Sunday 2 January 2022

The UK Social Credit Score System Is Here....

Social Credit Score System Comes To UK 

By Dark Politricks 

It's my 1st article of 2022, and it's a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, when lockdown measures are being contemplated to attack a mutation of the virus with the same symptoms as a common cold.

Already the year has started off with school children having to wear masks in lessons despite scientists warning of the effect it would have on their mental health. I doubt a young kid will be fiddling with it too much and spreading germs from their faces and masks onto nearby surroundings.

For the rest of us it is back to no holiday's, limits on travel, mandates on vaccines despite the knowledge that the more vaccine shots we have the weaker they get

"There is no evidence that a fourth dose helps. And there is no evidence that it does not harm," said Professor Ron Dagan, a paediatrician and infectious disease expert who is a member of the vaccine advisory panel and voted in favour of the recommendation. 
So no evidence that a 4th shot will help people and no evidence that it won't harm people instead, but despite that they are pushing forward to stop the spread of what many people are calling the OmicronCold due to the symptoms between a common cold and this variant being indistinguable. In fact they have said that if you have cold symptoms the likelihood that you have Omicron is 1 in 2.

So as Governments don't have time to waste, and instead of thinking about other ways we can live alongside this man made virus rather than trying to hide from it with each new variant, they are turning to the only tool they have in their box. The vaccines. However if 3 shots of the vaccine won't prevent you catching, spreading and maybe killing you. I don't see the logic in thinking 4 shots will.

There are even claims by medical professionals that the vaccines are not even real. Spanish medical researchers in two separate studies have analysed the contents of Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine vials and found a toxic blood-clotting substance or poison that may be responsible for adverse effects and deaths in recipients. The toxic substance graphene oxide was found in the Pfizer vials by Spanish researchers has now been confirmed to also be the main ingredient in the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Dr. Delgado states that the nanographene oxide creates thrombogenicity or blood-clotting in the veins, compromises the immune system, causes bilateral pneumonia, causes loss of smell and taste, causes multi-organ inflammation and essentially creates all the symptoms attributed early in the pandemic rollout to COVID-19. The researchers note that graphene oxide has been used before in small quantities as an adjuvant in vaccines, and may be found at low levels in flu shots.

These findings add to the alarm bells being rung by health professionals around the world over the alleged dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, including the problems allegedly associated with the experimental mRNA contents in the vaccines. So I can hardly see why politicians think having even more "booster" shots of the already known to be leaky, and now possibly dangerously made, vaccines will help anyone but the companies and investors making money from pushing the idea.

It won't be long until other countries succumb to the wisdom of Big Pharma shills and force their populations into getting more shots that even mainstream scientists are now warning won't help stop the spread. We already know how leaky these vaccines are, as a true vaccine would stop us getting the virus, spreading it, and dying from it. All the current vaccines apart from Cuba's, is based on new mRNA technology that does none of these things.

I can only think our governments have been totally captured by Big Pharma. It is either that or that politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who sees nothing wrong with policy makers investing in the stock market to profit from their policies, having huge investments in these pharmaceutical companies. Therefore the more they push people to have boosters the more money they make. Simple modern day Capitalist Insider Trading Politics at work. 

However what is more concerning is that this pandemic has been used by Western Governments to bring in authoriatarian policies that have and will have major effects on our civil liberties. As well as all the new powers the Police and Government have which were supposedly brought in to "fight the virus" and then be removed, They are now extending the power of the state from Australia to Europe and America. On top of these new diktats, comes the long anticipated Chinese style social credit system. In the UK they already have plans to use the cover of COVID to roll out such a social credit based system,

Most Western nations have been eyeing up the Chinese control system enviously over the years, and I would not be surprised to find out some Western Tech companies were even helping to fund or help the Chinese code and implement it. The only problem we "democratic" nations had, was an excuse to implement such an idea, and with the pandemic they have found just the right reason.

Just as the Chinese "Great Firewall", was copied by Australia, and more despotic nations, to stop their citizens from accessing certain web content they they deem unacceptable, we in the UK are now going to implement China's most unacceptable means of social control.

It seems we have been using China as a test bed for all sorts of authoritarian acts from the days of Mao, when David Rockefeller commented on how much he admired the Chinese system that killed up to 80 million people in their "reforms" that were harshly implemented on the people.

