Monday 17 January 2022

How Many "Conspiracies" Have To Turn True Before People Start Realising We Are Under Attack

The Great Reset - Even Mainstream Media is reporting on the "Conspiracy"

By Dark Politricks 

I don't know how many "conspiracy theories" have to turn out to be true before people stop using the term as a derogatory label for people who have just done the research that they cannot be bothered to, only for them to be surprised and shocked when the laws, mandates, microchips and devious short cuts and billionaire ideas come to fruition.

Throughout the recent pandemic, we have had numerous "conspiracy theories", that were so dangerous, that to talk or write about them meant that you risked getting kicked off social media. The sad thing is that now people who scoffed at them back when the pandemic started are finding out that many of them have turned out to be real.

The first major conspiracy theory was around what caused the actual pandemic, was it someone eating Bat soup from a wet market, or was it that COVID had leaked from the Coronavirus laboratory in Wuhan. 

This "lab leak" theory was deemed as wacky just as the wet market theory was labelled racist against Chinese culture. Dr. Fauci, was the scientist put in charge of America's response to the pandemic, and in Democratic circles and media, he is often lauded as a saint. This is despite his often changing advice and claims, many of which have been refuted multiple times, however, he is now being found out to have lied all along about his knowledge of the origins of COVID.

The esteemed doctor has even lied in the Senate, which is a crime, whether it be jousting with Sen. Rand Paul about what constitutes "Gain of Function", Denying he was even engaged in such a dangerous type of scientific experimentation,  all whilst the NIH, who the doctor got to go to China to carry out these coronavirus "experiments", were admitting they had been doing so on his behalf, 

Or whether it was to Sen. Marco Rubio who asked where patient zero was and the likelihood that the outbreak was caused by the Wuhan Coronavirus Lab he had been experimenting at. This question was only met with denials that it could have possibly come from the lab that studied the exact same viruses that caused the pandemic with a group of scientists he was intimately linked with.

This is despite recently revealed data about him from whistle-blowers, or through released emails, that show he has major conflicts of interest between Big Pharma and the drive to make their money through vaccines, and his smearing of those that dare question his plans. 

Apparently, with SARS outbreak they found patient zero within 4 months, with MERS 9 months, but with COVID they still haven't found it. Yet Dr. Fauci still claims that there is more of a possibility that this outbreak was caused by a natural occurrence rather than a leak from the Wuhan Institute that he was working at, carrying out dangerous gain of function, coronavirus experiments. 

Therefore questions about patient zero still remain in his eyes. Where is it and how did this pandemic occur, we are supposed to still question, despite all the evidence that it was actually a leak from the Wuhan lab. A view we are now allowed to discuss without being labelled a conspiracy theorist, and being kicked off social media sites for daring to suggest so.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) even changed the definition of “gain-of-function” research on their official website during these combative exchanges between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci in which it was discovered that he had indeed funded "novel coronavirus research" at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

This was a move that many experts – including Senator Rand Paul, has said could make him “culpable for the entire pandemic.” 

Of course, the new definition of "gain of function" experiments by the NIH downplays the risks associated with such risky science and largely focuses on other research instead.

I am sure most people are wondering why such experiments are done in the 1st place especially if there is the possibility of a leak that could cause a pandemic

What is the reason for creating a man-made virus by mixing one from a bat with another animal, tweaking it so that it would become highly transmissible between humans when there is absolutely NO chance of such a virus occurring naturally in the wild?

It is almost as if they were deliberately making a biological weapon, and if so, maybe Wuhan was chosen at the testbed to see how well this weapon spread amongst the public. The data we have got from China is so unreliable anything they say can be questioned and guessed to see if it's true or not. 

Whatever the reason I think after this pandemic whether it is proven that there was a lab leak or not, that gain of function virus making should be banned worldwide due to the harm to the globe if such a virus escaped into the human population.

