 December 2021

The Internet Is Dead - Can You Prove It Isn't?

The Dead Internet Theory

By Dark Politricks

I just watched this video on the Internet about how it is not "real" anymore, how we cannot even tell the difference between automated content and real people commenting.

I know from my old job as a computer programmer that BOTS were ruling the net years ago. I had a whole business that was totally automated. I went on holiday for 2 weeks and came back and it was still running smoothly. Sending seemingly personalised emails sent out to members with randomised content each day to make it seem as if it had been written personally each day, new news articles that had been automatically created on my site before being sent out to the various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All with different messages for each platform or account depending on the content contained within the article.

I know for a fact that when you post a link on a Tweet, over 100 automated BOTS will come crawling that link before any human visits it. It's called a Twitter Rush and there are examples all over the web of the sort of automated crawlers that visit posted links.

With the ability now to fake create people so that they can appear in videos and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a real person and a computer generated one, how would you know if that YouTube video you were watching was real or not?

With AI on the increase and algorithms designated to remove or demote people who say the wrong thing from social media groups or whole sites. We are living in an echo chamber where to get that rush of endorphins that only a Like or Thumbs Up gives people when they post something, and then check on it's progress every 5 minutes. You can easily see why people would follow the status quo and not say something outside of the box that the establishment deems un-expectable if they wanted to keep getting that rush. If they want to be accepted they will stick with the pervasive point of view and never go near something that may contradict it.

It is the reason that site like mine and many others are on the 550 (ban list), created by some US professor who has labelled us as fake news, conspiracy or Russian propaganda. All because we speak our own points of view without following establishment narratives. 

I have seen my own site which used to be top ranked in Google for many articles such as "A Guide To No Comment Interviews" and "Who Owns The Bank Of England" and many others slip down the rankings since Google changed their algorithms to promote more mainstream media than alternative news. 

We have all seen the kids out for parties who spend more time taking selfies and tapping away on their phones, telling people about the "great time they are having" online, rather than actually enjoying that time without their phones. Can you really believe this new generation would stray outside the lines and say something that might be controversial and be rewarded with a thumbs down or dislike?

No they are all addicted to the buzz they get from a Tik Tok video getting comments or a Facebook post being liked. It would be unthinkable for them to step outside the social norms and say something rebellious.

We have all seen the "I am not a Robot" forms across the web, where you tick the box and then pick squares with traffic lights in, or busses. However these are totally beatable by clever programmers, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and more modern techniques. Working at an OCR company was my first job out of college oh 20 years ago, I can only imagine what strives they have made in being able to recognise various items, people and images, from video or pictures content they have nowadays. Just look at Facebook, I tried uploading a picture of the wound in my leg after spending a month in hospital, where half my thigh was cut out, and they nearly banned me for posting content containing violent images!

Flesh coloured analysis prevents images of naked people being uploaded on certain sites and I have had warnings due to pictures of people in skimpy clothes from Google whose automated analysis thought too much flesh was on display.

So who really knows whether the post you are reading on Reddit or Facebook was actually created by an automated account or a real person. Can you really tell me you know 100% that it you can tell the difference? 

The algorithms that keep you contained in echo chambers to re-enforce your current view, or try to group you with others of the same mind-set, rather than challenge your perspective and beliefs, is the current state of play.

I remember going to my first job up London when the Internet was pretty new, chat rooms were all the rage, and I could search and find websites and material that has all been banned and blacklisted nowadays

It was a time of freedom and people really thought that the web would change our way of thinking. Instead we were all frogs in boiling pans of water, and slowly over time as the parts of the web were chipped away we didn't notice until it was too late and Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the other big platforms became places where you had to watch what you said or else you were banned. 

I have had multiple Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter accounts closed on me, even going back 8 years when my first Facebook page was instantly deleted on the same day YouTube and Google deleted my channel and G+ group (when they existed). All I can say is to use the alternative sites that have been created, although with much less content, than the pro establishment silicon valley giants.

Who is even going to find a site like mine that will ask them to change their thinking on historical events, war mongering politicians and other topics that the papers don't even bother with anymore? 

