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Australia is a despot regime, locking people up in camps who DON'T have COVID

Despot Western Regimes, COVID Concentration Camps, FBI Manufactured Terror and now Health warnings for Vaccines

By Dark Politricks

Here is more evidence that the western world is turning to despotism and authoritarian policies, as Australia locks up people in Internment Camps. They do this even if they just are suspected of having COVID, or just being in contact with someone suspected of having the virus, and even if they PASS multiple COVID tests.

This is disgusting, and Australia is a sign of the times we are living in. We are creeping more and more into the world where politicians make diktats they don't follow themselves but still remove the civil rights and liberties that have been demolished since the pandemic. Will we ever get them back, I doubt it. We only have to look at the USA and the emergency powers they are still living under from 9.11. 

Supposedly they were going to take them off their statute books when the war on terror was over. As bin-Laden is dead and the war in Afghanistan is over, the only dealing the US has with terrorists is their support, arming and funding them to overthrow governments they don't like such as in Syria and Iran, or helping them other throw Col Gaddafi and returning open air slave markets to Africa.

They have even have worked with their supposed "mortal enemy" al-Qaeda and their offshoots in Syria. Just like they did whilst backing the KLA terrorists who were worked with bin-Laden and al-Qaeda, to wage war against Serbia. They then did what they are now attacking Russia for doing with Crimea, allowing a part of Serbia to break away creating a new country, Kosovo, which turned out to be a major narco state, that trafficked sex slave workers and drugs into Europe. 

Despite the Axis of War's attempt to back Islamic Terrorists and try to other throw the regime of President Assad. Who with the help of Russia, has been trying to cleanse the whole country of ALL terrorists. They have failed, and are now begging Russia to not kill "their" own terrorists, only ISIS otherwise known as DAESH.

However you should remember that there is NO such thing as a moderate Islamic Jihadist. Who can forget that horrible video of the supposed moderate, and Allied backed, Free Syrian Army jihadist, who was seen cutting open a dead Syrian army soldier, and eating his heart which he had filmed, and then posted it online?

The CIA and the US and it's allies are actually causing anything that can be described as a "war on terror", by backing and funding terrorists. This causes a massive flow of migrants to flock to Europe, where ISIS and other jihadists, pretend to be refugees, and then carry out terror attacks from Paris to Scandinavia, to London. 

It is pretty hypocritical for them to keep the misnamed PATRIOT ACT and other emergency laws, that now allow the NSA to spy on all US citizens alive when there is no serious threat to the country. The US still uses security letters that prevent people handed them disclosing that they are being targeted by the government, the loss of Haebus Corpus, black site prisons, drone attacks on US citizens, and even fake FBI attacks on supposed "White Extremists".  

Despite the lack of any al-Qaeda attack on the US mainland since 9.11, that is, if you believe that conspiracy story. Whether you do or not the laws remain, and the US citizens have to live under them like the Chinese do in a total surveillance state. Of course the FBI tries to justify these obtrusive measures by ensuring that there is always an enemy for the people to be scared of, if not outside the border, then within it.

This includes recent incidents such as the plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor where we later found out that most of the people involved were actually FBI informants. Therefore even though there has been no actual Islamic terror attacks on the USA for two decades, the new war on terror is being fought against the USA's own population. With "domestic extremists", or in other words, Trump supporters, being the sudden new threat that the US Government has to keep the other half of the country safe from. Also when it comes to supporters of Trump, and the question of the insurrection at the Capitalthere is a lot of evidence that the FBI were actually instigators and acted as agent provocateurs during that event.

So the US government are now using those extensive over reaching powers they obtained after 9.11 to monitor Trump supporters and supposed "white extremists". Yet they turn a blind eye to BLM and ANTIFA riots, which have killed numerous people, and destroyed millions of dollars worth of property, across the country. 