You can watch the most recent combat between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci in the following video here, However, there are a whole load more videos going back months which you can see here on YouTube by clicking this link,

It seemed pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that there was a link between the Wuhan Coronavirus lab and the early deaths of people near that facility in Wuhan. Even Jon Stewart when appearing on Stephen Colbert's show had a very sarcastic rant when the now establishment puppet comedian, Colbert pushed back on his claims.

Jon said what a coincidence it was that the coronavirus was named after "The Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Lab", or could it be that instead, in his words that:

"Maybe a bat flew into the Chloe of a Turkey and sneezed into my Chile and now we all have Coronavirus". 

You can watch the now disappointingly pro-establishment Stephen Colbert get tongue-tied by the comedian who still has the ability to think for himself here. Maybe it's not having a big corporate machine paying your wages that allows such free-thinking amongst comedians discussing this topic.

Scientists are now even claiming that the COVID virus was genetically modified by humans and was "ready-made" to infect humans in Wuhan. Dr. Chan, a molecular biologist at MIT and Harvard believes a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is "more likely than not" after two unsuccessful years of searching for an animal host.

Despite China, the lab, and Dr. Fauci furiously denying these allegations of a "lab leak" the evidence has been piling up over the last year as scientists, researchers, and governments all hunt for answers to where the outbreak started.

Even now, Dr. Fauci is still trying to hold onto his premise that the outbreak was natural despite virologists who have studied the virus noticing elements that indicate that it was indeed modified by humans

However, Dr. Fauci has a nasty history that not many people knew about until stories broke about his past which included passing off failed cancer drugs to HIV infected people in the 80's and the cruel experiments he carried out on puppy dogs, feeding their sedated heads to sandflies.

Also, his lies about Gain of Function experiments have even been contradicted by the US military, as the EcoHealth alliance apparently approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct research of bat-borne coronaviruses. 

The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the gain of function research moratorium. This is probably the reason Dr. Fauci went to China to conduct his experiments outside US territory and its legal reach.

Dr Chan believes a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is "more likely than not" and said:

"We know now this virus has a very unique feature, called the furin cleavage site, that makes it the pandemic pathogen it is. So without this feature, there is no way this virus would be causing this pandemic."

“A proposal was leaked showing that EcoHealth and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were developing a pipeline for inserting novel furin cleavage sites - these genetic modifications."

"So, you fund these scientists who said in early 2018 ‘I'm going to put horns on horses’ and at the end of 2019 a unicorn turns up in Wuhan city."

"It's a striking coincidence that needs to be investigated." 

Other virologists who studied the virus and noticed the same unusual markers that heavily suggest a gain of function man-made manipulation had tried to speak out, only to be heavily labelled conspiracy theorists or "fringe scientists" at the start of the pandemic. 

There has been a full 360 on certain theories including the lab leak and the push by Big Pharma, promoted by Dr Fauci, to have more and more vaccine shots, making money for pharmaceutical companies rather than being truly concerned about the health and early treatment of infected people.

The evidence of Dr Fauci's lies and attempts to squash any "lab leak" theory or attempts to handle the outbreak in any other way than his own have now been shown to the world through released emails and their contents which prove his determination that the "only way was his or the highway.

When 3 top epidemiologists from "fringe" universities such as Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford decided through their "Great Barrington Declaration" to plead to authorities to take another path than Dr. Fauci's plan to close countries down causing "irreparable damage" as stated and signed by over 916,000 people, including over 15,000 scientists and 45,000 medical practitioners. 

As they say on their site:

"As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection." 

"Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice." 

"Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed."

However Dr Fauci and his NIH cohorts who had moved from the US to China to carry on their dangerous "Gain of Function" experiments didn't appreciate this other way forward and an email chain going back and forth between NIH Director Francis Collins and Dr Fauci has come to light in which they conspired to smear these top medical scientists as fringe outsiders,

However it wasn't just scientists who disagreed with Dr. Fauci's way forward pushing multiple vaccine shots and closing down the country but it even extended to the creator of mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone. This was someone who despite creating the technology for many vaccines, had called for more testing, and for children to be exempt from having the vaccine shots. 

