Monday 31 January 2022

The Left Wants The Unvaccinated To Be Locked Up...why?

Why Has The Left Gone So Crazy Over COVID In America?

By Dark Politricks

A very odd thing happened in the USA over the last 2 years and the COVID pandemic. The left, liberal, and mostly Democratic voters have gone mad over the response from some to COVID

For liberals you would expect them to respect bodily autonomy, and question Government motives, especially a Government that has been so fully captured by the Big Pharma companies.

Companies that are making money from the push to get more and more people vaccinated or have more have booster shots. 

However, a recent poll shows that nearly half of Democratic voters want internment camps, like the ones in Australia, for the unvaccinated. 

What is going on in the left-wing in America for so many supposed liberals to think this way? 

Currently, as in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, much of Europe is opening up from their lockdowns and declaring "their war on COVID over". 

Despite the continued high numbers of people contracting the virus, they are now more concentrated on the no of hospitalizations and deaths, from people with COVID, not people who were admitted with something else who then caught COVID in their hospital.

We only have to look at the UK last year when they declared that "no one had caught the annual winter flu", to know that some form of miss-counting was going on. For example, at the moment, we are only having 3 cases per 100,000 people for a virus that usually affects between 10,000 and 25,000 people every winter. 

They claimed the same measures enacted to defeat the spread of COVID (that were not working), e.g wearing a mask, socially distancing, working from home, and lockdowns, were also the same reasons why the spread of flu was not occurring. 

Now how the same measures that were preventing one virus, were also causing another one to have record contraction figures, I don't know, however, this is what the UK Government was claiming in 2021, and is now claiming in 2022.

Now I would love to know how many people who actually did have the flu, were actually misdiagnosed as COVID, but I doubt those figures exist. However, one thing is known for sure the COVID testing kits were not perfect. 

This is shown in Tanzania, where goats and fruit tested with the COVID kits were returning positive results. The Tanzanian President John Magufuli dismissed COVID19 'imported' test kits after this debacle. So if false positives were happening so easily with the kits who knows what the true numbers of deaths were. 

We do know that the figures were massaged with people who had contracted the virus and then tested negative for it and then died from any other cause within 28 days, being put down as a COVID death.

Why the Government wanted to inflate death numbers in this way is up for discussion but it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth of people who may have been told their relative died from the virus when really their death had really been caused by being hit by a car or falling from a ladder. 

Did the UK Government want to inflate the numbers to justify extreme lockdown measures through fear, one could legitimately ask?

At least the UK like many other European nations has now dropped their mandates for NHS workers, who you would think would want the vaccine or face losing their jobs. The US, however, is still trying to force many in the US Army, Police, and Health Industry to be vaccinated or fired. 

Whilst the Democrats in the USA are still are pushing for everyone they can to get vaccinated, it seems that Europe is quietly dropping that idea due to the amount of much-needed staff who are still unvaccinated, which would leave a huge empty hole in the workforce. 

In the UK they have dropped the mandate as they calculated that almost 80,000 healthcare workers could be forced out of their jobs because they had declined to take two doses of a COVID vaccine. 

Why is it so many doctors and nurses don't want to or haven't yet been vaccinated? 

Do they know something the rest of us don't, have they better health knowledge and experience to make up their own minds on what protection against COVID they require?

I for one would love to know. Is it due to the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine or the lack of efficacy the vaccines now provide against current variants? 

I know that many nurses had already caught and survived COVID from the early era before vaccines. For anybody who has been listening, a natural immunity from having COVID is at least as good, if not better protection from getting the disease again. 

This comes from a US CDC study that claimed that "Unvaccinated people who had previously contracted COVID-19 and survived were better protected against the Delta variant than those who were only vaccinated."

Of course in this heated politicised pandemic, when one study like that comes out, there is a rush by Big Pharma and the co-opted MSM, who are literally sponsored by them, to rush out studies that refute such claims.

What is clear is that when we have a political environment where US politicians receive more money from Big Pharma lobbyists than the MIC, and that nearly every segment on the not so independent, US Media, is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. There is a deeply vested interest in keeping their narrative alive and rubbishing any contradictory advice. 

When respected doctors who invented the mRNA vaccine, as Dr. Robert Malone, and The Great Barrington Declaration epidemiologists from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford are labeled as kooks and "fringe scientists" for declaring that there was a better way to fight the pandemic than just closing down the economy and locking everyone inside, then it is clear that certain interests are winning over what is best for the public and the economy, small businesses most of all.

As Amazon and all the Big Box stores were allowed to stay open as small companies closed in their thousands, many not able to re-open. Big tech companies supplied online tools that allowed workers to not leave home to be in the office, and entertainment companies made a mint, for those stuck in their apartments with nothing to do but watch TV. 