It seems not a lot has changed, as we have billionaires doing the same thing today. Wealthy billionaire Charlie Munger is a huge fan of how communist China manages its economy and Bill Gates along with many others in the 0.1%, have even been admitted into Communist China's Academy of Engineering (CAE).

This might seem an odd fit for uber-capitalist Bill Gates, since the CAE is the People’s Republic of China’s elite society of technology professionals who have proven their service to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Communist State. But like many other super-wealthy westerners, Gates has shown himself sympathetic to authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.

Together with David Rockefeller, George Soros, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, and a small clutch of additional billionaires, Gates formed a cabal they dubbed “The Good Club,” which seems to be fixated on population control. Its members are seemingly very comfortable with China’s coercive (and murderous) One Child policy as an answer to population “problems.” However, I wonder what the "Good Club" thought of the death rooms, where all the second and third children were left to die?

Chinese state media also declared Gates a hero, after he defended the moves China made early on to stop the spread of the virus. Moves like bolting metal bars across peoples front doors of people's flats that contained virus infected people maybe? 

We have all seen the videos of how China "dealt" with the virus in Wuhan and all the soldiers/doctors walking the roads with automatic rifles. 

It would be really interesting to find out, if ever possible, to know how many people in Wuhan didn't die from the actual virus, but from the Chinese authorities attempts to stop it's spread, by strict measures such as locking people in their homes to starve to death.

Bill Gates not only argued that it is not time to be questioning the Chinese Communist Party’s (CPC) efforts in handling the COVID-19 outbreak, but went so far as to dispel any wrongdoing by the communist regime. 

Even as these videos of people being locked inside to starve, and soldiers dressed as doctors patrolled the streets with guns were being leaked out of Wuhan, Bill didn't seem to mind, even saying that “China did a lot of things right at the beginning, like any country where a virus first shows up".

However just like most greedy men, he ignores the mass killings, and imprisoned Muslim population in China, as he is captured by all the opportunities that lie there to make more money. I wonder if there is even a limit in these billionaire's heads of when is enough money really enough.

However back to the Social Credit Score system coming to the UK. You should already know that the UK Government has used the excuse of COVID to mould the population into little compliant people that are scared of holding a door, and disinfect everything so much they can no longer fight off a common cold. 

The UK government COVID law was only supposed to sit on our statute books for 2 years but has already been extended, and will probably stay on the statute books forever. Just like the post 9.11 laws in the US have, which should have been repealed many years ago. 

The Tory government has brought in laws that will stop people even protesting against any future laws that are aimed at making us all compliant little workers with no social interaction. These COVID laws are the biggest loss of civil liberties since the 2nd World War, will we ever see the end of them? I doubt it, but will be amazed if we did.

Even just posting a blog article or a citizens journalist post like I do on the over-reach of the UK Government will soon be illegal as they are rolling out strict laws that mean even criticising the UK when they break international law, or commit war crimes, will soon be illegal to report on. It will basically mean anyone in the UK thinking of following Julian Assange and Wikileaks, won't have any excuse or mitigating circumstances when brought in front of a judge.

The UK has already been found to be hypocrites paying thousands of bloggers and YouTube influencers to promote pro NATO propaganda into Russia, whilst at the same time complaining of Russia doing the exact same sort of interference. The only difference is that we in the west believe that when we are doing it, we are doing it for the good of the world and cannot even see the hypocrisy in our double standards and red lines.

It's as laughable as the US government accusing Russia of interfering in their elections when their own history of interfering in other countries elections is appalling, The US government through NGO's and the CIA have been overthrowing democratic left leaning governments and instigating coups for as long as they could. The world is littered with countries that currently have, or did have right wing dictators, that were installed by the USA. It is a long list of hypocrisy, and not even Joe Biden, who has probably been involved in some of these acts doesn't seem to realise this, in this speech he makes here.

The American friendly leaders who the CIA install when the economic hit men cannot, all privatise their natural wealth to make US businesses even richer, and the US helps out by training their soldiers/death squads in the infamous "school of America's" (Fort Benning U.S. Army base in Georgia). 

So our Western hypocrisy when claiming foreign states don't have freedom of speech, or allow journalists to speak out, is easily reflected back on us by any foreign despot being interviewed who knows a bit of history. They don't even have to look that far back as recent events have shown, when interviewed, leaders of countries with poor human rights only need to mention our current crime of slowly killing Julian Assange for telling the truth, to shine that mirror back in our faces.

However for the UK to be turning their Track n Trace apps into more than just a "helpful" tool to tell people that they have been near someone with COVID, into a version of the Chinese Social Credit system is appalling. 