For his trouble, he was kicked off Twitter for being "an anti-vaxxer", despite being literally anything but, and labelled a quack. This is despite his history of being involved in every major virus outbreak from HIV in the 80's,  Ebola, SARS, and the MERS outbreaks that preceded the COVID pandemic.

Then there was the "conspiracy theory" that the vaccines were not safe to take in the first place.

Many American Democrats and Liberals attacked Republicans who refused to take the vaccine as the country divided itself along the lines of those who honestly believed, as many Democrats did, that you had a 50% chance of ending up in hospital if you didn't take the vaccine when it was actually less than 1%, and the Republicans who just didn't trust the vaccines, with Christians seeing Swedish companies injecting vaccine passport microchips under the skin as the "Sign of the Beast" from the book of Revelations in the Bible, and some who believed that the vaccines contained gene-altering substances.

Phizer didn't help when it wanted to lock its vaccine test results away for 75 years. Why would a company want to do that if they had nothing to hide. The fact Phizers boss didn't even take his own vaccine until he was refused entry to Israel wasn't exactly the best PR move either. 

However, after almost 2 years we now have data to research and recently a safety panel of the European drug regulator recommended adding a rare spinal inflammation called transverse myelitis as a side effect of AstraZeneca's  COVID19 vaccine

The European Medicines Agency's safety committee also recommended a similar warning be included for Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine in October and in Japan they are now labelling the COVID vaccines to warn of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis.

Despite Phizer and Governments approving vaccine shots for children younger than 12, it has been discovered that the vaccine itself contains harmful products such as a toxic blood-clotting substance or poison that may be responsible for adverse effects and deaths in recipients. The toxic substance graphene oxide was found in the Pfizer vials by Spanish researchers has now been confirmed to also be the main ingredient in the AstraZeneca vaccine. 

This causes thrombogenicity or blood clotting in the veins, compromises the immune system, causes bilateral pneumonia, causes loss of smell and taste, causes multi-organ inflammation, and essentially creates all the symptoms attributed early in the pandemic rollout to COVID-19.

Then there were all the "anti-vaxxers" who were worried about the side effects that the Government and mass media claimed were nothing to worry about. However, this report seems to offer evidence from VAERS data released by the American CDC that shows a total of 726,963 US reports of adverse effects happening in people of all age groups after, taking the vaccine. 

This includes 15,386 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 25, 2021 in America alone. Even Japan has now put warning labels on their vaccines telling people about the risk of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis. In addition, the country is reaffirming its commitment to adverse event reporting requirements to ensure all possible side effects are documented.

We also had people being labelled conspiracy theorists for saying that Big Pharma were milking the pandemic just to make money.

There were claims that the virus was actually made for the vaccine companies and their investors to get rich with a never-ending queue of patients lining up to take leaky vaccines that only boosted your immunity for a few months. Doctors are now speaking out saying that the answer is not more and more booster shots and that they would even harm us the more we have saying that repeated vaccinations could somehow wear out the body's immune response, which has been sometimes observed in other multiple-dose vaccines.

Israel is on its 4th round of shots within a year and people are still catching the Omicron wave despite having all 4 shots. We will have to wait and see how many useless shots the US and UK make us take to enable us to keep drinking at Pubs, eating out at restaurants, and even shopping in the future. 

This claim that Big Pharma were NOT in it for the money was hard to keep though when it came out that Merck was charging 40 times the amount it cost to make their vaccine despite their funding coming from US taxpayers.

Then there is the conspiracy theory that the Billionaire class was in on the outbreak and had heavily invested in Big Pharma, and other medical companies before the outbreak was made public. 

