Wednesday 22 December 2021

Get ready for your 4th shot in a year people

Oh look Marvels Omicron is going to make Big Pharma even more money...

By Dark Politricks 

Yes you got it right, the evil Marvel character, Omicron, who is also a COIVD mutation that is 80% less likely to send anyone to hospital, is going to require extra measures which could involve yet another vaccine shot. I bet Big Pharma is licking it's lips at the thought of extra jabs and more money.

Despite many doctors concluding that this mutation has symptoms indistinguishable from a common cold. It's being used to scare the population into more lockdowns after Christmas, as the Government closes more businesses, and let's more people go mental stuck at home. 

It's almost as if they want to ruin the economy for what seems like a very mild variant, very similar symptoms to a bad cold, and one we should probably let loose so that we end up with herd immunity finally, and this whole thing can be over.

You can watch this Doctor talk about the symptoms and how they could be linked to a common cold, maybe COVID got mixed up with the Super Colds that are going around now and mutated into a new  form of COVID that feels like a bad cold. I know one person who has it at the moment and he said the symptoms were milder than a bad cold he had a few months ago. That's not to say everyone will have those symptoms it's just an anecdotal description I have heard. 

Apparently there are only 65 people in UK's hospitals with Omicron at the moment despite over 100,000 people catching the virus today. So it doesn't seem to warrant the amount of fear porn being pushed by the mainstream media and our Government. It maybe more transmissible but it's less severe when compared to other variants of the virus such as Delta.

However it's yet more money for Big Pharma as they push for their over priced, 4th injections to fight off this milder virus mutation. I bet next year they will force through mandates or more social pressure not to "Kill Grandma", to get more people to take another 3 jabs at the governments expense. 

I will be interested to see how many nurses and doctors fight the mandates after many got COVID over the last 2 years, and now have natural immunity to the virus, which is the best sort compared to the leaky vaccines.

Any vaccine that is so leaky that you can still catch and spread the virus, despite being vaccinated 3 times against it, should have questions raised. If you had 3 Polio vaccinations and still got Polio would you want to know why?

Were these vaccines intentionally made to be so useless at protecting us that we needed to keep taking more and more of them instead of good old style vaccines, like the Cubans have created, where we have a shot or two as kids, and then no more shots are needed throughout our lives. 

The Omicron variant maybe more transmissible but compared to other variants such as Delta, fewer people are dying or even going to the hospital. Despite those figures it is not stopping the establishment, government and it's media, spreading fear all around the globe, about the mildest variant of the virus we have seen so far. 

It could even be a route to herd immunity as some health figures hope, the virus is so transmissible that at current exponential contraction rates with the no of infected doubling every 1.5 to 3 dayseveryone in the world will have got it within a month or so. 

Today Britain recorded 106,122 new daily coronavirus infections, the highest total of the pandemic and the first time the figure has topped 100,000 rising almost 60% in the last week. However hospital admissions are not as high as the worst peak of the outbreak which is saying something as most people have some form of immunity from vaccinations or previous COVID infection and do not need to be in hospital on a ventilator. 

Despite this possible good news about the pandemic our Government is not embracing a possible end to the disruption to our lives and are already implementing more lockdowns, mandates for NHS staff to get vaccinated, social distancing, mask wearing, limited numbers at social gatherings and the closure of businesses to be enacted after Christmas, a full list can be found here

They seem more keen to destroy our liberties and freedoms and take away certain professions rights over their own bodies and what to put in them, instead of keeping the economy open, the most at risk safe, and those healthy enough to handle a cold like virus out and about. We are not meant to be caged animals in a zoo we are social creatures that require socialisation to survive or else we get mental health issues as seen in the huge increase in deaths from suicide over the length of the pandemic.

The thought of having a fourth and probably a fifth and sixth "booster" shot should really make people think. If you had 3 Polio injections in a year and still got Polio, wouldn't you be asking questions about Big Pharma's intentions? Remember these are not good guys. Just to prove it I will rattle off a few of Big Pharma's greatest hits...