Here is a tweet I posted the other day about it....
You can go to the UK Governments page on the bill titled "Identity document validation technology in the right to work and right to rent schemes, and DBS pre-employment checking" right here.

However the main points you should note are; not only will the system like the track n trace smart phone app, that the UK government has used to tell YOU about being in contact with someone with COVID, in future it will also tell employers and Government officials, personal data about you including.
  1. Physical Health conditions.
  2. Mental Health conditions.
  3. Circumstances related to the individuals lifestyle.
  4. Circumstances related to the individuals social circumstances.
  5. Information related to the individuals genetic and biometric details.
  6. Criminal Convictions or "alleged" criminal behaviour.
Now if that doesn't sound like government overreach then I can only guess you are the sort of person who bends over when asked without question for a good seeing to by any stranger in the street. 

No offence but if the thought of someone "alleging" that you are involved in a criminal act, despite any proof, being held on a system against your name, that potential employers, housing associations, councils and the Government and Police can use to harass and mistreat you, prevent you getting jobs or housing doesn't shock or appal you then you need your head seeing to. 

If you really don't think any of this is a big deal you should go back and read an article and watch a great video I posted a couple of years ago in January 2020. 

It was here, that I warned you, that the Chinese style social credit system would be coming to a country near you very soon. I didn't think it would be this soon, but then I didn't expect most of our country to just compliantly accept all the new rules and laws that our Government forced on us, many which they broke themselves, due to an outbreak of a man made virus.

However what if we don't put these Track n Trace apps on our phones, or don't even own one? 

I actually emailed the government asking what am I supposed to do without a smart phone to hold these track and trace applications, that are being extended into social credit score apps, and they replied with the following...
Nick (C19 Testing) 1 Jan 2022, 13:04 GMT Hi xxx,
Happy new year.
It's still possible without a smart phone but you'll need a digital camera and a laptop / computer that can use the picture you take and be uploaded to the website.
Alternatively, if you have a friend or neighbour that can help you with the process i.e. they register on your behalf and take the picture once you've tested.
Kind regards,
So I guess all the poor must go and purchase digital cameras and laptops to upload their photo ID to the website or find someone to do it for them. I think the most sensible idea is just to never install anything on your phone the government says you have to

It is lucky I still own some burners from the 90s, which have no GPS tracking, and I can easily take the battery and SIM card out if needed. Maybe people need to forget about all the social media sites that steal our data and sell it on to advertisers, or scan our phones and networks for incriminating photos and information such as the new Instagram terms of service seem to suggest the ability and right to so if you use their app. 

Maybe we need to roll back our reliance on Smart Phones, re-connect with people physically not over an app, and revert back to "dumb phones" that just let us ring people and text. You can watch some satire about Instagram's new Terms of Service below.

Anything modern and you are just a moving dot on a huge computer screen that can be targeted by government requests to photograph yourself and send it back. Just like the Australian government, that are requiring their pissed off population to do. All so they can see how far away from their house they were at the time of the photo, and fine them if they had no good reason to be so.

You can read more about Australia's dive into despotism on an earlier article I wrote here. They are literally holding people who are found to have been "near" people who turn out COVID positive through Smart Phone apps, despite the person themselves not being infected, in concentration camps that are being built all over the country.

However it is not only dangerous to talk about the merits and evils of the current establishments handling of this pandemic but wee must also be careful when using social media to spread actual FACTS, such as that over 400,000 people in the USA have had adverse reactions from the vaccine shots as I have had here in the UK. 

I don't know world figures, but it must be over a million, and I bet Big Pharma are thankful for their "Get out of Jail and not be sued, card" they got for massive quick production of these leaky vaccines in which people need 3 shots a year, and can still contract, pass on and even die from the virus the vaccine is supposed to prevent. 

Even the inventor of the RNA vaccines many Big Pharma companies are using, Robert Malone, has been kicked off Twitter, for talking about adverse effects from the vaccines. 

Despite being involved with the development of mRNA technology decades ago, Dr Malone has become an outspoken critic of mass vaccination. Both the Pfizer and the Moderna jabs are built on mRNA technology, which uses genetic engineering to tell our bodies to manufacture the spike protein found in Covid-19 and create antibodies that kick in if you become infected

But Dr Malone believes there is not enough adequate testing in place to warrant mass vaccination, especially in children. "No parent should kick their children without first seeing the warnings of Robert W. Malone." he tweeted before his Twitter account was suspended because he had been warning of dangerous adverse effects for months. 