It just reminds you that once a Government acquires powers over their population to monitor, arrest and jail them for thought crimes, political "crimes" and even journalism, such as the case of Julian Assange, They do not relinquish these stolen civil rights easily or just hand them back. It takes decades and even centuries for the masses to gain civil rights, liberty and freedom of speech, but it only takes a staged or real attack by the CIA or FBI, or even just the stroke of a pen in an executive order to remove all these hard fought for liberties all away. 

Maybe there needs to be a wall built dividing Washington from the rest of the country, that the people can knock down, just like the Berlin wall in 89. Only then can there be a cleansing of America, that return the country to the principles it once stood on.

Remember the FBI are no innocent organisation. After the first WTC bombing in 93, we found out that the FBI informant, Mr Salem, within the gang of Islamic terrorist plotters, had offered to swap the real bomb with fake material. However the FBI denied his request and allowed the bomb go off, killing 6 and injuring more than a thousand. So in reality we can say the 1993 bombing of the WTC, was actually caused by the FBI.

Therefore using the USA as an example, do not automatically think that the UK's COVID laws will be dropped once the COVID pandemic is over. They have already extended them past the 2 years they were meant to stay on our statute books for. Even worse, Boris Johnson and the Tories have used COVID as an experiment in social conditioning. They have banned travel and forced people to work alone at home. 

They seem to not care that the lockdowns condemned by the World Health Organisation, have caused a rise in the number of people suffering mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction, and a rise in the number of so called "deaths of despair" with up to a 60% increase from pre-COVID times. This is totally due to the lack of social interaction, which a key requirement for humans, a sociable mammal, to survive and the loneliness single people suffer, when the only interaction they get with others is through a computer screen.

Plus due to the high amount of sterilisation people have been carrying out during the pandemic, such as washing their hands constantly, and using disinfectant everywhere. Many peoples immune systems have been weakened so much, that a wave of super colds and flues are now sweeping the country. 

These are mostly affecting those who locked down the most, and followed government guidelines to the letter. You need to be outside and within a normal environment for your immune system to get stronger. When it becomes too weak to even fight off a common cold, what hope is there when that person actually catches COVID?

The following is from the site and talks about Australia's new regime of locking people up in what could be called concentration camps.

One day the Australian police were deployed to remove Hayley Hodgson from her home, and locked her up in one of these new COVID quarantine camps.

Hayley a twenty-six-year-old Australian woman, had moved from Melbourne to Darwin to actually escape the endless COVID lockdowns. However, despite not having the virus, she was forcibly imprisoned in a newly built quarantine camp for two weeks.

UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers spoke to Hayley, who at the time had just been released from the Howard Springs quarantine facility outside Darwin, Australia. 

Hayley Hodgson’s nightmare began when someone in her friend group tested positive for COVID . As a result, the government identified her as a ‘close contact.’ Police were deployed to remove Haley from her home and lock her in a quarantine camp!

Haley had to pack her things quickly and learned that they would not be releasing her until she tested negative for COVID. At no point of Haley’s detention was she reminded of her rights or able to contact a lawyer. Just think about the US and all those empty Homeland Security camps people like Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura uncovered on his Conspiracy Theories, documentary. Maybe they were built for just an event like this? How many more months of Democrats threatening a punishing two tier society, between the vaccinated and those who haven't, will it take before someone suggests following in Australia's footsteps?

Hayley Tested Negative Three Times

Hayley Hodgson was taken to her room and was isolated from the world
“They literally drop you to your room. And they leave you. They don’t come and say anything; they don’t check up; they don’t do anything. You get delivered your meals once a day. And you are just left.” 
Workers in white hazmat suits would not even come near her because they feared she was contagious.

During her 14 day confinement, Haley received three negative COIVD tests. In addition, she was threatened with $5000 for leaving her cell without a mask. On another occasion, the state employees offered her Diazepam (Valium) to calm her down.

It Was Like Being In Jail

“You feel like you’re in prison. You feel like you’ve done something wrong; it’s inhumane what they are doing. You are so small; they just overpower you. And you’re literally nothing,” said Hayley Hodgson, who also lost her job.