I was even kicked off Twitter for just mentioning the coincidence that there were planned war games of a major pandemic before the outbreak, that Dr. Fauci had warned there would definitely be a pandemic under Trumps Presidency, and that it seemed odd how many of the 0.1% invested in these Big Pharma companies just before the outbreak and at the right time to make a mint from the rising stock prices they all saw. Every point is factual and true, yet that didn't stop Twitter booting me for questioning the morality of the ruling class that had their feet stood hard on our civil rights.

In fact, US Billionaires have made over 2.1trillion dollars since the beginning of the pandemic. Now if that seems like all too much of a coincidence then I would agree with you, however, back in 2021 just mentioning it was enough to get people booted off YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Bill Gates and other billionaires have certainly multiplied their wealth untold during this biggest transfer of wealth from the poorest to the top 0.1% of society. No wonder people claimed these billionaires were in it for the money when Bill Gates has publicly stated that the best investment he had ever found was in vaccines, saying that "vaccines are phenomenal profit makers, with more than a 20-to-1 return." 

The super-rich billionaire even stopped Oxford University from doing a good humanitarian act of handing our UK vaccine patent-free to other countries to make for themselves, and forced them to join up with AstraZeneca, and patent their vaccine. 

This is just one of the reasons some of the poorest countries on earth have not had any of the vaccines which were promised to them due to the cost, and people thought Philanthropists like Bill Gates, with his foundation, was supposed to spend the billions in its accounts helping the poor NOT making billions by ignoring them,

We also had "conspiracy theories" that the pandemic was being used as cover by Governments to introduce more surveillance and control over their population. This has been one of the easiest theories to refute. One only has to open their eyes, read the papers, and see that it is indeed happening across the Western world. 

From the USA where the Government is forcing nurses, soldiers, police, and even private companies with over 100 staff to have a vaccine shot when they don't want one or face losing their jobs if they don't comply with these mandates to Australia which has really lurched into despotism jailing people in concentration camps. 

They are even locking people up when their Government issued smart apps tell them they have just been near a person with COVID. It doesn't seem to matter very much whether that other person actually has the virus or continuously passes tests to prove they don't. The Australian government has gone mad, drunk with power.

This comes with the massive rollout Big Tech companies have had with their digital passports that are now being extended into social credit systems, based on the Chinese style of social control. It is definitely creating a 2 tier society between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated and laws across the Western world have been introduced to take our civil liberties, the right to protest, and to even report on Government misdeeds away from us.

However, as more and more people catch COVID questions must be asked. These are millions of people who have followed the rules by the letter, locking down, socially distancing, wearing masks, and not going out or working

These are people who honestly believed their lying leaders when they told them that the vaccine was the route back to normality and that they would not catch the virus if they took all their vaccine shots. 

Yet, you only have to look at Gibraltar where all 34,000 residents have been fully vaccinated to realise that even when everyone has been fully jabbed to the max, the virus still spreads, and causes hospitalisation. Around 60 people per day on that Rock in Spain are currently being hospitalised due to COVID, so the vaccine is obviously not the cure to the pandemic. 

Even in Israel where people have had 4 vaccine shots, people are still catching the Omicron virus. The products made by big pharma seem to be some of the worst vaccines ever made if you can still catch it, spread it, and be hospitalised for having it.

So if you have had 3 or even 4 vaccine shots against a deadly virus and were told that it would protect you but then you still caught it despite following all the rules. Locking yourself away from the world for months, not seeing your family, and wearing masks when venturing out. Wouldn't you be asking questions of the people who forced you to do all this with their lies that it would help if you still caught the virus? 

These people are probably now asking themselves why did they put up with all these limits on their freedoms, not having Christmas with their own families whilst their leaders who told them to stay home were having their own Christmas bashes

How many people have suffered from loved ones dying, that they could not say goodbye to, or missed out on family gatherings to keep to Government rules on the number of people who they could meet up with. All whilst the hypocrites that forced them to do so were having Summer parties such as the Tories at Downing Street.