Phizer has the enviable position of being the company who has the record for biggest fine from the US DOJ. In the largest health care fraud settlement in history, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer had to pay $2.3 billion to resolve felony criminal and civil charges that it illegally promoted the use of four of its drugs.

We also have Bayer who has another great achievement of being the company that invented Heroin, and sold it to the masses as a "non addictive" cough syrup. Using the name heroin, as it was "heroic" and seemed to cure every disease. Well I guess when you are that monged out, a runny nose and a cough doesn't seem as bad.

Big Pharma corporate greed was also the cause of the Opioid crisis in the USA. People given strong opioids like Fentanyl for pain, and then when removed from the drug they switched to illegal substitutes. 
"The opioid epidemic has claimed more than 300,000 lives in the United States since 2001 and could claim another half million over the next decade. Although heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl account for an increasing proportion of opioid-involved overdoses, the majority of persons with opioid addiction started with prescribed painkillers."

Plus the medical industry as a whole doesn't have a good record, allowing doctors to be used to promote smoking in advertisements, with even the catch phrase "Doctor Recommended"  on some brands.  They also pushed "Mothers Little Helpers" or barbiturates, to calm mothers down in the 50's, before realising they were addictive and swapping to another addictive replacement drug, benzodiazepines like Valium.

Then we had the SSRIs and the Prozac push in the latter decades of the 20th century, with links to suicidal behaviour and many people claiming the mass school gun shootings during that era had a link with kids hooked on these mind altering "anti depressants". Yes anti-depressants that say in their list of side effects that suicidal thoughts are a common effect from taking the drug. It just makes you want to rush out and get some if your feeling depressed doesn't it?

You can read some more about the "Sickening" acts Big Pharma have committed from pushing up the price of cheap drugs to make a profit, and deceiving doctors about the safety of the drugs they prescribe at Counterpunch.

So are we going to see another shut down of the economy for what seems like the mildest variant of the virus so far. If the exponential rate of catching the virus continues the whole country should get it by the end of the month. If so we should all have herd immunity and better anti-bodies to fight off the virus than we get from having multiple weak, short lasting immunity from the variety of leaky vaccines Big Pharma has made.

In the US, many people you would think would be jumping off buildings to get a vaccine shot such as nurses, soldiers, fire fighters and police are all refusing the mandates to take it by the Federal Government, and many are on strike or are prepared to lose their jobs due to not wanting to be forced to take a new untested (long term), RNA vaccine. One that we are basically the test subjects for, with thousands of side effects being reported across the globe. 

It's very nice Big Pharma managed to take Government money to make the vaccines, get a "get out of jail free card" in the case of complications, and then the ability to charge up to 40 times the cost of making the vaccine back to the Government who funded it from YOUR tax money, they get a good deal don't they?

You pay for the vaccines, the Government forces you to have them or you lose your job or you take one and get a side effect like myself, and I am no anti-vaxxer, just one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have had severe side effects from taking the shot. Over 400,000 in the USA alone have had some sort of adverse re-action from the vaccine they paid for and cannot sue the company who is milking the government for forcing you to take it.

So is this really the right way to go, forcing people to take a vaccine that could cause them severe adverse effects, or face losing their job? 

Morality or Money it seems to be? 

Super colds & flus are spreading all around the country due to people sterilising themselves over the last 2 years so that their immune systems can't fight anything off, no wonder people will be susceptible to Marvels new super villain. 

I bet most people with these super colds get marked down as COVID victims due to our miss-counting of real victims, which has been so bad determining who actually died of the virus and NOT underlying conditions, or people who went to hospital for something else and then caught the virus whilst staying there. 

Maybe if they were lucky to survive, the nurses will have done yet another one of their thousands of perfectly rehearsed TikTok dances for them. They seem to have the time on their hands to get the moves right for some reason.

Also if all stats are correct on the new mutations exponential rate of infection, everyone in the country will have had it by the 1st of January anyway, giving anyone not killed from it proper immunity from the antibodies. 