Unless someone links to my site, or they use the search engine I have put together at the top that only searches sites on the 550 list will find #altnews that will make them think and challenge their minds. I encourage you all to use it and embed it on your own sites. 

The code is below, just add it to the top of your blog or site.

<h4>#Altnews Search Engine</h4>
<script async=""
<div class="gcse-search"></div>

Here is the video...

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks


  1. Totally agree the web is becoming a place for ROBOTS and with AI, I can only see Stephen Hawkings prediction that Artificial Intelligence was the biggest danger to man kind, creating some sort of real Matrix for us to live in. Look at META and the VR headsets, is it too unbelievable that we will all be living in created realities rather than the real world in ten years?

  2. I know a man who can prove it!! actually....but hes got a form of CIA protection,its complicated however it is possible,on the other hand (which smells bad).....5M??

  3. What form of CIA protection does he have, usually that means the CIA are watching you in case you say something you shouldn't and then you are "suicided". But that is why I created the search engine bar at top of my site with only the sites on the 550+ ban list on it. No YouTube, BitChute videos and sites that have been kicked down the rankings like mine.

    1. We like Dark Politricks ,they give $US Freedom of speech,although sometimes sharing different view points,I personally dont drink weed or smoke Pork.....

    2. Albert Smith irish Independent Journalist appears in Gorings Biography describing the publication as a "good offering" yet despite this and the fact the books author was sentenced as a nazi and fined 2.5 million for the production he is still a member of the National Union of Journalists....bizzare beyond belief.Owen exposed Grove MP with the same book authors on facebook.This case (below) mentioned on this site is evidence and is PROVED to readers that the internet is not addressing REAL issues.Here is the NUJ the pillar stone of the British press protecting racists and allowing them NUJ membership what do our readers think of all this??

    3. lets start right from the begining so our readers dont get ED >>> CHARGED,The clinton Foundation is partially CIA oriented, lots of evidence,now Big Bills bezzy number 1 mate in ireland is Dennis O Brien richest dude of all and he owns a pro CIA outlet known as the Irish Independent Newspaper.In the book Clinton cash Obrien is exposed as giving cash gifts to Clinton.Dennis Obrien is therefore known to the CIA as a clandestine member of the foundation, go check out his rewarded telephone contracts with far away countries and how he obtains them and where all the data and recorded calls go to!!/Albert Smith is still paid weekly by Obriens newspaper (yandex hackerz found his not so secret accounts).Smith is a racist that appears in the digital version of Gorings Biography descibing the book as a good offering (sick desturbed person) despite this Smith is still a member in the National Union of Journalists.Smith carries and uses weapons and jumped a writer destroying in the process his laptop hard drive which at the time had 130 or so bitcoins in it which where cheap enough to buy then!!the writer was exposing the irish independent newspaper involvement with GCOC bugging affair with his laptop( his articles can still be found online with there coresponding dated codes and blots) when he was ambushed for no good reason by smith an irish independent sub editor who in a fit of rage grabbed and smashed his equipment on the anniversay date of martin luther kings death..say no more PROVEN..



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    Three web sites placed here prove Israel and Jews have been brought into play into this affair.Iran and countries like Afghanistan,Syria,Lebanon,Libya might perceive the “trigger” effect of todays proceedings as a catalyst,watch very carefully what news agency has to say as this incident unfolds.

    Sneakz publishing….12/2021

  5. Its highly unlikely that NATO wont allow Ukraine to join,infact they have already given indications,the problem and it is a real danger is that the Kremlin wont back down on any of their statements made earlier this year regardin red lines being drawn.This situation is now SERIOUS and LONDON IS NOW A NUCLEAR TARGET as now compromise over the REDLINE ISSUES where drawn up between the US and Russia in the videophone link on the 07/12/2021.Wikifreaks arent here to express opinion or offer consolidation just bear metal.

  6. Solitors notes memoirs taken from “yandex sources” DEDOKTOBER related to previous bellingcat allegations.

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  7. I love the fact that apart from the 1st one, none of the subsequent comments have anything to do with the article and video. Is this just because you don't have an outlet for your own information about Irish people / Ukraine / War with Russia etc, or is something else going on e.g a BOT just randomly adding comments to my site which would back up my articles theme?