Rules that we now find out that the politicians and our leaders were flouting all the time despite forcing the public to follow or else be fined or as in Australia being locked up in special COVID camps. Surely these people must be angry at everything they have lost due to this pandemic when they realise that these leaky weak vaccines were never going to stop the spread of COVID.

Questions must be filling their heads and all the things they probably laughed off as conspiracy theories themselves will now be looked at and understood for the truth that was being spoken that they chose to ignore. 

As they were being good little citizens, the politicians that created these rules, have been caught lying and breaking these rules themselves over and over

Whether it was not socially distancing, having parties, or only wearing masks when they thought the cameras were rolling, these politicians have been caught out time and time again breaking rules they expected others to follow.

It is plainly obvious when one actually looks at all the new laws bought in to "fight the virus", that Western governments have used this pandemic to enact laws removing our civil liberties, and destroying our freedoms

From the US with their mandates to the UK COVID law and their laws against protesting, to Australia where the politicians seem to have gone crazy with the power trip they are having locking suspected infected people up and fining those who dare question them thousands of dollars, to the rest of Europe where there are massive daily protests against countries trying to force all of their citizens to take a medical procedure many don't want.

There are too many more conspiracy theories that have turned out to be true over the length of the pandemic to mention here, however, I want to end this article on a mainstream news report I watched earlier today on YouTube. 

Now you may or may not have heard of "The Great Reset", the plan by DAVOS, to use COVID as cover to "reset" the world into a society where we "Don't own anything but will be happy", using Chinese social credit systems to monitor the people who won't have any privacy.

Although I wrote about this plan when it came out it is interesting that The Hill, a mainstream news outlet would do a whole piece about it, as well as all mentioning all the conspiracy theories that were "fringe" beliefs that have now become true.

I urge you to watch it as it shows how these theories are gaining traction in the mainstream media and as the reporters say in the news piece, it may sound like a "right-wing conspiracy theory", but it is actually real.


Let me know what you think about the MSM getting onto "The Great Reset",  They are a bit late to the party, but at least they have arrived. If you have anything to say about the other theories that turned out to be true, please leave a comment.

I have not gone over all of the many theories that have turned out to be true, as I haven't the space or time, but it is clear we are walking towards a dystopian future where Big Tech linked to the establishment and the national security state, is going to continue censoring those who speak out.

They are going to continue cancelling social media accounts, and flushing alternative views that go against their propaganda, far down the search engine rankings. That is until that propaganda is found to be actually false like the cases I have mentioned above, and many more besides.

Please comment on this about-face turn by the MSM over the Great Reset "Conspiracy Theory".

By Dark Politricks 

© 2022 Dark Politricks



  1. Too many and all the sh!t libs believed the spin n hype and total BS the MSM was spewing out. Saw some video from Paul Watson earlier and it had Canadian kids on there all saying that people who didn't have the vaccine shot should have all their state benefits, access to health and other state run systems away from them bit by bit until they succumb and give in and take the shot! The globalists who have 100% used this pandemic as an excuse to pass all these nightmare laws and lock people up like in Australia have probably brain washed a whole generation of young kids who will now grow up and believe in more Communist state run propaganda. They don't teach critical thinking in schools, they are designed to just make good little consumers that will work for peanuts and do their masters bidding. Anyone who is elite goes to the top schools and universities like Eton then Oxford and no matter how thick they are they are designed to get them ready for becoming the next generation of leaders n politicians and basically psychopaths, that's why all these schools n college have secret societies to get them into brotherhoods with secrets and blackmail over their heads so they all follow the establishment path which is total capitalism to the end. Never mind we have built in obsolesce in all our goods nowadays to force ppl to keep buying more good n push up GDP coz if they didn't do that then ppl would be happy with the stuff they already have. Stupid consumers following stupid leaders in a stupid system...

  2. One big long con job the whole thing was a social experiment to see who complied, who protested, who got the vaccine and who didn't all ready to be put on the social credit score database. It was a test run to see what would happen when we start having lockdowns for climate change and other reasons.