I think when we are getting to 4 shots in 365 days, you have to start asking questions about the vaccines. Is it just Big Pharma scaring people to make more £$£$£ from the pandemic where it seems like every mutation is getting milder yet more contagious. 

Health advisors from Norway to South Africa say is the best outcome as the disease will die out once herd immunity is achieved. From the Guardian:  
"COVID live: fourth vaccine dose ‘could be needed against Omicron’; not enough data on severity, says WHO Latest updates: German health minister says ‘offensive booster campaign’ needed to fight variant; WHO official says it is too early to draw conclusions on severity; WHO’s Europe chief says ‘another storm coming’ as Omicron takes hold AstraZeneca aims to produce Omicron-targeted vaccine with Oxford."
I bet Bill Gates is milking himself at all the money he will be making. He did publicly state that the best investment he had ever found was in vaccines, saying that "vaccines are phenomenal profit makers, with more than a 20-to-1 return." 

No wonder he stopped Oxford from doing a good humanitarian act of giving our UK vaccine away free to other countries, some who have not had any of the vaccines promised to them by the rich countries who can afford them. 

From his statements it is no surprise that Bill Gates wanted AstraZeneca to patent our vaccine so he and his friends in the know could make more billions as the biggest transfer of wealth from the poorest to wealthiest 1% of 1% in history has taken place over the last 2 years. 

The Great Barrington Declaration (1000's of scientists) who signed on to a different plan of action which was devised by top virologists from Oxford to top US universities, didn't want to close the economy, cause massive debt and job losses, major rises in mental health and deaths of despair (suicide, drugs, alcohol etc), and Dr Fauci, when he saw this declaration he and his NIS friends got right down to smearing these scientists ASAP. 

Instead of having a debate it was his way or the highway. Director Dr. Francis Collins emailed Dr. Fauci to urge a “quick and devastating published takedown” of the Great Barrington Declaration authored by Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

So as we move into a new 2 tier society I think people need to realise what Western Governments have used the COVID crisis as cover to do, Australia has seemingly gone mad, drunk with power, locking people up in concentration camps even if they go near someone with COVID despite not having it. 

Thank god I don't have that tracer app on my phone, its just a government tracker, and now Swedish inventors have come up with a microchip that can be implanted under the skin to show you COVID status as well as other ID info.  Alex Jones you were right all along, religious people, the mark of the beast is coming...

However whatever your beliefs, we are living in a very scary time for privacy, personal freedom and the right to say what you want and put in your body what you want. If that doesn't scare you then you need to read some history books about the beginning part of the 20th century to get some context.

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By Dark Politricks

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  1. Fxxk Big Pharma, they are just making us take more and more shots and there is no end to sight, if the Government keeps locking us down with every spike or variant, we are never going to achieve herd immunity and the pharma companies can continue to push for more vaccines to be given out for each person, for each variant for how ever long this lasts. The world has gone mad.

  2. ONE SHOT ONE KILL,heres three sites I put together on Dark Politricks:

    Three very good reasons to use VPN and to distrust psychiatrists.

  3. I really want to know if our hospitals are all over whelmed by COVID cases how these nurses have so much time to practise perfectly choreographed dance routines. It seems every hospital in the western world is competing for some sort of Nurses v Nurses Strictly competition or something. Either we are being lied to and the hospitals are empty of COVID patients giving nurses time on their hands to practise their dancing or they are just leaving the COVID patients to drown in their own lung fluid as they practise on work time OR they all have no families or social lives and spend hours after long 12 hour shifts dealing with death from COVID patients and can just flick a switch, turn all those emotions off and spend an hour after work each day with other depressed workers looking happy as Larry practising their dance routines. I just find it a very weird bit of evidence in this whole saga TBH..

  4. I bet we will all have to have at least yearly shots for COVID from now on, just like the flu for old people except everyone will have to get one making big ££££ for Big Pharma, then another virus pandemic will outbreak, more vaccines sold for 40 times the cost - scsamdemic is the word of the year.