I bet Big Pharma is glad they have Big Tech in their pockets as well as the governments of the world. It is plainly a bold faced lie to say no adverse effects come from the vaccine and anyone claiming otherwise is lying their face off. 

When I try to find out the no of people in the UK who have had adverse effects from the vaccine, I get sent to this government URL, and at the bottom is says "Unfortunately, we do not hold information on adverse vaccine reactions or hospitalisations.", how very convenient for them. 

However I found this link from the UK state media outfit the BBC that says "About one in three people recently given a Covid vaccine by the NHS report some side-effects.", however they then add "none were serious"

However this article seems to offer different evidence from VAERS data released by the American CDC that showed a total of 441,931 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines. This included 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 25, 2021.

However if you think all this is just perfectly okay with you, along with all the other despotic things the UK government has implemented during the 2 years of COVID lockdowns. Some which even the World Health Organisation, and 900,000 doctors and scientists, said were not necessary in the Great Barringtion Declaration, then please have a read of these articles. 

Have I just been shouting in the wind with no-one listening, or is just a coincidence that these "conspiracy theories" are all coming true.
  1. Get ready for your 4th vaccine shot.
  2. Alarm grows as medical researchers find dangerous substances in the vaccines.
  3. Australia is a despot regime. 
  4. Spies in our pocket - Track n Trace apps and Google doing evil.
  5. It must be just a coincidence we are looking more like China every day.
  6. Why are people leaving Facebook, Google and YouTube for alternative sites that respect free speech.
  7. 900,000 Scientists and Doctors say that the lockdown measures our Governments have used to make us comply with their move into despotism were unneeded.
  8. The Chinese Social Credit System coming to the UK and a country near you soon.
  9. The UK is turning more despotic by the day. 
  10. The UK is turning into a police state.
  11. The UK Government article listing out the new social credit system of control.
Now can someone tell me why they would actually want to install one of these "track n trace" apps, that are being extended into social credit passports, onto your phone? 

By Dark Politricks 

© 2022 Dark Politricks


  1. I really can't wait to see if the UK population has been so manipulated and fxxked up from stress of lockdowns that they have become so compliant that they will let this Social Credit System go ahead. Just buy a burner and get rid of those spies in your pockets.

  2. I can't believe how quick the UK has fallen into despotism. Why hasn't the Guardian or Independent at least been shouting about the threat to journalists for reporting on war crimes the UK might be commiting that could put their reporters in jail. Unless they have been told that it will only be citizen journalists like yourself that will get in trouble. Only Alternative News sites like The Grayzone and The Intercept have been reporting on this. The demos in London are not "Anti Vax" they are "Anti Forced Vaccination" and your article gives some good reasons why. If the vaccines are actually causing all the side effects and the person who created the mRNA vaccines doesn't think enough testing has been done on them to mass vaccinate then why the fxxk are we using them, oh yeah, to make the politicians and the billionaires even richer. I bet Pelosi told her husband to invest in phizer n moderna before it was public knowledge that they were making the vaccines. Its sickening how it's it still legal for US politicians to trade in stocks when they make the laws that give companies contracts and know in advance which companies are going to have a share price going up or down. No wonder she has made over $200 million since being elected. Its a jo to them, to make lots of money, not to help people out like they are supposed to. Sickening and Dr Fauci is the face of the whole sickening mess.

  3. If even the maker of the mRNA vaccines say they are not safe to be used and there hasn't been enough testing done on them for mass vaccination then I don't understand why all these "pro vaxxers" are having a go at people who have done their own research despite big techs tricks to block people finding out info and banning them from social media. They are the ones who don't want to risk putting sh!t in their body that has not been tested properly. Its mad.

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  5. Good article, glad you have put in all the sources for your claims and have used mainstream media to back them up. Makes it harder for "coincidence theorists" to shout and moan when there are facts to back up what you are saying.

  6. Good article, I removed my Instagram account after seeing all that their new TOS allows them to do in that video. That is appalling they think they have the right to scan any device on your network and take the info. So glad I found out about it, never used it really anyway.

  7. Same here I read the termd and conditiond after that video and didn't like them at all, hardly used it anyway, just closed the whole thing dowmn, but then what about Facebook us older peolple tend to use thst more than TikTok and Instagram, wonder whst their TOS let hem do.....