  3. Two words - SCAM and PLAN-DEMIC

  4. Glad the MSM are finsally getting round to what we have known for time. Just hope it gets the words out to the sheeple.

  5. I saw some sick stuff, people eating live mice, 3 squeeks meal as they squeak when you pick them up, put them in your mouth and then when you bite them also bat soup, literrally a dead bat in boiling water - sick. And I saw someone eat something, don't know what but it was as long as a subway bun and alive when he bit down on it. Sick sick sick.

  6. The Daily Corroborateire January 22, 2022 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    NUJ heads will certianly roll over racist cover up involving Fascist David Irving.
    This article will lay down the legal litigation compiled in part with Joe Elliots blog, amongst others.

    Les freaks de wiki,Anarco/socialite par se isnt running to Owens blog with this or even running for the next election.

    News bloggers privately believe that the “reported failed Operation” to plant fibre Optic cables under the Ocean into a Cuban port complicitly implies that Irish Billionaire Dennis O Brien the owner of The Irish Independent Newspaper must be regarded by the Cuban Government as working for the CIA, because rumour has it his Cable media company was barred for amongst other for having close connections
    with the Clinton Foundation.Other Governments and countries in comparison already dealing in similar services to Cuba arent in any way at all prohibited or dealt with as security risks.

    Dennis O Brien most certianly is part of an NUJ cover up involving Fascist author David Irving and the evidence contained here is conclusive.O Brien lives in Malta he has to apparently under a special Government protection order…you cant Spray on a wall there without somebody Knowing whos done it, its claimed by bloggers the protection supplied to O Brien is by private trained army based security.
    When the Bellingcat racist allegations surrounding The Irish Independent Newspaper where first published a name of a National Union of Journalists sub editor that still receives personal weekly payments from this Alleged CIA Operative was named for the publics interest and safety.
    Far Right wing Fascist David Irving was fined over 2 million Dollars for being the Author of a book known as Gorings Biography in the British Courts where the paperback book itself was used as evidence to gain conviction.There are countless web sites about this court hearing where the judge sentencing branded Irving a racist antisemitic holocaust denier for writing this fascistic publication.
    However despite this court hearing Dennis O Briens former personal NUJ Sub editor is found today providing antisemitic political statements that are printed under copyright law inside of the revised new digital edition of Gorings Biography, in full knowledge of the courts verdicts, which is both criminally and politically concerning to us at Freaks,an NUJ Sub editor that provides antisemitc material to a digital version of the book that he knows branded David Irving a nazi sympathizer and cost over 2 million in court fines for the production of and here is NUJ member
    Albert Smiths own words printed in the “added introduction “of the exact same book Gorings Biography describing it as a “Good Offering”,The SUB editor Albert Smith named within the Bellingcat allegations also owns a company known as Parpoint publishers which we believe itself is of prosecutable interest as a specifically named piece of far right political evidence based on the following,
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    This is an NUJ Life member where talking about here and we want to know why the NUJ havent removed him from their organization for his completely unacceptable representation and deceitful conduct,and antisemitic presentations.