However, instead of letting qualified people have a civilized debate about the merits and pitfalls of rushed-out leaky vaccines and multiple booster shots versus other drugs and a limited lockdown for those most at risk. The US MSM seemed to go mental with anyone daring to disagree that only getting vaccinated was the cure to the pandemic.

Instead of letting the US economy carry on running and not forcing millions of workers to lose their jobs, and their job tied health insurance which leads only to massive hospital debts, homelessness, and the now big buy-up of housing by Wall St. 

It has been clear to many that we are being served a load of Government and Big-Pharma pushed propaganda lies that there is only a single way out of this mess.

The Joe Rogan case, which I wrote about at the time when he got COVID, is still rolling on due to his apparent spread of "COVID misinformation". This is due to him daring to interview those "fringe" epidemiologists and giving them a voice that they were not allowed due to big tech censorship.

Neil Young and Joni Mitchel have left Spotify due to Joe's podcast and the apparent spread of misinformation, but all he is doing is providing a platform that has been denied to alternative voices to speak and lay out their case. 

If Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are going to kick people off for falsely claiming that the vaccine is the only way out of the pandemic, then why shouldn't he allow these people to explain why they think the way they do?

Just because the Democrats cannot control what Joe Rogan says, they and their supporters try to discredit him as CNN did when he caught and then successfully treated the virus himself, and try to label him dangerous and a spreader of vaccine misinformation. 

Joe is not against vaccines, he just allows the people that the left doesn't want you to hear a massive platform to allow them to speak, this has included 3-hour conversations with Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Alex Berenson, who have all questioned the efficacy of the vaccines

This is something, that if you know the stats, has fallen dramatically from the rates they claimed when first introduced to when the Delta wave hit.

  • Moderna’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, measured as 89% effective in March, was only 58% effective.
  • Pfizer and BioNTech, which also employed two doses, fell from 87% to 45% in the same period.
  • And most strikingly, the protective power of Johnson & Johnson's single-dose vaccine plunged from 86% to just 13% over six months.

If that is not something to be concerned about and discussed openly I don't know what is. 

Why would liberals and Democrats want to hide these figures if it was not down to a profit motive? 

We know that the people linked to making the virus e.g Dr. Fauci, the Lord and Saviour himself, has a vested interest along with the non medically trained but treated as such Bill Gates in vaccine patents. 

Bill Gates and Dr Fauci both have very dark pasts and it's very easy to find out their histories if one just researches the various US and African vaccine studies with which Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have been involved.

In a recent interview with James Corbett, another victim of Cancel Culture at YouTube for speaking his own mind but doing meticulous research. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has a book out called "The Real Anthony Fauci" spoke about how the financial links between the federal health agencies and the pharmaceutical companies are unlike any other federal regulatory regime. 

The metrics used within these agencies to measure whether or not an employee will get promoted, advanced, or get a salary raise revolve almost entirely around how well the employee promotes vaccine uptake.

“[These] people do not get rewarded for finding problems with vaccines — they get rewarded for covering up problems with vaccines … and some of the agencies directly profit from vaccine sales,” Kennedy said.

“For example, the [National Institutes of Health] owns thousands of medical patents, including half of the patent for the Moderna vaccine,” Kennedy said. “So Tony Fauci’s agency stands to make billions and billions of dollars. And Fauci was able to choose four of his high-level employees who each get their own individual patent shares and who’ll collect $150,000 per year for life.”

In this interview, he also spoke about how Dr. Fauci managed to gain control of foster homes in 7 different states and carried out experiments that led to the deaths of up to 85 children.

As for the non medically trained Bill Gates, money and profit from patents is obviously a key issue, as he is on record saying that investing in vaccine patents was the best investment he had ever found with a 20 to 1 return. 

Bill also did one of the most money grabbing scenes in this whole Pandemic when he forced Oxford university who were going to donate the rights of its vaccine to any pharma company, so that a vaccine for the raging pandemic was available cheaply or for free for any country or company to make, to join up with Astra Zeneca, with no guarantee of low prices and a full guarantee of making money

It was big business as usual getting its own way when we could have been a beacon to the Capitalist world and allowed our vaccine to be made for free and helped millions of people around the world who have had trouble getting access to vaccines, instead of making millions, for the already super-rich Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates & the WHO have used African & Indian tribal children to experiment with non-FDA-approved drug vaccines in the past. Both countries raised red flags about the unethical nature of these trials and were ignored. It is one of the reasons the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was set up to whitewash their name by helping these poor people get vaccinated. 

However, I do think it strange that Bill's foundation has got richer over the years when they were supposed to be giving their money away with free vaccines to poor countries. I don't really understand how a philanthropist gets richer through his supposedly charitable work when he should be spending his money on helping people, isn't that the supposed purpose of real charitable foundations? 