In Darwin, where she lives, 290 people tested positive, with zero deaths recorded. The Australian government will build more quarantine prisons in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth in the next few months.

Australian MP Calls on Citizens to Revolt - Compares Leaders to Hitler and Stalin 

“The totalitarian path we are unquestionably on has never ended well.” – MP George Robert Christensen

Queensland MP George Robert Christensen has called on citizens to rise up against coronavirus lockdown measures and vaccination mandates. He compared governments promulgating such measures to totalitarian regimes responsible for the most horrific atrocities.

On Wednesday, Christensen said in parliament that Australian State Premiers are “drunk on power” and “trying to out tyrant each other”. He also noted that non-vaccinated Australians are increasingly “demonized, ostracized, and socially eradicated.”

No Justification

The MP explained that totalitarian regimes responsible for the most heinous atrocities of the Twentieth Century: Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, didn’t get there overnight.

They used fear to control, excluded the “dirty” people (softly at first), justified the exclusion, moved to harder exclusions, and eventually eliminated people either socially, or physically.

Early last year, 94-year-old Auschwitz survivor Marian Turski gave a speech during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. The Polish Holocaust survivor reminded the audience that the Holocaust didn’t’ start with death camps. Instead, it began with propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, and segregation.

In Twenty-First Century Australia, State Premiers are racing down that familiar path, setting up their own bio-security police states complete with medical apartheid,

Sadly, we have enabled it, refusing to rein them in and, worse, supplying the Australian Immunisation Register data that underpins this medical apartheid. Fear is a justification of choice for coercion and control, with non-vaccinated Australians increasingly demonised, ostracised and socially eradicated.

As the previous tale of Haley Hodgson's imprisonment shows, the Australian military is already forcibly throwing COVID positive citizens and close contacts in quarantine camps.

Pandemic of the Unvaccinated Lies

The establishment claims that the virus is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but Christensen said there is no justification for such demonization.

He referred to a German study showing that 55 percent of symptomatic patients over 60 are fully “vaccinated”. In Gibraltar, where all 34,000 residents have been fully vaccinated, 60 new cases are registered daily.

Meanwhile, the Australian government is mandating the experiment mRNA shots, which has caused adverse effects in many people. Furthermore, they are forcing citizens to take a second shot even after they suffered an adverse event from the first.

Civil Disobedience

We are undoubtedly on the totalitarian path, and that never ends well, said the MP. 
The solution is a rediscovery of human dignity, along with, and I don’t say this lightly civil disobedience.
Watch Liberal Party of Australia MP, George Robert Christensen impassioned speech.

Watch on Rumble.

What is the world coming to? 

We are not at war, we should not be locking people up in concentration camps for the "suspicion" that they may have COVID. This is not WWII where the US locked up thousands of US Japanese citizens. 

It is clear that Australia and other Western countries like Austria who are going to force their whole country to have a vaccine shot, that I know, and can personally attest to, causes side effects that hospitalise people. 

Everyone my age I have spoken to got flu like symptoms for days after taking the UK's AstraZeneca vaccine. I had it bad for almost 2 weeks before getting lymph node expansion. A listed side effect of the vaccine. I ended up in hospital for a week due to a massive red enlarged lump that appeared above my groin and at first the GP thought I had a strangulated hernia. However it wasn't that, I could not stand up straight as it hurt so much and I had to have blood transfusions and antibiotics pumped through me for a week, before being let go with a big bag of pills to carry on taking at home.

In Japan they are now labelling the COVID vaccines to warn of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis. In addition, the country is reaffirming its commitment to adverse event reporting requirements to ensure all possible side effects are documented.

These efforts from Japan’s health authority are in stark contrast to the deceptive measures taken by other countries to coerce citizens into taking the injection, downplaying side effects, and discouraging proper adverse event reporting.

It seems that we have lost the concept of human autonomy over our bodies. Supposedly western, "democratic" states, are moving deeper and deeper into authoritarian mode. This is disgusting and should be fought against by anyone who believes in liberty, bodily autonomy and human rights.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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