  7. Wikifreakz World vision......Conspiracy theories you can trust

  8. Is it just a coincidence26 January 2022 at 07:25

    You are either a conpiracy theorist or a coincedence theorist, ands when you look at the pandemic there are too many coincendences such as the outbreak in Wuhan being the city where Facui and the NIH moved to carry on their gain of function experiments, that when analysed by other virologists who don't have a dog in the race like Fauci, the virus looks man made due to the Furins, bat mixed with mouse, a non natural occuring virus, that China rolled out their own vaccine a week or so after the outbreak, that Fauci has a history of making money for Big Pharma, that the US goverment won't look at treatments such as those Joe Rogan had and there is a big MSM/Big Tech push to scrub any notion that they could be useful from the web despite India helping to clear their most remote and populous region of COVID with a bag of cheap medicine that we are not allowed to know about as Biden had a little word in Indian PMs ear and therefore we the public are not allowed to know what drugs India used to clear COVID from this region. I bet non patented, Nobel Prize winning drugs, such as those Joe Rogan used and was attacked for. When CNN is sponsored by Phizer, and attacks anyone who isn't for vaccinating their whole family, kids and pets 3 times and then extra booster shots, they are evil and need to be kept from the rest of us. Despite the fact that you can have COVID, spread it and still get ill from it after being vsccinated and having boosters. Either these are the worst vaccines ever made or we were lied to about the vaccine being the cure for the lockdown and intrusion into our lives, wrecking the economy and millions of peoples mental health. Now all the people who followed the rules, took their medicine, wore masks, self isolated and socially distanced, are all getting COVID anyway. If I was one of those people I would be asking WTF, why did I do all that when I still got COVID. The coincidences of rich people all investing in mRNA tech companies before the outbreak and then seeing their share prices rocket to the moon, or the war games Bill Gates & co held to mimick a pandemic to see what the people would do and for Fauci to say that there definitley would be a pandemic under Trump seems to much of a coincedence for me. How would he know, we haven't had a pandemic of this scale for a long time. We didn't lockdowm for SARS or MERS, Bird Flu or Swine Flu, so why for COVID. It seems you are right in your other article that the vaccines were not made for the virus but the virus for the selling of vaccines, vaccines so leaky protection wears off within months giving Big Pharma $$$ for extra shots, getting paid by governments to make the vaccines then selling them back for cost price x 40 like Merck. Forcing kids the most unlikely people to get the virus or get ill if they did to have vsccines. I am surprised there has been no push to get your Cat n Dogs all vaccinated as well considering they can catch and spread it. Instead Despotic nation like Australia just kill the animals, as they did with s load of Dogs and Gerbils. Mink in Scandinavia have been slaughtered and there is talk that Omicron was created by infected Rats. Just too many coincidences. Once the US has a free press again, not one owned by Big Pharma, and Big Tech doesn't censor one point of view but allows free speech and debate amongst scientists like Robert Malone instead of just kicking them off Social Media and slandering them as anti-vaxxers when he is anything but having helped create mRNA tech, and being involved in vaccines his whole career, he is in the perfect place with the knowledge we should listen to. Just because it goes agsinst Faucism, and CNN, Big Tevh & Big Government, does not mean he is wrong.

  9. Is it just a coincidence26 January 2022 at 07:25

    People are waking up now, they see that the censorship the government is doing to force everyone to have vaccines that do not work rather than treatments that do, is either just another co-incidence as they are all getting rich off the vsasccine makers stock prices - I would love to know how much stock Nancy Pelosi and her Husband bought in Big Pharma before the pandemic was made public and share prices rose. It should be illegal for politicians or their families to invest in stock when they are making the rules up which decides what companies will be winners or losers due to Goverment decisions. So what are you a coincidence theorist or do you believe that rich n powrful people who meet in secret at DAVOS, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove etc, don't discuss forecoming disasters or help them on their way, or just even know about them and profit from our misery. A conspiracy just means China could have told the US about the pandemic and gave the politicians and big billionaires like Bill Gates who has been involved from the beginning a chance to invest before the public found out, and we can see all the money billionaires have made from the lockdowns. So is that just coincidence or do you think there could be a small possibility that some people knew what was going to happen before the rest of us and they chose to profit from it rather than help the citizens of the world out?

  10. PRO BONO

    The Conspiracy Law, Guilty by Association

    Dennis O Brien the registered owner of the Irish Independent Newspaper is named as an associate of William Clinton in the book Clinton Cash.Former Sub Editor Albert Smith receives a weekly income from Dennis O Brien business activities.

    The company Parpoint (allegedly owned by Albert Smith) is forensically associated with Both Parforce and Focal Point ,the publishers of the Digital Book known as Gorings Biography.