There is also medical evidence that keeping on injecting people with a vaccine after booster after booster is not actually good for us at all and could actually diminish a person's immune system, and stop its effectiveness at fighting off the virus

So as Israel is on their 4th jab with people still getting infected it is plainly clear that the repeated claim that the "Vaccine was the only way out of the lockdown", was a lie, and one that was repeated over and over, despite people who had been fully vaccinated catching the virus, sometimes multiple times.

In the US, the politicisation of the pandemic was very clear, whilst the left and supposed defenders of liberal ideas such as the right to choose what to do with their bodies e.g abortion, and freedom of speech, they were acting very unliberal when screaming for people to be banned from social media if they detracted from the Government line, refused mandated vaccines or even talked about other therapeutics

This was clearly seen in the CNN slander of Joe Rogan, and the Twitter display of glee when he caught the virus was appalling. Had they all forgotten what it meant to be a liberal?

It seemed that anyone who didn't follow the "vaccine is the way out of the lockdowns" line, was a red-neck conspiracy theorist who wanted to take animal drugs to cure themselves. The fact that these drugs were used successfully by Joe Rogan and some of his friends, to large parts of India, seems to refute their claims. 

Also, it is plainly clear that the vaccines were not the way out of the pandemic, as nearly all western made vaccines were useless in stopping people from catching and spreading the virus, and even from getting hospitalised from it.

The CDC has now come out and said that vaccinated people are “no less infectious” than unvaccinated people

This must come as a shot to the head of team blue in the US who still want everyone vaccinated despite the leaky vaccines and loss of efficacy and the high rates of infection amongst vaccinated people. 

These are people who all followed Government guidelines, self-isolated, socially distanced, worked from home, and wore masks everywhere. 

If this pandemic had not been politicised so much, and the Governments of the world had not been so fully captured by Big Pharma, then maybe, just maybe, we could have had a civilized debate about the best way forward. 

This could have been done without Dr Fauci and the NIH smearing those who swayed from his position, and the media that labels every protest an "anti-vaxxer" protest when most people at them have been vaccinated and they are only demonstrating against the mandates to chose between an unwanted medical procedure and their job. 

A Washington "Anti-Mandate" protest - or for the MSM, an "anti-vaxxer" protest.

What has happened to the left? 

They are so keen on being able to choose what to do with their body when it comes to abortion but during this pandemic, they have been demanding all over the news and social media that the unvaccinated should either be forced to get vaccinated, lose benefits, and even their jobs and homes if they didn't.

Now we find that almost a majority of Democratic supporters are now actually demanding that the unvaccinated be locked up in internment campsIs this a liberal way of thinking, or the thoughts of someone brainwashed by mainstream news and Government propaganda? 

No wonder every major news show is out ratioed by millions when it comes to the MSM versus Joe Rogan, at least Joe is willing to provide an alternative point of view, one that is never heard on CNN or MSNBC. He can count on 6 million+ people to listen to his every podcast, oh how the MSM wished they could get those numbers and it seems they are trying to defeat him the only way they know how, by trying to get him kicked off Spotify

Not a very liberal act to try and deny someone the right to free speech is it?

It is a far cry from what I expected from liberals and now they have opened the door to social media accounts of those who disagree with Government guidelines to be kicked off Twitter and Facebook, often acting gleeful when it occurs. 

I only hope they soon change their minds and regret their actions, for when it is they who are on the wrong side of the Government and Big Tech and are being cancelled, who do they expect to call for help?

What was that saying... "first they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a socialist......." ... or maybe...."first they came for the unvaccinated and I did not speak out as I was on my 4th booster...."

Here is another good article you can also read which goes into the subject of American doubts over COVID and the left's reaction to it. 

Also please go to and sign the petition asking Dr. Fauci to debate other scientists on the merits of vaccinating children, lockdowns, natural immunity, and health agencies interfering in the doctor-patient relationship e.g forced vaccinations. 

Sign here

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks


  1. You are right the loony left wing democratic NAZIs have gone completley mad over COVID, even though they are vaccinated to the max and still catching the virus multiple times they don't seem to understand that the vaccines they want to force on everyone else were designed for COVID Original not Omicron version. So they are useless which is why people who have had the vaccine are still getting infected the same rate as those who haven't, these vaccines are useless and just a way for Big Pharma to make more money,...

  2. More Libtard despotic nonsense. Do they not realise that once they start censoring the social media sites that soon it will be left wing sites getting booted off Twitter?

  3. Fruit Loops, but then Bill Gates and Dr Fauci sre bith evil geniuses out of some film. Mad and rich, need Batman to come get them,

  4. God Bless America1 February 2022 at 19:28

    The Democrats care more about BLM than inflation, supply chain issues and turning the country into a state of civil war between the unvaccinated and vaccinated. What is the point of forcing people to get the vaccine now when it was designed for the original COVID virus not Omicron. People who are triple jabbed are still getting Omicron so what is the point of mandates if vaccinated people and non vaccinated people are catching the virus at the same rate?